Franklin McMillan Diary, 1922


Franklin McMillan Diary, 1922


Franklin McMillan


Courtesy of Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph






20th Century, Halton County, Nelson Township, Ontario

Date Created

January 1, 1922


Scanned Manuscript


Diary 1922. Frank McMillan Burlington

Jan 1st Sunday, new Years Day, very cold this morning. Zero.

Jan 2nd and still cold below zero yet, no electric lights. no Radial cans till noon.

Election Day: we voted in both townships.

Jan 3rd milder this morning and snowing a little. Yesterdays Election returns are in East {Hambors?} Peter Rae Reeve, and ult. Easterbrook. Deputy Reeve in Nelson Irving. Reeve {Ry aid,?} H.T. Foster one of the councillors , in Burlington Hobson again for mayor + Harris for Reeve Burlington won first of their O.H. {a game with} Ham. Tigers in overtime {play} score 4-2

Jan 4th Running all day roads very icy

Jan 5th {illegible} Running yet this am ice all gone. turning cold again {-Tonight?}

Jan 6th went to Burlington to Dr {Peats? Pearts?}. have sore eyes, inflammation he says.

Jan 7th moderately cold fine winter weather. no snow.

Jan 8th Weather fine eyes very sore Lillies getting sore now.. Dr says it is Pink eye -

Jan 18th Eyes have been to sore to write anything since Jan 8th. They have been very bad. On here {was?} times also of nurse for 6 days Lillies did not get as sore as {illegible} mine. Charlotte just had a {loud? lovely?} the weather has been fine and moderately cold

Jan 20th My Birthday eyes {unknowing?} some but unable logs out yet.

Jan 21st Fine + Bright nice winter weather

Jan 22nd Sunday coldest + roughest day of the winter. {Sliding?} gales + snow flurries from the west. {illegible} all last night. nurse + Dr arrived this morning nothing {doing?} yet tonight.

Jan 23rd Bright and very cold

Jan 24th very cold nurse here yet but nothing doing

Jan 25th Still very cold eyes not better yet.

Jan 26th Doris Lillie McMillan arrived about 6.20 this morning weather fine + moderately cold.

Jan 27th Fine + moderately cold have not been able to do anything for a month nearly.

Jan 28th Fine + no snow. Burl. won last {@? 6?} {Ha Game?} with Beaver of Ham. score 6-2, They won 6 out of 8 games and win district Honours they lost one game to Grimsly and one to Ham. Tigers.

Jan 29th sunday fine + warm had Lillies folks out to see the baby

Jan 30th Fine + mild no snow

Jan 31st Fine + mild. was out for the first {work?} n walk down to Johns. have to wear goggles

Feby 1 cool + cloudy looks like rain Phoned for a couple of cans manure promised one next week

Feby 2nd Rained all night heavy wind Wday and turning cold again

Feby 3rd moderately cold had chevrolet agent around trying to sell us a truck they are {to dear?} $1950

Feby 4th Fine + cold

Feby 5th snowing and raining a little had Stanley Long + wife {rebuilding?} in to see us

Feby 6th Fine + mild, wrote some letters ordering seeds, manure and fruit baskets + crates

Feby 7th Fine + mild {having?} again am afraid this winter will be hard on {Strawberrie?} no snow all winter leaves all frozen brown now

Feby 8th Very cold again, had Ford agent around about a truck worth around $900.

Feby 9th mild again Burlington lost hockey game last night with Brantford score 4 to 2. Lehman Burlington goalee hit on nose badly {out? hurt?} Recieved {illegible} can of manure shipped Feby 6th.

Feby 10th nurse left today charged $108 for 18 days some pay {Eh-?}

Feby 11th Burl lost H. Game at Brantford 6 to 0 {lee soft?}. Game very rough Summers of Burl. Knocked out and Wilson was drunk no wonder they lost. was down town this morning first since Jan 1

Feby 12th Sunday cold with strong west winds + some snow

Feby 13th cold. can of manure can of manure arrived this P.M.

Feby 14th John had Mr Jordan helping unload can of manure

Feby 15th went to Hamilton got license for can. no 5882 . also got Tomato, Cabbage + Pepper seeds. Turning cold again

Feby 16th very cold. clear + frosty.

Feby 17th very cold coldest this winter about 6 below zero.

Feby 18th mild again today raining tonight.

Feby 19th mild had a thunder and lightning storm in the evening

Feby 20th Fine + mild like spring heard some crows. cleaning up barns getting ready to put baskets in.

Feby 21st Fine, trimming trees started getting {squiggle?} 1000 crates from applefords. at 259 also {henry boys?} at {$700? 8700?} dec 1000.

Feby 22nd Rained + sleeted all night, and all day today. (applefords driver says the hill is very icey

Feby 23rd everything all covered with ice yet, never saw so much on the trees. lots of limbs broken also lots of wires down, no electric light last night nor tonight rained today at noon and warm this afternoon ice nearly all gone by night and every thing flooded. by bed time ground frozen again and blowing heavy gale from the west. took 3 snapshots of the orchard with ice on trees hope they are good. (note. turned out good)

Feby 24th very cold this morning about zero, one of the Packing Houses all blown to pieces some time last night.

Feby 25th Cutting down 40 more {Clapps?} pear trees. now only about 15 left out of 200. all {blighted?} was down town at night first night since Jan 3rd.

Feby 26th mild + cloudy Sunday had Mr + Mrs B. Mr and Mrs {Lenn?} and Mr + Mrs Stan Long out.

Feby 27th Snowed a little this morning we all motored to Hamilton to see about a hired girl also Elective Washer. Went to {Loews?} at night with Mr B. did not get home till after 11 oclock.

Feby 28 Turned very cold again last night getting {our? in?} baskets. 11qts crates $68 {two zeros in superscript} for 1000 {slat curves? crates?} $20 + {Lew's?} $22.

Mch 1st cold + cloudy. got two more loads baskets in.

Mch 2nd Fine + moderately cold trimming trees

Mch 3rd Fine + clear trimming apple trees. some job. a lot of dead in them.

Mch 4th Fine. started unloading can of manure this afternoon + making hotbeds. the can was 8 days on the road.

Mch 5th Fine + mild was down home for tea.

Mch 6th Fine + warm. like spring heard a robin. unloading manure and making hot beds

Mch 7th Rained all night showery this morning {rolled? joined?} part of out seeds some Pepper, Cabbage + Tomatoes.

Mch 8th sowed balance of Tomato pepper + Cabbage seeds. sowed a 4 ozs. Ruby Giant pepper 2 ozs Pimento Pepper about 8 ozs our own hot pepper 4 ozs {First + Beat?} tomato 6 ozs John Baer 6 ozs Copenhagen Cabbage in forty four sashes. cold last night but clear + frosty today.

Mch 9th milder today East wind bright + clear fine hotbed weather

Mch 10th East winds + mild cabbages up already sowed on Mch 7th, Trimming old orchard

Mch 11th cold east wind fixing sash in the barn

Mch 12th Sunday. motored to Ham. had dinner at Ms {Barlows?} + tea at Lillie's {mother's?} weather fine just like April.

Mch 13th Fine, trimming trees.

Mch 14th Fine + warm, ordered 40 new hotbed {sash?} at $165 each from Nicholsons and 3 boxs glass from {Mains?} at {cents or dollar?} 650 per box ordered Ford Truck today complete with License {cents symbol} 9.25, delivery May 1st

Mch 15th Fair + mild trimming trees

Mch 16th Colder with very cold north west wind, finished trimming trees.

Mch 17th Very cold + frosty, north wind, {fuming? firing?} hot bed sashes in the barn.

Mch 18th Making more hotbeds for transplanting Cabbage

Mch 19th Sunday cold + cloudy heavy east wind, looks like storm

Mch 20th Rained all night and some showers this morning have a can of manure in but John and {illegible} both have colds we are getting Leo H. + Mr Jordan to unload it tomorrow

Mch 21st First day of spring ground all covered with snow this morning and had snow flurries all morning, winds north west + colder unloading manure

Mch 22nd Very cold with strong north west winds finished can of manure and put Earth on hotbeds.

Mch 23rd Sowed 4 sash of Chalks Jewel Tomatoes and started transplanting Cabbage

Mch 24th Finished transplanting Early Cabbage 40 {sash?} 200 to the sash... What about 8000

Mch 25th Have a bad cold did not go out all day.

Mch 26th Sunday cool and showery

Mch 27th Cloudy + very mild Transplanting tomatoes

Mch 28th Very cold again this morning planted some

more Tomatoes in the afternoon

Mch 27th Raining all day went to Hamilton and got Elective Washer. Blue Bird cost $114 {two zeros in superscript} wholesale retail price was $155 {two zeros in superscript}

Mch 30th {Some?} of the worst storms of the winter snowed all morning raining + sleeting this afternoon {name?} started work this morning at $14.00 per week.

Mch 31st Rained + snowed all night looks like real winter this morning ice + snow over everything and cold north wind blowing hotbeds all covered with ice + snow frozen on them can't open them at all.

April 1st Very cold ground covered with snow, Transplanted one frame of Tomatoes too cold had to stop

April 2nd Sunday cool + cloudy was down home for tea.

April 3rd Cool + East winds transplanting tomatoes

April 4th made hotbed for peppers + Transplanted Tomatoes about one half of what we done before the ice storm have { droped?} over

April 5th The man that started last week only worked one day never came back, hired another one today. Very cold + cloudy with strong East wind

April 6th. working at hotbeds cool + cloudy.

April 7th. strong south west winds + very mild {illegible} doors on {brown?} and just finished transplanting tomatoes 90 sashes

April 8th started transplanting Peppers {Harrowed?} Asparagus + {men?} drawing brush out of the {overhand?}

April 9th Sunday, {hired?} very warm this afternoon. went over to Ray Bells for tea.

April 10th Very warm transplanting some more peppers went to Hamilton for some Clover seed, Corn etc. Paid {dollar or cents symbol?} 31.25 each

April 11th Rained all night and till noon today. everything flooded, turning {cold?} tonight

April 12th Very cold with high west winds. unloading can of manure

April 13th Cool. Cleaned weeds off old strawberry patch

April 14th. Good Friday cold north east + East wind cloudy started raining in the evening finished transplanting pepper + started uncovering strawberries they look good seem to have come through winter alright hired Leo Chapman to look after our bery pickers at $25 per week for 10 weeks

April 15 cool with north East wind. uncovering strawberries

April 16th Sunday Fine home all day. Doris has been sick for about a week.

April 17th Heavey thunder storms this morning everything flooded made hot beds in the afternoon

April 18th Cold with high winds uncovering strawberries started man plowing for the first it is pretty wet yet

April 19th Cold with high south west wind started raining again in the evening finished uncovering strawberries started filling up blackberries

April 20th. Very cold and windy with some snow Flurries

April 21st. Sick in bed today with the Flu + Bronchitis

May 2nd out of bed today first tome since April 21st. have had some {house?} with sickness

myself Lillie and both children also the first nurse took it and now Lillies mother in bed John + men transplanted Tomatoes 2nd time on April 24th 25th 26th 27th. also put in {Coats?} + Clover seed in the orchards on April 27th + April 28th.. Sowed 3/4 lb Carrot seed on April 29th. on May 1st. started planting some strawberries, and May 2nd started putting out Cabbages down home: 6000 there.

May 2nd 3rd + 4th. Planted starwberries back of cemetery the weather has been fine. no rain.

May 5th Cloudy. planted Trees finished planting Cabbage May 6th

Rows - 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, are Grand Duke

Rows 3, 5, 9, are Reenie Claude

Rows 2, 7, 11 are Bradshaw. starting next road.. Some plums Burbanks + {Abindance?} out in blossom.

May 7th Sunday cool + windy had a light show last night

May 8th Planting strawberries {yeh?} also out first asparagus 5 doz sold in Toronto at ______ 1.60 a doz

May 9th Planted Golden {Bantarm?} sweet corn + pumpkins also planting strawberries weather, Cold + cloudy East winds

May 10th Finished planting SBerries filled up {young} Rasberry patch. {good prospects?} for Rasps. this year, every thing frozen. only young patch left

May 11th Very warm today sowed Late Cabbage 2 ozs Copenhagen. and Cauliflower 2 ozs. {Enfant?} slipped 9 baskets {Grass?} sold at {dollar or cents symbol?} 250

May 12th FInding {inf?} sprayer men hoeing brushes

May 13th Planted Potatoes, Got new Ford Truck cost $925 bright + sunshiny today but very cold wind feels like frost Tonight some strawberries in blossom and all the plums pears + cherries in full bloom. Have to catch the early train Tomorrow morning at starts on daylight time at 550

May 14th Sunday cool {comma or period?} with strong East winds.

May 15th Fine + warm hoeing old strawberries patch.

May 16th Hoeing strawberries fine + warm

May 17th: Hoeing strawberries weather showery

May 18th {Drying?} Blackberries out which had Orange Rust also hoeing strawberries stopped at 4 oclock by rain.

May 19th. Hoeing strawberries showery again. Had {Lola?} over to spend the day.

May 20th.. Rained again about 11 oclock and for the rest of the day {comma or period?} ground getting too wet now. Asparagus {currency symbol 1705?} today.

May 21st Sunday Fine + warm was down to see Uncle Archie he is pretty low. guess he will not last much longer.

May 22nd Fine + warm. went to Hamilton to get some seeds basket fasteners etc. men hoeing Cabbage cut 12 {unit of measurement?} asparagus soled at $3.25 {illegible} in Toronto

May 23rd Planted yellow corn + pumpkins + marked ground for Tomatoes

May 24th Planted cukes. also sowed carrots again too thin last time sowed first 12 rows next orchard and last plant half {way?}

past {Radials?} hole in drill. {/lb?} seed. started plating Tomatoes in the afternoon got about 4600 {out?}.

May 25th Showery. planting Tomatoes

May 26th Rain + warm finished planting Tomatoes 17 {500 in superscript?} plants

May 27th. Planting Peppers heavy + cold north wind blowing about 5000 {Hat.?} 1500 {Punients?} 3500 Sweet Ruby Giant.

May 28th. Sunday Fine + warm was down to the Beach and over to see Will Bell

May 29th. Started Spraying at noon. a little over 3 1/2 gals Lime Sulphur + {5 1/4 lbs?} Lead (Powdered) for tank. Men hoeing new strawberries

May 30th Spraying all day weather fine

May 31st Spraying yet Good Prospects for fruit Lots of plums + apples. half {crop?} pears and cherries

June 1st Finished spraying today 22 tanks - 2 lbs Lime sulphur 125 lbs Lead

June 2nd Weeding + Hoeing started rain about 4 oclock

June 3rd Fine + warm all the crowd cleaning up hotbeds

June 4th Sunday Fine + warm was down at Hicks for tea

June 5th. Hoeing + cultivating and finished cleaning up hot beds. Dealt Ford Truck off for a {Res?} - got what we paid for ford $925 {Res?} cost $21 {50 in superscript}.

June 6 Fine + warm. hoeing

Junr 7th Hoeing Cabbage second time ought to have Cabbages in a couple of weeks

June 8th Picked first strawberries 3 crates shipped to Toronto sold at 274 box

June 9th. Three men cultivating others hoeing very warm over 90 in the shade

June 10th. Had a very heavy rain in the night. lightning and thunder. very bad. Sowed Turnip seed. sowed half way past 7 Turnip hole in the drill.

June 9th {(con?)} Uncle Archie died this afternoon funeral on Sunday.

June 11th Sunday. everything flooded in the night. Thunder storm started about 10 oclock last night and kept up one after another all night Till after 4 this morning. it is now about 10 oclock and Thundering again went to Uncle Archies funeral weather turned out fine

June 12th Picked 30 crates strawberries off the old patch. they were awful sandy. stripped to Toronto sold at 28 {cents symbol} and 30 {cents symbol}

June 13th. Picked strawberries guess they dropped in price sold in Toronto at 20 and 22 {cents symbol}

June 14. Picked 41 crates sold some north at $5 {00 in superscript} crate and some to {Rors?} Hart at 15 {cents symbol}, Sold in Toronto at 16 {cents symbol}

June 15 Picked 49 crates SB. today. only shipped 13 crates north Balance to Toronto. sold at 18 {cents symbol} there

June 16th. Picked 66 crates {luck?} stopped by rain, did not get nearly over them sold 29 crates north at 15 {cents symbol} and 18 crates to Toronto at 18 {cents symbol}

June 17th Had very heavy thunderstorms again in the night every thing flooded today nothing doing

June 18 Cold + cloudy looks like rain. Sunday

June 19th Drove to Toronto with 80 crates Berries sold 40 at 10 {cents symbol} here. Shipped balance north at 12 {cents symbol} and to Toronto had a big day 25 {cents symbol} crates in all.

June 20th. Fine + Cool picked 23 {cents symbol} crates SB. Today getting very cheap. sold 83 crates north at 10 {cents symbol} some here at {$240?} shipped balance to Toronto. sold at 9 + 10 {cents symbol} {written on side} Res Truck delivered today it looks fine

June 21st Picked 125 crates shipped north at 10 cents box

June 22nd Picked 124 crates shipped north at 10 {cents symbol} Crop a {failure?} nearly done. Could have sold 500 crates today

June 23 only picked 77 crates today sold at 12 {cents symbol} north have picked 1028 all told up till tonight (Friday).

June 24 No picking today. was weeding carrots also planted {out?} Cabbages very warm had to put old berry boxs over them. also sowed turnip seed over again, last never came up. ground got all hard + {crusty?} after the big storms sowed about half way part turnip hole in drill J drove to Wabasso Park. with {Manacle?} {illegible} arrived from St Thomas, The Res truck goes fine.

June 25 Sunday. clear + very cold.

June 26 Clear + cold picked 124 crates berries sold mostly at 15 cents. also 14 Richmond cherries at $100 and 7 crates Cabbage for the first at $200.

June 27th Showery only picked 69 crates planted out Cauliflowers

June 28th Picked 107 crates not very many orders

had to ship 100 54 crates to Toronto sold at 14 {cents symbol} 50 crates {with?} at 15 {cents symbol}

June 29th Picked 66 crates straw - berries. shipped 56 {unit of measurement?} Richmond cherries + some Cabbage up north

June 30th Very warm today. only picked 34 crates strawberries they are nearly done

July 1st Saturday showery in the morning nothing {stormy?} all day

July 2nd Fine + warm

July 3rd Picked 22 crates SBerry and a few cherries 29 {unit of measurement?}

July 4th Still picking Berries and Richmond cherries

July 5th Picked the last of the strawberries had 1484 crates only a light crop

July 6th Picked first Raspberries 2 crates shipped to Toronto sold at 27 1/2 {cents symbol} also finished picking Richmond cherries averaged about {80 or 90?} {cents symbol} {unit of measurement?} Started picking Montmorency 68 {unit of measurement?} at $100 per {unit of measurement?}

July 7th Cherry market all {shut?} selling as low as 50 cts in Toronto only picked 58 {unit of measurement?} to ship north. Blowing heavy gales from south west. blew alot of cherries off and bruised them on the trees badly

July 8th Fine + moderately warm Hoeing old strawberry Patch.

July 9th Sunday Fine + cool

10th Picking cherries selling north at 80 cents cut 28 crates Cabbage 80 + 90 {cents symbol}

July 11 Very warm, cherries badly bruised. picked 21 {unit of measurement?} Green Peppers

also / {unit of measurement?} tomatoes peppers sold at 90 {cents sign} tomatoes sold at {dollar sign} 15.0 tomatoes very poor crop this year.

July 12th {Orangemans?} day pickers scarce. only picked too {unit of measurement?} Cherries. heavy rain at five oclock.

July 13 Fine + warm picking Cherries + cutting cabbages

July 14th Picking Cherries Have picked 978 {unit of measurement?} up till today Friday night.

July 15 Cut 25 dz cabbage for Hart at 504 dz. Picked 12 crates Rasps. went to market with crates sold at 20 {cents sign}

July 16th Fine + warm, home all day.

July 17th cut 25 crates cabbages + 27 {unit of measurement?} tomatoes. shipped all north. had a couple of light showers.

July 18th Picked Cherries at 80 {cents sign} 14 Rasps at 21 cents 23 + 24

July 19 Picked Cherries 80 {cents sign} 18 Rasps shipped 7 {unit of measurement?} solf at 23 + 24 17 tomatoes at {dollar sign} 15 / 34 peppers @ {dollar sign} 60 to {dollar sign} 100 weather fine + warm

July 20 Fine picking Cherries + Raspberries

July 21 Picking Cherries + Rasps fine + warm.

July 22 Sat picked Black Currants 9 baskets in all

July 23rd Sunday. Showery Lillie played organ at Meth. Church.

July 24th Picked last of Red Cherries picked first apples 75 {unit of measurement?} sold @ 50 {cents sign}

July 25th Picked Rasps all day 28 crates, also picked first plums 6 {unit of measurement?} Willards shipped north at 75 {cents sign}

July 26th Picked Rasps all day 29 crates

July 27th Picked Morello Cherries + Raspberries

July 28th Very warm. finished picking Morello Cherries {illegible} Cheries picked this year / 605. 350 less than last year Picked first {Lawtons?} 52 crates shipped north at 20 {cents sign} also picked Rasps at 25 {cents sign} + {5.4?} tomatoes at 60 {cents sign}

July 29th Sowed some {illegible} out on old Strawberry bed, also planted some Cucumber seed am afraid it is too late (it was no good) Have / 625 Berrry crates quart + Boxs in now but from {Dallion?} for 15 {cents sign?} each delivered here

July 30 Fine + very warm had dinner + supper at the beach

July 31 Showery nearly all day. picked {type of fruit?} Showers.

Aug 1st Rained very hard in the early mornning. picked rasps tomatoes + plums. Red {Jume?} + {Shird?}

Aug 2 Piked plums at 50 {cents sign} + 60 {cents sign} Rasps + Lawtons apple tomatoes Cukes + Peppers but everything cheap raining again at 5 oclock

Aug 3 Nothing doing today no orders only for Tomatoes and we had none.

Aug 4 Picked tomatoes only about 90 {unit of measurement?} at 50 {cents sign} 75 plums at 40 {cents sign} + Rasps

Aug 5 Sold {Ross Hart?} 50 plums 12 Cuked + 15 dz Cabbages Cutting oats rest of day

Aug 6 Sunday Raining all afternoon + evening Lillie played organ at Church

Aug 7 Picked 153 tons sold 50 {cents sign} 70 plums 40 {cents sign} after Cukes 25 {cents sign} Berries + Cabbages a showers at noon and a big shower at 4.30 every thing flooded

Aug 8th Picked the last of our Raspberries today only had 225 crates this year.

Aug 9 Only 70 {unit of measurement?} tomatoes today at 50 {cents sign} Plums 30 {cents sign} apples 40 very cool nights

Aug 10th Light to day no Tomatoes only a few plums + apples

Aug 11th Busy today 190 tonnes at 50 {cents sign} 90 plums 30 {cents sign} 15 apples 40 {cents sign} 70 dz corn 18 {cents sign} 10 dz Cabb {the number 50 in superscript?}

Aug 12 Picked 300 {unit of measurement?} plums sold SMiyh 200 at 25 {cents sign} Hart 25 at 30 {cents sign} shipped Balance

Aug 13 Sunday fine + warm

Aug 14 Very warm + very busy. sold {Smith?} 50 plums @ 25 N.P.S. 88 tonnes @ 40 Picked 276 {unit of measurement?} tonnes and 275 plums also 20 apples 80 dz corn and 10 pears + peppers

Aug 15 Another hot and busy day picked 365 plums all togther 595 {unit of measurement?} {flower beds?} 80 dz corn 2 crates berries

Aug 16 Busy again today. John sick. very hot heavy thunder storms at Aldershot and Oakville. had light storm here

Aug 17th only shipped 300 {unit of measurement?} today and 90 dz corn more showers went around very hot here

Aug 18 Warm yet picked plums at 25 apples 40 {cents sign} Tomatoes {40?}. Cukes 22 {one half symbol?} 100 dz corn 15 {cents sign}


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Franklin McMillan, “Franklin McMillan Diary, 1922,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed June 16, 2024,
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