William Barnes Diary, 1834-1836


William Barnes Diary, 1834-1836

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December 10, 1834

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William Barnes Diary Collection


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Diary Written by William Frances Banrs (Barnes) In Canada.
Dec 10
Went to see Drakette and Henry. Agreed to build house 16 ft
by 18feet with a leanto 8 ft on one side for 35 dollars. Said
Wm. King to find all the materials for building same and to
deliver them on the spot. Said house I am to rent for the t e r m
of six months for the interest on the moneys. The building
costs and garden not included. Paid sixpence for wiskey and
12 cants for apple. Clear.
Framed on Knight's -shed at sawmill on Byham. Received 10 lbs
of pork of Lavi Barry for washboard. Went to Mrs Heacalls on
a visit in evening. Wife went up in the forenoon. Had a pleasant
time. Was quite unwell in evening. Rec'd 11/2cups of tea. Clear
and cool.
Finished a toilet for Wm Meacall. Mr Buck came here to work
Knight's men commenced mending the dam. Raft of lumber went
through the raceway at 11 o'clock. Clear.
Dec 13
Raised a shed 12 ft by 24 ft at the mill for John Knight.
Workedat a toilet part of day for Wm Meacall. J . wright was
here at the raising and agreed to be hart again next Tuesday
to settle with me. Quite unwell in evening. Wife washed in
forenoon. Complained of a pain in her back and hips. Is better
this evening.
Dec 14
Sabbath. Went to D. Mikennys, returned after sunset. Wife
sick and in bed. Called at E. Goodmans, who was not at home.
Commenced preparations to move to street. This is the coldest
day we have yet seen this winter.
Dec 15
More mild and quite pleasant. Finished toilet for Wm Meacall.
Wife and son was here on a visit this evening. Framed the shed
rafters and sent one load of goods to D. Mikennys on the street,
and expect to go myself tomorrow. Received in goods $4.50.
Dec 16
Anxiously awaited the arrival of Mr Mikenny to take the
remainder of my furniture to his place. No sign of him at
dark. All packed and in readiness. No team came and we went
to Enoch Woodmans and left my wife and went to D. Mikwennys.
Clear and cold.
Dec 17
Brought one load of goods to the street. Clear and cold.
Dec 18
Brought last load from Madcalfs mills. Mikenny went with me
for them and agreed with Wm Anderson for lumber. Clear at
$61/2and common at $4. To pay in hay at 4 per ton.
Dec 19
Worked 1/2 day for D. Mikenny, is the afternoon went to Vienna.
Called at C.B.Hewetts on my way and staid all night at S.
Elliots.Saw Mr. Elijah Woodman. Saw John Wright. Saw Mr. Alt
and Mr Legogue in the evening.
Dec 21
Sabbath. Returned from Vienna to the street. Found W.
Berlin at Mr Pounds where my wife is boarding. Brought home
goods $9.33. Clear and cold.
Dec 22
Worked for D. Mikenny on house. Clear and cold.
Dec 23
Worked for Mikenny part of day. Tried to buy a corner lot
from Solomon Moore. Did not succeed. Clear and cold.
Dec 24
Worked on D. Mikenny's house, who went to Vienna. Rec'd 1
stick of tape. Agreed to work tomorrow for blacksmith.
Dec 25
Worked on an ox frame for blacksmith for which he agreed to
pay me 20/ for Ruttecy agrees to give 4/ extra. Rec'd a subpoena
for next court Jany 3rd. Geo Hill versus J. Wright on part of
plaintiff. Quite cold.
Dec 27
Was quite unwell. Went to bed about noon, was very sick all
night. Took a sweat.
Dec 26
Worked on {illegible}. Last evening Miss Mary McKenny was
taken suddenly ill with, cholic. Was very unwell all day. Clear
and pleasant but cold.
Dec 28
Sabbath. Better this morning. Went in the evening to a Methodist meeting about three miles
delightful country. Clear and quite cold.
Dec 29
Ratherworse this morning. Took cold last evening. Visit
from Mr Butter. Went to McKennys, staid until late in the
evening. Came home and found wife sick, Was some better this
evening myself. Rec'd 11/ which paid butter and some goods.
Dec 30
Much Better this morning, both myself and wife. Went to
Jeremiah Moore's to grind some tools. Went to Daniel Abells,
saw the oil mill, saw Mr Chamber's cabinet factory. In the
afternoon went to D. McKenny's prepared to begin work again. Mild a
Dec 31
Spent the forenoon trying to bargain for a village lot.
Failed and went to McKenny's and in the afternoon began to
repair an old sleigh. McKenny and Inddington talked over the
affairs of the shop. My wife this day continued to board herself
in.D. Pamda upper room. Drought over a few dishes and a table.
Prepared to bid Adieu to the old and hail the new with a happy
Jan 1
Worked for McKenny in the forenoon on a door made by Dennis.
In the afternoon worked on a sleigh. Saw a large deer killed by
Alex Boors. Stormy. Cold and blustery with snow.
Jan 2
Worked on sleigh for McKenny. Finished it this day. Mrs Pound
had a son return from the states named Isreal. Cold and squally
with intervale of snow. Rec'd 12/ trade.
Jan 3
Went to court at Smith and Humphreys. Subpoenaed by G.Hill in
a case with J. Wright, who gained the case of lying to A.D. Draper.
Clear and cold.
Sabbath. Spent a great part of the day at home. Saw and conversed
with Jeremian Moore of this place. Went in the evening to sit up
with Mary McKenny, who was very sick. Phebe Moore and Elijah Lane
accompanied me. Came home a little before daylight and went to
Jan 5
Worked this day at B. Mclennys. They removed Mary McKenny in a
sleigh to Jeramiah Moore's where she will be more comfortable
than at home. Cold with fine sunshine.Rec'dingoods1/.
Jan 6
Worked at D. McKennys. In the P.M. went to a raising atS.Moores.
Finished this frame without anything material happening.
Was inwell this day. Cloudy and quite cold.
Jan 7
Worked for B. KcKanay on house. Saw Sam1
! HcKenny. Cold and clear
and more mild in
Jan 8
In the forenoon witnessed receipts for S. Moore, B. McKennyand Wm Luxon. In the evening want to J
who I think will not live long. Came hone in evening and
found wife quite unwell which prevented me from attending a
meeting at Smith and Humphrey's this evening for the purpose of
taking into consideration the best mode of making the Otter Greek
navigable to this place. Clear and cold.
Jan 9
Worked at B. MeKenny's,Saw and approved the proceedings of last
Jan 10
Went to a meeting for the purpose of ascertaining the possibility
of making the Otter Creek navigable from its mouth to its source.
The object of the meeting was however thwarted by John Burwell, Esq
from Port Burwell who brought forward other resolutions which were
passed and a petition of his drafting was produced by him and
signed by two thirds of the people present.Mild,clearandpleasant.
Jan 11
Sabbath. Went to Jeremiah Moore's and spent a very agreeable
afternoon in good company. Clear and quite warm and pleasant.
Jan 12
Worked for D. McKenny on house. In the evening heard the unwelcome
news that I was obliged to look for a house to live in. Passed the
evening very disagreeably and in greatanxiety in consequence of it.
Warm with snow.
Jan 13
Want to J. Moore' s with whom I made a following agreement vis;
That I am to saw in his sawmill if he should require me so to
do. He furnishes me with a house to live in till I can build a
house for myself on the street on a lot he sells me for the sum
of ten dollars. Warm with rain.
This day I moved to J . Moore's through mid ankle deep and was
obliged to bring part of my furniture down hill by hand which was
a very laborious task. Got settled by evening without any material
accident. Quite w a r m with rain.
Jan 15
Was quite unwell. Went to D. McKennys and put in sash in front
window. Warm with rain.
Jan 16
Worked for D. McKenny Made a window frame and eased it. Dressed
out and put down base to a room. Cased door and began partition.
Cold and blustery with snow.
Jan 17
Was summoned to a court of request held at Smith and Humphreys
by Geo. Hill of the town. Lost the ease and came heme at dark.
Cloudy and cold.
Jan 18
Sabbath. Went to meeting in the evening at the school house
between the two Otter Creeks. Came back to J . Moore's and spent
two or three hours in conversation. Cloudy and cold.
Jan 19
Went to Vienna. At the Medcalf Mill on my return and arrived
back heme at dark. Saw my Father in Vienna. Rec'd in goods $13.
Weather was moderate with snow in evening.
Jan 20
- Cut wood in the forenoon. In the P.H. went to D. McKennys. Saw
and conversed with James Jackson and Mr 0shorn. Warm and cloudy.
Jan 21
Was unwell in forenoon. In the P.
Theo Metcalf was here and brought a coat for my wife to turn.
Warm with rain.
Jan 22
Worked for McKenny. Cane home in the evening, brought home a
short broad axe adme and two Jack chisels. Moderately warm and
Jan 23
Worked for D. Williams. Finishedplastering.DMcKinneyreturnedfrom London this evening, about seven oclock
washerethis evening. Clear and pleasant.
Jan 24
Worked for self. The Wesleyan Methodist quarterly meeting this
day commenced at the chapel in Malehide Got a screw driver made
this day at the shop. Warm andpleasant,clear.
Jan 25
Sabbath. Stayed In Fruitfull Valley. Was quite unwell with a
Diorhee. Went to J. Moore's In theevening.Warmandrain.
Jan 26
Was quite unwell with old complaint. Went to B. McKennys and
hunga door- and put in sash and glass in the long bedroom. This
day Mary mcKenny went from J Moore's to her fathers, being in a
manner recovered from her illness. W a r m and pleasant.
Jan 27
Wentto D. McKennys. Worked part of day. Parted from. Mr Osborne
(a fine man) at D. McKennys who is going on his Journey west.
Jen 28
Oat wool at the door. Ground ay framing tools, axes etc and in
P.M. cut wood in the woods. Quite warm and like to lose our snow
which fell last evening about two inches.
Jan 29
Brought my chest of tools from D. McKennys to Fruitfull Valley.
In the morning went to J. Sommers where I was detained till night.
Got18 lbs of pork from Sommers. Warm and pleasant.
Jan 30
Worked on a panel door for J. Moore and ground tools. This day
it rained almost all day. Quite warm.
Jan 31
Finished a door. Rec'd a summons in court of requests from w.
Rymerdirected to F. Barns. Rec'd a capias from J. Wallace of
Brantford. Served by A. Baker, Amt 445 cy, Gave bail and Baker
went (illegible) on bail for me. Gave my note for 5 shillings.
Rec'd a summons in court of requests from Cornell Norwich.
Am't 28.21/2cy served by Malcolm. Cold and stormy. Snow.
Feb 1
Sabbath. Staid at home in Fruitfull Valley all day. Colored
lining for frock cravat and in evening went to J. Moore's.
Saw the young people play and came home at 10 o'clock. Wife was
taken with a fainting fit but soon recovered from it again. This
day was cold and stomy. Wind and snow.
Feb 2
Cut wood and prepared to leave here in the morning for Brantford.
Borrowed $ 1 of P. Moore for expense money. Broke my axe and ground
it up again. Cloudy and cold.
Feb 3
Left Fruitful! valley at 1/2 past 10 oclook A.II. Went by Durchan
Forge to Horwitsh, arrived at the settlement at dark. Weat to
singing school. Staid till 9 oclook, went thence to Luke Peasles' arrived n
Clear and cold.
Feb 4
Went t
- my father in law's whore I took breakfast thane e to
Andres Smith. Want in the evening to Egbert Hilliker's, staid
all night and took breakfast next morning. Cold.
Feb 5
Went to Sodom with A. Smith. Saw Thos Killuce but done no business
with him. Saw J .P. Barns. Staid all night at Sutton's, who is
keeping a tavern in Sodom. Colder.
Feb 6
Settled with M. Stover and John Stover. Gave the later a note
due 30 days from date, value $25.50. Staid all night at A. Sarles.
Came back next morning. Cold.
Feb 7
Settled with J . Wallace by Thos Wallace. Was at court, saw a.
Waugh, Came back from Sodom then went to Andes again. Took supper
at H. Bankers then went to W.J. Moores and H. Avery's and thence
to father in laws. Staid all night. Very cold.
Feb 8
Sabbath. Fixed for home again. Sam'l came with me to Byhan.
Left there at 11 oclock. Came home by the forge. Got home after
dark, found all in good health and spirits. This was the coldest
day we have had yet.
Feb 9
Cut wood and made axe helve. Went to the ford and cut wood also
quite lame with walking from Norwich. Caught cold. Clear and
quite cold.
Feb 10
Hade door for J,Moore, in the evening went to D. McKenny's
Saw Mr Osborne, James Moors and wife were there. Gave Mr. Osborne
an estimate on cost of saw mill. Clear and quite cold.
Feb 11
Made 2 doors for J, Moore. In the evening Mary and Phebe Moore
was here. Phebe was unwell with an ulcer tooth. I borrowed two
books in which 1 spent the evening agreeably. Cold with flurrys
of snow.
Feb 12
Went to D. McKenny's who was quite unwell. Returned at sunset.
Found wife making soap. Good Success with it. Clear and mild.
Feb 13
Three or four inches of snow this morning. Worked a part of
day on door for J. Moore. The rest of day chopped wood at the door.
Satisfied that I shall enjoy life without as much anxiety for food
and raiment as most others. Warm with snow.
Feb 13
Want for horse for wife to go to Norwich. Did not succeed.
Wife at length concluded to go with Mr Moore's team. After-
noon and evening spent in making preparations. Cloudy and cold.
Feb 14
Sabbath. This morning my better half started at half past
three with Daniel Moore and four others in a sleigh for Norwich.
This was the lonesomest day I ever experienced. Looked over my
papers and books and spent the day very unhappy.
About 2 inches of snow.
Feb 16
Was quite unwell all night and this morning felt down right
sick. Kept to my bed the greater part of day. Still all looks
forsaken. Mora snow last evening. Cloudy.
Feb 17
Much better this morning. Still looks gloomy. Started for
Vienna this P.M. but only part way. Saw Rayner Sons. Returned
at night to my forsaken home. Cloudy and warm.
Feb 18
Made a door for J. Moore. In the evening parched some corn.
Still all looks forsaken but hope inspires me at times. Warm, cloudy with signs of
Feb 19
Made 1 door for J. Moore. Came in at night. I cooked my supper
fully realising what was said of man in the first age of the world
vig- It is not good for man to live alone. Mild but no rain.
Broken clouds. Still all looks forsaken and lonely.
Feb 20
Made two doors for J. Moore. Very tired this morning and almost
sick of housekeeping. Beginning to look anxiously for my wife.
Cloudy and warm.
Feb 21
Scrubbed the house in the morning and then went to court at
Smith and Humphrey's. Case with B. Rayner. Lost it in the evening.
Saw a drunken Byham squabble. Warm with rain.
Feb 22
Sabbath. Went to Norwich with Sam'l Peaslee who came here
yesterday with a letter from my wife to me, wishing me to come
here as soon as possible. Arrived about 3 oclock wet and tired,
Quite warm with rain.
Feb 23
Went to A. Smith's to get him to move my things to Norwich.
Feb 24
Came back Byham's with Smith's team in evening, loaded one
chest and packed two or three others (illegible). Warm and fine.
Hare follows a dull and cheerless blank in my affairs. Moved
to Norwich kept no acc't. Met with frequent disappointments,
till April 19. Was at fathers on Easter day. Rainy, cold and
April 20
Came back to fathers. Was cold and rainy.
.April 21
Came up on street to get team to move me there. Squally with
intervals of snow.
April 22
Moved to Hart's shop on fourth concession. Squally and cold.
April 23
Went to Jacob Stover`s to take Job of work, Expect to get an
answer on Saturday. More mild and sunshine.
April 24
Worked about house on small chairs. Clear and cold.
April 25
Here follows an interval of sickness and trouble. My wife having
an uncommon sickness till-
July 15
Mrs Barns was safely delivered of a male infant at half past
& oclock A.M. attended by Dr Harvey Ross. (Note: This was Joel
July 16
Quite smart in appearance and appeared in a fair way to recovery
July 17
Wentto mothers for Mrs Rains to work. Found her unwell.
July 18
Gradually growing worse. Jane Lawson came here to work.
July 19
Sabbath. Wife much worse. Went for Dr Rosa who came and staid
all night with us. Wife something better,-
July 20
this morning but grew worse in after part of day.
July 21
Gradually growing worse. Bid not expect her to live through
the night.
July 22
Very low. No signs of her growing better,yet.
July 23
Some better. I went to Cromwell's lower settlement and traded
with him to amount of L 1-15 -9 in goods.
July 24
Wife still growing better. This day spent in the shop making
a cradle and dovetailing drawers. H, Banker and wife was here to
see my sick wife (Notes Mrs Banker was Eunice, a sister of Martha
Barns.) Rain in evening.
Wife still growing better. Went to town for some butter, got
none. Returned to J. Titus who sent some cake butter and candles
to my wife. Very acceptable indeed.
July 25
Wife growing bitter fast. Mrs Rains went to J. Titus on her
way home. Quite warm and showery.
July 26
Sabbath. Wife still growing better. A. Smith was here
July 27
Wife gaining slowly. Finished cradle and made a stand. Lois
came. Cloudy and cool.
July 28
Wife still growing better. Worked in shop on stand.
July 29
Worked in shop. Made a chest for Mrs Avery. Price 20/
Joel was weighed this day being two weeks old. Weight 81/2lbs.
July 30
Wife much better. Worked in shop, finished chest of drawers and
brought it to house. Warm and cloudy, rain in evening front H.W.
July 31
Wife better. Sat up in a chair some time. Joel is getting quite
sick with a sore mouth. Old Mrs Moyer came and washed his mouth.
I worked in shop. Made a chest of drawers for sale. Clear and cool
with a breeze from S.W.
Aug 1
Worked in forenoon on a chest of drawers for Mrs Jane Johnson
who has been nursing my wife. She will stay this week. Also in
P.M. went to a raising at Mr Boyers in Durham. Got home late in
evening. Wife much better. Clear and cool.
Aug 2
Sabbath. Wife much better. Staid at home. Mild and pleasant.
Aug 3
Went to mother's Bought an adge of Mrs Hains price $ 3 paid
in wheat at Mr Stovers * Amos Smith was expelled from this Society
of Methodists this morning. Saw George Wangh this day at Hillman's
Hillman's infant died. Cool and pleasant. North wind.
In the A.M. Made a coffin for the Hillman child, In the after-
noon went to B. Wright's who raised his bam,
Aug 5
Worked at Wright's & the rest of 5'th and on the )
Aug 6
Went to Wright's andcommencedwork at 12 oclock. Clear and
Aug 7
Framed at Wright's. Warm days and cool nights.
Framed at Wright's. N.J. Major's child died, aged 4 weeks and
was buried. Came home at night. Found wife much better.CathurnGurkcommencedwork at my home
Aug 9
Sabbath. Worked on a tool chest over and made a sugar cheat of
it. Clear and warm.
Aug 10
Quite unwell this morning with a sore throat. Sam'l was here to
dinner. Want with him on My way to Wright's .Arrived there in
P.M. Quite unwell but worked a little. Warm.
Aug 11
Worked at Wright's. Throat very sore. Clear.
Aug. 12
Raised frame at Wright's and came home very sick -with my Sore
throat. And unable to cut (illegible). Very warm.
Aug 13
Very sick this morning. Done nothing all day. Got 1 bottle
British Oil at Town's. Rain in morning
Aug 14
Still sick. In P.M. vent to Town's to work.
Aug 15
Still sick. A. Boice was here in morning. Worked at Town's. Warm
in A.M. Rain about 4 oclock- P.M.
Aug 16
Sabbath. At 4. oclock Mrs Lucy Flukan was safely deliver of of
a young son. I and Dr Ross wife went in P.M, on a visit to H.
Avery's. I want with her. Cool and pleasant.
Aug 17
Worked at Towns. Finished laying floor. Clear and warm.
Aug 18
In A.M. worked in shop on chest of drawers. In P.M. drawed wood.
Cool and rainy.
Aug 19
Worked in shop in forenoon. In P.M. quite lame with my back.
Clear and cool.
Aug 20
Last evening my wife was taken with Cholera Morbus, very ill.
Checked the disorder by 8 oclock in A ,M. Worked in shop after
trying to work at Town's. Cold and rain.
Aug 21
Wife better. Worked in shop. Cold and rain.
Aug 22
Worked at Town's in A.M. In P.M. went to father's for butter,
Gotthree pounds. Clear.
Aug 23
Sabbath. Cradled wheat at fathers. Came home in evening tired
Wife much better, repaired tools. Cut wood.
Coldand rainy.
Aug 25
Made clothes horse for wife. Cold and rainy.
Aug 26
Packed tools. In A.M. A.M. Kurt began to harvest wheat near our
house. Rain in P.M.. I went to Wright's.
Aug 27
Worked at Wright's. Put on part of roof. Clear and rain in evening.
Aug 28
Worked at Wright's, finished roof, came home in evening. Clear.
Aug 29
Staid at home. Quite unwell. Rain in P.M. this evening Boice
and Pruitt had their trial in the church which I attended. Cold
in the evening with frost.
Staid at home in A.M. In P.M. went to hay marsh for high cranberries. Got
Aug 31
Dissapointed about some flour. Sold beds- to Town.
Sept 1
Went to B. Wright's. Made bench. Clear.
Sept 2
Made window frames 12 lights, corner boards, drip tables. ace
planes. Clear and frost.
Sept 3
Ground tools at Root's Went to raising.. Clear.
Sept 4
Sided up on end of house at B. Wright's. -Clear.
Sept 5
Worked at Wright's. Made door frames. Clear.
Sept 6
Sided a little, went home at night. Clear.
Sept 7
Staid at home and made garden fence in A.M.~In P.M. went to
marsh. Got cherries and wife went with me. I went farther for
cranberrys. Clear.
Sept 8
Sabbath. Went to marsh. Got cranberrys in great plenty. Cold
and rainy all day.
Sept 9
Staid at home. Made soap. Cloudy vith rain.
Sept 10
Went with wife to her mother's and thense to Wright's. Worked
a little. Clear and pleasant.
Sept 11
Sided north side of Wright's house part up. Clear.
Sept 12
Worked at Wright's. Wife cane to Wright's on a visit with Luke's
wife. Went in P.M. to Wilcox's. Cane back at dark. Mary went boat,
my wife staid.all night. Clear.
Sent 13
Staid all night at Wright's. Very heavy rain all day. Came to
my wife's mothers in P.M. Staid all night.
Sept 14
Sabbath. Went to cranberry marsh. Got a few cranberrys and some
axe helves. Sam'l went with me. Cloudy.
Sept 15
Brought my wife home again in A.M. In P.M. cut wood, was unwell.
Lowry weather, cloudy and a little rain.
Sept 16
Went to Wright's. Hard frost last night. Clear.
Sept 17
Worked at Wright's. Finished bedrooms. Clear.
Sept 19
Came home from Wright's. This day I am 28 years old. (1835) Rain.
Sept 13
Made sash at Wright's. Hard frost again. Clear.
Sept 20
Sabbath. Staid at home Hancock was here for me to go to work for
him. Promised him. Cold with rain.
Sept 21
Went to Wright's for tools in A.M. In P.M. went to Towns with
Joel who is very sick. Cold with rain.
Sept 22
Went to Hancocks and commenced framing corn house, 16 X 20 ft.
12 ft posts. Clear in A.M. Clear in A.M. Smart frost.
Sept 23
Framed at Hancock's. Dull and cloudy with a little rain.
Sept 24
Raisedcorn house frame and came home at night. Clear.
Sept 25
Repaired chimney back and brought up some wood. Clear. Smart
Sept 26
Quite unwell all day. Cut some wood. Clear.
Sept 27
Sabbath. In A.M. went to Town's. Saw Simmons and Avery there.
In P.M. went to hay marsh. Cloudy and rain.
Sept 28
.Went to Wright's. Worked part of day. Came home at night, got
some butter at Wilcox's. Cold and rain.
Sept 29
Cut wood at home. Mrs Avery and Mrs Crawford was here on a
visit. Gave a letter to Town to carry to Dr Dumcomb for land in
Durham. This day we had some flurrys of snow. Cold.
Sept 30
Went to Wright's in P.M. Rec'd some abuse from M. Avery. Despised
his anger and left him. Laid a little floor. Cloudy in A.M. Rain
in P.M.
Oct 1
Worked at Wright's this day. Orrin Avery married Elizer Towm,
both of this place. John Avery was here at Wright's. Rain and Warn.
Oct 2
Made sash at Wright's. Saw J. Woodward. Rain.
Oct 3
Hade a pattern for a landside for a plow for Wright in A.M. In
P.M. came home, Henry Banker was here in P.M. Joseph Moyer drawed
wood for me. Clear.
Oct 4.
Sabbath. Went to cranberry marsh, got some grapes, plums and
wife was very sick last night with cramps in her back. W. Post
and Sam'l was here to tea. Cold and rainy. Wind in N.W.
Oct 5
In the A.M. cut wood. In P.M. went to Wright's. Saw J.M. Kee at
my house. Pound S. Lewis from Oxford there. Cold and rain.
Oct 6
Laid floor at Wright's. Lewis went home. Came home in evening
with butter. Rain.
Oct 7
Went to Wright's. Worked at base. Cold and rain.
Oct 8
Laid floor and cased door. Cloudy with rain in evening.
Oct 9
Worked on eve trough's and laid upper floor. Clear.
Oct 10
Laid rest of floor and cased door and windows in A.M. In P.M.
went to J. Woodwards who was not at home and from thence home.
Oct 11
Sabbath. Went to haymarsh. Marthe and Harriet Avery accompanied
me. Got fruit of different kinds, among others plums. Perserved
a jar of them in P.M. Pulled onions from our garden and laid them
away for winter. Joel was quite sick this evening. Cloudy and warm.
Oct 12
Went to Wright's to work again. Put up eve troughs. Clear.
Oct 13
Put on freise and inclosed front of house. Warm and clear.
Oct 14
Willard Smith and Parker come to build chimney for Wright. I
made and hung two bedroom doors. Clear and warm.
Oct 15
Made back door and set glass in evening. Clear and warm.
Oct 16
Made two six panel doors, put in window stops. Clear.
Oct 17
Hun g doors in A.M. Came home in P.M. Found wife well and in
good spirits. Cloudy with a little rain.
Oct 18
Sabbath. Rain last evening and this morning with wind from S.W.
Wife is going to the settlement on a visit. A. Smith was here.
Still lowry at 12 oclock.
Oct 19
Went to Wright's. Commenced work again. Rain.
Oct 20
Worked at Wright's on closet. Rain.
Oct 21
Worked at Wright's. A. Swarthout was here. Wants his house. Rain.
Oct 22
Worked at east end of house. Apple cut in evening. Rain.
Oct 23
Finished work at Wright's but could not get settlement. Rain
came home in evening and prepared to move from here.
Oct 24
Staid last night at A. Smith's with wife. Went this morning to
Mrs Hains and from thence to my mother's with Smith's team,
returned in P.M. to W. Lawson's. Staid all night. Clear. Cool wind
from south.
Oct 25
Came home on foot. A. Swarthout married Julia Town, both of
this place. Clear in A.M, Cloudy in P.M.
Oct 26
A. Swarthout was here and talked of house. Did not agree to
leave it for three weeks. Warm and rain.
Oct 27
Went to J. Woodwards to work. Worked 1/2 day. Clear and warm.
Oct 28
Worked at Woodwards. Laid floor. Clear and warm.
Oct 29
Worked for Woodward. Made door and window frames. Anthony Moyer
was married to Abram Price's widow. Clear and warm.
Oct 30
Worked at Woodwards. Fixed forsiding.Clearandwarm.
Oct 31
Worked at Woodwards. Made window frames in A.M. In P.M. came
home. Saw G.D. Long and A. Swarthout. Found all well at home.
Colder last evening and this morning.
Nov 1
Sabbath. Wesley and Sam`l Peaslee was here. Went in the evening
on a visit to Samel Jacobs. Clear and warm.
Nov 3
Worked at Woodward's on evestroughs. Clear and warm.
Nov 4
Worked at Woodwards. Made a coffin for H, Root whose child was
still born.. Buried today. Clear and warm.
Nov 5
Made and hung panel door for house. Clear.
Nov 6
Made front panel door. Cold with rain.
Hung front and trimmed both doors in AM, In P.M. came home.
Found all well. Cool.
Nov 8
Sabbath. Sam`l came here. Went to hay marsh in morning. In even-
ing went to Enoch Hillikers on a visit. Francis Jacobs and wife
was there. Clear and warm.
Nov 9 .
Went to Woodwards. Saw 9. Wright. Saw Mrs Wright. Two cousins
from the state of Haw York at Wright's. Warm
Worked at Woodwards. Put up evetroughs. Clear and warm.
Worked at Woodwards. Commenoed on sash. Blustery and cold. Snow.
Nov 12
Finished sash. Hunters out today. More mild. Some snow.
Nov 13
Put up north evestrough. Clear and quite cold.
Nov 14
Came home. Quite unwell. Settled with Woodward. Mild.
Nov 15
Sabbath. Wesley staid here last night and Sam`l came this
morning. Went to hay marsh. D. Avery and wife was here. Sam'l and
Wesley staid all night, M i d and rain.
Nov 16
Saw and made a bargain with Tows to finish store. Was at Enoch
Hillikers.T. Richards and John Writes. Cool with high wind.
Nov 17
Went to Cromwells. Traded out Woodwards order, $15.75. Returned
home late in evening. Sam'l got fresh pork at Hay (illegible)
I was very tired. Got my chest of tool's from Woodwards. Clear.
Made joiner bench in the house and jack plans for T. Pritchard.
Hart was here in A.M. Clear and warm.
Avery killed his pork, Father and mother was here. I worked
at Town's. Martha went haste with then saw in P.M. Saw Sutton from
Sodom. Clear and warm for season.
Rain in morning. Brought my tools from Town's and. prepared to
go to fathers. Went at noon. Rain all day.
Nov 21
Went to John Tompkins to court with father. Came home in evening
and went to S. Campbells. Clear.
Sabbath. Staid at fathers. Quite cold and froze hard.
Sick all day. J , P . Bams and wife came out to fathers. Brought
violin with him and played in the evening. Cold with snow.
Nov. 24
Came home with sleigh. Peter came with me. Cold.
Nov 25
Quite sick. Finished sash for I . Gurk. Sam'l came in evening who
has just broke his axe. Quite cold.
Still quite unwell. Joseph Moyer. drawed wood for me on sleigh.
In evening dovetailed chest. Wife and child both sick with cold.
Blustering all day with flurries of snow, very cold at night.
Still unwell. Worked half day for Moyer on stable. In evening
dressed out posts for bedstead for Town. In P.M. mild with snow.
Nov 28
Quite sick all day. fried to work at Moyer`s Came home again sick. Very cold all day with snow in evening.
Sabbath. Sam`1 came in evening and staid to tea. John Congdon
was at Avery`s with wife. Very cold, snow.
Worked at Moyer`s. Finished manger. Cloudy and cold in A.M.
Clear in. P.M.
Made soap box in A.M. B. Wright and wife was here in A.M.
Finished chest for Hark Avery in evening. Cold and squally.
Dec 1
Madetrundle bad for Town. Julia Swarthout was here in A.M.
Clear and cold
Dec 2
Began chest for A. Swarthout. Father-in-lmw was hare in A.M.
H. Avery was here in evening* More mild with signs of thaw.
Dec 3
Finished chest. Wife washed. I want to H, Avery's in evening and
to Sam'1 Jacobs. Quite warm with rain in A.M. Cold in P.M.
Dec 4
Worked on sash. Haddock was here, brought some tallow, and paid
me the remainder at Town's. Julia was here. Cold and squally with
Dec 5
Sabbath. Father-in-law went home. Sam'l was here. I finished
18 lights of sash for D.W. Daney, Cold and blustery with snow.
Dec 6
Madesash and got wood. A. Swarthout was here in evening and
got his chest. Quite cold all day long, cloudy and clear in evening.
Dec 7
Cut wood in A.M, Finished sash. J , Hoyar killed his hogs. Quite
unwell all day. Cold in A.M. more mild in evening.
Dec 8
Madesoap in A,M, Set up chest of drawers. Avery and wife was
here in evening. B. Wright went to Oxford. Cold and stormy.
Dec 9
Set up chest of drawers. Went to Town's in evening. 3. Wright
returned. Clear.
Dec 11
Worked on chest of drawers. Shooting match in P.K. at S. Jacobs.
Wife quite unwell this evening. Clear and cold.
Dec 10
Worked on chest of drawers, Avery's shop took fire last evening
but waa saved. 3 . Hath and wife was here in evening. Clear and more
, Dee 12
Sabbath. Staid at home. Saa'l was here. Went to Avery's on a
visit. Cloudy and damp. Warm for season.
Dec 13
Worked on chest of drawers. Avery's rebuilt their chimney back.
A. Swarthout Jr. started for Hamilton with a load, fell from his
wagon and broke his as® and sprained his wrist. Cold and blustery.
Dec 11*
Finished cheat of drawers and made rocking chair for Joel. ¥ery
disagreeable weather, cold, blustery and stormy.
Dec 1£
Mended chair for Town. Haney was here in evening. Clear and very
Deo 16
Tried to repair J , Meyer's clock, but failed. Cut wood in
P.H. quite cold in A.3, More mild in P M ,
Dec 17
Went to Peter D. Longs and got promise of lend near my father-
in-law's. Wm Beekin and D. Long rode up with Luke Peaslee from
J. McAulys shop, Rather miid with snow in evening.
Dec 18
Finished chest of drawers. Sam'l brought potatoes in evening.
W a r m with rain.
Dec 19
Sabbath. Sam'l was here in AM, In P.M. Egbert Hikkiker and
wife and Francis Jacobs was here on a visit. The later staid the
evening. Quite warm all'day. The snow left us. Cool in evening.
Dec 20 -
Father was hers with wagon, brought me seme beef. Quite cold
in evening, {includes Dec 21)
Dec 22
Worked about an hour on a chest of drawers for self, in the
evening got out table legs for A. Swarthout. Still unwell.
Cloudy and quite cold.
Deo 23
Worked on road. Wife went to Avery's. Clear and mild.
Dec 24
Worked on road. In evening got out stand legs. Hore mild with
snow in evening and snow.
Dec 2$
Christmas. Sam'l was here. Went on a visit in evening to J .
Moyer's. Avery and wife was there. Quite war® with rain.
Dec 26
Hade axe helve. Sam'l went to H. Bankers, 4very, S* Fluellen
and H. Tarington was here in evening. Warn with rain. In evening
more cold with snow.
Dec 27
Sabbath. Staid at home. Sam'l was here also Harriett Avery, Town
8. Fluellen and wife and in evening J. Stephens and M. Monk.
Cloudy and cold.
Dec 28
Cut wood and Joseph Hoyar drawed. Wife went to Hiioeh Hikkiker's.
I went domi in evening. A, Swarthout and wife was here. Warm and
Dee 29
Went to P.D. Long's, thence to father's. Saw S. Campbell and
3. Bombast, Rode down with father in wagon. Cloudy and cool,
Dec 30
Peter D. Long case to father's where I made a bargain for six
acres of land and commenced clearing. Cloudy with a little snow.
Dee 31
Laid foundation for house. 16 x 13 feet. Clear and pleasant.
1 8 3 6 — 1 8 3 6 — 1 . 8 3 6 — 1 8 3 6 — 1 8 3 6 — 1 8 3 6 1636—1836 1836—
Jan 1
Came home by M. Stover's. Brought 1/2 bu of apples, Rode part of
way with Enoch Hilliker. Clear and pleasant,
Jan 2
Cutwood at door. Sold timber to A. Swarthout Sons. Avery and
wife and Boyce and wife and Mrs Moyer went to lower settlement,
Cloudy and mild,
Jan 3
Sabbath. Wesley was here md Sam'l In evening. This day the house
took fire and I was obliged to push down my chimney. In the evening
Jan 4
Went to town meeting. In the evening was at Sodom and thence
to father's through sad and snow and out of htnrnr. Hain all
Jan 5
Cut logs for house, Fixed for building. Warm with rain.
Jan 6
Cut and drawed logs. In the evening began to snow.
Jan 7
Laid up a few logs and cut the remainder of these. In the even-
ing wont to saw at Billiker's mill. Sawed all night. Snow and warn.
Jan 8
Drawed boards and laid up a few logs. Drawed up a few. Mild with
Jan 9
Hewed beams and laid up logs. Mild.
Jan 10
Sabbath. Laid floors and cleaned out house. Cloudy, cold.
Jan 11
Dug collar, hewed pistes in A.M. In P.M. went home. Rode with
Luke who was down to mill. Cloudy and mild.
Jan 12
In A M painted chest for 8am1
1. H. Banker was her® to dinner.
In P.H. put table togethsr for A* Swarthout Junior. ,3noah Billiker
and wife and A,H. Hiokey was here on a visit. Cloudy and warm.
Jan 13
Finished table.H. Banker begun to draw brick, Father was here
. and brought his team, took one load of things. In evening packed
remainder and prepared to move to my place near fathers. Boyce
was here. Cloudy and mild.
Jan 11*
In morning went to A.M, Pratt's. Saw Sam'l and got some pork,
tookbreakfast at Avery's and moved one load and wife to my place
in evening chinked house mad slept there with Michael. Cold,
cloudy and blustery.
Jan 15
Worked on house. In evening burned brush. Clear and cold.
Feb 1
Went to Hilliker's for flour. Got none and returned a little
before dark. Father drew one load of hay. Clear and very cold,
Feb 2
Went to H. Banker's Where I formerly lived and brought a load
of things. Father went with me for them. Got back before dark.
Clear cold.
Made door and (illegible). Wife quite unwell. Clear and cold.
Feb 4
Hung my door and cut wood. Wesley was here. Cloudy and cold.
Feb 5
Cut wood at home Father went to mill at Malcombs in Oakland.
Hannah was here, Come out with Bartlett and wife. This day
Quarterly Meeting commenced at the Norwich Meeting House.
Clear and cold.
Feb 6
Went to Sodom. This was court day at Thompkin's. Went to meeting
in evening. Found father's team and wife. Clear and cold.
Feb 7
Sabbath. In P..M went to meeting. Father's sleigh and himself
and family went in evening also John Bartlett and wife went
with us. John P. Barns came out from Windham. Heard an excellent
discourse delivered by Rev Wm Ryerson to a crowds congregation.
More mild with snow.
Feb 8
Staid at home and cut wood. In the evening went to meeting again
Sermon delivered by Mr Prindle. His house was full and crowded.
More cool and a little snow.
Feb 9
Made loach trough. In evening went to meeting again this evening
The house was so crowded we could with difficulty obtain admission.
Cloudy with squalls of snow.
Wentto a fellowship meeting this A.M. Prayer meeting in the
evening. Had a melting time, a number of souls were convicted.
Clear and pleasant.
Feb 11
Cut two saw logs in front of my heme and some wood. Cloudy
with snow in evening.
Feb 12
Cut wood and kept fires. Father's team went to meeting. Myself
and wife did not go, there being no room in sleigh. W a r m with
snow and sleet last evening and a little rain today, sleet.
Feb 13
Stayed at home most of day. John came out from Windham. Brought
rocking chair for S. Campbell. More snow and cold.
Feb 14
Sabbath. Spent it at home. Wife went to meeting in the P.M.
Elijah -Gifford and Gilea Hilliker was here. Cloudy and quite cool.
Feb 15 13
Went to meeting in A.M. Had a blessed time. Some precious souls
were converted. In the evening a number more were added to the
flock. Wife went to Ben'j Hilliker's. I staid at G. Wright's where we held prayer. Ver
Feb 16
Went from Wright's to Sodom and thence home with M. Stover in
sleigh. Found wife at Hilliker's. Came home from there on foots
In P.M. cut wood. In evening Lois and Michael was here. Cold
with snow.
Feb 17
Went to woods for timber. Got some broom sticks also Egbert
Hilliker and wife and A. Smith and wife was here on a visit.
Spent a happy afternoon and evening. Clear and cold.
Feb 18
Kept fires and made shovel handle. Cut some wood. Mother was
here and Lois. In P.M. the boys in evening. Clear and cold. This
was the coldest morning yet.
Feb 19
Went to Cromwell's thence to B. Wright's with B. Wilcox. I
staid all night at Wright's. More mild with cloudy and signs of
Feb 20
Went to Wilcox's. Cot a horse and thence to Cromwell's and from
thence home. Saw Lt Peaslee and all the neighborhood where he
lives in Otterville. Snow in A.M. Rain in P.M. Warm.
Feb 21
Sabbath. Staid at home. Set glass in window. Father left for
Port Burwell early in morning. White frost. Clear and warm.
Feb 22
Went to Sodom. Saw Leonard Moses and Daney. Thence to A. Sarles.
Took dinner at Sarles and thence home by B. Hilliker's where Mr
Martin preached. Found wife, mother and Lois there. Clear and warm.
Feb 23
Staid at home. Done very little. Mr Kelly was here. Warm with
a little rain.
Feb 24
Want to B. Hilliker's to mill and to Giles Hilliker's for
hay. Mother was here on a visit in P.M. More cold with snow all
Feb 25
Made pattern of plow point for B. Wright. J .P. Barns was hare
and Michael was here in P.M. More cold with intervals of snow.
Feb 26
Hewed timber for M. Stover Jr. In the evening went to Hilliker's
to meeting. Heard an excellent discourse by Bro Bugner from the
words-"What is man that thou art mindful1 of him"? Followed by
equally as good delivered by Bro Burgess from the words-It is
good for me to draw near unto God." Cloudy, cold and snow.
Feb 28
Sabbath. Staid at home In A,M. In P.M. went to mother's, Lois
and Michael came here in evening. Clear and pleasant.
Feb 29
Albert D. Long and Mr Fish came here to make store. Christian
Sackrider Jr went past here. Elijah Clifford was here and
borrowed hammer, I made one shoe. Emaline and Michael was hare
in evening. Snow in A.M. Rain in P.M. Quite moderate.
Mar 1
Made a shoe. A.D. Long was here after adze. C. Austin was
at fathers house, Elijah Gifford moved one load of furniture,
Michael was here in evening. Begun joiner bench. Cold with high
wind. Snow.
Mar 2
Cut wood. Split out stuff for sash. E.G. moved his wife past
hers. C. Austin was here in P.M. Michael and Lois was here. In
evening. Cloudy, cold with snow.
Mar 3
Cut wood. Joel was quite sick. Emaline and Michael was here
In evening. Ground plane 9irons. Cloudy and cold with snow.
Mar 4.
Dressed out sash stuff and went to fathers on a visit, G.
Avery and John was here this evening. More mild with some rain
and high wind from south.
Mar 5
Went to S. Lossings to mill with Michael, got home after
sunset. I n l i n e was"bars in evening. Clear and cold.
Bar o
Sabbath. IB A.M. staid at home. In P.M. went to mothers. In
evening i n l i n e , Peter, Michael and Lois was here. We spent
the evening singing herons. Clear and cold with high wind.
Mar ?
Last evening father returned from Port Burwell. Was at ay
house today. Put together some sash for Swarthout. Cloudy and cold
Mar 8
Finished 30 lights of sash. Christian P. Sackrider was here,
with letter from E. Mott to E. Clifford warning him off his farm.
I went to Sodom with him. Settled with Michael Stover Sr. Found
due me Got 13 lbs of pork of him. Call ad at Giffords on
Mar 9
Went to H. Syples for a load of hay for father. Came home with
A. Smith whom I found at Hilliker's. Eunice went home with A.
Smith. Wife went also. Snow In A.M. Cloudy in P.M.
Mar 10
Staid at A. Smith's. In evening went to prayer meeting at
school house and thence to H. Bankers. Snow.
Mar 11
In the A.M. staid at H. Bankers, In the P.M. went to M.
Averys, saw some of the neighbors there. Cold with snow.
Mar 12 X
Staid at Banker's, in the evening wenttotemperencemetting
In schoolhouse. Cold with snow.
Sabbath., Straid at Banker's, in evening went to prayer meeting
at the schoolhouse, Cold with snow.
Mar 14.
Went with H. Yarington to Smith's thence to Egbert Hilliker's.
Cloudy with intervals of snow.
Mar 15
Staid at Hilliker's In A.M. Towards evening went to Smiths
who took his team and brought us home. Clear and more mild.
Mar 16
Cut wood. Cut tree for rails. Emaline, Michael and Lois was
here in evening. Cloudy and more mild.
Mar 17
Cut timber for rails and cut two pine trees down. Clear and
warm in A.M. Cloudy in A.M. Wm Sarlas was here.
Mar 18
Dressed out stuff for sash and made handle for broad axe. In
evening went to meeting at B, Hilliker's. Sermon by Bro Bugner
from text- John 9, 4-1. "I must work tho works of him that sent
me while it Is yet day ; The night cometh when no man can work."
Father's team went with us. 0, May his words sink deep in our
hearts. Clear and cold, A little snow,
Mar 19
Went to, Hilliker's. Found the mill broken and came home after
tools to repair it. Got out shaft, Emaline -was at my house on
a visit this P.M. Michael and Lola In evening. Hurt my finger.
Clear and cold.
Mar 20 -
Sabbath, Went to the Chapel -to meeting. Sermon by Bro Bugner,
From Matthew 19, v 27: "Behold we have forsaken all and followed
Thee, What shall we have therefore? Went frith father's team.
Went to father's in evening. Clear and more mild."
Mar 21
Worked on Hilliker's mill in Anderson's shop. This day our
dog had fits and I shot it. In the evening mild with snow.
Mar 22
Worked on mill. Wife went to Fathers in evening and the cattle
trod the cloaths in pieces. She went to Temperance in evening.
Cold, snow.
Mar 23
Worked at mill. Finished wheel. Saw H. Avery, Cold and snow,
Mar 24
Worked on mill, got It running, Emaline was here. Cloudy and
Mar 25
Quite unwell with cold. In the evening went to Hillikers to
meeting, Bro Burgess spoke from the words--—--
Mar 26
Cutwood. Maria Hictasoad. was here. Bro Surgesa promised to
visit us this aomiag but did not coma. Clear and warm.
Mar 27
Left Norwich for Toronto with D. McKenny. Want through Oakland
stopt and fed horses at P. Henry's, thence to Brantford. After
breakfast went in wagon through Ancasire to the 12 mile creek
at O'Rileys. Clear and warm. (This entry includes Mar 28).
Took stage at O'Rileys for Toronto, arrived about noon. Put
up at Geo Munroe's, Church St, No 12. Went to Assembly in
evening. Clear and wars.
Quite unwell. Staid at home most of day. Visited some parts
of town. Some better in evening. Clear and warm.
April 1
Nothing done here. The day is kept as a feast. Stores and
Groceries are all closed. Kept at home most of day. In the
evening worked some. Clear and warm.
April 2
Idled the day away. Went to court. Read and MUSEd. Clear and
Apr 3
Sabbath. Staid at home this morning. There was (illegible) a
horsethiaf, a young nan of respectable appearance, a physician
Just out of his studies at Montreal. He produced his Diploma and
other papers of credit but notwithstanding locked up in Jail.
Clear and warm.
Apr 4,
This morning went to the examination of the above mentioned
young man who states that his name to be Wm Saunders and that
he has a wife in the London district. He refused to tell me
what part of district. Appeared much dejected. I went to court.
Saw some trials, in the evening company at Munroes. Clear and
Apr 5
Was the bearer of a line from Mr Saunders to D.A. Boutton, Esq.
Atty at Law. Court in A.M. Assembly la P.M. Clear and w a r m .
Apr 6
In the morning quite unwell. Clear.
Apr 7
Went to hear an address from the inhabitants of Toronto to his
Excellency Sir F.B.Hind, L. Governor who replied to it in a very
few words. Visited the Garrison and Kings wharf and Steamboat
Transit. Cobourg and Traveler. Clear and warm.
Apr 8
Was sick all night. Dr Phillips gave me camphor and opium.
Feltsome releif, in A.M. grew worse. Quite sick all day. In
P.M. drank burned brandy. Felt relieved. Clear and cold*
Apr 9
Still quite sick. Mr Saunder's case was called this morning
but was put off by Atty G, until Thursday next. Drank a hot
sling with nutmeg and ginger strong. Felt relief. Rainy and cold.
Apr 10
Sabbath. Two or three inches of snow. This warning staid at
home on acct of lay appear to dirty to appear at Church. Quite
unwell. Clear and cold.
Apr 11
In the A.M. went to court. Much better thismorning.InP.M.
our case vis: Lewis Clemant Vs D.M. Keny. The jury returned in
favor of the former for 474" I and costs. Clear and mild. -
Apr 12
Went to court in A.M. To Assembly in P.M. Rain.
Apr 13
D.M. Kenny was taken sick this morning. Saw Sam'l Street who
settled with D.M.K. as agent for Clement. Snow and rain.
Apr 14
Went to court in A.M. In P.M. to the House of Assembly. Rain.
Apr 15
Rambled through the streets of Toronto. Clear and warm.
Apr 16
Attended court and House of Assembly and Garrison. Mr Saunders
was this day released from confinement upon giving bail for
appearance at future court. Clear and quite warn.
Apr 17
Sabbath. The appearance of the soldiers and a band of music
on their way to church this morning made a very grand appearance.
Mr Every left for the township of Clark where he resides. Clear
and warm.
Apr 18
Went to Wharf's Parliament Councils. Clear and warm.
Apr 19
The steamer Transit this morning made an unsucessfull attempt
to break the ice out of the bay. I was quite unwell in P.M. Went
to the House of Assembly. Clear and warm.
Apr 20
Quite sick this morning. Went to the louse of Assembly. The
L. Governor this day (illegible) the House. Clear and warm.
Apr 21
This morning the steamer made another attempt to get out of
the harbor. -The schooner G.S. Weeks from Oswego broke the ice
and came in. Clear in A.M. Rain in P.M.
Apr 22
Staid at home in A.M. Listened to disputes on politics in P.M.
Rec'dtwo dollars in cash to go home with. Left Toronto at 4
oclock, travelled till 10 oclock at night. Staid all night at
Cooksville. Clear and warm.
May 9
Went to Thompkin's again. Worked all day. Clear and warm.
May 10
Worked for Thompkin's. Was at A. Smiths in evening. Clear and
May 11
Worked for Thompkins. Fleming was there. Clear and warm.
May 12
Raised the frame. Nothing material happened. Rain in P.M.
May 13
Came home. Found all well. Worked in P.M. Clear and warm.
May 14
Logged and burned around my house. Clear and warm.
May 15
Sabbath. Father went to Burford to work. I went to Otter creak
for wild onions. Wife and Michael went with ma» Clear, wary.
May 16
Worked at home. split rails and burned brush. Clear in A.M.
Rain in P.M.
May 17
Worked at home clearing land. Rain in A.M. Clear and quite warm
in P.M.
May 18
Worked at home. Same work. Ander and Sally was here. Took
Clarissa home with than. Clear and warm.
May 19
Worked at home. Wife tried to wash, dot Busline to finish for
her at fathers. Wife went there.
May 20
Split rails and made fence east of house. In P.M. wife was
taken ill with ague In her breast. Emaline came and attended her.
Clear in A.M. Rain in P.M.
May 21
Split rails and made fence west of house. Wife some better.
Went to mill. In P.M. cloudy with rain.
May 22
Sabbath. Michael was here, Mother started for love feast but
could not cross the dam at Hilliker's, It being broken away with
a very heavy shower last evening. Rain.
May 23
Started early with Michael. Went to Thompkins in P.M. Saw my
father-in-law. Worked at Sarles hewing. Was introduced to Mrs
Mathews from Burford. Saw John. Cloudy and rain.
May 24
Worked part of day. Set up bedstead. Quite cool with rain.
Hay 25
Hewed at Sarles.Gotmostoftimer.CloudyandCold.
May 26
In A M . hewed, finished timber. Was at Barkers and thence came
home. Found father and mother bare. Cloudy, rain.
May 2?
Split rails and made fence. Cold and rainy.
May 28
Mrs Hains had a guilting. I split rails and finished fence.
Sabbath.Wife went to meeting at Hilliker's. Mother, Mrs Hains
and Peter went with her. Cold with rain.
May 30
Made garden and planted beets. In A.M. B. Hilliker was here.
In P.M. went to Hilliker's and cased door. Cold and rainy.
May 31
Planted potatoes and cut wood and kept fires. Cold and rain.
June 1
Planted pompions and cut thistles. Wm Moore and Rachel Thompkins
was married. Mrs Hains was here to tea. Signs of clearing tip.
June 2
Want to Sarles. Began to frame in A M . In P.M. went to Jesse
Stokers raising a wagon house. Clear and cool.
June 3
Framed at Sarles all day. Clear in A.M. Rain in P.M.
June 4
In A.M. framed at Sarles. Laid foundation of house. In P.M.
wentto raising at Wm Bankers. Cloudy, some rain.
June 5
Sabbath. Came home. Michael was here. Clear.
June 6
Wentearly to Sarles. Michael went with me. Framed at Sarles.
Cloudy with rain at intervals.
June 7
Framed at Sarles. W, sowed buckwheat and oats. Cloudy, some rain.
June 8
Framedat Sarles in A.M. in P.M. raised frame and put on roof-
boards. Clear and quite sultry.
June 9
Shingled house, Quite unwell. Clear and Mam.
June 10
Quite unwell. Cut in (illegible) round the fireplace and hewed
and framed another bent in A.M. in P.M. came home. Was at Barkers
and Cooks and thence through Sodom heme. Michael came with me. Clear
June 11
Sick with cold. Hawed sticks for evestroughs. Flying clouds with
high wind.
June 1 2
Sabbath. Was at Hilliker!
s to prayer meeting, thence to Sarles
and thence home. Caught a young squirrels. Clear.
June 13
Worked atSarles.Wmcameforo n e for my tools. Martha want with us on
a visit. Saw Mrs Cook. Clear and warm.
June 14
Worked at Sarles. In P.M. went to Barker's and traded some,
and thence home with my wife. Staid all night. Clear and warm.
June 15
Want to Sarles early. Found Michael there making box. Worked
at Sarles. Some unwell. Clear and warm.
June 16
Worked at Sarles. Made window frames. Clear and warm.
June 1?
Worked at Sarles. Put up evestroughs. Clear in A.M. rain in P.M.
June 18
Worked in A.M. In P.M. attended court at J. Thompkins. Came
home in evening with father and Michael in wagon. Found Wesley
there. Got wheat of M. Stover, Jr. Heavy shower in P.M.
June 19
Sabbath. Staid at home. Wesley and Michael was here. This day
water overflowed my garden. Heavy rain all day.
June 20
Staid at home part of day. Went to Hillikre's in P.M. His mill
dam went off. Hewed stick of timber for my house. Michael and
Wesley went home . Rain
June 21
Hewed another stick of timber for sills. Cold and rain.
June 22
Went to Sarles. Worked part of day. Cold and rain.
June 23
Worked at Sarles. Finished east and of house. Cold and rain.
June 24
Worked at Sarles on west and of house. Cold and rainy, East wind.
June 25
Worked at Sarles. Finished west end of house, Came home at
night. Found all well, Cold and rain,east wind.
June 26
Sabbath. Went to old Corman place for strawberries, Got a few.
Peter went with me. Saw Martin Cornwall and others there. Cloudy.
June 27
Went to mill at Hilliker's, Made a gate and planked the floor.
Gotwife's boots mended. Rain.
June 28
Went to Sarles. Laid floor. Clear and pleasant.
June 29
Worked at Sarles, laying floor, Clear and pleasant,
June 30
Worked at Sarles, laying floor. Clear and pleasant.
July 1
Worked at Sarles, Sided up north side of house, Clear.
July 2
Worked at Sarles. Made front door and came home. Clear.
July 3
Sabbath. Mrs Bains was here and Michael in P.M. We went to
Sodom to meeting with father's team. Clear in A.M. Rain in P.M.
July 4
In A.M. hawed down house for Wlllson, In P.M. want to Cromwells
with father's team. A. Smith went with us. Clear.
July 5
Went to Sarles. Made one door and hung it, Clear.
July 6
Worked at Sarles, Finished job. Commenced sash. Made 30 lights.
Macomb finished chimney. Clear,
Worked at Sarles. Made 36 lights of sash. Clear.
July 8
Mathews same to Searls last- evening to see Wm's wife who died
this morning at1/2past 5 oclock, I want to Fellows, spoke for
coffin, Saw (illegible) thence to Sodom and saw James Barker who
died at 1/2 past 11 oclock A.M. Thence to B.Hillikers and home.
Found family well. The wolves had killed my calf and sat it up.
I was quite unwell. Clear.
July 9
Hewed posts. Father's team went to funeral. Wife went with them.
Clear in A.M. Rain in P.M.
July 10
Sabbath. Want for raspberry. Got some. Mrs Hains and Beckman
S. Long was at fathers. Clear.
July 11
Want to Sarles. Finished sash and settled with him. Clear.
July 12
Went to Fr Cooks, Began work for him1/2day, Clear.
July 13
Worked at Cooks. Came home at night quits unwell. Clear.
July 14
Staid home. Cleaned well, Hewed beams. Clear,
July 15
Went to Cook's, Worked 1/2 day, Quite unwell. Clear,
July 16
Worked 1/2 day for Cook. In P.M. went to court thence home.
Michaelcamewithus.Clearand warm.
July 17
Sabbath. Went with Roswell and wife for berries. Job abundance.
In evening wife fell out of door and hurt her side. Michael staid
all night. Clear.
July 18
Went to Roswell Cook's and made a bedstead. Clear.
July 19
Came home in A.M. Found wife quite well, Got hand saw of Child's In P.M. cle
July 20
Went to Berger's to work for Wight. Commenced framing a house
36 x 28. Clear.
July 21
Framed at Berber's In A.M. clear. In P.M. rain.
July 22
Framed at Berger's. Clear end very warm.
July 23
Framed at Berger's in A.M. In P.M. rain. Went to 9 . Wright's
Staid all night, warm with rain.
July 24
Sabbath. Went home. Found wife gone. Michael was there. Wife
came home in evening with Henry Smith. Clear and quite warn.
July 25
Went to Berger's. Worked 1/2 day. Clear and warm.
July 26
Worked at Bergor's. John Avery came there and worked. Clear.
July 27
Worked at Berger's. Wont to Cromwell's. Clear.
July 28
Raised house in A.M. Came home in P.M. Clear.
July 29
Staid home. Went for berries. A. Smith and wife went with us.
Henry went home. Clear.
July 30
Framed sills for my house. Michael came. Clear.
July 31
Sabbath. Emaline went home at night. Clear.
Aug 1
Went to Berger's and Wright's and Willcox's. Took dinner at
Earls thence to A Smith's and took tea. Thence home and back
to Smith's with wife end child. Clear and quite warm.
Aug 2
Went to Brentford with Smith and wife to caravan. Put up at
Robinson's Jr. Saw my brother Janes who is at work there. C
ame home to Smith's at night. Clear.
Aug 3
Staid at Smith's till near night when Smith's team brought us
home. Found all well. Jacob Kingman returned with team. Cloudy.
Aug 6
Begun to frame house. Raised two bents. Clear and warm.
Aug 5
Framed on house. Raised two more bents. Michael was here.
Aug 6
Finished bents and raised. Father's team went to Burford to
Aug 7
Sabbath. Staid at home, Michael and Peter was here also Christian
Saekrider. Father and mother went after berry* together* Clear.
Aug 3
Went to B, Lossings, thence to BenJ Hilliker's, thence home.
Clear in A.M. Rain in P.M.
Aug 9
In A.M. went to B. Hilliker's, got his team -
o go to S. Los sings
for boards. In P.M. shingled on his barn. Clear and warm.
Aug 10
In A.M. worked at home, in P.M. want to Cliffords. Clear.
Aug 11
In A.M. finished at Hilliker's, in P.M. worked at home. Clear.
Aug 12
Began to frame rafters. Hewed and framed two pr. Clear.
Aug 13
In A.M. finished frame and want after blackberries. In P.M.
sawed my thumb very bad. Wesley came. Clear and warm-.
Aug 14
Sabbath. Michael came and Peter. In P.M. all went after black-
berries. Saw a dear. Emaline was here. Clear.
Aug 15
In A.M. want to Hilliker's. In P.M. staid at home. Quite un-
well with my thumb whichwasquitelame.clear. Aug 16
A.M. went to father pond to fish. caught some. In P.M. staid at
Aug 17
In A.M. went to fathers. In P.M. H. Banker and wife, her mother
Mrs White, Harriett Avery and Thos Swarthout and daughter was
here on a visit. Went for berries. Clear and warm.
Aug 19
In A.M. hewed timber for cellar and hunted horses. In P.M.
Aug 19
Wentfor broomsticks, axe helves etc in A.M. In P.M. found
horses and drewed lumber from Hilliker's. Clear.
Aug 20
Made bench and began to lay floor. Clear and warm.
Aug 21
Sabbath. James and Michael was hare and Emaline. Went for
berries. Got some. Cool for season.
Aug 22
Worked on floor. Wife went to Hilliker`s on a visit. Clear.
Aug 23
Finished floor and cleaned out and curbed my well. Clear
and warm.
Aug 24
Went to Hilliker`s Siffordf
s and Youngs for wheat, got none.
Came home in evening and began to drag for Peter. Clear.
Aug 25
Finished drag* Jacob Ilngswell* Isaac Smiths wife* Jane
Lawson, Hary Addison and Henry Smith was here. Wife came home
with the®. Clear.
Aug 26
Worked part of day for Clifford. Came home at night. Clear.
Aug 21
Worked at home. Began closet. Michael and Peter was here in
evening. Clear and warm.
Aug 28
Sabbath. Went for berries. Found plenty. Michael and Pater
went with me. Wife, Egbert and Patience, Jacob and Wesley came.
Aug 29
Went to Cliffords and threshed wheat thence to mill and home.
Aug 30
Went for berries with mother and Lois in A.M. Went again
with wife in P.M. Got some. Rain at night.
Aug 31
`Went to Uncle Jim`s for soap and in P.M. for berries. Clear.
Sept 1
Went to Hilliker`s to work on mill. Clear.
Sept 2
Worked at Hilliker`s. Jointed planks. Clear.
Sept 3
Worked at Hilliker`s for Hilliker, Fixed sawmill floom. Clear.
Sept 4
Sabbath. Michael was here and in A.M. Irwin Campbell. Rainy.
Sept 11
Sabbath. Samuel was here in A.M. and John Avery and James.
Philander went to Sackriders,
Sept 12
Went to mill. Got 1/2 bu of Wheat, Clear.
The following was evidently written by Martha Barns.
Sept 13
This morning Wm started for Michigan. A gloomy morning. Cloudy
with little rain.
Sept 14
Emeline was here in A.M. Clear and pleasant.
Sept 15
Staid at Christian's all night. Cloudy with little rain.
Sept 16
Want to masting. Thunder shower in the morning.
Sept 17
Samuel and Lola is setting on chest, Clear and warm.
Sept 18
Sabbath. Emeline is here. All la lonesome.
Sept 19
Clear in A.M. Rain In afternoon.
Sept 20
Clear and warm. Baked cake and pies for (Illegible)
Sept 21
Clear and warm. Wesley is here and stayed all night.
Sept 22
Rain all day. All looks gloomy and seems ;Illegible)
Sept 23
Cloudy at Intervals of sunshine, Rain in evening.
Sept 24
Had a quilting today. Rainy.
Sept 25
Sabbath.Wesleywas here and cut some wood. Clear and cold,
Sept 26
Washed, Cold with wind. Frost last night.
Sept 27
Cold with high wind all day, at night snow.
Sept 28
Cold with little rain. Very cold at night with frost. All alone.
Sept 29
Cold with snow. Quite sick with cold and Joel too.
Sept 30
Cold and cloady. JohnMososandwifestayedallnight
Oct 1
Cloudy with high wind. Stayed all night.
Oct 2
Sabbath. Cloudy and cold. Stayed at Christian Sackrider's.
Oct 3
Cold with rain in evening.
Oat 4
Rained all day. James killed the pig today. Quite sick with
cramps last night.
Oct 5
Clear and cold. Very sick all night, Stayed at Christian's,
Oct 6
RainIn morning. Quite sick in morning, better at night.
Oct 7
Clear all day with rain in evening.
Oct 8
Feel very lonesome and quite forsaken, No letter. Samuel {illegible)
Snow and rain in evening.
Oct 9
Sabbath, Went to Holiness with Emeline. Pleasant,
Oct 10
Last Saturday Hilliker and D. Wilson was. married. Clear
and warm.
Oct 11
Clear with rain in evening. This day received letter.
Oct 12
Clear and warm.
Oct 13
Cloudy with little rain.
Oct l4
Went to A. Smiths. Clear and cold. Philander and wife stayed
here all night. Coldandsnow.
Oct 15
Much fatigued with my ride.
Oct 16
Sabbath. Hain all lay. Quite cold,
Oct 17
Cold with snow, about an inch.
Oct 18
Clear and warm.
Oct 19
W a r m with rain. Peterhadanotherfitthismorning.Onelast
Oct 20
Michael was here, Put on my quilt. Cold with high wind and
Oct 21
Cold with high wind and snow.
Oct 22
Clear and warm. Went to A, Sackriders in evening.
Oct 23
Sabbath. John Stover was here after Emeline. Clear and warm.
Rainin evening.
Oct 24
Washed in A.M. Clear and warm.
Oct 25
Went to James Beaches with Lois and Emeline. Clear and more cool.
Oct 26
Sent to Jennings and got some tea by James. Clear and warm.
Oct 27
Two Inches of snow fell this morning, Looked like hard times.
Mostall gome by night. Clear and cold this evening.
Oct 28
Rainand smokey. Looks like Indian Summer.
Oct 29
Clear and warm.
Oct 30
Sabbath. Went to meeting at Sodom. Clear and warm.
Oct 31
Washed and fixed to go to Holiness. Clear and warm.
Nov 1
Started to go. Joel was taken sick. Came back. Mrs Sackrider,
Mrs (illegible), Mrs S. Sackrider and mother Barns was here on a
visit. Clear and warm.
Nov 2
Joel is worse. Mrs Hilliker and Mrs Wilson was hers. Clear and
Nov 3
Joel is some better. Peter had another fit this morning. Clear
and warm.
Nov 4
Went to Christian Sackrider's to a raising. Clear and warm.
Nov 5
Quite unwell with a cold. Anxiously awaiting the return of my
absent partner, but he's not come. Clear and warm.
Nov 6
Sabbath* Went to the old gentleman's. Clear and w a r m .
Nov 7
Stayed at home. Very lonesome. Clear and pleasant.
Nov 8
Went and spun some thread. Clear and warm.
Nov 9
Wentand twisted my thread, came home and made Joal a shirt.
Your father killed his hogs today. Stayed all night alone. This is
a lonesome night to me, Some appearance of rain.
Want to Christian Sacksider's inP.M.Theycameoverinevening
A. Smith was here. Stayed all night. James, Emeline and Michael
was herealso.Raininevening.
Nov 11
Washed and churned, Got 1 bushel of wheat. Rain all day.
James and (illegible) was here. We had pudding and milk for
supper.Got1/2bushal of meal of Sackrider's, Lowrey with little rain
and wind. W a r m .
Nov 13
Emeline was here. Clear and warm.
Nov 14
Quite unwell and very lonesome. Clear and pleasant.
Nov 15
Had cramps in my stomach this morning. Corked the house with moss.
Michael help me. Warm and pleasant. Rain in evening. This has
been a very lonesome day to me, looking for return of my absent
partner. Will he ever return? Hasten ye moments. YOU seEM tomovesoslowly.
This morning recieved a lwtter from Wm, my feelings at this
time I shall forbear to describe as it will be no satisfaction
but my heart feels the weight of the lines I received* Feel
much dejected and heartbroken to think that the last remaining
friend as I thought has so little confidence in me. Warm with snow
Nov 16
Wrote a letter to Wm this morning. Peter had a fit this morning.
Emeline went to Throckmorton's to the post office to get a letter.
Got none. Cold with snow this morning.
Nov 18
Went to your fathers. Stayed with Emeline while your mother and
Nov 19
Washed three bed quilts. Wesley came here and stayad all night
this day. Gave me a pair of shoes. Warm.
Nov 20
Emeline was here and we had apple pudding for dinner. Emeline
and Wesley stayed all night. Peter had a fit today. Began to rain
this morning and rained all day and all night.
Nov 21
• Washed and out pair of pantaloons for Shoemaker Witheral. Wesley
stayed all day and cut some wood. Benjamin Hilliker was here today.
Rained. Rain all day and some in evening.
Nov 22
This morning Wesley went home. Mother and Emeline was here in
evening. More cold withrainandsnow
Nov 23
Michael cut and drawed some wood- Cold withsnowNov24
A. Smith came here and stayed all night and E. Haines. This is
a gloomy time, about four inches of snow. My cow almost starved
and nothing to eat. This is hard times. low gloomy all.
Nov 25
Went home with Smith. Very cold.
Nov 26 (Illegible)
Nov 27
Boice and wife Mas here, I went to John Hoses. Stayed all night.
Went to (illegible) stayed all night. Cold.
Nov 28
Went to Smith`s.
This is the final entry of Diary except a notation without
date as follow: Started for Michigan. So Happy....
Last line illegible*
Thelocation in Michigan wan Adrian in Lenawee county.
They lived there until 1859 when they moved to Leonidas, St Joseph
county and in 1860 they moved to WakeatamaTownship.Kalamazoo
county, Michigan. They resided there until their death and are
buried in Southcemetary,Fulton,Michigan.
The orgiaal of This diary is in the posesalon of Mrs
Bernice Osborn of Battle Creek, Michigan. Mrs Osborn is a Great
granddaughter of William and Martha Barns (Barnes).
This was copied by Perry D. Barnes of Leonidas, Michigan.
a Great grandson of William and Martha B a r n s {Barnes).

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“William Barnes Diary, 1834-1836,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed April 16, 2024, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/57.