Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary, 1919-1921


Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary, 1919-1921


Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker


Courtesy of Elgin County Archives




20th Century, Elgin County, Yarmouth Township, Ontario

Date Created


Is Part Of

Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


{This diary in written in black ink, in a ruled book, not a diary. days are written in margin, both faces of each page are utilized}

{Unreadable due to aged paper}1. Fine

{Unreadable due to aged paper}2. Fine. C. Louie & Father to church

3. Fine. Wash

4. Fine. Mrs. White {Bemers?} & Roy here to tea {page torn}


5 East wind. C to {Shorthom?} Sale.

6 Fine. Louie & Father to town.

7 East wind.

8 East wind. C & I to town at night.

9 Fine East wind. C & Willie to church. John here to dinner C draws tile

10 East wind. Rain in afternoon. Father & I go to Mabel's C draws tile

11. Grand day. Father & I come home from Mabel's

12. Fine. Louie brings over her plants and then goes to town. Turns colder. Pm. 13. Corless here putting in tile. C to district meeting.

13. Very hard frost last night. Much colder. C helps Mr Corless with tile. Roy brings over some potatoes to store.

14. Cold. C draws tile.

15 " Moderating a little. Roy helps us butcher. Make soft soap and burn rubbish pile in afternoon.

16. Much milder. Dad Louie & C to church Mr. William's here to tea.

17 Grand day. Mabel & children here all day. Louie goes back with them and Willie goes to Roy's. Mr Watts calls

18. Fine morning turning colder with snow. I wash. C plows till storm prevents.

{Space left blank}

{right margin of this page appears to have been cut off in the scanning process}

27 C. Threshes at Tisdales in afternoon.

28 C " " " " forenoon.

29 Rainy forenoon turning colder rain & wind storm at night. To many shingles on barn trees shanty blown down etc. Archie bale straw.

30. Fine. Very cold. All home all day viewing damage.

1 Fine. cold. wash. C helps Archie bale straw in forenoon. Charlie {cut off} 2 fat calves 1 weighed 400 x 13 an{cut off} PJ.Fishback here & gets contract fo{cut off}

2. Quite stormy forenoon. P Caughe{cut off} Mabels here to dinner & {Berni?}

3.Quite cold. C takes load manure dad & gets load of bran.

4. Quite mild.

5. Quite mild. Come to hospital ab{out} Labor room 12 - 8 P.M. Donald to Chere & Leola in evening.

6. Milder. Little snow. {illegible} pretty goo{cut off} afternoon & Leola & MrWilliams in {cut off}

7. Cloudy. Some snow. C has cutter. Cy{cut off} Mrs Griffin, Lena in afternoon. Pear{cut off} Roy in evening. Mabel brings pl{cut off} church sends flowers.

8. Mild Cloudy. Louie & Dad call in {cut off} C in evening. Aunt Jenney & Mrs. Harriso{cut off}

Dec 11. Windy. Little milder but still cold. C. Leeta & her mother in afternoon.

12. Quite bright. Milder C. Mrs. Fleming in even

13. Milder Muddy. Louie Cyril Leola and Langford. Mr. Watts & Leetam afternoon.

14. Colder. Windy. Beatrice Facey, Mabel Libbie, Mary, Mrs. Achford Cyril, Violet and Mr. Williams calls. Zella├Ęs 3rd girl born.

15. Very cold. Fine C. in evening. (?)

16. " " " Fanny Kilpatrick in afternoon C in evening

17. " " " Mr. Burrett Mrs. Manis & Mrs. Penhale & Miss Suton in afternoon C in evening

18. Cold. Fine. Fanny Kilpatrick C in afternoon.

19. Milder. C. & A. Archibald come for Donald and I about 2 P.M Arrive home safely feel pretty good.

20. Cold. Fine. Louie & Cyril to town. Get Donald's buggy.

21 Fine. Dad & Louie to church. Mabel's here in afternoon & Lottie. Ray & {Ber????} evening

22. Cold. Louie washes. C to town in afternoon.

23. " " & dad to town.

24 stormy all day.

25 Milder. Fine. Willie, Mr. Williams and Langford here to dinner & Williams S. to tea

26. Fine.

27. " Louie & dad to town.

28. " Louie & Willie go to Mabel's to dinner. Gordon Gillolts & John Gillolt's here in afternoon. also Cyril's people.

29. Cold. Cloudy. Louie washes.

30. " C to town.

31 " Fine.

1. Cold. Blustry with some snow {illegible} All of dad's family here to dinner. {O?} quite badly drifted. Cars get{stalled?} Williams brings out man to {repair?}

2. Cold. Fine. V. V. wind. Very cold.

3. " "'

4. " Louie, dad & Cyril to church.

5 "

6 Cold.

7 Fine. {Dad goes?} to Mabel's.

8 Very stormy. Snow.

9 Cold.

10 Cold. Louie & Cyril to town Dad gets {h?}

11 Very cold. Blustry

12 Fine. Cousin Johnny & Harvey {ea?}

13 Cold

14 Cold

15 Cold.

16 Very cold. East wind. {Live in? illegible}

17 Very cold. C & {Seirre?} to town.

18 Cold Blustry. All home all day

19 East wind Snowing fornoon, C gets in

20 Fine. Milder. Blustry. East wind {so?}

21 Fine. Milder. Ray & Clarence help {C?}

22 Cold

23 "

24 Cold. Louie & C to town

25 " " " " church.

26 " C helps Ray {kitchen?}

27. "

28 Milder. C to Qm. Coloon's pile.

29 Bright. Donald & I to Ray's to dine. {illegible}

30 Cold. Windy

31. Terrible snow & wind. Cold. C to town

1. Cold. All home all day.

2 Very much milder. {Shaving?}

3. Getting cold. Dad & Louie to town.

1. Fine Wash Louie + dad to town. Had to {illegible} May

2. " Cold

3. " " Cyil helps Ray butcher + dad g. back to most. Hard has seven rain to ma side in evening but {illegible} plaster was rain some.

4. Very mild. Roads bad. Dad in bed all day. Harton Campbell comes about 7 p.m. Dad is taken to hospital by Ro and Louie + sperated on for appindilis at 11 p.m. Louis stays at Klpaturpha after operation Ray comes home about 6.30 a.m. Rain turning colder to blizzard of snow.

5. Colder Blizzard all day. Father is {illegible} casin. Ray Cyil out to hopsitol in afternoon.

6. Cold. Stormy Roads pretty bad. C to Toron.

7. Cold. N.U wind stormy at times. I go with Ray. Bermite to see dad in afternoon.

8. Cold. Blustry. C. helps no word. Ray {illegible} girst to be ground.

9. Little milder. R.B.C to town to see dad.

10. Milder snow going C drawn monure.

11. Much milder Rondo bad C to town.

12. " " " broken up.

1. Dad. I go town. C seeking.

2. Fine Low C. dad to chore.

3. Fine cool

4. " "

5. " "

6. " "

7. " "

8. " Warm Bad. I to town C F

9. Rainy toronado evening.

10. Cool

11. "

12. "

13. Fine cool

14. Fine. Dad + i to town. Cool.

15. Fine Louie + Willie to town C {illegible}

16. Fine Louie + I to Contial church

17. Fine warmer

dec. 17. Uncle Lamuelo wife die.

Dec. 19. " " " " buried. Had low Ray + I go to london to funeral.

dec. 25. Keep Christmas here for my people


{Many words were cut off in the picture} Jan. 1. {illegible} cold.

Jan. 2. Fine but cold. Louie. John, Dad, Donald + I at Ray's for new Year.

3. Grand day. Quite mild.

4. Fair day. Wash. Had here to

5. Fine. Quite mild. Windy. Norman wife came to Rays for tea. Here for. Noman C. + Rau go to V.J.O meet

6. Mild. Fine. Normal + Edna came and stay all night.

7. Fine. Very mild. C takes Normal to C. evans to finner. Pick chores.

8. Grand weather for Jan. C to Toronto

9. Little colder. M. Yeog B here to dinner + tea.

10. Mild. Mrs. v. H Baker buried.

11. " Cloudy.

12. " Fine.

13. " Fine.

14. Colder. Stormy. seperated side is

15. Contest at Yor. Cester V. J.O. give ayster supper (fee) Sarge go with Lula. Hazel London + Rosa.

15 Quite cold. C + B to town. 1 {Illegible}.

16. Cold. Blustry. C + J to church.

18. Colder. Blustry.

18. Cold but fine. Reported 0 above

19. Very cold.

20. Yeal deal mild. Sprinlike day. Ray Bernie + M. Mrs Reildy to Bakers to dinner.

21. Cloudy Musting

22. Fine Milf. C to them + brings Long

23. Fine. Little colder. C + term + Long

24. Little snow C. buzzed at V. Lockis meeting at night. I go to Mrs.

26. Cold C + I to town.

Jan. 28. Mr. William's here in evening.

29. Much milder: C & I to town in afternoon.

30. Cold. Windy. & I to church in morning.

31. Bright but cold east wind. I wash. Men start to cut wood.

Feb. 1. Dull east wind. C to Mr. Vale's sale.

2. Fine. Men here cutting wood.

3. " . Colder

4. " . Quite cold.

5. " C & I to Chester Glomis to see some pigs but C doesn't buy any. Blustery towards evening.

6. Quite windy. C & I to church.

7. Fine. C takes a sicke to town to get cleaned & gets a bible of cane mola. Gots Glee Club at church.

8. Fine. Dad here to dinner & take Donald down to Mabel's in afternoon. C, Ray go to Clark Morrison's sale.

9. Some snow. Mabel take me to Hugh Martin's in evening.

10. Quite cold. Rather poor sleighing.

11. " "

12. Fine. Cold. G & M. go to town.

13. " Miler. C comes down to dinner + we all come home.

14. Fine. Mild. C cuts cornstalks at Ray's & engine breaks down.

15. Fine. Dad here to dinner.

16. Cloudy Windy. Very mild.

17. Colder. Blustery. R & B to town. Leave Jean here.

18. Cold. Fine.

19. " "

20. " " C & I to church. E. wind.

21, Quite Cold. George brings M children up to stay till next Saturday. Dad here for a few minutes. G & C hith up the colt.

22. Fine.

Feb 25. Colder. Blustry. All go to Roy's to {text is cut off} evening. Take horses and a sleigh.

26. Terrible day. Snow & wind. I {illegible} Mabel + family and find road.

27. Cold. C + I to church. Take {cut off}

28. Foggy. Dull day. Misty. C + R. Bassett Blunett's sale.

1. Rainy. C to town. R comes over. {cut off}. cut corn stalks. Had here to {cut off}

2. Fine. C to town {illegible} for {cut off}. C at Mr. Walker's buzzing wood

3. Cloudy. {illegible} come out at eve. us to go in to see his gather {cut off} getting {illegible} with a {illegible}

4. C cutting stalks at Roy's. C goes {cut off}. Mr. Williams + Lang out to {illegible}

5. C grim day. Grand day. Mr {cut off}. Call Campell. M {illegible} goes to bed. C stays up all night. {illegible} turn over + goes to {illegible} I to town to see her.

6. Quite cold. Lang brings out {cut off}. Ruth. Mr. William's worse. {Cut off} to come + help. Roy + Will out {cut off}

7. Fine. Uncle Edwin come + {cut off} {illegible}. C goes in for Miss

8. Mr. William's much the same. go in to see Louie. Rain {cut off}

9. Got much change. Roads {cut off}

10. " " "

11. " " " Had. J {cut off} again but hospital. ground

12. Mr. Willaim much the same {illegible} go home.

13. Mr. Willaim's little better.

14. " " much the same.

15. {illegible}

March 19. Grand day. C & I to town.

20. Rainy ".

21. Cloudy. Very high winds.

22. Quite cool

23 Warmer. Mr Williams gaining.

24 "

25 Fine. Father, Louie & Mary, Kilpatrick here to dinner. Ray Bernie & Jean here in afternoon.

26. Fine C & Lang to town.

27 Rainy nearly all day. S. C. H & I to church in morning & Miss Palmer. Cyril Don & I at night

28 Very cold. Ice & little snow.

29. Quite cold. Uncle Crayton, Mr Jameson & Mary here at dinner. C goes to Walkers

30 Grand day. C. buzzing at Roy's. Yella & family here to dinner. Mr William's {concest?}

31. Rainy. {Something crossed out} C & I to town. Take Donald to Baby unit. Only get him weighed & measured as it was so late {unreadable}

{April?} 1. Fine bit cooler & windy. C. at Roy's bush engine breaks down & he goes to town for repairs. Lang & I to town again to Baby Clinic. Mrs. Main goes also. The Dr. finds nothing wrong with Donald

2. Fine day. {Something crossed out} C. finished buzzing at Roy's

3. Grand day. S. anniversasy. L. C. D & I at church in morning. L. D & I take Mary Palmer home.

4. Grand day. Very warm

5. " " "

6. " " C. started working on land.

7 " " " working on land.

8 Rainy. Cooler

9 Cloudy N wind. Colder. Roy helps clip horses. C & I to town in afternoon

10 {cut off in scanning process}

11. Fine. Quite cold. C. ploughs & I Father here grafting tree to spies.

12. Little milder. Cloudy. C. saws & of barn. Father grafts kings &

13. Fine.





18 Fine

19 "


21 Rainy

22 Rainy

23 Cloudy C to town.

24. Fine. C & I to town. S. here & all go for a

25 Fine I wash & start to make soft

26 " Dad & I go to Son's in afternoon am taken sick about 5.30 P.M. Dad comes. sends for Mabel & Mrs. {illegible - Finnick?} Bernice sail in evening.

27 Raining Bernice comes to stay. Dr. here

28 Fine. Papa here to dinner. C goes Turnbule. Dr. {illegible} Gliddon

29. Fine Dr. calls again. Mabel etc.

30. " . C to Town. Roy calls in afternoon Dr. {illegible} calls.

May 1. Cloudy. S. Comes out. Bernice sto

 "     2. Partly fair. 
 "     3    "        " Dr. Sh. calls again. 
 "     4  Fine. Mrs. Dennis & {illegible} call. 
        5   "   C. finishes seeding. 
        6   "  
        7    "  C. & Mrs. Turnbull go to town 
  "     8     " C &    "             "      "   "  church down stairs for dinner. 
  "    9 Fine. I down stairs nearly all day
   "  10   "  Im. Watts, Ella & Clayton call.

May. 13. back to Roy's to dinner & afternoon. C takes Mrs. Turnbull to town in evening.

 "   14  Fine. C. takes Baby Beef to Mapleton & sell 9 cattle to Hiriane Peer for $625. To town in afternoon. 
 "   15 Fine. Cold wind. Lang. Miss Acheford, Gordon Gillotts, Mrs. Manis & 2 daughters here. Frost at night. 
     16 Fine. C takes his father home.

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Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker, “Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary, 1919-1921,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed April 2, 2023,