John Jardine Sr. Diary, 1872-1879


John Jardine Sr. Diary, 1872-1879


John Jardine Sr.


Courtesy of Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph






19th Century, Essex County, Tilbury West Township, Ontario

Date Created

October 4, 1872

Is Part Of

John Jardine Sr. Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


October the 24 1872

flour to notia the blacksmith two hundred of flour

$ cts
at 3 50 a hundred 7 00
a cord of wood to the blacksmith 1 00
October the 24th
one hundred of flour to Godfaw 3 50
Trembly and a 11 pounds of pork 60
September the 22 1873
seed wheat sowed this year
is 19 x 1/2 bushels at a $ 1 x 10 cts pr bus $21 45
17 bushels of wheat sold $21 62 1/2
26 this bushels of wheat taken and ground for flour $1 x 10 cts $28 60
16 October the 16 ------ 1873
took one load of wheat to Chatham and sold it there
was 39 x 49 bushels it fetched my $43 75 cts
January the 13 --------- 1874
I went to Chatham with a load of wheat & sold it for $1.80 cts a hundred
bushels 39.52 lbs came to $43 05
12 1/2 bushels sold to St John came to $13 75
20 bushels ground agin in flour for my one use at $1 x 10cts per f came to $22 {illegible}
6 bushels of wheat sold to st John agin March the 31 1874 comes to $7 20
April the 28, 1874 ----
20 bushels of wheat I took to mill agin for my one use and got ground into flour
April the 28, 1874
sold 4 bushels agin it came to $4 38 1/2
May the 19 1874
I went to Chatham with a load of wheat & sold it for $ 1 18 per bushel
bushels 27.9 p came to $27 85 cts

April the 1, 1872

1 Monday it is a btful day cold wind James jardine drawed out ties black ash in the forenoon. John Jardine made black ash in the forenoon in the afternoon maid white Oake ties nine at the railroad frend of old Trembly

2 Tuesday James and I maid ties J John Jardine went to see Shampan in the afternoon about som Oats a fine day

3 Wednesday James and J Jardine maid ties all day 12

Gold King in a guinea{illegible}

A man without manners and wearing fine clothes is like a {illegible}

So Tilbury West April 3rd, 1872

Before you marry be sure you tarry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

Received from John Jardine for M{illegible}

The sum off $125 payment in full up to date

James Jardine

March 28th 1872

Six months after date: promise to pay {line stroked through} or Bases the sum of Value Received

Six months after I promise to pay

the sum of

value received

in the {illegible}

Command you may your mind from play {illegible}

Danube is the name of a river in Turkey (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

Oh! never mind the weather but get ou off Double Trouble Believe {illegible}

Oh! you mind the weather but get it not off Double Trouble{illegible}

Oh! never mind the weather, but get {torn off}

C Command you n{torn off}

{from page turned upsidedown the following appears}

On John Jardine Tilbury West

Tindell Post Office

Mr John Jardin W. Pembroke

County of Pem{illegible}

Province of Upper Canada

Ont. $

Command You Marry Your Mind

I lay every moment

13 Wednesday I plowed in the afternoon it rained a little i fixed som fence
14 Thursday I plowed killed two pigs at night
15 Friday I plowed all day
16 Saturday I plowed to day
17 Sunday we went to here Mr Armstrong it rained
18 Monday I went to the shop with the harrows to get the teeth it is raining to day the ground is wet
19 Tuesday I choped of to cuts John Benwa comence to ditch this afternoon it is raining the ground is geting pretty wet the ditches is geting full
20 Wednesday in the forenoon John and I ditched in the afternoon I went to Stony point for Henry Richardson A load of goods the rods is very bad it is raing
21 Thursday John and I ditched all day
22 Friday John & I ditched all day
23 Saturday John & I ditched in the afternoon I went to the shop for the harow I got two shoes on John horse
24 Sunday we went to here Mr Armstrong
25 Monday John & I scraped the dirt into the old ditch
26 Tuesday John & I finished scraping this forenoon in the afternoon we drawed rails
27 Wednesday John made ditch I went to Stony point for Richardson drawed a few rails
28 Thursday John drawed rails Old man Trembly and I put up the fence for the oat feild
29 Friday I sowed 11 1/2 bushels of barley
30 Saturday we finished harrowing and furrowed the peice all up --
Mr John Jardine Tilbury New Tindel P. Office
John Jardine Tilbury West Nov 20th 1871

May 1st 1870

1 Sunday we were at house all day no church
2 Monday plowed all round the house
3 Tuesday finished ploughing in the feild at the house
4 Wednesday I sowed 7 bushel of barley and finished harrowing it and furrowed it up
5 Thursday pulled out stumps in the new field
6 Friday I plowed in the afternoon it rained
7 Saturday I plowed all day in the new feild Johny went to Chatham on his own business
8 Sunday we went to church
9 Monday I ploughed in the new field
10 Tuesday I ploughed John durt from the ditch
11 Wednesday I ploughed John throwed durt from the {cut off}
12 Thursday I finished ploughing in the new field
13 Friday John B harrowed in oats I sowed
14 Saturday old Trembly and I planted my potatoes John B finished harrowing the oats to day
15 Sunday I took Lizzey to her mothers to goy to the dockter
16 Monday I furrowed the new field I plowed about two acres for Mr Tre{cutt off} in the afternoon Mr Trembly and J cleaned about 40 bushel of oats and 22 bushels of wheat
17 Tuesday I went to Mill to the blacksmith shop I got two shoes on dan in the afternoon finished ploughing the little field at the ashery sowed some flax and two bushels of oats John Benwa went to lawtrel barn raising
18 Wednesday I commene to plough for corn in the old meadow
19 Thursday I ploughed for corn
20 Friday ploughed for corn
21 Saturday after dinner it rained a little shour ploughed for corn
22 Sunday I went to church lizzy is in Detroit yet
23 Moonday I went down to Detroit to sea lizzy hugh is harrowing and plouging there is a very heavy shour to day
24 Tuesday I came home to day noon afternoon I went round for money for the society
25 Wednesday nooon finished ploughing for corn afternoon John Benwa harrowed Mr Marchel and I cliped the wool of the shee
26 Thursday I finished harrowing for corn
27 Friday forenoon I forrwed the corn ground in the afternoon Henery Gracy and his Wife came to see me I had just begun to plant corn Lizzey is in Detroit yet
28 Satuerday forenoon we finished planting corn in the afternoon I took my plow to the shop get a new landslide and the point sharp
29 Sunday I went to here Mr Cottoms no Lizzy
30 Monday I fixed a place for the chickens on and drawed lgs for two bridges in the afternoon I mad the two bridges
31 Tuesday I roled my corn in the afternoon I went to Truell raising the grainrey
June 1870
1 Wednesday forenoon I went to the shop for my plough in the afternoon I ploughed for Edward for corn the ground is very hard and dry
2 Thursday forenoon ploughed Edward Trembly in the afternoon I piled some manure very dry and hot
3 Friday forenoon piled manure in the afternoon I went to stoney point to meet Lizzey she has come home from Detroit
4 Saturday forenoon playing my self in the afternoon I piled up manure washed the buggy
5 Sunday we went to church it rained a nice sh{ower}
6 Monday forenoon piled manure in the afternoon fixed the old fence back of the wheat field
7 Tuesday I piled manure all day
8 Wednesday I went to whitewash the church it began to rain about 9 to night it thundred and lighting here it rained a butful shour
9 Thursday I loged for Mitchel Trmbly to day
10 Friday I piled a little manure it is raining very near
11 Saturday I loged for hugh Gracy
12 Sunday we went to church at ten O clock
13 Monday I pulled weeds & thistles out of the barley
14 Tuesday I puled weeds out of the potatoes & oats
15 Wednesday I spread dirt on the lane in the afternoon I pulled weeds out of the oats
16 Thursday I finished piling manure and puled some weeds out of the oats rain every day the crops are looking better of the rain
17 Friday spread dirt in the afternoon cleaned wheat
18 Saturday I spread dird in the afternoon I went to Tomy Atksons to raise a stable
19 Sunday we went to church at 4 Oclock
20 Monday I went to mill with the last of my wheat
21 Tuesday I cultivated my potatoes and bean ground and harrowed the bean ground and planted my beans
22 Wednesday I comenced to hoe my potatoes
23 Thursday I hoed potatoes to day
24 Friday I am hoeing potatoes to day
25 Saturday forenoon howed potatoes in the afternoon we went to here Mr king preach
26 Sunday we went to church at eleven Oclock
27 Monday champaing and I howed potatoes to day
John Jardine
28 Tuesday champain and I finished howing potatoes in the forenoon in the afternoon howed corn
29 Wednesday tomey and I cultivated corn champain howed corn
30 Thursday champain edward and I howed corn to day to night it rained heavy shower
July the first 1870
1 Friday it is a drizzling rain most of the day I done nothing but cut a little grass at the doore
2 Saturday I went to help boby vickerman at his shed to make shingels for it
3 Sunday we went to here Mr Armstrong
4 Monday I commence to cut my hay to day
5 Tuesday I mowing hay round the fence
6 Wednesday cut hay with the machin drawed in one lode of hay comence to rain to night
7 Thursday it rained this forenoon it faired a little while it rained a heavy shower about 5 Oclock
8 Friday Theodore and I turned over hay till about three O clock we gatheredup four rows of hay
9 Saturday Theodore and I comenced to draw in hay about 10 O clock Richard dodd com with the horse rake and raked up all my hay we drawed 8 lods of hay
10 Sunday we stayed home today no church to day
11 Monday it rained heavy all forenoon it rained some this afternoon I went up to Mr Pools about my trees apple trees
12 Tuesday it is raining it is very wet this afternoon we commence to cut my wheat
13 Wednesday we Mitchel and Theodore and me cut wheat all day, Marsheal finished cutting my hay
14 Thursday Theodore and I cut wheat all day
15 Friday Theodore and i finished cuting wheat to day at supper time we put up a few hay ricks in the evening




John Jardine Sr., “John Jardine Sr. Diary, 1872-1879,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed June 22, 2024,

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