John Ferguson Diary, 1871


John Ferguson Diary, 1871

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January 1, 1871

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John Ferguson Diary Collection


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January, SUNDAY, 1. 1871.

A pleasant day and good sleighing about 12 inches of snow on level. Went to S. School this morning Supt pres lesson--Luke II 1 to 20. Mr & Mrs. Tribble drove up and spent the day at J. . Snell's. Went to Brampton this evening to the W. M. Church and heard Rev. A. L. Russel preach text--Numbers XIV-14th verse.


Drove up to J. C. Snell's in the sleigh this forenoon and took took New Year's dinner there. Mr. and Mrs. Jones were there also and we had a pleasant time. Drove up to Edmonton to the election of township council--Reeve Thos. Bowles D. Reeve -- J. P. Hutton and Henderson Councilor Quin and Lipsett. Rev. James Pearce and his sister Mrs. Beatie took tea at our place and spent the evening

January, TUESDAY, 3 1871

A cold blustery day, the roads and lanes are fast filling up. Was engaged in picking over potatoes of which one half were rotten Bought a new pair of scales (Fairbank's) $18.00, they are the smallest size and will weight 600 libs.


Was drawing on the sleigh from the lower bush cordwood for next summers we hauled about 4 cords. Spent the evening pleasnatly adn profitably at the Annual Meeting of the B.B. Bible Society Rev John Gemley from Toronto gave a very interesting address. Collected one the branch{?} $145.

January, THURSDAY, 5 1871

Was at the same occupation as yesterday. Spent the evening pleasantly at Hope Chapel Social (No 10) realized about $40, there was a large attendance, suitable readings and short speeches were the order of the evening. M. M. Elliot occupied the chair. Subscribed for the Peel Banner $1.00 per annum


Yesterday and to day was held the Annual meeting of C. P. A. A. Association of Cheltenham. Drove up there this afternoon the convention was largely attended by delebates and visitors from different parts of the country. The public speaking was good. Raised by collection nearly $50. Took tea at Mr. Crawford's. Arrived home at 1:30-oclock to morrow morning.

January, SATURDAY, 7. 1871

The eclipse of the moon last evening was very plain the night being clear and frosty. Was hauling wood again today drew {2?} loads (almost 5 cords) Father drove up to John Smith and sold them a hindquarter of beef weighing 163 Ibs @ - {2?} cts per Ib. Spring the {evening reaching?} election stories in the "Banner"

= SUNDAY, 8.=

Went to S.S. This morning {supt abs.?} lesson - John III I to 13th Heard Rev A. S. Russel preach at Lion {west?} - I Timothy 7th shop 8th also heard him at Brampton this evening text - Isaiah XXXII Quite a lot of snow from the East and drifting Aunt Catherine is here to night

January, Monday, 9. 1871

Finished drawing the cordwood from the town bush have about 17 cords of it. Was hauling black ash and {bags?} wood rails for the line fence next John Woodhalls farm. Father and mother are spending the evening in Brampton at Mc W. Newhouse, with John Newhouse and family who are going to move to Niagra country.

Tuesday, 10.

A very stormy day snowing {back?} from the south. Spent forenoon in driving {shelters?} to day school and in Brampton. Aunt Catherine and mother are going to Toronto tomorrow. Drove up to J. E. Smells this evening and stayed there the evening

January, Wednesday, 11 1871.

A mild smoky day, snow thawing fast. Reviewed last night a commisson from Capt. J. C. Snell of $16 to euroll all the {militramon?} from No10 to 22 across the township. Was enrolling names all day one pot and 2nd line and Centre Road. got about 200 names Arrived home after six oclock this evening.


Still thawing very fast. Was at the same occupation as yesterday, travelled the 4th, 5th and 6th lines, west, fed my horse and bought dinner at Nowal got got home after dark. Aunt Catherine and mother came from Toronto to day they were visiting Dr Fulton J. Learment spent the evening here

January FRIDAY, 13 1871.

Finished canvassing the west side of township today on which I have about 230 names, the weather is still warm & pleasant. Mr Black from Port Perry spent the evening and staid all night J.C.S and family also were here. Drove to Brampton to night to the weekly singing practice of W.M. choir and enjoyed it well


Commenced operations on the east side of township, canvased the 5th and 6th got home about 4 oclock from thence, It is quite a {leatious?} job, but for the big wages would give it up. It was a very disagreeable day, a fine drizzly rain from the N.E. which froze as it fell. spent the evening reading the weekly news.

January, SUNDAY, 15. 1871.

Drove to Brampton this morning with cutter and Rev E. C. Clement of Streetsville preach anniversary Missionary Sermon - text - preacher spent the afternoon at J. C. Snell's in pleasant intercourse with friends went to Brampton this evening heard Rev John Shaw of Weston text John IV 35 to 38{?} Rain and slut all day


Canvassed the 5th and 4th lines enrolled about 70 names. Very stormy and blustering. Drove to Brampton this evening to W.M. Missionary to the province of British Columbia 9 1/2 years the speaking was very good

January, THURSDAY, 17. 1871.

Finished enrolled the Militia for this company Division about 425 men, it was rather a tedious job. of C.S. and J.R. Craig drove to Markham this afternoon to George Miller's sale of sholt home. Spent the evening at home writing of militia names. It was a sharp freezing day. Took dinner yesterday at Mr Johnston lot 22 3rd line East and today at J.C.S.


Was engaged all day in threshing peas with the flail A great number of rats and mice around the barn and outbuildings. trap a rat nearly ever night. Spent the evening at home wanting over in driving twice up to Zion for to hold a missionary meeting but could not find the church key had no meeting

January, THURSDAY, 19 1871.

Drove over with a grist and 30 bush of oats and peas to Nowal Mills. waited for the grinding over 3 hours got home at 3.30 o'clock. Drove up to J.C. Snell's with the cutter and spent the evening pleasantly in reading and chat J.C.S is still in Markam at Geo Millers stock sale


Drove over to Nowal this morning for a load of fence lumber only bought properly sized sells it at $7.50 per thousand feet. Went to Brampton this evening to the Wesleyman choir practice which is clad by Jesse Perry enjoyed the evening well.

January, SATURDAY, 21 1871.

John Learment and I drove our {teaurs?} to Caledon this morning to buy and haul fence posts bought 100 off Archibald {McCarwel?} at $10.50 per houndred they are good large posts but are a high price, had to drive into the swamp on {No% pt line?} time west and make our owns roads. Snowing from the east all day and very damp.


Went to S.S. this morning our {suptpus?}. lesson John III 12 to 21, a very instructive description on the blackboard. Heard Rev A. L. Russel preach in Lion text - Nambus XIV 3rd. Drove to Brampton to night heard Mrs Jance Goodenham preach text Jeremiah XII. Catter part 5th The sermon dwelt particularily on death A very cold day

January, MONDAY, 23 1871

The coldest day of the season the thermometer 12(degrees)below zero a strong N.E. wind. J. Learmont and I drove to Caledon for fence posts. Brought home 30 making 100 new cedar posts paid. A McConnel $10.50. Got both my ears frozen and was tired and sleepy when I got home at 4 o clock.


Father drove to Brampton this morning and brought Mr. J.W. Main and family and brought Mrs. {illegible, Jorsman?} to spend the day, Mr. Main came this afternoon. J.E. Snell and family were here this evening had a pleasant evening. Drove the Brampton vistors home about 9 o clock. Considerably milder than yesterday.

January, WEDNESDAY, 25 1871

The weather is still very cold the mercury 2 (degrees) or 3 (degrees) below zero, all day. the extreme cold is prevalent all over the country, 40 (degrees) below zero at Quebec, the best coal oil freezes. Was theshing peas with the Hail. Drove Mrs. J.C.S. home this evening, was helping J.C.S copy the militia names, there are 436 names on the roll. Got home at 11.30 o clock.


Was at the same occupation as yesterday this cold weather suiting this job very well, have about 3/4 of them threshed. Drove sister Lavina down to Brampton Grammar School where she began the first of January 1871. Spent the evening reading The Weekly Globe

January, Friday, 27 1871.

Drove the team over to Ashgrove this morning for a load of shingles for Ambrose Woodhall brought 12 1/2 squares. Took dinner at Ashgrove hotel it was provided by Mr. W , Mr J, Heath and Wiggins were also at the {bar?} Spent the evening at the W.M choir Preaching. It was quite mild.

Saturday, 28

Was engaged in fawning peas and storing them away in the driving house, put-away about 40 bush. Was threshing peas with the Hail this afternoon. Snowing lightly from the East all day. Spent the evening at home reading the New York Weekly .

January, Sunday, 29 1871

Went to S. School this morning {illegible?}, lesson [Kings XVII] 8 to 16th (illegible, verse?) Elyjah and the widow of Laupath was described on the blackboard. Went to Brampton this evening and heard Rev W-Carson from Streetville preach. Text-Zachariah-III vol-5 verse is a good preacher, imitates Rev Morby Punshon in style and delivery.

Monday, 30

Was engaged this forenoon in putting the remains of the straw stack into the barn, for to keep dry bedding the stock. Was threshing peas this afternoon with the Hail. Had a severe tooth ache this evening. J.C (Illegible, Smill?) called here this evening, they had sold a short-(illegible, farm, term?) at $ (illegible, owes, levo, owed?)

January, TUESDAY, 31. 1871.

Raining very fast nearly all day, snow fast disappearing. Drove to Brampton this morning with 21 bush of barley, received 55 cents per bush. Spent this evening very pleasantly with the W.M. Choir at a teammeeting at Narval, had a good sleigh, had two upsets but no one seriously hurt, got home at 1.30 o clock

February, WEDNESDAY, 1. 1871

Finished the pea threshing yesterday was hauling firewood from the "other place" bush. Had a visit from J. Tribble of Amaranth stayed last night here started home today. Have had a pretty severe winter this far but good steady sleighing, was mild and cloudy today spent the evening in making up farm accounts.

February, THURSDAY, 2. 1871

Drove to Brampton this morning and had a double tooth pulled by W.K. Graham. Dentist. It was a very painful operation, being slightly diseased it required considerable strength to extract it. Father and another drove to Toronto Township this afternoon to visit Alick Campbell.


Quite a cold day. Was engaged in hauling cord wood and white oak stakes from the other place bush. Our folks came home from Alicks, they are all well he has a large school at Matton, he received from the scholars he has gift a very nice mahogany writing desk worth $11.50. Spent the evening at Practice in Brampton pleasantly.

February, SATURDAY, 4 1871.

Finished cleaning up the peas have about 75 bush stored away. Spent the remainder of the day in picking over the potatoes they are fully one fourth rotten. Father went to Official Quarterly Meeting at 2 P.M. and paid $3.50 quarterage. A pretty cold day the thermometer sank nearly to zero. Sarah Peacock is spending a day or two here.


A very cold morning, thermometer 15 (degrees) below zero but very clear and fine. Went to Brampton to the Quarterly Meeting. Reverend{illegible} Mcfadden preached text-Psalm LXXXVII & Old Mr. Holtby was present who has been preaching 48 years, & Took dinner at Mrs. Truemans I heard the same minister this evening text-Galatians-VII, 14 {illegible symbol}

February, MONDAY, 6 1871.

The weather has moderated some but is still below zero. Went to Brampton to Dentists and got 6 teeth filled which were slightly decayed 2 front ones with gold costing $1.50 each the rest with silver " $0.75 " total $6.00 paid $5 on the bill . Edwin Dixon is here from Amaranth overnight of Learmont was in and spent the evening in chat.


Spent the day in preparing for clover treshing. Renewed the insurance on the house and farm buildings in the Mutual Association of Middlesex, to the amount of $2000 , fees $15.25 to be paid next winter. Aunt Mary and I spent the evening at J.C. Snells(?) in reading and chat.

February, WEDNESDAY, 8. 1871.

Commenced threshing clover this morning with Smith and Hunters machine. The seed comes very slowly from the mill, only getting about 5 1/2 bush. Today have nearly 2 bush of Alsike . Weather very mild thawing fast.


Was at the same work as yesterday, about 5 bush to day. Did not thresh all the clover, it turns out so poorly. It would not pay. Paid the threshers $12 & Anderson Campbell $1.00 for 2 days work also, R. Crawford same for 2 days. Mrs. Guy Bell spent the day here and Mr. Bell was here this evening.

February, FRIDAY, 10. 1871

Drove Aunt Mary and Sarah Peacock to Brampton Station this morning. They are going to Toronto Sarah is hired at Dr. Fulton's. Was parsing and applying a preparation of bluestove and verdigris to sheep's feet for to cure the disease {illegible, hewfoot?} which is very troublesome.


Was helping with team J.Learmont to thresh clover seed which yielded about the same as ours. The C. {illegible, communion?} Baptists of Edmonton had a successful (illegible) last night {illegible, valued?} nearly $40. J.C. Snell and wife were here this evening on their way home from Brampton.

February, SUNDAY, 12 1871.

Drove the sleigh to S. School this morning, Supt present lesson-I Kings XVII 11 to 24 was well described on blackboard Viney and I drove over to Guy Bell's this afternoon. Had a pleasant time chatting about old times. They are comfortably situated. Heard Rev. W.K McFadden preach in Brampton today.


Drove sister Viney to Brampton G. School this morning. Got the Country Gentleman for last week, it is an excellent paper. Was fanning and sifting the Alsike clover seed, have about 1 bush 3 pecks there fell about six inches of snow yesterday.

February, TUESDAY, 14 1871.

Drove to Stewarts sawmill Esquesing {uncertain?} and brought for A. Woodhall 950 ft of green lumber. Sold 1 1/2 bush Alsike @ $6.00 per bush. Went to Mt. Pleasant this morning wuth the B.W. Choir had a pleasant time. Able addresses were given by Revs. Puigh, Fletcher, Brackinridge and J.R. Burnett {jim?} Realized $63. Got home at 11.30 o clock.


Was engaged today in hauling manure from J.W. Mains house stable Brampton, drew 4 large loads, it is splendid manure being rolled, mixed with shavings instead of straw. Spent evening making out lumber bill for board hauling and addition to sheep pen, nearly 4000 feet lumber. Thawing today

February, THURSDAY, 16. 1871

Was hauling rails from the other place bush and repairing fences, have the bush cleared of cord wood and rails once more. Mr and Mrs Joseph Pearen Mrs. Trueman and Featherstone and old Mrs. Modeland were here visiting today. Received a note of invitation to a party from Dawson Modeland.


Received from Mrs. Robert Smith $1.00 for service of "Clifton" and our ram. Was helping John Campbell to saw wood with the {illegible, evinlar?} belongs to Guy Bell. Our folks spent the day at J.C.S brought home as present a barrel of good apples. Spent the evening very pleasantly at D. Modeland's birthday party of, paid $1 to the young folks Mr. {illegible, illegible}

February, SATURDAY, 18. 1871

Very stormy day, had quite a quantity of wet snow last night from the east. Got home last night about 11.30 o'clock . there were over 12 girls present but only 4 boys . Took tea with A. Jonesa and wife and spent evening at their place, Mr. A is very sick with the cold. {illegible} Mary came from Toronto w night.


Went to S.School this morning Supt pres-lesson-John IV- 16 to 30 Heard Rev Mr. Montgomery from Younge street South Circuit text Zachariah- - He is a clever young preacher, Heard him again in Brampton tonight text-timothy I-IV-8th verse. J.C. Snell and family were here all afternoon and evening.

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“John Ferguson Diary, 1871,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed January 18, 2018,

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