James Cameron Diary, 1868


James Cameron Diary, 1868


James Cameron


Courtesy of Queen's University Archives




19th Century, Glengarry County, McMaster's Island Township, Ontario

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James Cameron Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


Mr James Cameron JS land 30th Dec 1866

30 Dec 67

Drawing Drags 31st Last day of the year it hot the {cut off} got here alive

1st of January 1868 shot 3 squirrels, very stormy a Ball at John {illegible} hers I cutting Hay got a Rat at the loww point 3 allens Birth Day Drawing drags angus and angus the Blue Boy came for the sheep got them gaveGorgon and the rest 30 cents {illegible/scratched out}. Smallman bushed the Road to Lancaster4th stormy Day

3th Sunday fine Day

6th went to Summer flour seen MrRiddle and old Donald Cameron carpenter at Davids treat, paid treat at Andrews 17 1/2 paid got a Ride out to Williamstown from Sunny Grant election time for councellers in Williamstown

7th in Williamstown

8th in Williamstown came home John Angus took me home

9th Went to Fort Corrington got a paper from John 2 treats at Jessimas a treat at Mac Bought 1 paper pens 2 sticks of Licquerice a paper of heed 3 cents of Licquerice Root 1oz a Bottleat McRaes to be returned a treat at McRaes got a ride from John McLennans Robert son going to the {flacmill?}

10th cutting stove wood

11th Drawing wood Broke the whipple tree a fine {cut off}

12th Old new Years Day Cold

13th Making a whippletree

14th Drawing drags cut a new waterhole cut an oak tree in the marsh took home cedar for Brooms a very fine day squirrel

15th cutting drags ^Mrs Harper a {fire?}

16th Drawing Drags.

17th Put {porsen?} in the hog

18th Very {cut off} drew some drags from the Pitt point

2019th Sunday a very fine day EEL Fishery at alescu{cut off} stand

20th stagnep Day went to Summerstone {rotten away page} 1/2 lb tea 1/10 1/2 paid.

{end of left page}

{Start of right page}

Mr James Cameron Js land Janry 21st 1868

{stagnep?} thrashed 1 bushel of wheat leives and pete Bosell drew 3 loads of hay a Ball at David summers caribou making

22nd thrashed a bushel of wheat Leives drew the last load of the day

23rd chopping stove wood got a rat

24th the kneel of the sleigh Charlie Tuppers Birth Day

25th Drew some wood out of the marsh froze my big toe

26th Sunday stormy cold day

27th a fine day drew a load of wood

28th went to the mill 2 1/2 of wheat 10 rats to Mr Streelor 1 pair of boots for them Brought Mr. McRae his bottle got some {whuanes?} from Mr. Parker got 3 horse shoes from Dan Summers (his child died on the 17th) a very cold day

29th drawing wood filling the bags with ashes cut a waterhole

30th Went to Dundee wet.

5 Bushels of ashes 1 calve skin 3 sheep pelts to my account to Mr. Baker boughtMr. Baker's 1/2 barrel fish 12/6 1.2 Bushel salt16 3 Quarts of Kersene oil 22 1/2 cents got 10 cents for {Phrenologest?}

31st chopping in the bush

1st of February drawing wood very stormy cut down a dry tree of beech

2nd drifting & snowing

3rd Thrashed 2 Bushels of Wheat very frosty day

4th in the bush cut down a stump of Beech.

5th Thrashed 1 1/2 of wheat

6th Drew a Load of wood

7th very cold stormy

8th Gordons Birth Day a fine Day thrashed near 1 Bushels of Wheat went to the head of the {?} stand

9th Sunday stormy west wind soft

10th thrashed the last of the {close?] wheat 20 lbs Began the Oats thrashed 55 lbs

11th Drew some wood snow deep

12th cut down a {cut off} soft maple stormy

13th went to mill will 4 {cut off} wheat {cut off}

James Cameron

Mr. James Cameron {bland?} April 3rd 1868

Taking Louie of the 13 {and?} off the old house sum pretty well {galliud?} 3 pails 4th {illegible} and gathering 40 pails {illegible}2 cakes the sugar soft 5 Sunday 4 am not {illegible} very well 6th Beckey {illegible} and have {Bonc?} here going to Lancaster turned Back cold Day back home 9 pail lying 4th {illegible} 13 {illegible} & snowing 9th in the 12 {illegible} 10th good Friday in the Bud shot 2 Black bucks. {illegible} the fox 4 racks 11th {illegible} in the Bush 12th {gailer?} Sunday lots of Eggs fine day But the sun did not {dance?} in the morning the {cut off} of a hard year 13th a Boat with L {illegible} from here after, made sugar {illegible} 14th Jake {Numning?} well 15th all in the Bush Boiling Down {cut off} {illegible} 16th in the Bush. Very windy the cherry tree fell Down gathered. Louie came home yesterday {cut off} nannie a {Lamb?} one of {illegible} a Lamb. 11th {cut off} 3 gallons one of {illegible} sheep L {illegible} one bead 18th our {illegible} Birth Day, very windy time now. Boiled 2 gallon syrup 15th Low Sunday {illegible} came {illegible} last night See going Down. Found {cut off} Dick Wild one {illegible} coming up The Water Boiling {cut off} Found a nest with 5 eggs 20th Boiling about 1 gallon {cut off} Canu. I went to {illegible}23 lb sugar 10 cents a pound got 1 Dollar from Pat Bought {illegible}{Hasper?} 1/2 lb {illegible}Package of {Matelu?} / 6 1/2 lb {cut off} 2 1/2 Dollars was of flour meats. Bought {illegible} hat 20 cents got 4 Papers from Charlie Heard {cut off} D Arcy {illegible} Death a William that such a {illegible} Man Mr Spinkss went to {cut off}Caught a wild goose with Big trap. Henry {cut off} Ladhey Lashey of the 2 {illegible} round and square. {Illegible} a stick for spear handles got 3 eels from {cut off} 22 at the {sturgen?} Rev 23rd {illegible}

Mr James Cameron {Soland?} April 24th 1868

The Brish America began to Run. Set the ashes for {soap?} Gordon and Stothe. Head of the {pland?} 25th Tapped some of the trees over {illegible} Gathered 11 pails of sap. Bored. {Illegible} the cows {illegible} all {mumsoes?} sheep. Got their lambs but the old one 26th Sunday. Mowing and a fine Day Let fire lasting {illegible} the little pland. Gordon and I 27th Made the Last syrup.Made the soap. Lewis Charlie here gave him fat pine. Gave him 3 sticks for {Paddes?} Sticks for 13 rooms stick {cut off} the for shear Pole to {illegible} Basket gave me an oak {cut off} from {illgible} handle. 28th Lewis Brought fish for Pine {cut off} Brought home 6 pails of sap Gordon Boiled it. [illegible} went to try for eels at the {kit kit} pland {cut off} to found a horse shoe at the little pland and {cut off} on pipe 29th first Raft came Down came {cut off} my canoe got it {'planted potatoes 30th' written above} high wind 30th went to {cut off} the raft 1 2/2 f {illegible} the {heulo?} hatch {cut off} now. Yesterday D new the {illegible} up from the Lower{illegible} point. Put manure out Drew away the high pen found a the sheep all out 2nd Drew . home the crotch for {cut off} set fines Let out the {ilegible} 3 {illegible} here got 3 EELs 4th Jim Hopkins here the Raft {home?} {illegible} {cut off} for the canoe I went {illegible} to {Bolells?}{illegible} {Roses?} Dinner there wrote L letter for Pat went to Lee Thomas {Thenroes?} {illegible} and {illegible}Mr Load got 2 plugs. Pat Boreth Mcleod Departed. I went to Williams. {cut off} here for Potatoes took Dinner. Got 2 Baskets 5 {cut off} Began to Plough 4th Ploughed some 8th Lathey here {cut off} of her spear gave him a Board and shine for his canoe. {cut off} for EELs eat 12 5th Ploughed. 4 meat for EELs 10th Friday Beaching {illegible} the front I caught there let fires on {cut off} Rift Rount Pete Baker Willi Rose Walter Crompt{cut off} here. 11th Went home with Mr Hopkins Rot {illegible} for {cut off} Pork and Rot {illegible}

Mr James Cameron. {Pland?}. May the 12th 1868

Went to Williamstown with 2 {slurgeon?} 2 {illegible} of syrup 1 cake. Mary for {illegible} Sturgeon for Ellen and Bottle of syrup for {cut off} cakes for her children currants Mr {Harper?} moved to Lancaster these Days 13th I came {from?} Williamstown. Got cod fish Brom Pail got {illegible} of Herrings {cut off} Got Peices for a {Dull?} from {illegible} {cut off} Bought a Boilng fork. 12 Bought Bakes {cut off} of Bread 2/6 came home {illegible} at the Lighthouse took Dinner {illegible} snack in my canoe wind high. The {illegible} train Ran of the Track ice going Down. Got {cut off} High wind and Rain the hen hatching in the goose stable {'14 eggs' written above} Planted some Potatoe {Pinons?} in the garden yesterday nothing in the Ground yet Got a {Low?} Bell in Williamstown Ploughed at the Door 13th Sowed 1 1/2 of {illegible} heat Planted some Potatos at the {cut off} of the Wheat let fire on the North side of the {cut off} in the marsh the British America came Down {cut off}{illegible} the Lowes and of the Butternut plant {illegible} {Spartan?} and King {illegible} going Down to get {cut off} 16th Planted some squash and Pumpkins amongst the Potato {cut off} Gordon and I looking for Pine {illegible} the gap in the fence {cut off} stick and made some Nails {illegible} {Beny?} going in {cut off} Salmon River the first time got aground. The {cut off} tried to take her off But could not foggy this morning. The osprey went Down Lord Elgin went Down {illegible} Cannons {illegible} took Down the Plato of the Old house 17th Sunday {america} I {illegible} to take the {Sulaberry?} off 18th {illegible} at the fence. 15th of the fence 20th Went to {Sunmertown}. Bought {cut off} the Slaberry got off got on again the America {illegible} not take her off Mrs Minroe Went to {Cornwall?} Brought Bottle of Maple syrup to her 21st Ascension Day of Holy {illegible} 70 lb of oats to D Baker. Got 2 Bushels of Potatoes took {Dinner?} at Emma {soft?} all night got a Bottle at Mr Bickery Left at the Door of {cut off} in the morning Bought of A small {illegible} 1/2 lb {crackers?}

Mr James Cameron {island?} 23rd of May 1868

Finished planting Potatoes before the Door

Sunday the 24th Raining Blowing 25th got home the sheep sheard 3 of the sheep fishing at night {illegible} all night on the Little Island above {cut off} great chopping on {Chuislees?} island 26th sheared the rest of the sheep {cut off} tonight seen Henry Genie fishing Marked {Minroes?} sheep cut. {cut off} Tails of all the lambs and {aucked?} them 27th Went to Mr Haipers Lancaster Brought 1/2 bushels of Potatoes 1/3 1 1/2 got of ribbon. {Shool} of Blue Thread. Bought of Mr. Hicholson the Baker 5 Loaves of Bread 3/5 Returned. John {Frashers?} Bottle Took Dinner at Mr Harpos jailed home {cut off} Trowling got no Bites 28th Planted Potatoes and Beans {cut off} the Back garden {illegible} Down the Pig Pen. Planted cucumber and Melons 15 Melons Musk. 6 hills of Water Melon 22 hills of cucumbers. Ratts went I own. Highlands and America {towing?} a canoes Kind {cut off} Steamer Towed up By The Highlander 25th Royal Oak Day 30th Went to Lancaster with Mr. Harpen Pot and 13 lb sugar for Pay for the Pot {illegible} 2 Bushels of {bot?} 44 cents Bushel to 4 Bushels potatoes 2/6 2 lb {illegible} 1/103 with Little Jim Ms. Dougale Fiscing {cut off} on his Mothers grave Dingwalls and Jim Ms Dougall went {cut off} with their Horses to {Rofs's?} Island High West Wind but Henry in Lancaster, stopt above Allen Roys in the Bay {cut off} Stopt all night at Allen Roys {illegible} Allen {illegible} from the 8th conception 31st {illegible} Sunday Last Day of May I came up alone {illegible} shore from Allen has Stopt at Henry's had Breakfast Lewis {Boxle?} at home the Salaberry went Down wind high some cold Rain {illegible} young. Ducks 1st of June Planted a few hills of potatoes {Lashey?} here. {Mashing?} the Wool {cut off} cold. 2nd {illegible} Wrote a Letter to Mr J. J {Lepich?} Montreal {illegible} boiling {sugar?} Old {Bosch?} Diparkot sent 2 papers to {Charlie?} I got {cut off} from him took the Wool to Thomas Munroes 13th Seen Pat taking Down Hay and Wood for Mr Harper to Lancaster Andrew Simmons lent Me Postage for the Letter and Paper as I forgot {cut off} pocket Book Went Down to Bosetts Stopt at Roses took tea all night at Bosells 3rd took Breakfast there and came home put the Wood in the Bags tried {Trowbing?} got none 4th {illegible} put {'got ash Logs 13th cutting' written above}

Mr James Cameron Island June 6th 1868

Raining I need to catch the Mare Wind High the Dog{cut off} Killed the chickens at night 7th Sunday East wind Kingston went Down Salabery went Down a {lood?} deal of cooking at {Summerstown?} 8th Went to Summerstown. Bought {illegible} 48 lb flour (1 Lead pencil paid this) took home the Rain from Roses {cut off} the Lend of the Scottish chiefs 9thOur Marys Birth Day {cut off} 10th cleaning some of the Potatoes 11th Fishing not very well {cut off} Gordon and I fishing Caught a Lunge about 16 lbs to Summerstown the {gun?} Boat firing to day anchored at Hopkins took home the Lunge 13th fishing 14th Thomas Daves here gave him 3 papers a {illegible} {Desh?} William Morris here and Briggs Leut{cut off} a paddle found a Wheel Barrow on the Water{cut off} 13th cutting the Wees in the Potatoes 16th Gordon and I went to {illegible} Down to the {Kith Kell?} island found a Ducks nest caught the Duck 17th Caught the {illegible} Drew some of the {illegible} around the potatoes a great many trowling 18th {illegible} Ever {illegible} {'took the wool to Mrs Rose 3 Books gave her {illegible}' written in between lines} Battle of Waterloo Doctor Moxley Here Last night Went around the island 15th Finished Weeding the potatoes colouring these days Mr {illegible} and Mr {illegible} trowling {Leen?} Pigeon in the Bush at the Elm{cut off} 20th Trowling caught a crow killed one {illegible} the Brush {illegible} Steamer L {illegible} and Pleasure Party I can see part of the {cut off} of Luke Bowens house on {Chistes?} Island. Heavy Rain much wanted {cut off} Moon comes in a Scotch Moon Tom says But the Moon that comes {cut off} Sunday I always thought was a Scotch Moon. Strawberries {illegible} to grow. Ripe Summer commences to Day. Deer {illegible} commenced the {illegible} getting Long Black {illegible} on Blossom. I {horn?} apple trees over Blossoms. 21st Sunday Tom Daves here gave him some English Papers {illegible} Bell Mones and Briggs here found a Wheel Barrow on the Water Lent Bile a Paddle 22nd {illegible} Birth Day 23rd John Angus started and Peter Baker {illegible}

James Cameron Island June the 24th 1868

I croped to Bosells got the 2 {illegible} got a Rope from {Lemo?) Returned Mrs Roses Book paid Andrew the Postage Brought a Bushel of oats to {illegible} Baker 2/6 1/2 Bushel of salt. Matches to {illegible} 4 {illegible} tobacco, Got a paper from Charlie. Working at the {Roads?} {illegible} the oats and ashes in the {cut off} Boigs 25th Working at the cook house. Started this {illegible} slept at Lauries all night 26th Sold to Bakery {cut off} Bushels of Ashes 114 lbs of oats Got 2-12 1/2 cents cash Bought flour from John {illegible} for 2 dollars Bought paper {cut off} Mac John Carey Married yesterday. {illegible} house the gun boat at {Mamattons?} 24th Working at the cook house. Sunday 28 pm Daves brought some Papers 29th Dan Sunnins and Laurie here a Warm Day 30th the cook House. 1st {illegible} {Dommon?} Day the L {illegible} a Pleasure {illegible} and the B America {illegible} their colours I lying {illegible} 2nd fishing let out {cut off} cutting the weeds in the potatoes 3rd Working at the cook house 4th July American Independence a Ball last night over 500 at it Haffords. fort {Coringlea?} Americans in Russels Beat here. Henry {Genias?} Boy here {illegible} the Potatoes in the Back garden 5th Our Johns Birth Day Emannuel here and Wife of the children gave them a {illegible} hot very well 6th warm Weather these Days 1 of {Hanroes?} sheep Dead a log of the fence fell on to neck skinned it put the carcus in the River, Hoeing and cleaning the Potatoes took home some ashes {cut off} out the {Barn?} {illegible} the Long canoe out of the water {illegible} Trowling got home {illegible} to Rain Thunder + Lightening much {illegible} Grant here with his horses 8th finished hoeing the Potaotes at the lower end of the Wheat 9th Gordon and I went Trowling Down to Roys Island 16th fixing the canoes a very very {cut off} Day the Warmest came yet. I criped to Sumemerstown slept at John Hamilton gave me a peace of the Neal {Genuine?} {cut off} that he got of the gun Boat John Ploughing Buckwheat {cut off} Baker {cut off}

Mr. James Cameron Island July 11th 1868

{Serofud?] over got about 30 Tabacco Plants + {cut off} {illegible} Megaret the {steamer?} L Renand a Pleasure. Got 4 Dollars cash from James {illgeible} and {5 lb tea?} and to pay A Summers 46 {illegible} Potatoes {'paid this' written above} {Daids?} 1/2 here from A J Bakes. Joseph Baker at Andrews. {illegible} the Post office for a store {force} I Baker got 1 Dollar cash from George Baker Lashey here {Leuie?} {illegible} Master Paints from Cornwall the {Champion?} {cut off} {illegible} got a Paper from Charlie from Chester no.4 stains street care of Ms Rowe 12th of July Sunday Orangeman's Day. {illegible} Smallman's Steamer passed here to Lancaster 13th firing in the {cut off} for the 12th July Went to Lancaster Bought {illegible} {Tocoper?} 3 {cut off} {Trouth?} of flour Sacrament in Lancaster 1 pair of Braces 1/3 Meat 13 14th Went to {Bob?} 16 for Lashey's canoe. Went to Dinner with Ashes Roys Tron Baaids Hepten Baker Bain 15th Bought of Dr Baker 5 1/2 lbs {Cabro?} at 13 cents 1 1/2 {cut off} {Weed?} for Gordon 1/3 yd 3 yd of Cotton at {17?} 1/2 yd Dozen {ceeps} {cut off} 1/3 plates 1/2 Dozen 1/6 crackers sugar tabacoo {Jupe?} Treat 13 1/2. Brought of Peter Buchanna 1 scythe 3 1/2 Paid with Lumber got {illegible} sycthe from Peter Bought stone 16 1 {illegible}{Roes?} 1 1/3 Coming home the Wind turned me Back from near our Island to the head of Alerus Island in a {illegible} 16th commenced to mow a few Rounds 17th mowing 18th mowing {lawn?} put in {Trocks?} the Mare Lame Sunday 19th George Bisell + family + Reggey here Gave them {illegible} after got one French paper to Henery's wife {Bever?} Plenty {cut off} 20th Mowed the grove Finished mowing the grove Went to Summerstown Bought of A J Baker on account {cut off} Tea 1/6 1/2 A soda 14 2 Bakes 1/4 2 Whet Stones 18 sugar 13 {cut off} Went up with Tom Kennedy seen Mrs {Leor?} took {cut off} + Jones seen Frances the P {illegible} A {Illegible} smoke ashes {illegible} got 2 {illegible}

{Written on a smaller loose piece of paper}

James Cameron Island July 25th 1868

Mowing Down on the Bank to the apple trees. Mrs Bowen and Mrs Mayville here for {Berries?} Sunday 26th a Boatload in the Berries 27th eat cucumbers. {Putting} in 28 cocks Mowed some. 28th The Earthquake. Mowing 29th Mowing spreading making cocks 30th Mowing some Mowing went to Mrs Kept in Molly all Day. Hand one of those Big {Plowers?} this is the earliest year I ever seen him come 3 let Molly her calf {cut off} 1st of Augest {illegible} Lammas Day {illegible} mowing People in the Berries Sunday Monday 3rd Putting in {illegible} cocks that 26 to Day on the Westside about {cut off}4 on the East side 4th Mowing and Raking got piece of {Pene?} on the 3rd George Bosell here gave me 1/6 cash not a going to take the hay {cut off} only offered me 5 Dollars for it 5th Went around the {illegible}{Gabrnean?} and July and Mrs Mayville for Berries {illegible} on the Lower {Rouel?} cut some of the Wheat eat the {cut off} {inst?} mew Potatoes a very Large Raft went down counted 24 cabin on it 6th Randolph's Birth Day Put in 2 cocks on the west side and 25 on the east side tried some of the squash {cut off} the rest of the Wheat put in a Load 7th Put in {cut off} the Wheat but the raking got a plug of Tobacco {cut off} Lashley a very warm Day. Got a stick of Elm {cut off} Looking for the sheep found a Tobacco pouch. Belonging in the {illegible} Mr {Boely?} here but him my canoe to crop. Raining Thunder and Lightening Hoeing some 9th Sunday Windy rain 10th Mr {Preby?} here mowing went to Bakery Bought {illegible} worth of flour + plug of Tobacco got the {Balanee?} of what was coming from a T. {BaReran?} Jane Grants account got a Paper from Charlie 11th Went to Dundee raining stopt at Dan Summer's took Dinner Bought of Baker Ropes - 16 Tobacco - 192 shools of thread Bought of Norman 2 Bunches of matches.

== 1868 Mr James Cameron {illegible} == 24th of October

24th {illegible} Hugh's Birth Day Mrs Bosell here Laurie and Dan Summers came

25th My Birth Day I {illegible} with Mrs Bosell gave her a pail of Milk some squashes red pepper heard charlie Rose had a young son to Day Dan Summers went off Laurie sloft {?} Emmanuel and {illegible} here Emmanuel took his shear {?}

26th Cutting Wood

27th Went to Fort Covenston

28th chopping Wood

29th doing a Little or nothing

30th chopping

31st Went to Bakers took {illegible} Quart of Oil Hallow Eve highwind and Rain

1st of Nov all saints Day

2nd Thrashing Dan Summers came

3rd Pete Bosell after the Wheel Barrow and {illegible} Lashey took away his Bed

4th I went to mill {illegible} of Wheat F Daves here Last night and the Mayhews here Tom Brought me some Sarsapilla {"er" written above the "i"} took 4 Nats , calfs Km 1 sheeps Km to Mr Stneeter 2.40 Got {illegible, name?} Boots {second "o" written above the first} mended By {illegible, name?} 50 cents. got {illegible} fixed 10 cents Bought {illegible} 1/2 Ile Tea 1/2 Ile Tolaces hoarhound Candy got 2 newspapers from Lohn Cameron came home

5th chopping Stove Wood

6th Chopping Wood

7th Our Ellens Birth Day

8" 9 10" 11" 12th

13th stars shooting great Walter {?} child died.

14th {illegible} helping Walter to dig the grave {illegible} Kennedy Kenneth stopt at Wake all night Bought of Al Baker oil Matches

15 I came home Walters child Buried to Day

16" Let out the Rams

17th the trees bad with {illegible} Great Destruction on {illegible} and forest trees

18th set fire to the Front Marsh

19th Killed the Bull Lashey took away his traps {illegible} Bosell agnound above the Light House {illegible}

21st Went to Bakers


== 1868 Mr James Cameron {illegible} == Nov 27

{illegible} Grant took away the younge Horse Peter and Thomas Mimroe with him I started for Williamstown Brought a hide to A Me Lennan got the Money forth Left my Boat with him {illegible} I would come from Williamstown gave Mr Harper {illegible} Walked up to Williamstown

28th in Williander

29th in Williamstown

30th I started for home from Williander Bought of Ellen Tea Tobacco. Paten Paul Castor oils sweetys Bottle of Mollases {illegible} Bought of Mr Harper 8 yds Calies {illegible} a yd Linning Thread 3 Treats 3 Quarts of GO Bought of Mr Nicholson 3 Loaves Bread {illegible} This is St Andrews The Festival of the {illegible} home North Wind Left or Forgot my Bag The calf Died got hurted on the slippery ice The America went up Johnstons Lights up yet no Light in Mr Hills on the 1st of December

1st of December skinned the calf no boats {illegible}

2n. Thrashing Cutting Wood

3 Cutting Wood

4th Taking home a Canoe of Wood I Croped stopt all night Thomas Munroes Rob Jack and Bill Mc{illegible, name} argument at David got a Letter from Charlie I came home got {illegible, "Rey," "Pay"?} from Al Baker for James Grant {illegible} paid A L Baker for Whiskey is got on the 22nd of October Brought Mr Bree {?} {illegible} Pipe Treat paid Treats at Davids paid

6th Sunday Dan Summers here for the Ram for James Hopkins got it gave him some meat

7th Storm East Wind and snow Broke on the stack

8th Cut a Waterhole for the first hard West Wind

9th Thrased {illegible} Made out to the Bushes very {illegible}

10th {illegible} not hung to Day chopped {illegible, the page goes black, photocopy issues}

{...} cold West Wind {...}

13 {...}




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