Carver Simpson Diary & Transcription, 1878


Carver Simpson Diary & Transcription, 1878


Carver Simpson


Courtesy of Dufferin County Museum & Archives


19th Century, Dufferin County, East Garafraxa Township, Ontario

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Carver Simpson Diary Collection


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Carver Simpson (1859-1949)
1878 Diary
Transcribed by Rural Diary Archive Volunteers
C.W. Simpsons Diary book for 1878
2 September Salisbury and I took Walker to Fergus and had a good time. drunk my first glass of pop,
and last for a while.
3 I finished Aunt Sarah's stable and other articles. I got a new pair of shoes at Green's 1.75 Do.
4 I went out on a hunting expadition and got five pigeons, I saw two crayons and about twenty ducks,
I saw one partridge I failed on shooting it.
5 I had another skirmish and got four pigeons I saw a crayon and one duck.
6 the first plovers are making thir appearance we started to sow falweat in the fallow I killed a black
squirrel the first I had seen for two years it was a god runner.
7 I harrowed in the afternoon and was grately relieved at the going down of the sun.
8 I went to sunday school in the morning and kept house in the afternoon.
9 I harrowed the fal wheat and I sold one hive to Jessie Walker for seven dollars credit
{pg} 2
10 Raining, I am making a game bag
11 Raining, I helped Alpaws to take up the hives and we had a severe job at it they stayed all night
he gave a dollar for the combes and fifty cents for brood he paid 13 dollars and 75 cents toward the
hives he is to get in the spring I bought a hive from him Smiths patent I gave 1.25 for it and cleaned
hives for spring
12 Raining, Salisbury Shot a blacksqurrel and I stuffed it. I made a bellows for smoaking bees out of
hives and sirplus boxes
13 Took sirplus boxes off and cleaned hives for next Spring
14 Berty and I had a capital good chase after a black squirrel in Coins bush lost it
15 Sunday I went to sunday school in the morning and to church in the afternoon
16 Putting up a building
17 Election day Salisbury went to Town at night and there was great fun
{pg} 3
18 I went to the swamp in the afternoon and it is very wet. I shot one pigeon and one duck.
19 Putting in falwheat.
20 Aunt Sarah'sale Pa bot a plough and some other useless articles. I went to the lake and shot
three ducks it was so stormy I could not get them off it.
21 I went to the swamp after 3 o clock but got nothing.
22 Sunday I went to Sunday School and Church
23 I am fixing up things at home.
24 I shot 7 six black birds, and stuffed one. They were capitable good eating.
25 I shot at a big hawk it had a rooster eating
26 I sat in the hous and red [read] to the evening I killed a black squirrel with Berry's help it was a
roadster it took the gravel for it.
27 I went too the swamp this afternoon, and I shot one partridge, and a black squirrel.
28 Breakin Prince and he went first rate.
{pg} 4
29 I went to Sunday, and Church in the afternoon
30 I shot a hen hawk. nailed up the stable.
1 November I took the boards off Hasman's house and killed a black squirrel on my way good fun.
2 Thrashing, the wheat was only midling.
3 Thrashing the rye it is nothing extra, we have about 100 and 25 bushels of barley.
4 Making a decoy duck
5 went to shoot in the afternoon I saw 4 partidges and 4 ducks. There were 5 men after a bear on
Marshall's nole, they did not get it.
6 I went to sunday School and Church
7 I put away the sirplus {surplus} boxes and hives for next year, I am making a neckyock {neckyoke}
for the buggie.
8 I went to caladon lake's this afternoon I saw some greabes, they travelled under water I couldn't
get near enough to them, to get a shot at them.
9 I went to the agricultural shoe {show} in Orangeville, it was only a poor affair, it was only about half
as good as it was last year.
{pg} 5
10 Killed a tombtit and stuffed it.
11 I stuffed a grose {grouse}
12 I went to shoot after two oclock And I shot three 4 partiridges and a rabit {rabbit}. it was the best
hunt of the season. I took up the last hive we are going to take up Ma Pa and Gatie have gon {gone}
to move Aunt Sarah to her new housh {house} Uncle and Jessie went also
13 Anniversary I went to practice in the morning and church in the afternoon and evening
14 I took the partridges to the village and I gave one to Charley Crawford and sold the others for 50
cents cash when I got home old Mr. Ringrose was there with a big owl for me. I stuffed it that
afternoon its the best yet
15 Ma, Pa, Gatie and I went to Meribor {???} we got ther about 5 o clock and had a good night
16 we went to Draton {Drayton perhaps} and had a boss time there
17 Rained all day and we sat in the house and talked. I went to Uncle Richards after dinner and to
Cliftons for tea he is geting along very well
{pg} 6
18 We started for home we got home at 5 o clock I upset a man in Alora {Elora?} he was very cross
the people were all laughing at him is buggie was all right. We broak {broke} the buggie as usual and
started the rail business.
19 I got the rest of the northern spies 3 bags. I went to Coin's bush and shot two blacksquirrels the
first snowstorm as ben to day very cold
20 I went to Sunday School and to Church in afternoon
21 I went to town this morning and puttied up the windows. Started to get up the ternups {turnips}
22 Getting up the ternups {turnips} butchered a sheep
23 I shot two wild ducks at Billy Ingrums pond they were flying. I killed them both at one shot they
are the first of that species I have saw {seen} I stuffed them they are the third 5 pair I have shot this
24 I took Minnnie, Gatie and Hextall to the village. Hextall is going to put Aunt Sarahs kitchen up.
Berry and myself are getting up ternups {turnips} to day Walker sent me a book called animal life it is
a {continued on next page}
{pg} 7
very nice book, a reward for taking care of his bees it cost 1.50
25 I went to the swamp after two o clock and shot one partirdge and blew it into pieces, there was a
shour {shower} of fresh meat, the dog had a good feed.
26 I was going to shoot but it was so wet I could not
27 everything is white with snow, very cold the trees are whited over with frost it is thoughing
{thawing} on
28 I killed about twenty chickens. It is winter if ever we had it icicles two feet long snow one foot and
a half deep in drifts the ground will bear you walkin on it, it is frozen so hard Pa bought a cow from
Mis Bucamon, for 20 dollars.
29 We have had a though {thaw} to day. Finished the ternups {turnips} to day I saw a flock of
snowbirds the first I had seen this fall. Hextall went to Aunt Saras to work at the house
30 I built up the stonework, between the beams of the new stable, and plastered the chimney of the
house and got up the beat {beet} and cabage before haloene {Halloween?}
31 Freezing up hard and tite as the old saying goes
{pg} 8
I am helping Pa with a sheep pen 30 by 56 roof spaniel built the fire places up, with stone and bricks
1 November I went to town got a suit of cloths twead 125 a yard. Pa as got his sheep pen raised
2 I am making pumpshade very cold
3 Sunday I staid at home all day
4 Pruned the grape vines I went to the swamp and saw two patridges and a nigger I did not {shoot
anything?} 5 Killed six pair of chickens an two pair ducks I went to Aunt Sarahs to work at the
kitcheon we raised it in the afternoon with the help of Berry Jim and Abiathar and got one side
borded in
6 got other side boarded in and Berry worked in my pace And I came home and killed 28 turkeys
Sold 13 pigeons to Crosier for 95¢ they left him that day
9 Shingling at Aunt Sarahs. Sold the turkeys 7 cents a/ lbs We had 23.30 worth My Share came to 7
10 Went to Sunday school and to Church in the afternoon
11 Shingling in the morning and went up to the town in the afternoon and had a good chat with
Wilson and Isaac Reid about hunting and fishing
{pg} 9
12 Raised the another building and boarded it in and sheeted it
13 Shingling
14 Shingling and dressing cornice. Hextall and I went to the blew {blue} ribbon meeting and had a
good time
15 Put the cormice on and I came home in the afternoon there was an engine off the track and I saw
them put it on and started on at a good old rate for the junction. I got a pair of long boots at Greens
for 2.7 8 5
16 Killed a goose for Sunday I went the swamp and saw one partridge Cut up a pork and salted it
17 I went to Sunday school in the morning and Church
18 Ploughing sod. Went to Church in the evening.
19 I gangploughed in the morning and ploughed sod in the afternoon and went to Church in the
20 I am helping Hextall to put new woodwork in the horse power I went to Church in the evening
21 Very warm the bees are hanging out on the hives the flies are flying about in the fields. I saw a
butterfly flying about like summer. I am ribbing this morning and helping Hextall with the power in the
afternoon. And I went to church in the evening.
{pg} 10
22 I was ribbing in the morning and helping with the horsepower in the afternoon.
23 I was fixing up places for winter
24 I went to Sunday School in the morning and to Church in the afternoon
25 I went to hunt and had a good old tramp through the swamp I got one partridge
26 I am making an axe handle went to Church
27 Sam Reid and I went to shoot twas a day ever to be remembered, We tramped the swamp from 9
to 5 oclock We saw one rabbit and two ducks and 3 partridges We got nothing I never was so near
don out in all my hunts We were wet through to the broges
28 Fixing up things for winter
29 Making latches for the doors. I went to the swamp for arms for the thrashing machine I shot at a
duck on the lake and shot a bird of a new species.
30 Salisbury and I went to the swamp for timber We saw two partridges but We had no gun
31 I went to Sunday school and to Church the Rev {Joe?} preached
{pg} 11
2 Dec Setting the old machine to thrash
3 I went to the village this morning I bought a tackhammer and hungarian nails and clout nails. R
Perfect paid 140 for gravel. I set traps for weasels at Ingrums
4 Choring around
5 Made a wooden rat trap
6 tried the old machine
7 Thrashed the spring wheat and some rhy rye
8 Went to Church and to Sunday School
9 Thrashing finished the rye and started the fal wheat made bos work I took the rakes
10 Finished thrashing all but 3 loads of peas I was chasing a rat round the pea stack at the rate of 15
miles a nower and all at once I came to a full stop with the one side of the of the pea stack roof one
me the first thing I new I new nothing.
11 Got the bees in very stormy
12 I went to town to carpenter with hextall
13 Workin in town. putting in an oak floor
{pg} 12
14 Finished the floor and came home got a letter from Walker to day
15 I went to Sunday School and to church in the afternoon and evening to Orangeville Dr Edgar
preached the same sermond both times
16 Monday I went to D. Wilcoxes floored the woodshed
17 Put up the pa{r}tition and boarded it up
18 Went to hear the last loaf and it was not so bad for a lot of old women
18 Lathed, and went to an guction {auction} and bot a pair of moccasines for 50 cents
19 Lathed. Came home in the evening to meet Walker he is a swell if there ever was one, he
b{r}ought Jessie Milner with him to see her friends in Orangeville. He b{r}ought me 7 1/2 lbs of
chilled shot and a box of caps
20 Wento my old bo{a}rding house and continued my lathing
21 Finished all we had ready for lathing. We came home and had a good time on our road home we
had a fal to on the road
{pg} 13
22 Sunday Hextall brought the Stevensons up this {cut off}We had a pleasant day with them, we
went to Church in the afternoon
23 Very stormy went to the Orange Soiree in the evening it was the best entertainment we ever had
around these parts speaches by Rev Mckay Dr Bar Rev Griffeth Dr Luc Dr. Fase Rev Carson.
Excellant music
24 Stormy I was painting a birdcase and other artic{les?}
25 Stormy we had a good old game of footbal and an excellant ride on horseback
26 Stormy, killed 3 Geese and 3 turkey
27 Went to the village
28 Crushing rye and peas, Caught a weasel and it amputated the leg
29 Went to town in the the morning we wen{t} to the Primitive Church and spent the day at
Stevensons, went to the C.M. Church in the evening. Spent a very pleasant day
30 Went to J Mays for Saw dust for aunt Sarahs kitchion. Mr. Linch and A. Hughson calle this eve
{pg} 14
31 Stormy sitting in the house most of the time
1 Jan Fine weather stuffed three snow birds and other small birds red and grey
2 Stormy Walker went to Woo{d}stock
3 Stormy I fixed up the henshouse with sawdust
4 Stormy cleaning up wheat. Trapped a squirrel
5 fine I went to Sunday School and Church
5 fine I went to School barbered two Walkers
7 Cold I went to school he put us thoug the drill{?}
8 School meeting day. Cleaned up wheat Trapped a red Squirrel they were two nice ones
9 Fine went to school learnt considerable
10 Cold moved straw of the hay put on a load of hay, cleaned up the peas
11 Cold started with the haye and upset I went to town in the evening and brough Miss Stevenson
up, Berry got a dog a colie it is blue and black spots he is a tailer
12 I went to Sunday school. Church in the afternoon to Town in the evening went Church
{pg} 15
13 Went to school went through the drill and other artic{les}
14 Pleasant. Went to school
15 V C. Went to school
16 Cold Went to school
17 Tokens of a thaw. Went to school
18 Cold lost our though. Went to the swamp and broak roads. Went to the P.C.
19 Cold Went to Sunday school. kept house in after{noon}
20 Cold Went to school
21 Stormy Went to School
22 Tokens of a though Went to school
23 Warm Went to School
23 Fine Went to school
24 Very Stormy Making a pair of snowshoes
25 Stormy working in the house
26 Fine Went to sundayschool and Church
27 Thoughing Went to school
28 Warm Went to school. Sandy and dexter had a great fight sandy was no 1
29 Warm Went to School
{pg} 16
30 Warm. Went to school
31 Warm Went to school. I have got some kind of a distemter {distemper?} I ffel like Jobe of old
1 February Cold. Cleaning up wheat. went to the P.C.
2 Cold Went to sundayschool and taid at home in the afternoon
3 Fine Went to school. Berry gave colie away to Manary
4 Warm Staid at home. put on a load of hay Went to the blue ribbon meeting verry good
5 Snowing Went to school colie
6 Cold Went to schol. Caught a red squirrel in my wooden trap bos catch
7 Cold Went to school. The Meribur folks came down J Smith Mrs Smith and child P. Loury {Lowry?}
Mrs Loury {Lowry?} Mrs Davis, and B. Walker
8 Cold The folks went to Wilcoxes. I fixed up a case of birds. And went to Orangeville in the evening.
We had a good evening at home
9 Stormy Sunday staid at home and gossiped all day
{pg} 17
10 Warmish Went to school the folks went to Wilcoxes J Smith and family staid at our place this
11 Tokens of a though {thaw} the folks went home after a good old visit. I went to school
11 Stormy Went to school
12 Cold Went to school
13 Cold Went to school
14 Very Cold. Hextall and I butchered old Ingrum she was very good beaf she weighed about 6
15 Cold choring around
16 Cold Went to Sunday school and Church
17 Cold Went to school I had a very bad night I slept about two ours and spent my grand holiday in
18 The marrage of Albert and Elizabeth took place Albert in his castor hat and Elizabeth in her silks
with long vails and painted face it was a killer on the geese and turkeys.
19 Cold my ealth is returnining slowly I had another bad night slept about 4 ours out of {cut off}
20 Sickin bed in spells
21 Worse and more of it laid in bed
22 Better took a change in the night, got a letter from Walker to day
23 Staid at home all day
24 Went to school. I saw a skylark the first bird that returns in the spring
25 Very stormy Went to school
26 V. Stormy Went to school. the Webster family came to have a visit they had a good time
27 Cold Went to school
28 Cold Went to school
1 March fine a though. {thaw} Choring around
2 Warm. Went to school had some rasling{?} and other plays{?}
4 Warm Went to school
5 Stormy hail snow rain and wind mixed Went to school through it all
6 fine Went to College
{pg} 19
7 Warm. Went to school. Trapped a fine cat in the cage trap we made him run the gontlet{gauntlet} I
shot at him, but my squib was too light he escaped
8 Thunderstorm. Cleaned up wheat
9 Great though {thaw} Went to sunday school and church the {illegible} Stevenson family came up to
our house we had a very pleasant afternoon and even{ing}
10 Thoughing {thawing}. Crows are flying about like summer and the sky larks are singing their
March song{?} Went to school very muddy, the roads are about as bad as they can be
11 Cold Went to school
12 Mild Went to school, Sam Reid came home from lumbering
13 Went to school
14 Cold Went to school
15 Cold Went to town David Hunter and Henry Carson were took to gaol for stealing {illegible} from
16 Cold went to sunday school and church {continued on next page}
{pg} 20
Uncle Richard and Aunt Rebecca came down to see Grandmama
17 Cold. Making a goose house and crushing oats
18 Cold. Went to to school great gymnastics on a pole.
19 Cold. Went to the swamp and got out posts
20 Warm getting out posts got out about 70 Uncle Richard went home this morning
21 Warm. Getting out posts we cut over 80 We saw a hen hawk the first this spring the raccoons
have roused from their winter slumber. We saw a great many tracks.
22 An east storm. I went to Stringers with some work
23 Stormy Went to sunday school and Church
24 Thoughing{thawing} Went to the swamp got out the remainder of the posts. I stuffed two
sparrows. I shot them in the garden
25 Warm. Drawing posts, got about 130 hauled home. I snared a rabbit it was caught by the two hind
legs, some animal eat the head off it.
26 Warm. Went to the swamp and finished drawing posts
{pg} 21
27 Cold. Went to the swamp and got out posts
28 Mild. Went for more posts finished them
29 Thoughing {thawing} started for the swamp and had to turn back. We had a skylark hunt I shot
one and had it in my hands. I thought it was dy giving its dying kicks. and I opened my hand and it
flew far away over hill and dale, out of sight
30 Cold. Went to sunday school and Church
31 Warm and fine Salisbury and I went to the swamp we got out about 75 stakes, I saw one
1 April Fine. I am making eave troughs and tinkering about. Pa got two cows from Farmer making
four for this season
2 Cold, Minnie and Samuel Reid were married, we had a nice little party, they went away about four
oclock on their wedding tour to the flourishing village now called Weston
3 Cold, Making horse troughs for the barn, and went to the grange in the afternoon {continued on
next page}
{pg} 22
The snow birds have left us. And the robin come in its place
4 Cold, went to the swamp and got a load of poles, and a load of stakes.
5 Cold, We went to the swamp and got out poles and one load of stakes and posts
6 Fine, Went to sunday school and church
7 Warm. The pigeon hawks have come back I saw two to day, we went to the swamp and got out 30
posts and three crooks for a rack. I saw two partridge
8 Warm. I went out to hunt groundhogs in Coins bush. I shot two, one got into the hole before I could
get to it, the snow was so deep it was with great labor that I travelled at all. Salisbury and I am
working at the troughs
9 Very warm. Working at the troughs, we got the troughs up, Berry put up a scaffold and was in the
act of chinning on it when all at once it broke down with him he was hanging on a pole, his arms and
legs were stretched to the last degree
10 Very cold and stormy snowing blowing and freezing. {continued on next page}
{pg} 23
There was a snow white bird flew over this morning, I watched it untill its whiteness mingled with the
clouds and{was seen} I saw it no more as did Monk Phenex of old. I am sitting in the house, I made
a picture frame and some other articles. Hextall put up his wind mill to day and it went splendid. it is
second to none only electric light
11 Cold. I made two picture frames, and other work
12 Fine. I am pottering around
13 Fine morning, I went to sunday school and staid at home in the afternoon it wet snows
14 Warm. Minnie is moving, I went up with them to their log cabin. We called for Jessie Walker and
we had a first rate time, trailed the sleigh through the mud or rather on the gravel. The moving
created quite a sensation one sheep hung its self. I was sorry I did not come across it in time to
make mutton of it. Berry went to Dunnings sawing bee to day
15 Warm. I finished bracketing the horse troughs.
{pg} 24
and made two picture frames. I saw a crane this evening, I think the water must be rather cold for its
delicate shins. Berry got lumber for bee hives.
16 Fine I made a work bench, and fixed up a case of birds for Minnie
17 Coldish. I started to make hives got one made Berry and I took a cow and some hens to Sams
18 Warm Berry and I set out the bees we have 43 hives alive and one one gone up, only one died
out of 43 hives. Beet that old Alpough if you can
19 Warm J Walker came for their bees, they got another hive. I went down with them to set ther out
for them, and Uncle said he was afraid that they would get boss of him. Thrashed the remainder of
the peas
20 Went to sunday school and to meeting
21 Warm We started to plough sod the frost is not out only about 4 inches
22 Warm. ploughing. I shot at a diver on Ingrums pond and it dived and then flew, {continued on next
{pg} 25
it was the first duck of the season it escaped. I saw one swallow. The frogs have begun to croak.
23 Fine I am ploughing sod
24 Fine. Cleaning out the hives, we have 41 Stacks. I had a great hunt for a turkey nest this after
noon, they are nearly as wild as the as partridges. I found the nest in Coin's bush the partridges were
drumming and the gobbler was dowing {doing} his best to make himself at home with great hooting
and slashing of {gads?} I got them out of the bush and drove them home 24 Wet ploughing and
sitting in the house by spells. I killed a snake Sandy scratched it out of its hole
25 Warm ploughing sod
26 Warm ploughing and so forth
27 Warm. Went to sunday school and kept house in the after noon, Minnie and Sam came to and we
had a nice day Berry and I took them home in the evening. We drove very hard coming home to
keep a head of the storm
{pg} 26
28 Coolish Finished ploughing the sod I started grafting, I put in about 40
29 Warm and showry. I am gang ploughing in wheat. Charls. Palma(e)r came to buy bees we sol(d)
him twelve hives at six dollars a hive He paid 22 dollars and is going to send a check on the bank of
Commerce for $50
30 Snowing Very cold I am harrowing with mits on, and a scarf around my waist. C.Palmer came and
got his bees. Berry went to Sams to work
1 May Cold I still keep to the mits and muffler I shot two ducks and wounded the third, they were on
Ingrums pond, they are afresh different species to any I have shot before a duck and a drake, I
stuffed them both they are nice birds
2 Cold I went to Sams I helped to plant trees and put in six grafts and then I went to shoot sky larks I
shot one and it laid for a few seconds and then it flew away
{pg} 27
3 Cold I am gardening planting onions and prooning{pruning} trees
4 Pleasant I went to sunday school and to church in the after noon
5 Chilly I am gardening digging and prooning{pruning} gooseberry trees. I trapped a ground hog J
and Nellie Webster came up for flowers
6 Cold I am digging the garden with the help of R Allin. Nellie and J Webster came for trees
7 Warm I am gardening
8 Warm I am cutching with the sulky rake
9 Warm I was rolling in the morning and stuffing a grebe in the afternoon R Hewet brought it over
and I gave him 50 cents for it. I trap(p)ed two ground hogs in the same hole. The kingbirds, canaries
and chimney swallows have returned
10 Warm. Went to the village and got my order I deposited it in the bank of Commerce $50 dollars
from C. Palmer. I got lime for white washing and a pair of sunday shoes $2.60cts at B.G. Reids
{pg} 28
11 Warm. Went to sunday school and kept house in the afternoon, Went up to Minnies in the
evening, took them home
12 Warm. I shot a duck on Ingrums pond, I went to Reid's for our gobbler, with great labor I got him
home, he staid about an hour and then straied again. I stuffed a duck and made a white wash brush.
13 Warm R. Allin and I started this afternoon to move wire fence at the road
14 Warm. R. Allin and I were digging around stones
15 Coldish. I white washed the kitchen in the morning and dug post wholes in the afternoon.
16 Warm. R. Allin and my self are digging wholes.
17 Warm. Allin and I are digging post wholes
18 Warm. I went to sunday school and to church
19 Warm hot. Allin and I are novices at digging and {goping?}
AR-2165-994R {written in pencil by archival staff}
20 Warm Allin and I are planting posts
21 Warm at the posts again
22 Missing
23 Coolish planting posts
24 Warm I went to shoot I shot 4 groundhogs and a meadow lark, and then I started for creek to fish
I caught about 50 sharks and Some whales mixed with an odd sucker. I had a good swim
25 Warm I went to sunday school and to Church and from Church to Minnies and spent the evening
with them.
26 Warm Hextall and I were planting posts
27 Cold Planting posts and sheering sheep
28 Cool Finished planting posts
29 Cool I went to Sams to make a milk house we got it up and covered with dirt I had a round at ball
in Ingrums field
30 Warm Pottering around home
31 Warm Marked the sheep and Pa and Berry took them to R Allins to pasture 12 1/2 cts a piece. I
trap{p}ed a ground hog
June Wet Had a very heavy rain. I went to sunday school and to church in the afternoon
2 Cool and cloudy. I planted corn and ploughed for turnips
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