John Ferguson Diary, 1871


John Ferguson Diary, 1871

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January 1, 1871

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John Ferguson Diary Collection


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January, SUNDAY, 1. 1871.

A pleasant day and good sleighing about 12 inches of snow on level. Went to S. School this morning Supt pres lesson--Luke II 1 to 20. Mr & Mrs. Tribble drove up and spent the day at J. . Snell's. Went to Brampton this evening to the W. M. Church and heard Rev. A. L. Russel preach text--Numbers XIV-14th verse.


Drove up to J. C. Snell's in the sleigh this forenoon and took took New Year's dinner there. Mr. and Mrs. Jones were there also and we had a pleasant time. Drove up to Edmonton to the election of township council--Reeve Thos. Bowles D. Reeve -- J. P. Hutton and Henderson Councilor Quin and Lipsett. Rev. James Pearce and his sister Mrs. Beatie took tea at our place and spent the evening

January, TUESDAY, 3 1871

A cold blustery day, the roads and lanes are fast filling up. Was engaged in picking over potatoes of which one half were rotten Bought a new pair of scales (Fairbank's) $18.00, they are the smallest size and will weight 600 libs.


Was drawing on the sleigh from the lower bush cordwood for next summers we hauled about 4 cords. Spent the evening pleasnatly adn profitably at the Annual Meeting of the B.B. Bible Society Rev John Gemley from Toronto gave a very interesting address. Collected one the branch{?} $145.

January, THURSDAY, 5 1871

Was at the same occupation as yesterday. Spent the evening pleasantly at Hope Chapel Social (No 10) realized about $40, there was a large attendance, suitable readings and short speeches were the order of the evening. M. M. Elliot occupied the chair. Subscribed for the Peel Banner $1.00 per annum


Yesterday and to day was held the Annual meeting of C. P. A. A. Association of Cheltenham. Drove up there this afternoon the convention was largely attended by delebates and visitors from different parts of the country. The public speaking was good. Raised by collection nearly $50. Took tea at Mr. Crawford's. Arrived home at 1:30-oclock to morrow morning.

January, SATURDAY, 7. 1871

The eclipse of the moon last evening was very plain the night being clear and frosty. Was hauling wood again today drew {2?} loads (almost 5 cords) Father drove up to John Smith and sold them a hindquarter of beef weighing 163 Ibs @ - {2?} cts per Ib. Spring the {evening reaching?} election stories in the "Banner"

= SUNDAY, 8.=

Went to S.S. This morning {supt abs.?} lesson - John III I to 13th Heard Rev A. S. Russel preach at Lion {west?} - I Timothy 7th shop 8th also heard him at Brampton this evening text - Isaiah XXXII Quite a lot of snow from the East and drifting Aunt Catherine is here to night

January, Monday, 9. 1871

Finished drawing the cordwood from the town bush have about 17 cords of it. Was hauling black ash and {bags?} wood rails for the line fence next John Woodhalls farm. Father and mother are spending the evening in Brampton at Mc W. Newhouse, with John Newhouse and family who are going to move to Niagra country.

Tuesday, 10.

A very stormy day snowing {back?} from the south. Spent forenoon in driving {shelters?} to day school and in Brampton. Aunt Catherine and mother are going to Toronto tomorrow. Drove up to J. E. Smells this evening and stayed there the evening

January, Wednesday, 11 1871.

A mild smoky day, snow thawing fast. Reviewed last night a commisson from Capt. J. C. Snell of $16 to euroll all the {militramon?} from No10 to 22 across the township. Was enrolling names all day one pot and 2nd line and Centre Road. got about 200 names Arrived home after six oclock this evening.


Still thawing very fast. Was at the same occupation as yesterday, travelled the 4th, 5th and 6th lines, west, fed my horse and bought dinner at Nowal got got home after dark. Aunt Catherine and mother came from Toronto to day they were visiting Dr Fulton J. Learment spent the evening here

January FRIDAY, 13 1871.

Finished canvassing the west side of township today on which I have about 230 names, the weather is still warm & pleasant. Mr Black from Port Perry spent the evening and staid all night J.C.S and family also were here. Drove to Brampton to night to the weekly singing practice of W.M. choir and enjoyed it well


Commenced operations on the east side of township, canvased the 5th and 6th got home about 4 oclock from thence, It is quite a {leatious?} job, but for the big wages would give it up. It was a very disagreeable day, a fine drizzly rain from the N.E. which froze as it fell. spent the evening reading the weekly news.

January, SUNDAY, 15. 1871.

Drove to Brampton this morning with cutter and Rev E. C. Clement of Streetsville preach anniversary Missionary Sermon - text - preacher spent the afternoon at J. C. Snell's in pleasant intercourse with friends went to Brampton this evening heard Rev John Shaw of Weston text John IV 35 to 38{?} Rain and slut all day


Canvassed the 5th and 4th lines enrolled about 70 names. Very stormy and blustering. Drove to Brampton this evening to W.M. Missionary to the province of British Columbia 9 1/2 years the speaking was very good

January, THURSDAY, 17. 1871.

Finished enrolled the Militia for this company Division about 425 men, it was rather a tedious job. of C.S. and J.R. Craig drove to Markham this afternoon to George Miller's sale of sholt home. Spent the evening at home writing of militia names. It was a sharp freezing day. Took dinner yesterday at Mr Johnston lot 22 3rd line East and today at J.C.S.


Was engaged all day in threshing peas with the flail A great number of rats and mice around the barn and outbuildings. trap a rat nearly ever night. Spent the evening at home wanting over in driving twice up to Zion for to hold a missionary meeting but could not find the church key had no meeting

January, THURSDAY, 19 1871.

Drove over with a grist and 30 bush of oats and peas to Nowal Mills. waited for the grinding over 3 hours got home at 3.30 o'clock. Drove up to J.C. Snell's with the cutter and spent the evening pleasantly in reading and chat J.C.S is still in Markam at Geo Millers stock sale


Drove over to Nowal this morning for a load of fence lumber only bought properly sized sells it at $7.50 per thousand feet. Went to Brampton this evening to the Wesleyman choir practice which is clad by Jesse Perry enjoyed the evening well.

January, SATURDAY, 21 1871.

John Learment and I drove our {teaurs?} to Caledon this morning to buy and haul fence posts bought 100 off Archibald {McCarwel?} at $10.50 per houndred they are good large posts but are a high price, had to drive into the swamp on {No% pt line?} time west and make our owns roads. Snowing from the east all day and very damp.


Went to S.S. this morning our {suptpus?}. lesson John III 12 to 21, a very instructive description on the blackboard. Heard Rev A. L. Russel preach in Lion text - Nambus XIV 3rd. Drove to Brampton to night heard Mrs Jance Goodenham preach text Jeremiah XII. Catter part 5th The sermon dwelt particularily on death A very cold day

January, MONDAY, 23 1871

The coldest day of the season the thermometer 12(degrees)below zero a strong N.E. wind. J. Learmont and I drove to Caledon for fence posts. Brought home 30 making 100 new cedar posts paid. A McConnel $10.50. Got both my ears frozen and was tired and sleepy when I got home at 4 o clock.


Father drove to Brampton this morning and brought Mr. J.W. Main and family and brought Mrs. {illegible, Jorsman?} to spend the day, Mr. Main came this afternoon. J.E. Snell and family were here this evening had a pleasant evening. Drove the Brampton vistors home about 9 o clock. Considerably milder than yesterday.

January, WEDNESDAY, 25 1871

The weather is still very cold the mercury 2 (degrees) or 3 (degrees) below zero, all day. the extreme cold is prevalent all over the country, 40 (degrees) below zero at Quebec, the best coal oil freezes. Was theshing peas with the Hail. Drove Mrs. J.C.S. home this evening, was helping J.C.S copy the militia names, there are 436 names on the roll. Got home at 11.30 o clock.


Was at the same occupation as yesterday this cold weather suiting this job very well, have about 3/4 of them threshed. Drove sister Lavina down to Brampton Grammar School where she began the first of January 1871. Spent the evening reading The Weekly Globe

January, Friday, 27 1871.

Drove the team over to Ashgrove this morning for a load of shingles for Ambrose Woodhall brought 12 1/2 squares. Took dinner at Ashgrove hotel it was provided by Mr. W , Mr J, Heath and Wiggins were also at the {bar?} Spent the evening at the W.M choir Preaching. It was quite mild.

Saturday, 28

Was engaged in fawning peas and storing them away in the driving house, put-away about 40 bush. Was threshing peas with the Hail this afternoon. Snowing lightly from the East all day. Spent the evening at home reading the New York Weekly .

January, Sunday, 29 1871

Went to S. School this morning {illegible?}, lesson [Kings XVII] 8 to 16th (illegible, verse?) Elyjah and the widow of Laupath was described on the blackboard. Went to Brampton this evening and heard Rev W-Carson from Streetville preach. Text-Zachariah-III vol-5 verse is a good preacher, imitates Rev Morby Punshon in style and delivery.

Monday, 30

Was engaged this forenoon in putting the remains of the straw stack into the barn, for to keep dry bedding the stock. Was threshing peas this afternoon with the Hail. Had a severe tooth ache this evening. J.C (Illegible, Smill?) called here this evening, they had sold a short-(illegible, farm, term?) at $ (illegible, owes, levo, owed?)

January, TUESDAY, 31. 1871.

Raining very fast nearly all day, snow fast disappearing. Drove to Brampton this morning with 21 bush of barley, received 55 cents per bush. Spent this evening very pleasantly with the W.M. Choir at a teammeeting at Narval, had a good sleigh, had two upsets but no one seriously hurt, got home at 1.30 o clock

February, WEDNESDAY, 1. 1871

Finished the pea threshing yesterday was hauling firewood from the "other place" bush. Had a visit from J. Tribble of Amaranth stayed last night here started home today. Have had a pretty severe winter this far but good steady sleighing, was mild and cloudy today spent the evening in making up farm accounts.

February, THURSDAY, 2. 1871

Drove to Brampton this morning and had a double tooth pulled by W.K. Graham. Dentist. It was a very painful operation, being slightly diseased it required considerable strength to extract it. Father and another drove to Toronto Township this afternoon to visit Alick Campbell.


Quite a cold day. Was engaged in hauling cord wood and white oak stakes from the other place bush. Our folks came home from Alicks, they are all well he has a large school at Matton, he received from the scholars he has gift a very nice mahogany writing desk worth $11.50. Spent the evening at Practice in Brampton pleasantly.

February, SATURDAY, 4 1871.

Finished cleaning up the peas have about 75 bush stored away. Spent the remainder of the day in picking over the potatoes they are fully one fourth rotten. Father went to Official Quarterly Meeting at 2 P.M. and paid $3.50 quarterage. A pretty cold day the thermometer sank nearly to zero. Sarah Peacock is spending a day or two here.


A very cold morning, thermometer 15 (degrees) below zero but very clear and fine. Went to Brampton to the Quarterly Meeting. Reverend{illegible} Mcfadden preached text-Psalm LXXXVII & Old Mr. Holtby was present who has been preaching 48 years, & Took dinner at Mrs. Truemans I heard the same minister this evening text-Galatians-VII, 14 {illegible symbol}

February, MONDAY, 6 1871.

The weather has moderated some but is still below zero. Went to Brampton to Dentists and got 6 teeth filled which were slightly decayed 2 front ones with gold costing $1.50 each the rest with silver " $0.75 " total $6.00 paid $5 on the bill . Edwin Dixon is here from Amaranth overnight of Learmont was in and spent the evening in chat.


Spent the day in preparing for clover treshing. Renewed the insurance on the house and farm buildings in the Mutual Association of Middlesex, to the amount of $2000 , fees $15.25 to be paid next winter. Aunt Mary and I spent the evening at J.C. Snells(?) in reading and chat.

February, WEDNESDAY, 8. 1871.

Commenced threshing clover this morning with Smith and Hunters machine. The seed comes very slowly from the mill, only getting about 5 1/2 bush. Today have nearly 2 bush of Alsike . Weather very mild thawing fast.


Was at the same work as yesterday, about 5 bush to day. Did not thresh all the clover, it turns out so poorly. It would not pay. Paid the threshers $12 & Anderson Campbell $1.00 for 2 days work also, R. Crawford same for 2 days. Mrs. Guy Bell spent the day here and Mr. Bell was here this evening.

February, FRIDAY, 10. 1871

Drove Aunt Mary and Sarah Peacock to Brampton Station this morning. They are going to Toronto Sarah is hired at Dr. Fulton's. Was parsing and applying a preparation of bluestove and verdigris to sheep's feet for to cure the disease {illegible, hewfoot?} which is very troublesome.


Was helping with team J.Learmont to thresh clover seed which yielded about the same as ours. The C. {illegible, communion?} Baptists of Edmonton had a successful (illegible) last night {illegible, valued?} nearly $40. J.C. Snell and wife were here this evening on their way home from Brampton.

February, SUNDAY, 12 1871.

Drove the sleigh to S. School this morning, Supt present lesson-I Kings XVII 11 to 24 was well described on blackboard Viney and I drove over to Guy Bell's this afternoon. Had a pleasant time chatting about old times. They are comfortably situated. Heard Rev. W.K McFadden preach in Brampton today.


Drove sister Viney to Brampton G. School this morning. Got the Country Gentleman for last week, it is an excellent paper. Was fanning and sifting the Alsike clover seed, have about 1 bush 3 pecks there fell about six inches of snow yesterday.

February, TUESDAY, 14 1871.

Drove to Stewarts sawmill Esquesing {uncertain?} and brought for A. Woodhall 950 ft of green lumber. Sold 1 1/2 bush Alsike @ $6.00 per bush. Went to Mt. Pleasant this morning wuth the B.W. Choir had a pleasant time. Able addresses were given by Revs. Puigh, Fletcher, Brackinridge and J.R. Burnett {jim?} Realized $63. Got home at 11.30 o clock.


Was engaged today in hauling manure from J.W. Mains house stable Brampton, drew 4 large loads, it is splendid manure being rolled, mixed with shavings instead of straw. Spent evening making out lumber bill for board hauling and addition to sheep pen, nearly 4000 feet lumber. Thawing today

February, THURSDAY, 16. 1871

Was hauling rails from the other place bush and repairing fences, have the bush cleared of cord wood and rails once more. Mr and Mrs Joseph Pearen Mrs. Trueman and Featherstone and old Mrs. Modeland were here visiting today. Received a note of invitation to a party from Dawson Modeland.


Received from Mrs. Robert Smith $1.00 for service of "Clifton" and our ram. Was helping John Campbell to saw wood with the {illegible, evinlar?} belongs to Guy Bell. Our folks spent the day at J.C.S brought home as present a barrel of good apples. Spent the evening very pleasantly at D. Modeland's birthday party of, paid $1 to the young folks Mr. {illegible, illegible}

February, SATURDAY, 18. 1871

Very stormy day, had quite a quantity of wet snow last night from the east. Got home last night about 11.30 o'clock . there were over 12 girls present but only 4 boys . Took tea with A. Jonesa and wife and spent evening at their place, Mr. A is very sick with the cold. {illegible} Mary came from Toronto w night.


Went to S.School this morning Supt pres-lesson-John IV- 16 to 30 Heard Rev Mr. Montgomery from Younge street South Circuit text Zachariah- - He is a clever young preacher, Heard him again in Brampton tonight text-timothy I-IV-8th verse. J.C. Snell and family were here all afternoon and evening.

February, MONDAY, 20 1871

Drove over to Esquesing this morning to buy shingles visited to shingle factories but could not get buy. There is such a demand for them that they keep no stock on hand. Brought home from Stewarts Mill 200 feet of culled lumber costing .60 ets. Left a lumber bill at R. Nobles Nowal consisting of - at $8 per thousand.


45 loads 10 inch wide 14 ft log
45 8 16
90 6 14
30 5 16
3 3x5 16
18 3x5 11
250 ft inch plank 14 ft long. A bright stormy day. Father and mother went to the christening of J.L.S. two children by Rev M Jadden.


Our folks and Mrs G. Wordhall spent the day visiting at Mr Matthew Peauns on 6 line east. Was at hime all day alone making the day very long. Made a wood box for the kitchen. Spent the evening at Baptist Social for the sabbath school held in Siloam chapael Brampton able speech by Messre Beynon Smith, Rerridge and Brooke - Realized $ 20.


Down to Caledon tis snowing for a load of {illegible: lan?} fence stakes brought 164 home. Brought them from A. McColl of sligo 7 ft long to be used with wine at the rate of $17 per thousand.

February, FRIDAY, 24. 1871.

Warm day with a strong S.W. wind and thawing very fast. Went to Brampton this afternoon and settled W.R. Grahams acc. paid him $1.00. Sister Viney and I drove over to Mt Olivet to night to a social given for benefit of the choir. Speeches by Russel, Oakley and Lent. Realized $27.

Saturday, 25

Was sawing wood with Guy Bell's circular saw out about 22 cords of wood and got through shortly after 3'oc it is pretty hard work handling the word. Drew the house power over to Mr Bells this evening. Paid him $3.50 for the day's sawing.

February, SUNDAY, 26. 1871.

Drove Aunty Peacock over to the 3rd line East to Isaac Modeland's this morning. to see her daughter Matilda who is living over there. Took dinner there and spent part of afternoon. Took tea at J. S. Belle, he is just home from a trip in the west of Ontario. Heard Rev AJ. Russel preach in Brampton Tonight text - number XIV - 5th.


Had another snowfall yesterday of 2 or 3 inches which has {uncertain word: {illegible: resusitared?} the sleighing. Drove to Brampton this morning with 5 bush of red clover seeds sold to Chisholm @ $ 5 per bush. Bought of white plaster for {illegible: manuring?} at $4 per ton. Spent the evening at home playing the melodeon.

February, TUESDAY, 28. 1871.

Was picking out our store of winter apples have nearly 2 1/2 barrels. J. C. Snell and wife were here for dinner. Drove to Brampton this afternoon to the mass meeting of the Reformers of Peel to select a candidate for the coming election for Ontario Parliament stirring speeches were made by the leading men of the party and


The greatest enthusiasm prevailed throughout the large audience. Mr Thomas Bowles was selected candidate to oppose J. Coyne. M.P.P. Drove to Brampton this morning and mailed a letter to Uncle John in Missouri. The weather wild strong westerly winds, very little snow, the fields are nearly bare. The stock are in good condition and thriving well.

March THURSDAY, 2 1871

Drove to Nowal Mills this morning with 10 bush wheat and 10 of peas and oats for chopping. Hailed for the grinding and got home aft 3 PM. Father and mother drove to Isaac Modeland's, visiting and brought home Aunt Mary. Warm showers prevailed, cutting away the snow very fast. Spent evening at J. C. Snells chatting.


Was engaged in splitting wood storing it away in wood shed. For {ilegiable} season's {illegible}. Very stormy morning, raining and snowing from the East. R. Crawford and I drove up to J. C. Snell's to a small party of young folks, composed entirely of Snell's family, evening passed pleasantly with guiutittes and steeple chase. Got home at 12 oclck midnight.

March, SATURDAY, 4. 1871.

Drove to Caledon for stakes. The sleighing being as nearly done could only being 88 stakes only half a load. The cedar swamps are full of water and nearly impassable. Arrived home about 2-30 PM. Parents drove up to J.C.S for tea. Mr & Mrs H {uncertain name: Jolees?} and Miss Rose her sister were here today for dinner. Beautiful moonlight night.


Drove in the cutter to S.S. this morning. Supt pres. Lesson. Luke IIV 16 to 30th Drove the buggy to Lion this afternoon as the snow is nearly gone, heard Rev W.L. McFadden preach text pob XXXI 1400. Walked to Brampton this evening, heard the same sermon from same preach. It was quite a warm day.

March, MONDAY, 6 1871

Was engaged nearly all day in splitting and piling firewood. Father drove to Matthew {illegible: Cations?} 1st line west for a beehive containing a swarm of bees (was paid for a year ago). Drove up to M John Snell's this evening for mother where she was visiting. It is a very clear night almost as light as day. Freezing pretty {illegible: keen?}.


Was cutting and hunting from the other place bush peatis 2 and 2 beans for a new shed outside the sheeppard. Also making some basswood spiles for tapping and directing the maple sap into tonight. Father was {ilegiable} in today at Edmonton as fence view J.C. Snell was here this evening all the talk in about coming Election and Bukehive.

March, WEDNESDAY, 8 1871

Commenced operations in the lower bush for sugar making, tapped 40 trees. the sap runs pretty freely. Hauled the furnace {illegible: Rithles?} and all necessary articles down to creek with team, carried the things across walking on the old ice which is heaved up and will not bear a team. Spent evening at E. Buntings.


Was at the same business as yesterday. Tapped 10 more trees making 50 all together, boiled down 15 pails of sap. to 42 pail. The weather is very warm, thawing very fast. The roads are fearful muddy. The {illegible: Etobieok?} has over flowed its banks, completely itimindating the Hats, John Thistle merchant Brampton shot himself yesterday.

March, FRIDAY, 10 1871

Was splitting stove wood this forenoon. Went to sugar bush at noon but the sap is not running because of warm weather and no frost. Spent the evening at the Reunion concert held in Haggert {illegible: Roos?} large new building in the fourth story the machinery was all in motion and a steam elevator for carrying the


People up the whole brilliantly Aliminated. The professional singers 3 ladies 2 gentlemen were from Hamilton & Toronto. They sung very well. A drizzling rain all day making the wads very {illegible}, commenced snowing this evening. Was splitting wood. Gathered some more sap making in all 25 pails.

March SUNDAY, 12 1871

There fell 5 or 6 inches of snow last night and is storming some {illegible: Jet?} this morning. Spent the day at home reading and playing the melodron. Rode back to Brampton tonight, heard Rur Mr McFadden preach text Hebrews II: 3rd verse ccAow shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation.


Could not do anything at the sap business not suit able weather. Drove the waggon down to Mc J. Neelands tonight to a simple ice party. Took 15 {illegible} my load there were two other waggon loads. the roads were fearful muddy. Presented Miss Neelands with silver Tea sett worth $50 for being organist.

March, TUESDAY, 14 1871

Got home this morning at 3:30 AM from party. Collected 25 pails of sap today. Spent afternoon at Brampton at nomination of the two candidate Coyne - Bowles - for {illegible: Loeal?} Legislation. There was a great crowd. Me Bowles made decidedly better speech thur Coyne and we are confident of his election.


Was in the sugar bush all day boiled down about 24 pails of sap. Had a lunch at noon in the bush and drank syrup. Brought home at night 3 pails of thin molasses and boiled on the stove to 3 or 4 gals of maple molasses. Rained pretty steadily all day from the East making it {illegible: disaqqauble?} in bush.

March THURSDAY, 16 1871

Raining and misty, freezing as it falls, all the trees are loaded down with ice 3 inch thick, some large branches broken off the willows and poplars. Spent the afternoon in Brampton, discussing politics, ect, bo't to days Globe also the Christian Guardian by mill from Toronto.


Was very sick last night with a cold. Had a severe headache this morning and was out able to do much. Went to E. Bunting's clover threshing this afternoon where {illegible: Yard?} Houses. "Prairie Hower" is doing good work {illegible: seed?} not turning oft well.

March, SATURDAY, 18 1871

Was at the same occupation as yesterday also with our team again. Finished about 3 o'clock. The roads are now almost impassable the wind being nearly knee deep. The Orangeville stage stuck fast just below our place. The passengers had to get-out and foot it through the mud and water.


Went to S.S this morning on foot. Supt abs lesson - Matt V - 1 to 2. Heard Rev. A.J Russel pugch - text - Palmes - XCVII - 1st very few out at church because of very bad wads. Walked to Brampton to night. Heard the same preacher and same sumon. Read a library book - "The {illegible: AJooles?} of Glen Imaal".

March MONDAY, 20 1871

Was engaged in boiling sap in the bush. Boiled about 24 pails which made about 2 gallons of molasses. Miss Elizabeth Clow and Miss D. Hemphill were here waiting. Samy Bunting was here in the evening. Had our first lamb last. Wednesday are steadily increasing 8 living 2 dead.


The contest between Coyne and Bowles for election to a seat in the Ontario Legislature has taken place today, resulting in the defeat of the latter by a majority of 65 votes. The excitement has been intense and both sides have excited themselves to their almost but the Tory party won by bribery and corruption.

March WEDNESDAY, 22 1871

Boiled 22 pails of sap again today intend to make sugar of it. The Globe has a low description of the wedding of Princess Louisa daughter of Queen Victoria to the Margie of Lome a {illegible because it's smuggled: Dereth nobleman}. Walked up to J.B.S. This evening taking a present of 1/2 gal maple molasses. Was reading "National Stock Journal."


Came home this morning from J.B.S. There has fallen a few inches of snow and has snowed nearly all day. Bought at Brampton bushel of Timothy @ $5.50 per bush. Lowed 1/2 of it together with 95 lbs of red clover 3 1/2 Alsike on 10 acres of full wheat this afternoon. Had 2 young calver last night. The first this year.

March, FRIDAY, 24 1871

Was splitting and piling firewood. It freezes, very hard at night, it is too cold for the sap to run freely only gathered 10 pails of it today. Drove the buggy down to Brampton tonight to the W. Choir preachers. This was a full attendance. Robert went up to John Snell's this evening in business.


Was at the same occupation as yesterday have the wood more than half split. Gathered 12 pails of sap. The census taker called here yesterday and left a schedule to be filled out with full particulars about farm and family. It bright clean day.

March, SUNDAY, 26 1871

Was at S.S. this morning. Supt abs. {Uncertain Name: Mr. J. Raring?} addressed the school on the lesson. I Kings XVIII {illegible: 41 of 46?}. Walked to Brampton this evening with sister Lavina and heard Rev A Russel preach text - Isaiah - XL, 1st 2nd verse. Aunt Lizzie Ferguson's children have been spending 2 days here. Snowing tonight from East.


Drove sister Viney to school in Brampton in the cutter. There being 6 or 8 inches off fresh snow. Brought of R.C.C Co. 2 bush crown peas @ $1.10 peas bush of J.C. Snell was here tonight and filled out a blank form of farm lease between father and I, so that I can have a vote at next election.

March TUESDAY, 28 1871

Mr. Wm Black from Port Perry was here all last night. Had a litter of Berkshires from the old sow 9 in number 6 are living and doing well. Spent the day in the bush boiling sap. boiled 30 pails. The sap ran from the trees very fast. Bright days and frosty night.


Was busy all day boiling. Down 38 pails of sap in the lower bush. Father rode horsetrack to J.C. Snell to see little many {illegible: pahs?} has the scarlet fever, not a serious attack. It was a warm day and windy all the snow of the east storm has disappeared.

March, THURSDAY, 30 1871

It takes a pretty large share of the time to attend to the stuck at this season of the year especially the sheep, have had 18 young lambs of which 5 which 5 are dead. Was splitting firewood and gathered 14 pails of sap. Received a letter from Uncle J. Ferguson. They are well and busy at spring seeding.


Was boiling sap again all day in the bush reached 22 pails to one pail. Walked to Brampton this evening was {illegible: believed?} at G.E. Woods, also was at choir practice. Received a letter from Uncle Adam, they are doing well. Willy Mason is quite low with consumption.

April, SATURDAY, 1 1871

Soft drizzling snow squalls from the S.E. which melted as fast as it fell. The snow is all gone excepting a few solid snow blanks next the fences. The frost is out of the ground. Was splitting and piling firewood all day. Robert Crawford commences word today for 7 or 8 months @ $12 per month. Have 14 lambs and lying calf.


Walked up to S.S this morning. The roads are exceedingly bad, just snow - Supt pils. Lesson Matt V - 13 to 20 nicely illustrated on blackboard. Mr James Crawford spent the day {illegible}. Went to Brampton this evening heard Rev Mr McFaddon preach text John XVII 33rd verse. A drizzling rain set in from the south.

April, MONDAY, 3 1871

Was boiling in the bush this forenoon but commenced raining at noon and had showers all afternoon. Was docking the sheep and year old labs also decked the tails of twelve young lambs. Spent the evening at home reading the February number of "Ladies" Repository.


Boiled down 28 pails sap. Father went to Old John Elliots funeral, he died on Saturday Brampton aged 76 years. He was one of the oldest settlers being 54 years since he left England. A strong west wind ground drying up fast. Had a calf from Betty.

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April, WEDNESDAY, 5 1871

Was engaged in pulling down 60 rods of fences and bring up the rotten and broken nails resawing all the sound trees for rebuilding the fences. The women folks are busy house cleaning and white washing. Ms. James Crawford spent the evening here. A bright warm day.


Was rebuilding the fence we are down yesterday. Drew with horses and waggon {illegibe} cider stake{Your comment here...}s for it. Gathered 12 pails of sap last night and 1,4 tonight making 20 pails on hand, it rain from the trees pretty fast this week on account of frost at night.

April, FRIDAY, 7 1871

Commenced plowing sod today it is pretty wet on the lowest ground and some frost here and there but the greater part plows very well. "Robert" boiled 30 pails of sap bring the last boil of the season. Spent evening at choir practice, the stove were all closed today in Brampton. Aft was very warm the thermometer nearly 75* in the shade.


Was snowing plaster in the {illegible} this forenoon. Brought up all the sugar {illegible} and barrels from the bush the season is over. Went to Brampton this afternoon got measured for a suit of grey tweed, had a chat with Alick. The weather is very warm the grass and fall wheat are getting quite green.

{There is an error with this PDF. These are the same pages as the ones in PDF 32}.

April, SUNDAY, 9 1871

Walked up to S. School this morning. The roads are are quite dry and dusty. Supt also. Lesson I Kings XIX 1 to 7 verse. Father and mother are up at J.C. Snells. There children are quite bad with scarlet fever. Heard Rev W McFadden preach at Brampton tonight text Matt XXVID, descriptive of our Lord's resurrection.


Finished sowing the plaster on the meadows and pastures. Was plowing until 4 o'clock, where rain set in from the N.E is raining heavily all night it is a very cold rain. Plucked a full blown wild flower in the woods last Saturday, also Killed a mosquito the same evening.

April, TUESDAY, 11 1871

The heavy rains last night and this morning have re-commenced the mud reign. Drove to Brampton the morning and waited with 2 PM, getting my long boots half soled at 6. Coyne's. Bought a cane seated stool for the melodeon. Was reading some interesting letters in the Globe from Rev. W.M. Punshon who is travelling on the Union Pacific "R.R." to California and British Columbia.


Was plowing this forenoon but gave up, Its being too wet. Was repairing fence and choring around generally. Lavina had a small party of low young Ladies schoolmates and treated them with maple taffy.

April, TUESDAY, 13 1871

Was engaged in pairing the sheep's fat and putting on Clerestone and verdigris went over the whole flock nearly very sheep is troubled with the disease more or less. Plowed half an aw of sod this afternoon. Had some showers from the West mixed with snow. Just one year since Uncle William was buried.


Plowed over an acre of clover sod. Received a copy of Chicago Weekly Tribune from Uncle Adam. it contains a qual-deal of matter being very fine print. Spent the evening at choir practice. Had to pick out new cloth for my suit the first pecie being all sold. The weather is cool and dry pretty land frosts.

April, SATURDAY, 16 1871

Drove the team to Brampton early this morning and bought home from Haggert Bros a new roller with a cast now spring seat fastened on the back part of the frame it is very convenient price of roller $ 34. Had dealings with J. Learmeut trading even a ewe and twin lambs for 2 of his stove pigs 7 months old.


Went to S. School this morning. Supt pres, - lesson - Matt VI, 1-15. Eagh teacher received a present of 7 different kinds of flower from Mr. Milland. Rev Mr. Russel took tea here tonight young, Eli Crawford was with him. Heard him preach in Brampton tonight text Job XXIX and 6th verse.

April, MONDAY, 17 1871

Was picking stoves off the meadow throwing them into the waggon and hauling them into off with 2 yr old cold "Charley." Was rolling the meadow with the new roller. Finished plowing the little orchard hawing round the rows of trees with one horse. Spent the evening at home reading.


Was at pretty much the same work as yesterday. Rev W. McFadden was here for dinner today. Sold the cow "Bob Jail" to old Mr Williams Butcher @ $30 including her calf 4 weeks old. Had another calf today from 3 yr old red {iilegible: heifn?}. The weather has been cool and is raining from the E. tonight.

April, WEDNESDAY, 19 1871

Yesterday was any twentieth birthday. Commenced our spring seeding by plowing oats on bush plowed. Sod. came on a heavy east rain with thunder and lightening at noon putting a damper on the sowing for the present. Spent the evening in reading the Fifth {illegible: Le hol?} Reader which contains some interesting matter.


Was shoveling drains letting the water of the plowed fields. Was hauling back muck from the bush for the flower beds in the front yard, planted 5 young maples and one bach in the front lane in place of ones that have died. Was reading the "Peel Banner".

April, FRIDAY, 21 1871

Finished sowing oats and harrowing them in. The weather is very dull and cloudy, the ground drys very slowly it being in a very, soft state. Walked to Brampton this evening to the choir practice.


Was trying to plow sod at the other place but had to give it up on account of the wet. Went to Brampton. received my new suit of dark tweed and light {illegible} pants and vest $ 20 a new {illegible} hat $ 1.30 and other articles 30 cents per {illegible} at night 74 inch thick.

April, SUNDAY, 23 1871

Went to S. School this morning. Supt afts - lesson - 1 kings XIX 11 to 13. J.C. Snell and family spent the day here. J.C.S Viney and I, drove down to Harry Jonsse and staid an hour or so. Heard Rev. A Russel preach in Brampton tonight text - I Thessalonians V - Pray without crawing". A cold chilly day.


Commenced plowing sod today at the other place it has dried very fast since last Saturday, is now in good order. Was sewed with a notice by the comtable to attend the Count of Revision tomorrow week to answer for the farm. Lease got up for voting. Sold 2 cows.

April, TUESDAY, 25 1871

Was at the same work as yesterday. Sowed an acre of early peas yesterday (the little orchard). The second team was rolling the rate field 1 acres, Planted 3 or 4 apple trees and a rose bush from Leslie Nursery. Toronto also some cherry trees a present from J Learmeut. Spent evening at J.C. Snell's in reading and chat.


Was plowing half the forenoon. Then went to Brampton to the Spring show of the C.P.A Society. There was quite a crowd of people, it being a very fine day. a large show of good bulls, {illegiable} Clifton from got no prize. He weighed 1970 lbs, there was also a good show of Stallions. Paid {illegible: Wagguts} note of $16. Receive from father a deed for the 25 acres.

April, THURSDAY, 27 1871

Rained quite heavily nearly all day from East giving the ground a regular soaking, Was carrying potatoes over from the house cellar to the driving house, have 16 bags "{illegible}" and 5 bags "Early Whites" a few which are rotten. Paid A. M Gaul Caledon for 25 stakes we drew lait winter $4.25.


Father sold in Brampton 2 bags "Early Whites" and bought 1 bag "{illegible}" @ 90 ets per bag also bought pick "Early Rose" @ 50 ets per bag. Was picking down old fences to be put in an improved state. Spent evening at choir Practice. The weather is cold and windy.

April, SATURDAY, 29 1871

Was building on the North site of the Cane this forenoon the old fence was pretty well. need of, partly bail over 60 rods. Spent the afternoon at Ambrose Woodhall's bee for raising a new barn 80 x 34. it was hard work and very exciting, Slight westerly showers prevailed.


Went to S. School this morning. Supt pres. although he had to drive 18 miles before school time lesson - Matt VI -19-34. Heard Rev. W. McFadden preach at Lion this afternoon text - Prov - VI, 6th verse, received from the {illegible: mimets?} the {illegible: Luarterly?} tickets for May. Walked to Brampton church to night and heard the same sermon.

May, MONDAY, 1 1871

Was plowing sod all day at the other place. Fixed up the swin gate at noon across the creek between E. Bunting and us. Commenced sowing barley this afternoon cultivating with the other team. The weather was pretty warm, the grass is growing very fast, 3 inch high, very good sheep pasture.


Finished cultivating and harrowing 11 acre of barley in front of house done my first sowing grain with ten hands, The Court of Revis in took place today of Edmonton, quite a crowd of people present, Father went up but any lease was not called on, it passed off favourably to the Reform party. Had a lamb from the Largest-ewe in the flock.

May, WEDNESDAY, 3 1871

Was plowing the head ridges and water furrowing the field of barley, also sowed clover sod 10 lbs and Timothy 3 lbs to acre on it. Plowed 12 an acre of sod this afternoon. Planted some Early Goodwich and Early White potatoes in the garden. spent evening reading S. School Library books.


A heavy East storm prevailed throughout the day with a high wind, putting in flock to seeding operations for a day or two. Was dressing the sheeps feet, it is a troublesome disease, it is affecting the young lambs. Tanned 60 bush fall wheat it being now ready for market. The storm had started this evening.

May, FRIDAY, 5 1871

Was engaged in shovelling drains and letting water off the barley field. Was digging past holes and setting posts for a board fence on the N.E. side of the barnyard from hogpen around the corner of lane to the creek. Spent the evening at Practice, learning on the Handel's choruses, it is very difficult.


Rode to Brampton for medicine and a bottle of Cookeville wine for father who is very sick on kind of filliance attack. Was at pretty much the same work as yesterday, finished up some fencing and sowing clover seed. The weather has cleared up fine manure.

May, SUNDAY, 7 1871

Want to S. School this morning. Supt, aba on lesson - 1 Kings XXII - 1 to 37. Took dinner at J.C. Snells and spent part of the afternoon there. Heard Rev A. Russel preach in Brampton tonight - text - Mark VI 14th verse. Had shower of hail today.


E. Bunting was helping me to plow sod with his team and plow all day. Turned over rather more than 2 acres. The ground is very soft. A cold north wind all day, froze ice on the water trough last night.

May, TUESDAY, 9 1871

Was at the same work as yesterday plowed 1 1/4 acres. Erastus Bunting is plowing for J. Learnaeut today, being through seeding, he is helping his neighbours. Robert was digging post holes for brand lanes from the wad down behind the barn. Spent the evening reading April Ladies Repository.


Finished plowing the sod for the peas. Sowed 8 acres of peas with 18 bush of our old seed and 2 bush of crown peas. {illegible because of ink stain} it 2 strokes with the {illegible because of ink stain}. Spent the evening choir practice in Brampton. Practising Hallelujah choruses with the help of part of P.M choir.

May, THURSDAY,11 1871

Was rolling the barley field it has got very hard and solid with last week's heavy rains. The weather is fine and dry all week getting a little warmer every day. Mr Frank Holfe died very suddenly in {illegible: chiegs?} this morning of appoplexy.


Finished harrowing and rolling the pea field 8 {illegible} "other place" it looks well after being finished. Was engaged this afternoon in washing our sheep 37 or {illegible} in the 6 to berk. The water was {illegible because of ink stain}. The weather clear and warmer. Spent the evening at Practice.

May, SATURDAY, 13 1871

Drove to Nowal Mills this morning with 10 bush of wheat for a grist sold 50 lbs & Archs Brunting @ $1.62 1/2. A new telegraph 60 (Dominion) are putting up this line of posts from Brampton to Georgetown via {illegible} sideroad. J.C. Snell and family were here for dinner today. Tomorrow their 3rd wedding anniversary.


Went to the fourth Luarterty meeting for the year in Brampton.Rev Dr Wood of Toronto preached text - I John III - 8th verse, a very instructive discourse. Took dinner at Mrs {illegible}. Heard Rev. Mr. Healey preach tonight - text - I Corinthians - XIII - 13th verse. A fine day but very cool.

May, MONDAY, 15 1871

Drove the team to Nowal for a load of fence lumber, bought nearly a thousand feet, it is a pretty fair quality of lumber, is green and heavy being fresh from the say. Was cross plowing the plot of ground on the N. side of little orchard for potatoes.


Went to Nowal again this morning, brought a larger load than yesterday, had to make two trips up the bredet hill with it. Commenced shawing sharp this afternoon, sheared 9 which averaged about 8 1/2 lbs each. Had a slight westerly shower. Turned the cows on grass for the {illegible}. also Clifton and the calves.

May, WEDNESDAY, 17 1871

Finished sheaving sheep today. 36 in number is the flock this season. Shaving is rather nice work, but very tiresome on the back. Spent the evening at the choir Practice in the W.M. church, had a full attendance. The weather is quite cool and white frost at night.


Drove to Nowal again today. brought home a load of fence lumber about 900 feet which the fill a fence stuff. Bought a new Duy fuk price. Spent the evening reading "Charles Dickens" Nicholas Weekly. Turned the cattle out to grass on the 16th net for the first.

May, FRIDAY, 19 1871

Was drilling up the ground for potatoes and hauling manure for filing up the drills. Was fixing the line fence across the creek next to Wiggins' at Robert Lowes's evidence was led by Miss B Lowes on the piano stroke.


Was planting potatoes finish at noon, planted 5 kinds Early Rose and Gordwich, Gournet Chili Gleason and Early White in all 42 an acre. Spent the afternoon at Benjamin {illegible: Metious?}. Raising of a cow house, had a pleasant time and a good game of ball. Spent the evening reading Nicholas Nickely.

May, SUNDAY, 21 1871

Drove Aunt Mary and Viney up to J.C. Snells this morning. Dawson Modelaud drove up there to from Brampton. Took dinner and tea there. Yesterday and today were very warm 87* in the shade. Heard Rev K.L. Russel preach at Brampton tonight - text - Psalma XXII "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem."


Went to Nowal and brought home the last of the lumber bill also 4 scauttings 3X4 and 2 do 4X4, which were not included in the bill, it is a very fair quality of lumber all through. Was at Brampton this evening brought box of paper collars, 20 ets, and got my hair farbiced.

May, TUESDAY, 23 1871

Was engaged all day in sittin fewer posts for a new board fence. The ground is so dry that it is almost impossible to get the posts solid. Drove to Brampton tonight to the concert practice in the out house. Had a full attendance of all the number. Had a stormy house colt from "Old Far."


Was working all forenoon at the board fence. Went to Brampton this afternoon and saw a lively game of Lacrosse between two Toronto clubs "Ontario" and "Jellago" the former were victors. Sang in the choir at the Grand Coureut as the Court house. very large crowd. Had several solo singers and a

May, THURSDAY, 25 1871

Mr Boreouits Peaniet to King A Port weal. He is a splendid performer. Realizes after paying expenses $75. Was hauling manure m turnip ground 22 loads. J.C Snell left by 9 oclock train via Toronto and Quebec for Great Britain. Brought home a young Berkshire from J. Snells of our litter the was being sold 5 for $10 each. A thunder shower the first rain for 3 weeks.


Drove the horses and waggon up to J.C. Snells this morning and brought Jan and the two children with a load of necessary articles down town place when she is going to reside until of C.S. return. Was cross plowing the turnip ground and finished up the new load fence beyond the calf pasture.

May, SATURDAY, 27 1871

Mr. William Broddy called and left 2 subpoenad to attend Revision Count before judge Scott, 31st inet. also $1 10 each for expenses. Had the buggy repaired at Edmonton, all the trees silt and a new shift changes - to come in Credit Bill. Christopher Fox is here all night.


Drove up to S. School this morning Supt pres - lesson Matt VII 13 to 24. Mr George Graham preach at Lion this afternoon. Heard Rev W, McFadden preach tonight in Brampton. Text Romans VI - 22. A very warm day 88* in the shade. C. Fox left hen tonight.

May, MONDAY, 29 1871

Was engaged in pulling by heard the cockle and redroot out of the fall wheat. There was not a great deal of it. The wheat looks very well on the average and is just ready to come out in head. Finished plowing and cultivating the turnip ground.


Commenced hauling manure on the fallow drew 13 loads. It is a long distance to haul it to the backside of the farm, so that it will be slow work. Was over at the Guy Bell's this evening. They are getting along merrily. It is melting hot weather the thermometer over 90* deg.

May, WEDNESDAY, 31 1871

Went to Brampton this morning to the Court of Revision it being an appeal from Cowet of Rebis at Edmonton. There are over seventy to be. Tried nearly all Performances only 7 cases tried today all successful but one. There were two lawyers from Toronto and with Mr. Flenning took charge of affairs.

June, THURSDAY, 1 1871

Was hauling manure can at fallow with 2 waggons and one team drew 18 wads. There were 12 cases third in Brampton today the reform. {illegible} about half. Sold a fat ewe to Crawforth for $40. Took a 2 Jeardd colt into pasture for summer belonging to J,W. Main.

June, FRIDAY 2 1871

Received the sad intelligence yesterday through the "Banner" of Willy Mason's death in Mission on the 24th of May aged 19 yrs died of consumption. Was at the same work as yesterday hauling 20 loads. Spent the evening at Mrs Davids Smith's social for the Vestry fund. Realized $25. The brass band was present.


Finished drawing manure on the fallow having part 75 wads on 6 1/2 acres. They were very large loads 12 ft long. The weather has been exceedingly warm all this week averaging 90*. Drove sister Jennie up to her house for minutes pleasantly at Wilton Lodge.

June, SUNDAY, 4 1871

Went to S. School this morning. Sup pres. Lesson II Kings II 1 to 8 verses, an interesting one. Drove to Brampton this evening and heard Rev James Pearen preach text Isaiah IVIII - 13 and 14th verses, a very good sermon on the importance and seriousness of keeping the sabbath day holy.


Yesterday "Lady Harrington" of a bull calf.. Walked to Brampton this morning to the Ajourned Revision Court, but gave up our case with a dozen more, being entered on the Assessment roll to Cate. Here J.H. Cameron was there front Toronto. Commenced the roadwork today put 3 1/2 days having the teams in.

June, TUESDAY, 6 1871

Put in 3 more days work on the road today. It is very hard work the clay is dry and hard. Have 1 1/2 days yet to put in the work is nearly done excepting from to be done on the gravel road/ Commenced raining about dark excepting two very light showers we have had no rain since the 4th May.


Clear and cool this morning not a great deal of rain last night, Went to Nowal with 38 bush of Dickl wheat sold at $1.25 per bush paid lumber bill $ 28.68 had $ 19 remaining from the load of wheat. Bought at Cooks Saw mill. Esquesing 6 squares shingle at 50 ects each.

June, THURSDAY, 8 1871

Commenced plowing the summer follows for the first time. It is very hard and dry but does not turn up in large lumps but crumbles down. Went to Brampton with 52 bush wheat sold to K. Chishohn @ $1.23 per bush, bought a Godwich salt $1.10.


Was at the plowing all day. Plowed 1 1/3 acres. Took sister Elice down to Cole's gallery for to get the photograph. Sold 2 pieces of cured bacon for $3.33. Bought 38 lbs of cut nails @3 1/2 ets. paid H. Chisholms Acc $20.00. Spent the evening at Practice, nothing special going on now attendance rather slim.

June, SATURDAY, 10 1871

Mailed a letter yesterday to Uncle Adam Missow. Was working at the building of an addition to the sheep pen. Had two or three heavy thunder showers this afternoon, it was badly needed. Drove Jennie up to Mr. John Snells tonight on a visit.


Went to S. School this morning. Supt pres. lesson Matt XIII 24 to 30 verse. Went to Brampton at 2 P.M. to P.M. Church and heard addresses to S.School scholar from this minister. Mr and Mrs John R. Craig took tea here this evening. he starts for England next Thursday. Heard Rev Mr Wallis preach in Brampton text Psalm XLIII 6.

June, MONDAY, 12 1871

Was plowing fallow all day with our team. Mr and Mrs H.J. Mordeland, Aunt Betsy and Mrs J. Raine were here this afternoon on a visit, also Old Mr Jones and Mr Mrs Jack Jones, a good many for one day's visiting. spent evening reading "David Copper Field by "Dickens."


The team and one hand working on the roads this forenoon, which finishes out {illegible: statale?} (8 days) for this year. Father and mother went to Brampton to hear Rev. S, Antliff from England preach, here a P. Methodist and a wiseful and able preached very cold weather for the season.

June, WEDNESDAY, 14 1871

Was lowing in the 3 acre field next the woods across the Etobicoke. it is a stuff sod with a good deal of grass which is hard to cover. Was moving the cedar fence behind the barn, dividing the 15 acre field into 2 equal parts. Spent evening reading David Field.


Was at the same reception as yesterday, The weather keeps very cool slight frosts at night, Wild and tame strawberries are ripe. A reform meeting in Brampton raised $170 for expenses other party, gave $3 {illegible} it. Mrs John Snell is here all night.

June, FRIDAY, 18 1871

Went to Brampton with this jear's clip of wool 275 lbs sold & K.C Co @ 34 ets pu lb had 15 lbs matted wool price for that reduced one third received for whole lot $91.90. Spent evening at practice. This is strawberry season. Aunt Lizzie has a great quantity and is realizing considerable out of the saba 12 1/2 ets per 'qut.


Was plowing all day and finished up the summer fallout the side hill plowing is tiresome work. The hill being so steep that we have to plow around it throwing the furrow down hill. Sold a 2 yr old steer to Williamson drover, for $50 was very large for his age and in good trim.

June, SUNDAY, 18 1871

Went to S.S. this morning. Light abs. Lesson VI Kings 2.920 a small attendance and dull. Mr. J.B. Guinshaw is very sick with dropsy and heart disease. The doctor have given him up for lost. Heard Rev Mr Stonehouse preach in Brampton, was one of the P.M. ministers, but has joined W.M. Conference - text - Numbers XIV 24th.


Was engaged in drilling up the turnip ground and sowing with Swede turnip seed about 2 3/4 acres sowed 6 lb of seed on it. Had a fine red and a little white {illegible} calf from {uncertain name: Roger?}.

June, TUESDAY, 20 1871

Was working at the new sheep pen. Put a new plank floor in the horse stable laying crossways on top of the {illegible: floor?} gave received a letter from J.B. Snell within from London dorr. Ireland shortly after {illegible: hee?} around. he was just 10 days crossing the Atlantic had calm weather all the time. Had a westerly shower. Planted 65 cabbage plants.


Finished shingling the new sheep pen. Jane walked up to Mr John Snells and Sarah drove her down this evening. The Pell Battalion 361th Volunteer returned from Niagara, where thus has been 5000 of them} dulling for 2 weeks.

June, THURSDAY, 22 1871

Was ductoring the sheep's feet went over the whole flock dipping each foot into a solution of bluestone. Spent the afternoon at Robert Carter's barn raising, had a nice lively time. Father took a grist of 10 bush wheat to Maine's new steam grist mill in Brampton.


Commenced haying this morning by cutting 4 acres of clover 'd-is short and this will not be over a load to the acre. Brought of E. Humphrey's Edmonton a new waggon hay rack $5.00 a new horse rake $4.50 and a new washing machine $4.50. A sovel tonight at W. Broddy, realized $57.00 in aid and of the Vestry.

June, SATURDAY, 24 1871

Rain from the East commenced in the night continued till noon. Rev Jas Pearsen was here all last night, went to Brampton this morning. Was hauling sand and gravel from the creek for 25 put a cement floor in the cellars. Drove Jane and Lu two children up to John Snells this evening for an hour or so.


Went to S. School this morning. Supt pus. Lesson Mark VIII 31 25 58. Rev AJ Russel preached this farewell sumon in Brampton this morning. Rev W. McFadden preach his last sumon this evening - text - IV Timothy IV 7th and 8th verse, a large audience. Spent the afternoon and took tea. Viney and I at Guy Bell's.

June, MONDAY, 26 1871

Finished cutting with the mower 9 acres of clover. Raked and cocked up 1/3 of it this afternoon. Went to Benefit Concert this evening for Sandy Taylor ablind {illegible: mause?} in the Court House. The songs were {illegible: princepally Sestohe?} song by Jeanie Watson and Miss Maggie Barr, the former having a very powerful.


Got home the first grist to the new steam mill Brampton it runs well and does good work. Deposited in the {illegible: Muchautt?} Bank $125.00 which will draw interest @ 4 per cent after 3 months. Brought 3 barels of water lime @ $2.00 each. Was putting {illegible} the cellar floor as a cement.

June, WEDNESDAY, 28 1871

Was drawing in hay all day hauled 8 loads, shipping the 9 acre clover field except one small load it is slow work pitching it being as short but of a very good quality. Mrs W. Joness and brother Mr Ross called here this evening. Jane got a long interesting letter from J.C.S.


Has safely landed in Old England and is enjoying herself thoroughly. Mowed 6 {illegible} clover and Timothy in the old orchard field. The half yearly examination of Brampton High Dehove Took place today seven of the neighbours and {illegible: Brampton} started for England today.

June, FRIDAY, 30 1871

Was plasting the cellar floor under the house with water lime. Raked and cocked up 6 acres of hay this afternoon. The weather is cool and dry. The bailey is fully shot out and rats just coming. Aunt Mary and Viney went to Toronto on the {illegible: case?}.

July, SATURDAY, 1 1871

A warm clear day. Went to Toronto on the 9 o'clock train this morning with 2 on 3 companions. visited the {illegible: Odgoude?} Hall and other public buildings. Witnessed a lacrosse game between Montreal Indians and Toronto Club the latter were victors. Had a mile race one of the Indians was the fastest.

July, SUNDAY, 2 1871

Went to S. School this morning. Supt Pres. Lesson I Samuel XVI 1 to 178. Did not get name from Toronto untill 1:30 o'clock this morning having missed last nights train. Drove Jennie and family up to John Snell's this afternoon for an hour or so.


Hauled in 6 loads of hay out of the orchard field. Tried one load to take it off with the horse fork but it would not wok well the hay being too short so that we must give up the use of it for this season. It was a fine hay day. Was at G. John Campbell's this morning.

July, TUESDAY, 4 1871

Commenced raining this morn at 5 A.M. from SE. Lasted 3 or 4 hours. also a thunder shower this evening. Finished water liming the cellars. Received a letter from J.C.S. England, lengthy and well within, took it up to John Snell's tonight for their perusal, enjoyed the evening well.


Mrs J.C.S and Johnny. I went went to Oakville on Monday to Uncle Taylor's Received yesterday from J.C. a copy of Irish Daily Times printed in Dublin. Mailed the Globe and C. {uncertain name: Curtteman} to him. Finished mowing the orchard field and drew in 3 more loads making 20.

July, THURSDAY, 6 1871.

Had a South Rain this afternoon and in the evening a heavy thunder shower. The first heavy rain for 2 months. Was farming a wad of wheat for mark. Sold 41 bush at $1.15.


Commenced cutting our last field of hay of 7 1/2 acres {illegible} it more than half. Went to Brampton this afternoon mailed a Weekly Globe to J.C. Snell. Jane and Viney came home from Oakville where they have been all week brought 22 qts of strawberries, it is the staple fruit there.

July, SATURDAY, 8 1871

Drew in 7 loads of hay today of excellent quality nearly all Timothy. Mr. Robt Smith spent last evening here. A meeting of Reform delegates in Brampton decided on K. 6 hisholm to {illegible} against J.H. Cameron.


Went to S. School this morning. Supt pres. Lesson Mark IX 33 49. Heard Rev John Huny preach at Lion at 2 1/2 P.M. text Matt XVI 28. He is nearly 90 years of age. Heard Rev W.W. Carson preach in Brampton text II Kings V 12th. he is stationed on this circuit for a year. A very warm day.

July, MONDAY, 10 1871.

Finished cutting hay this forenoon. Drew in 4 loads of hay, clearing the orchard field. Father went to Brampton this morning and mailed two letters for England, one from Jennie and the other from me to J.C. Snell. The weather dull and cloudy. Have 1 loads of splendid Timothy hay, fine and sweet.


Finished up the hay harvest drew in 3 loads, making a total of 35 loads from 32 acres. Commenced cross plowing this summon fallow. Mr. John Hunter brought a letter up from Brampton from J.C.S. to Jennie, he writes very long and interesting letters, Mr. T.B. {illegible: Guirshaw?} is dying. he has suffered very severely. Died at 10:45 P.M.

July, WEDNESDAY, 12 1871.

Spent the forenoon on a frshing and burying excursion to John Snell's Lake, caught only 8 sun fish, it being so very hot we had to give apt at noon. raspberries are rather scarce. Spent evening in Brampton. bought a new S.S. Music Book "The Organ" 50 ets. Jennie and Viney were down get tiny some fixings for the funeral.


Went to Mr. J.B. Grimshaur's funeral at 1 P.M. buried at the new cemetery Brampton. Rev. W.W. Carson preached a powerful summon from Revelations. Is is a sad lose to his wife and family and she feels very lonely indeed. Was helping Robert Smith to raise a new shed and coustable.

July, FRIDAY, 14 1871.

Finished cross plowing the largest field of fallow. The weather drawing the past week has been very warm and dry. The wheat harvest started yesterday. Spent the evening at Mrs. King's serial, Mains sheet Brampton, a very pleasant night and brass band in attendance, not a great many present, realized $23.


Was helping J. Learmeut cut wheat this afternoon he has a new self raker. There has been an unusual number of deaths and accidents this summer. A sons of Mr. Lowe's got both arms cut off with a mower. Mr. John Hindle was nearly killed by a bull.

July, SUNDAY, 16 1871.

Miss Jessie Thompson died this morning at 3 o'clock after 10 days illness of liver complaint. Was at S. School this morning Supt abs. Lesson - pt Sam XVI 48 to 52. Spent afternoon at Mr. John Snells in serial chat with the Misses Snell. Heard Rev W.W. Carson preached tonight text - John III - 16th verse, he is an earnest, eloquent preacher.


Finished one of J. Learmeut's wheat fields and commenced our {illegible} acre field. There are only four of us to bind after the reaper making is pretty hard work to keep up to it. The {illegible: sheaver?} are tolerably well delivered, but the shaw is stiff and hard, sore work for the hands.

July, TUESDAY, 18 1871.

Finished reaping our fall wheat and shocked part of it up. It is a very good crop, very plump grain and the shaw bright, and free from rust. There is considerable {illegible: western?} shelling out while handling it, being real ripe. Strong, cool north wind and no signs of rain. Spent evening reading, July Repository.


Was setting up the remainder of the wheat and helping John Learmeut finish his sheat cutting. Was hauling away the good and bad nails from before the new board fences, picking out a few of the best of the pieces for fine wood, piling the remainder around old stumps in the fallow. The weather is very cool.

July, TUESDAY, 20 1871.

Was hauling 10 loads of manure on the 3 acre fallow field, only the high ground needing any be the ground is quite new. Misses Sarah S.K.F. Snell were here on a visit this afternoon. Jennie received another letter from J.C.S. {illegible} other from York, he is getting weary of so much travelling. Father was at Bailey {illegible} Show of Wild Animals.


Drew in five loads of wheat in in five order and will thresh easily. Started cross plowing the smaller fallow. The old sods through it makes the plowing disagreeable. Went to Choir practice this evening. The first meeting for nearly two months.

July, SATURDAY, 22 1871.

Hauled in 5 more loads of wheat today. Had a light shower at noon from N.W. Drove Jennie up to John Snells on Thursday, where she is spending a few days. The weather keeps very cool and dry.


Went to S. School this morning. Supt pres. Lesson Matt XVIII 21 to 35th. Mr. Milland delivered a short address to the scholars about Miss Jessie Thompson's deats "She died husting in Jessie as Saviour". Heard Rev. John Shaw preach at Lion - text - II Timothy 11 - 13th. He preached the same sumon in Brampton tonight.

July, MONDAY, 24 1871.

Was up at sunrise this morning raking wheat stubble with the {illegible: sroath?} rake, drawn by hand sweeping about six feet. Finished drawing in the wheat, 13 loads of sheaves and 1 load of rakings. A very warm day.


Was hauling old nails and building a temporary fence {illegible: raids?} the pea field on the "other place" for a lane to pastime the back field. Mr. Fletcher Dyer from Michigan came here at noon after an absence of 3 years. he looks well his cheerful face reminds us of old times.

July, WEDNESDAY, 26 1871.

Was hoeing turnips this forenoon, they are a nice average crop. Commenced cutting barley this afternoon. Spent the evening very pleasantly at Mr. John Snell's, Mr. J.T. Dyer was there. with singing and lively conversation, it brought to remembrance old times and asseverations.


Had a fine shower last night {illegible} somewhat the face and {illegible: cepeet?} of nature. Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Campbell came here this evening to spend a day on two, it is nearly a year since they were here before, so that they are very welcome visitors. Mr. Dyer left here this morning for home affairs.

July, FRIDAY, 28 1871.

Still engaged at thinning out and hoeing turnips, not doing any harvesting on account of dull weather. Jennie got another letter from J.C. Snell he was to sail yesterday from England. Alick and I drove up to Mr. Craigs tonight for Jennie where she has been staying a while.


Spent the day reaping and cocking up barley. Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Campbell started for home which is Mt. Charles Toronto township. The weather is dull and cloudy, looking very much like rain but it does not come. an interesting tale in "Pell Banner" for last two months called "The Brave boys {illegible: Ruil?}"

July, SUNDAY, 30 1871.

A dull, warm and oppresive day. Drove Jennie, Aunt Mary and Jennie Peacock over to the 3rd line east to Mr. Isaac, Modeland's and was there untill evening. It is not a good way to spend the Sabbath in visiting friends and especially those that are not professary Christians.


Finished cutting the barley. Cradled a swath around the oat field. Drew in the early peas out of the young orchard 12 loads. Drove Viney and Jennie and the babies down to A.F. Campbells this evening sat up late and enjoyed {illegible: aurochs?} with serial chat and {illegible}. Deduced 2 pairs of long boots at Coyne's.

August, TUESDAY, 1 1871.

Was up early, took breakfast at 6 o'clock, reached home at 8 o'clock. Paid for weaving a new rag carpet at Atkinsons" Brampton $2.90. Saw a copy of "London Weekly Advertiser". it is the neatest and cheapest paper published in Ontario ($1.00 a year). Was hauling in barley, brought in 5 loads in good condition.


Took the lambs away from the ewes yesterday and put them on the clover and started fading trim peas. Finished drawing in barley, it is about half a crop. Jennie received another letter from J.C.S. written from London, he is getting homesick, is seeing many wonderful sights. A very hot day, 90*.

August, THURSDAY, 3 1871.

Started reaping the oats yesterday and commenced binding them today, rather a light crop, pretty short and none too ripe, cut and bound 4 acres. It was a very sulty day, Thermometer 95* in the shade. The harvest apples are ripe, have only a few this year, a {illegible: neat?} many apples, have warms in the eve.


Two of us and the team were at E. Bunting's threshing all day. J. Cation's machine, the fall wheat turned out well and a splendid sample. Spent evening reading news papers. Another hot and dry day.

August SATURDAY, 5 1871.

Finished cutting and binding the oats, and set them up. Uncle Taylor, wife and family came here from Oakville, with a lively team and spring waggon, are going to stay until Monday. they come after Jennie. They have five children 3 girls and 2 boys. Was at John Snell's early this morning.


Drove Uncle Taylors fine team of Indian ponies to S. School this morning, Supt {illegible}. Lesson - Luke - IX 51 to 62. Mr T. Jordan examined the school on the lesson. Went to Mr. B. Watson's creek at 5 P.M. to the baptism by immersion of J. Cation and R. Thompon a large crowd present.

August, MONDAY, 7 1871.

Was cutting peas all day. They are a very good crop considering the dryness of the season, but have not ripened evenly, so that the highest ground has to be cut first. Uncl Taylor started for home at 4 P.M. It was so smoky that one could not see plainly across the fields.


Was at the same work as yesterday, about half the field pulled tonight. Drove Jennie and Viney, down to Brampton tonight to see Howe's English {illegible: Oicus} and {uncertain name: Miriagerie}, there was a great crowded present, but it was not as good as the advertisement and the people were disappointed.

August, WEDNESDAY, 9 1871.

Had to draw water from the Etobivoke for washing purpose {illegible: the cister?} being dry, loads, a splendid quality of straw. Very smoky weather so much so that it affects one's eyes. Aunt Mrs. Traceman is here all night. Another letter from J.C.S.


Sent the team and one hand to A. Woodhall's threshing. Was pulling peas all day. Mrs. John Snell spent the afternoon here. They have received another letter from J.C.S. He sailed from Liverpool on 4th August on the "Germany".

August, FRIDAY, 11 1871.

M Arck. Bunting was here pulling peas all day. Was drawing in peas, hauled 10 loads, will have over 3 loads to the acre. Sold 3 lambs 1 ewe and {illegible: breks?} to John Snell for $40. Spent the evening at Choir Practice, Brampton. A warm {illegible: clou} day. A.B. finished the peas at noon.


Finished the pea pulling at noon today. Hauled in 9 loads of peas, had J. Learmeuts houd boy helping us in the morn. When J.C.S. wrote his last letter he was visiting in Devon shrine, his father's native place.The weather continues dry and smoky.

August, SUNDAY, 13 1871.

Drove to Brampton this morning. Heard Rev J. Shaw - text - Malachi III, 9 and 10. The sacrement of the Land's Supper was administered at the close of preaching service. Drove Jennie and family around to visit her own house on the 1st line. Rev J. Brooks baptized William Snell by immersion in creek. Heard of P. Craig preach in Brampton at 6 P.M. text Luke IX 13th verse.


Commenced {illegible: naarking?} out the summer fallow into ridges 22 ft wide, being 3 cedar poles 11 ft long, neathy smoother and rounded, nearly 2 inches in diameter made from a cider nail. Drew in 5 more loads of peas this afternoon. Received from Mr. Gordan, Agent the book I {illegible: subscribed?} for in April, "The History of Prussia and the late war."

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Ferguson Diary, 1871-105.pdf
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Ferguson Diary, 1871-107.pdf
Ferguson Diary, 1871-108.pdf


“John Ferguson Diary, 1871,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed March 22, 2018,

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