Franklin McMillan Diary, 1930


Franklin McMillan Diary, 1930


Franklin McMillan


Courtesy of Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph


April 10 - December 31, 1930




20th Century, Halton County, Nelson Township, Burlington, Ontario

Date Created

April 10, 1930

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Franklin McMillan Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


April 10th Arrived home this afternoon. weather is fine. Alan broke his arm on arrival.

April 11th Men working at hot beds theyare just fiishing painting and the look {really?} good.

April 12 uloading 5th and {las cow of mannure?}

Sunday april 13th Fine + warm home. All day alone

Mon april 14th {illegible} ready to spray heads 7 galo emulsion to a tank everything out of order only got 2 tanks on

April 15 Very cold and windy {illegible} got one tank of spray on

April 16 still cold + windy still spraying. managed to get don. but very windy

April 17 Cold + cloudy in the morning. Nelson {ploughing?} affternoon.

April 18th {Soud?} friday fine {illegible} and slated uncovering Shawn Berms

April 19th uncovering Shawn Berms look fain but rows very light

April 20th Easter sunday Bright but cold. Strong east wind had {sev hammando} for supper

April 21st Runing the {illegible} Turned sick at noon. Dysentery I guess and every body with colds too.

April 22nd very cold. uncovering SB {Shawn Berms}

April 23rd Colds this AM. Froze an inch of ice. Thermometer 26 at 8 oclock.. at 10 am ground covered with snow real {squall} Gnawing manure off Shawn Berms

April 24 still cold froze ice again this AM

April 25 Started uncovering shawn Berms again slotted a few days it was as cold and funny felling hunk. Sick stomach

April 26th a little milder today Nelson {Ploughing man?} uncovering Shawn berms. My self doing nothing feel no good

April 27th Sunday home alone weather fine

April 28th Smith slate work again. Uncovering Shawn Berms yeh.

April 29th fine + warm slated transplanting tomatoes in front boxes.

April 30th {Fine bed?} planting tomatoes in boxes {4400} weather fine and warm

April 30 May 1st Transplanting tomatoes yeh. Had a big shower this morning. Had an examination by the dr. says to quit {wak?} for awhile

May 2nd Very windy today planting tomatoes and also planting cukes more showers + a thunder storm in the afternoon with hail as large as marbles.

May 3rd Strawberry plants arrived 12000 cost $51.00 for the plants $10.30 duty + $2270 {illegible} total $8450. They look pretty good.

Mat 4th Sunday fine + warm

May 5th Planting Strawberries with the planter done about 10000 today. very warm need rain {badly?} too. Cut 2 {ears?} asparagus for the {buist}

May 6th Planted out Cabbages 6000 this morning. very warm today a few of the early plums coming into blossom, strawberries planted yesterday look cooked. planted 20lbs {Davis Way} beans and put 1 ton of 4-16-8 fertilizer on raspberries and cut 8 {lohts?} asparagus.

May 7th + 8th + 9th still digging and planting strawberries also planted early corn and pumpkins. nearly done up. got two teeth pulled.

May 10th finished planting strawberries about 6 acres.

May 11th Sunday fine and warm

May 12th finished transplanting tomatos and planted 2 ozs cauliflower seed and 4 ozs bush vegetables marrows.

May 13th Watering {illegible} and started whoe strawberries

May 14th Light showers will do a lot of good men clipped horses chew wood and look stranger to get overhauled

May 15th still a few showers hoeing strawberries

May 16th Hoeing strawberrries

May 17th Colder today planting potates and replaning strawberries filling up.

May 18th Sunday cloudy and cold all day.

May 19th Rain all day biggest this spring also very cold. about 40 and 45 all day.

May 20th Clear and little milder. replanting strawberries yet. thousands dead of the first planting, bad roots and guess. warm weather then

May 21st Fine and warm men hoeing strawberries.

May 22 Very warm today hoeing strawberries

May 23rd warm about 90. Started planting out tomatoes.

May 24th a big change very cool today planting out tomatoes.

May 25th Sunday cold about 55 this afternoon. 32 at 5:30 this a.m. with a light white frost.

May 26th Planting tomatoes very cold light frosts and guess no damage here. Had to start spraying no good no pressure.

May 27th still cold plating tomatoes and got on 6 tanks of spary. a little milder tonight. looks like rain.

May 28th, cold and showering. spraying and hoeing strawberries.

May 29th, 30th and 31st. Windy and cold, frosts nearly every morning but not heavy to do any damage here. Spraying and hoeing strawberries, 27 tanks on now about 3 more to finish seems and be lots of cherries and plums and quite a lot of pears.

June 1st, Sunday warmer but very windy from South Wests.

June 2nd, finsihed spraying and planting tomatoes about 18000 in all.

June 3rd Planted out about 12000 peppers very warm and windy.

June 4th. Planting {illegible} marrows and peppers still very warm, finished planting about 15000 peppers in all.

June 5th men all hoeing cultivating and ploughing very warm over 90 had an examination at the Ham Clinic no report yet.

June 6th cooler today a few light showers hoeing new strawberries lots of them dead they say.

June 7th very cold west windand cloudy.

June 8th Sunday Cool

June 9th Hoeing and cultuvationg

June 10th showering heavy all day and cool

June 11th bright but cool got 3 more teeth pulled. picked first strawberries 4x36's sold at - 13er point

June 12th fine and warmer planted out cauliflower yesterday. ground in good shape but plants very small

June 13th the picked 14x36 strawberries sold at 10 at 20th 30, 18th, at 17th

June 14th fine and warm, men hoeing bushes, blackberries in full bloom now fast white . am afraid that they will be no good though

JUne 15 Sunday fine and warmer

June 16th a few light showers in the night and this morning picked strawberries in the rain sent 2 v crates to Toronto by our truck at 10 oclock sold at 10 00 25et {at 23 - et bat 18 th and down 700 20th 10et?} 2th crates noon, at 15 crates at night, 63 crates in all.

June 17th Bid slimey in berries down to 7et pint in Toronto

June 18th sold here today 102 crates to scott at 83/4 et and 25 to Davidson at 84

June 19th Showery and cold only picked 55 x 36 strawberries today. sold at 8 3/4 ets. June 20th cool. again picked 111 crates strawberries.

June 21st Dean and his boys out to stay a couple of days

June 22nd Sunday fine and warm

June 23rd our biggest picing of berries 196 and 27 crates

June 24thno picking today

June 25th Only 96 crates strawberries today and nearly done picked 2 {illegible} Richmond cherries and 2 of white sweets ripe very early this year

June 26th showery about noon. continued most of the day. picked 7 {illegible} Richmonds at 60th and 5 white sweets at 75 th

June 27 cold and cloudy and high winds picked 68 crates strawberries 20 crates Richmond cherries 14 crates sweets 75 4 white

June 28th Fine and cool {illegible} cherries again got on 6 1/2 {illegible}

June 29th SUnday fine and warmer. went to La Salle Park for a couple {illegible}

June 30 Very warm nothing picking on account of the

holiday tomorrow men still spraying takes 11 {illegible} to go our cherries

July 1stpicked 42 crates strawberries 55 Richmond cherries sold Scott at 57th 11x6 sweet . Big rain about 1 ochlock. lasted nearly all afternoon pickes all soaked.

July 2nd picked 77 Richmond cherries sold 45 of both 55th to shipped balance to Toronto sold at 30 to 44 ibs pre 11 etc.

July 3rd Picked 30 Richmonds and 10 sweets today

July 4 finished Richmond cherries had 205 x 11 baskets cut 6 crates cabbages sold at 90 x 20 black cherries at 75th

July 5 no picking today men hoeing old strawberry beds ... a little warmer looks like rain today picked 45 fruits ropes yesterday for the first sold at 254 fruit.

July 6th Sunday fine and warm

July 7th Picked 91 cherries sipped 66 north at 85th and sold 25 at - 75th and 22 x 6 qts black sweets at 754,,16 beans at 50th

July 8th 59 x 11 monts today 85th 23x 6's blacks. 4 beans

July 9th 78 cherries, 26 beans 29 x 6 sweet cherries black

4 crates prasps and 12 x 6 green peppers. the first of the season sold at 604 - {illegible} 6 qts.

July 10 Picked 262 cherries today prices 65 to 85th 15 beans at 40 and 50th

July 11 Only picked 98 {illegible} cherries and 3 crates rasps 25 {illegible} beans today 40x

July 12th picke 86 cherries for Scott at 70x and sen 7 rates Rasps to Toronto sold at 184

July 13th Rain and cool. another thunder storm in the night

Jult 14th Picked 416 x 11 cherries today and 6 crates cabbages

July 15th picked 314 x 4 cherries and 22 doz Cabbages. 14x11 pepper 21 crates Rasps sold at 13th

July 16th Picked 409 cherries today getting ccheap sold 150 to Scott at 624. 105 {illegible} at 654 balance north at 80th, 35 qts a dozne

July 17 Only picked 208 cherries today and 3 crates Cabbages

July 18 only picked 77 cherries shipped north a few at 80 but mostly 75th 5 cabbages and 11 beans picked one six quart of Tomatos and 1 x 11 Cucumbers for the first 11 days ahead of first picking last year. weather very warm.

July 19th Sat picked 13 crates Rasps - 106 x 11 cherries 65th 90 x 6 qts for Davidson 45th 25 for Scott 35th

July 20 Sunday very warm was down to {Hicks?} for tes Uncle Dave arrived yesterday a week.

July 21 Very busy 465 x 11 cherries from 67 1/2 to 75th 20 beans 40 and 45. 8 {illegible} 75th 8 crates 50th

July 22. Picked 33 crates Rasps 223 x 11 cherries today

July 23 Picked 2 and 3 x 11 cherries at 65 - 67nand 75th . 170 x 60's 42 1/2 15 crates cabbages - 50th 11 {illegible} 60 12 beans 40. worked till nearly eight oclock.

July 24 picked 175 cherries and 14 crates rasps very warm

July 25 vry warm and day only picked 54 cherries and a few beans and {illegible} strawberries crop totals was 374 x 36 pints and 412 x 275 quarts about half as many as last year and prices lower 12 1/2 at {illegible} last year and 11 et this year

July 26 picked 16 crates rasps and 142 cherries

July 27th. Very warm had {Grandma?} B - out for a {illegible} of cherries

July 28th terrible hot and day plants all wilting picked cherries a few rasps 21 {illegible} tomatos shipped north at 90th also picked first plums {illegible} (5) {illegible} at 70th and first vegetable marrow also first sweet pepper

July 29th cooler today. but no rain. a beg turn over at yesterdays Dominion election. Last town the Lilerads Had 110 Seats. this year time Consenates have 138 seats. was at {illegible} {illegible} {illegible} funeral {illegible} crowd there. he died suddenly Saturday morning

July 30. no rain yet and very warm picked a last 40 tomatoes sold at 90 754

July 31st picked one crate black berries for the first and 20 x 4 cherries

Aug 1st. Han a run on cabbages today 53 crates for Scott and Bullock, at 50 and crates - 80 tomatoes at 75 north and 60 crates to Deades. 29 cucumbers 55 andvery hot day yeh. finished picking cherries 39.5 x 11's mont 205 x 11's Richmonds 310 x 6's mont 160 x 6 sweets prices pretty low from 654 to deades 75 and 85 north

aug 1 beans done also had sold 232 {illegible} at from 35 to 11 504 {illegible} totaled $100.00

Aug 2nd nothing doing today. very warm also finished picking raspberries yeaterday had about 140 crates.

aug 3rd Sunday very warm had slow blow over and went for a icnic

aug 4th very warm yet picked 170 tomatoes, 92 plums, 15 cbbages

aug 5th no rain yet every thing gettting worse. Tornatos. Worst we ever had rough and day rot. picked 177 lohts, 36 plums 13 lohts apples and 17 Hamper apples.

Aug 6th. Picking tomatoes and plums. very hot

Aug 7th no rain yet picked 131 tomatoes shipped 60 plums and picking for {illegible} Jam {illegible}. sold him plums at 24 all except {illegible} at 1 1/2 all

Aug 8th first load to {illegible} 203 x 11 {illegible} plums. picked 223 tons sold 142 at 454 shipped 81 north at 60 and 6 crates Lawtons 17 plums and 100 x 6 qts plus Red Jams to Scott at 22th

aug 9 Saturday picked 154 tons and 122 plums for {illegible} for monday a.m.

aug 10th a big change in the weather. cool this morning. 66 at 10 a.m.

aud 11th a big day today 214 tons at 454 314 lums at 404 some peppers, cabbages, cucumbers, etc. fair and cool. saw the big {illegible} R.100 over here from England

Aug 12. weather fine and cool a big day but everyhing getting cheap.

aug 13. Tomatoes 30 to 40and picked 250 {illegible} plums at 30 and oicked 530 lohts in all also 100 dozne corn and 5 crates blackberries

aug 14 a light shower this a.m. and a thunder shower at 5 p.m. picked 150 tomatoes and 200 plums.

aug 15 took 261 plums to {illegible} this a.m. 215 ready to go tomorrow a.m. sold Scott 130 {illegible} 70 tomatoes and shipped 64 tomatoes and 8 crates Lawtons.

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Franklin McMillan, “Franklin McMillan Diary, 1930,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed July 17, 2024,
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