Courtland Olds Diary & Transcription, 1896


Courtland Olds Diary & Transcription, 1896


Courtland Olds


Courtesy of Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph




19th Century, Norfolk County, Woodhouse Township, Ontario

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Courtland Olds Diary Collection


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January WEDNESDAY 1 1896

Got up a couple of loads of wood this forenoon to begin the new year. This afternoon have been engaged entertaining visitors most of the time. Went over to the prayer-meeting to-night, and, had a very good time. There are indications of a shower of blessings upon our neyborhood. May we not only ask, but ask beleiving.

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January THURSDAY 2 1896

Have been working in thee woods againe to-day as usual, Part of Awfords force, have been & helping. There is a change in the weather takeing place, It is becoming colder. Wife and I went over to Mr. Ebersoles to spend the evening, Had a very pleasant time with him and his excellent wife.

January FRIDAY 3 1896

Cold weather has come at last, and seems likely to stay with us for a while. I have been working in the woods, Jim & John have been helping me. I found it pretty cold working at a very strong northwest wind has been blowing all day! Mr. Awford is has been to mill takeing a grist for us as well as for himself.

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January SATURDAY 4 1896

The very cold weather have continued today. The prevailing winds are from the west and north-west. Have been buisy as usual for day trying to get wood prepared for the fire. It has been almost to cold to work out of door today. Had a letter from S.Kitchen to day which made me feel blue, it was a dunning letter.

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January SUNDAY 5 1896

The continued cold weather and had roads are were suficient to keep us from going out to our own church to day. Went over to hear Mr Ebersole this evening however and enjoyed the service very well. We have been praying and looking for a revival in this church but, as for our expectations have not been realized. Lord increase our faith!

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January MONDAY 6 1896

I worked in the woods this forenoon with the Awford's at cutting wood. This afternoon I went up to Lynn valley calling at A.C.Matthews on the way and A. G. Rose's. Went to see the tax - collector about our tax is being still unpaid. Our Township council were voted for to day and I had to put in my vote as usual. The weather has been very cold and windy.

January TUESDAY 7 1896

I have engaged at woodcuting to day. Mr Awford's have also been helping. There has been but little change in the weather: except continued signs of a snowstorm. Had an offer of Lombard plum sees for next spring's planting at twelve cents each. This is by far the lowest price so far. The Green Company of Rochester in the party.

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January WEDNESDAY 8 1896

We were cuting wood in the woods again this forenoon. This afternoon I have been geting up some wood for us our own use. The little snow that has lately fallen makes it peosible to draw wood with the sleighs. There is a constant appearance of snow, but it only seems to come in moderate quantities. If it keeps on however it will not be long befor we have sleighing in earnest.

January THURSDAY 9 1896

Have had a family dinner today. All my unckles except one on my mothers side with their wives and chil some of their children favoured us with their presence for dinner. Went down to William Wallse's for another dinner this evening. Had a pleasant visit there also, my old friend W. J. Carpenter & wife was also there. Think that Wall's & his wife also have been benefited by their sojourne in Harriston.

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January FRIDAY 10 1896

Did not feel overly well from our late ngiht out, last night. So did no do very much this forenoon. Had a Mr Jones here from Jarvis who is dealing in various kinds of timber. partly promised to let him have some hickory and other loggs. Went out to Port Dover this afternoon takeing Maggie with me. We are likely to have snow soon again, apparently.

January SATURDAY 11 1896

Mr Awford and I have been buisy to day getting in the ballance of strawstack, the weather being quite favourable for our work. There are strong indications of a thaw or of a storm close at hand. Have been blessed to day with peace, as God above can give. My poor soul is resting of my precious saviour. Glory be as the Lord Most High.

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January SUNDAY 12 1896

Went out to meeting in Port Dover this morning takeing my mother with me. Had an excellent discourse from our own minister. His text was, "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory the which shall be revealed in us". We had a precious time in our class meeting also. Went over to hear Bro Ebersole this evening and had a good time there also. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow."

January MONDAY 13 1896

There is a constant appearance of snow but still it does not come. Mr. Awford and I have been cuting wood in the woods again to day. Have just been reading a letter of Mr E. W. Wilson Respecting this experience with the silo. He say that He he could not farm successfully without this mode of preserving feed.

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January TUESDAY 14 1896

We have been cuting wood in the woods to day. Mr Awford and I. The weather is rather cold; but as there is no snow to speak of on the ground it is a fine time to cut wood. Have been enjoying the Blessing of the Spirit of which we are told that. as many as are led by the spirit of God, They are the Sons of God. What a wondrous elaltation.

January WEDNESDAY 15 1896

The weather is very fine and rather mild though winterlike. Have been working in the woods again to day and Mr Awfords have been helping as usual. It makes quite a difference weather we have but one hand or three to keep when cuting wood even. Four of us have been working together most of the time and our pile has grown fast.

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January THURSDAY 16 1896

Worked in the woods this forenoon at wood cuting as usual, Mr C Awford helped me. This afternoon I have been geting up wood. with the sleighs, there is every appearance of a thaw just now. Had a visit from Wellington J. Carpenter and wife together with W. A. Walls and wife with Nellie. We had a very nice time with our friends.

January FRIDAY 17 1896

Worked this forenoon at sundry jobs. Went down to the saw-mill this afternoon and got a load of basswood lumber and took it out to Port Dover afterward There I left it with my unckle George Matthews. Found the roads rather better owing to the present warm spell. It is even geting muddy.

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January SATURDAY 18 1896

Took Got up a couple of loads of wood this forenoon after whick I went out to Port Dover to attend his birth-day dinner. Found Maggie and my mother went with me Found quite a gathering of our friends and relatives gathered together to celebrate the occasion. My unckle has arrived at his Seventy first birthday.

January SUNDAY 19 1896

Went out to our own church this morning as usual, Bro Bennet officiated in his usual way, The subject of discourse was prayer, and the promies in conection therewith. The first condition in order to the answering of prayer is, to abide in Him as a fruitful branch Went over to Bro Eversole meeting this evening as usual and enjoyed his discourse on Felix & Paul, very much,

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January MONDAY 20 1896

Worked this forenoon at fixing up my bob sleighs. The snow that came yesterday and day before makeing it necessary. This afternoon I went down to the saw-mill and took a load of heavy lumber to my unckle George Matthews in Port Dover. The snow has been going off quite fast to day, but the wheeling is very good however. Went with the waggon.

January TUESDAY 21 1896

Went out to Dover this forenoon with another load of hickory and White ash lumber from the saw mill. The roads are very good from the mill out. Went up to Clarke Matthews this evening for a visit took Maggie and my mother with me also Eveline. We had a very pleasant evening with our friends some ten or more of whom were present.

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January WEDNESDAY 22 1896

Went over to my neighbour Homs this forenoon and he and I cut up the big white-ash tree along the line fence about which we came near having a dispute. We divided up the tree equally as near as possible. Went down to the mill again this afternoon and got anotherload of heavy timber for my unckle George. Took it out this afternoon.

January THURSDAY 23 1896

Was intending to go to the farmers institute at Vittoria to day. It began raining just before we were ready to start however and we thought best not to go. Our decision proved to be a wise one for it has been raining incessantly all day. Went over to John Marr's to spend the evening, Maggie having gone over this afternoon.

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January FRIDAY 24 1896

The rain that began yesterday morning has continued to day. It has b not been heavy, but very incessant and rather inclined to snow. I have been engaged at sundry jobs inside, such as fixing bob-sleigh, makeing foot-stool and sundry the jobs for the house. Have felt rather blue to day, perhaps from the state of of the weather.

January SATURDAY 25 1896

Worked arrouned this forenoon at sundry jobs This afternoon however Maggie and I started for Wyecombe, stoped in Simcoe for a short time at G. W. Lemon's on the way and made some arrangements for the coming Spring delivery. Arrived safely at Wyecombe in due couse and found the old people well. Mrs Ferguson is not very well though.

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January SUNDAY 26 1896

Went with Mr. and Mrs Ferguson to the Wyecombe Church for the morningcl service. Had the satisfaction of hearing the present Simcoe minister Rev Mr. Prescot, - Enjoyed his discourse very much. Towards night we drove over to Delhi, and heard Rev Mr Write the new minister there. Was pleased and proffited by his discourse also His wife sang a beautiful solo.

January MONDAY 27 1896

Spent the forenoon in Delhi, Maggie and I most of the time at her brother Will's Had a very pleasant and proffitable visit with them. Told him some of my plans for the feeding of cattle for various purposes, and of the proposed planting of plum trees for in the spring. Was pleased to have his approval in both projects. Came home this afternoon.

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January TUESDAY 28 1896

Went down to the mill this forenoon and after geting a load on the waggon I took it to Port Dover delivering at the shop of my unckle George. While in town paid my life insurance for the month The day has been quite mild and the snow had been fast disapearing. It is good waggoning however.

January WEDNESDAY 29 1896

Went down to Jarvis this forenoon to see about selling wheat to pay taxes. Found that the price had improved somewhat and was seventy two cents per Bu. Have been up to Roses to get some lumber out of his pile, taken there by mistake, And from there in Thomas Jacksons coming home by William Wallse Got to the prayer meeting to night & had a good time.

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January THURSDAY 30 1896

Went down to the mill this forenoon after another load of lumber which I brought home Mr Awford killed his old sow this afternoon and I helped him awhile. Got home a load of lumber from A. G. Roses this afternoon that had been taken there last spring by mistake. Am anxious to get done with this lumber drawing so as to do something else.

January FRIDAY 31 1896

Went down to the saw mill this morning after a load of saw-dust for bedding. This afternoon I took the last load of lumber out to my unckle George Matthews, as this job is out of the way after such a long time. Had an offer of nine dollars per for hickory in the log, to day to be delivered in Jarvis Thought to take some loggs down if the roads should be favourable. weather is still mild with an East Wind.

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Cut wood this forenoon at the woodhouse with Jims help. Went to the woods this afternoon, We cut down a hickory tree for, sale, providing snow enough comes for sleighing. Have a chance by delivering in Jarvis to sell at nine dollars per thousand ft. in the log all the hickory we want to spare; of course this will not be many. Weather continues very mild.

February SUNDAY 2 1896

Went out to our Quarterly meeting in Port Dover this morning. Our own minister officiated. The day being very pleasant and the roads good there was a good congregation present. The Lord was also in our very midst to own and bless. Had dinner at my unckle George Matthews. Went over to hear Bro Ebersole this evening as usual.

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February MONDAY 3 1896

There has been a continuous snow storm to day from diferent quarters. The quantity of snow that has fallen is quite moderate however. Have been reading up in fruitf culture to day, the storm being to severe for out-of-door work. Had a very pleasant visit from Mr and Mrs Ebersole this evening, they are our near neighbours now.

February TUESDAY 4 1896

I have been busy to day as usual. Got up a couple of loads of wood this forenoon, snow having comee in sufficient quantities for sleighing. This afternoon have been takeing the bark off of a hickory tree, prepared to drawing. Recieved a small book on silage by proffessor Will of Wiscousin University to day. Hope it will be of advantage to us.

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February WEDNESDAY 5 1896

Went down to the saw-mill this forenoon after a load of saw dust for bedding. The snow that came yesterday has made very good sleighing,it has been badly spoiled this afternoon however. Have been drawing up wood this afternoon from the woods. Wen Was surprised with a bailif to day about my taxes so will have attend to it at once.

February THURSDAY 6 1896

Cleaned up a load of wheat this foreneen with Jim's help Snow and rain has been falling all day makeing it a very disagreable day altogether. Have been studying my new book on Ensilage this afternoon. Would like to make a silo for filling next fall, there seem to be a possibility of makeing them cheaper than we used to though.

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February FRIDAY 7 1896

Jim and I cleaned up a load of wheat for market this forenoon, Intended to have taken it to Jarvis this afternoon but a snow and sleet storm has been in progress part of the time at least. Went-out to Dover this afternoon to attend our first Horticultural society meeting. Got seventeen members to start one.

February SATURDAY 8 1896

Worked arround this forenoon at sundry jobs. This afternoon however I went down to Jarvis with a load of wheat. The snowstorm of yesterday did not make sleighing so I went with the waggon. Sold my load of wheat to B. Allen at 80 cts per Bushell. I find that the proceeds at this price is something more than when at fifty cents.

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February SUNDAY 9 1896

A heavy snow stom has been in progress since last night, lasting all of to day & is still in progress. There was no possibility of geting out to church. We have however been proffiting on the time afforded by the precious sabbath of rest for reading and for other religious exercises.

February MONDAY 10 1896

Have been working this forenoon at cleaning up my last load of wheat for this year for market. Kept Jim home to help me until noon. Mr Awford went out to town this afternoon to see Mr Elles but just made out to mils seeing him. He took out a grist of chop to the mill also. A terrible snow storm is in progress to night.

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February TUESDAY 11 1896

Have had a terrific wind & snow storm last night and to day. piling up the snow at a great rate Went down to Jarvis this afternoon with my last load of wheat. Sold for the same as the last load, previously eighty cents per bushel. Took the load bushells of buck wheat which I sold for thirty five centers per Bu.

February WEDNESDAY 12 1896

Went up to Simcoe this forenoon, to pay my taxes for the next year. Had, to pay something over two dollars cost which was not very pleasant. Called at my unckle John's on the way home and took dinner. This evening attended prayer meeting and had a good time, the Good Lord was with us.

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February THURSDAY 13 1896

There has been another continuous fall of snow for some twenty hours. Have not been able work outside to day as a consequence we seem likely to have abundance of snow and sleighing after all. We have decided to undertake building a silo for another seasons use & will get logs in for this purpose.

February FRIDAY 14 1896

The snow storm of yesterday, has left us with a considerable quantity of snow on the ground. Most of it seems piled up in the corners and sideroads. Have been doing sundry jobs to day. This afternoon I have been painting my sap pails and geting them ready for spring work.

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February SATURDAY 15 1896

Have had a very cold stormy day. The fall of snow has been steadily increasing. Thought to have gone out to town. but the weather has been rather bad for going. Have been improving the time in differnt ways, mostly at spliting wood and in reading. We have decidided to try building a silo the comeing summer.

February SUNDAY 16 1896

Went out to church this morning takeing my wife with me. The weather has been very cold to day, the Cross roads are badly drifted, Went out to hear Bro, Ebersole again this evening also. Feel thankful for the benefits derived from the services of the sanctuary. The best of all is God is with us.

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February MONDAY 17 1896

Owing to the very cold weather yesterday and to day I worked in the woodhouse this forenoon. This afternoon I went out to the woods and worked awhile. Selected a couple of elm trees to work into the proposed silo, partly cut down. The thermometer was down as low as twelve degrees below zero this morning. Some of the neighbor say twenty.

February TUESDAY 18 1896

The very cold weather has passed away since morning Snow has been falling this afternoon, but I have been cuting down a couple of elm trees and John has been helping. We purpose having our studding for silo made out of elm, and boards mostly as well, this being our m most abundant timber for present use.

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February WEDNESDAY 19 1896

Went out of the woods this forenoon to cut saw loggs from some elm cut lately. Before noon however it began to snow and blow from the West and North-West, so I had to stop work Have been reading over some old papers this afternoon Came accross a place for building a barn, called the plank barns timbers being used simply plank.

February THURSDAY 20 1896

The stormy cold weather still continues. Have continued to stay in the house most of the time to day, a cold wind being in progress all day. Had the pleasure of receiving some money from Mr Awford to day - a return of a portion of our years tax. Feel much encouraged by the change that has taken place since he came.

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February FRIDAY 21 1896

Got our roads broke this forenoon and a load of pea straw up from the little barn. I went out to the Port Dover mill with a grist of chop & C this afternoon. While it was grinding drove drown to the village where I had several errands to attend to. The weather is much milder than yesterday, but still it seems pretty cold.

February SATURDAY 22 1896

Took Jim with me to the woods this forenoon and we finished cuting our six elm loggs geting there ready to draw. Took the family down to Willam Wallises this afternoon to see the new arrival. Mr Edwardson came and took away his two remaining sheep this afternoon. The sleighing is quite good at present.

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February SUNDAY 23 1896

Owing to rain that has been has been falling to day we did not get out to church this morning. Went over to hear Mr Ebersole this evening however and as usual felt benefited by going. The sabbath is a precious day even when we cannot get out to our usual morning service. The Lord does not confine his blessings to the sauctuary.

February MONDAY 24 1896

Our thaw that began yesterday has continued until to day noon since which time it has been freezing. Have taken my two first saw loggs down to the mill this afternoon or rather to day. Intending for use the lumber for a silo, which we proposed making next summer. We are rather short of feed and don't feel like depending on common feed supplies much longer .

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February TUESDAY 25 1896

Had a very discouraging time this forenoon with my _loggs. Failed to get even one to the mill beforenoon though I had one loaded twice and broke down besides. Will have to load it up again. Took my wife and children up to Simcoe this afternoon enroute for Delhi and Wyecombe are Expect them to be away for a fortnight at least. Feel very blue to night

February WEDNESDAY 26 1896

My natal day has again returned; but owing to a cloud that has been over me if has not been one of joy. I have been engaged as usual at my work. Took a couple of large elm loggs down to the mill this afternoon the sleighing being very good. It seems hard to live without my wife and children, they being all away for a visit.

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February THURSDAY 27 1896

Got to work in good time this morning at my saw-logging. Took two loggs down to the mill before dinner & large one too. This afternoon I managed alone to get out a large oak log that was very difficult to handle succeeded however in getting it as far as Mr McBrides on the hill. Weather is quite warm and snow fast disappearing am nearly through with my saw loggs however

February FRIDAY 28 1896

Took our large oak log down to the mill this morning. Had to work until nearly noon before it could be got on the roll-way. This afternoon took the two white ash loggs down to the mill that fell to me from the large tree on the line between James Tom and us. We divided the tree equally as near as we could. This tree has been a bone of contention for many years but is done for now and I am very thankful.

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February SATURDAY 29 1896

Split and cut wood at the house this forenoon with Jims help. This afternoon we all went to the woods and continued the same work. Have noticed that the three last days of February which some say rule the there spring months have all been very mild. The last one has been the coldest somewhat. Do not however take much stock in these signs, for I have seen them fail more that once.

March SUNDAY 1 1896

On account of the almost impossible state of the roads we did not get out to church this morning as we desired. Have been improving the time as best we could at home. This evening however I went over to hear Bro Ebersole. Always feel benefitted in this way. His discourses are always earnest and practical, it seems to bad that his congregation could not be larger.

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March MONDAY 2 1896

March is coming in like a lion indeed, time Both yesterday and {today?} have been very cold and blustery Have been {_ing} up our jops to day Mr Awfords John's help. Working in sheltered place we found it rather a pleasant day to work Have been somewhat busy of late with for the spring payment so soon upon {cut off}.

March TUESDAY 3 1896

March has brought us another very cold, windy day. This makes them now, all about alike. Have been cuting wood in the woods again today with Mr Awfords help as usual. Had a letter from my wife to night, and was glad to find that their visit was progressing favourably. She is visiting now at her fathers with the children.

March WEDNESDAY 4 1896 {right side cut off}

Mr Awfords and I have been {at work} in the woods again to day The weather {has?} been very {cold?} and wintry, night for working in the {woods?} John started {to?} draw wood this afternoon but broke down his second logg Have one Mr srae Woods sous staying night with us He came from Wyecombe this afternoon, Report well there as our folks.

March THURSDAY 5 1896

Young Mr Woodward who spend last night with us went away this forenoon for his home at Wyecombe. Got to work this afternoon at drawing up wood from the woods. Succeeded in geting up five good big loads. We seem to be on the eave of warmer weather, it has been much warmer even to day. Recieved my first coppy of the Horticulturalist to day. The first for some years.

{page cut off} March FRIDAY 6 1896

It rained most of the forenoon I worked inside and made a of {axehand?} This afternoon however I we been geting a couple loads of pea {straw?} Went down the mill this evening and brought home small load lumber, beside looking after loggs. Have loggs yet get on the way. The weather is turning to night.

March SATURDAY 7 1896

To day we have seen continued stormy windy weather. I went up to Simcoe this forenoon notwithstanding the storm. While there got twenty five more pails for sap, also some more spiles. Attended also for a matter at the bank. Recieved a letter from my wife this evening, also one from my little girl Dottie. Could not make out much sense the latter though

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March SUNDAY 8 1896

Went out {cut off} church this evening the first time in four or five weeks Ja{cut off}ing Berked {cut off} me. Found {cut off} our own minister was away but are a{cut off} too whose {cut off} was unknown to us officiated. Called at Halls on {illegible and cut off} home. He {cut off} lately had {cut off} very narrow escape from {cut off} from a mad {cut off} Heard Bro Ebersole this evening as usual.

March MONDAY 9 1896

Went down to the saw mill this morning after a load of lumber, also to see about get the remaining loggs on the rollway. Found the latter job impracticalbe Brought home the lumber however. Got started this afternoon at geting up ice for summer use. We intend puting in a corner of our woodhouse. Weather is moderating somewhat

March TUESDAY 10 1896

Have been {cut off} ing away for with all our might. {illegible and cut off} get our summer supply of ice away John has been helping. We got up {cut off} loads from the creek on our own place {cut off} we brought {cut off} be sufficient and have {cut off} packing away in the corner {cut off} woodhouse Our old friend G.W. Lemore Came in so {cut off} over night us so {cut off} a long time {cut off}

March WEDNESDAY 11 1896

We are having our cold weather now, instead of in the early winter months. Have been having a cold N.E. snow and wind storm to day. Snow has been falling in quite large snowflakes. Got our ice all packed this forenoon and ready for covering with saw-dust. Have been working at Makeing axe-handles this afternoon haveing found a piece of hickory recently. Our friend G.W. Le left us again this morning

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March THURSDAY 12 1896

Have been exceedingly busy {illegible} ice covered with saw-dust beside other jobs. Get Went up to Wyecombe this evening after my wife and children. Got there about nine o'clock. Found them all well except colds, and ready to go home with me in the morning. Had {cut off} exceedingly cold drive up, it was Zero weather earnest with driving north wind.

March FRIDAY 13 1896

We started from Mr Ferguson's Wyecombe this forenoon at about ten o'clock. Maggie, the two children and myself. Had a rather comfortable drive down to my friend W. J.Carpenters, where we arrived at about two P.M. Attended the Farness Institute and Horticultural meeting in the town hall this afternoon. A very interesting and instructive address from or by Mr McNeil of Windsor Ont, on growing small fruits & grapes &c. Got home safely in good time.

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March SATURDAY 14 1896

Have been working away as usual to day at sundry jobs. Got home part of a load of saw dust for covering the ice {cut off} a couple of loads of lumber {cut off} in saw-mill, {cut off} ing one there s{cut off} for another day The weather continues to be cold and rather windy as is usual in March. It is quite a {cut off} to have my wife and children home again. I seem to miss them more and more as they get older.

March SUNDAY 15 1896

Maggie and I went out to Port Dover this morning to church Our own minister officiated and in his usual very acceptable way. Went over to Mr Ebersoles church this evening as usual. Feel much benefited always by attending the house of Worship. Wonder that so many people can be contented to deprive themselves of this blessing

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March MONDAY 16 1896

Went down to the saw mill this morning {cut off} the last of our silo lumber excepting the logs yet to saw. Have been geting up wood since. The lumber hewers came to day and have nearly got the five hickory {cut off} ready to dr{cut off} My cousin {cut off} Culver came this evening & stayed over night with us. She came after my mother for a visit as well.

March TUESDAY 17 1896

Have been buisy to day as usual Got up our two last loads of pea straw from the little barn this forenoon. This afternoon I have been geting up wood as fast as possible for fear of the snow leaving us. It has been thawing quite fast to day. Had a visit from Alice Culver last night. She went home again this morning takeing my mother with here for a week or so.

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March WEDNESDAY 18 1896

Went ot ot the Port this forenoon, Calling {cut off} James Fergusons the way to see about the drawing of some lumber. Had dinner with my unckle George Matthews. Got pay for lumber sold {cut off} but it was a {cut off} disappointing {cut off} fully expected to {cut off} had some eighteen or twenty dollars, but realy had scarcely {cut off} Weather quite spring like, and should think a sap trough I have made it for this time.

March THURSDAY 19 1896

A storm has been in progress to day mostly from the North East Snow has been falling fast. I have been working inside at making axe-handles &c Always find something to do even if the weather is stormy. Our family is much reduced and seems quite small, Bertha and my mother both being away. The latter is helping Mrs Giles.

{second page}

March FRIDAY 20 1896

The terrific s{cut off} and wind storm east yesterday continued through last night and most of to day It came latterly from the North drifting up {cut off} Concession in great shape. I have been buisily engaged to day at sundry jobs as usual Mostly geting {cut off} in readiness for work when seasons arrive for it. The weather is alos quite cold for {cut off} of year

March SATURDAY 21 1896

Worked with Mr Awfords at geting up willow wood this forenoon. This afternoon I have been taping trees for the first. The sap ran very well for a little while. The weather is rather cold yet however for maple sugar makeing. Have had an exceedingly cold March this time. Have no doubt it will be followed by a warm April.

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March SUNDAY 22 1896

On account of the terrible storm of the roads {cut off} did not get to our usual morning service at Port Dover, only went over to hear Bro. Ebersole instead both {cut off} morning. As usual enjoyed the service very much This brother always earnest and a profficient preacher to {cut off} The weather very cold and wintry. A {cut off} N.W. wind {cut off} cause just now

March MONDAY 23 1896

Have been very busy today as usual. The weather is rather cold for sugar makeing so that we have had but little sap after all. Split fence blocks &c this forenoon. Have been triming trees &c this afternoon. My mother came home again this evening from my unckle Robert Calvers. James Halcourt came after one of our horses this evening.

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March TUESDAY 24 1896

Have been very buisily engaged at triming trees to day most of the time. Tapped a few more maple trees this afternoon, which must make something like one hundred and forty or fifty Went down to Wallises this evening to see home about surplus horses. Did not find him at home however. Found Mr C Smith quite unwell.

March WEDNESDAY 25 1896

I went down to W. H. Wall's this morning to get his advice about our two Mare's Took them down to Jarvis this afternoon - there being a buyer there from Buffalo. Did not succeed in geting an offer on either one of them however, although I was anxious to make a sale of both. Sap has been runing. Got our first gathering this evening.

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March THURSDAY 26 1896

Worked this forenoon at sundry jobs, mostly inside, however as a snow and sleet storm has been in progress this afternoon have been working in the woods at gathering sap &c. There was a run yesterday and last night, rain with it though so that it will be of inferior quality. Maggie and I visited our new keeper & wife this evening. C{illegible} Nel

March FRIDAY 27 1896

Have been very buisy as usual, to day. Worked this forenoon at sundry jobs. but this afternoon have been prepareing wood for Summer use. Weather is cold again and sap don't run very much. W.H. Walls was to dinner with us and whild here hired George Awford for the Summer. There seems to be an unusual number of men this year.

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March SATURDAY 28 1896

Worked at spliting wood, this forenoon at the woodhouse. This afternoon I went out to Dover Takeing my mother with me. The roads are very {cut off} and yet my mother stayed going home with W. J. Carpenters necessitating my return to morrow Found my friend H.G Morgan laid up with lumbago so {cut off} his office {cut off} to be run by his friends.

March SUNDAY 29 1896

Went out to meeting this evening instead of this morning on account of the bad roads partly: and on account of my mother who is already there. Thought it would give her another chance to go to church. It has been a beautifuly warm day and the snow has been disappearing very fast. We seem likely now to have warm weather in earnest.

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March MONDAY 30 1896

Have been exceedingly busy to day and Jim has been helping me. We gathered and boiled down our first batch of sap. Had a nice gathering for this time Did not all done though for we have some four barrels of sap yet on {cut off} for to morrow boiling. Have had a beautiful spring like day.

March TUESDAY 31 1896

Have been boiling down in the woods to day, and Jim has been helping me. It has been a very good sap day as well so that our stock of sap has not decreased so very much, after all. Had W. Walls and family here to dinner with his eldest daughter Emma. Cound not spend much time with them however, from my work.

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April WEDNESDAY 1 1896

We gathered sap again this forenoon, but owing to high East wind thought best postpone the boiling down process until better weather Have been working at the wood cuting & spliting most of time since. G.W. Lemore came just before noon, to see me about the coming Spring Deliveries at Simcoe and Port Dover. It seems {illegible} am required for {cut off}

April THURSDAY 2 1896

I went down to Jarvis this forenoon to try and sell our two spare horses. Had a terrible time going down and back owing to the wind and snow storm that prevailed through the day. Failed in my purpose hoever and had to bring the horses back home again unsold. This is the second time I have failed.

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April Friday 3 1896

A cold {cut off} West wind has been blowing to day with occasional snow squall. It has consequently been very unpleasant out of doors Have been at sundry jobs mostly inside however. My friend {cut off} Wilson's son Walter {illegible} up this evening He has come to spend the Easter hollo{cut off} with me {cut off} the Sap buckets

April SATURDAY 4 1896

Went up to Simcoe this forenoon to see about a note I had there to attend to and another matter also that required to be attended to. Went up to Delhi this afternoon to see about geting W.A. Ferguson to send for my plum trees for this Spring planting &c. Drove home again this evening, arriving safely at about half past eleven P.M.

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April SUNDAY 5, 1896

Did not go out to church this morning {cut off} myself, but {cut off} out my wife with two other members of the family. Went over to hear bro. Ebersole this evening however. It being Easter Sunday the services to day and the evening were {cut off} ed to the occasion. Have been {cut off} with a very precious sense of appreciation of death & Scoffing of our Saviour Surely he died for {cut off}

April MONDAY 6 1896

I went out to town first thing this morning on a matter of business with bro Ellis. Got home again before noon and this afternoon went down to the saw-mill, after a load of saw-dust and to put a log on the roolway. Found this evening that the sap had been runing considerably the last three days, the pails and pans being well filled up.

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April TUESDAY 7 1896

Began sowing clover seed this morning in {cut off} the field back of the barn. {cut off} seeding it with Alsike. Have been engaged at sundry other jobs as well, cuting wood, and gathering sap. The weather has been {cut off} and quite {cut off} for Several {cut off} but, not {cut off} cold but {cut off} sap would {cut off} So we have {cut off} now a good lot to boil down.

April WEDNESDAY 8 1896

We began again to boil down sap to day, having a considerable quantity on hand. Succeeded in geting a nice batch into syrup by to night. The run of sap near began last Saturday still continues and is an unusually good one. Have had lots of help such as it was. Walter Wilson & George Butcher with Jim.

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April THURSDAY 9 1896

Jim and I with Walter Wilson have been boiling down today again. The latter {cut off} out to Dover {cut off} the way {cut off} this afternoon however. Rain has been falling this evening in considerable quantities makeing our work in the woods rather disagreeable Sap has been flowing very {cut off}ifully and we are geting a nice {cut off} ready to {cut off}

April FRIDAY 10 1896

We have been boiling down again to day. fine and Had some six pails of syrup this evening as the result. Much the largest batch yet. It took us until ten o'clock to night to get through with the job. Due of the result has been the contraction of a severe cold, by myself. Sap has continued to run grandly today.

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April SATURDAY 11 1896

Had delight{cut off} April Shower last night {cut off} this forenoon Jim and I have been working away at boiling down as usual to day. Made {cut off} considerable addition to the stock of Syrup. Had some visitors at boiling place to night {cut off} is a very {illegible} now occ{cut off} during syrup makeing. always try {cut off} fill {illegible} on d{cut off}

April SUNDAY 12 1896

Owing to the terrible state of the roads we did not got out to our own meeting, but went over to Mr Ebersole's church instead both morning and evening. The weather is very warm and there are bright prospects of good roads before long. Enjoy the sabbath at home once in awhile without going to church, but only once in a while

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April MONDAY 13 1896

Jim and I have to {cut off} again at our syrup makeing as usual. weather is coming rather unfavourably for sap all {cut off} it is runing still. We succeeded in getting another nice batch this evening. We had our near neighbours to eat sugar this evening Mr Awford {cut off} some neighbour boys. Weather still very fine.

April TUESDAY !$ 1896

Have been boiling down sap again to day expecting this time to make a finish of it. Failed however, for we had nearly two mild cans full after our days work was done. Maggie went down to Thomas Jacksons after some eggs for seting this evening, and Mrs Clarke came home with her. The weather continues very fine and warm.

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April WEDNESDAY 15 1896

OUr last boiling of sap came off to day. {cut off} it was a s{cut off} one. After {cut off} up backlogs {cut off} wood and geting them started {cut off} let Jim and Bertha do the boiling. There is very little appearance of another run of sap this year. We {cut off} being a good deal like summer. Grass green {cut off} pects are for inside {cut off} two week{cut off}

April THURSDAY 16 1896

I have been busy triming apple trees in the front yard this forenoon also most of the afternoon. Find that our ground is rather wet yet and yet Mr Awford is ploughing on {illegible} Big Flat. Spring like weather still continues and buds both blossom and leaf are geting well forward. There seems danger of a repetition of last year as to fruit.

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April FRIDAY 17 1896

Have been engaged at sundry jobs this forenoon. Went up to Simcoe this afternoon stop{cut off} at Lynn val{cut off} for some {cut off} meal . Took some syrup {cut off} Florence a{cut off} gave Gallon {cut off} Sarah Crys{cut off} besides a {cut off} for Charley{cut off} to pay for {cut off} lot of ca{cut off} recieved yesterday. Brought {cut off} a Grimsby {cut off} harrow. {cut off} of Hamilton

April SATURDAY 18 1896

Worked this forenoon at puting the new Grimsby harrow together lately bought of Hamilton Olds. This afternoon went over the onion patch & straw-berry patch with it and like the way it works very well. Went out to town this evening takeing my mother with me. Had a successful trip amongst some of my friends with maple syrup.

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April SUNDAY 19 1896

The roads {cut off} ing become {cut off} able we were able to get over to our own meeting in Port Dover again to day. It {cut off} nearly a month since this {cut off} our privelege. Had an ex{cut off} discourse pr{cut off} Bro B on A{cut off} things are goo{cut off}and ye are {cut off} and Christ {cut off} Went over to hear Brother Ebersole this evening as usual Enjoyed this service very much.

April MONDAY 20 1896

We started the harrow to day in the front field but owing to the ground being wet in spots had to resort to c{illegible} harrow instead of the disc. Gathered up our sap pails to day and plugged up the holes in maple trees for this season. Have also been dong what I could at triming cherry trees and apple trees as well. Weather keeps quite warm & dry

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April TUESDAY 21 1896

Have been able to drive {cut off} most of the time to day, on account of having Jim to drive {cut off} for me {cut off} Had quite a shower of rain this afternoon which prevented further seeding operations. My two aunts Lydia and Ja{cut off} with my cousin {cut off} {illegible} were here to dinner and spend all afternoon. Had a caller Mr Waitsides {cut off} {illegible} to my {cut off} {illegible} to day

April WEDNESDAY 22 1896

Went down to Jarvis this forenoon to see about selling a horse or tow, taking my wife with me. Did not get much satisfaction from my trip however. There does not seem to be much chance to see horses just now, the market being over-stocked. Have been triming trees this afternoon while Jim has been harrowing in the front field

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April Thursday 23 1896

Have had Jim harrowing in front field again today. He gets along very good for a boy of his age. I have been busy this forenoon at triming apple trees except when at other business Mr Creighton was here this afternoon and bought our big mare Je{cut off} The price was small, but don't realy need her anymore Fifty dollars the price rec'd.

April FRIDAY 24 1896\

Had a heavy rain last night and this forenoon, mostly from the East. Took the man that I sold to Mr Creighton of Jarvis yesterday down to Hagersville this afternoon. Had a somewhat eventful trip but got there without serious accident, delivered the horse and received the ball deal. Got home in good time about dark.

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April SATURDAY 25 1896

Went up to Simcoe this forenoon, mostly to tak some money for Interest, Paid the fifty dollars recieved yesterday on same. Called at A{cut off} Rose's on the way home for dinner and brought mother home from there. Went out to Dover this evening to Co{cut off} after some small matter Put an ad in the Reformer & {cut off} maple syrup a{cut off} our ca{illegible}

April SUNDAY 26 1896

Went out to church this morning take-ing my wife and Bertha with me. Had bro. Bennet to minister to as usual. He gave us a grand sermon about the work of the Spirit &c. Went over to see Mrs. Ebersole this evening also. Never attend the ministration of this matter without profit.

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April MONDAY 27 1896

Have had Jim harrowing in the front field to-day while I have been triming trees in the orchard The rain yesterday and last night left the ground somewhat wet, {cut off} everything is growing very fast. Never saw grass more foreward at this time of year than now. Pasture is very good indeed.

April TUESDAY 28 1986

There was every appearance of rain this morning but it did not come after all. Have been drilling in oats and peas mixed in the front field by the Church. Succeeded in geting all sown except what is still to plough and a small piece of wet ground. The weather is very warm and everything is growing very fast.

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April WEDNESDAY 29 1896

Habe been very busy to day geting {cut off} front field {cut off} the stone drilled in to a mixed crop of oats and peas. Finished all but about half an acre that is not yet ploughed It went {cut off} very well Went over to the prayer meeting this evening and had a good time with the christian friends.

April THURSDAY 30 1896

I started for Delhi early this morning, after strawberry plants. Arrived when at a little after eleven O clock a. M. After dinner I went to digging strawberry plants near the factory, Was stopped by a shower of rain about three o' Clock; but successded in geting what I wanted and home again this evening or night at {?} A. M.

May FRIDAY 1 1896

Have been very buisy at setting out strawberry plants in the front garden next to the road. Succeeded in geting them nearly all set out with John's help also Jims and my wife's. Drove out to Dover this evening to see after the boxes of trees. After makeing ample arrangements, drove on to simcoe for to morrows Delivery.

May SATURDAY 2 1896

Our delivery at Simcoe came off to day. My friend G. W. Simon had just finished notifying last night. Had a rather successful time althought there was a good many who could not pay for their trees. A shower of rain this afternoon prevented people comeing in from the country, so we had a large number of orders to keep over Sunday.

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May SUNDAY 3 1896

Went up to our regular meeting at Woodhouse to day takeing my wife and mother with me. Found the roads very bad owing to recent heavy rains; but felt amply repaid for going, by recieving a spritiual blessing, from the service of the occasion. Could not help thinking of the departed who but a few years ago worshiped under the same roof.

May MONDAY 4 1896

Brought home my plum trees this forenoon from Port Dover. Took them out of the box as soon as possible and found them quite advanced being already in leaf. Set them in water as usual, until I could get time to set them out. Began delivering notices for Port Dover Delivery, this afternoon. Took the Western portion of my territory this time --

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May TUESDAY 5 1896

I have been out on the road to day delivering notices and found it difficult to get the job done ready for the Delivery to morrow. Had a pleasant visit at Mr W. L Hedges an old English resident at Peacock's point below Nanticoke. Finished up in Port Dover and did not get home until half past ten P.M Found the folks nearly all in bed.

May WEDNESDAY 6 1896

The Port Dover delivery came off to day. Got there about eight o'clock and found G.W. L. There and the trees all out of the boxes. Our delivery was a great success, there being but one note and not many but what paid us the cash down for their stock. Had a fine day for it and we got through much sooner than is usual, with every order off our hands.

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May THURSDAY 7 1896

Felt much relieved to day to get home again where so much work was awaiting me. Began this morning seting some Soveuir du Congress pear grafts obtained yesterday. Prepared onion ground afterwards and planted the seed while Jim was geting the ground ready for planting the plum trees Mr Willard Small an old stock buyer came this afternoon also the {illegible} mare.

May FRIDAY 8 1896

Jim and I have been seting out Burbank plum trees to day. We began in the north End of the lot. The ground is excellent condition for seting out trees, so it does not take half the work to put them in Near it did last year among the apple trees of the orchard. I like working amongst trees however even seting them out.

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May SATURDAY 9 1896

I have continued to work at seting out trees plum trees to day as usual. Have cone my best, but there is still something like forty to put in the ground yet. We are haveing real summer weather, so warm and dry just now. Rain has ceased coming and may-be we will not have any more for a time..

May SUNDAY 10 1896

Went out to church to day as usual, had the usual spiritual feast from the minister's discourse and a good time in our fellowship meeting as well. It has been very warm to day, and vegetation is, becoming quite forward. Went over to hear Mr Ebersole this evening, as usual takeing the family with me.

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May MONDAY 11 1896

Have been as buisy as ever as seting out plum trees in the new plot. Jim has been helping most of the time. Succeeded in getting the last of the hundred and twenty pine in the ground by the middle of the afternoon. Have since been working at repairing fences preparing for turning out the cattle to pasture. Weather has continued very warm.

May TUESDAY 12 1896

We kept on seting our plum trees this forenoon Jim and I. Had some fifteen or more of our own raising that we brought west to set out in the unoccupied portion. We have consequently succeeded in geting at least one hundred and forty one plum trees added to our number of new variety.

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May WEDNESDAY 13 1896

Jim and I have been hoeing out our strawberry patch to day. We have had a rather serious time owing to the grass having started seriously. The weather has changed very much and it seems now as though we might have an East storm of rain before long, there being every appearance of rain just now besides being so much cooler.

May THURSDA"Y 14 1896

Jim and I finished hoeing out the strawberry patch this forenoon, for the first. Got to work at ploughing in the field by the church where there is an acre or so to turn under for oats and peas. Found the ground very hard, and that it was almost impossible to plough it. There is a fine shower of rain coming this evening however.

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May FRIDAY 15 1896

I have been ploughing away in the front field along the road, trying my best to get done. Last nights rain helped the ground to plough much better, but it is hard enough yet. The weather has cooled off nicely since the rain. It has been quite comfortable for work to day.

May SATURDAY 16 1896

It has taken me about all day to get the remaining portion of the front field ploughed. It was nearly six this evening when I finished. Went over to George Ryerson this morning after a couple of little piggs for which I paid him a dollar and a half each. The G.T.R. is constructing a Railway bridge across the river in Pt Dover just now.

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May SUNDAY 17 1896

Went out to our own meeting in Port Dover this morning as usual takeing my wife and mother with me or rather Bertha, for my mother stayed at home. Had a great gale of wind to day that seemed almost to take the top off the buggy sometimes. Had our usual feast of spiritual blessing both this morning and evening notwithstanding the high winds.

May MONDAY 18 1896

Have had Jim harrowing in the front field to day. He rooled the ground once as well. We have it now about ready to drill with oats and peas. I have been buisy at sundry jobs through the day. The Good Lord has been owning me as his child of late -- to the joy of my poor soul. Glory be to the Lord most high.

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May TUESDAY 19 1896

Owing to rain last night and this forenoon we had to leave off our harrowing in the front field to day. Jim and I have been cuting some willow wood at the house this forenoon and part of the afternoon. This evening I took Maggie and my mother out to Port Dover, mostly to attend a District meeting service in our church. Had a great treat while there.

May WEDNESDAY 20 1896

I went over to George Ryerson this morning after some wilson straw-berry plant to fill in where ours had died out. It took one hundred and thirty. Got them set out this forenoon also. This afternoon I have been drilling in the last of our oats and peas in the front field. Got it done to night. Had our old friend G.W. Lemon to visit us to night.

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May THURSDAY 21 1896

The weather has continued to be fine and rather cool. Jim and I furrowed out the front field this morning and he has cleaned out the ditches. We also cultivated the stawberries, and this afternoon I have been hoeing them out. Had an offer from Mr Albert Crombie of twenty dollars for our three year old colt which by the way, I have been asking fifty for.

May FRIDAY 22 1896

Have been very buisily engaged to day trying to get the strawberries hoed out the second time. Find it hard to conquer the thrifty weeds. The strawberry are come plants are growing nicely however with but a few vacancies. Jim has been rolling to day in the front field. He has rolled all the late sowing and some of the early.

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I went down to Jarvis this morning with the democrat to take Bertha and Mrs Nelson to the Station, both of them being bound for Toronto. Called at Holcombs on the way home and had dinner. Have some hopes of selling the colt to Billy Holcomb. Went out to Dover this afternoon, and did some collecting for Mr Mackay.

May SUNDAY 24 1896

Went out to our usual morning service, this morning takeing my mother and little Eveline with me. Our own minister officiated and gave us a stirring discourse on the necessity of being filled with the Holy Ghost. Went over to the neighbouring church this evening where Dr Lake preached. Enjoyed his discourse very much.

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May MONDAY 25 1896

There has been every appearance of rain to day, but it did not come after all. I have been very buisy as usual. Worked at rakeing out the onion bed this forenoon, and have since finished hoeing the strawberry patch the second time, finishing this evening. The Queen's birthday has been celebrated to day in Jarvis and Simcoe.

May TUESDAY 26 1896

Have been ploughing and planting our patch of early potatoes to day. Went over to Mr Starlings this morning after potatoes to plant. Got a half bushell that he had got of my unckle JOh and he of A.J.Rose from the latter fromthe U.S. being a choice variety, but he did not know the name. We had a very heavy rain last night, the heaviest of the season

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May WEDNESDAY 27 1896

Worked in the garden this forenoon at planting some potatoes and weeding out the onion bed, with the rake. Went out to town this afternoon takeing my mother with me. Called to see Bro. Ellis about visiting us before long. Saw the Shenango No 1 Come in with a big load of loaded carrs, twenty six I think. There is quite a stirr about town just now

May THURSDAY 28 1896

Each day brings its labours, its joys and its sorrows. The Good Lord has been gracious to us this day also. It has been a joy to serve him. A heavy rain and thunder storm came last night and to day very high winds, though not cold. Went to the mill this afternoon after some lumber -- the last for this time.

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May FRIDAY 29 1896

Have been building over the fence on the back side of the field back of our barn to day. Jim has been takeing the fence down for me and been otherwise useful. We did not lack a great deal of geting our fence all built over. Have had a gale of wind both to day and yesterday, but it still keeps warm.

May SATURDAY 30 1896

Have been building over the fence north of the field back of the barn this forenoon. Jim has been helping me. Got about done by noon and a good job too. Rain came this afternoon and we had to stop work outside. Drove down to Jarvis this evening after Charley Crysler. and found him there as expected. Had a dark muddy drive home.

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May SUNDAY 31 1896

Went out to our usual morning service in Port Dover this morning takeing Charley Crysler with me also Dotie. Felt much edified by our ministers discourse on the great gift of the Holy Spirit. It is a matter for rejoicing that all may have his wondrous presence. He has said The He may be with you and in you forever. He is indeed our {illegible} & guide

June MONDAY 1 1896

Went through our onion patch this forenoon with the rake, also the strawberry patch with the cultivator for the third time. Have been preparing some ground for corn in the plum orchard in the south portion. Am so thankful that whatever comes weather, worldly blessing or disappointments, God knows best and the promise will still hold good All things will work together for good &c

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June TUESDAY 2 1896

We actually got our six sheep washed this forenoon. Had Charlie Crysler to help us. The water was very cold for the time of year. Have been discing the plum tree ground East of the house this afternoon. Think of sowing it to beans rather than have it idle all summer. Have got it nice and clean now. Weather still quite cool.

June WEDNESDAY 3 1896

Went over to George Ryerse's this forenoon and got three pecks of beans to sow in our plum tree lot East of lane. Got it sown and some other seeds such as corn for table use &c in the same field. We harrowed over our last sown peas and oats to day also, it being a good deal crusted, over from recent rain followed by drying weather.

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June THURSDAY 4 1896

Harrowed over an acre of or so of late sown peas and oats that had been sown late and the ground crusted over by the late heavy rain. Got to work at ploughing for fodder corn back of the drive-barn this afternoon. G.W. Lemon came this afternoon to have me make out the Simcoe Re{illegible} , so I had to stop ploughing. Have been at it this evening also.

June FRIDAY 5 1896

Did not get a chance to plough this forenoon but did this afternoon. Got through with Mr Lemon but not in a very satisfactory way. John Ross the veterinary from Port Dover came and altered Fred the two year old colt, also a bull calf. The weather has been very warm to day and there has been some appearance of a shower.

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June SATURDAY 6 1896

Owing to rain last night did not start ploughing until late this forenoon. Got nearly done however and had it harrowed down afterward. My wife went up to Wyecombe this forenoon takeing Charley Chrysler and our Dottie with her. Drove out to town this evening, and recieved some sixteen dollars which I am sending away to pay for plum trees bought of E Moody and sons of Rockport NY

June SUNDAY 7 1896

Went out to church this morning as usual takeing Jim with me. Had our usual treat in a sermon from Bro. Daniel Wooley, this being conference Sunday and the minister away. It was good to be there both to the preaching and class meeting. Me dear wife returned this evening from a short visit to her mother. The Good Lord has sent us another fine service this evening

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June MONDAY 8 1896

Rain came in quite large quantities last night, so to day we have done but little but wet weather jobs. This afternoon however I got to work with the plough again. Finished ploughing the fodder corn ground after a long time, the rain acting as a great softener. It is wonderful to see how things are growing just now especially hay and pastures.

June TUESDAY 9 1896

Got to work on the road this morning at our statute labour, both Mr Awfords & us. Went over to Mr James Watson's for my dinner, and had a nice visit as well. This afternoon rain came just after dinner an prevented further work for the day. Heard this evening that my unckle Caleb Matthews died this morning in Michigan.

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June WEDNESDAY 10 1896

On account of the rain yesterday we thought best not to go on the roads this forenoon. So we worked at our onions, trying to get them hoed and wead out. Went to work on the road this afternoon however and succeeded in geting in a half of our portion of the statute labour done for this year. The weather is fine again, and cool.

June THURSDAY 11 1896

Maggie went up to A.G.Roses this forenoon with my mother She came home without Ma who remained for a week or so to visit. I have been ploughing the sod back of Drive - barn where we want to sow fodder corn to day, or rather most of the time. Drove out to town this evening. Called at Mr Ellis who promised to come out to morrow night.

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June FRIDAY 12 1896

There was a heavy rain-fall last night which rather prevented work on the land to day. I finished ploughing the ground where we intended sowing corn for fodder, towards night. Went out to town this evening expecting to bring my friend Mr Elles home with me but he had just returned from Conference and was tired, so did not come.

June SATURDAY 13 1896

Sowed our fodder corn this forenoon and this afternoon we rolled it or Jim did while I worked at the onion patch. Went down to Jarvis this evening takeing my wife with me. Met Charley Chrysler on his way to his home in Toronto. Sent a pail of butter with him for his mother. Called at Dr Bennets office with my wife who is somewhat unwell.

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June SUNDAY 14 1896

Went out our regular morning service in Port Dover as usual, Had the usual spiritual feast provided. Bro Bennet officiated and the usual class-meeting followed. A real prodigal son turned up at our service and remained to class. He told me that he had a praying mother in England, whome he left some six years ago becoming a real prodigal. Some signs of repentance were manifest.

June MONDAY 15 1896

Went up to Simcoe this forenoon and took our crop of wood with me, only six fleeces hoever and sold it at seventeen cent per pound cash to Brooks. Saw my mother-in-law W. A. Ferguson and was glad to leave an opportunity for talking to him about my interest. Cultivated out our strawberry patch for the fourth time this afternoon.

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June TUESDAY 16 1896

A circumstance happened this morning that gave me much relief. Sold the three year old colt that I have been fiting up to sell for this long time. Strange to say she only brought twenty nine dollars though quite a fine large beast and perfectly sound. Mr Abercromby a near neighbour made the purchase. Have had some beautiful showers last night and to day.

June WEDNESDAY 17 1896

Got started at cuting clover in the field by MrBrides to day. Made a very good days work, for the first. The weather does not seem settled yet however for we had another shower this afternoon. Am afraid that we have waited too long before cuting our clover field, as seed is our aim from early cuting.

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June THURSDAY 18 1896

Got our sulkey rake wheels repaired this morning in town. To rake up hay this afternoon. I worked at cuting most of the forennon and this afternoon have been puting up hay while Jim has been driving the horse rake. The weather has become fair at last and we seem likely to have good hay weather now, for a while.

June FRIDAY 19 1896

Jim cut some more clover with the machine this forenoon and this afternoon we have been rakeing and cocking up. We were very agreeably surprised at seeing Mr and Mrs J.W.Ferguson this afternoon. They were not here long before we had Mr. F. in the field helping with the hay.

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June SATURDAY 20 1896

Have been rakeing and cocking up hay to day. Jim has driven the horse rake while my wife's father who is visiting with us has been helping me put up the hay. We succeeded in geting all up except a very small portion. It took us until after ten o'clock this evening however to finish our job.

June SUNDAY 21 1896

Have my wifes father and mother with us today we thought best not to church since they did not want to go. The left us this afternoon and I went over to hear Mr Ebersole this evening, which made up in some measure for our staying home this morning. Mr Ebersole is going away for a month or so soon

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June MONDAY 22 1896

Went to work this morning at making preparation for drawing in hay, from the first cuting. Jim and I got in one load before dinner. This afternoon we had C Addam Frollick helping us and we have consequently got in six loads altogether for the day. A heavy W N.W. wind has been blowing and has hindered us some in our work.

June TUESDAY 23 1896

We went to work again in good time at drawing in hay as usual. Succeeded in geting seven more loads safely housed, which makes thirteen so far. This being the day of the Dominion election I went to poll my vote this afternoon. Got there just in time to put the last vote for the occasion. Had William H Walls and his daughter Nellie here to tea.

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June WEDNESDAY 24 1896

Have had Addam Frollick to help draw in hay this forenoon, where we got in four more loads. He also helped me put on a load, after dinner to take out to my friend Mr Jonathan Ellis. Had eighty pounds over a ton by weight. Was told this afternoon that a liberal victory had been obtained yesterday throughout the country Mr Laurier's party will have a good majority.

June THURSDAY 25 1896

Have been exceedingly buisy again to day. Got our strawberries cultivated over this forenoon, also our sweet corn and early potatoes. This afternoon have in hoeing and weeding in the garden. Have decided not to do any more haying until next week. Our strawberries require hoeing and weeding out besides a number of other jobs first

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June FRIDAY 26 1896

We were blessed with another delightful shower last night which prevented us going to our usual out-of-door work this morning. Have been building fence or rather removing a fence to enlarge our garden patch for fodder corn &c north of Drive barn. We failed to get it all done however, this evening. My mother returned this evening from her visit to Simcoe.

June SATURDAY 27 1896

Jim and I finished our fence this morning after which we got in a load of rakings. We have since been hoeing strawberries. Find a very serious job again owing to the pusley and pig weed which has got quite a start. Recieved a letter from Mr Mackay about my plum trees this evening find time all right on that line, if his assistant is not.

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June SUNDAY 28 1896

Owing to a heavy shower that passed over about the time we usualy go to church we did not go this morning but went this evening instead. Enjoyed the day very much for it privelege of rest, after the hard weeks work. The Lord has also been with my me, and my heart has been satisfied with His presence.

June MONDAY 29 1896

Jim has been helping most of the time to day at sundry jobs. Our straw- weeding and hoeing still keeps us buisy and seems likely to last another day. Begin to fell anxious about our haying, for the grass is apparently ready to cut. Mr Awford has been made up his mind to try seting out strawberries

{second page}

June TUESDAY 30 1896

Our job of cleaning out our straw berry patch kept us going until to day noon. This afternoon I have been hoeing corn and plum trees besides geting ready to begin cuting grass for hay again to morrow. Amongst my plum trees to day I only found one realy dead in the whole one hundred and twenty five.

July WEDNESDAY 1 1896

Went out to town this morning to take the children mostly. Left Jim there and came home by dinner time. There was quite a crowd collected even by noon. The great Shenango No 2 seemed to be the chief attraction, until then. Have been mow-- the remaining portion of the field by McBrides this afternoon.

{second page}

July THURSDAY 2 1896

I have been mowing away in the remaining portion of of the field by McBrides to day. Jim got home by noon and has been driving the horse rake this afternoon. The temperature has risen up to near ninety {symbol for degrees} in the shade so we find it best not to work too hard. There are some indications of an approaching thunder shower before long.

{duplicate copy of last page}

July FRIDAY 3 1896

Have been working away at t our haying to day with all our might. Did not however accomplish what we intended. Mostly on account of the tires runing off of our sulkey rake wheels requiring repairs. Have had Addam Frolick cocking up for me but he did not quite finish. So I have not got the mowing all done either.

{second page}

July SATURDAY 4 1896

Jim and I got to work at our hay this morning, but did not work long before it began to rain. Have been doing some necessary repairs to harness & implements during the day besides having a good rest. Began to feel nearly worked out, so it was about time for a rainy day to come.

July SUNDAY 5 1896

Went out to church this morning as usual and received the usual blessing from being there. Took my mother and Jim with me this time. Had dinner at William Walls on the way home. My wife and I went to hear Rev. S. Ebersole, whose home is now in Pensylvania. He has become quite an interesting preacher.

July MONDAY 6 1896

After it had dried off this forenoon I went off to work at cut the balance of the field by McBrides Got it done before noon and this afternoon Jim has been raking while I have been cocking up. The crop is particularly heavy on the corner next to our old garden. The weather is still very fine and has blown cool since the rain.

July TUESDAY 7 1896

Have been buisy at cocking up hay to day with Jims help. We finished our hay this afternoon at about four o'clock. The hay crop is very heavy in places. But of course there are places where is is correspondingly light and poor. The weather is very fine and cool again.

{second page}

July WEDNESDAY 8 1896

Jim and I have been geting in hay to day alone succeeded in geting six loads in the barn safely. Went out to Port Dover this evening to look after some small matters of business. Found that Mr Ellis had gone away last night and would be gone for three weeks. Succeeded in geting blank to take up note though Mrs E had to look some time first.

July THURSDAY 9 1896

Rain came again last night which prevented further drawing of hay until towards this evening when Jim and I got in a couple more loads. Finished a letter to Mr Mackay this morning and sent my wife up to Simcoe on some business at the bank. She failed to go in time however so that our matter was not settled as we intended. Rain seems brewing again.

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July FRIDAY 10 1896

We got in a couple of loads of hay more this forenoon, and had to call on my wife to help mow {illegible} away. This afternoon however Addam Frollick came and helped get in a load after dinner and helped me get a load on the waggon to take to Port Dover. Took it out as intended geting there after six and consequently did not get weighed until near dark. Got unloaded at Mr Ellis'es and home again however.

July SATURDAY 11 1896

Have had Addam Frollick helping to day. He helped get in a load of hay this forenoon, and to get one loaded up for Port Dover which I took out this afternoon for our minister, Bro Bennet. Had some two or three hundred pounds over a ton on my load. Promised to take a load on Monday for Mr. Harding. Addam has been mowing arround the big field to day when not helping me. also along the gully East of the new plum orchard.

July SUNDAY 12 1896

Went out to church this morning as usual takeing my wife and children with me. Had a proffitable waiting upon the Lord and felt thankful for the privelege of meeting together with God's people. Went over to hear Bro. S. Ebersole this evening as usual, and enjoyed the service. Had James Holcomb and his wife to dinner with us to day.

July MONDAY 13 1896

I took a load of hay out to Dover this forenoon, it being my last load from the big field. Mr Harding took this laid and is to pay seven dollars per ton. Had one ton lacking forty pounds. Addam Frollick helped me about half of this forenoon at mowing in front of orchard along the gully. We took a half a load of hay down to him this evening about half rakeings s.

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July TUESDAY 14 1896

On account of the kindness of my neighbour George Ryerse we have been able to cut wheat to day. Our own old Toronto binder has about played out and is comparatively worthless. So in our dilemma it was a great favour to have one provided for the occasion. Went out to town this evening to take or rather to send away some money to pay our Bbl Sugar lately bought.

July WEDNESDAY 15 1896

On account of rain that fell last night we had to leave off cuting wheat this forenoon. Jim and I got the potatoes and strawberries cultivated instead. Also the wheat cut already set up in shock. This afternoon we have finished our wheat cuting for this year. Mr Awfords have also finished their and got it mostly in the barn.

{second page}

July THURSDAY 16 1896

Started cuting hay in the little field East of the lane this morning but found that my machine would not work so went down to William Wattses and got his new machine which did the work up in good style. Find that the Toronto Mower has played out in its fifth year, mostly from being worn in some of its parts. The weather keeps quite warm and seems much like rain.

July FRIDAY 17 1896

We have been cuting hay in the orchard to day as usual. Succeeded in geting more than half done cuting this forenoon. This afternoon we have been rakeing and cocking up, with all our might. Had a visit from Master Walter Wilson, a son of my friend C.A. Wilson of Toronto. He is much interested in country life, apparently.

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July SATURDAY 18 1896

Jim and I have kept on at the orchard to day. Succeeded in geting the hay all cut and raked up besides geting all up in good shape for rain. It took me until near ten o'clock this evening however to get through with the job. The weather is very warm and muggy much like rain of late.

July SUNDAY 19 1896

Went out to church as usual this morning takeing my wife and Jim with me. Had a very proffitable season together. Throughout both services the Good Lord being with us. This evening we went over to the neighboring church to hear Mr Awford preach He is certainly quite a preacher and uses sound doctrine.

{second page}

July MONDAY 20 1896

There was a heavy rain fall last night and to day, which did not cease until this afternoon. Went out to Dover this evening with the democrat takeing a small grist. Maggie went with me. Found that our miller Mr John Shaw had died yesterday and the mill was closed, so we brought our grist back without grinding.

July TUESDAY 21 1896

The rain of yesterday & day before left our hay rather wet Have been spreading out to day. Had Mrs D Caughtered Mr W. Walls family here for dinner and for a short visit this afternoon A Mr Jackes Hoose of H Pelham Nurseries succeeded in selling me two hundred plum trees to day, to be paid for when the bear fruit, The first payment for two years from this Fall & time to be extended as {illegible} as necessary.

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July WEDNESDAY 22 1896

Jim and I gout another load of hay for Mr Jonathan Ellis this forenoon this beeing his third load. We were greatly surprised this evening by the arrival of Mr R.J Winter, the husband of my neice Nellie. He came quite unexpectedly. Reports all being well re Chatham and Dresden. He came to take my mother home with him.

July THURSDAY 23 1896

Took my last load of hay to Mr Elle's this afternoon, this makes the fourth load to him. Had a surprise to day in the arrival of Jim's father. We have had Nellie's husband with us to day also. Took him around the place this morning, and had a nice visit with him. We also road out to Dover on my load of hay.

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July FRIDAY 24 1896

Got our load on the waggon this morning, but rain soon came as we drove the load in the barn until the rain ceased. Took it out this afternoon and delivered at our ministers barn. Rance Winter went up to Townsend centre to visit with R{illegible} Fonger but he found them all away. George Cutcher left us this afternoon, after an unusually short visit.

July SATURDAY 25 1896

Jim and I put our last load of hay on the waggon this morning. Took this load to Mr A. Edmondson, and there being some damp hay on the load agreed to let him have the load for a ton though it weighed a considerable more. He has to allow me the same as Bro J. Ellis gives me for wheat was taken to him. Finished our hay & got in two loads of wheat this afternoon.

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July SUNDAY 26 1896

Had a very proffitable waiting together this forenoon as usual in our Port Dover Sanctuary. The Good Lord being in our midst. Bro. Bennet always seems to give us a "word, in Season", something to think about and to remember. Came home by the lake shore road on account of our friend R. J. Wincke who went to church with us.

July MONDAY 27 1896

Owing to a heavy rain last night and this forenoon we did not get in the last load of wheat to day as we anticipated. Worked this forenoon at digging around plum trees in the orchard when rain was not falling. Went out to mill this afternoon with a grist, as intended. My wife went up to Fongers, with R.J. this afternoon.

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July TUESDAY 28 1896

This being the day of the Delhi excursion to Port Dover, my wife and I thought best to meet the friends there, so we have spent the most of the day there with our whole family except Jim. There was a big crowd there. Had a very pleasant time. Our Chatham friend R. J. Winter being with us. A heavy rain somewhat marred the close of the day.

July WEDNESDAY 29 1896

I took my mother and friend R.J. Winter to the station this morning en-route for Chatham Ont. My mother expects to visit my sister in Dresden also and is to be away for a month or so. Have been diggin arround barnyard plum trees this afternoon. The ground is rather wet from yesterdays rain however

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July THURSDAY 30 1896

Went to Jarvis this morning with a package to butter for Mrs Crysler. Took a lot of pears with me hoping to sell them, but failed owing partly to the great abundance of fruit. Finished digging around my combard plum trees today. We have also got in our last load of wheat this evening. We have our rakeings out yet, for to morrow. Weather fine again.

July FRIDAY 31 1896

We got one wheat field raked this forenoon and the rakeings drawn in first thing after dinner. We were surprised about the middle of the afternoon to see our old and respected friend Mrs D. W. Horton of North Pelham. She had Lavernes two children Dee. and Leone, now quite near grown up. Got started at cuting our oats and peas this evening with the mowing machine, having W. Porters pea harvester attached thereto.

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August SATURDAY 1 1896

Jim and I could not start our pea harvester until ten o'clock or thereabout to day, on account of the wet. This afternoon again we found it necessary to stop work for the same cause. We are puting in all our spare time now at weeding out our strawberries. The growth of weeds since haying time being something terrible. Rain has come again this evening.

August SUNDAY 2 1896

Our regular quarterly meeting came off in Port Dover to day. Our own minister officiated as usual and a good Congregation was present. There was an old resident and member present with her daughter Mrs William Routhnow of Brantford. We came home directly after service, and enjoyed the remainder of the days opportunities as best we could.

{second page} { two pages actually reversed}

August MONDAY 3 1896 Jim and I have been cutting peas and oats most of the time to day, in the field by the store. I went out to our Quarterly business meeting this afternoon however failed to get the money expected of Mrs. Ellis and Bennet for hay. A great Regatta is in progress in Lake Erie off Port Dover, and a large number of fine yachts are there.

August TUESDAY 4 1896

Another heavy rain has just visited us, so that we did not get started at our oats and peas until this afternoon. We are able to weed strawberries, however no matter how wet the ground. Jim's Father has come to visit him, and reports heavy rains & wind storms in Michigan. Also a short grist crop.

{second page}

August WEDNESDAY 5 1896

On account of heavy dews we are not able to start work at our peas and oats until nearly noon, so we spend most of the forenoon in the strawberry patch. We seem likely to have a lasting job there for the weeds have got to be a terrible sight. It is impossible for us to hoe any more to weed by hand altogether.

August THURSDAY 6 1896

Jim and I have been cuting peas and oats in the front field again to day. Succeeded in geting all done of the first sowing excepting about an hour's work. An exceedingly heavy rain came this evening so we are not likely to do any more harvesting for some time to come. My wife is quite poorly and I feel anxious about her

{second page}

August FRIDAY 7 1896

Owing to the heavy rain of last evening we did not got at our pea and oat harvest to day at all. Have however been weeding out strawberries as best we could. We were visited by another fall of rain this afternoon, but not so heavy as yesterday. The weather continues to be warm and very moist. Feel somewhat anxious about our grain that is still out.

August SATURDAY 8 1896

Owing to the heavy rain of yesterday we did not get to work at our peas until this afternoon. I succeeded in getting the ball cut that we left before. and a load in the barn beside. We worked most of the forenoon in strawberry patch, at weeding &c Found that our peas had grown some under the bunches. Weather still very warm.

{second page}

August SUNDAY 9 1896

Went out to church this morning as usual takeing Mifs Daisy Seafortune and Olive Ferguson with me. They Came last night from Delhi to visit us for a few days. The head has been very oppressive, through the day especially when in church. Went over to hear Bro. Ebersole this evening. He has just returned from a holow-day away for several weeks. Rain again tonight.

August MONDAY 10 1896

Worked a while this forenoon at the strawberries as usual, it being too wet after the heavy thunder storm of last night to do any thing else. My unckle Daniel Olds and his wife came from Simcoe to visit us to day. We got a load of peas and oats ready to bring in this evening but another shower of rain came before we could get our load on.

{second page}

August TUESDAY 11 1896

Jim and I got to work at the peas and oats again this afternoon. There was another rain last night which wet up our grain. We worked at our strawberries again this forenoon. Towards night Jim and I succeeded in geting in two more loads of oat and peas, makeing three altogether so far. Im toold that the heavy rains do not extend East of us but a few miles.

August WEDNESDAY 12 1896

Owing to another rain last night we could not go do work at our pea and oat drawing to day as we expected. Worked through the forenoon at sundry jobs and got John to help me for about three hours. This afternoon Jim and I turned over a lot of wet grain. My friend W. J Carpenter & his wife came to see us towards evening. So I visited with for a couple of hours.

{second page}

August THURSDAY 13 1896

We succeeded in geting two more loads of peas and oat in the barn this forenoon Mr C. Nelson has been helping us. This afternoon I have been working in the strawberries, having let Jim go out to the Sunday school pic-nic at Erie Park, Port Dover. There has been every appearance of rain this afternoon, Indeed it did rain some, but afterwards cleared off.

August FRIDAY 14 1896

Have had my neighbour Mr Cris. Nelson to help us most of the time to day. We finished turning over the peas and oats before noon in time to to put on a load. This afternoon we got in five more so we have got in six to day makeing n{illegible} eleven altogether so far. Was told this evening that the price of wheat was improving slowly

{second page}

August SATURDAY 15 1896

Have been working away as best we could at geting in our oats and peas. Our helper Mr C. Nelson could not remain with us all day it being mail day, he helped us get in three loads out of five however, Making sixteen, with one more load and the rakings still out. Have had an exceedingly warm and even sultry day, too warm to work almost.

August SUNDAY 16 1896

Went out to church this morning as usual takeing wife and children with me. Quarterly tickets were renewed to day and our own minister officiated. The heat was so great that but few people were out to church and we felt it considerably both going and comeing. Did not get over to Bro Ebersoles church this evening for the same reason.

{second page}

August MONDAY 17 1896

Had Mr Nelson again this morning for an hour or two. He helped us get in the last load of peas and oats that we had cut. Jim and I have been cuting the late crop of peas and oats this afternoon. Got along very well but did not get nearly done. We began paring apples this evening my wife and I for the first. We have a large quantity of apples on the ground already.

August TUESDAY 18 1896

It seems that rainy weather has come again and we have had to leave off our late pea and oat harvest which we commenced yesterday afternoon. Have been working in the strawberry patch most of the day however. Had a visit from our old neighbour Peter Ryerse to day. He walked down though ninety or thereabouts, years of age.

{second page}

August WEDNESDAY 19 1896

Jim and I have finished our cuting of peas and oats at last. It took us most of the day. Maggie went up to Simcoe this afternoon on different errends. Had a call from Archie Reid this afternoon, but on account of my housekeeper being away could not entertain him to tea. Found that our field of cloverseed was ready to cut as well.

August THURSDAY 20 1896

I have been working at my strawberries most of the time to day while Jim has been cuting clover in the field by McBrides this forenoon. We put in a couple of loads of oats and peas in the cow stable for feed there being but little grain in it, but a good deal of green stuff.

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August FRIDAY 21 1896

Have had Jim working with the mowing machine in the field by McBrides to day He has cut some six or eight acres to day. I raked up what he cut yesterday and finished puting up one cock this evening. Have had great appearance of rain to day but fortunately it has all passed off and we are enabled to keep on with our work.

August SATURDAY 22 1896

A heavy dew prevented us from working in our clover until nearly noon, but this afternoon we have been at it with all our might. Jim finished rakeing what we had, cut and I have put in cock a considerable portion of the same. Threshing machine came this evening and we are likely to thresh on Monday.

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August SUNDAY 23 1896

Went out to church this morning as usual takeing Jim with me this time. Had our own minister this time and we do not have any that we would rather hear as a rule. Had the comfort of knowing that the Lord was with us in our feeble efforts at worshiping Him. His service becomes more and more delightful to my poor soul.

August MONDAY 24 1896

Began threshing Mr Awford peas this morning in the field. The weather being all that could be desired. Feargues machine is doing our job. Jim and I have been helping also Mr Starling an my and Addam Frolic on my account I suppose. Got their peas threshed and near all their oats as well, by night. So once more have moved their machine to the barn.

{second page}

August TUESDAY 25 1896

Have been threshing in the barn to day, nearly the whole time at Mr Awfords grain. Perhaps they threshed a couple of hours or nearly at our own grain. We have been disappointed some in our crop, the yield being under our expectations somewhat. The machine has not run very well owing to the numerouse delay and tinkering.

August WEDNESDAY 26 1896

Got to work at threshing our own grain this morning, or rather wheat was left. It took us until about ten o'clock. We had to help the machine move down to the lake shore afterwards, which took until three o'clock this afternoon. Rain came again at about four so we did not succeed in geting our oats and peas drawn from the front field.

{second page}

August THURSDAY 27 1896

Worked at the strawberry vines most of the forenoon but this afternoon Jim and I got in our last two loads of oat and peas from in front. We got in our first load of cloverseed this evening, and found it in good condition for drawing. Our own crop of wheat from the field back of the barn was barely forty seven bushells for this year.

August FRIDAY 28 1896

Had Mr Nelson to help us draw in cloverseed about three hours this forenoon. Jim and I kept on the remainder of the day. Have succeeded in geting five loads, mostly from the wind-row drawn to the barn with one load brought in last night makes six in all so far. We are still blessed with beautiful cool dry weather, just right for takeing care of crops.

{second page}

August SATURDAY 29 1896

Have been buisy again to day at geting in clover seed from the field by McBrides C. Nelson helped me about three hours this forenoon so we were enabled to get in three loads more this forenoon and Jim and I got in one this afternoon, makeing ten so far from the field. Went out to Dover this evening, to look after some small matters.

August SUNDAY 30 1896

Being rather unwell, owing to a severe cold lately contracted, I thought best not to venture out this morning. So my wife & I have been enjoying the Sabbath at home. Lydia Jane Matthews and Eliza Vale came this afternoon however and we could not be alone after all. A light thunder storm came to us this afternoon, again.

{second page}

August MONDAY 31 1896

Have had time at work with the mowing machine Part of the time to day. We did not get along very well, haveing lost a bolt &c. Started to plough in the front field this afternoon, but the ground was so hard that I had to give it up. Think of working up the ground with the disc harrow instead, as it seems to be do a very good job

September TUESDAY 1 1896

Have had Jim working at the discing of the front field by the church, most of the time to day. He horse-raked the cloverseed cut yesterday, before noon. I have been working at sundry jobs, and towards night got to work at cleaning out the strawberry patch again. There was a slight frost last night - the first of the season. Weather quite cool and dry.

{second page}

September WEDNESDAY 2 1896

Jim has been working away at the disc harrowing in the front field again to day, for the first time Am pleased to find that we are likely to get the whole field sown in wheat after {cut off} I have been cocking up clover-seed most of the day. Did not get through however. This is considerable appearance of rain this evening.

September THURSDAY 3 1896

Was rather unwell last night and felt rather blue until nearly noon to day. Got to work this afternoon however at my strawberry patch this time. Have had Jim discing in the front field again to day. He has succeeded in geting over the field for the first time and has started to cross this afternoon. The disc is doing a great job for us.

{second page}

September FRIDAY 4 1896

Have had Jim working in the front field with the disc harrow to day as usual He is geting along nicely and will soon be over the field the second time. I have been as usual exceedingly buisy at sundry jobs mostly in the strawberry patch. Am rejoicing in God my Saviour {cut off} day. He is indeed a satisfying portion to my poor soul.

September SATURDAY 5 1896

We have been trying most of the time to day to get the front field worked up for sowing. Rain has fallen a couple of times and stoped us for a while. Went down to Jarvis this evening to take my wife and child Evelyn for a short visit to Toronto. Were disappointed in not geting cheap rates as we expected. Took a lot of eggs and butter down as well.

{second page}

September SUNDAY 6 1896

Went out to church to day as usual, taking Jim with me. Our own minister officiated with usual acceptance. Went over to bro Ebersoles this evening Am glad to hear that he is to remain another year My wife and children have been away to day and it seems very lonesome without them.

September MONDAY 7 1896

The rain on Saturday night last has been quite a benefit to the ground where we intend sowing wheat. It has worked a good deal better to day. Have had Jim working the disc most of the day. While I have been engaged at the strawberry patch as usual. Do not make much headway, but still every row counts, and am anxious to get through.

{second page}

September TUESDAY 8 1896

Jim has been workind the d{cut off} harrow in the front field by the church to day. He got through just before {cut off} however and {cut off} went to work with the harrow preparing for drilling. I have been buisy in the straw-berry patch most of the time. Went down to Jarvis after my wife and children this evening{cut off} did not find them there as I expected.

September WEDNESDAY 9 1896

Have had Jim harrowing in the front field by the church to day. while I have been working in my strawberry patch most of the time. Got to work with the drill towards evening however. Went down to Jarvis for Maggie this morning but in vain. This evening however I went again & had better success: for I found her at the station waiting for me.

{second page}

September THURSDAY 10 1896

Sowed nearly all of the field by the church to day Jim has been with me helping to keep the dril{cut off} see the clover {cut off} stubble &c. Never saw ground cover any better Put in about ten bushells of Mr Awfords wheat and six of our own. The weather has been very warm and dry. My wife says {cut off} at Toronto & East {cut off} no rain has fallen for the whole summer.

September FRIDAY 11 1896

It has taken Jim and I most of the time to day to run out the water furroughs in our nine acre wheat filed just sown yesterday. Succeeded in geting all done by this evening however. Intended going out to Dover this evening but did not get done in time though. Weather still very warm and dry.

{second page}

September SATURDAY 12 1896

After a fortnight of waiting, was about to go out to the port to day. We {cut off} at last through seed and have even our ditch cleaned out. Mr Awfords a{cut off} only just beginning to sow however It still keeps {cut off} and dry, some signs of rain are now being seen though. Have enjoyed a satisfactory degree, the {cut off} that laughs {cut off} impossibilities and cries in{cut off} shall be do{cut off}

September SUNDAY 13 1896

Went out to church this morning as usual takeing my wife and children with me. Had a very proffitable waiting upon the Lord. The sermon as well as class meeting being very edifying. Went over to Mr. Ebersole's meeting this evening all of us. and enjoyed this also. We feel very thankful for the Privileges of God's house and service.

{second page}

September MONDAY 14 1896

I picked over some Flemish beauty pears this forenoon, and this afternoon took my stock of two and a {cut off} bushells up to Simcoe where I sold them {cut off} the canning {cut off} {illegible} for only forty cents per bushell. Was glad to get even that much for them however as fruit, of near al kinds is very abundant this year.

September TUESDAY 15 1896

We worke in our strawberry patch this fore-noon; But; this afternoon have been getting in cloverseed that was ready for draw. Got in three loads, Jim and I, and two others off of the waggon. The weather is very beautiful and cool just now, as well as dry.

{second page}

September WEDNESDAY 16 1896

Took off our load of clover see this morning Jim and I. We have been working at our beans part of the afternoon but most of day have been working in the strawberry patch trying to get cleaned but {cut off} We were not nearly done {cut off} nor half done quite. but it seems w{cut off} to keep up c{cut off} and w{cut off} away.

September THURSDAY 17 1896

Jim and I have been working at our straw-berry plants most of the time to day. geting it in shape for the next crop. Have been working on my delivery return's of last spring this evening. Find it a rather disagreeable job going over what I had thought was settled. The difficulty has been increased by a mistake of the manager of the office at St. Thomas

{second page}

September FRIDAY 18 1896

Have been working most of the time to day at our strawberry patch as usual We pulled {cut off} ballance of our early beans this afternoon however which took us some time. Have been at work this evening geting papers ready to take to Mr {cut off} on. Hope to have a satisfactory settlement before long of this {cut off} vised quest{cut off}

September SATURDAY 19 1896

On account of rain this forenoon we could not work out of doors & so have been engaged at inside work. Weather started to clear up this afternoon so we started for my wife's fathers in Wyecombe at about four o'clock. Had a successful trip although very disagreeable on account of a strong N.W. wind that had to face on the way up.

{second page}

September SUNDAY 20 1896

We have been spending the day with Mr and Mrs Ferguson, my wife and I. Went to church this afternoon and enjoyed the service very much. The Good Lord has been very near us in all our association to day, makeing our hearts glad with his presence. We started for home at about six o'clock this evening, and arrived in due course finding all well.

September MONDAY 21 1896

Went down to Walls this morning, to see about geting them to take our apples. John said he would take my name down with the rest and thought it would be all right. They only give fifty cents per barrell however for best Winter fruit. Have been at our old job in the straw-berry patch most of the day, Jim and I

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September TUESDAY 22 1896

Jim helped Maggie wash this forenoon. While I continued to work at my straw-berries this afternoon also we kept on our job. Succeeded in geting over the worst, so {cut off} we do not care to spend any more time at present The weather is very cold to night; and the first frost of the season is likely to occur to night.

September WEDNESDAY 23 1896

Jim has been helping me with the beans to day. He succeeded in geting our first lot of beans inside, while I have been pulling beans and cuting corn. Had a visit from unckle Peter Ryerse this forenoon or rather to dinner. Had of course to spend some time with him. Went over to the prayer meeting this evening and had a good time

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September THURSDAY 24 1896

Have been cuting our fodder corn to day besides doing sundry other jobs, one of which was to make a cad{cut off} for picking apples, a job that I am almost dreading. Notice by to day's paper that Queen Victoria has re{illegible} {cut off} than any monarch in {cut off} she {illegible} throne, Near time leaning {cut off} just {illegible}{cut off}

September FRIDAY 25 1896

Have had Jim cuting cloverseed this forenoon in the big field by McBrides. I have been making a ladder to pick apples at the same time. This afternoon we have both been cuting and puting up fodder corn, which grew back of the drive-barn. besides some other jobs too numerous to mention

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September SATURDAY 26 1896

Jim and I worked this forenoon in the cloverseed {cut off} at rakeing {cut off} myself at cocking up. This afternoon my wife and I went over to town, for some necessary calling at the Jacksons on the way home and having {cut off} with them. Found the children and everything else alright on our arrival home afterwards.

September SUNDAY 27 1896

Went down to Jarvis this forenoon to see about selling our peas. Found that the price was much lower than ever before that I can remember, {illegible}, from thirty five to thirty eight cents per Bu. Mr Allen told me however that he thought he could give us thirty nine cents for ours on account of their excellent quality. Saw Mr Joseph Jackques about apples.

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September MONDAY 28 1896

Made a mistake in writing up to day for yesterday so will say yesterday on account of rain we did not get out to church in the morning as is our custom but thie evening went to hear Mr Ebersole, the rain having ceased. Find it good to thank and praise the Lord for his many mercies to us His promise is precious of {cut off} to my poor soul.

September TUESDAY 29 1896

I worked this forenoon at my young plum trees in{illgebile}ing them up with cow manure where the mice had barked them. Quite a large number of them were thus injured. It has been raining most of the afternoon quite hard, so have been moving our old cook stove to a new corner of the kitchen It has stood there for nearly forty years.

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September WEDNESDAY 30 1896

Jim and I started at picking apples this forenoon. but about ten or eleven o'clock it began to rain and has kept on until this evening. so we have been into sundry jobs inside{cut off} Went out to town towards night to pay my Forrester dues. Had {cut off} enough more {cut off} quite. but succeeded in geting what {cut off} lacking of {cut off} parties.

October THURSDAY 1 1896

We have been picking apples this forenoon, except when picking up apples for John Hamilton who was here for a load, which I sold him at eight cents per bushell. The ground is very wet from yesterdays rain so we have to leave off pulling beans untill {illegible} it gets dry.

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October FRIDAY 2 1896

Jim and I have been picking apples this forenoon with the activity {cut off} posess, there {cut off} ing quite a big job of this picking on our hands since. We have been pulling beans this afternoon again. Finished this a pre{cut off} sore job on the hands, will be glad when we get done. Went down to Jarvis this evening to take a bar of butter for {cut off}.

October SATURDAY 3 1896

Worked this forenoon again at gathering, or rather at picking apples, both Jim and I. This afternoon we have been geting in a load of beans, this being our first. We have also been pulling beans part of the time. There is some appearance of rain again and we are anxious to be ready for it. Mr Awford took two loads of peas to Jarvis to day sold at thirty nine cts.

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October SUNDAY 4 1896

Went out to meeting in Port Dover this morning takeing my with with me Had our usual Spiritual feast provided us by our good brother Bennet. He {cut off} today mostly about christian fellowship in different pha{cut off} Had a blessed time in our class-meeting also. Was glad to have the presence of our good {cut off} John Saunders, {cut off} worship with us He is just recovering from illness.

October MONDAY 5 1896

Went up to Simcoe this forenoon after pitching off our first load of beans. Saw Mr Lemon while there, about the misunderstanding in connection with the Simcoe Delivery of last spring. Have been working at pulling beans this afternoon. Did not feel satisfied with the slow progress made however. We seem to be crowded with work just now.

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October TUESDAY 6 1896

Warm weather has came a{cut off} a south East wind has been blowing this forenoon This afternoon rain Came as a result Had Mr Awfords over to spend the evening with us to night. Find it difficult to get our peas and oats drawn a{cut off} the rain li{cut off}dering by making bad roads Feel much {cut off} the peace that passeth knowledge these days.

October WEDNESDAY 7 1896

On account of a heavy rain last night and yesterday we could not work at our beans or cloverseed to day, so have been picking apples instead and are makeing some progress. Not having sold these however, and not likely to it seems owing to the immense crop every -where this year, we do not pick them with much relish.

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October THURSDAY 8 1896

The ground has dried off again we have been cuting, rakeing and puting up cloverseed to day. Jim has gone to work at {cut off} ing the little flat in front {cut off} We are having quite a cool change in the weather since the rain yesterday. There is some good indications of drier weather for a few days, however.

October FRIDAY 9 1896

Succeeded in geting our big field of cloverseed all out this forenoon. This afternoon we have finished cocking up all that was ready. We have got to work at our beans again this evening. Had a visit from William Watts this evening, Telling me to prepare my apples and he would barrel and ship them in a week or so.

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October SATURDAY 10 1896

Went out to church this morning takeing my wife and children with me. Our dear bro Bennet preached to us in his usual way. It is always very edifying for to listen. So {cut off} Went over to hear Bro. Ebersole this evening as usual, and must say that I like his sermons very much also It is good to sit in heavenly place in {cut off}

October SUNDAY 11 1896


Have been exceedingly buisy to day at rakeing up and cocking up cloverseed in the field McBrides We are all done cuting now and have finished rakeing and cocking up besides. We got through before night so we worked awhile at picking apples in the orchard Weather very fine and cool.

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October MONDAY 12 1896

Jim and I have been at work in the orchard at picking apples to day. It rained for a couple hours at about noon and is raining again this evening Mr Awford went down to Jarvis with a load of wheat this evening which sold at six to eight cents per Bushell. The weather is quite cool as well as rainy

October TUESDAY 13 1896

On account of the rain that came last night we found it rather wet picking apples to day. This afternoon My wife and I went out to Port Dover for various things. Sent away another fifty dollars as interest to Mr Whitsides Took a crock of butter to my friend L.G.Morgan, who seemed to appreciate it very much.

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October WEDNESDAY 14 1896

Jim and I picked apples this forenoon as usual. About noon a Mr Murphy was here after me to got to Simcoe with him to settle up with {illegible}. Failed to get the {cut off} accomplished however. This Mr Murphy is from St Thomas. Came {illegible} {cut off} Dover where {cut off} arrived just in time to meet my mother at the station. Brought her home.

October THURSDAY 15 1896

We worked at picking apples this forenoon Jim and I. This afternoon we have been working away at pulling beans. We find it a rather tedious process, pulling Beans by hand. My mother is quite unwell since her return home from a very bad cold. The weather is very fine of late.

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October FRIDAY 16 1896

Jim and I have been working away this forenoon at picking apples. This afternoon we tired the beans again and are now nearly done pulling them Find it very hard work on the hands in particular. Think that if we grow beans long we will {cut off} find another way of pulling them. Went out to town this evening. Mostly to see Mr Ellis but found him {cut off}

October SATURDAY 17 1896

Left my work to day and went up to Simcoe on business. After geting through at the bank I went up to George Lemons and spent three or four hours settling up. We got through in as favourable a way as I expected It seems Mr George has been somewhat worried about this matter for some time.

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October SUNDAY 18 1896

My mother {cut off}ing very sick last night and to day, we did not get out to church to day We sent for Aunt Lydia according to our old custom at such times. She thought ma was not seriously ill {cut off} would likely {cut off} all right in a few days. I went over to hear Mr Ebersole this evening as usual Had a very good service and of course enjoyed it much

October MONDAY 19 1896

Went to picking apples again to day Jim and I. The weather is very cool and last night there was a heavy frost that I fear injured some of the apples. We pulled the last of our beans this afternoon, and we are not sorry, for it is rather hard on the hands. Went out to Jarvis this evening to see Mr J Ellis, but failed. Called at John Walls on the way home.

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October TUESDAY 20 1896

Jim and I have been geting in our beans this afternoon and succeeded in geting the last of them safely in the barn. We worked at the apples this foreneoon as usual Went out to Dover this evening, mostly to see Mrs Joh Jonathan Elles. Met him at the station. He {cut off} ing grist, returning from Jamesville Wis.

October WEDNESDAY 21 1896

Went down to Jarvis this morning after the doctor for my, Bennet is our physician now. He came this afternoon, and told us that my mother was being troubled with an affection of the heart. We were surprised at this for we expected that it was only a cold in connection with billiousness attack. Have been gathering apples this afternoon.

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October THURSDAY 22 1896

Had Mr Nelson to help us get in cloverseed this forenoon for a couple of hours. Jim and I kept on drawing this afternoon and got in three more loads {cut off} besides the {cut off} got in this forenoon. My mother is still unwell and I fear she is in a serious state of health We find it necessary to stay up at night part of the time.

October FRIDAY 23 1896

Saturday 24th

Worked arround at different small jobs this forenoon, and this afternoon went up to Simcoe, this afternoon to see about geting rid of our surplus apples as far as possible/ Went to Mr Jackson's this afternoon & recieved a promise from to take the apples at 40 cts Per Bbl Mr Lemon & I continued our programme of settlement also and seem likeldy to get through all right

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October SATURDAY 24 1896

Friday 23d

Had Mr Nelson part of the time to day to help us get in the last of our cloverseed, succeeded in finishing our job this afternoon at four o'clock. Had just {cut off} dy {illegible} four {cut off} altogether. My mother is still in the same low condition and unlikely I am affraid to stay with us long. Dr Bennet was here this afternoon, for his second visit.

October SUNDAY 25 1896

Went out to church this morning as usual takeing Jim with me. My mother is still in a dangerous position apparently. The Dr Came again this evening and thinks she is improving slowly. Have had a large number of callers this afternoon to see my mother. They were our own family however, almost entirely.

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October MONDAY 26 1896

I went up to Simcoe again this morning mostly to see Mr Lemon respecting the matter of our dispute with St Thomas Came home in good drive and have since been working at the apple picking The weather has become quite warm and very fine & pleasant My mother is still recovering apparently, though very slowly. Wrote to St Thomas this evening.

October TUESDAY 27 1896

We have been working away in our orchard to day Jim and I Gathering Winter apples mostly. Had a visit from my aunt Susan Culver with my cousin Alice. My mother still improves and we are now confident that she will get up again in a few days. The weather has become very fine and warm.

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October WEDNESDAY 28 1896

Jim and I have been working away at apple picking and gathering to day again. Have been looking for packing them in {cut off} but, so far they have not come We are now about through except gathering in our own supply and geting cider made for vinegar and to boil down. There seems to be rain at hand to night.

October THURSDAY 29 1896

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October FRIDAY 30 1896

October SATURDAY 31 1896

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November SUNDAY 1 1896

December WEDNESDAY 30 1896

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December THURSDAY 31 1896

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Courtland Olds, “Courtland Olds Diary & Transcription, 1896,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed July 13, 2024,
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