James Bowman Diary & Transcription, 1899


James Bowman Diary & Transcription, 1899


James Bowman


Courtesy of the Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph






19th & 20th Century, Wellington County, Guelph, Ontario

Date Created

January 1, 1899


Scanned Manuscript & Typed Transcription


Saturday Dec 31st 1898 fine & cold we cut down two willow trees & cut one up. I went to town. got hid of {Mysie?} from Brantford, Exp. 50c, Collar for W. 10c .Blue 05.

Sunday Jan 1st 18989 fine & cold Father, Inez & W. Mary Jennie & I all went to church heard Rev.Scott preach a new year sermon. All children went to Sunday School. C to church at night.

Tuesday 3rd fair we cleaned mixed grist of chop 13 bag. went to mill paid the Lindsay note. $18.30 paid. Metcalf for Harness {pair?} 40c

Wensday 4th wet we chored all day cleaning out stalls & cleaning harness went to town for harness oil. C oil. 60c, got hide of steer at station pd freight 55c

Thursday 5th fair windy & cold we did chores and cut wood out of willows near road

Friday 6th snowy we did chores and cut wood went to town for Mr an{d?} Mrs Scott and Mr and Mrs Leadley to come to the Christening of our baby paid Maddock's bill.. $1.95 stamps & cards 25c we spent a pleasant evening. robe 10c

Sat 7th Stormy I took hides to station freight to be. 35c, went to Morris' bgt lantren glasses 16c the short measure in harness oil paid for them

Sunday Jan 8th 1899 cold Father Charlie & Jean went to Church in morning. All C to S.S. Mother, Inez & I at night.

Monday 9th cold & fair C & I cut Willow in morning, and I took a load of logs to mill in afternoon, C hauled 3 loads wood

Tuesday 10th fine I took two loads of logs to mill and brought lumber home, exchanged two {???} wood logs for 100ft of hemlock lumber. sent a express order for $6.50 to Gus Stroud Hamilton order 06. bgt Flax and Oat Barley

Wensday 11th fair we finished getting wood from the willows and then I went to McDougalls to ring a bull and take home their chains. paid A for Porters thrashing 50 sold bull ring to Mr Mc C& I worked at hen house in afternoon

Thursday 12th fair & mild we did chores and then I took Mary and the babies up to Jim's. we got back about noon. Katie was home sick. we went worked at hen house in afternoon and Father went to post. Put Bell to Kymas heir May flower of Elm Park & Kyma 4th were both is season. put Elm Park Bell yetsterday to Kymas Heir

Friday 13th soft we worked at hen house all day did not finish it. Father chored.

Sat. Jan 14th 1899 wet Sat we chored and finished hen house I went to town in morning bgt. Dry Goods. 70c. paid for screws at Morris. 05 paid Taylors bill $1.25 got the hens with their new pea

Sunday 15th fine & warm Father Mary Inez, Jennie & I went to Church. heard paisley st minister preach on Peter. All children but C went to S.S. I went to Bible Class. Mother & C to church at night.

Monday 16th fine we turned turnips and I went to town bgt chicken screen 15c glass 04 got express parcel 35 got stamps, 10c paid. for Bible Society 50

Tuesday 14th fine I went to town to meet W. Hall & to see the vet. got powders for cow 50c np then worked at the turnips finished and split some wood

Wensday 18th fine C at Dairy meeting all day I fixed some things around hen house and chored.

Thursday 19th fine put Kyma 3rd to Laird of {Tweedhill?} C & I cut wood in morning hauled straw into barn in afternoon. J Mountain and Joe came with beef

Friday 20th fair & chilly we finished straw and started went to see Sorbys stock. W. {I?} & all came to buy bull bgt Laird. for $135.00 paid me $35.00.

Sat 21st Stormy took a grist to town 14 bags, 70c. got axe rod & things. 10c. rod fixed 10c two smocks & overalls $2.85

Sunday Jan 22 fair Father. C & Jean went to Church in morning. All children and I went to S.S.

Monday 23rd fine I shipped Laird of Tweedhill to to Walter Hall of Washington this morning. recd Hide at station pd 35 took it to Hewers it weighs 88 to see if Stroud will take it instead of {????} bgt. 300 Corn chgd pd for Chopping 20 bgt. Books & Pencils for Children. 75c

Tuesday 24th fine I went to Town with chores Tom's calf when chores were done it crate and all weighed 122 cost 60c per 100 pounds = 75c. Took horses to get shod. paid bill for 1898. $4.65. got them shod today 1.00 np. bgt dry goods 50c C & I went into to cut wood in afternoon. Socks for C.

Wensday 25 fine C & I cutting wood all day.

Thursday 26th fine C & I cutting wood all day

Friday 27th cold C & I cutting wood all day

Saturday 28th fair & cold Father & C. choring and putting pea straw into sheep pen I showed students the stock and then I went to town. sold two bags apples at $1.20/60 not pd yet. fee 05 recd $100 from W. Hall. & $70 from Jonathan. sold Mysie's hide to Jas Hewer at 8c = $6.88 bgt oat meal $1.00 chgd chopped wood after I came home

Sunday Jan 29th 1899 Mary, Jean, W. Jennie & I went to church. heard Rev. Scott preach on the way of Salvation the steps to take in order to be converted. It was very good Jean C. Willie & I went to S.S.

Monday 30th fine & cold C & I cutting wood Father doing chores.

Tuesday 31st Clear & cold C & I cutting wood {??} doing chores.

Wensday 1st Feb C & I cutting wood in morning & I took Mr Newman of Owen Sound to see some stock in afternoon. went to McCrae's and Sorby's & Whitelaws got Photo of Cattle pd 1.05 for them,

Thursday 2nd fair In morning Mr N. D Shattuck from Alberta was here to look at stock offered me $125.50 for our young Bull Elm Park Stamp. then Mr Bray came to look stock, Mother & I went to town and bgt dry goods for children and {?} father. $265, Drugs at M 25

Friday 3rd fine snowy we fixed up the old hen house. for a box stall and cut some wood Father chored and went to the post office,

Saturday 4th fine we hauled wood from bush all day. mr Breeder came to see stock at noon I went to town at night bgt C Oil 60c, candies 08.

Feb 1899 Sunday 5th fair & fine Father Mother C & Jean went to church in morning Mother & I went to Mrs Larter's funeral in afternoon, and children to Sunday School

Monday 6th fine C & I finished hauling up wood and hauled a load off heading to mill. I sold our Bull Calf Elm Park Stamp to W. D. Shattuck of Davisburg Alberta for $40.00 to be delivered in april recd forty dollars on ac 40.00 paid C $1.00 got stamps 25c washer fixed 03.

Tuesday 4th fine we worked at wood in bush all day.

Wensday 8th fair & cold we cleaned grist and I went to town took 4 bags wheat and . 9 mixed chop bgt two bush of corn for $4.50. paid for chopping. 65c. bgt hardware 30c paid Morris ac. 25c Bollerts ac, 34c. squared up Jennie's and Fathers account 1.66

Thursday 9th very cold Father & C did chores and I went to Dominion Cattle Breeders association Toronto got left in morning Fare on Railway 2.00 telegram and dinner 75c oranges 15 we had quite a good meeting I was appointed again as Director for Palled angus. Nothing of any great note was done

Friday Feb 10th 1899 Father and C did chores and I went to Rockwood for Cattle. Train fare & dinner 75c bgt rope 43c

Saturday Feb 11th We cleaned up Daubeney oats and fall wheat today. went to town for grist and bgt hardware. 25 paid boy for bringing out team bgt shoes for MOther $1.00 socks for Charlie. 75c Willie's shoes mended

Sunday 12th cold Father Mary, Inez, W & I went to Church in morning {Jennie?} W.C. & I went to S.S. All home at night

Monday 13th fine I took 20 bu 35 of fall wheat to Pleasant, left it in mill got 21 of corn at 85 @ 100 bgt 1 bu salt at Hewers paid 1.05 bgt 1 bu clover 4.75 np came home and cleaned grains in afternoon

Tuesday 14th fine we cleaned barley in morning and started to split wood split all afternoon C went to town in afternoon got his shoes mended. 10c

Wensday Wensday. 15th fine I was sick with cold all day Father and Charlie doing chores and splitting wood. James Sharp brought cattle as far as Rockwood.

Thursday 16th fine Father & C went for cattle expense 40c I did chores but did not feel well.

Friday Feb 17th 1899 I stayed in sick and Father and C did chores and split wood. Mary went to town sent $125.00 to James Sharp Rockside sent by {???} order 40 stamp 01.

Saturday 18th fine Father & C did chores and split wood. Inez went to town. bgt flax{??} 15c

Sunday 19th W & Jean went to Church in morning. that is all that went out today

Monday 20th soft C did chores and worked a little at the wood

Tuesday 21st fine and soft did chores & worked around barn Father sick & C not well. I went to town pd W. Tuck 2.00 bgt oatmeal

Wensday 22nd fine C did chores and worked at wood.

Thursday 23rd fine C did chores and we fixed a little around barn and worked at wood

Friday 24th fine C & I worked at Chores & wood Father also working a little.

Saturday 25th fair Father and C. choring and working at wood I went to town. got grist 12 bags chopped 60 np, 108 Corn paid taxes $33.33, treated {collector?} 05 stamps at P.O. 10c shoes for Jennie 65. C shoes mended 05 Inez

Sunday Feb 26th fair We all stayed at home all day except Father in morning {??} we are having quite a sick spell

Monday 27th Father & C did Chores and I stayed in the house they cut a little wood

Tuesday 28th Much the same as yesterday in most respects

Wensday Mar 1 fine Father & C did chores & cut wood. {???}

Thursday 2nd Father & C did chores cut wood & went to town. got work from J.S. Pearce & Co that he would take all our barley, at 65c F. {???} sold 4 bags apples to Mr Dooley. for 35 c per bag. Mr Spencer 1 of Farmers Advocate was here and looked around stock got a letter from Will. saying he wanterd enough barley for eleven acres.

Friday 3rd soft we cleaned barley and did chores. got 66 bags fromRyans at $2.75 per doz.

Saturday 4th Soft We cleaned Barley and showed stock to visitors Mr J. H. Smith of Winnipeg and some of Dairy Staff of O.A.C.

Sunday, 5th Dull Father & Inez went to church and Inez. C & W. went to S.S.

Monday Mar 6th 1899 we shipped the barley to J.S. Pearce & Co. 147 bu 37 @ 65 per bush = $96.03 bags $12.37 paid freight on barley. $8.88 paid {Instute?} fee. 25c paid for change of insurance have {???} changed from house to live, stock, returned 12 bags to Ryan's bal & have to pay for 4 1/2 doz @ $12.37/2.75

Tuesday 7th C & Father working at chores and wood & helped a little

Wensday 8th soft & dull Took Mother to station ticket $2.45 gave her $2.00 Went to Fyfe's sale in afternoon did not buy anything.

Thursday 9th C & Father working at wood I helped a little. went to station to see about overcharge of freight.

Friday 10th soft went to town in morning {??} stamps, 25c saw Ryan's about price of bags and sent word to Pierce

Sat 11th fair C hauling up wood & Father & Willie worked at Chores & fixed turnips I went to town sold Maud for sixty one dollars to Richard Pick of Eramosa. got did some chores in town and then chored at home in afternoon

Sunday Mar 12th 1899 Father, Willie & I went to Church. heard a minister from Galt preach. C& W went to S.S.

Monday 13th fair we got grist ready and Charlie went to mill got pants 1.00. Choping {[sic]} Father and I split wood and chored.

Tuesday 14th we chored and I took Jean to Doctor in afternoon. Father Y C cutting wood.

Wensday 15th wet we worked around barn all day. The greatest freshet since we came here to live. K 6th had bull calf

Thursday 16th fair & cold we chored & fixed road in morning and I took Jean to Dr in afternoon Paid Hewer ac. $4.62, oilcake & flax $1.50, Penfolds ac. $11.62 C Boot 25c to Church 1.30

Friday 17th Dull we chored finished cleaning oats and splitting wood

Saturday 18th wet I went to town Father & C cleaning out for stalls. {C.?}

Sunday 19th Dull Stormy Father & C went to Church in morning, W I. & C went to S.S.

Monday 20th Stormy Children & I picking over seed oats. Father & C choring & turning turnips put Kyma 4th to {Emy?} lin

May 1899

Tuesday Mar 21st 1899 Father & C working in root house I took stock partly in morning & went to town in afternoon bgt oatmeal at Hewer's. 1.00 np Tea at scroggie $1.25 Kyma 5th had h calf

Wensday 22nd soft Father W. & C. working at turnips in root house. Inez, Jean & I picked over oats.

Thursday 23th cold Father W & C working at turnips I spent most of the day seeing about the Oil well lease

Friday 24th cold & windy C & I hauled manure from Mrs Tumns. four loads.

Saturday 25th Dull Stormy C & I hauled one load of manure from Tumns. paid for five loads $3.50 put two express orders & Jas Sharp recd $70.55 from J. S. Pearce & Co. paid for ad in Mercury. $1.00 bgt feed at Goldies, $3.20 borrowed 1.00 from J.H. Simpson paid Dr Savage, $10.00 sold calf to Louis Bruder. 8.00

Sunday 26th fine Mary, Jennie & I went to Church heard Rev W. Hinks of Toronto preach Anniversary sermon. It was very good.

Monday 27th fine we did chores and had quite a trouble with Elm Park May flower calving calf dead. Kyma had bull calf this morning bgt rope at Morris. 18c went to James Anderson funeral

Mar 1899

Tuesday 28th Stormy C. picked over turnips and Mr B. Girls & I picked over oats for seed.

Wensday 29th Stormy I went to town met mother at station then sent 3.50 to Farmers Advocate London bgt meat $1.05 Wensday 29th Stormy we picked over oats and C sorted turnips

Thursday 30th fine we worked at wood in morning and R. Dick came to buy a heifer I sold him Kyma 7th for $110.00 He paid me $80.00 and is to sent the balance in a month. I pay freight to Georgetown. went to town bgt sugar. 3.50 paid for Guardian. 1.00

Friday 31st fine we shipped Kyma 7th to Richard Dick of Ashgrove paid freight $1.40 then we came home and did chores and piled a little wood. C went to entertainment paid him 50c

Saturday Apr 1st 1899 we did chores C piled wood Mr Blight & I went to town I sold mutton. 2.44 recd 1.00 sold skin. $1.60. H Leadley owes me $1.44 for meat bgt bread 05.

Sunday 2nd 99 Mr B. Father Jennie, Charlie went to church. Inez & C to S.S. we all stayed at home in evening

Monday Apr 3rd 1899 we worked at chores wood & pruning orchard went to town bgt Tin & granite ware. $1.10 stamp

Monday 3rd fine we worked at chores and getting piling wood. Geo McDougall came in afternoon and brought Nelly. Jean Will, I pd freight $4.80 took Jennie to station bgt bread 30

Tuesday 4th fine boys worked at wood andthen {we?} pruned apple trees a while in afternoon got got word that Jackson & Smith was going on with case. went down to Penfolds for pork in morning bgt 40.00 8-3.20

Wensday 5th fine we worked at wood I went to town bgt tin & granite $1.00 ware Father & Mr Blight pruning trees

Thursday 6th fine we cut wood and chored in morning and went to town with Charlie bgt clothes for him. 4.25. Shoes $1.50 gave him cash. 5.00 rape 05. Charlie has gone to Johns to try and get work for the summer Mr Blight pruning trees.

Friday 7th Dull we did chores and hauled branches off orchard. Cleaned out bulls pen Ect I went out to town with Mr Blight to station. sold eggs 42c. bgt gro & bottle of Bickles syrup. 25c borrowed 13c from scroggies.

Saturday Apr 8th 1899 Geo cleaning out pens I went to town with Father to Dentist bgt deposited $21.43 for Charlie in Bank of Commerce. in afternoon children & I picked over oats

Sunday 9th fine Mary, Jean W & I went to church heard Mr Scott preach. Inez W & I went to S.S. in afternoon.

Monday 10th fine Geo chored & got grist of chop ready 12 bags I went to town got choping done bgt wheat corn $1.24. bran 76 recd for wheat $14.40 I pruned trees Geo worked at wood in afternoon. sold two bush barley to Mr Hagerty of Goldstone. recd payment of freight. 35. barley. $ 1.20 hay 05 pd G.B. Ryan's ac $12.38

Tuesday 11th fine wet {??} we finished piling wood and burned apple limbs went to meet. Train from north and worked around barn

Wensday 12th fine & warm Geo took Emy lin to Rockwood Train fare 25c, I chored & fixed box stall went to town in afternoon. sold wool 1.70 paid Jackson ac to Howard $22.50. horses shod. 50, bgt bgt. Boots & hat for Geo McDougall. $1.90

Thursday 13th fine Geo & {I?} fixed bridge and road. did chores went to town with young bull to Shattuck, recd $100.00 got harrows at Penfolds and shipped bag of barley to W {?} Hagerty Goldstone

Friday Apr 14th 1899 Geo & Father chored today I went to Horse show at Toronto. did not do any business. expenses 2.90

Saturday 15th fine Geo finished hauling apple limbs and did chores in morning. in afternoon we finished hauling stones from hen house & scraped some earth around it. Father & Willie spreading manure on meadow W& I went with grist to mill in morning, meat today 1.10

Sunday 16th fine Mary, Father, Jean & Geo went to church. hear Rev. Scott preach, Inez W & I went to S.S.

Monday 17th fair Dull morning we chored & took children to school then hauled two loads of gravel. went to burt Barber's funeral. he died last night of Diptheria. we did not hear until about an hour before the funeral, Geo rolled new clover in no 5 I bgt drugs. 05

Tuesday 18th fine I rolled meadow in morning geo hauled gravel. Father spread droppings in meadow Geo & I hauled manure from G. T. R. yards in afternoon four loads

Wensday 19th fine we finished rolling no 4 and no 3 and started no 2 Geo cultivated turnip grd Herbert Stairs came today to see stock

April 1899

Thursday 20th fine Geo & I hauled manure all day from G. T R. yds two loads.

Friday 21st fine we finished hauling manure from G. T R. yds. 4 loads this morning then I went to town and bgt. clover 36 2.55 Orchard grass 2 bu 3.50 Timothey 2.00 seed onions 25c seeds 25 tape measure. 05c we sowed part of Station 4 in afternoon with barley seeded with lucerne & orchard grass & a little red clover recd one dollar from Mr McDougall to send for. Breeders Gazette

Sat 22nd fine we finished sowing no 4 sowed orchard grass in afternoon Geo cultivated manure in and cultivated sod near Hales in afternoon have sowed about 75 of Clover Lucerne 20 Red clover and two bush of orchard grass in about seven acres

Sunday 23 fine Father Mary Inez & Jennie & I went to Church heard Rev. Scott preach. on went to S.S. and heard Dr Williams

Monday 24th fine we sowed grass seed on fall wheat ground and finished cultivating sod near Hales and started in back field near McDougall.

Tuesday 25th Dull we harrowed wheat & cultivated for oats went to town bgt rape seed. $1.50 Mangel $1.00 Carrot. 20c cultivator tooth. 50c np

Wensday Apr. 26th 99 fine Geo cultivated & harrowed all day. I went to town in morning took mother to station, bgt 10 alsike @ 4.25 and 10 timothy @ 2.00 at hewers also 45 oatmeal $1.00 got gate latch. 12c gate mended got grist of chop & flour & 1 bag corn 93. Grist flour 1.02 chop 25. sold eggs

Thursday 28th fine we finished sowing barley on rape patch and started to plow big field where wheat was last year. seeded the rape patch with grass.

Friday 29th fine Geo & I plowing all day in back field near McDougalls

Saturday 30th fine we finished plowing and sowed a little.

Sunday 30 {[sic]} fine we Father Mary, Jennie & Geo went to Church. I went with children to S.S.

Monday 1st May 1899 we finished sowing back field and started field near Hales most of back field in Danberrie oats & a little Siberian field near Hales Siberian Lewis & had a cow here

Tuesday 2nd fine We Sowed field near Hales with Siberian oats Mr Stewart of Sarnia came in evening to see stock.

Wensday 3rd fair & cool Geo & I plowed in no 3 all day. Lucerne & orchard grass was killed with frost

Thursday May 4th 1899 we finished plowing and sowed and harrowed a little Geo went to Rockwood for Emylin. fare 25c feed 10c

Friday 5th fine Finished sowing and Geo started to roll. I got grist ready went to mill. pd for chopping oilcake & bag. $4.05. under clothes 75c, chains and harrows mended 30c Jas Simpson, bgt 15 bu oats @ 32. = 4.80 paid for ad $2.50 post cards, 05

Saturday 6th fine Geo & Willie rolling all day I plowed mangel ground Mr Dixon brought cow to bull and O.A.C. had Bloom{??} here paid 2.00. Mary & Jean went to town

Sunday 7th fine Father, Inez Jean and I went to church {??} and Love feast & Sacrament it was a very good service Mary Jennie M.R. & I went up to Jim's to see how he was we stayed an hour or two he is better.

Monday 8th fine Geo finished rolling the big field near McDougall and started near Hales I finished plowing mangel grd and started to haul manure on it. Father and helped me

Tuesday 9th fine we finished manuring and sowed mangels & carrots. Geo finished rolling and plowed part of corn patch.

May 1899

Wensday May 10th 1899 I went to town in morning bgt Harness. 50c, hardware at pendfolds 85 np paid ac at Foster & Coghlin's 2.25 bgt meat, 95c got my teeth fixed two filled $1.50 bg got shoes mended, 20c shower last night

Thursday 11th Dull I got things ready for Father to start painting hen house Geo hauled two loads of sand and then hauled manure on potato ground. I planted garden in afternoon O.A.C. had their young cow here today

Friday 12th fine

We hauled bal of amnure to potato ground and started to plow it in then I went to town with grist of chop. 14 bags. 70 bgt cow. 93c got wagon fixed 25c galss 10c bgt dry goods $1.63.

Saturday 13th cool & drizzly we finished plowing in potato manure in morning and hauled manure from Hales in afternoon four loads Queen down to Sorby's in afternoon put her to Lord Charming.

Sunday 14th fine Mary Willie Jennie & I went to Church in morning heard Rev Crews of Epworth League preach on Charades & Training up the young Inez. W & I went to S.S.

Monday 15th fine Geo & I hauled manure from Hales. 9 loads also got ram home

Tuesday May 18th 1899. wet we cleaned out sheep pen in morning and fixed calf mangers an hauled gravel to bridge in afternoon Jas Simpson came last night.

Wensday 17th wet We hauled manure with both teams till about 2 P.M. then we mixed mortar & cleaned out box stalls, & cellar W. McCrae's had cow to Emy lin

Thursday 18th Dull We hauled gravel in in forenoon to road and hauled manure in afternoon J.S. plowing in Lucerne patch. in morning.

Friday 19th Dull went to town in morning paid A. Hales for manure meat ac, $2.20 meat today, 40 went to see Proff Day about {Augus?} Bull gage at {tramp?} 05 bgt 35. telegraph poles paid for 1.00 to be gathered up on the road Geo and J.S. hauled manure all day. I worked at it in afternoon. L. Burder brought cow to Kymas Heir

Saturday 20th fine Geo & Willie took Queen down to Sorby put her to Lord Charming. J.S. & I spread manure & then started to plow. Geo & I helpt at manure & plowing and J.S. plowed sod & harrowed orchard

May 1899

Sunday 21st fair Father Inez Jean & Willie went to Church W & Jean to S.S. I stayed at home all day as we were expecting Nelly to foal

Monday 22nd fine Nelly started to foal at 6:15 A.M. sent for Dr Reed about Eight, we worked till 3 P.M. before we got colt away and Nelly died in a few minutes. J.S. plowing for corn most of the day.

Tuesday 23rd fine Geo & I plowed in & spread manure today in morning, and went for a load of telegraph poles in afternoon. J.S. plowing sod all day. Uncle R from Hamilton came up today

Wensday 24th fine Geo and J.S. finished finished plowing down manure, and strarted to Roll. I sowed corn in afternoon. went to town in morning bgt corn {???} & axle grease $2.55 sold hide $1.75 bgt C oil & whit stone, 50c

Friday 26th fine I finished sowing corn and Geo finished rollling turnip ground. we both {???} plowed potato ground in afternoon J.S. came back tonight

Sat 27th wet we finished plowing potato grd & put on manure & ashes in afternoon we washed sheep and sorted potatoes

May 1899

Sunday 28th Dull Father Inez & I went to Church. heard Mr Scott. Children & I went to S.S. Geo & Jimmie stayed at home all day.

Monday 29th wet we worked at potatoes nearly all day here then about half dropped.

Tuesday 30th fine we planted potatoes till 3 P.M. then changed to hauling manure for rape hauled four loads. I took a grist of chop in morning 17 bags chop. 85 bgt corn 50c then bgt 5 bags potatoes @ 85.= $4.25 @ Hewers to be delivered tomorrow, bgt gro at Scroggies 4 3.97 went to saw mill recd payment for bal of heading that I took to mill and paid sawing account, 1.48

Wensday 31st we hauled manure for rape ground all day finished field behind bush and started in orchard Mr Stewart came to sell Augus Bull to O.A.C.

Thursday June 1st 99 fine Geo & Jimmie hauled manure all day. Father cut potatoes and watched gaps. I took Mr Stewart to O.A.C. to sell Bull, Mr Rennie bgt him I went to town bgt bush 25 & buggy fixed 20c, bgt, {??} bolts and cloves. 25c, old ac 1.30 bgt tomato plants, 25 went around to {warn?} hands to road work, sent $200.00 to Blake, Lash and Cassel Toronto to pay interest on mortgage.

Friday June 2nd 1899 fine we spread manure on rape grd and plowed with one team I went to get Mrs Nisbet to come and clean house took Jennie along. I harrowed potatoes and ran weeder over mangels carrots and corn Mr Dixon had heifer to bull

Saturday 3rd Geo plowing all day Jimmie rolling Harrowing I went to town in afternoon bgt Oil Cake $2.60 corn, 50c at Hewers fixture for ran's horns, 25c, ordered 100 twine @ $10.50

Sunday 4th wet Father Mary, Geo Jennie & WIllie went to Church all Children & I went to S school,

Monday 5th Dull fine I went to meet Mrs Nisbet bgt meat at W np. 48c spudding manure & helping in house for rest of the day.

Tuesday 6th Dull Jas Simpson left yesterday I owe him $4.52, we finished plowing in manure cultivated corn ground and we sowed with {wisernein?} white dent. where the southern {sweet?} was. went wensday to town got seed corn. W soda 10c ammonia, 15c, corn 1.60

Wensday 7th fine we worked at corn in morning fixed ditch and worked in house & made stone boat in afternoon J Simpson & Wife were here helping us

June 1899

Thursday 8th fine & cool. we worked at road work all day. had two R.R. men hired {w?} 1.50/75c, J Friendship and team, $2.25, had our 2 wagons & one of our teams and man on, had four 3 shovelers, ore spreader and two, teams took out fifty loads.

Friday 9th fine We finished road today had some number on in morning and all but J. Friendship and team, paid J {Bern?} $1.00

Saturday 10th fine Geo, Took Emy lin to Ch Rockwood in morning Car fare 25c and I gave him 25 in case he stayed for dinner, I clipped Eight sheep in morning then went to town, bgt seeds & {???} at Hewers, 2.60 paid 15.00 on ac. paid Jas Simpson $4.52 Mrs Nisbet $3.75 paid $10 on Dr Savage's ac candies 10c. paid Jas Friendship 3.40 Father and Geo cut Rye out of wheat in afternoon and Children & I spudded {burs?} in bush. got twelve pounds of meat from Hales

Sunday, 11th fine Father, Inez, W & I went to Church. hear Rev. Scott preach, Funeral sermon of Late W{?} Stevenson children went to S.S.

June 1899

Monday 12th fine Geo plowing all day for turnips. I plowed after I ran weeder over corn & mangels I scuffled the early rape

Tuesday 13th fine Geo & I plowed Turnip ground all day. In morning we made Kyma 6th calf into a steer and took scurs off no 1 and Kyma 3rd calves

Wensday 14th Dull We finished plowing turnip ground and Geo Harrowed & I went to town and bgt a turnip sower. 8.00 went to post office

Thursday 15th Showery we finished sowing turnips and Geo hoed mangels. Father

Saturday 17th fine Geo hoeing mangels Father running weeder, and Jean, Willie & I pulled mustard.

Sunday 18th fine Father Mary, Jennie & Jean went to Church in morning children & I went to S.S. and

Monday 19th fine Geo & I finished hoeing and scuffling mangels & carrots & pulled mustard till 6 P.M.

Tuesday June 26th 1899 fine Geo fixing fences Father spudding thistles & minding Children. I went to town with grist of chop. 65/13 bags bgt corn. 90c, horses shod. 50 hat. 25. dress for. M. $1.40 things for Geo. 40, things mended at Penfolds, 25c {shere?} 40

Wensday 21st fine Geo went to meet the Egremont people on the excursion Will & Tom came about noon & Harry. We looked around stock and then went to O.A.C. to see the P.A. Bull. paid Geo, 2.25 bgt bread berries & cheese & combs b comb bread c 25. 20. 20. 34. 99c saw them to the station Mr H, McDougall, John & Mrs Lizzie and Dan Hunter came to tea & will stay all night

Thursday 22nd fine Geo. D Hunter & John Mc went down to Sorby's with Queen had her served by Prince Charming. I scuffled corn & Father went to Sorbys after dinner with H McDougall . Geo cultivated Rape grd and plowed another patch, I scuffled mangels in afternoon. Geo took Mrs Mc & Lizzie to Station

Friday 23rd fine Geo plowing and raising drills. I finished scuffling mangels and then ran weeder over potatoes went to town bgt potatoes 85c O. Cake $1.25, millet seed 10c paid $1.20 bal chgd at Hewers. 1.00 took butter to scroggies 50c recd

Saturday June 24 1899 fair Geo & I finished putting sowing rape. and did our chores. W & Jean pulling mustard

Sunday 25th fine Father Inez W & I went to Church hear Rev. Scottt preach. children & I all went to S.S.

Monday 26th fine I mowed hay in morning Geo & Father hoeing mangels we got Tuesday pictures of Cattle & Children taken down on Flat. price of children 25c each cattle 50c each.

Tuesday 27th fine Mowing in morning and hauling in in afternoon four loads

Wensday 28th Dull we kiled up what hay we had cut and then put off load and I went to town bgt hay fork rope. $3.11 machine oil. 45, fork handle 15c whitstone, 04, groceries 53.

Thursday 29th fine I mowed in morning geo cut weeds on road Father ran weeder over potatoes and corn, we hauled three loads in afternoon and kiled up what was cut

Friday 30th fine We fnished cutting the 16 acre field of hay and hauled two three loads. Took Inez, Willie and Jean to Station to go to Mount Forest, Fare 2.50 candies. 08, money to use up there, 40c bgt C Mc C McDougall had cow to bull

Saturday July 1st 1899 we finished hauling hay out of 16 acre field 14 loads, and eat a little in next field & kiled it up. Louis Flick helped us all day I paid him 25c Mr Cotton from Orillia was looking at cattle yesterday he came on excursion

Sunday 2nd fine Father and Geo went to Church in morning and and I went in evening

Monday 3rd fine we finished next patch of hay in no 3 and started to prepare for no1

Tuesday 4th fine we cut hay in no1 and hauled two loads of it in geo scuffling corn & Father working at potatoes with weeder.

Wensday 5th fine we finished no one and cut part of no 3. and kiled most of it.

Thursday 6th fine we finished cutting hay for this season and got grist ready for chop & flour and kiled a little hay and trained some of the cattle to lead.

Friday 7th Dull we finished hauling hay today we have just 27 loads this year but all except two loads of swale hay is good quality took grist of chop to town. sold four bu & a few pound of wheat at 69c $3.22 paid for chopping 14 bags 70c. 50. 3.22 rain last night

Saturday 8th Dull Geo scuffling. I took Father to station & brought home grist.

Sat July 8th contd 1899 Father fare #1.65, bgt bolts & chisel, 21c P green 2 lb 40 came home and rested all afternoon, we had a fine rain last night I hired Jas Simpson's sprayer for this year for $1.00

Sunday 9th fine Mary Geo and Jennie & Willie went to Church. children & I went to Ch S.S.

Monday 10th Dull Geo scuffling & I spreyed potatoes.

Tuesday 11th Dull had to go over potatoes again working at scuffling wet

Wensday 12th Cut Barly in no 3

Thursday 13th fine we cut fall wheat and then went to picnic after tea children at picnic all afternoon. Geo choring after tea

Friday 14th fine we worked at corn & sprayed potatoes againTook sprayer home paid $1. for use of it, put up wire fence around corn

Saturday 15th Showery Geo went to Jas Simpson for the day to pay for their half whitewashing. I worked around fixing fence {reb?}

Sunday 16 fine Inez went Jean & I went to Church children & I to S.S.

Monday 17th fine we cut rye in morning & Geo went to Mitchells in afternoon and I shocked rye and cut a little wheat

Tuesday 19th July 1899 Finished cutting wheat and hauled in barley out of no 3

Wensday 20th fine hauled in five loads wheat & bal of no3 barley

Thursday 21st Showery In morning we cut a little barley and chored around barn I went to town sold 61 {??} 20 pounds of wheat for 69c recd $42.32c paid Geo $19.00 42 32 on ???? paid it to Mitchell being bal on Geo's Bicicle {Bicycle?} Friday got hardware 20c

Friday 22nd fine we cut barley behind bush and. hauled 3 loads of fall wheat

Saturday 23rd fine we hauled four loads of rye, and raked rye and fall wheat stubble and hauled it Geo ?? scuffled turnips for a while

Sunday 24th fine Mary. W & Jennie went to Church Inez, Jean & I went to S.S.

Monday 25th fine Geo scuffled turnips all day. I went to Sorbys to see about colt. going to show. went to town got G cradle fixed at Penfolds 20c, binding gloves, 25 bgt 5 bush corn at Hewers. $2.20c

1899 Tuesday July 25th Showery We hauled in two loads of barley and cut corners of oat field and trimmed sheep and hoed turnips after tea bgt 6" of meat @ 7.42 at Hales.

Wensday July 26th Cutting oats day. Geo hoeing turnips shocking

Thursday 27th fine Finished cutting big field of oats near McDougalls and Geo hoed turnips all day

Friday Thursday 28th fine Geo & I hoed turnips

Sat 29th fine broke cutting box & took it to be fixed 50c np at P bgt, got mary, Jennie, Mary E & I Photo taken, pd $1.00

Sunday 30th fine Inez, Jean & I went to Church and all of usual ones to S.S.

Monday 31st fine I went to look for ?? man got promiseof one on sept 1st till Dec at $16.00 per month. Mr Picks son got {???} on buggy top np Geo Tues Hoed Turnips

Tuesday Aug 1st fine we hauled one load barley and four loads of oats sent 3 {??} to H, Wade for reg fees yesterday, order 4c stamp 04

Wensday 2nd fine shower in morning hauled four loads oats & hoed turnips a while in morning.

Thursday Aug 3rd 1899 fine we put off two loads and put on one finished hauling the Danberrie oats and Geo went to hoe turnips and I took a grist of chop to mill and took harvester to get fixed 1.00 bran grist$2.60 & chopping bgt salt $1.30 oilcake, $1.25 O. meal $1.00 at Hewers, chgd, shoes at neils $2.45 for Inez $1.10 got horses shod 50c

Friday 4th fine we cut peas today C.P.R. men were out to make arrangements for show trip.

Saturday 5th fine I took 66 bu & 35" of wheat to mill got 69c, $11. 44, 9. bgt 3.50 pounds bran. Chgd got grist at peresents meat 95c p, shoes at neils, $3.05 sent $13.50 to H J. Hill. Toronto entry fees order 10c

Sunday 6th fine Inez & I went to Church Inez & W to S.S. Mary & Jean & children to SS Cemetry.

Monday 7th fine we hauled in peas six loads, had Freeman Barber here all day.

Tuesday 8th fine we finished cutting our harvest today. Freeman Barber here all day hoeing turnips.

Wensday 9th fine Geo scuffling rape all day & I hoed turnips & chored

Thursday Aug 10th 99 fine Dull we had a shower last night, I took Elm Park Mayflower to O.A.C. Bull Geo scuffled all day in Turnips & rape Mr Sharp came today

Friday 11th fine we chored & finished scuffling & hoeing turnips first time

Sat 12th fine we hauled two loads oats and Geo went to Barbers thrashing in afternoon I bgt meat & paid Wakefields account, 98 c,

Sunday 13th fine Mary Jennie Willie & Inez went to church . Children & I went to S.S.

Monday 14th fine we finished harvest hauled in four loads of oats and rake the stubble, Mr Shuttleworth called to see us also cut burs around the fifty acre field

Tuesday 15th fine we took off last load of oats and finished hoeing turnips second time and started to plow for fall wheat,

Wensday 16th fine Geo Plowed all day and I asked hands for thrashing, and bgt meat, 73c, oilcake $1.30 corn 88c oat chop $2.05 bgt shoes $2.00 $1.40 bgt manure from stone for 60c a load to be hauled next week

Thursday Aug 17th fine & very dry

Geo plowing all day I went to see thrasher and engaged P. Maher to thrash our grain for ten dollars and cut two loads with butting box went to A. McQuillans for C box, bgt {shere skimmer?} point and pad at Pendfolds & groceries at scroggies, In afternoon I clipped 2 shear ram & did chores

Friday 18th fine Geo plowing all day I hauledup engine wood & fixed up granery and did chores.

Saturday 19th fine Geo plowing all day I went to town borrowed $75 for 4 mos, at Canadian Bank of Commerce got Photo at Burgess pd. $2.00 bgt. meat. For Thrashing $2.00 pd Hales ac. $3.75 c recd 75c from him to pay for bal of statute labor Groceries. 35. hardware 20 books for Children. 47 paper 03

Sunday 20th fine & hot Inez Jean Wille & I went to Church. and children to S.S.

Monday 21st fine we Thrashed today had P Maher's machine. had Ford's man 1.2 day {???} McCrae Porter, McCannel, McDougall Barber Mitchell Friendship a day 1/4 {something scratched out}

Tuesday 22nd fair Finished Thrashing about Ten A.M. Geo & I spent the rest of the day fixing up and got Bull's feet pured at night paid {??} sallows $1.00

1899 Wensday Aug 23rd fine we cleaned up grist 11 bags and I took it to mill Geo chored and plowed in afternoon I sold 18 rollers to J. Young for $1.80. got chopping done. 55 1.80 bgt corn $1.00, bgt 250 of bran at $12 per ton, chgd at Goldies

Thursday 24th fine we hauled five loads of manure from Stones s\tables we are to pay sixty cents a load and finished plowing head land

Friday 25th fine we hauled manure all day from Stones we hauled $10 10 loads William Pick came today I hired him until after Fat Stock show. at $13 per month for first month and twelve after that

Saturday 26th fine we all hauled manure from Stones stables all day two loads went to town in evening bgt dry goods 80c

Sunday 27th fine Mary, Mrs A. S. and Jennie went to Church Children & I to S.S. and

Monday 28th fine Geo and J.S. & W.P. went finished manuring wheat field near Hales and I went to town bgt rope for halters. $1.61 c, paid for clothes at {T?} Douglas $5.55 1.00 for pants for George got four loads of manure


Tuesday Aug 29th Getting things ready to go to shows and cutting feed

Wed. 3d {H?} Aug. Took stock to the station in forenoon.

Thursday 31st Working on the hands. Will got grist of from home. Meat from Hales.

Friday Sept 1st Working around barn in forenoon & on land in afternoon.

Sat Sept 2nd Got {tongue?} for drill fixed and working on land.

Sunday 3rd Inez, Jean & W. Pick went to church in morning & Inez & Jean to S.S.

Monday 4th Men working at fall-wheat ground sowing piece behind the bush. Meat from Hales.

Tuesday 5th W. Pick at Bye's thrashing all day. Uncle Jimmy working in fall-wheat field in afternoon.

Wed 6th W. Pick at Bye's thrashing in forenoon. Sowing fall-wheat in afternoon. Uncle Jimmy plowing & harrowing.

Thursday 7th Men hauling out manure to fall-wheat field

Friday Sept. 8th 1899 Men hauling manure to fall-wheat field

Sat. Sept 9th 1899 Finished hauling manure.

Sunday Sept 10 Mary & Jennie went to church in morning Inez, Jean to s.s. in afternoon.

Monday sept. 11 Men sowing fall-wheat.

Tuesday 12th J must Meat from Hales. Plowing.

Wednesday 13th Plowing.

Thursday 14th Will at McCannel's thrashing. Uncle J. plowing.

Friday15th Will cutting corn. Uncle J. plowing.

Sat 16th Meat from Hales. Will at corn. Uncle J. plowing in afternoon.

Sunday 17th. Will, Inez & Jean at church; I & J at S.S.

Monday 18th Will at corn. Uncle J. plowing/

Tuesday 19th Will at corn. Uncle J. plowing.

Wednesday 20th Will at corn in forenoon & at show in afternoon Uncle J. plowing

Thursday 21st Will at corn, Uncle J. plowing. Meat from Hales.

Friday 22nd Sep 1899 We left show ground at 5 P.M. got loaded and started for Guelph at 11 PM.

Saturday 23rd fine We got to Smiths falls by day light Toronto at 4 PM. home at 12 P.M.

Sunday 24th Dull Mary Jennie & W went to Church. All children to S.S. and Joe & I to Church at night.

Monday 25th Dull J.S finished plowing Geo chored and piled wood into shed. I shipped Ram to G.H. Wilkie watford Station. Wisbeach so paid A Stone $16.80 paid Scroggies ac. $1038 c Deposited in Bank 275 bgt wire at Penfolds $7.21 bgt meat at Wakefields 1.23 paid for book for Joe 25. his railway fare 85

Tuesday 26th fine wet We chored around barn and I went to stationto meet aunt Maggie. bgt hardware 35c and oil cake $1.40 Jimmie worked at wood in afternoon and Geo & I cleaned grist of chop

Wensday 27th fine Geo at McCrae's cutting corn. Jimmie putting wood into shed. I went to station with Aunt M. then went to mill with grist. pd for gristing $2.10 paid Neils ac. $10. pd Freeman Barber $1.50. bgt groceries $3.69 pd Morris ac. $2.32

Friday Thursday Sep 28th fair Geo went to Fords Thrashing I chored & went to town got 1 coil barbed wire. 118 @ 3 1/2 we set stakes & posts ready for wire to fence off rape {Noo?} 1 had bull calf today

Friday 29th fine Geo & J S went to Barber's Thrashing in morning. J to McCrae's ensilage cutting. Geo went to McC in afternoon and J.S. & I wired fence.

Saturday 30th brisk morn cold & cloudy we finished wire fence finished cutting corn. & also cut & hauled in millet and hauled in a load of corn went to town returned b wire to Morris paid for 47" that I used $1.47c got a ball of twine at Penfolds & 10" at Morris @ 9 1/2 {chd?}

Sunday Oct 1st 1899 Inez, Jean & I went to Church heard Mr Cassady preach on giving to God's cause it was a very good sermon Children went to S.S.

Monday 2nd fine Geo & Jimmie went to McDougalls Thrashing J in forenoon & he cut wood in bush in afternoon, I went to town in morning returned 10" Twine to Morris W bgt 1 rake & 1 handle 15c went to McCrae's corn cutting in afternoon,

Tuesday 3rd Geo & J at Friendships in forenoon and Geo at Mitchells in afternoon I had McCrae's boys helping me to haul in corn in afternoon.

Wensday 4th Oct 1899 Geo and J.S. went to Porter thrashing nearly all day. I took Cow Kyma 5th to O.A.C. Bull Oxford King bgt Shrop Ram from {Pruff} Day 3.00 went to town in afternoon, bgt half $1.50 Shirt, $1.00 stud 10c drawers, 50c, Tobacco for J.S. 20c

Thursday 5th fine I took Geo to station in morning pd him $63.05 & got horse shod 25. bgt little wagon 50, J.S. cutting wood

Friday 6th fine we worked at potatoes in morning and at apples in afternoon. Mary went to town with Jean and babies,

Saturday 7th fine we worked at potatoes all day.

Sunday 8th Dull shower at night Mary, W. & Jennie went to Church in morning Inez Jean & I in evening

Monday 9th Dull we worked at potatoes all day. hired two boys to help. Charlie Odruskie and Tom Whalen, for 30c a day

Tuesday 10th fair we worked at potatoes all day had both boys here. Took Kyma 6th to O.A.C. Bull Oxford King

Wensday 11th Dull fair we worked at potatoes all day. Adda came at in forenoon

Thursday 12th fine we worked at potatoes only one boy here today, Charlie O. Took Adda to Station

Friday Oct 13th 1899 we about finished the potatoes today. had C. Odruskie till 11 A M I owe him $1.15 and Tom Whalen, 70. J.S. was at Bye's thrashing

Saturday 14th wet we took in cabbage and then to town. sold L skin to Hewer. 65c {?} on ac recd. $15 on Ram from Mr Wilkie recd $96.25 from Will to pay {suit?} paid J. Simpson $16.25 pd Goldies account. $13.43 Stamps that I got last week 25 bal on shoes at Neils 15

Sunday 15th fine Inez, Jennie & I went to Church in morning Inez & W to S.S.

Monday 16h fine I hired Charlie Odruskie for a month for 4 dollars he started sat 14th at noon I went set him to top carrots and I went to town. Sent $346.25 to Canada Life $250.00 on principal and $96.25 interest. pd. D.O. Rudd $3.25 of account, Metcalf $1.10 bgt halter shank. 35, pd. Foster and Cghlin ac. $1.50, Hales ac $2.65 Scut. $1.52 to Beddingfield & McCasker order & stamps 4 sent $3.62c to Uncle Robert we hauled a load of Carrots in afternoon & pulled some mangels and hauled a load of corn,

Tuesday 17th Dull afternoon wet C & I pulled mangels in morning and cleaned grist of chop in afternoon

Oct. 1899 Wensday. 18th Dull & wet Charlie chored and I took grist of chop to mill 12 bags. 60. bgt bran. 55. 100" grd flax. $2.50 paid. S & G Penfold on ac. 15.00 got axe handle. 73c. nails 35. went to O.A.C. in afternoon bgt four Dorset and, 10 Suffolk sheep for $70 on a years time. I am to give my note, brought home the $3.00 Shrop ram. Saw Jas Sharp, & Mr Campbell

Thursday 19th fair we worked all over spare time at mangels today got in five loads, Charlie went home sic,. I tookk Mary Jennie and Baby to station on their way to Mount Forest Ticket $1.65 gave {??} $3.35 with her,

Friday 20th fine we worked at mangels all day hauled in six loads today and five yesterday H Bell had bull calf today.

Saturday 21st fine & cold We finished the mangels today we have about 14 loads this year. we fixed fences and picked apples in afternoon. loaned some wire to G. T R. to fix their fence, so that we could use the pasture.

Sunday. 22nd Dull W & I went to Church in morning and Inez & W to S.S.

Monday 23rd wet we worked around barn most of the day. went to mmet Mary and children at station

October Tuesday 23th 1899 C & I cultivated and sowed rye & Timothy on the new seeded down patch behind bush, sent to town with Munkhouse for 3/4 bush of Timothy to Hewer's chop E.P. K 2 May 3nd in heat heat today

Wensday 25th fine We finished harrowing grass & rye and started to Top Turnips we topped about half of them. railway man came to tell us to clean out big yards

Thursday 26th Dull we hauled manure from yds all day five loads broke wagon axle E.P. May in heat last night


Friday 27th wet we chored and hauled 3 loads of manure paid section men $1.00 got wagon fixed $2.25 E.P. Bell had bull calf today by Kyma's Heir

Saturday 28th wet In morning I went fixed up root house and took grist of wheat to mill, went to town with Mary in afternoon,

Sunday 29th fair Mary, W and Jennie went to Church heard Rev Cassady I. J. & W. went to S.S.

Monday 30th fine we worked at turnips harrowed out half of them & hauled in five loads I went to town for grist in morning pd. for bran grist & corn. $2.10

Oct 1899 Tuesday 31st fiar & Dull we worked at Turnips Topped in morning and hauled afternoon five loads.

Wensday 1st Nov. fair we worked at turnips all day after, we got gate fixed Two of our gates were taken off J. Binoski here today. we hauled 6 1/2 loads had quite a hunt for colt at night

Thursday 2nd fair & wet E.W. we finished topping and harrowing out. and hauled 4 loads. J Binoski here

Friday 3rd Dull wet morning we finished Turnips today five 1/2 loads. J. Binoski here, we got our ewes from the O.A.C. today. 4 Dorsets and 10 Suffolk. meat flour oatmeal & coal oil

Sat 4th fair first snow We chored around barn throwing back turnips Ect and I went town bgt. Gro. 2.48 sold lamb skin. 70 bgt glass Ect. 42c bull ring 30 went up to Wissenberg and hired Henry. {Hess?} till Dec 20th @ $10 per month

Sunday 5th fair Inez. Jean & I went to Church hear Mr Cassady preach on Chirst healing the ten lepers

Monday 6th fine we finished sorting the turnips cleaned away dirt and spread some manure & killed a sheep. Henry Hess came about noon today, he plowed in afternoon,

Tuesday 7th Nov. 1899 H plowed all day. C & I worked at fence and Chores.

Wensday 8th fine we finished fence and started at the rape field clearing off stumps and stones we got along C. German came today. from Chingaconsay {Chinguacousay township?} Henry got sick and left last night I paid him 50c

Thursday 9th fine C plowed all day I have engaged him for a while till he hears from his pa. for $8 per month. C. O. & I went pulled out stamps and large stones.

Friday 10th fair C. plowed all day and C.O. & I finished stones in morning and I plowed in afternoon. C.O. dugout stones and did chores.

Saturday 11th snowy C & I plowed all day. we lost the largest Dorset ewe I got from the colliege C.O chored around barn all day.

Sunday 12th fair Mary. W. C & Jennie went to Church. I. J. C & W to S.S. Inez, Jean & I to Church at night.

Monday 13th fine we finished plowing back field and butchered a sheep in morning and hauled four loads of manure from. Stones in afternoon

November 1899 Tuesday 14th Dull we hauled 8 loads of manure from Stones and did chores.

Wensday 15th Dull we hauled 4 loads of manure from Stones and 2 from our own yard O.A.C. came for ten bush of Danberry Oats. 50/@ = 5.00

Thursday 16th fair we finished manuring corner field and started patch near barn and cultivated the little C field cleaned np a girst of chop ten bags, sold 34 1/2 wool @ 17c $6.75. 4 1/2 @ .11 = 50 2 skins @ 90.95 1.85 2 1/2 bu corn @ 1.75/45 bgt. oatmeal. 1.00 pants $1.25 got chain mended 20c & C oil, 72 breast strap for harness 50c snap 05. Chopping 50 bran 55. corn 85

Friday 17th fine we hauled about 7 loads of manure out of barn-yard. to garden field and started to cultivate & gang plow it in.

Saturday 18th fair Charlie finished plowing and did chores. I went to Mount Forest. Fare $1.65 other things 15c. I found all well both at home and at Tom's

Sunday 19th fine I stayed last night at Tom's and we went to Church to

Monday 20th fine W & I started for Guelph with Ram & two wethers. I am to pay $18 for wethers and $10 for ram dinner cost 25c gave H 25c

Tuesday Nov. 21st 1899 Charlie finished hauling wood from bush and put out manure for rasp berries. I fixed pens after taking Will to Sorbys and McCrae's & O.A.C. did not do any business. Will went to Preston. put Suffolk Ram with ewes.

Wensday 22nd fine we chored around barn sent ewes & Shrop ram home with Will in exchange for Suffolk Ram. I paid C. Oduski his wages $3.10 we hauled corn out of field.

Thursday 23rd fine we planted some rasp berries & rhubarb and asparagus and did chores. sold 2 skins Friday Hewer $1.60 on acc. Oil can mended 05. bgt pr shears 65

Friday 24th fine C split wood & I put on storm windows in morning cleaned out creek and picked stones in afternoon.

Saturday 25th fine C finished picking Stones and started to plow rape ground. I went to town recd $1.44 from W B. Swayze 1.44 for mutton. got buggy mended 20c, bgt pair mits 25c groceries. $1.13, bgt sent entries to F.W. Hodson for Fat Stock Show. recd pedigrees from Proff G.E. Day of O.A.C. for Suffolk Sheep

Sunday 26th fine Mary, C & Jennie went to Church. All C-n {children} to S.S Inez, J & I to Church at night

Nov 1899

Monday 27th fine mild C plowing rape land all day. I chored around barn all day.

Tuesday 28th fine C finished plowing & cultivating rape ground & hauled one load of manure to field behind bush I trimmed sheep all my spare time today went to town in evening bgt molasses.

Wensday 29th fair C hauled manure & helped me clean up grist. I took it to Mill. blacksmithing 05

Thursday 30th fair C hauled manure I helped in morning and went for grist in afternoon grist & bran 73c, recd $12 for 2 shear ram to be sent to Appel Hill C.P.R. P Christie, Martintown P.O. Mr Sharp was here to prepare for fat stock show

Friday 1st Dec 1899 C hauled manure all day six loads, I helped him & made crate for Ram & did chores Mary went up to Jim's - Kyma 5th in heat.

Sat 2nd Dull C hauling manure finished the patch 6 loads I went to town bgt grd cake Ect. $ 1.93 got express parcel 'robe' 25 wheel fixed 50c dry goods $1.75 I cultivated manure in afternoon

Sunday 3rd Dec 1899 fair Inez, Jean, W & I went to Church in morning. heard Mr Cassady preach. All Children went to S.S. we paid 2 quarters pew read & first instalment on Thanksgiving fund $15.10. $12.50. T.F. $2.60 Pew seat

Monday 4th cool I shipped ram Bowmans no 5. E.T. - 631- to H.P. Christie Apple Hill Station C.P.R. Martintown P.O. Ont. C Hauled manure all day six loads on to next years root land

Tuesday 5th very cold for a start Charlie & I worked around the barn all day had a Mr Beebie & Mr McBrain from Owen Sound looking at Princess to buy her our turnips are heating a little

Wensday 6th cold we took cattle in to the Show paid entry fees 5.00 bgt. {????} 10c salt ect. 05 There are some very good cattle in the show

Thursday 7th fine The Judging was started soon after one P.M. we got 1st & 2nd for Pure Bred heifer any age other than shorthorns.

Friday 8th fine we got through I bgt themanure of the show & all bedding ect for 5.00 to give Mr Crosby a pair of chickens, got home about 4 P.M. & C &C went for two loads of manure I have a standing offer of 6c per pound for heifers. after London Show, weight 1540-1580 Mr {???} will take their weights

Saturday Dec 9th 1899 fine Mr Johnston & C. hauled 8 loads manure and got the team shoed. we got car ready to load for London C Odruski here today here today I paid J. Friendship $1.00 for over time at thrashing.

Sunday 10th fair C and Inez, Jean & Willie went to Church in morning and to S.S. in afternoon Inez & I went to Church and heard Mr Cassady preach on {???} comparing the refining with our refining it was very good

Monday 11th wet we started from Guelph this morning about 3 A.M. for London. we are with eight cattle 5 sheep and 2 pigs we got there about eleven and got our stock into the stalls

Tuesday 12th fair & cool we spent the day keeping stock in shape, went to Andrew's for my board they are very comfortable paid entry fees. 24.00 car fare. $20.00. street car tickets 75c.

Wensday 13th Dull Our Cattle and sheep were judged today we took 2nd for Two year old 1st & 3rd for yearling 1st & 5th for calf. 1st 2nd & 3rd for cow. 3rd & 4th for grade ewe 1st & 2nd for dressed carcass I bgt hay. 75. & 85. pd for hauling stuff up & down 60c

Thursday 14th Stormy we attended stock and saw sheep. mutton judged bgt. a Suffolk wether from W. J. Rudd. for 6.00 paid F. Smith 5.00 that I borrowed from him

Friday 15th cold we got ready to load at 3 P.M. I took the largest {Carcass?} & left the lighter 1st prize one for to be sold in Toronto. we left London at 11 P.M. bgt lunch Ect. 20 c.

Saturday 16th fine we got to Guelph at 7 AM & I reshippped the heifers to Toronto Faare $4.20 borrowed $5.00 from F Smith I got to Toronto at 2 P.M. and sold heifers to Slattery for $181.50. I paid half the freight to Ottawa gave me. $10 cash and $171.50 in check. I got tea at Bull head hotel & came home on C.P.R. $1.45 tea 25c. got home at 10 P.M.

Sunday 17th fair Mary, C & Jennie went to Church in morning All children to S.S. and Inez & I went to Church in evening.

Monday 18th Dull Charlie cleaning pens I went to town. Paid Jas Hewer ac $11.65, molasses, 40c sent paid Geo Johnston for work while I was away at Show I worked around barn in afternoon.

Tuesday 19th fair snow about gone. I've put in some posts and fixed fence at bridge. recd $2 from C McDougall for Bull service sent Kyma 8th to O.A.C. Bull yesterday.

Wensday 20th fine We put in some posts to fix yard. I went to town got tools fixed 10c Glass & Putty. 30 nails 20 C Oil. 72 c, paid Mr Crosby for F. Stock Show manure 5.00

Thursday 21st fine we cleaned up grist 8 bags in morning and chored a little. C & I went to town afternoon C to buy a suit I took in grist 40 got harness mended 15, whip 25 ac. 13. bgt lumber. 2.15 recd pay for gravel $1.00

Friday 22nd fine we worked at wood & shingled W.C. in morning and fixed windows & C took Kyma 6th to O.A.C. Bull. Mr Ritchie and Mr Thompson came to see our Stock we did not do any business.

Saturday 23rd fair I took Inez, Jean & Willie to Station tickets $5.60 hats $2.50 other things Candies lunch Ect 30 neckties 30 they left about 12 A.M. for Lucknow, I got toys 17c Glassware. Ect. 60c Bible for C. 1.00 braces for W. 15 Paid W. McCrae $1.25 for Coller, sold chickens 1.05 gave a pair to Mr Crosbie bgt Groceries, at Simpsons 13c bal to our C at Simpsons C. Took Kyma 3rd & Kyma 5th to O.A.C. Bull. Mr Baley is to come & cut a week from next tuesday

Sunday 24th Stormy I took Bowmans no 1 to O.A.C. Bull. C. went to S.S. I went to Church at night


Monday Dec 25th 1899 C took E.P. Bell 2nd to O.A.C. Bull and I chored. Mr Bell of Waverly P.O. came to see our Stock. We did not do any business.

Tuesday 26th cold & fine I went to station in morning to meet the children went down street & bgt pr overshoe ordered 1/2 doz. Photo $1.25 to be done week after next, we chored around barn in afternoon,

Monday 27th cold C Chored around barn all day, I went to town in morning bgt rape 5 3/4 @ 12c, 69c Paid Dr Savage ac, $1.75 he paid me 50c for saw dust. pd D Reeds Ac, $18.25. Paid A. Stones ac paid for mercury 1.00 paid Niels ac $2.70

Thursday 28th Cold & {C?} C & I Chored and cut wood, I went to Mt Forest in evening to attend Will & Tom's SaleTicket $2.75 arrived at Home about Eleven P.M.

Friday 29th fair & cold We cleaned cattle & prepared generally in morning, in afternoon all time was used in running the sale, They sold for $1330.00, Tom's {??} was 77 1/4 Wills was about {$50?}

Saturday 30th fine C went to St Vincent this morning and I got home from Mount Forest, Expenses went to town in afternoon, got things for Inez, Jean & W $1.88 things for {???} 1.90

Sunday 31st Dec 1899, fine Mary, Jennie & Willie went to Church in morning I & W to S.S. and I went to Church at night.

Monday 1st Jan 1900 fine I did chores & went to vote in morning, Mr Thompson came to see about buying stock, did not make a sale. Mary, Jennie & I went up to Jim's for a New Year's visit. found all well. we shot at a Target. had quite a good time.

Tuesday 2nd Stormy I did chores went to town in morning. sent $12.85 to Will for wethers. Paid McKenzie ac, $4.80, got an order from J. Bell for Old Kyma I am to ship her on Thursday. and also to ship ram to Will Baleys came with cutting bot in evening.

Wensday 3rd fine we cut straw all day had McDougalls 1 hand and G.B. hood . 1.

Thurdsday 4th fair we were cutting till about 3.30 P.M. and then we fixed things up and did chores. shipped Kyma II 18920 to John Bell waverly. P.O Elm vale Station. Freight $3.40 Shipped Suffock ram to Will 36c put Heather Bell to K's Heir yesterday and E.P. Bell on Monday

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James Bowman 1899 Diary Volume 3 Part 1.pdf
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James Bowman, “James Bowman Diary & Transcription, 1899,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed June 17, 2024, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/410.
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