Elizabeth Simpson Diary & Transcription, 1877-1902


Elizabeth Simpson Diary & Transcription, 1877-1902


Elizabeth Simpson


Courtesy of Dufferin County Museum & Archives


19th & 20th Century, Dufferin County, East Garafraxa Township, Ontario

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Elizabeth Simpson Diary Collection


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Elizabeth Simpson (1823-1907)
1878-1907 Diary
Transcribed by RDA Volunteers
J. Hextall Simpson
A.D. 1878
J. Hextall Simpson
A.D. 1878
{written in pencil: 150}
East Garafraxa 26th March 1877
Mar. 26 Lent Thos. Black Fifty Dollars took his note due eleven months hence with interest at ten
percent 54 58
" 31 William Ingram Dr To repairing sleigh tongue 2 00
" " " new churn dash 30 2 30
May 19 John Hunter renewed his note to me for Sixtysix dollars. Interest added to principle due in
four months 19 Sep.
July 12 Robt Grey Dr. To Masoning 15 30
Aug 10 Bot of L. MacMurray watch No 465549 @ 19 00
Warranted for Two years
Nov 3 David MacMaster Dr
To Finishing Stable 11 75
Aug 8th.. Building stone stable 40 50
Oct 18 Jms Dowling Dr
To Ballance of $42.00 for Building Stone wall & Plastering 42.00
East Garafraxa 3rd January 1878
Jan 3 Lent Vanater Grange {right margin: $ c} Fifty dollars Took Their note due six months hence
with interest at .08 percent. 52 00
' '10 Took from Messers David & William MacMaster two notes each to the value of Twentyone
dollars & Sixty cts due Ten Mmonths
& Twenty dys hence. 1st Dec 43 20
Sold one of Mesers D. & W. MacMaster's notes to C. W. Simpson for Twenty dollars
' ' 14 Took J Dowlings note for Fortytwo dollars due two months hence interest at Ten percent until
' ' 28 Took contract of ^building stable {illegible - for?} No. 6 S.S.E.G.
' ' 27 Took contract of building stone stable for Robt Hamilton for which I am to have Eightyfive
dollars paid before Jan. 1st 79
' ' 30 Bot lumber for No.6 S.S. stable 9 20
' ' Hardware for same 4 07 13 35
Feb 8 No. 6 S. S. Dr To drawing material & building stable 800 ' ' Cash expended for material 13 35
21 35 To be paid by the end of the present year with interest on money expended
East Garafraxa 8th February 1878
$ cts
Feb 8 Expenditure for Clothing 17 50 ' ' 26 do ' ' Boots 4 05
Mar 8 Thos Black Dr By Interest on money borrowed 4 80
' ' 13 Thos Black renewed his note to me for Fifty dollars due in six months
with interest at ten percent.
Apr. 11 Exp. for Shovel & Sundries 1 45
' ' 6 W. H. Hunter Dr. To 2 1/2 dy. chopping @ 1.00 2 50
' ' 17 Took contract of building stone foundations and stabling @ .70 per perch for W. H. Hunter
' ' ' ' Hired Joseph Hunter. to have .60 cts per day
' ' ' ' Hired John Lamb to have $1.50 per day
' ' 20 Paid K. Manary for ironing wheelbarrow 1 60
' ' ' ' Sundries 75
' ' 27 Gave John Hunters note dated May 18/77 into for $66.00 to Pattulbo & Scott ^Barristers for
' ' ' ' Expenditures for Collars
April 1 Mothers 88 birthday. Thomas and Salisbury took tea with her at Joshua's. Tom and Mary
were there. We set three geese.
2 Let bees out, we put 28 hives in the cellar in the fall and they have all come out strong this spring.
6 I went to Joshuas having heard little Cressy was ill, found Sarah poorly, and the baby something
7 Went to Joshuas with the intention of staying a few days but finding Cressy and his Mother much
better I came home again. Mother came with us and went to Toms
April 20 Set turkey hen
{This section is written by Elizabeth’s son Walker.}
25 Planted some Dutch top onions. E M S About six o'clock this evening G. H. came and said that
Uncle Joshua was killed. He and his man were burying a large stone, when it rolled over sooner than
they expected, striking Uncle, and hurting him so much that he lived only about two hours. Hhe must
have been hurt internally as Dr Carbert said there were no external injuries of a nature to cause
death. Pa, Ma, Berrie, Minnie, and Gatie went down. Pa and Ma stayed all night. as also did Mrs
26 Sent a telegram to Maryboro. In afternoon Minnie, Hextall, Carver and I went to Wilcox's.
27 About eleven A. M. Uncle Parker and Aunt Rebecca, arrived having left home this morning. Uncle
Joshua was buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetery about three o'clock. An exceedingly large number
of people attended amongst whom were seven ministers.
28 Pa, Ma, Minnie & Hextall went to Orangeville to hear Uncle Joshuas funeral sermon. Mr
Sanderson preached. There was a very large audience, and the church was draped for the occasion.
The Primitives gave up their service, and Mr Milner, their pastor, attended and took part in the
funeral service. Uncle Parker, and Aunt Rebecca came home with our folks. T. W. Simpson {ie
Walker signs off}
30 Salisbury and Minnie went to Sarahs, and took Parker and Rebecca to the railway station. Carver
home some ears of our fall wheat he measured one stalk it was 2 feet high. he picked out the ear, it
was 3 inches long.
May 5 Went to see Mother and Sarah. Mrs. lamb went home yesterday having stayed with them a
6 Salisbury sowed carrots. Sent Mary Simpsons saddle to Guelpht {Guelph}. Carver went to fish in
the evening he caught a few trout one very large.
7 Paid 75 cents for having the sewing machine repaired. The weather has been very wet lately, it
has rained every day to about 2 weeks, it is fine opening weather. The plum trees are in blossom.
8 Heavy thunder storm this evening. we have had an unusual amount of spring.
9. Fair in Orangeville, Thomas attended it. Carver and Salisbury hauling large stones. Jess has a
colt. White clover in flower. Cherry blossoms coming out. Jessie Walker came this afternoon. Cecilia
went to spend the day at the Dunnings. Andrew Hughsons house was burnt down this evening. it
took fire from the stove pipe. Hewitts house burnt today. The weather is colder.
10 Jessie Walker came this afternoon to help Minnie with her {drep?}.
11 Cold, set 2 turkey hens.
12. Sunday. Very cold. There was a very severe frost last night. The ice in the shade did not thaw all
13. Very hard frost again in the morning the ice was covered with snow. Sowed some barley. One of
Minnie's hives has 'gone up'. The queen must have died some time since.
14. Sowed turnips
16. Finished sowing barley. They finished all the other sowing sometime since, but left the barley
fearing frosts, as the spring opened so early. Sowed cucumbers. Another of Miinnie's hivies hives
paid off at about 15 cents on the dollar. The frosts do not seem to have injured anything except a few
flowers and also nipped the horse-chestnut slightly.
1878. Carver and I went angling , and got nearly eight dozen trout, they were not very large. A
Sunday or two ago I was left at home to keep house while I was up stairs the bob-tailed maltese
whelp of a cat eat up one of our singing canaries. I was greatly tempted to vent my indignation on it,
but as she is a favourite of Mamma's, I granted a it a reprieve, I had no sooner done so than I
repented of it and went in pursuit of her. but was too late to see anything but her bob-tail going under
The barn, I fired a stone and came very near killing a rooster. On Saturday a kitten about 2 months
old attempted to eat a gosling and I accordingly shot it. I tried to shoot another while I was at the job,
but could only get a shot as it was running at a distance so that I did it no harm. Two or three nights
ago I shot at a couple of dogs which were prowling around. Made one yell but do not know the extent
of the injury it received as it was rather dark. J. W. Simpson.
19 Sun Salisbury Grace and I went to see Sarah yesterday afternoon, it was a wet day but we knew
she would expect us. she is very very lonely Mother intended comming back with us if the weather
had permitted Walker spent the evening at his Uncle Tom's, there has been heavy rain today. We
are house cleaning. Carver put birds in his mum case. On Saturday we had to put helebore on the
gooseberry bushes as the grubs had made their appearance. Our rye is comming out in ear.
21 Walker Minnie Gatie and Bary went to Orangeville, Mother came back with them, Birdie Wilcox
came too. Minnie bought hereslf a sun hat eggs are very low only 7 cents a dozen, tub butter 6
counts a pound
22 Fallow cow calved. Cecilia and Birdie went to Mrs Dunnings. Walker went fishing caught 26.
Carver finished the garden fence.
23 Planted potatoes. Mrs Dunning and Aunt Mary came and little Harry, he is a very amusing little
fellow. Willie Milner came up to see Walker. Carver caught some fish to-night.
May 24. Berry, Carver, and I, with Sam. + Isaac Reid went in our rig to Leeson's saw-mill, in
Caledon, to fish. Got several large suckers and a few good trout. On our way home visited Caledon
Lakes where we got a few more trout. Isaac got a very curious bird from a boy, and gave it to Carver.
When we got home found that Aunt Sarah and family had come to stay a few days. Gatie spent the
day at Dunning's.
26. At the Providence Church today the Rev. Joseph preached, and a most remarkable preach he
made of it. His object seemd to be to prove that because he and Mr Hunter were the two most
afflicted men in the country they were not by any means the worst men in the township. he
compared Hunter to the Gallilleans whose blood Pilate made to mingle with their sacrifices, they fell
into bad hands and so did Hunter. He himself he compared to the men on whom the tower of Siloam
fell; they were not the worst men in Judea, but they met with an accident. The cow, I suppose, in his
case answered the purpose of the tower of Siloam. Sam Reid, and Tom Black, Uncle Tom, and
Jessie Walker were here for tea. John, Maggie, and Mary Black called after tea. Salisbury took
Grandma, and Aunt Sarah and family home in the evening. J.W.Simpson
27. Thomas went to town with a grist, I rode down and rought home of box of tomatoes cost 15 cts.
Tom rode home with us he had been to attend Sarahs business Carver shot 5 king birds. Mother
Sarah and family and I paid a visit to Mrs Marshall on Saturday. Salisbury and Carver washed the
sheep on that day. Berry took Mother, Sarah and her children home last night, we had Tom black to
stay the evening with us.
30 John Blacks horses ran away, one of them was killed, Jim Norris was hurt in getting out a stone, it
was reported he was killed several people went to his wake, when they arrived he had recovered.
Salisbury and Minnie went to town and took Bondy
to lent to Sarah for a while 31 Peter Alpaugh came to buy bees, but we think it will pay better to keep
them till fall, he offered six dollars & swarms for ten swarms he to find the hives. We miss poor old
Bondy very much.
June 2 Aunt Mary came to tea, also Mr. Luich and old Mrs patullo, Ceclia took tea at Mrs Dunnings
and Berry spent the evening at his Uncle Toms heard Mr Milner preach an exelent sermon on
"{Shero} Piety at home," Mr Linch preached in, the evening, Thomas arrived home about nine having
been in Orangeville since yesterday noon.
3 Mrs Dunning two little girls have been to spend the day with Cecilia
4 Minnie went to W H Hunters Mrs H. having sent an invitation to her to her on Saturday they have
raised two barns, and had a bee for hauling brick, also a bee to make a tufted quilt, there were a
great number of people there about two hundred sat down to dinner, Salisberry had a team there
and the other boys were at the raising.
5 Another barn raising today, Coyns, our boys were all there it was very dangerous, as the timber
was hardwood and much warped. Minnie went to Mrs. Hunters again to help with the quilt, Salisberry
drove Cecilia and me to town in the morning we went to Sarahs, and while there Mrs Hiscock arrived
on a visit, Sarah having sent for her, it has been a very cold day we were wrapped up like winter and
most of the men had overcoats on. Mr Murry dies a few days ago of delirium tremers he was only
twentynine years of age. Mr Hilgoar came home with Walker the other day to tea, he admired our
garden very much, he said it was the best he has seen in this part of the country. planted another
box of tomatoes there has been a hard frost, it has killed some peoples potatoes
7 Walker Berry Minnie and Cecilia have been to Orangeville I planted, cucumbers the others not
having come up well, the weather continue very cold, Jessie Walker and her cousin Anne Kid are
June 9 Miss Stevenson and Mr Barnet spent the day with us
11 Planted cabbage plants
13 Fair in Orangeville, we sold a fat three year old heifer for 25 dollars, and bought a bag of potatoes
1.10 they have risen they were 50 cents a week or two ago. wheat is only 75 cents Carver picked
eight ripe strawberries.
14 Planted the potatoes we got yesterday. the weather is hot and dry just surplus boxes on
15 I went to pay a visit to Sarah and Mother this morning. came home in the afternoon Mr Milner and
Willis called to see us Mr Milner admired our garden, he said it is the best farmers garden he has
seen, Falisbury began to plough the bush.
17 The children all went to Toronto on the excursion train Cecilia has not been there before, they
enjoyed their trip very much, Miss McHinver came and na and John called for her in the evening
Minnie brought me a pincushion of Indian head work for a present. Carver and Salisbury brought me
oranges, the children are all so kind they generally bring me something when they go away to a
distance, Hextall brought me a lovely Geranium in flower from Guelph and Walker brought me a
book newly published "The Wreck of the Chancelor." Planted Geranium cuttings.
18 Mrs Wilcox came brought Sarah and her children this morning. the little canary hen, (mate to the
one the cat ate) died this morning we are very sorry as the other hen has not laid yet, and if any-
thing should happen to either of them, we should have none left.
19 Salisbury took Hextall and his man to Hamiltons in Ameranth Mr Lightbody called with a load of
plants. he offered to give us boxes of choice flowers for a double Geranium we took them and got 2
other boxes; so we shall be set up for flowers this year if they do well, Berry took Jess and colt to the
other place.
20 Minnie and Berry went to town this morning, Salisbury got boots
21 Walker and Thomas went to town with a grist, Thos went to Sarah, she sent us a splendid beasts
tongue, it has been a very wet day. bot 82 lbs sugar 7 dollars
20th. After school I went to the swamp, at Berry's desire to see if the horses were all right. I went on
an exploring expedition into the swamp, where I caught three young crows, and got little praise for
not bringing them home. as the women want to domesticate some of them. J.W.Simpson
24th Monday This evening wrote to Cousin Mary, also to J.E. Wells, Associate Principal of the
Canadian Literary Institute, Woodstock, to arrange for my going there. Did not return to the swamp
for the crows, as it has been raining almost all the time since. Cut rye-straw for hats. In eight more
days I shall be freed from that abominable school teaching, another year of it I think would almost
bring my gray hairs with sorrow to the grave. J.W. Simpson
24 Eight little ducks hatched Old Mrs Coulter came this afternoon. Thos took her to Orangeville in the
buggy after tea, she is eighty-seven years of age and travelled alone all the way from Bracebridge,
yesterday 2 men called for something to eat just as the children were leaving for church, a few day
ago 2 others called on the same errand Salisbury scuffled the carrots. Johnston Hughson brought a
horse to be doctored Jordan brought one on Saturday for the same purpose.
26 One of Carvers hives swarmed, Mr Milner and Willie called to say goodbye Mr M gave us his
likeness, Mrs Mcdonald came.
27 One of Walkers hives swarmed, but the bees went back a tramp came in the afternoon gave him
ten cents, am half afraid he is an impostor we are braiding straw for a hat for Walker. Carver caught
a young crow and brought home to tame, the canary laid the first time this summer.
28 Walker had three swarms and I had two today, it has been extremely hot, Walker is ploughing the
bush while Carver fixes hives
June 28 Peavoy came at noon with a message to Thos. I suppose he went away with him. finished
hoeing carrots.
29 Salisbury and Walker ploughing, exceedingly hot. Carver very busy fixing hives, we had 4
swarms today 1 Hextalls, Walkers one that went back the day before yesterday, one of mine that
came off yesterday about 3 oclock went back and swarmed again at 9 we did not know it had left the
new hive till this morning one more of mine swarmed today, Berry went to town tonight July 1 to get
his plough mended, made fly paper, as the flies are troubling. Yesterday Sunday Hextall came home,
Hamiltons brought him most of the way, soon after he arrived one of his hives swarmed, Salisbury
took him back at night and I went too we had a very pleasant drive Thomas came home at night
having been away since Saturday noon.
Today one second swarm two swarms, the weather is very hot Carver shot a muskrat and a snipe
Jessie Walker and Maggie Black called in the evening, Mr Burnet and Miss Stevenson drove up,
they had been to Mono Centre.
2 Heavy thunderstorm, the boys finished ploughing the bush, one second swarm today.
5 5 swarms today. Walker finished teaching school, Salisbury took him to Amaranth to work with
Hextall Cecilia and Minnie went with them for a drive. Mr Wilcox brought Sarah and children
6 2 swarms, it is very hot weather again, Salisbury put floor in horse stable
8 Yesterday Sunday, we had 2 swarms, I heard Mr Griffith for the first time. it seems very dull without
Hextall and Walker 2 swarms today about 2 oclock as Minnie and Carver were fixing a hive the bees
became so much enraged, they rushed over the fence and attacked the little ducks, which were
cooped up quite a way off. Gatie ran to let them out, as the bees would have stung them to death in
a minute when they rushed at her, we thought she would be killed, Carver {continues on next page of
threw her into the Asparagus, still the bees clung to her. her hair was full, she screamed Oh bring
some water Minnie threw a pailfull on her her head, which quieted the wretches they had stung her
head in several places, one stung her in the corner of her eye, and some on her neck and leg, we
covered her head with wet soda and applied the same to the other places she was in dreadful pain
for a while, 4 of the ducks were stung, 2 recovered, 2 died Carver got 2 stings while helping Gatie,
and Minnie one, A tramp came
9 3 swarms today, Gatie is much better, her neck and leg are very painful, her head is esier, her face
is dreadfully swolen one eye was quite closed this morning. Mr Griffith and Mr J Simpson called
about ten oclock, Carver got a bad sting on his neck which is more than usually painful. the weather
being so hot makes the bees so cross.
12 A rainy morning, rather finer in the afternoon, Salisbury and Carver went to town after dinner
every thing went off peacibly in Orangeville Mr Henderson and Mr Mckay spoke to the Orangemen in
the town hall.
13 9 swarms 3 came off at the same time, Carver took some surplus honey out of one of the boxes
for us to use, Minnie was standing at the door when a bee stung her one the nose, she kept cold wet
cloths on it all the afternoon, which took the swelling down so much that she was able to go a ride on
horseback in the evening.
15 6 swarms today 4 came off at once, however Carver hived them all right. Comenced haying,
Picked gooseberries and black currants for preserving, we have a many of both, a man called
begging, gave him ten cents as he seemed a pitiable object Yesterday being Sunday Mr Linch took
tea with u s and Jimmy Walker dinner Thomas went to town early in the morning and returned at
night. Just as we were beginning dinner Walker came in having walked 8 miles he was dreadfully hot
We had black currant pudding, and chicken and peas to dinner Salisbury took Walker most of the
way back. Minnie and Gatie and Carver went with them for a drive, but the buggy broke when the
had gone about 2 miles and they had to walk back all but Berrie who took Walker further on.
17 17 One swarm of Carvers, a man called to mend umbrellas he said he would mend one of ours if
we would boil him six eggs and give him bread and butter, and milk, he repaired it well
18 It has rained most of the day, as they could not work at the hay Berry went to town, to get the
buggy repaired, Cecilia and Minnie went with him, Minnie bought a linen dress for me. Cecilia went
to Mrs Websters. Thomas took tea at Dunnings, 1 swarm of Carvers. the day before yesterday
Carver and I took 3 cards of honey out of a hive, and two surplus boxes full of honey off, One of
carvers hives that swarmed is wo three times is working in the surplus box.
23 This evening Hextall and I walked home from Amaranth, having finished the barn today.
25 Commenced cutting rye. Salisbury and I cradled in the afternoon till it began to rain. There is the
prospect of a settled rain J.W.S.
Aug 1. Commenced cutting fall-wheat yesterday in the afternoon; hired Joe Hunter to help at $1.25
Today we were hauling hay and cutting wheat concurrently, but it rained very heavy in the afternoon.
The wheat is an excellent crop, but the weather is extremely unfavorable for harvesting it. If the it is
fine we shall be able to finish cutting it to-morrow morning. Hextall went to build Aunt Sarah's stable
yesterday J.W.S.
Aug 1 3 Rebecca and Louisa Lowry, my nieces arrived from Maryborough having driven themselves
in a one horse buggy.
3 Minnie went with her cousins to see Mother and Sara, the reaper broke in the afternoon. Walker
too it to Orangeville to be mended Hextall came back with him they have been cutting rye
5 Mr J. Hunter did not come, and Thomas is at Sarahs, we got Hextall to help the boys haul fall
wheat, as it looks very much like rain, it is an excellent crop. Yesterday, being Sunday, they all went
to church and R. and L. Lowry and Jessie came back with them, Rebecca went home at night with
Jessie, and came here early this morning. I put down a {illegible} jar of ripe gooseberries is tight to
see if they will keep. Richard Allen came to see if we wanted any help, we were glad to hire him to
help with the harvest as Sarah wants Hextall to get her harvest, as she cannot get anyone
7 T Thomas came home last night about 12 oclock having been away since Sunday, morning three
days at Sarahs, Hextall went to Sarahs this morning.
10 10 Minnie made me a dress this afternoon, she began after dinner and had it finished at a quarter
past 4 oclock. she did every stitch herself, including making button holes, and covering buttons to go
all down the front she made a black collar, and trimmed the sleeves with black. Rebecca and Louisa
Lowry came this evening to stay over tomorrow, They finished hauling barley Tom has been
thrashing yesterday afternoon and this morning. Thos has been there Walker has been binding at
Toms this afternoon he is extremely tired as indeed most of us are. We took a surplus box off, the
bees were taking the honey out.
12 Yesterday, Sunday the Misses Lowry and Jessie were here and also Pettit came home with them
from church and stayed all night with us, Carver is poorly with the summer complaint, Strogers had a
hive of bees swarmed, they went back.
Aug 13 Walker went to cut his Aunt Sarahs oats Minnie rode down with him and walked back. Cecilia
went down too and spent the day at mrs Websters, and rode home with Walker at night they have
been hauling wheat, and would have got all in that is cut only a very rain storm came on in the
afternoon. Mr and Mrs Griffith took tea with us, Hextall went to Sarahs to night to work.
14 Thos is at G Dunnings thrashing, Salisbury cradling wheat and Walker Carver and jim pulling
peas, they got one load of wheat at noon just before a very heavy thunder storm which stopped them
again the wheat is very much rusted.
Thisis the day fixed for Mr and Mrs Stevenson to start for England.
15 Walker Gatie and Minnie went to Sarahs, Nellie Webster returned with them to stay a few days.
Hextall came back with them from Sarahs.
16 Hextall went to Toronto, a very heavy thunder storm in the afternoon with hail which has cut the
grapevine leaves and bruised the grapes, there was no storm in Toronto today.
17 Hextall came home before breakfast having staid all night at his Aunts as it came on very heavy
rain just as the train arrived in Orangeville.
20 19 Yesterday Sunday I went to see Mother and Sarah in the evening today Walker and Hextall
are working at Sarahs, Killed a sheep
21 Hextall went to Toronto to work at the exhibition buildings Walker is going to finish Sarahs harvest
and the stable at her new place.
22 Carver went to help Walker haul his aunts oats but found they were not dry enough, he got home
just in time to have some of Gaties plum pudding as it was her twelvth birthday, she has had a party
of little girls the weather is fine now. Carver and Berry fetched a load of lumber from
23 the other place, Carver shot six pigeans
23 the sun was so hot yesterday is melted. the comb in one of the hives we did not see it till today
nearly all the honey was {continued on next page of diary}
run out we only got about 3 pounds out of it. This is a very poor honey year so much rain,The
potatoes have taken some desease, the tops are drying. Minnie and Gatie picked a basket full of
Aug. 30 To-day, I am resting from my labors. I have lately been working at Aunt Sarah's harvesting &
building a stable. Carver helped me a couple of days. It looks like Indian Summer to-day, there is
such a lot of smoke that one can see only a short distance. They are ploughing for fall-wheat.
31 Walker and Carver went to hunt they got some pigeons but got wet to the skin
Sep 1 Yester Sunday was very rainy J Reid and T Black came to tea. Salisbury and Carver took
Walker to Fergus to go by the cars to Woodstock, they got home at 4 oclock it has been a fine day
but it came on wet at night Thos is threshing at Toms Berry went there after he came home. We had
another letter from Hextall.
5 Went to Orangeville took some eggs to my surprise they are only giving 8 cents per dz, we went to
see Mother and Sarah, she has sent for Louisa to come to stay a while, I got a letter from Hextall.
6 Sowing fall wheat for which we give 1.10 per {lsb?}
9 Yesterday Sunday Lizzie Stevenson walked up to spend the day went to church with us Aunt Mary
came to tea
11 Alpaugh and his brother came to take up our bees as he wanted the get the bees and brood out
of the hives we are not going to keep over, it turned out very wet. Minnie went to stay a few days with
Miss Stevenson
12 Fair day and very wet it has rained hard all day Alpaugh left this morning it {page cut off} to as
last night
Sep 14 There has been a great storm last night, in Orangeville the rain came through the upper
stories, down to the stores and damaged some of the goods, in Woodstock the water was two feet
high in the street. Hextall is in Toronto and he writes us that the Don rose 14 feet people were
washed out of their beds the sidewalks floated the water was 2 feet deep on many of the streets.
Hextall was in a thrashing machine shop all the machinery was washed out of the lower flat, the
boiler (about 30 feet long and 4 in diameter) was carried by the flood upwards of thirty rods. The
water rose above the bridges and did immense damage.
17 17 This day has been the election, they telegraphed for Hextall and Walker, Hextall came this
morning and went back tonight, he is looking well. Yesterday we traded our wool with Canada
20 Sarahs sale has been to day I went down also Cecilia and Thos and Berry went in the afternoon,
the rain came on heavy just as the sale closed, it has rained all the way home
23 Finished sowing fall wheat , Mr Ringrose brought Carver an owl, he has stripes
25 Gatie paid a visit to one of her schoolfellows, and brought home 2 letters from Walker and one
from Hextall, he has been a very good corespontent {correspondent} since he went to Toronto, he
has written every few days to one or other of us, it is very pleasant to hear so often from any one
who is absent. We got the cucumbers to day as it seemed as if it would be a frost it is very cold.
Carver pulled up the cucumber vines and tomatoes. the Adirondac grapes are ripe. The high winds
have blown off all the pears
Oct 15 Carver Cecilia Thos and I went to visit our relatives in Maryborough Rebecca went with us,
she having been staying here 2 or 3 weeks it was very pleasant to have her company on the road,
we arrived at Parkers about half past 4 oclock
16 Went to Drayton this morning to see Clara Smith and came back to Richards to tea. Carver shot 4
partridges and a rabbit
17 Rained all day we went over to Cliftons to tea.
18 Returned home a very fine day we upset a man {continues on next page of diary}
in Elora he backed his buggy between our buggy wheels, he picked himself up amidst the laughter of
all the people who saw the upset. When were were about 14 miles from home the buggy broke, we
had to get out and put a rail under the box. Called at the post office and got letters from Walker.
19 Hextall and Minnie went to get the buggy mended, and to see Mother, as we thought she would
be anxious to hear from Maryborough. Sarah has been just a week in her new house
21 Minnie and Jessie Walker went to pick leaves and moss to make picture frames with
23 Carver shot 2 ducks at one shot as they were flying over. Walker sent Carver a beatiful {beautiful}
book from Woodstock.
Nov 1 Hextall is building a kitchen for Sarah
5 Mary Logan Simpsons birthday. two years ago she was here on her birthday we made her a party
8 Recieved letters from my neice Mary Simpson, they are living at Brantford. Carver is helping
Hextall at his Aunts. I sent a book to Walker by post yesterday, we killed 28 turkey
9 Took 27 turkeys to town, we kept one for Sunday, we have eight live ones yet, those we sold were
a splendid lot, one weighed seventeen pounds. we got seven cent per lb. we sold 28 chickens, and 2
ducks. Salisbury and Cecilia and I went to Sarahs and brough Carver and Hextall home with us.
10 Mr Linch took tea with us, it is thawing after a week of winter weather. Hextall worked at his Aunts
cellar through frost and snow. one sever cold day he built as much stone wall as was three regular
days work, he had the mortar mixed with hot water to keep it from freezing as he used it. Thos
bought Jim a pair of boots, the third he has had since spring
11 Very rainy. covered the grape vines.
12 Mr Griffith commenced meetings at our church
13 A deal of snow fell last night took the sleigh to church
Nov 14 Fair day in Orangeville Thos and Jim took Rosa down sold her for $22 Salisbury took a ton of
hay to Mamarys yesterday. hay is very low from 6 to 8 dollars. Thomas bought a cow from Mrs
Bucanhan the other day price 20 dollars.
20 Minnie called to see Mrs Stevenson; on her return from England. Salisbury haulled 2 loads for
Sarah Hextall is at home mending the horsepower of the thrashing, he came on Sunday when we
had the first turkey. Jessie Walker came yesterday to tea. Carver has a new suit of clothes for best
cost 10.20
21 Minnie went to spend the afternoon at her Uncle Toms and from there to church in the evening.
Mr Griffith is holding meetings every night. We recieved letters from Walker he has done extremely
well at the quarterly examination, being first in Latin and second in Algebra, the result of the other
{brakes?} he had not learned when he wrote last, he writes home every week. Mrs. Stevenson has
brought a few things from Cousin Hextalls for us, it is so kind of them to remember us. It is fortythree
years since we saw any of them. Carver has new boots price 2. 75
26 Salisbury has been hauling wood to Orangeville yesterday and today, he brought such a nice pair
of overshoes for a present to me for the benefit of my rheumatism, the other day Minnie brought me
a pair of felt boots lined through with flannel, I am sure I ought to get better with so much kindness
and attention Hextall has had a new suit of black made, cost 21.00 Salisbury bought himself a pair of
boots price 3.75 Carver shot a partridge yesterday. The winter seems to have set in now after more
than a week of fine weather since the severe spell we had before it, which we all thought was winter
in earnest. We have learned that Walker was first at the examination in Greek and Latin.
Dec 11 We have been thrashing three days and finished today.
12 Got the bees into the cellar we left them out till now
Dec as the weather has been so mild this
19 Salisbury we went to Fergus to meet Walker who is comming home for the vacation. They got
home about 4 oclock. Jessie Milner came with Walker to visit some friends in Orangeville. As Jessie
was very anxious to go to town to night, after the horses had been fed Walker drove down as
Salisbury had not time. Minnie and Cecilia accompanied him. they went to Sarahs and brought
Hextall and Carver who were working there home for the evening.
20 Salisbury has a very severe toothache, so Walker drove to town this morning with H. and C. to
their work at Sarahs kitchen. Gatie and Minnie went with them. Made pork pies and sausages, and
mince meat
22 Mr and Mrs Stevenson and Irwin and Lizzie spent the day with us. Hextall fetched them and took
them back they enjoyed their drive, and we enjoyed their company very much.
22 Hextall Berry Carver and Minnie have been to a tea meeting for the purpose of building an
Orange hall lodge it raised about 200 dollars. Mr Griffith and his boy took tea with us. Cecilia is
beginning with the chicken pox. This is Candy night.
24 The boys took 26 dozen of egs to town they are selling at 15 cts. the weather is extremely cold, it
has been snowing for a week
25 Christmas exceedingly cold and stormy the roads are blocked up, the boys went through the drifts
on horseback to see the state of the roads. We had a goose and plum pudding Gatie is very poorly
she has been in bed all day as well as yesterday
26 The weather is not quite as severe, Salisbury has been breaking roads, the people have to go
round by the back of our barn as the road is snowed up. Cecilia is much better but has only been up
while her bed was made. we have had a busy day, washing and killing poultry, we {picked?} 5
geese, and 3 turkeys. The boys brought the horse power round and set it in the yard ready for the
thrashing. Hextall has a cold his chest is very sore.
Dec 29 Walker Hextall Minnie Salisbury and Carver spent a most delightful day at Mr Stevenson
Jan 1 A beautiful day, it has been very cold and stormy for nearly 2 weeks. We had goose and
rolypoly puddings, and had a splendid time
2 A great change in the weather snowing and blowing fiercely Berry took Walker and Jessie Milner to
Fergus, we got Hextall to go with them as it was so extremely stormy, they arrived home at eight
oclock at night, it turned out a most terrific day the worst it has been for years, the boys had to take
fences down any {and} go into the fields to avoid a drift in the road 10 feet high
Salisburys face was frozen and one ear we had a very lonesome day at home.
4 The storm still continues all the roads are completely blocked up except the town line on which
Hextall rode on horseback to town today. 2 sleighs have been at Boneys 2 day storm bound We
miss Walker dreadfully. We wrote to him today as we knew he would be anxious to know how the
boys got home
5 Salisbury and I went to Sarahs
6 They are out making roads, they can't get on the road from J Nichols to Farnells. the teams all
have to go all the way in the fields, every one is surprised the boys got home from Fergus with the
sleigh on Thursday, the horses had to wade through deep snow nearly all the way home sometimes
there were only their heads out when they got home the harness was frozen on, and about an inch
of snow on them the boys wraps were also together on them
7 I went to Doctor Carbert to get some medicine for myself
15 Miss Stephenson has been out about a week on a visit. We had several pleasant drives in the
sleigh by starlight which she seemed to enjoy immensely.
Feb 7A sleigh load of our Maryboro friends came down to see us, there was Uncle Richard, Uncle
Parker &
Feb 7 Aunt Rebbeca, and Cousin Clara with her little man Johnnie Smith and their little daughter
Grace and also another cousin and her child Mary Jane Davison, Mr Davison is as yet a stranger to
us. The children both seem to be very superior and are no discredit to their relations. After a stay of
three days which they spent amongst the three places Uncle Tom's, Aunt Sarah's and with
ourselves; they started on their journey home. We enjoyed their visit very much. Richard, Parker,
and Rebecca came with them
5 The ram died after being sick a few days, he was a fine sheep and cost us twelve dollars.
Hextall and Minnie have recieved invitations to Lizze Reids wedding which is to take place on the
18th being Alberts birthday. he will be 22 years of age, Sara bought a cheese from Maryboro 55 lbs
at 9 cents
12 Salisbury went to a bee at Mrs. L Hunter to haul rail, it has been an extremely cold and stormy
day, they had to bring the rails 16 miles, the wind blew so fiercely that the road got so bad that some
of the loads upset, it was 9 oclock when they arrived at Hunter with the loads. We have got severe
18 Minnie and Hextall are gone to the wedding they were to call to take Jessie Walker with them.
Carver is very poorly, not able to hold up, Berry has had the diptheria and is just recovering. He has
had all the work to do today, which with cutting stove wood has made him quite ill again he has been
confined to the house the last three days. Last Friday Carver and Hextall killed Ingram, she was very
nice beef, we sold the 2 hind quarters at four dollars and sixty cents per cwt. Berry and Thos went
the same day to Greys in Amaranth for oats, they bought 57 bushels at 25 cents
20 Rev Mr Linch took tea with us There is a very severe kind of Influenza going round, Carver and
Salisbury have it. Mother Cecilia and I spent a day at Mrs. Stevenson
March 1 We have all excepting Hextall had attacks of the Influenza. Walker has been ill with it but is
3 Minnie and Salisbury went to Sarahs and found that Mother was very ill. Hextall Thos and I went.
Uncle Tom went with us.
4 I came home at noon having staid all night with Mother she is something better. I scraped some
paper off Sarahs parlour preparatory to papering. Mrs Lamb went to stay with Mother
7 Spent the day at Sarahs I have been nearly every day this week Mother is much better
9 Mr and Mrs Stevenson and Lizzie spent today with us Irwin walked up in the afternoon, The
sleighing is nearly gone it having been thawing yesterday and a thunder storm last night Hextall went
to see Mother is she is much better I should have gone to see her this evening but it came on heavy
rain The steeple of the new Presbyterian church was blown down at nine oclock tonight
11 The roads are miserable the snow being so deep here and none halfway to Orangeville a sharp
frost last night high winds Mother is no better on the whole,
13 Mother is much worse, last night we did not think she would live till morning, T Every went to
Garafraxa to tell our folks Tom returned with him about 3 or 4 oclock in the morning, Mother
gradually revived, and by daylight was able to talk,
14 Telegraphed to Maryborough for them to come, Geese laid
17 Richards birthday, he and sister Rebecca arrived last night
19 I came home having been at Mothers to day without comming home
20 Richard went home today as he was obliged to be at home of Friday
24 Rebbecca went home by the train as she left on such short notice she was anxious to go home
Mother is no better
April 1 Mothers birthday she is 89 years of age. We went to see her, I have been there about three
fourths of my time for three or four weeks, I staid there two nights and one at home. It is a very fine
day, but the snow is quite deep up here yet, we go to town in the buggy, as there is no snow past the
cemetary. Miss Stevenson came home with us. My Sister Rebecca came back last night by train Mrs
Lamb has been staying at Sarah 3 or 4 weeks and has gone home this morning for awhile
April 2 Cold and windy with a little snow. Minnie's wedding day. A nice little party
assembled assembled about nine o'clock A.M. to do honor to the occasion. The marriage ceremony
was performed at half past nine o'clock by Rev. Griffith. Miss Stephenson was brides-maid, and I
acted grooms-man. The guests were Mr. and Mrs Reid, and Isaac Robert; Uncle Tom & Aunt Mary,
and cousin Jessie; and the Rev. gentleman and lady. At four o'clock I drove Sam and Minnie or
rather Mr. and Mrs Reid to town to meet the train for Monoroad. To visit Evan's living near that
station, and from thence they propose continuing their tour to Weston. Toronto and about. J.H.S.
" 5 Pleasant though a little cold today. Berry and Carver have been working at the swamp all day
getting posts, and poles for fencing. Salisbury drove Mother and Saty to town to stay with Grandma
through the night ant pass the morrow with her. This is the first night we have kept bachelors hall.
We have got an old man layed down in the bunk for the night, he is a tramp and came seeking
loggings. {lodgings} He is a hard headed old Scotchman. I hope he wont waken till we are about in
the morning. & I hope he is not somnamabulic. I should have put hops under his pillow to ensure
sleep {J.H.S.}
April 8 I went to see Mother this evening, found her something better, Hextall Berry and Cecilia went
to the blue ribbon meeting, the roads are very bad for wheels on account of the depth of the snow, in
some places, we were nearly upset tonight, Hextall and Carver jumped out or we should have gone
9 Sam and Minnie returned from their tour, which they have enjoyed very much.
10 Fair day in Orangeville, and extremely disagreable day snowing and blowing tremendously,
Salisbury rode to the village in the afternoon as he wanted to see I Simpson about a new wagon,
there was scarcely any fair on account of the weather, Mrs Lamb came back to Mothers today.
11 My Sister Rebecca went home today, as Mother is so much better
12 I went to visit Mother we hope she will recover soon though every one gave her up the doctors
said she could not live long.
13 Sunday a very snow day soft. Hextall, Salisbury, Sam and Minnie went to church in Orangeville in
the evening the weather having cleared up
14 Salisbury and Hextall went to the village this morning and bought chairs and 2 sets of bedsteads
for Minnie. Hextall took another load of furniture for Minnie to their new home, Hextall has made a
Lounge, washstand, dreping table, a very handsome sideboard and a most splendid oval cherry
table, a large one for Minnie. Sam took Minnie and Gatie over this morning. Carver went with them.
they called for Jessie Walker. They got safe there with all their crockery and glass ware which filled
the sleigh, Thomas and Tom have been at Sarahs all day cleaning her oats up. A last years lamb got
hung today between some boards.
April 18 Hextalls birthday, he went home with Sam and Minnie last night to spend to day with them.
Minnie found him very useful fixing things for her, had letters from Walker and Mary
19 All of us who are at home eccepting Papa wrote to Walker, they are having their Collage
{College} examinations now.
21 R Allan came to work this morning they are going to give him 50 cts per day he is cultivating with
one team, Carver and Berry are ploughing with two others, Hextall is making a churn for Minnie, and
Thos is gone to town it is the warmest day yet; the bees are enjoying themselves vastly but don't
seem to be very honest and have to be closely watched, they were set out on the 18th {ins?} Carver
sold two hives to Toms they took them on Saturday, Mrs G Cowling died yesterday morning at half
past eight of consumption. Salisbury and Carver rode on horseback to Minnies after tea last night,
Minnie has Bondy with her as he is such a good house dog he will be useful to leave when they go
away. Thos gave her a cow and calf and she is going to have Jess Carver gave her 2 turkeys, 3
geese, and 18 fowls, and a case of stuffed birds.
22 Mrs Cowling buried today, Sam and Minnie called with their team. Cecilia and I rode back with
them. Berry came to fetch herus at night, I was glad to see them so comfortable, the roads are very
bad the snow is in high ridges in the middle of the road in several places. it is enough to break a
buggy if it does not upset.
25 Hextall took Gatie part of the way to Minnies, she walked the rest. I went to see Mother, found her
very much better
26 Minnie and Grace walked home this evening. Grace is very tired, Sam's boy George has been
here most of the week with his team as his land is not ready yet and our people will help him. in
return Minnie is going to stay all night and Sam will come tomorrow, Hextall is working at Sarahs I
got a pair of everyday boots
April 26 R. Allan is working here, we had him most of last wee. I engaged a girl tonight to help me as
I find I have too much to do
27 Finishe sowing, except a {fim?} peas and oats mixed and the barley, George went back to Sams
and Salisbury went too Minnie rode here this morning with Isaac and Berry took her to Orangeville in
the buggy to do some shopping. I was glad to get her to do some shopping, for me too, as I could
not get away. The boys sold 12 hives of bees to Charles Palmer of Dundalk for 72 dollars.
30 Palmer took his bees away, it is piercing cold. Mary Ellen Robinson came today she is 14 years
old and we are to give here 3 dollars for a month.
May 1 David Allan began to work here. Carver shot 2 ducks on W. Ingrams pond, he stuffed them.
Mrs Dowling called We had letters from Walker the other day the college Exams are over he has
done well, came out ahead again. the University Exams begin next Monday, they will last three
weeks. We are anxious to see him again. it is so long since he went away. Set a hen on duck eggs
2 Minnie got letters from Walker today. Carver has been grafting some trees for her, and helping her
plant trees. We have been cleaning up in the garden. everything is very late, David Allan rolling
grain. I began to make some fine shirts for the boys. The weather continues very cold yet.
3 Carver and I went to Orangeville, shopping and went forward to see Mother, I was very glad to find
her so well she looks better than she did before she was ill. Hextall came home with us
4 Sunday, very showery the three boys went to church Sam and Minnie went to see the old folks at
5 Nellie and George Webster came to get flower roots. they started with a large basketful, to carry to
Carve trimed the gooseberries Salisbury went to help Sam again. R. Allan came this morning and his
boy tonight. we have eighteen goslings hatched, Carver caught a groundhog.
May 6 George and Nellie Webster spent today here and took home some trees at night. Allan and
Carve worked in the garden in the morning. the weather continues cold.
7 Carver dug the rhubarb and Asparagus beds and trimed fruit trees this evening, he rolled grain and
fall wheat today. We have ten more goslings, Finished planting onions, and sowed lettuce, mustard,
and beet planted currant slips. Cecilia went to visit at her Uncle Toms. Jessie was gone to Minnies
Today has been pleasanter weather Richard Allan carried home tonight 62 lbs flour 3 lbs butter and
some rhubarb roots. Gues he will be tired enough when he gets home
8 Salisbury came home from Sams, Gatie went to the Dunnings
10 Carver and Cecilia drove to Orangeville this morning shopping Gatie got a very nice pair of button
boots 1.60 and Carver a pair at 2.60. Set the first turkey hen on 20 eggs. We have 15 chickens
Butter is 15 cents, eggs 9 cts. Sent to Scott Weston. Carver got his money from C. Palmer for the
bees he put 50 dollars in the Bank of Commerce. We got 2 letters from Walker tonight we were very
glad to recieve an excellent likeness of him. I was gratified to learn he is doing very well at the
examens it is along time 2 weeks examinations, I hope his health will be good if it is no fear but he
will succeed Richard Allan and his boy David with Mr. Robinson all went home tonight loaded with
roots and cherry trees Allan took 3 dz eggs to treat his children with
11 I went to see Mother found her better but low spirited
14 Sent Mary in to take Hextalls straw hat it is so hot I thought he must need it, I gave her an order
on {Borkless?} she bought herself a new dress, a very different one
from what I recommended her to get
May 16 Thos took a load of hay to Manary's we have been whitewashing, Cecilia went to Minnies
last night to stay till Sunday
17 Thos took a load of hay to McCarthys. Allan, David and Mary R. went home tonight
18 Sam and Minnie came this morning. Berry fetched them in the buggy we went to church in the
afternoon. Hextall did not come home as he wants to finish his work at Sarahs. Mother is not so well
19 We have been house cleaning. We miss Minnie very much Gatie is attending school. Set turkey
she laid 26 eggs. They were going to wash sheep but they could not find all of them Salisbury found
4 of them Tonight near Orangeville
26 Walker came home, he look rather pale and thin
Mother went back to Sarah today she has been here just a week, Minnie and Gatie went to get a hat
for Cecilia they bought a very nice plain one for 2.50 at Gilchrists
June 7 There has been severe frost last night the grape vines were frozen through the coverings I
put over thm, it is very cold to-day. I went up to Minnie tonight and took her goslings. Butter is only
11 cts in Orangeville and eggs 7. I have sent 2 pails of butter to Weston
9 Carvers turkey hen hatched 13 turkeys all light collared our gobbler is lost he left home 2 or 3 week
since and we have heard nothing of him The boys Hextall, Carver and Salisbury are putting up the
wire fence. Walker has gone to visit Minnie. Hextall bees one hive swarmed but they went back
June 13 One of my young turkeys came out. planted tomotoes.
14 Sent a pail of butter to Weston
16 Hextall and Walker went to Mono Centre, they had a long ride 38 miles, it has been very cold all
day, the men wearing overcoats and mitts to drive in. Gatie had some ducks eggs given her. Carver
set them tonight, all our duck eggs are bad. Toms bees swarmed
17 Hextall went to Milton this morning. The rest of my turkey hatched, five days after the first one,
the eggs were all set at the same time, I have seventeen and Carver has thirteen and Minnie 13.
19 Gatie, Carver, and I went to Minnie this evening, she gave us some splendid rabbit pie. Planted
cabbage plants
26 Thomas is gone to Mono Mills. Minnie and Sam came this afternoon. the boys chopped some
grain for him The weather has been extremely hot the last three days. Hextall is bridging at Milton.
{The following is probably written by Walter}
July 1 This morning came down with Sam, and we set to work to make a horse- {rake?} and finished
it before ten. Hextall brought a young lady from town, and Minnie from the "Hollow", and in the
afternoon William Lowry came so that we spent a very pleasant day. The Providence Sunday School
held its pic nic to-day in Dunning's grove, it broke up about 6 o'clock just when the proper time for
picnicing with pleasure had arrived. We had started to go to it just after tea, but met {H-illegible}
coming from it.
" 2 Carver went to fence on the bush lot this morning, and I was consequently left to hive any bees
that might swarm, and to my sorrow two swarms did come off. Hived them without difficulty, though I
did not succeed in getting them all in. There was another swarm in the afternoon but Carver was on
hand, so that I was none the worse of it.
July 3rd. 1879
July 3 Went with Minnie and Sam to Tom Reid's. It commenced to rain when we had made half the
distance, however, thanks to buffalo robe umbrella we were not much the worse. Spent a very
pleasant day, and shot at a dog coming home, but did not hurt or even frighten it.
4 Mr & Mrs Griffith for dinner, and egg-and-bacon pie for tea. Have neglected Euripides Sadly this
week, Had intendedd to have read most of it this week, but have done less than 100 verses yet. J.H.
{Back to Elizabeth's handwriting}
18 Two hives swarmed, the last this year, as also the last year on the 18t
26 Minnies birthday, Walker drove me up to spend the day with them, a rainy morning. Our folks
finish haying last night. Walker has been mowing for Sam. since dinner we called at the Grange and
bought 20 lbs of new currants for a dollar.
27 Minnie and Sam and Walker dined at Toms and took tea here
30 Beyon to cut fall wheat. Sam and his boy are helping {helping} us, our people helping him in
31 Finished cutting wheat 17 acres and cut a field of barley. Grace is staying with Minnie for a day or
two we are busy, putting Cherries away Canning and preserving, they are a splendid crop I made
currant jelly today
August 4 Hauled wheat and barley, Minnie came and helped us pick raspberries, we are well
supplied with raspberries this summer Minnie has sent me four times
6 Minnie helped us pick and stone cherries, for preserving. set the domestic to pull paper of the
dining room walls preparatory to repapering, she made a very {continued on next page of diary}
August small mark on the wall for her half day work
17 Cleared the dining rooms walls of paper this morning, and Sam and Minnie came at noon, we
whitened the ceiling and hung the paper this afternoon. They hauled barley till about 5 oclock when
rain came on and put a stop to that.
8 Our folks purpose threshing tomorrow so we are busy preparing. Heard from Hextall today. we had
2 letters from him on Tuesday. Sarah and her two eldest children {mathed?} up today. The weather
has turned cold suddenly today it was extremely hot yesterday. Made nineteen apple and cherry pies
this afternoon. Our young turkeys some of them are greatly afflicted with rheumatism or something
similar, I have been applying coil oil, and other remedies, but nothing avails.
9 Saturday and threshing. Minnie and Sam arrived here this morning extremely early, we have had a
busy day I do not know how I should have done if Minnie had not come to help me, she put the
carpet down in the dining room, which looks nicer than ever, ^and hung the pictures They threshed
barley till teatime and fall wheat afterwards Eggs have dropt again, they have been ten cents for a
few weeks past, butter is also lower, from 5 to 8 cts The other day a horse kicked John Dowling and
broke his jaw he is doing well. We used the first apples for pies and sauce, the wind was very rough
yesterday and blew many apples off.
12 Orangeville is made a county town it was carried by six hundred majority. Hextall came from Galt
to vote.
15 Very cold, Finished cutting wheat.
16 Walker and Grace went to Orangeville. finished cutting grain
17Sunday, Mrs McGill was buried today a very large funeral. over fifty trains, D. Caroll buried a baby
too today
August 18 Grace started to school again after the vacation Walker and I drove to town
19 Minnie and Sam came this morning, Minnie and I went this afternoon to pick raspberries we got a
nice lot, Dismissed the hired girl she having gone home on Sunday to return in the evening and did
not come back till just before dinner today so I told her I should not want her any more paid her
wages, and sent her home again she shed tears. A telegram came at noon to say Hugh Peers is
dead. Minnie and Sam went to Weston about 9 oclock to night they will travel all night it is 45 miles.
Hextall went today to Mono Centre to see a farm, he returned home tonight he has rented the place,
I wish he could have got a farm nearer home, but there are no good places here to rent
21 Sam and Minnie arrived here on their way home from Weston about 4 oclock this morning they
have had no sleep since they went away They found their cousins in the greatest grief their loss is
indeed very great. Hextall is helping Dowling to harvest
22 Graces birthday she has Maggie Hatcher Eliza and Lillie Hunter and ElizaJane Dunning to spend
the day. Cecilia had several presents, a beautiful goblet from Minnie a satchel of Indian work from
Maggie Hatcher and egg cup from E Hunter a lovely penknife from Hextall that bought in Galt for her,
and a large wax doll, the day has been fine till evening, when it came on a very heavy rain, with a
tremendous wind, it has blown nearly all the pears off one tree. The Jefferson plums are getting ripe,
August 23 They would have nearly finishes harvest to night, if it had not rained after tea, Minnie,
Sam and Walker are gone to Orangeville
24 Finished harvest. Crab apples are ripe, and very plentiful.
September 30 I went to see Mother, and had a delightful ride home by moonlight
2 I have spent today at Minnies, and had a very pleasant visit, went early in the morning and left
Cecilia at home to keep house, she has managed splendid everything done up when came home at
night she had Georgina Dunning to spend the afternoon. Carver is at home ploughing for fall wheat,
the rest are helping Sam with his harvest.
3 Carver helped Minnie to take up her 2 hives that she had there they not having made honey
enough to keep them through the winter. It came on rain about 10 oclock and has continued most of
the day Salisbury went to town with Hextall who has gone to Mr E Evesons for a few days to make
boxes for him to take his things to Manitoba in Walker has commenced to study again after helping
on the farm about 5 weeks 4
4 A wet day most of it there is an exceedingly high wind, it blew very hard all night Thos has been
hunting 4 days for eight sheep which we lost one sheep died yesterday. Red plums are plentiful and
are ripe it is very cold had to light a fire in the dining room for the first time this fall. Carver took up 3
hives to night, this has been a very poor season for honey
{The following is Probably written by Walker}
Monday, 15th Sept. Spent to-day in reading Virgil's Georgics, which are extremely very fine, but are
also very difficult to read. Minnie spent the day with us: she came and returned on horseback. Last
Wednesday (10th). Berry and Carver went to Mono Centre to put in some fall wheat for Hextall. Did
not expect them home till Monday night, but they came on Saturday night. having put in eight acres.
Berry sowed it in two hours and twenty-five minutes. Two weeks from to-day I leave for college. I
want to finish the Georgics and read three books of Horace before I go, and should like to do some
Latine Prose, as I have seriously neglected the latter J.H. Simpson
{Back to Elizabeth’s writing}
17 Walker has been out shooting, he shot 2 pigeons yesterday he and Carver went hunting for the
first time this fall they got 8 pigeons and a rabit. Carver has been thrashing at Blacks. Mrs Dunning
paid us a visit
25 Minnie, Sam, Cecilia, Carver and Berry, Walker and Hextall attended the Agritural {Agricultural}
Exhibition in Orangeville. I went down with them and staid with Mother, The show is poor this year. I
bought a new bonnet for myself not before I needed it.
27 Minnie came to help me with Hextalls and Walkers things and took 2 fine shirts home to make
and 4 others to get up &c.
Oct 1 Hextall and Priscilla Avison were married today Walker was groomsman and Miss Willson
bridesmaid Thomas and I Sam and Minnie spent the day at Mr Avisons where the wedding was
celebrated Mr J Avison P.M. minister of Toronto performed the ceremony, he is a cousin of the bride.
Walker left for Toronto in the evening, so I lost two of my boys in one day, Pretty hard.
2 Hextall and Priscilla went home with Sam and Minnie last night, they all came here this morning,
and after dinner the newly married pair started to visit some of her relatives, we expect them back on
Saturday. It seems so lonely without Walker we do not expect to see him again till Christmas and
then only for a few days. Half of my children have left home, and there is a great blank in the house,
but we must not be despondent, but be thankful that we have still three left. My children every one of
them are, and always have been a very great comfort to me
7 Salisbury is helping Hextall to move onto his farm, Cecilia went to spend yesterday at Mrs
10 Preparing for threshing tomorrow it has been a very hot day we have had very warm weather
more than a week. The grapes are ripened nicely, we have a splendid lot of them. the smaller kind of
pears are also ripe. Berry came from Hextalls yesterday. he called to see his Grandma. Sarah has
bough a melodian. We sent letters today to Walker and Mary Simpson
13 The weather is cooler, for nearly 2 weeks the heat has been oppressive the horses seemed to
suffer more from the heat than in summer, and sweat more. We threshed Saturday and Monday.
Minnie came to help us. Hextall and Priscilla were here yesterday.
15 Minnie came over with her buggy and took Grace and myself to visit Mr McKinnens. They made
us very welcome, we enjoyed our visit very much. Richard and his daughter Lizzie paid us a visit,
last week.
17 Salisbury Grace and I went to Orangeville, and to see Mother, it is as cold as winter the ground is
covered thinly with snow, and it is freezing all day
Sep Oct 17 Salisbury went to Altor to get a ton of bran. butter and eggs have advanced in price, they
are each 15 cts, cheese has also risen. 17 cts per lb
Nov 1 Salisbury and I went to the Cataract with the wool we had 94 lbs for which got 21cts per lb in
trade. it was a fine morning, but it turned out a bitter day we recieved a note from Mrs Pettit to say
she would be in Orangeville this evening and asking the boys to fetch her to our house, it was too
late to go the so Berry will go tomorro, David Spring left today he has been here 3 months and 2
weeks @16 per month
3 Yesterday morning Salisbury and Grace went to fetch Mrs Pettit from Orangeville, they got back in
time for Sabbath school, Mrs P. had not come they brought Miss Stevenson back with them about 11
oclock Mr and Mrs P. and their little girl arrived having driven from Brampton the day before and
stayed all night at Strogers as it was so stormy Sam and Minnie also came. Miss Stevenson went
home with them in the evening. it snowed all day
4 Mrs Pettit went with us to visit Minnie, they are going to thrash to morrow
6 Mrs Pettit and her daughter left us this afternoon Carve drove them to Strogers in the sleigh, we
have had such a pleasant time we were sorry she could not stay longer. Miss Stevenso came with
her folks from Minnies
7 Lizzie rode to town with Thos. Minnie came this afternoon, as it is thawing our people are getting
turnip up. As Thomas and Lizzie were jogging along between Corbetts and the railway track the
horses took fright at something and sprung to the side of the road throwing the buggy into the ditch.
Thos fell out
Nov and Lizzie jumped out, a wheel passed over T. leg fortunately neither of them were hurt the
horses ran into town where some man struck Darbey on the head with a piece of wood and stopped
them they had not upset the buggy nor hurt themselves
8 A most beautiful day we trimmed and covered the grapevines, brought the potatoes into the cellar,
and finished getting the turnips. Hextall and Priscilla came to night.
13 Yesterday Sunday. Grace, Salisbury and Carver went to dine with Minnie. A very fine day, the
bees were out like summer. Today I went to buy things at the Grange, we drove onto Minnie had
dinner there She came back with us we called on Mrs Marshall Minnie drove Grace and I to visit
Miss Huivers and another day to Mrs Stevenson
18 Clear and cold Put the bees into their winter quarters Minnie came killed chickens
20 Extremely cold. took 13 pr chickens to Bookless's they would give only 25 cts pr pr, as there are
so many in the market turkeys 7 cts in trade, they have also lowered yarn to 50 cts. We drove down
to see Mothr, found her much better
it has been snowing most of the day but the wind is so high it is blown off the road it is bitter cold
riding in a buggy. Carver is helping Same to lath and fix up
21 The frost was very severe last night. Tho's and Berry brought the sheep and steers from Sams,
they gave two to Sam for the keep of the steers. Tho's bought two cattle and 7 sheep from Tom
{Every?}, he also bought a yoke of oxen at the fair price 70 cash. he and Johnie drove to Orangeville
this afternoon in the waggon, to bring some sheep home. he bought Johnie a pair of boots price
2.50. Jonathan D. Webster has been living here a little over 2 weeks. they have hired him for a year
for sixty five dollars
Nov 26 Walker came home from Toronto for the vacation Hextall also arrived to day to built the
30 Hextall brought Pricilla and her sister Lizzie to spend the day.Sam and Minnie came here Sam
staid at home to keep the house warm as they have been having {having} it plastered, and it is not
dry yet.
Dec 6 Had a Goose for dinner Minnie made me a dress
7 Had a Turkey for dinner today
10 We all went to Minnies and had a splendid supper roll preserved raspberries pudding, and goose
Hextall went with us we had a very pleasant evening
11 Minnie came we had a turkey to dinner
12 Hextall has gone home today having finished the cistern Walker went with them to stay a few
18 Salisbury took some sheep to Hextalls Carver has let them to him on shares there are 10 of them
Walker came back with them Johnie took a cowe ove he is going to help haul manure
21 A bitter cold day the coldest for three years. McPhersons thermometer froze, Grace walked to
Sabbath school and got her ear frozen, when Salisbury got home one of his ears was frozen. Sam
and Minnie came one of Sams was frozen soon after they started
20 Sold 66 dz eggs at 15 cts we have sold over 20 worth of eggs this month. Went to see Mother
23 Sold 20 turkeys at 7 cts per lb for cash, and the same day 15 geese at 5 cts trade and 5 ducks at
6 cts per lb trade. Minnie came to help us to prepare for Christmas, she made Gatie a dress.
26 Yesterday Christmas. Hextall and Priscilla, Sam and Minie came also Mr J McHinver and the two
Miss McHinver we had a very pleasant day. My children gave me a beautiful brooch and Hextall
brought me a nice warm pair of gloves Minnie gave {continued on next page of diary}
me a lovely pair of cuffs, and Sam gave me a vey pretty necktie. Walker brought us all beautiful
Christmas cards. Sam bought Thos. an oak walking stick. Minnie gave all her brothers {muffeties?}
of her knitting, and lot of other presents were given on both sides, we had a turkey and goose as
usual. Minnie brought home the woolen shirts she has mad for Thos and the boys.
1880 Jan 1 We have all spent the day at Minnies, she had an immense goose, preserve
pudding. Je We enjoyed our visit very much.
5 Wrote to Cousin Clifton and Cousin Acott.
8 Walker drove Gatie and I to Minnies, we had a splendid supper roast goose and preserve pudding,
this is Walker's last visit to them before he goes back to the University. It was a thick fog, the snow is
about gone.
12 It was so rainy last night Sam and Minnie could not go home, just after they left this morning
Hextall drove up, he only staid a few hours as he wanted to get home tonight. Sarah wathed
{washed?} up. Salisbury took Walker to the Station on his way to Toronto
13 Budd cow calved. Salisbury and Carver are cutting logs for sawing into firewood. Cecilia visited
Dunnings Carver Gatie and Berry went to Minnies tonight
14 Cold no sleighing) Thos brought some more sheep home, he was offered seven dollars on them
as soon as he got home by two men. Salisbury and Carver chopped all day at the bush lot
15 Very bright) Churned, wound and twisted yarn. Mis Hunter came, Tho's took J Reids sheep home
and dined at Minnies, Berry and Carver cutting posts at swamp all day
16 Thawing) Minnie walked here this morning, we were so glad to see her Gatie and I were all alone,
we seem so few now her and two boys are gone. Thos dined at W. {Hillricks?} the boys choppping
posts at bush lot
Jan 17 Thos in Orangeville, Carver and Salisbury chopping posts R{B?} Allen took tea with u s.
18 Carver Grace and I went to see Mother found her poorly this soft weather seems to weaken her,
while we were there two large funerals passed to the Cemetary each had a hearse, one was ald Mr
Jenkins the other Mrs Ireland. Carver Grace and Berry went to Minnie in the evening. The roads are
very muddy. Grace staid there
20 Stringer came. Mr Reid brought a load of {geanin?} to chop but they could not do it. Carver and
Salisbury cutting posts they took the oxen they cut and hauled out 80. they were very wet when they
came home tonight as it has been snowing all day. Carver caught a Mink in a trap it is a very large
22 Sam and Minnie came and brought Cecilia back she has been there since Sunday.
24 The Grangers have an Oyster supper to-night Thos is there the boy have been chopping at the
bush all week they take their dinner with them.
26 Sam and Minnie were here yesterday. Cecilia visited N Ingram. hung bacon up to day.
27 M. A. Hunter here to tea
28 Clear and frosty) I made a pair of pants for Thomas. the boys finished cutting poles for the wire
29 Extremely cold) As Carver had to go to Stringers Cecilia rode with him, they called at Minnies she
came back with them and brought a pair of double mitts she knit for Carver. on Monday, Sam came
in the evening. Esery came, Berry and Carver at the bush getting logs in for sawing
30 Rainy) Thomas went to Orangeville the boys at the bush all day with the oxen, we have been
twisting yarn and baking for the sawing tomorrow very high wind
1880 We have tried whether scalding the milk, or churning the cream without answers best we had
quite 1 1/2 pounds more in a week with clotting the cream. Butter is only 18 cents. There are poultry
thieves around we have lost only one goose, as far as we know, but Minnie has had more than
twenty fowls stolen.
Jan 31 Cold) Sawing with the machine in the bush lot. Folhender here to tea. What a very pleasant
surprise. Hextall drove up after dark. It is very slippery
Feb 1 Extremely cold) Cecilia and Salisbury walked to SS school. Gatie staid at her Uncle Toms to
dinner and went to church in the afternoon
2 Hextall left us, Thomas got him to take some old iron to Parsons, as he was putting a very large
piese in the waggon his foot slipped (as it is so icy) and he fell with the iron on his chest Salisbury
thought he was killed, he rocovered {recovered} after a while, and went away to town, I do hope he
will suffer no harm from it. Carver started to school today
3 Snowing and stormy) Recieved letters from Walker he says the Credit Valley Railway started on all
lines a week ago, so he will be able to come on it when he comes home again The T.G. and B.
having got into very bad condition, he sent a box of birds eyes to Carver, they are very costly 1.25
for a very small box full. butter is only 16 cents in Orangeville
4 Minnie came and brought the boys shirts for summer that she has made for us. she also brought a
beautiful pair of very fine white worsted socks she has knitted for Walker. It is good sleighing we
shoud so much have liked to go to Hextalls but suppose we shall have to wait awhile longer. We got
a fore quarter of beef from G. Dunning eighty lbs@ 4 cts per lb H. Dunning and Frank Brown came to
Feb 4 Salisbury got the little horses shod, and hauled posts. Jewel is very lame. Minnie came
5 Cold) Tom called on his way to Orangeville, and said our sister Rebecca had come to see Mother
so I rode down with him and stayed all day. Salisbury fetched me home at night. Clifton has another
boy also Clara a {son?}, Harriet came to stay with Gatie, Salisbury hauled posts all day.
6 Sam and Minnie called on their way to town, as we purpose going to see Hextall tomorrow she is
going with us so stayed all night
7 Very cold) It was quite mild early this morning, but turned out extremely cold and stormy, we went
to Hextalls it kept getting colder all the time we left home at half past eight and arrived there at half
past ten, we enjoyed our visit very much, we left for home at half past eight. Our party consisted of
Minnie Carver, Grace and myself. Rebecca went home today by the noon train Recieved letters from
8 Minnie and Sam were here all day.
9 Berry hauling posts. Mr Griffiths is holding meetings. Grace, Salisbury and Carver went to church
at night.
10 Mr J Simpson took tea with us and preached in the church we all went but Pa Killed a pig.
Twisted yarn and washed Salisbury finished hauling posts.
11 Salisbury and Grace went to town shopping, butter is only 15 cts The three young folks are gone
to church. Made pork pies.
12 Minnie and Sam came. Carver went back with them in the evening. It is fair day Thomas is in
town. As the sleighing is gone, Salisbury is gone to church alone
13 Salisbury Carver Grace gone to meeting
16 Thawing sleighing gone) Mr Griffith and Mr J Simpson called we all went to church in the evening
except Papa.
Feb 17 Thawing in the morning. Froze at night with an extremely high wind Salisbury Carver and
Cecilia gone to church finished Salisbury's coat. Hired John Hammond at five dollars for a month, he
and Berry have been at the woods all day Salisbury recieved an invitation to Miss Dowlings wedding
which is to take place next Wednesday.
22 Salisbury took me to see Mother, found her poorly. Minnie staid to keep house for me, we got
home in time for tea after which Minnie, Cecilia and I went to see Annie Reid who is ill of inflamation
at her Grandfathers. Hextall having arrived here this afternoon went with us Minnie stayed all night
with us and Carver went home with Sam
23 Minnie washed while the rest of us went to town. We bought ann overcoat and pair of boots for
Salisbury. we went down to Mothers, then called at Mr Avisons for Hextall and got home just at dark.
after tea we all went to church except Papa Carver came home, he and Sam have caught a very
large raccoon
24 Hextall has gone home and took letters to post for Walker. Sam came for Minnie tonight
25 Salisbury took Jessie Walker to E.J. Dowlings wedding, a very wet day, there were a great many
there they went to town for a drive in the afternoon the roads are in a fearful state. Salisbury
{attempted} declined to go with them and he and Jessie went to to see Annie Reid instead which
was a much more sensible proceeding when they returned from Orangeville their horses and
themselves were covered with mud. the bride rode in a covered carriage so she fared better
Recieved letters from Walker
Feb 28 Very muddy. Annie Reid continues to get worse. Dr Washington took Dr Corbert with him to
see her this evening. they both considered it impossible for her to recover. Sam and Minnie are
going to sit with her tonight
29 Freezing hard) The roads are extremely rough and wind very high it blew the pump shed down
last night. Got a letter from Walker. Sam and Minnie came to sleep here they having walked from
home to see Annie Read she is not expected to live through the night.
March 2 A very fine day) C J Dunning and Cecilia walked over to see Annie. Sam came this
afternoon to tell us how Annie is he and Minnie sat up with her last night they did not think she could
live till morning. they went home at daylight. and Same came back after dinner to know how she was
the doctor has been and was surprised to find her alive, he has faint hope that she may get ove it he
is going to come again at nine oclock and stay all night with her. it snowed some last night but it is
most of it melted off. the boys went to the swamp to haul wood out but the roads are too bad.
3 Fine morning rainy afternoon) Carver at school. Salisbury and Hammond cutting saw logs. Harriet
Dunning spent the day with us. Wrote to Hextall.
4 Sam came to tea, he brought a pig. Annie is a little better. We finished twisting yarn the boys at the
bush all day sawing.
7 Annie Reid died today at seven oclock
9 Annie Reid buried. Mr Griffith preached the funeral sermon, Minnie came here in the morning and
rode to the funeral with us, she and Sam came back with us when we arrived, we found Hextall had
come in
Feb 9 our absence. he went home this evening, it is very cold and the roads are very rough
11 Very cold) Fair day, Thomas went to the fair. Hextall came to buy his grass seed, he went home
again tonight Salisbury and Cecilia went to do some shopping. butter is 20 cents, eggs 12 1\2.
Recieved a letter from Walker
{The following is in a different hand, probably Walker who is away at school in Toronto}
Mar 22 Came home from Toronto last Thursday by C.V.R. Started from Toronto at 8:45 AM, arrived
orangeville about 1:30 P.M. the train was a mixed one stopped a long time at the stations. The
scenery about the Yorks {Ishe?} Credit was very fine. and the large bridge is very fine. On Friday
Minnie came down and spent the day. Sunday Hextall & Priscilla and Sam & Minnie spent the day
with us Hextall went home to-day. Am going back to-morrow.
{Back to Elizabeth}
23 Very stormy) Walker went to Toronto by the Credit Valley railway at 3:58 P.M. Carver Cecilia and
I drove to town, we called to see Mother, found her poorly. Walker also went to bid his Grandma
goodbye. Salisbury and Thomas went beyond Marsville to fetch a cow. One of the oldest lambs died.
Carver caught another mink, a large dark one.
26 Good Friday, We bought a reciept to get rid of flies and another for Black varnish.
29 Cecilia and I spent the day at Minnies, we rode up with Sam who had been getting some grain
chrushed here. Carver fetched us back at night. Thomas is at Orangeville and Salisbury went to
30 Minnie drove to Orangeville in their buggy. Grace rode with her.
31 Thomas and Carver at town A Grange meeting here a traveller from Walkers in Toronto was here.
Mr & Mrs Dunning an Harriet staid to tea
April 1 Mothers ninetieth birthday Thomas and I spent the day there and Cecilia visited Nellie
Webster we had quite a large at Sarahs Mrs Hunter, Mrs Stephenson, Mrs Webster Mr Parsons,
Tom & Mary it has been a most lovely day though it threatened rain in the morning the roads are
dreadfully muddy.
2 Very rainy) This is the first anniversary of Minnies wedding day Cecilia brought the plants up from
the cellar, we brought some up a month ago but the weather turned so cold we had to put them away
3 Salisbury came from Hextalls
7 Extremely cold) Minnie drove here in the buggy Georgina Dunning here to spend the afternoon.
Sent 24 lbs butter to Toronto.
8 Thomas and Salisbury took the oxen to the fair they sold them for seventy six dollars and bought
four steers for 77 dollars Recieved letters from Walker.
10 Most fearful snow storm with a tremendous wind.
12 Sam came to get Carver to help him to build a chimney. We sent 18 lbs butter to Weston and 12
1/2 doz eggs to Toronto
13 Carver at Sams they have built the chimney, it was not safe with the pipe, as it was so often
taking fire. Sent a letter to Walker
15 Very Windy) Mrs Brown died this morning of Paralysis of the brain. she was taken ill last night.
About ten oclock Roneys barn was observed to be on fire, it was soon burnt down there were 3
horses 2 sheep and 3 lambs and a dog burned, the house soon caught fire, then the Orange hall, the
wind blew furiously soon W. Ingrams house caught fire, they put it out but the barn and stable are
burned down they got the horses out and nearly all the grain but their hay was consumed. As soon
as our people saw it Sam and Carver ran over, Salisbury jumped on Charley who was in the yard
harnessed and galloped over carrying {continued on next page of diary}
two pails and a scoop shovel to save the grain with, Our poor dog Sandy was burned in the barn,he
saw them so busy,so he must scratch and hunt for rats, the fire spread so rapidly they had to run out
and did not see that he was left, the flames {krept?} round when they heard him howling, Salisbury
tried to get him out but could not, Carver was carrying water to put out the fire at the house and did
not know of it till they told him he was dead. He was a handsome dog, and a great favorite. Poor
Sandy! Carver bought another dog today a Water Spaniel, he gives 2 dollars for it it is they say a
good hunter. Robert Sweedys barn was burnt down today also 2 or 3 houses in Orangeville.
17 Very stormy snowing) The boys helped to put up a stable for Billy Ingram 18 Hextals birthday
Sam and Minnie were here
19 Carver Cecilia and I drove to town we got letters from Walter and Scott. We went to see Mother
she is poorly we took some carpet weaving to Carsons
20 Nellie George and Joe Webster and George Clingen spent the day, the wind has been high it has
blown Sam Paul Hunters new house over, and the roof off David Hunters there have been very high
winds all the latter part of the winter. Carver is stuffing a most beautiful duck, he shot a Fish hawk
and stuffed it a few days ago also a grashopper owl. We set out the bees on the 12th instent they
have wintered well and appear quite strong. Two more cows calved today making six milking cows
for this summer. Only one turkey has began to lay yet We had to have Lester shot yesterday as he
had too great a liking for eggs. I wrote to Walter and Hextal.
22 Minnie and Cecilia wrote to Walker. Salisbury had a card from Hextall
23 Recieved a letter and a Daily Globe from Walter . Minnie drove to town Cecilia went with her, Mrs
Reid Senior is giving a social tonight Salsibury Carver and Cecilia have gone to it ^it is very cold.
April 30 Berry and Cecilia went to town to send a pail of butter off Sam called on his way to the
doctor to get his thumb set he was getting out stones, when the hook of the chain flew up and struck
his thumb and broke it just below the joint
May 1 Very cold snowing most of the day) Young Moot came for a hive of bees which he has bought
from Carver. John Mr Hinver came for one he bought from Walker. We have to feed many of the
bees this spring.
2 Sunday a lovely day. Went to see Mother as she is not well. Sam and Minnie were here
3 Very fine and warm) J Dowling got a hive of bees from Carver. Salisbury went to Hextalls this
afternoon, he had to walk as they could not spare time to take him even to Orangeville, if he does not
get a ride I am affraid he will be very tired, 15 miles is a long way to walk, and it is so hot, he is gone
to sow some for Hextall, as he is not well. Cecilia is going from school to Minnie to stay a while, at
least at nights as she will attend school
5 Splendid growing weather) We sowed lettuce and trimmed some fruit bushes Carver dug the
Asparagus yesterday. They have had Nichols boy working awhile. Today Thomas hired young Keys
for six months at four dollars per month
6 Andy Keys began to work
June 7 It is a month since I wrote in the journal, have been too busy to write. On the 14 of last month
Minnie had a son they could not get a girl, so I have been there most of the time. Walker has been
home from Toronto 2 weeks he came off at the University examens with high honors, he and I went
to see Mother last evening
We recieved a letter from Cousin Scott in Nebraska Cecilia has not been able to attend school for
about three week as she had to keep house, it was too much for her to do but there was no help for
{The following is written by Walker}
June 7th Have been home from Toronto over two weeks, and have had a capital though pretty quiet
time ever since. Have been studying ever since pretty steady. Did a little gardening for recreation.
Saw a list of honor men to-day in the 'Globe.' and find that I got first class in classics, for which I am
thankful. There have been a great many plucked, in Arts 70, and ten of those in the last year, Will
Milner got the scholarship in third yr. Mr Patterson, Mr Griffith's nephew has succeeded in talking
M.A. Convocation begins to-day and ends to-morrow, the Univ. dinner takes place tonight. Degrees
conferred to-morrow. Shall go to it to-morrow if all is well. I must make a trip on the strength of my
safe voyage through the perilous waves of exams, in which so many unfortunate have been
wrecked, some alas of my acquaintances, although I am not much surprised at the fate of some of
them. The most distinguished honors have been carried of by Miss Charles of St Catherines -- good
for the daisies! Attended the laying of the stone of the new Orange hall this morning, but was
somewhat disappointed there were only a few there--only a few {some?} of the faithful. Rev Mr
McKay officiated. T.W.Simpson
{Back to Elizabeth}
21 Hextall has a son we had a letter from him he is about to begin his hay, it is forwarder than here.
26 the bees swarmed the first time Walkers hive
27 A very heavy rain
29 One of my hives swarmed
30 Another of my hives swarmed
July 1 One of Minnie hived swarmed
8 Carver Cecilia and I drove to Minnie in the evening Salisbury went to Orangeville Miss Stephenson
sent by him a lovely bonnet for Minnies baby Walkers hive swarmed the second time We have only
eight first swarms yet
11 Walkers hived swarmed the third time. The weather is very hot, {The following sentence is slightly
different, and seems to be added later by Elizabeth} 11 The bees swarmed for the last time in 1880
12 Hot and showry) The Orangemen have gone on an excursion. Our maid Mary Ann is so lame she
has to sit still. Salisbury has gone to search for another girl to hire It is a week today since Minnie
Cecilia and Berry went to Hextalls. Walker went with us and stayed to help Hextall with his hay. Mrs
Avison rode back with us, she has been staying a few days at Hextalls W enjoyed our visit very
much Hextall has a very mise {nice?} place, he has the garden and everywhere in perfect order.
Doctor and Mrs Freeman and Miss Cobham their neice paid us avist, {a visit} they left for
Georgetown this evening.
13 Very hot) Minnie came here this morning. The baby has been very ill most of the day. Sam came
for her this evening but baby was not well enough to be taken home Carver picked 14 quarts of
Raspberries in the morning and he and Salisbury began to plough the Gravel pit field
14 Thomas went to Melville and Alton, he bought a {Praire?} plough from Dick. Minnie went home
after dinner today Baby is much better she was up with him most of the night Our maiden left today
she rode home with Thomas The Cherries are ripe. We preserved raspberries today Salisbury began
to cut hay
July 18 Sam and Minnie took Baby to the Doctor they called on Mrs Stephenson. Thomas spent the
day at Sarah's
19 Salisbury Cecilia and I went to town and to see Mother she is about as usual, she does not leave
her bed at all now. Sarahs children have had the measles.
22 Minnie came here this morning the baby is quite well again. she only staid a few minuits as Sam
wanted to get home, Cecilia went back with them
23 Have been busy preserving and canning raspberries and cherries. Cecilia and I picked 13 quarts,
and Carver got as many yesterday, he had to carry them about three miles after he had picked them
Our folks are ploughing and sowing rape, They finished haying on the 21st. Carver went to fish
tonight he caught some nice little trout. He has been plastering the outside of the house today. the
Rev. {Tabry?} visited Thomas.
August 6 The boys went to Hextalls to take five steers to pasture Walker took the buggy for them to
ride back in, Cecilia and I went with him we spent a very pleasant day Priscilla rode to town with us
and stayed at her mothers. Hextall is very poorly Inflammation of the lungs.
8 Went to see mother, Salisbury went to Hextalls to help him with his harvest as he is not able to
14 Salisbury came home, Hextall is able to work again.
22 Cecilias 14th birthday Miss Stevenson spent the day with us Minnie and Sam came after tea, they
have been at Mrs Marshalls all day
23 Cecilia kept her birthday today as yesterday was Sunday she had lots of presents and a little
party. the men are all helping Sam with his harvest all our grain is cut.
September 3 The weather has been wet for nearly two weeks, we have no grain hauled except some
barley Minnies baby has been sick with summer complaint, he is much better. It is so hot and damp,
Cecilia had a letter from Hextall he has finished his harvest all but a few oats. Grace also heard from
Mary Simpson, Mrs I Simpson has been poorly all summer. Mother has had her likeness taken, I do
not think it good she had to sit three times, before it would do, so she was so tired that the picture
does not look nearly as well as it should. We have a nice crop of Plums they are just ripe. We had a
lamb killed today the first mutton we have had this summer
13 We have succeeded in obtaining another girl, after being without help so long, we are drying the
fallen apples the high winds having blown a many off Carver is gone to help Hextall put in the rest of
his fall wheat
24 Our girl Annie has had to go home, she seems very sick. Carver took her this afternoon. Grace
rode with him they called at Minnies and stayed to tea. We have been preparing to thresh tomorrow
but something is broken and they cannot get it replaced in Orangeville, so we shall have the hire the
threshing done
{The following is Walker's handwriting}
September 25th My experience since my last entry in this journal has been somewhat diversified, an
intermixture of periods of farming, reading and idlenes. In July I spent three weeks or more with
Hextall, and helped him to take off the hay and fall wheat. Guess it did me good but I suffered
nevertheless. At home drove the reaping machine and helped to draw in the grain. Pa was taken ill
with inflammation of the lungs two weeks ago, but under the treatment of Dr Washington he has
entirely recovered with the exception of the weakness caused by the disease. A week ago yesterday
I visited Toronto and the great exhibition which was a grand affair. Spent Friday and Saturday most
pleasantly in the city, and returned on Saturday evening. The journey lasted nearly all night, leaving
Toronto at 5:05 and arriving in Orangeville about 12. On the 4th of October I expect to go back to
Toronto to study Arts and Medicine, which will doubtless prevent my hands being idle. Have read
over nearly all my work in Arts once, without which I don't think I should have ventured to take both
courses together, know a chap who tried it-last year and he got plucked. Hope I may not be involved
in a similar ruin. T. Walker Simpson
{Back to Elizabeth’s handwriting}
October 4 A very rainy morning, and it has rained all night. Walker left for Toronto by the 7 15 train
CVR We expected Hextall yesterday but were dissapointed Sam and Mnnie spent the day with us.
We had a pair of young ducks for dinner the first this season We began to thresh on Friday noon
they expect to finish tomorrow Minnie has come every day to help us or I do not know what we
should have done Salisbury has been quite ill, he is able to work again
5 They finished threshing at noon, except peas which our own machine threshed, it came on a
thunder storm at dusk, one of the arms of the horse power broke, and frightened the horses, they
say it is a wonder Salisbury was not killed Thomas went to Orangeville for the first time since his
6 Very cold a shower of snow fell Thomas has gone to Hextalls with J Johnston. Salisbury took a
load of wheat to town he got one dollar per bushel, we sent two pails of butter to Weston it is
eighteen cents. The three youngest children have gone to practise for the Anniversary We put the
cows on the rape yesterday Had a note from Walker to say that he had arrived safely in Toronto and
is boarding at the same place as Taylor 29 Simco St.
14 Minnie and I took our wool to Browns in Orangeville to exchange for yarn cloth 8c we got 30 cents
per lb for it I got a suit for Thomas a pair of pants for each of the others cloth to make a coat for
Grace flannel yarn 8c
October 12, Hextall came to build a stone roothouse he called at Mothers for me, I having dined
there Mother is much better
16 Hextall and Carver have finished building the turnip house, they have made it 55 foot long and 17
wide We have Allan and B Keys working this week and shall have next week. We are as busy as in
harvest. Thos went to Hextalls yesterday to stay till Sunday
18 Priscilla came with Thos yesterday Hextall went home at night. this is the evening of the town
meeting We all went to it excepting Tho's Minnie and Sam were there it was a very good meeting
Heard from Walker
19 the young folks are gone to the Social. they have been getting Margolds up
21 Carver is threshing at Parnels, the rest have been working at the Margolds. they have finished
there tonight and began the turnips, the weather is very cold with hard frosts at night We have been
preserving pears, had a letter from Walker he has entered at the Trinity Medical School.
{The following is written by Carver}
25 I have just got home from Mrs. Websters where I have been staying for the last four days, had a
very plesant visit and they want me to go back in two weeks to the anniversary. Minnie came down
this morning Eddie Stringer called for her about nine oclock in the evening it was poering rain and
has been all afternoon. Berrie took the barley down and got sixty cents per bushel.
27 Salisbury and I went to town this morning, and went down to see Grandma and took them some
chickens. Aunty gave us some lovely celery. Grandma is not as well as usual today. The people
were just opening the store's as we came back. C. Simpson
{The following written by Salisbury}
Oct 28 A verry tight morning. I went to the swamp for a jumper and hauled manure out in the
morning and ploughed in the afternoon with the steers, the rest of the folks were hauling turnips in, in
the afternoon, Carver started to plough in the rape ground we had a great many visitors today Father
and Mother went to John Lambs to a grange meeting they rode up with George Dunning. There are
great tokens of a tight morning tomorrow morning. Salisbury
{The following is written by Gaty}
" 29 A lovley day, the weather moderated down very much in the night, It was nearly one oclock this
morning when Ma and Pa got home. The two youngest Misses Dunnings came to spend the day
with me. Carver shot such a splendid hawk it was nearly as large as an owel, and he also shot
Pas pet dog for trying to kill a lamb. Gaty,
{The following is written by Salisbury}
30 Verry foggy, I ploughed all day. We had the two Rob. Keeyres {Keyes?} helping to get turnips up
in the morning. Carver and I ploughed in the rape field in the afternoon I took Dunnings wagon home
at noon. Carver is stuffing his hawk tonight Dad and Harry went to the swamp to look for seader
{cedar} for rails. Salisbury
{The following is written by Cecilia, also known as Grace or Gaty}
October 30th Very damp and foggy I have got a very soar foot the bone seems to be bruised in it just
at my great toe. W. Ingram got two loads of turnups today. A while ago James Reid and Issac
Marshall where going in that road of Potallos they saw something over at John {Hurnges?} that they
supposed to be a cloud and they saw it move after a while and it was a bird they said it looked to be
as big as a swan. when it was a mile away. Cecilia,
{The following is back to Elizabeth}
Nov 1 Yesterday being Sunday Minnie & Sam came in the morning we attended church in the
afternoon Jessie Walker came with us after tea Salisbury and I drove to see Mother found her poorly.
Sarahs two eldest children are going to say pieces at the Sabbath school Anniversary. Heard from
Walker he is doing well and seems to be enjoying himself. Today they have been busy getting
turnips it snowed sometimes and has been a very cold day. The two elder Keys left tonight, so now
we have no hired help except Andy Keys. A while ago as Salisbury and Cecilia were driving to
school in the wagon the bolt came out of the double tree exactly on the railroad crossing, Salisbury
seized the tongue of the wagon and drew it over fortunately no train was coming or there might have
been something serious.
{The following may be written by Cecilia}
2 A very nice day. I got a letter from Walker also the boys and Mom. Sam went to town today they
are going to come down tomorrow being Thanksgiving day we intend going down to church. I went to
get beach {beech} nuts yesterday and had to content myself with getting three good ones. They
have finished the turnup al but one load which they are very glad of. we will have about four
thousand bushels at least. Berrie has been ploughing today with the steers they go splendidly.
November 13. 1880. It is winter weather now it is very cold we can hardly keep our selves warm but I
suppose we will get more accustomed to it. Carver has gone out shooting today. Berrie went to the
swamp and got a saw log and took it to Potter to get it sawn into sleigh runners. C.G.S.
{The following is back to Elizabeth’s writing}
15 Cold) Killed about thirty chickens. Mrs Dowling spent the evening here. Salisbury Carver, and
Cecillia went to a tea meating at the Church Mr McKinver's family attend I wrote to Hextall
16 Minnnie & Sam brought their poultry that they picked yesterday ten chickens six ducks and ten
geese pretty well for one days picking besides taking care of Baby and with their other work. We
picked two geese and sent then altogether to Toronto, Cecilia went back with them to stay a day or
18 Minnie and Sam and Cecilia came this evening also Tom spent the evening here. the sleighing is
pretty good The weather is cold Recieved papers which Walker sent with accounts of the great boat
race in England between E Hanlan and E Tricket for the championship of the world. Hanlan won
eisily. he is a Canadian. Tricket is from Australia. there has been great excitement about it, and an
immense amount of money changed hands. Killed a goose ready for Sunday. Put the bees in the
cellar yesterday 25 hives. Sold Kate to T. Esery for one hundred dollars I was sorry to part with her
she is very handsom. Thomas has bought four more cattle from Esery to fat Salisbury and Carver
are hauling out manure.
Dec 6 We had quite a party from Maryburrough. My Sister Rebecca, Clara and her husband and
child and John Davidson they went to Grangers in the afternoon.
Dec 13 Walker arrived from Toronto about 12 oclock Minnie and Sam were here also Clara Smith we
had a goose for dinner It is nice to have Walker at home again
21 Minnie Grace, Walker and Carver and I went to Hextalls they had a goose for dinner we had a
very pleasant day, Sam started to go with us but got on another mans sleigh to have a ride and we
missed him, so he did not get to Hextall after all
25 Christmas We have quite a family party Hextall and family Sam and family we had two geese
Minnie made a bouquet of Berlin wool flowers to put under a glass which Walker brought for her from
Toronto. We had quite an interchange of presents, and spent a very pleasant day.
27 We all with the exception of Salisbury spent the evening at Minnies. She had goose and Sago
pudding for supper.
28 Walker left at half past seven this morning to visit Mr Milners. I spent the day at Mothers is is very
Jan 1881
1 The three young folks spent the day at Minnies it has been extremely cold the last four days. The
boys have been laying a road in the swamp to the beaver meadow I do not know how they stood the
cold Recieved a letter from Walker. W{e} are glad to learn he arrived safely at Barrie and found Mr
Millner and Will waiting at the station for him. he is enjoying his visit much. I am glad to have him
make this visit before he goes back to Toronto he
Jan 1 will have to study so hard as he is taking two years work in one. One year at the University
and one at the school of Medicine. I have no doubt he will succeed if his health keeps good but it is a
hard task to undertake. We sold our turkesy at 8 cets cash on the 27 instant geese 4 1/2 duck 40 cts
per pair, butter is 17 cts eggs 16 cts
12 Minnie and Cecilia spent the day at Mrs Stephensons Our folks sold a yoke of oxen to a man in
Erin for ninety five dollars
17 Cecilia and Salisbury went to town this evening we have heard again from Walker he is in
Toronto. he made a longer stay at Mr. Milners than he had as first intended, but they would not allow
him to leave any sooner. Salisbury bough a half barrel of Fresh water herrings he paid three seventy
five for them Mr Griffith is holding meetings at our church last week and this the young folk are there
18 Mr Griffith and Mrs Rolfe dined. Sam and Minne came and had the baby baptized by Mr Griffith.
Norman Ernest Harold Gatie weighted him he weighs 23lbs he was eight months on the on the
20 Mr and Mrs Dowling came this morning. Salisbury and Cecilia went to town, to send a letter and
parcel to Walker. Mr and Mrs Lamb came this afternoon. Thomas spent the day at Ringrose's In the
evening Mr and Ms Dunning came they staid to tea.
21 Very Stormy) the morning was not so bad but the weather kept getting worse all day, Salisbury
went to the swamp intending to go on to Sam's and Stringers, but when to got to the old church, he
had to unhitch the horses, and put them to the back of the sleigh and draw it back a long way the
snow was so deep, he tried to get home another way, and finally had to take down the fence,
1881 March
15 We have not written in our journal so long that many things that have occured will not be noted
We have heard regularly {regularily} from Walker and we are glad that his health continues good. I
have been ill but am now nearly recovered Our family were so good to me I felt quite overwhelmed
with their kindness Minnie staid more than a week with us I do not know whatever we should have
done with out her. Carver went to stay with Sam at nights Mr B Thomas of Edgar township of Oro
staid three nights hire with his nephew Howard Hindley 10 years old the weather has been extremely
20 Sold our geese four in number beg-an to lay
25 Sold 24 bags of potatoes to T Esury @ 50¢ per bag Berry took them to the C.V. Station At night
the three youngs folks went to a surprise party at Minnies, butter is 20¢ eggs 15¢
26 Salisbury went to Hextalls with a load of chopped oats Jesslyssa Connor who has been hired
here seven week went home with him, she could stay no longer as she was hired at another place
before she came here.
{The following is written by Gatie}
April 1 Grandmas birthday party Celebrated it by having a quilting bee, Minnie came the baby is a
fine little fellow
4 Minnie went home last night there has been a regular {blockade?} Berrie and I went to call on our
new neighbour Mr Carroll and had a very pleasand {pleasant} time. Gatie
{The following is written by Elizabeth}
12 Minnie came. Recieved letters from Walker and Mary Simpson
14 Sent letters to Walker, Sam went to the fair so Minnie came as far as here. The baby is 11
months old today he is a splendid little fellow Salisbury brought home a new domestic Polly Erwin.
She says she is delicate and her mother wanted her to come to the country to improve her health.
Carver got 2 geese today
April 14 Salisbury took me for a sleigh ride the first time I have been out since the Monday after
Christmas, (except last Sunday, I went over to the barnyard.) John Reid had an examination
yesterday they presented him with two pictures, they adjourned to his house and kept the spree up
till twelve oclock
15 Good Friday We remembered the day by having hot cross buns as usual The roads are so bad
Minnie could not get here so were alone all day
18 Hextalls birthday, it seems so long since we saw him on account of the roads, there being no
snow in some places and a great depth of it in others making it dangerous to take a wagon. Grace
and Berry were as near upset in a wagon as could be without actually going over. The weather is
very fine, so bright.
19 Berry took 2 loads of potatoes to town Set bees out.
20 Salisbury took a load of turnips to Orangeville this morning and a grist this evening. Gatie and
Berry paid Carrolls a visit last evening. Recieved letters from Walker.
21 Salisbury took a load of turnips to town this morning and a load of potatoes tonight. Fred has
been cultivating today Little Dora Owens died this morning at ten oclock, she took sick at nine last
night with vomiting. Carver came home today he has been helping Sam to make troughing for the
house. he shot a blackbird and a duck to stuff, he and Thos are gone to a meeting about the cheese
factory. John McKinven dined with us.
23 Very fine) Berry and Cecilia went to town. Sam and Minnie came after the funeral of Dora Owens.
Minnies turkey laid We Recieved a letter from Hextall.
25 The large White cow calved Thomas went to town the assizes commenced
26 Mr Dills and Washingtons cases came off today. they both lost Hextall and Priscilla were in town
today our turkey began to lay,
April 28 Salisbury sowed Michigan Amber wheat with the Seeder and Drill combined. Carver finished
ploughing the new ground so they have the whole 120 acres broke up.
May 1 Went to see Mother it is the first time I have been off our place since the Tuesday after
2 Carver is planting trees he has dug out of Coyns bush he has Maple Birch Butternut and
Basswood and Ash.
5 Carver is putting up a fence beside the garden the old posts being rotten.
May 14 Our hired girl whom we have had a month is just gone a good riddance she was the worst
we ever had Sowed Marigolds and Turnips. Planted onion, beet parsnips and spinage.
31 Walker came home having taken honors at the University examination, Cecilia and Berry went to
meet him at the station.
June 10 One hive swarmed
11 Another hive swarmed. One of the turkey hens hatched 14 young ones. the eggs of the other one
are all bad.
16 A very bad occurence took place at Minnies yesterday we cannot get a girl, nor even a
washwoman so Minnie was so kind as to come to wash for us yesterday afternoon driving herself
and baby. when she returned home in the evening, the dog had killed 12 goslings.
18 Salisbury sowed turnips for Essera. Cecilia and Walker went to town in the evening. Hextall came
at night in the midst of a rain storm
20 Two X hives swarmed yesterday Sunday 1 second & 1 first swarm
Hextall hived them Minnie and Same were here
Minnie drove down today and Gatie and her and Norman went to town shopping Hextall went home
this morning.
{The following is probably Cecilia}
June 27 It has been a very wet day My bees swarmed yesterday. John Smith brought Hextalls
wagon and Unlces buggy. Walker has gone to town Isac Reid came hear tonight CGBS
{Back to Elizabeth}
one of Minnies one of mine one of Salisburys hive swarmed together Walker and Carve spent all
morning examining them and could find only one queen so we had to leave them all together in a
very large hive I rode down with Tom Mary and J Smith to see mother. Carver is peeling bark,
Salisbury hauling lumber . Mr Griffith preached his last sermon yesterday the church was crowded
he is going to Brampton
{The following looks like Walker's writting}
July 1 This holiday has been variously observed here. My prinicpal diversion in the former part was
hiving bees. There were four swarms to-day. There have been about three each day for some time.
In afternoon went up to the swamp and was almost devoured by musquitoes. I {have now?} got lots
of strawberries which are very abundant near the lake. The comet seems to be disappearing. The
"{Lise?}" says it is moving away from the earth at the rate of 300,000 miles per day. The {nucles?} is
1000 miles in diameter, and 12,000 at the inner head: tail at least 4,000,000 Guess if it moves off at
this rate there is not much danger of its colliding with our planet unless it takes another round at it.
{Back to Elizabeth’s writting}
7 The heifer we bought from Essery calved, the boys are going to raise the calf. They began to cut
hay on the 5th the weather has been showery since and very hot The bees are bussy this season,
we have about 7 swarms a day
July 12 One of Carvers hives that swarmed on Saturday for the first time threw off a second swarm
to day being only 2 days between. Sam and Minnie were here Gatie spent today at Mrs Dunnings,
the boys were working at the hay all day
20 A hive swarmed this evening at nearly six oclock Minnie came, and Salisbury and Grace went to
town shopping they brought sugar for perserving 11 lbs to the dollar Walker has finished the new
arbor he has been building it is very nice. Walker and Berry went to Hextalls last Saturday and
returned on Monday.
August 12 Have been too busy to write in the journal. Mrs Pettitt and her adopted daughter have
been visiting us, they stayed 5 days. Will Milner has been here over two weeks, so we have had a
very nice time. They are now busy with harvest, cutting wheat. Grace is staying a few days at Mrs
Websters Mr Webster left for England last Thursday. George and Joe Webster and a boy who is
visiting there have been here the last 2 or 3 days. We have Allens boy hired and Fred Pevoy, so we
swarm with little boys. Priscilla and her sister Lizzie came on Wednesday. The neighbors are most of
them thrashing. A very inconvenient thing to do in the midst of harvest.
{The following is written by Walker}
Sept 6 Yesterday just as I was setting out for town a very dense smoke began to drift over from the
west- and at the same time the sky began to darken as in an eclipse of the sun. From the position of
the moon, which is near the full, it cannot have been eclipsed by it. so that there must have been
{ructions?} among some others of the heavenly bodies. When I got into town the lights were all
burning and it was almost as dark as night. The {continued on next page of the diary}
whole sky was a peculiar red colour. and the lamps shone through the coloured air with a peculiar
blueish glow much like that of the Electric light. About half past five it grew quite dark. and it was a
darkness that could almost be felt, the red glow having disappeared from the sky almost
instantaneously. There was great consternation on all sides, a great many imagining that the world
was {illegible} up. Knots of three or four and more might be seen talking together, and while passing
such expressions as "wars and rumors of wars" might be heard. Along the road I was several times
accosted by people asking if I knew what was the matter. The moon, no doubt owing to Sol's
defection, did not give her accustomed light, and so the night for the most part passed in darkness.
Towards morning the darkness gradually vanished, and at the proper time, the sun, no doubt to the
immense relief of many, made his regular exit. This morning saw Tom Reid in town, and he says the
fire is in Luther on the other side of them which is {twelve?} miles or more from here. The clouds of
smoke and ashes was very disagreeable. The weather is very warm and dry, wish we could have a
good rain. T.W.S.
{Back to Elizabeth’s writing}
Oct 3 Yesterday, Sunday, Sam and Minnie were here, we had the first roast goose of the season.
We all went church exceps Carver who staid to keep house. Walker left for University College this
morning We had a swarm of bees today. Sam is thrashing, Salisbury and Cecilia are there it has
been a very warm day.
Dec 9 This day has been the funeral of my dear Mother she was taken worse a week ago today. I
went there and did not come home again till yesterday Mother died at 10 minutes to eight on the 7th
Rebecca, Richard and P Lowry came from Maryboro Rev Reid preached the funeral sermon in the
PM Church in Orangeville {the following phrase and sentence seem to be have been added at a later
date} which was draped for the occasion. Dear Mother was very much respected and beloved by a
large circle of friends, who sincerely mourn her loss.
{Script is back to normal}
15 Walker came home for the vacation
25 We have had our anual gr. meeting and had a very pleasant day. Hextall and Priscilla came the
day before and stayed all night There was the usual interchange of presents Minnie gave me a
lovely pair of kid gloves Hextall gave me a large rocking chair. Gatie bought me a beautiful vase, and
Walker brought me a book from Toronto, besides cards etc.
1882 6 Walker came from Barrie where he has been visiting at Mr Milners for a week.
Jan 3 the coldest day yet 26 degrees below Zero
4 Minnie had a small party to supper. I spent the day there. There was Mr and Mrs Reid senr, John
Reid and wifes James Reid and wife Albert Simpson and wife and WH Hunter and wife. Minnie
cooked two fine geese.
13 The boys had a sawing today.
23 This has been a very cold day 30 degrees below Zero The boys took a cow to the other side town
and brought one back Cecilia rode to town.
25 The thermometer this morning stood 38 below Zero.
31 Hextall came, bringing letters from Walker which he had got out of the office, he had pork in town
which he sold at 8,10 per hundred. The butchers said it was the best pork that has been in the
market this winter.
Feb 1 Cecilia and Berry went to town, Nellie Webster came back with them to stay awhile. Potatoes
are 1.12 pr bag Butter is 17¢pr lb. Salisbury and Carver have taken 15 cords of firewood to the
School house at 1.50 pr cord.
2 We sold 31 Sheep this morning for 75 dollars. A little girl was introduced into Minnies family to-day
13 Came home from Minnies. Recieved letters from Walker. Got a mourning card from England,
Cousin Sarah Hextall died on the eighth of January, aged 82 years.
24 Salisbury, Carver and Cecilia paid a farewell visit to Mr Mrs Hinvens, who are going to Manitoba
in a few days. Colin and Mary took dinner with us a day or two ago.
26 The three young people and Thos, and John James, and Jessie Walker spent the evening at
March 1 Rainy) Berry rode to town on horseback, the roads are very muddy. A heifer calved.
2 Cecilia and Berry went to town. Cecilia brought home a Canary Miss Stephenson gave her. Gaty
wrote to Walker.
3 A Grange meeting held here, straightened all up for the past year.
6 Minnie came home for the first time in about seven weeks it turned out very raw so is staying till
the weather improves.
9 Hextall came over, We sold a fat heifer coming three years old for thirty five dollars.
11 Mrs Stephenson and Mrs Essery paid us a visit.
12 Hextall and family came
13 This has been a days of partings, Mr Mrs Kinven family called to bid us goodbye, on their way to
Manitoba, then Hextall and Priscilla and Alwyn left and then Minnie and her children left after being
here a week, so we are rather lonely to night
March 14 Rev Mr Reid paid us a visit
15 Mr and Mrs J Simpson called. Mr Couse came to buy bees
17 My sister Sarah and her three children spent the day with us Salisbury took them to town at night
Thomas visited Mr Ringrose. The first lambs came today
18 Wrote letters to Cousin Hextall, also to Walker.
19 Goose laid for the first time this spring, Minnie, Sam and the children came. Jessie Walker came
in the afternoon
20 Carver is gone to Hextalls. Cecilia to Minnies with her cousin Jessie
29 The Sabbath School Convention has been held in Orangeville yesterday and today; Cecilia
attended both days Walker and three English letters, from Cousins Clifton and Richard Angrave and
Mrs C. Angrave.
30 Sowed Tomatoes, Celery, Sunflowers, and Climbing cucumber Salisbury and Carver were
chrushing grain and sawing lumber for beehives. Carver gave sixteen and a half per thousand,
dressed one one side. Thomas bot a bull form Ringrose price 25 dollars.
April 1 Very fine) Salisbury and Cecilia are gone to Hextalls Thos to a Grange meeting, and Carver is
making hives. The Muley cow calved. the other day we weighed Minnies children, the baby weighs
13 lbs. it weighed 8 lbs at first. Norman weighs 30 lbs
3 Sam Minnie and children were here yesterday Brought plants up. Sent for lawn mower and paint.
Sent letters to Walker and Richard. Carver set a hen, Berry and Gatie returned from Hextalls Carver
got a letter from Ferrel he wants to buy bees
April 4 Cecilia went to spend a few days at Mrs Websters
5 George Renolds came to work, Carver shot a fox yesterday in Coyns bush. Carver got a letter from
7 Good Friday) Minnie and family came to tea
8 Very fine Set out bees, 2 of my hives are gone up Received a letter from Cousin Cecilia Brewin
{Brevin?} Sent 22 1/2 dz eggs to town @ 14¢
9 Minnie drove here with the two children. Turkey laid
10 Extremely cold) the boys manured garden. Minnie brought me such a nice warm hood.
15 Sowed flower seeds in window
17 Sold a cow for thirty dollars. We sold one and her calf last Thursday to G Cowling for thirtyone
dollars. Wheat has taken such a rise it is $1.50 pr bsh, Another of my hives is gone, also one of
Walkers, and one of Carver, they have all honey in them. Sowed peas.
18 Very fine) Bought a steer from T. Reid Senr 3 years old $40. They yoked it up to day for the first
time, with one of the oxen, and Salisbury ploughed with them, set out a ridge, it had never been in a
yoke before. This is Hextalls birthday. We hear he only poorly.
26 First chickens, every eggs good, Went to see Lizzie Ingram. she came home sick yesterday, she
seems to be dying.Thomas went to Websters, Grace walked from Minnies
27 Lizzie Ingram died this morning Grace walked to town for her first music lesson. Sowed Cabbage
seed. and helped the boy clean up the yard and garden. Joe Webster brought their Canary up on the
28 Gatie walked to Minnies, to help her as she is house cleaning. Berry has gone there tonight, he
was a bearer at L Ingrams funeral which took place this afternoon.
April 29 Set Minnies turkeys Extremely cold.
May 7 Jewel has a colt but it is so weak, it is not likely to live
9 Very fine) The colt died today. We have been busy gardening. It is the first warm day there has
been a long time B. Allen brough a pair of rabits to echange for a drake. Grace is taking music
lessons from P.V. Hunt four dollars for twelve lessons.
11 Salisbury and Grace went to Carrols, it has rained all day Carver and Gatie spent Sunday at
Minnies. Mr and Mrs Carrol, the children, and Miss P Mungers, were visiting there Carver Gatie and
Priscilla went to church in the afternoon.
12 Very cold) It has snowed several times today. The third pet lamb died. Berry and Carver took the
young cattle to the beaver meadow, they were very wet.
22 Hextall and Priscilla came last night the spend the Queens birthday with us. Gatie went to a
teameeting in Orangeville, Mr B Stevenson dined with us, he is poorly, he has failed very much since
he was here last summer. In the afternoon Same came for me to go there as Minnie is very ill
27 Came home last night Minnie being better, but very weak. I spent last Monday at Mrs Websters,
and called at Mr Hughsons and Mrs Stephensons, it rained most of the day and Minnie turkey which
is here has eight young ones.
June 10 Walker has returned from Convocation having passed with firstclass honors. and taken his
degree of Bachelor of Arts, he is looking very thin. We are so glad to have him at home again though
his stay will be short this time.
16 We had a party of young people, it went of well, they had a splendid time. The {lawn?} that
Walker made last summer is all that could be desired, and he and Carver {continued on the next
page of the diary}
have built another summer house.
26 Minnie Gatie and Berry went to Hextalls Walker and Carver drove over the night before intending
to fish early in the morning. they found Hextall very poorly.
27 Mrs Webster and Mrs Stephenson spent the day with us Walker fetched them in the morning and
took them home at night
28 Walker and I went to see Hextall, found him a little better.
July 6 Our young folks attended the Sunday school picnic, held in A. Simpsons bush they had a
good time.
7 Walker is gone back to Toronto to be with Dr Wright. Demonstrator of Anatomy at the School of
Medicine, for the summer. We shall miss him so much.
10 First bees swarmed
12 Orange Demonstration, Minnie spent the day here Sam went to town, and our three young folks
went with a party, 4 double buggys on a picnic to the rocks in Mono, they had an extremely pleasant
20 Hextalls hive swarmed today the bees were hived and seemed all right, but several hours after,
they issued out and made direct for Coyns bush, the boys and Gatie followed them but could not
stopthem though they fired a gun, they went straight into a hole in a tree vey high up, Hextall has
another son born on the 13th inst. {The following appears to have been added at a later date} Henry
Ward Simpson
Sep 8 Hextall came today, Alwyn was with him. Hextall has been very poorly, but is much better.
14 Carver has gone to help Hextall a few days, the wind is extremely high, and cold.
15 Salisbury sowed fall wheat, the storm yesterday made sad havoc among the fruit, nearly all the
Lombard prunes are off and they are quite green. Cecilia and I picked up two bushels of pears, and
eight or nine bags of apples.
20 Carver came back from Hextalls, he has sent us two bags of such nice apples.
21 Salisbury, Cecilia and Minnie went to W Carrols, we sent 48 1/2 dz eggs with them. the big cow
calved two calves, both dead. Mr Reid paid us a visit.
23 Sent letters to Cousin Cecilia Brewin and Cousin Richard Angrave. A few nights ago the boys
heard some one chopping in Coyns bush it was a good while after dark, they went over, and found
Mr Hittricks cutting the tree down that Hextalls bees were in. I suppose they thought would not be
seen in the dark however they got very little for their trouble as moths had been before them.
27 Walker came home, after being with Dr Wright thru the summer, he is looking thin but healthy. We
finished thrashing today 2 1/2 days thrashing
28 They all went to the Show I took care of Minnies two children, they brought a boy to hire with
Oct 4 Walker is gone back to Toronto, to attend the School of Medicine through the winter The house
is very lonely without him
Oct 9 Cecilia and I drove over to W Carrolls calling for Jessy Walker, and Minnie and her children,
we spent a pleasant day. When we got home we found Hextall had been over. So sorry to have
missed seeing him.
11 Finished getting potatoes 340 bags.
27 Rebecca Lowry has been visiting round here about two week. Miss Stephenson has been here
four days making a suit for Gatie, and Priscilla Menzies stayed three or four days
Nov 1 The teameeting and Social have been quite a success.
29 We sold 45 dozen eg-gs for 21¢ and 15 dz for 22 we also sold 30 chickens for 12:ct each.
Dec 5 We sold 16 Ducks at 25¢ each and 31 Fowls at 11¢ each and 15 dz eg-gs at 23¢. We bought
materials for a coat for each of the boys at Judges. Bill We killed 20 turkeys, and 16 ducks day
before yesterday.
20 Sold 20 dz eg-gs at 23 {a capital C with two lines}
23 Sold our turkeys at 9 ½ cts per lb and geese at 5½ Cash Walker came home for his holidays.
Minnie and family came to welcome him.
25 Christmas. W had our usual family party, there are 14 of us now. Presents were very abundant
Minnie gave me a pair of muffatees and a lovely pair of carpet slippers, Hextall brought a large
looking glass for Walker gave me a hand painted card and Gatie gave me a card with real flowers.
Hextall gave Walker a silk pocket handkerchief and to Carver and Berry he subscribed to the Globe
for 1883, for them, But to enumerate all the articles {continues on the next page of the diary}
that were given by them all to each other would be a long task. In the evening we had a few young
29 Minnie had a party, which was quite a success.
30 Walker left us again, his stay has been very short but as he was expected to pay a visit
elsewhere, he had to go.
Jan 1 Minnie came this afternoon.
3 There was a celebration at John Reids last night making him and his wife presentations, they kept
it up till four oclock.
5 There has been a great snow storm. Minnie went home today after being storm staid since the
8 Carver and Sam went to Hextalls today. Hextall sent us a quarter of a cow he killed.
16 William and Clifton Lowry and Charles left for home they left Maryboro on the 13 but the roads
being so drifted did not arrive till the next afternoon. we sent a bee hive to Richard.
17 I sent letters to Cousin C. Angrave and Mrs Angrave
20 John Smith Clara and their two children came
22 Thomas and I went to a large dinner party at Mr Dowlings it is intensely cold.
24 J Smith went home, leaving Clara to go by the cars, on account of the cold. Our young folks with
Jenie and Clara and her children went to pay a visit to Minnie
26 Clara returned home
Feb 3 Salisbury, Carver Cecilia and James Walker went to Maryborough, we have D. Allen to do the
7 They returned from their visit, having had a very pleasant time
12 Killed a young heifer
Feb 16 Thawing with rain, the snow is extremely deep the road being much higher than the fences.
20 J and S Reid and Mother spent the evening, also Minnie Sam and J and J Walker.
24 Hextall brought a load of barley, and paid for the colt he bought $70, it turned out a very rainy
25 Priscilla and children, Minn Sam. and Joshua Reid, made us a visit, it was very stormy.
26 Jimmy W. came to take dimensions etc. of our parlour croquet to make one by
28 Berry is gone to Hextalls, he and Grace went to town this morning, eggs are 25¢ butter 20¢.
March 7 Our young folks spent the evening at Mrs Marshalls
9 Sarah and her children spent the day with us.
Minnie and family likewise, we are hooking mats
12 Salisbury started to take a load of oats to Hextalls but the roads were so blocked, that he had to
leave his load at a house and return home.
15 Marshall young people, and the new teacher and Minnie and family spent the evening
the Croquet Parlour Croquet. Carver made is very much admired. the weather continues extremely
16 Berry is gone to Hextalls
18 Very stormy) First goose laid
21 Berry brought 100 sap pails from Sawtells for $12 he also took beef to sell 8 7 all round, he bot a
half barrel of Salmon 5,50. and fetched a load of bricks from Hewitts to take to Hillsburg tomorrow
Salisbury took Gaty with the steers to see Jessie. We sent to Rennie for garden seed, Berry and
Gatie took musical lessons Got letter from Walker
March 24 Fine but cold) Walkers birthday, Recieved garden seeds from Toronto. Charles Walker
came on Thursday and left yesterday Grace went on Thursday evening to the Literary entertainment
in Orangeville, she stayed all night at her Aunts, Carver has been working at Minnies, fixing the
upstairs on the 22 inst Lizzie Avison was married.
26 It has been softer today Bery & Carver went to the bush and tapped a dozen trees, but it turned
stormy so they came home. A surprise taffy party consisting of eighteen young folks went to Minnies,
this evening. Berry bought a dollars worth of sugar and syrup, and took it with him to make the
28 Very cold) Sowed Celery & Tomatoes, Carver fixed a case of stuffed birds for Hextall. Rev. Mrs
Reid and son took tea and played croquet
29 Minnie came last night on their way to take the baby to the Doctor, she staied {stayed} till to night,
Bell is some better it is a very sore throat.
April 2 Yesterday Minnie and family, and Jessie Walker were here, Farnells and Mr Pettitt have a
large party tonight, Grace, Carver and Berry are there, they took the Croquet board
5 Gatie bot a Waterproof. Butter is 22 Eggs 17. Brought plants out of cellar. Sowed flower seed in
window. Our young folks, and Toms young ones Filchet, and M. Fernell are gone to play Croquet at
Mr Dowlings We fully expected Walker today, but he has not arrived.
7 More snow, Minnie and children came this afternoon the roads are soft and bad. After expecting
Walker on Wednesday and every day since, we recieved today letters to say that he is unable to
come home now. He is going to teach in the High school in Simcoe, his eximanations finished on
Monday at which he did very well.
1883 April 7 Although we are sorely dissappointed in not seeing Walker, I think he has done quite
right. It seems to be a Providential way of earning money to go on with his studies, his vacations are
bright spots in our life to which we all look forward to with such pleasure. If all is well he will not be
home before July, it is a long time to look forward to, and I do so want to see his face.
9 Yesterday being Sunday Gatie had a sore throat which kept her at home John Walker came to tea.
Minnie could not come on account of the roads. The Union question came up and Rev. Mr Reid the
vote of the members, they think it better to remain as they are at present. Salisbury and Carver
tapped the trees today.
12 Recieved letters from Walker he is at Simcoe, this is the fair in Orangeville, the roads are so bad
everyone is on foot.
14 They have had two good runs of sap though they have to go for half a lot through water about two
feet deep to get to and from the Sugar bush. We have about seven gallons of Maple Syrup made,
George Clingan spent to-day in the bush with the boys, and rode here on one of the steers to keep
dry, as the boys were not ready to come home they have a horse and cart. We sent a letter and two
books to Walker. Tomatoes are up and Celery coming up, and Asters that have been sown only a
18 Set 12 hives of bees out they have wintered well, Minnie and family came.
24 Carver sent to Walker, eggs are 12: butter 20 ¢ A shower of snow, a hard frost last night.
Yesterday finished the twelfth hooked mat.
April 25 Walker Wilcox went home having been here a week on a visit. Cecilia is gone to see Minnie.
We are feeding nine hives. Young turkey began to lay.
27 Minnie brought me a lovely dress.
28 They sowed some spring wheat among the fall wheat, where the winter has injured it.
30 The sap they boiled on Saturday has made 24 quarts of syrup. Carver has been boiling all day
and Berry has gone up tonight. It is raining. Salisbury boiled on Friday, it was 11 oclock AM. when he
got home, and it was after one on Saturday night, as they have so far to come home, 2 miles. Cecilia
has been to a party at Mr Ingrams to celebrate Marrane Hunters birthday.
May 1 Very fine) Gatie spent today in the sugar bush & Jessie Waker Made 23 quarts of syrup
today. Sowed pepper again.
3 Berry and Gatie went to Merrills, as it rained too much to work out. they took tea at Minnie and
brought Norman back with them. Set turkey hen. Mr Reid and T Black called on their way round to
make up 20 dollar for Rev Reid they gave him one dollar.
4 Gatie and Berry went to town shopping Gatie bought herseff an {deen?}, and slippers, and a suit
for Loyd Spring
5 Set turkey hen.
6 Gatie walked to town, Miss Stevenson cut her dress and jacket. Carver boiled sap to make
vinegar, the season is about over it has not been a good one, thoug they have made about 40 gallon
of syrup.
May 12 Berry and Cecilia went to town brought a single set of harness $18.00, and got two Russian
Mulbery trees, 75¢ each, finished grain sowing
13 Normans birthday, Minnie and family came to dinner, went to church in the afternoon Berry,
Carver, and Gatie, went there for tea Fred Marshall dined with us, First chickens
14 Planted the mulbery trees, onions, mustard, and Lettuce. The ground is covered with snow
15 Planted dwarf peas in garden. First goslings, Carve made rustic baskets.
16 Fine but cold) Wrote to Walker . Planted onions, beet parsley and Savory also planted Gladiolus,
bulbs. Berry went to town took plants and trees to Sarah
June 3 Priscilla and Hextall came to stay over Sunday
5 Misses Reid and Haley visited Cecilia B
6 Recieved a letter from cousin C Angrave Berry ploughed his Aunt Sarahs garden
7 Sowed Citrons Cucumbers, Squash & Melons Planted Corn, Gatie walke to Minnies Salisbury took
a load of oats to town sold them at 45¢ per bshl
9 Gatie returned Mrs J Glovers funeral Thos and Berry attended it, Berry and Gatie went to town,
Sent a letter to Cousin Clifton Angrave
10 Guinea hens began to lay.
July 3 First bees swarmed, one of Minnies hives
5 Planted cabbage plants.
Aug 28 Minnie has another son {the following is added in blue ink in Elizabeth’s writting} Percy Waub
{Whoup?} Walker Reid
October 1 Gatie had not been well for about two weeks but she was much worse today. When Dr
Lewis came up to see me (I have been under his care) some time since August, he pronounced her
complaint Thyphoid fever, she grew rapidly worse, and Dr Lewis telegraphed to Simcoe to Walker to
come home, and I was much worse, he came immediately
4 Minnie came to take care of us.
27 Salisbury took the typhoid fever.
Nov 2 Carver took down with the same fever, he and Gatie were both dangerously ill. Salisburys
fever lasted three weeks, Carvers the same Gaties a month. When Walker was sent for he started
that night, he could not go back to fetch his things for more than nine or ten weeks, he was not in
bed nor undressed except to change his clothes for more than eight weeks. When first Gatie took ill I
had Eryscphelas {Erysipelas?} one side of the head. Sarah came and staid three weeks. Priscilla
was here one week, and my sister Rebecca came from Maryborough and staid one week. After the
first three weeks, they were all gone and there was nobody but Walker and Minnie to do every thing
for four sick people lying in four room, and Minnie had her three little children, the baby had an
abscess on his leg, Under God we owe our loves to the skill and care of Minnie and Walker.
In December Walker went to Simcoe to fetch his things, they were very loath to part with him but he
wanted to go to Toronto, which he did for nearly two weeks.
25 Christmas we were all so far recovered as to be able to be about, thought not to do anything.
Priscilla and Hextall and children were here as usual, Minnie and family were of course here as if it
had not been for her care and kindness we should not have had much Christmas. Walker also came
1884 Jan Minnie gave me a nice warm jacket, and a Christmas card Hextall brought me a nice pair
of slippers, and each of the others gave me a Christmas card, Walker went to Barrie on the 31st
Feb Walker came from Toronto to see us, he only staid from Saturday evening, till Monday, but it
was a treat to have him even for so short a time. Gatie visited Mrs Pettitt for two weeks.
26 Minnie went home we are so sorry to part with her and the children, her kindness to us can never
be repaid. Mr & Mrs A. Simpson paid us a visit.
27 Hextall came, he took a load of late Rose potatoes to G. Dunning @55¢ pr bag.
March 1 Berry helped Dowling get hay in as they have Diptheria.
3 Minnie and family came.
4 Cecilia and Carver went to W. Carrols.
5 Carver went to Hextalls, for a few days as he is not strong yet.
12 Gatie has gone on a long promised visit to {continued on the next page of the diary}
March 7 Miss Stevenson, Sold the first eggs @ 20
14 Salisbury was at Mr McPhersons bee hauling lumber from Little Toronto, I wrote to cousin C
Brewin and my sister Lowry. Sold 5 young cattle will be two years old in spring, for $28 a head, they
are about half fat.
8 Carver came back from Hextalls.
9 Cecilia returned from Mrs Stephensons, Minnie and family were, here, Carver bought 2 Steers
from Sam Raid for $60 cash,
11 Carver, Salisbury, and Gatie were at a party at Mr Marshalls.
12 Carver went to Bacons sale, but did not buy anything Albert Simpson got a load of sand from the
well they are digging, Keys brought 17 bushels of oats at 32 cents. I do so miss my Minnie, and the
dear little children, she can so seldom come over, to see us.
14 Sold a cow to Tho's Hunter for thirty five dollars, J Johnstons had a Surprise party, Mr J. was
presented with an arm chair, Mrs J. with a rocking chair and Almira with a ring. The visitors took
Sardines, Oysters &, there were over 100 persons there. Thos was one.
15 George Clingan came, D Allen got a load of straw. First cow calved,
19 Thos went to Hextalls, Salisbury sold wheat @90¢
20 Salisbury sold a load of wheat at 103 pr bs Got letters from Walker and Hextall. Sent for garden
21 Sent to Rennie Toronto for 2 bshls Clove seed. The well is dug 223 feet deep, it has taken them
three weeks to dig, Gatie, Salisbury, and Carver were at T. Farnells party
22 Sleighing nearly gone, Thos came from Hextalls
24 Sent letters to Walker, and recieved letters from him
" Salisbury and Carver tapped trees, Walkers birthday The boys killed a beef the other day, we kept
one side.
25 Toms had a party tonight, our three young folks are to be there, Minnie and family are invited but
on account of the state of the roads they can't come.
March 25 Made the first Maple Syrup, Had a letter from Cousin Angrave. Very rainy weather.
Brought plants up yesterday.
26 Sowed Tomatoes, Wallflowers, Rosemary and Lavender
31 Walker returned from Toronto, having passed his examens, satisfactorily, he is now B.A.
Bachelor of Arts, M.D. Doctor of Medicine & G.M. Master in Surgery.
April 4 Our young people were last night at a party at Seth Pattullos
4 Minnie and Walker papered the parlor, Carver colored the ceiling, also papered Cecilias bedroom.
9 Walker has gone to see Hextall. We have made 17 gallons of Syrup, Thirza Dowling was married
10 We had a party of young people, who all seemed to enjoy their visit. Walker got his life insured for
one thousand dollars.
11 Mr and Mark Ringrose dined with us, Good friday. The boys have hired Andy Keys, $85 for seven
12 Walker started of on his way to England. Recieved a letter Go from Cousin Cecilia Brewin. First
13 Easter Sunday) Mr McPherson dined with us, and John Walker came to tea. Wrote to Walker, the
letter will be in Edinburgh when he gets there
16 We have 31 gallons of Syrup made.
18 Hextalls birthday. Wrote to him.
19 Priscilla Menzies came on a visit she seems very poorly Minnie went to town.
20 Sunday) Minnie and family were here. John & Jessie Walker came to tea. Mr Reid PM Minister
has joined the Presbyterians
22 Thos went to Hextalls.
23 Very fine) Gatie spent today in the sugar bush. Set 12 hives of bees out. The bees have died in
three but they have left lots of honey. Cecilia bought herself a new dress. Heard from Walker at
April 24 Carver cleaned out the hives, of the bees set out yesterday.
26 Thos returned from Hextalls. Salisbury & Gatie went to town this evening Sowed wheat yesterday
& today. We can just hear the new bell in Orangeville, it cost with the tower $800. We recieved
another letter from Walker at Halifax. The steamer could not come in on account of the fog, from
Portland so he did not sail till Monday afternoon, they went on board Monday evening. Sailed
Tuesday morning
27 Sunday) Fine morning rain in the afternoon, a thunder storm at night
28 Set 2 turkey hens on 19 eggs each. and the last goose. Eugene Beals cleaning up the garden.
Minnie went to town this evening, Cecilia went home with them, she will return tomorrow. Sowed
peas. Set another turkey
29 Our folks sowed W. Ingrams wheat. Gatie walked home from Minnies.
May 3 Cecilia bought herself silk for a jacket.
5 Gatie went with Carver to the bush to make vinegar.. Yesterday she and Salisbury went to Minnies,
as she could not come here on account of not having their buggy shaft mended which was broken
last fall, she did not come the last Sunday for the same reason. Rev. J Milner preached yesterday.
First goslings.
6 Miss Stephenson returned with Cecilia and Salisbury from town and they have driven forward to
Minnies, where the two girls will stay a day or two, it Gatie got a letter from Nelly Webster. Eggs are
15¢ 13¢
7 Rainy all day) Carver bought a bull of T. Esery for fifty five dollars. cash.
8 Rainy) Gatie & Miss Stephenson came back from Minnies.
10 Salisbury and Gatie are gone to town Miss Stephenson went home with them. Carver went to the
Sugar bush tonight to fetch the pails home, it has been a poor season, so much rain, sometimes
nearly a week to-gether, without frost. We have about 40 gallons of Syrup and 2 kegs of vinegar.
12 Yesterday Sunday. The young folks took tea at Mrs Hoars. This is the third Sunday running that
Minnie could not come, I do miss her so much.
14 Minnie went to town and brought us a letter from Walker written on board the steamer "Parisian,"
in which vessel he left
May 14 Halifax on the 22nd April and landed at Liverpool on the {sentence left unfinished} They had
a remarkably fine passage, I quote from his letter describing the voyage as it may be interesting to
read sometime "As I told you in letter from Halifax we were detained there The boat got in there on
Monday afternoon, and we went on board and had dinner at six. She did not however go out till
daylight the next morning. On that morning I got up feeling rather shaky, which feeling became more
pronounced at breakfast table, which I was obliged to leave rather hurriedly. The same tale would
apply to the other meals that day. I spent most of my time in my birth {berth} and a little on deck. The
next day I spent much in the same way excepting that I did not go to the Saloon for meals: had them
in my stateroom. On Thursday I felt a great deal better, but still had my meals in the State room, and
spent a good part of the time on deck. The next day I was all right and enjoyed myself thoroughly.
Sea sickness is not -- was not in my case at least-- anything like as bad as I had expected. I have
often felt many times more uncomfortable under a sick headache. We had fog for the first two days
or so till we got 600 or 700 miles from land. On Wednesday, Thurs-day, and Friday we met and
passed several vessels, the majority of them being large s-ailing vessels. They looked most
beautiful, with all sails filled by the breeze, like large white birds. Our runs up to-day have been as
follows. Tuesday up to noon 76 miles; Wed. 273: Thurs. 315: Friday, 340: Sat. 333; Sun 334:
Monday today 338: We have still some 700 miles to go yet. We might have made better time it is
said, but the Captain does not want to put into Liverpool before Wednesday night, so that some other
vessel may go out on Thursday and he have a weeks holiday. We entered the Gulf stream on
Wednesday, and left {continued on the next page of the diary}
it on Friday. {blank space} Early on Thursday morning we passed a large iceberg to which I am sorry
not to have seen. However none of the passengers as far as I'm aware saw it either. On Friday we
saw several shoals of porpoises, which were leaping out of the water, and very pretty they looked.
On Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing a whale spouting about a couple of miles away from the
ship, and soon after another partly rose out of the water quite close to the vessel. Since there has
been seen nothing of importance or interest. On Saturday night the sea became considerably
agitated and the ship rolled from side to side so much that I hardly got any sleep. All day yesterday,
although the sea was quite smooth but for the swell, the same rolling was kept up, and I was very
much afraid that I was going to be sick again; However the wind freshened through the night and
they put up some sail which steadies the ship. She is said to be the steadiest that crosses the
Atlantic. I have a very nice state room along with a young Englishman who is on his way home. He
was worse sick than I, although he had crossed before. Our Stateroom is one of the most
comfortable on the vessel. The accommodations are splended. I'm glad I took your advice and got
some lemons, for lemonade is the only thing I care to drink for the tea and coffee are simply
execrable. The ships supply of lemons ran out a day or two ago and now I'm almost the only one
who enjoys that comfort. There are about 80 Cabin passengers, I'm convinced that this is a much
more pleasant time for crossing than a month or so later, when it is so hot, and the vessel crowded.
There have been as many as 200 Cabin passengers on board this vessel. Yesterday we had service
on board in the morning; the surgeon read it.
May 16 Planted early potatoes.
17 Finished sowing grain.
19 Sowed lettuce, mustard, & cress. Carver took out the double windows. Thunderstorm tonight
20 Salisbury got a boy named William Hutchinson from the boys home at Stratford, he is eleven
years old. Salisbury bought me a lovely fuchia On 17th inst. the roughs in Orangeville broke all the
windows in the Church occupied by the Lords army, also several windows in the town hall, where the
above people were holding a meeting. Turned the calves out to grass.
26 Got letters from Walker and sent some to him. Hextall and family came night before last, and left
today. On Saturday the three young {Hoers?} spent the afternoon, Thomas and they boys arranged
about the farm but it is not finally settled yet.
30 The ground was covered with snow this morning, it has been very cold the last three days, a hard
frost two night. Washed the dining room and one bedroom carpets. Cleaned dining room.
June 8 Came home from Minnies where I have been since the 4th I had a very pleasant visit it is
nearly a year since I was there before. I have not been anywhere since last July. Parker Lowry and J
Smith paid us a visit.
26 Returned from Hextalls where I have been nine days I had a very pleasant visit. Hextall is not well
the Dr. says he has enlargement of the heart. The day Carver drove me to Hextalls he killed a mink
and captured three young ones. About a month since Carver was very poorly, he went to Dr. Lewis
who prescribed for him and he is now much better. The weather has been extremely hot. Last
Saturday 28th as Salisbury was driving to Orangeville in the wagon, the sun seemed to shine so
fiercely on him as to make him sick, and ever since when {continued on the next page of the diary}
he is in the sun he turns sick
July 1 Very hot. The annuan Sabbath school picnic was held today in A Simpsons bush, our three
young folks were, in the evening Salisbury and Gatie went for a ride on horsback, Minnie spent the
afternoon here.
7 Yesterday very cold) Rode to town today with Minnie it is more than two years since I have been
shopping before. Recieved letters from Walker, Carver got chilled yesterday and has been very
poorly today not able to be up, Donald Crawford buried.
8 Carver being better but not able to work has gone to Minnies
25 Finished hay harvest they hauled 76 loads, of hay. The Cholera has broken out in some parts of
France. It will be well if it does not reach England before Walker is ready to leave.
28 There are better news of the Cholera, it is decreasing in France, Walker in his letter says there is
not much danger of its getting to England. We hear from Walker every week, sometimes oftener.
30 Gatie and Salisbury went to Hextalls, he is improving.
August 1 Farnells dog bit their baby very badly on the cheek the doctor sewed it up.
5 Carver and Gatie went to get Huckleberries, they got about two large pails full it came on heavy
rain about 2 or 3 oclock.
9 I rode to Orangeville with Minnie
14 Gatie Minnie and I and several friend took tea at Mrs Marshalls.
20 What might have been a serious accident happened on Monday. On Sunday evening Gatie rode
home with Minnie, as she was coming here the next day. On Monday morning as they were passing
a small house, close to the road. Walker Wilcox waved his straw hat out of the upper window which
frightened the horse they got him stopped when W.W. came down and waved his hat again, though
Minnie called to him to stop, the horse jumped to the side of the road upsetting the buggy over
Minnie Gatie and the three children. It was a mercy they were not killed or badly hurt, none of them
were any worse but Gatie who must have been struck by the buggy as she was lame and stiff all
over for some days.
Sep 6 Last night there was a social in the PM Church it went off well.
13 Finished harvest, Gatie went one a picnic to the Forks of the Credit.
26 Walker arrived at home from England, he had a very rough passage, and was very seasick he
does not look nearly as well as we had expected to see him. We have very great cause for
thankfulness, that he has got safe back again, he passed his final examens at Edinburgh with his
usual success, after he left Edinburgh, he took a tour through the Highlands, from there to London
after seeing the principal sights there he visited our friends, by whom he was very warmly recieved.
Oct 12 Walker left this morning to live in Toronto, where he is going to practice, we are so sorry to
lose him so soon, but there was a good opening in Toronto so he thought it best to go, although he
would have very much have liked to have staid longer at home, he brought us a number of things
from England. A Telescope for Salisbury illegible {Continues on the next page of the diary}
A monoscope and Steriscope combined, two Microscopes and views of the Highlands, Montrose
Abbey, and other places, and many other things.
Otc {Oct} 23 Recieved letters from Walker, in which he informs us of the death of Miss {Keith?}
which took place on the 21st inst of Typhoid fever, they had three doctors besides Walker, she was
ill just a week. When Walker came from England he brought me the best Album I ever saw.
28 Thrashed
29 The day of voting on the Scott act, it passed by a large majority
Nov 3 Finished thrashing 3 1/2 days at $7.00 per day
10 Went on a visit to Minnies.
16 Came home from Minnies, had a very nice visit.
Dec 26 Christmas has come and gone again, we had our usual family meeting. Walker arrived on
the evening of the 24th and Hextalls family on the 25th as also Minnies, we had a very merry and
happy Christmas, with the usual interchange of presents. Hextall brought me a lovely shawl to wear
in the house, and Minnie brought me a pair of the nicest felt shoes I ever saw, also Christmas cards
from all. Mary Simpson of Brantford sent me a pair of crocheted slippers. Minnie, Hextall and Walker
all left us on the 26th Gatie accompanied Walker to Toronto on a visit
31 Recieved letter from Gatie
Carver came home from Minnies where he has staid two nights, hunting in the daytime, he shot ten
partridges, which makes more than 30 he has shot this fall, he sold the ten birds at $2.50 and two
fox skins at 75¢ each
7 Gatie arrived by the evening train from Toronto, she has had a most pleasant visit
9 Minnie took Bell to Dr. Lewis to have an abcsess lanced that is under her chin. Carver sold some
turkeys on Christmas Eve at 12¢ pr lb the Gobbler weighed 25 lbs and made three dollars
18 Hextall drove up from town where he had a load of wheat, he looks so well.
20 Salisbury went to Hextalls with the chrusher, and Gatie and Carver went to a Reception party at
R. Hendersons, he and his bride arrived at home in the evening, there was a large party to welcome
26 Carver and Gatie attended a teameeting in the Methodist church in Orangeville, it has been
enlarged, cushioned and reopened.
28 Salisbury came home from Hextalls. Carver Gatie and Salisbury spent the evening at Mr Fitchets.
30 The three young folks went to Mr Houres, they had a pretty large party.
Feb 5 Gatie went to a quilting at Mrs W. Farnels, and Salisbury and Carver went there at night, there
was a large party.
6 Gatie and the boys went to a party at Minnies they had a nice time.
7 Killed 7 pigs, got welcome letters from Walker he is so good to write ever week.
9 My birthday Minnie gave me a lovely card
Feb 9 Miss Stephenson came, to go to Minnies
16 We had some young people to spend the evening
17 A teameeting in the Providence Church, the proceeds to be given to Mr Cade.
26 Salisbury Carver and Gatie went last night to a party at Mrs Michael Robinsons, Mrs Dowling
spent the evening at our house {blank space} Recieved a letters from Walker
27 Last night night our young folks attended a party at Albert Simpsons, given for the purpose of
presenting Mrs R Henderson, and Jessie Walker with a toilet set each, for playing in the church. Mrs
A Simpson and Mrs Fitchett went round to get subscriptions for that purpose, They purposed giving
Salisbury a present as he has been so useful in managing the singing, but he declined having
anything, and requesting that it be given to Mrs Henderson instead.
28 Salisbury and Gatie have gone to the Hextalls W. Hoare dined here
March 2 Gatie and Salisbury returned home from Hextalls. Hextall is going to ship his pork tomorrow
to Toronto, one of his pigs is as large round the neck as our horse, "Charley" is round the body.
Hens began to lay. The young folks went in the evening to Minnies to meet some friends.
4 Hendersons sale
5 Minnie and Carver went to Hextalls
7 Mrs. J Lamb died last night. Mrs Fitchett paid us a visit.
9 The stormiest day of this winter. Salisbury went to J Bacons to get seed oats, it got so stormy he
had to leave his load the roads were blocked up.
March 12 The fair day in Orangeville. The boys took a yoke of oxen down but did not sell as they
could not get what they wanted for them, there were twelve yoke of oxen in the fair and only 2 sold.
Mrs J. Lamb died.
17 My brother Richards birthday. Salisbury fetched Gatie from Minnies where she has been since
the evening of the twelvth, storm staid. A great snowstorm came on last Saturday which lasted over
Sunday on Monday Carver and Salisbury broke the road.
18 Salisbury and Gatie went to town for music lessons. Sold the first butter and eggs; the former is
15¢ pr lb and eggs 13¢ pr dozen. I wrote to Walker and Gatie wrote to the two Miss Milners.
21 Extremely cold) Gatie and Salisbury went to town; he took a fat pig he got only ¢510 pr cwt it
weighed 290 lbs. W got a parcel of Clothes Walker sent for the boys, also a letter from him, he is
doing wonderfully well considering the short time he has been practising. First goose egg. Sent to
Rennies for garden seeds, and bulbs.
23 Three geese are laying.
24 Very stormy) {illegible} Walkers birthday. Priscilla & Hextall came
25 Hextall & family returned home. Minnie & family spent the day here. Sent letters to Walker.
Recieved seeds from Rennie
26 Fine) Sowed Tomatoes and Celery. A sheep died. Planted Runuculus bulbs in pot
30 Mrs J Wilcox and family paid us a vist. Recieved letters from Walker. Salisbury and Gatie paid a
visit to Mr Lightles.
31 Carver has gone to Toronto, he has not been well lately, so he is got to consult Walker. There is
great excitement about Riels rebellion, in the NorthWest.
April 6 Carver returned from Toronto George Clingan spent the day here A Simpson and wife paid us
a visit. papers were signed concerning the boys having the farm. Mr Pettitt spent yesterday with us
he left at noon today Salisbury and Carver are to have the farm, consisting of 100 acres here and
100 acres wild land, and twenty acres which adjourn this and on which they have to pay $4 a {wilt?}
April 6 interest @7 pr cent until paid in consideration of their paying their parents or either of them
every year as long as either of them live $300 and twelve cords of firewood yearly, said sum to be
paid on the first day of February in each year, if not paid within twenty days after it is due they can be
sued and obliged to pay all expenses. After the death of both parents Salisbury & Carver have to pay
Minnie and Gatie each 8500 in three years
9 The boys sold a yoke of oxen at the fair for $3100 without the yoke.
10 Sent letters to Walker and recieved latters from him. The weather continues cold.
17th Tapped trees
20 Warm) The snow has melted very quickly today, it is deep on the roads yet except near town.
Thomas went to the States to visit James Myers, his brother in law.
25 Recieved a letter from Thos he had arrived safely at J. Myers and liked the appearance well.
30 Recieved a letter from Cousin Clifton
May 2 Sowed 12 acres wheat Oats 40¢ Potatoes 25¢ pr bag Butter is 14¢ Eggs 11¢ Hay $13 pr ton
5 Thunder last night this morning ground is covered with snow.
9When we rose this morning the snow is three or four inches deep Carver got a letter from Walker
and Salisbury wrote to him.
12 Fine) Gatie visited at W. Ingrams. First chickens yesterday Set first turkey on twenty eggs.
Planted Gladiolus bulbs. Carver is at Minnie drilling grain in, Salisbury walked to the Sugar bush any
gathered 70 pails of sap as it was a sharp frost last night Salisbury set out the bees, there are only 5
hives alive, there are eight gone up, all have left lots of honey. This has been an exceptionally bad
winter for bees, many have lost all they had. It has been an extremely cold winter, the very severe
frost lasting unusually long.
14 Very warm) Fair day, Salisbury sold two fat young cattle for $67. Heard from Thos and Hextall
May 16 There has been a rebellion of the half breeds in the North West Territory headed by Riel who
was taken prisoner yesterday Heard from Walker. A friend in Toronto writes us that his brilliant
doings, in the way of curing the sick are talked of wherever he goes, he is exceedingly busy now.
18 Yesterday when we went to let out our goslings nine fine ones we found the rats, as we suppose
had taken every one of them. Today Sam & Minnie went to town, and saw Mrs Pettitt who had come
to town shopping. Mrs Reid Senr returned with them and paid us a visit. Carver boiled the last sap
for this year on Saturday it has been a very poor season we have only about 12 gallons of syrup.
Walker wrote for the young folks to go down.
June 11 Recieved a letter from Hextall, they are all quite well, 12 young turkeys hatched. Jewel had
a colt, a lively and very pretty one.
16 Jess has a colt, it is wonderfully large and finely formed, but its knees are weak and swolen, its
hind legs are strong, it can stand on them, it wont suck either. it is fat and round, they gave it
whiskey a tablespoonful in milk and rubbed its legs with camphor and whiskey.
17 The colt is much improved, Salisbury fed it different times throught the night, it can stand and
suck now. Minnie and family came today also Mr Ringrose senr he does not look at all well. We were
talking about sheep when Mr Ringrose said he used to wash sheep in England, the regular rate was
500 pr day he washed in 1400 in two days and one day he washed 706 one spring he washed sheep
every day for a month except Sundays
23 Hextall Priscilla & baby came.
22 Edward Gikes came to live. The church occupied and bought by the Lord's Army is burnt down,
without doubt the work of an incendiary, it was a very good building.
July 1 This has been a busy day in Orangeville. Procession in the morning. Games in the afternoon
and fireworks {in the evening?}
July 8 We had a large party of young folks, who seemed to enjoy themselves well. The weather was
everything that could be wished. Our large lawn, croquet ground and garden were much admired.
28 Rev. R Stevenson paid us a visit yesterday and left this afternoon. Gatie has picked 40 quars of
raspberries already, and Carver picked this morning a wooden pailful in three hours. The weather is
very hot, they finished the hay yesterday except the rakings which they have got in today, it was a
good crop. The barley is turning fast. Our bees have all swarmed twice, except one of Carvers which
has only swarmed once. Our young folks spent the evening at Mr Lightles.
31 Thomas returned from his visit to our relatives in Michigan. Mr Wonch sent the boys each a
walking cane and some other things of his own manufacturing, and his daughter sent Gatie quite a
number of presents.
August 4 Began to cut barley, the weather has been so hot, it has ripened without filling.
11 Cut the Spring wheat, it is so badly rusted as to be no use either for bread or seed.
19 Finished hauling the barley, it is a fair crop, except some which owing to the excessive heat
ripened before it felled out, the weather has been fine, althougs it threatened rain very many times.
Began to haul wheat.
23 Fine & Cool) Thomas today returned to Ermet, St Clare County State of Michigan, just after he left
we got letters to him and Gatie from May Wonch and her father in which they both expressed
pleasure at the prospect of Thomas's paying them another visit.
Sep 5 Hextall and family and Minnies family spent the day here Recieved a letter from Clara Brewin
my cousin Johns daughter their address is "513 North 2nd St. Camden N J."
Sep 15 Gatie went to Toronto this morning, to pay Walker a visit and also to attend the Exhibition.
Carver went there this afternoon as he had not time to go with Gatie.
17 Salisbury went to Toronto this morning, and Carver returned home this evening. Mr and Mrs
Harris paid us a visit a day or two since
18 Salisbury returned to night
21 Gatie came back from her visit. Walker is very busy with his practise and building his house. Miss
M sent me such a lovely china cup and saucer.
25 Yesterday and today Salisbury cradled the oats at the bush lots Minnie and family, Salisbury and
I paid a visit to Hextalls on the 22nd. Spent a very pleasant day. Mr & Mrs Fitchett took tea with us
Oct 2 Sent letters to Cousins Cecilia & Hextall. Show in Orangeville which all our folks attended,
none of us exhibited any thing.
4 The three young folks took tea at Minnies. Preserved the latest Crabs.
6 Cold) Addie Marshall paid us a visit.
11 Mr and Mrs Gordon, and Wesley Gordon & Harriet West dined here.
12 Tea meeting at the reopening of the Providence Church.
21 Sent newspapers to Thomas. Gatie spent the day at Mrs Stephensons.
27 Gatie had a letter from May Wonch, she says Thos. is well and enjoying himself. I spent the day
at Sarah's, Mr Pettitt went home he came to see us on Saturday
Dec 2 Hextall came, h returned home the next morning. Got a new sewing machine $30.
10 Mr and Mrs John Curry and baby staid the night here.
21 Finished threshing for this time, they have been threshing three and a half days. Andrew and
James Hughson did the work the other day we recieved a letter from Clara Brewin and photos of
herself and her brother John C. Brewin.
27 Wrote to Thos, & Walker Miss Stephenson has been here two days, Carver drove her home
22 William Taylor dined here, we had a very interesting account of his {illegible} the rebellion in the
North West where he fough in two battles
Dec 16 Thos. returned from Michigan. Joseph Wonch sent some uncommonly fine apples, as well as
a bag of dried ones, also seed corn.
24 We have sold our turkeys at 10 cts and geese at 6¢ eggs 20 and butter is only 13¢. We have just
learned that by tellegram that my brother Richards wife Cordelia died this morning.
25 Christmas day Minnie and family and Hextall and his family are here. Walker was coming if he
could possibly get away so Salisbury drove to town to meet the train but Walker was unable to leave
his numerous patients, as soon as Salisbury got back we dined and then Thomas and he started to
27 Hextall and his two little boys returned home. Priscilla with the baby girl went home with Minnie.
Carver killed a very large Raccoon.
28 We all recieved written invitations to Walkers marriage, Gatie went to Toronto, Salisbury and
Thomas returned from Maryborough.
31 Carver and Salisbury went to Toronto to be present at the wedding. Thomas and I could not very
well go, as it is such cold weather.
This evening Walker was married to Emma Milner, by Mr Lee assisted by Milner.
1886 Janry 1 Carver returned home, he took with him to Toronto 24 Partridges which he had shot as
we heard they were worth 75 per pair, but it has come on a regular thaw so he only made 40¢ pr pair
2 Salisbury came back, they have had a very good time the bride had lots of presents.
5 Gatie returned home. We received letters from Cousin C Brewin in England and from Clara Brewin
in New Jersey also from Mary Simpson and one from Cousin Kate Stevenson who with her sister
marion are in Hanover in Germany.
12 Sent a letter to Cousin Cecilia Brewin in England Harry Marshall died of Diptheria Croup.
Jan 19 Gatie vaccinated Minnies three children with points Walker sent
18 Salisbury went to help Hextall haul sawlogs.
19 Carver caught a Skunk in a trap. he killed four Raccoons he has dressed the skins for a sleigh
robe. Gaties vaccination not having properly taken, she revaccinated herself with vaccine from little
Percys arm, she also operated on two of Albert Simpsons children, and Isaacs Reids little girl.
24 Gaties revaccination has acted very favorably, owing we suppose to the former operation having
been so recently done, the last came to a head and had begun to die off on the sixth day, she was
pretty sick on the fourth day.
Feb 9 My birthday, Minnie gave me some lovely embroidery.
18 Our three young people spent the evening at the Fitchetts
19 Gatie, Carver and Salisbury paid a visit to Seth Patullo, some other young people were there.
20 Last night was the snow storm of the season, the wind was fearfully high and very severe frost.
March 11 Recieved a letter from cousin Cecilia Brewin in which she says cousins Corah and Hextall
are both very ill the latter she fears will not recover
13 Wrote to cousin Cecilia.
20 A great thunder storm which lasted nearly all night
22 The trees have been covered with ice, it was 2 inches thick on the smallest twigs, our garden is a
perfect wreck, the poplar trees are bare poles.
24 Walkers birthday.
April 6 A most terrific wind, all day, and a snow fall at night which has blocked the roads again.
8 Salisbury came home from Hextalls where he went with him last Saturday he has been helping him
to saw firewood and chrush grain he had both the chrusher and sawing machine in the wagon the
roads were very bad.
Carver tapped trees
April 10 Made about 4 Imperial gallons of Maple Syrup
12 Made seven galls imperial syrup, rained all day.
13 Made 4 3/4 gallons imperial Maple syrup Recieved a letter from Cousin Cecilia Brewin conveying
the tidings of dear cousin Elizabeth Hextalls death which took place on the 23rd of March. she was
88 years old.
17 Carver has gone to Toronto to consult Walker as he (Carver) has not been well lately.
18 Hextalls birthday. Vey hot First turkey laid. there has been no frost for a week, last Sunday as
Minnie and family came here they could hardly get along for the depth of snow on the roads. today I
went to Minnies, the snow is all gone, the roads are quite dry in some places in others muddy
21 Carver returned home. Walker sent me a Pineapple, it was delicious eating. Our garden looks
quite gay already the violets are a mess of lovely flowers the daffodils are in full bloom, and there are
snowdrops and pansies. The cabbage seeds came up in four days after sowing.
26 C Haley was taken very ill, he had not been feeling well and someone advised him to take some
nutmeg, he eat two, his life was despaired of, the Dr. said the nutmeg had dried up his blood.
May 24 Hextall and Priscilla came as usual.
27 First turkey hatched. Planted Melon and citron seeds. Planted some early corn about the 21st.
Sowed flower seeds in garden
June 11 They have began to raise the barn
14 Finished raising the barn it took half a day on Friday all day on Saturday, and till half past two on
17 Carver went to Hextalls
20 Alwyns birthday Hextall and he came over, Hextall is going to help build under the barn.
22 Walker arrived home this evening, on a short visit after an absence of a year and a half, it
seemed just like old times to have him home again if only for a day
23 Walker returned to Toronto, he could not possibly stay longer
July 16 Emma Walkers wife has been here about a week we enjoyed her visit very much
September 20 I have been on my first visit to Toronto, which I have enjoyed exceedingly. I went on
Saturday morning and returned on Wednesday evening, Salisbury went on Wednesday morning and
came back on Friday. Minnie Gatie and Carver went on Thursday, and Minnie and Carver returned
on Saturday Gatie staid till the next Monday. We found Walker very busy he met me at the Station
and put me on the train on my return he has a lovely house.
October 1 Show fair in Orangeville, this morning the ground was covered with snow, and in the
afternoon there was a violent snow storm
7 Minnie and children, Salisbury and I spent a very pleasant day at Hextalls.
11 Salisbury Minnie and her little ones returned from our visit to Maryborough, we went on Saturday
9th spent Sunday at P. Lowrys and came home today, we had a very short but pleasant time, it was
lovely weather.
26 Grace and I took tea with my sister Sarah.
27 Minnie and I paid a visit to Mrs Staur. Flocks of Snowbirds
29 Finished getting in turnips
30 A lovely day. Gatie and Mr and Mrs Fitchett drove to town with Charley and our buggy.
Dec 25 Christmas, Walker and Em came by the morning train from Toronto, they had, much to our
regret, to return this evening as Walker cannot be spared longer from his patients. Hextall only
came, as the children have the hooping cough. Minnie and family were here, we have had a very
pleasant day the only drawback being the short time they could stay and Priscilla and the children
not being with us.
Jany 28 Gatie has gone to pay her long promised visit to Walker
Feb 14 First lamb.
16th 2 more lambs smart and strong
6 Hens began to lay
March 5 Geese began to lay. April 8th Set first goose
13 Rebecca Lowry returned home after a visit of nearly two weeks.
23 Hextal has another little daughter, {added later: Flora May}
April 9 Carver boiled the first sap, he also killed a Raccoon. March 23rd Sowed Celery & Tomatos.
Tomatoes came on 10th April NCelery up
15 A heavy thunder storm, it was so dark about 5 or 6 oclock that we had a lamp lighted over an
hour, Carver was in the sugar bush through it all, as it would not do to leave
May 2 Planted Gladiolus bulbs.
April 30th Sowed Cabbage seed & Planted {Reinus?}
12 Finished sowing grain, bush lot included.
April 29 Boiled syrup for the last time, we have made between 40 and 50 gallons of syrup.
June 9 Mrs Lowry arrived on a visit, she is very poorly.
10 Gatie and her Aunty Lowry paid Minnie a visit.
11 Salisbury, Mrs Lowry and I went to Hextalls.
Aug Gatie got her foot badly hurt through a horse treading upon it.
Nov 1 I returned from Toronto where I have been 11 days I have had a very pleasant time, Walker is
very busy, he has a very large practise.
25 Christmas, we all met once more except Emma Walkers wife, who could not leave, but she sent a
very beautiful drawing which Walker had put such a handsome frame on. There was the usual
interchange of Christmas presents in which every one of the little ones were remembered. Walker
was obliged to return to Toronto the same evening, and he would have to go round to visit his
patients after he got home.
May 31 Cecilia and Minnie returned from Maryboro where they went on a visit last Saturday they had
a very pleasant time.
June 23 Walker and Em arrived on a short visit.
25 Walker returned home as he could not be away from his practise longer, however it has been
very nice to have them here if only for so short a time.
19 The weather has been very hot lately today the thermometer stood at 100 in the shade.
27 Cold frosty air.
Sep 24 Carver and Gracia returned from Toronto, where they had been to the Exhibition and to visit
Walker as well. Salisbury and Priscilla have been there too.
Dec 25 We had our Christmas reunion but Minnie and family staid at home as Hextalls children have
all four of them had the diptheria, they happily recovered so I sent for them to come, as I know how
much the children had thought of coming, but we thought it better that Minnie's children should not
meet them, although Hextall had used every precaution Walker came though Em could not he had to
return the same evening; as soon as he got home he had his horse brought out, and visited his
patients, after that was done, he had two new calls which kept him up till 4 oclock next morning They
all gave me lovely presents and though Minnie was absent I had my Christmas present from her all
the same.
Jan 26 Minnie Grace and Carver have been to Hextalls as he has been very poorly, he is some
better, it is his heart that is the trouble. Alwyn has been ill but he is better, although he looks pale
and thin.
Feb 20 Rebecca Lowry and her sister Louisa returned home from a visit to us.
28 Minnie sold her turkeys @ 11¢ pr lb. The weather has been very cold for about 3 weeks last
Sunday it was 23 degrees below Zero, it was 50 in Manitoba
Feb 18 Walker has a fine little boy, born today.
March 19 Carver returned from a visit to Walker, {added later: Alan Ross.}
25 We have Celery and Tomatoes up.
25 Made Maple Syrup12 1/2 gallons 2 boilings, today and day before yesterday, the first of the
April 2 Thos. went to Toronto.
6 Recieved a letter from Thomas Rydall informing us of the death of his son Richard from Inflamation
of the lungs and Pleuracy, three others of the family have been ill in the same way but are
recovering. Grace had a letter from Richard only a month ago in which he said he should probably
visit us this summer.
June 13 We have had a visit from Walker and Em. and Baby they staid a little over a week, it was
such a treat to have Walker home if only for such a short time he has been ill, a short time before
they came inflamation of the bowels.
July June 29 Grace returned from Toronto, where she has been the last nearly two weeks she went
to Niagara, and to the island, she enjoyed her visit immensely.
Oct 17 Came home from Toronto, where I have been two weeks. Minnie and the children
accompanied me we all had a very pleasant visit, we went to most of the places of interest and
Walker so kindly took me {Continued on the next page of the diary}
{inserted later: Dec 20 Hextall has another son they call him John Hextall Simpson}
{continued from previous page} for several drives so that I saw more of Toronto than I ever thought I
Dec 25 We have had our annual gathering. Minnie and family, and Walker and Em. and Baby, we
had a nice time, though Walkers visit was so short, as they did not arrive til about noon, as the train
was late, and he was obliged to return by the six oclock train. Hextall could not come, as they had
another little boy added to their family on the 20th inst. We all had lots of Christmas gifts as usual.
1889 Jany 6 We have bought lots 24 and 25 on the east side of First Street in Orangeville, for six
hundred dollars.
Feb 23 The country has been visited with a severe epidemic called "La Grippe", all of our family have
had it all those away as well as us at home, it was soon after New Years when we first took it, and
we are not thoroughly recovered yet.
14 Toronto University is burned down through the upsetting of a lighted coal oil lamp, it was the
evening of the annual Convercation, {convocation?} It was the finest building in the Dominion, and
considered the finest specimen of Norman architecture in America.
26 We have had the pleasure of a visit from Hextall and his two eldest boys.
May 23 I have just returned from Toronto, where I have been staying, more than three weeks. I have
enjoyed my visit, especially the lovely drives with Walker.
May who did every thing in his power to make my stay a pleasure. Em and Baby came with me to
stay a little over a week
July 14 Gatie went to Toronto on a visit.
Aug. Walker and Em. and Baby have been here about two weeks the baby has quite recovered his
health, as well as almost got rid of Whooping cough, of which he has had a severe spell.
Sep Gatie Carver and Salisbury have been to the Exhibition at Toronto.
Nov Walker has left Toronto principally on account of his and the babys health, and has bought a
house in Orangeville on the corners of Faulkland and Zina Sts, he is making extensive
improvements in the house.
Dec 19 Hextall had his sale today, he sold his implements and stock, except a horse and cow, and is
coming to live in Orangeville.
{The following is a newspaper clipping glued to the page}
Mr. J.H. Simpson's sale, held on the 19th ult. at Mono Centre, was a decided success. The live
stock, as advertised, brought above $700, while a grand clearing in other departments was also
effected. The sale was a large one, Mr. Simpsons's stock of implements and machinery being very
large and complete. Joe Reid won high commendation as auctioneer, giving excellent satisfaction.
{Back to Elizabeth’s writing}
25 We have had our usual Christmas gathering, only Em. being absent, she have to spend
Christmas at her fathers They all gave me lovely presents
Jany 27
{The following is a newspaper clipping glued to the page}
---------MONO CENTRE-----------
Correspondence to the Advertiser. An instance of neighborly regard and good-feeling was exhibited
at Mono Centre a week ago Tuesday evening, when a representation of the adherents of the
Methodist church waited upon Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Simpson at their residence to express regret at the
loss of their old neighbors, who are removing to Orangeville. An exceedingly pleasant evening was
spent, in the course of which several speeches were made by gentlemen present, and a
presentation of a copy of Matthew Henry's Commentary and a set of china was made Mr. and Mrs.
Simpson respectively, accompanies by the following address: To Mr. and Mrs. Simpson,---Having
heard with deep regret of your proposed departure from our midst, we, the members and friends of
Ebenezer church, desire to show our appreciation of the services so freely and generously rendered
by presenting to you some slight memorial of our regard and esteem. We recall with feelings of
pleasure many delightful associations in which you have taken part and into which you have infused
new life and vigor by your sprightliness of mind and congeniality of disposition, but above all do we
wish to express our gratitude for the readiness with which you have given your hands to every good
work. By your removal from amongst us the church loses two of its most promising members and
ever-ready helpers. But that this memorial may not altogether consist of empty thanks for good
received, we desire, in the presentation of this Commentary and set of china, to give you a more
tangible proof of our esteem, trusting that you will not consider the relative value but rather regard it
as a feeble expression of good-will on our part. With sadness do we part from you; often when you
are gone will our minds conjure up old associations, the remembrance of which will fill our hearts
with joy and gladness. In departing from our midst you carry with you our best wishes for your
temporal and eternal welfare, and we hope and trust that wherever you may choose a home in the
future kind friends may never be wanting; and when the sands of life are run you may receive a
crown of life that fadeth not away. Signed on behalf of Ebenezer church----W. AURTHER, J.
WALLER, V. DYNES.----------
{Back to Elizabeth’s writing}
Feb. 6 Hextall removed to Orangeville.
{The following is a newspaper clipping glued to the page} In Orangeville, on April 8th, John Hextall,
son of J.H.Simpson, aged 15 months and 20 days.
{Back to Elizabeth’s writing}
April 8 Hextalls baby died of Diphteria croup, he was such a remarkable fine boy so noble looking,
and always so good.
May 9 Mr and Mrs Milner returned home Mr M. has been at Walkers a week Carver is boiling the last
sap. They are finishing sawing to day.
June 6 Mr & Mrs Wonch have paid us a visit of about a week.
July 6 W have had a garden party, which all say was a perfect success. There were over two
hundred people here, three ministers Rev. Puison, Thornly, and Ferguson, we had the Orchestra
from Orangeville & Chinese lanterns. It threatened rain several times in the day, but kept off till just
as the party broke up it commenced to rain and rained hard all night.
{The following is a newspaper clipping glued to the page}
The garden party held at the residence of Mr. Thos. Simpson, East Garafraxa, on Monday evening
was a most successful affair. The Orangeville orchestra played choice selections to a large audience
during the evening.
{Back to Elizabeth’s writing}
9 Edward Gilkes left here to go to England
11 Our young folks have gone to a picnic at Dufferin lake.
17 Salisbury Carver and Grace attended a Sunday school garden party at Mr. Cornelious's. Papered
and put a new carpet down in Carvers from Preserved red and black currants, also goosberries. Bell
has had diptheria Norman and Percy staid here 5 weeks.
Sep 5 A little girl has been added to Walkers family {added at a later date, by Elizabeth's hand:}
Marjorie Simpson
Nov Percy and Bell have both had juandice. Thanksgiving day, we had 23 to dinner
Dec 25 We had our usual annual party all were here except Em. and her two children, she is in
Toronto, we had lovely presents given to us
30 Our young folks had a party, there were about 40 guests, every thing passed of well.
Jany My sister Sarahs two boys have diptheria Parker Lowry has been kicked by a horse some of
his ribs broken and his head hurt Walker has entered into partnership with Dr. Lewis.
3 Doctor Orton died in Guelph, his father and mother were very intimate friends of my parents.
Doctor R. Ortons three brothers are all doctors, also his fathers and uncles, and Grandfathers were
doctors in England.
{The following are two separate newspaper articles:}
Guelph, Jan. 3. ---Dr. Orton died this afternoon from blood poisoning after a few days' illness. The
poisoning was caused by the green lining of his slippers. He was a brother to Dr. Orton, of Winnipeg.
ORTON---At Guelph, January 3rd. Dr. Richard Orton, fell asleep in Jesus, aged 52 years. PARKER--
-At Orangeville, on Sunday, Dec. 27 Emily, beloved wife of F.R. Parker, aged 24 years. ''
{Back to Elizabeth’s writing}
Feb 9 My birthday. Grace who is visiting at Caledon East made and sent me a lovely set of toilet
mats. Minnie is making a double Irish chain quilt. My sister Sarah sent me a very nice book, and my
niece Rebecca Lowry worked and sent a very elaborate and beautiful pair of pillow shams.
March 8 My brother Richard came from South River to pay us a visit.
April 18 Cresswell Wilcox came on a visit
July 15 We have had a barn raising, it is a very large frame building, with 10 feet of stone work
We have raised a good stock of poultry, 50 ducks between 30 and 40 geese, and a fine lot of
Sep 21 The Exhibition in Toronto has just closed Grace has been there about two weeks. Salisbury
and my brother Richard spent some days there Richard enjoyed it very much
Sep 20 Richard has gone home after a very pleasant visit both to him and us. We have a fine lot of
apples, we are picking the Duchess of Oldenburg
No 4 Hextall has another little girl {added later in Elizabeth's hand: {Renie?} Mabel}
25 Walker Wilcox came on a visit, he intends staying two weeks.
Dec 14 Salisbury Grace and Carver left by the morning train to Toronto, where Salisbury is going to
be married this evening. Carver is to be groomsman Gatie also is to be at the ceremony.
{The following are two newspaper articles}
THE BERRY PLUCKED. Mr. Berry Simpson leaves to-morrow on the morning train to claim for his
wife Miss Pansy Johnston, of that city. We are informed the happy couple intend spending several
weeks visiting Niagara and eastern cities. We are sure Mr. and Mrs. Simspon will carry with them the
best wishes of all the friends who have the pleasure of their acquaintance. The Berry is a lucious
fruit, The Pansy a simply flower, Together they have gone away Upon a wedding tour. A WELL
WISHER. East Garafraxa, Dec. 13.
MARRIAGES At the residence of the bride's mother, 116 Huron street, Toronto, on Dec. 14th, by
Rev. J.R.Bell, Miss Francis L. Johnston, to Mr. Salisbury H. Simpson of East Garafraxa.
{Back to Elizabeth’s writing}
Dec 25 We have had our usual Christmas gathering, all being here except Walkers wife and
children, who are in Toronto, Salisbury and his wife came home on the morning train. They brought
me a beautiful picture from the city. Hextall gave me a pair of the best kid gloves, Minnies children
bought for me a lovely vase, and Minnie, Carver, and Gatie joined in buying for me the most beautiful
lamp I ever saw, they got it and the vase in Toronto.
Jany 20 Gatie and I have left today, the house where I have lived nearly forty two years.
30 We are getting our new home fixed up very comfortably Several friends have called, and
expressed their pleasure at our {Continued on the next page of the diary}
comming to live in Orangeville. The Rev Brown called today The scarlet fever is epidemic now in
Orangeville I forgot to mention in the right place, the presentation to Gatie and Salisbury, which took
place the Tuesday after Christmas A day or two after Mr Ingram, who has been our near neighbor
ever since we came here, sent a lovely cup and saucer and plate. Dear old friend it was so
thoughtful and kind. Minnie has been so very kind in helping us in every way she possibly could.
Hextall also has helped us, and Carver too if in fact of all the children have done all they could to
make our home comfortable for us. Salisbury and Carver brought the piano.
Feb 3 Mr Stephensons 77th birthday, Gatie and I were invited there to dinner to meet a few friends.
Gatie went, but I did not it is vey cold and the wind and make a perfect blizzard.
6 Tom Moody died. Walker telegraphed to Levitt, and afterwards wrote to them telling them the
particulars he was sixty years of age.
11 Set up our coal stove. coal is $720 pr ton.
14 James Walker died at half past 12 Aged 28 years, he had been ill considerably over a year. he
caught a cold in Manitoba, and another coming home, from which he never recovered, he was buried
the next day at 2 oclock.
{The following is a newspaper clipping glued to the page}
Presentation. On the evening of the 27th ult., a large number of friend assembled at the residence of
Mr. Simpson, Garafraxa, for the purpose of spending splendid time and giving some expression of
esteem for, and extend congratulations to, several members of the household. The early part of the
evening was spent in social converse and a variety of amusements, in which the company joined
very heartily. In due time the attention of the friends was called to the special object of the gathering,
when Mr. Wm. McPherson took the chair and after a few explanatory remarks called upon Miss
Marshall to read the following address and 'mine host' to make the presentation to Miss Grace
Simpson, the retiring organist of Providence Methodist church, Laurel circuit: To Miss Grace
Simspon: Dear Friend, --Having learned of your intended removal from our midst in the near future,
we feel that we cannot allow you to do so without expressing, in some tangible form, the high esteem
we have for you, and avail ourselves of this opportunity to do so. In removing from the home of your
childhood and the neighborhood of your early womanly association we assure you that you are
leaving behind many warm-hearted and true friends. Our esteem for you is founded, not alone upon
your own personal worth, but also upon your faithful and valuable services so cheerfully rendered to
the church. In acknowledgement of the same we ask you to please accept this offering as a token of
our friendship. As you look upon it, in the days to come, we hope you will value the same, not on
account of its financial worth, but as a reminder of the days gone by and of your many friends while
acting as organist in our church. We earnestly pray that your life may be long spared, that the church
of Christ may be benefited by the exercise, on your part, of the special talents with which you are
endowed. In a few well chosen words Miss Simpson replied to the address, thanking the friends for
their great kindness, assuring them that what she had done for the church and those present was a
labor of love. The chairman then called upon Mr. Geo. Lightle to read the following address, and
Miss Marshall to make the presentation to Mr. Saulsbury Simpson: To Mr. S. Simpson: Dear Sir, --
Your many friends here assembled avail themselves of this opportunity of conveying to you, not only
the greetings of this particular season, but as you have recently crossed the lines of bachelorhood
and taken to yourself a help-mate, we extend to you and your spouse our most hearty
congratulations. We trust that your union will be a blessing not only to yourselves but to our
neighborhood and the church of Christ in our midst. At this particular time we here thought it proper
to give you, in a visible form, some assurance of the esteem in which you are held by us, and we ask
you to kindly accept this token of our friendship, and appreciation on our part of your valuable
services so faithfully given to the cause of Christ in our community. We sincerely hope that your new
relation in life will not prevent you continuing those services and that your beloved partner may assist
you in your noble work. We hereby extend to Mrs. Simpson a hearty welcome and earnestly pray
that her coming into our midst may prove a great blessing to all. Mr Simpson suitably responded to
the address and presentation, after which all had a hearty shake hands with the newly made bride.
{Back to Elizabeth's writing}
The articles given were, to Cecilia Grace Simpson a handsom dressing case, and a beautiful gold
bracelet. To Salisbury Holmly Simpson a fine eight day clock.
Feb 25 The snow is extremely deep, and very cold weather Carver came and went to church at night
as usual, it snowed and stormed fearfully, the roads had filled up so much he could only see his
horses ears above the drifts, at last it got so bad that he had to walk in front of the horse and tramp a
track and then urge his horse to plunge through, which he had great difficulty in doing though Grit is
good as gold
March 4 Had the piano tuned 2.00 Extremely cold.
5 Minnie Sam and Bell, and Carver came, the weather turned out very stormy, as Sams went home
the horses got dinner they had to leave the sleigh and walk to our boys, where they got another
sleigh to go home in.
6 Gatie went up with Hextall to the old farm to fetch some house plants, the snow is so deep that
they could touch the telegraph wires with if the track was under them. Gatie went to Judges to learn
7 The boys got their ice from Caledon lake.
14 Libbie Haley died from inflamation of the bowels she and Gatie were very near friends and had
been for many years, ever since they were little girls. A great many flowers were sent. The choir (she
was organist of the Methodist church) took a large {fillum?} a friend sent a wreath of rose buds,
another a large bunch of Calla Lillies, some others an another, and many others.
{The rest of the page has been cut off}
April 1 Mothers birthday, Mr Wilcox says they have been living here 43, they came in 1840, there
was only one house in Orangeville then.
26 Mrs L J Wilcox returned to Toronto having been here between two and three weeks.
29 Levitt Simpson came
May 15 Mrs Burke returned home after a very pleasant visit of she came on the 12th inst.
12 Hextall has moved to Mrs Wilcoxs farm which he has rented for four years.
11 Planted Sunrise potatoes, and early peas
22 Both peas and potatoes one of some of the latter 3 or 4 inches high
24 A White frost. Walker Wilcox returned to Toronto he come on the twentieth inst.
25 District meeting
June 20 Received a letter from Mrs Gilkes Wolverhampton England enquiring about Ed.
30 Wrote to Mrs Gilkes.
Aug 1 Gatie went to Parry Sound.
22 Gatie returned home accompanied by Ada Burke and Maggie Simpson, she had a splendid time
till she took Diptheria at Burks Falls.
Sep 9 I returned from Minnies where I have been the last week.
{The rest of the page has been cut off.}
{The following sentences are not Elizabeth's writing:} Oct. 21 Walker and Carver have gone to Parry
Sound hunting.
Oct. 25 Hextall left for the Worlds Fair at Chicago he is {the following is back to Elizabeth's script:}
accompanied by J.J. White
27 Thos. left for Muskoka to visit the Wonchs.
30 Heard from Hextall he arrived at Chicago all right and got a nice boarding place, also heard from
Carver the have camped out 3 days, they had been to {Horvic Harbor?} and Deer Lake. Hextall is at
No 45--44--6 State Street, Chicago. The weather is coldhere now.
3 Hextall and Walker both returned home by the morning train Hextall enjoyed his trip to Chicago
very much, his expectations af were more than realized, they had fine weather all the time. It was
well worth going to see. The Mayor of Chicago was shot while he was there, he has been mayor 5
times. Hextall brought a number of views home with him.
Walker brought 2 deer back with him one is very large weighing 215 lbs it is the largest that has
been shot this season. Walker shot it while in the water the other one is smaller but most delicious
venison, he gave Hextalls and us half of it. Carver has stayed hunting a few days longer. Walker was
obliged to come home to attend to his patients
5 Mr Henshilewood was burried to day Minnie and I went to the funeral.
8Carver returned bringing two deer, they had great succes in hunting. they shot seven deer, and a
many partridges Carver is stuffing the head of some of his a very fine bunch. Walker is having the
head of the largest he shot stuffed.
23 Salisbury has a daughter. {the following is not Elizabeth's writing, it's the same as at the top of the
page:} Bernice Marguerite
Dec 15 After a heavy rain storm it began to freeze the light rain froze on the trees till the weight is
enormous. Many orchards are ruined as the ice broke the large branches, and in many instances
large trees are broken to the ground. Ornamental and Shade trees shared the same fate. Electric,
Telephone, and Telegraph wires are broken and are lying in the snow. Many of the poles are either
broken off or some near the ground, it will cost Orangeville $1000 to repair damages, the storm
extended a long way in Toronto. Wires of all kinds are down and mixed and broken in hopeless
{The following is not in Elizabeth's hand.}
Feby. 23 Coldest in 30 years 30 below zero.
April 1 Archie Hearns died at John Lambs. Burried at Providence.
7 Old James Reid the pedlar (orangeJim) burried to-day.
July 9 Walker left for Deseronto where he has bought the practice of a Dr. there, Em & children are
at her Fathers for a few days Walkers departure was very much regretted they gave him a dinner,
the notice of which I shall insert later.
Aug . 9 Raised new Barn, (Berries farm) They raised it in two hours and 20 minutes
Sept 27 Dear little Marjorie has Typhoid fever the past 3 weeks, and now Walker himself has been
laid up I am afraid it is Typhoid too.
Sept 30. Walker has another little boy Beverly Simpson.
Nov. 10 Walker is recovering. " 10 Minnies three children have diptheria. "13 Norman up today Bell
not so well.
"15 Bell died at 11 P.M.
" 16 Bell burried today at Greenwood Cemetery. Bells death was beautiful, she was conscious to the
last, bade Father & Mother goodbye & closed her eyes to open them again in another world.
{The following is a newspaper clipping, other than 1894 added by Elizabeth:}
Early Demise. Death visited the home of Mr. Samuel Reid, lot 5, con. 17, East Garafraxa, on
Thursday last and claimed his only daughter, Alice Bell Myrtle. She was stricken down with
diphtheria about ten days previous to her death. Deceased, who was about 13 years of age, was a
bright girl and will be greatly missed in the household. The remains were interred in Greenwood
cemetery on Friday. To the sorrowing parents we extend our sympathy.
{Back to Elizabeth’s writing}
1894 Dec. 4 Mrs. Robert Wilcox died, her husband died eight weeks ago.
1895 Feby 19 Mrs. Wills died of Cancer.
April 20 Moved out to Carvers house. Salisbury having gone to live in the new house.
Oct. 12 Salisbury has a son Donald McGregor Simpson.
Nov 5 Our cousin Wille Simpson was drowned, he and a companion were hunting, & had shot 2 deer
& a number of partridges, it was thought he had one on the lake in a boat to shoot another deer, as
the boat was found upside down.
{The following is a newspaper clipping glued to the page}
SIMPSON.--- William Simson was born in the township of Garafraxa, July 29, 1869. Death took him
on November 5, 1895. With his parents he moved to Spence township, Parry Sound District, Ont.'
when a child. Of pious parentage, his life was influenced in the right way. Eight years ago he was
converted to God during meetings conducted under the late Rev. Wilson McDonald. His life since
then has been that of a consistent Christian. His kindness and sympathy endeared him to all who
knew him. He was true and upright in all his dealings. As evil habits were not contracted in youth,
these did not trouble him. As a member of the Methodist Church he was ready for every good work.
He was a teacher in the Sabbath school. Death came suddenly. While hunting, his boat was upset,
and his body was found on the following evening. No accident heretofore in this community filled so
many hearts with sorrow. The large attendance at his funeral showed the esteem in which deceased
was held. Much sympathy is felt for his relatives in their loss, especially for his aged father, Mr.
Leviett Simpson, and his sister, who, with himself, made up his home. 'Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they shall see God.' "
{The following is a newspaper clipping glued to the page}
A POPULAR DOCTOR. -- Dr. T.W. Simpson Honored by his Fellow-Townsmen on the Eve of his
Departure. -- During his three years' residence in Orangeville Dr. T.W. Simpson has won the esteem
of the entire community. As a citizen he has been active and enterprising; while his abilities as a
professional man have commanded the confidence of the public as well as the respect of his fellow-
practitiioners. It was, therefore, with sincere regret that Dr. Simpson's many friends in Orangeville
learned, through the columns of the ADVERTISER last week, of that gentleman's proposed removal
to Deseronto. It was for the purpose of giving personal expression to this regret that a number of the
leading professional and business men of the town assembled in the Queen's hotel dining hall on
Tuesday evening and spent a few hours in honoring Dr. Simpson. The Queen's has always been
noted for the excellence of its cuisine and on this occasion surpassed even itself. The tables were
loaded with all the delicacies of the season and, needless to add, ample justice was done the
sumptuous repast. When the last course had been finished Dr. Henry was called to the chair and Dr.
Fraser to the vice-chair, and the usual toast list was then discussed. All the speakers testified to the
high esteem in which the guest of the evening is held by all who have the honor of his acquaintance,
and, while regretting his removal from their midst, the kindest wishes were expressed for his
prosperity and success in his new home. Dr. Simpson, in reply, expressed his appreciation of the
courtesy extended to him and his sorrow at parting with such an hospitable people. The medical
profession was represented by Drs. Jas. Henry, Chas. M. Smith, H.D. Fraser and F.W. Lewis; the
bar by Messrs. W.L. Walsh, Geo. Robb and F.G. Evans; the dental profession by Drs. F. Frank and
R. Meek; the banking interests by Messrs. H.H. O'Reilly, H.T. Wills and W.S. Waugh; the mercantile
and manufacturing interests by Messrs. W. Johnston, Thos. MacADam, J.S. Leighton, J.C. Fox, H.
Gillespie, T. Stevenson, W.R. Hewat, J.R. Dodds, Geo. McIntyre, D.B. Brown and F. Barnhart; the
C.P.R. by Mr. J.C. Browne, and the press by Mr. W. Wallace. --------
{Back to Elizabeth’s writing}
1896 Jan 5 Mrs. W. MacPherson died of Cancer.
Sept 10 Went to Toronto to meet Walker, spent the afternoon with him. Allan was with him Minnie
went with me, also, Salisbury, Carver, Sam, Hextall and Harry, we had a very pleasant time. Harris
Calder & little daughter of Magnetawan have paid us a visit of between two & 3 weeks we enjoyed
their visit very much little Edna is a very interesting child.
Dec 21 Got a letter from Walker, he is now living in Napanee and likes the place much better than
1894 Jan. april 8 John Irwins who has been living at Salisburys all winter died suddenly of heart
1897 Hextall has another son, Ernest Walker simpson.
Oct. 17. Walker has another son John Milner Simpson
Jan. 1 Laura Ritchie Rolland died
" 14 Addie Marshall & Will Wainsboro married.
" 16 Ella May Simpson, Hextalls eldest daughter died at 5 P.M. of peretonitis, she was only ill from
Wed. night till the following Sunday.
"31 There has been a memorial service for Ella M. Simpson
July 5 On the 19th June I C.G.S. went to Napanee, had a very nice visit. The baby Jack is 8 months
old, he is as nice as can be. Went by train & came home by boat, was away two weeks & three days,
also went to Kingston for a day.
Aug. 7 George Webster paid us a visit.
26 Geo. Webster came again.
July 25 An old friend of Mother's and of Grandmother's - Mrs. Stephenson - died
Oct. 1 Minnie & Mother drove to Maryboro to attend the Golden wedding of Aunt & Uncle Lowry.
4 Wedding day. Rebecca was 19 & Parker 23 when they were married.
{The following is a newspaper clipping glued to the page, some has been cut off}
GOLDEN WEDDING. {A} very pleasant event took place at {the} residence of Mr. and Mrs. Parker
{Lo}wry, 12th conc., Maryboro, on Tues{da}y, Oct. 4, 1898. It was the celebration {of} the fiftieth
anniversary of their wed{di}ng day. Among the guests present were Mrs. Thos. Simpson,
Orangeville, Ont., sister of Mrs. Lowry, who had been bridesmaid half a century ago; Mrs. J. Wilcox,
Toronto, another sister; Mr. Richard Walker, a brother, also Mrs. S. Reid, of the Maples, Garafraxa,
niece of Mrs. Lowry. These, with members of their own family, spent a very pleasant day. There
were five persons present who had been at the wedding fifty years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Lowry were
married in Guelph, by the late Rev. Dr. Bredin. They were the recipients of many valuable and useful
presents. Mr. Lowry is {a?} descendant of the late Earl of Chat{ha?}m, and Mrs. Lowry is a relative of
Sir {Cres}swell, Cresswell, England. They have {6?} children; one son and two daughters {live?} in
Manitoba, the other son and two {daug}hters are settled near their parents. ------
{Back to Elizabeth’s writing}
1898 Oct. 15. First frost to injure anything in our garden
16 Isaac Reids little boy set fire to their barn while his parents were at Church, the barn was entirely
17 Miss Campbell and Lizzie Stephenson came to tea.
Dec. 1st. Uncle Richard arrived from Maryboro on a visit.
25 Christmas day. Salisbury and family, Minnie and Percy, R Uncle Richard and Rev. C. Langford
were here.
30 Charles Simpson died at Seaforth where he has been in the Bank of Commerce for the past 20
1899 Jan. 13 Hextall and family except Harry, Minnie and her two little boys, and Salisbury and his
family were here.
15 Percy Reid took Scarlet Fever. The "Grip" is very prevalent.
16 Minnie is ill, Grace has gone to take care of her and Percy.
Feb. 1 Grace came home as both Minnie and Percy are much better.
May 2 Uncle Richard went home.
" 22 Received letter from Walker telling of the serious illness of his little boy Bev, who was taken ill
on the 14th, with croup, on 15th. They had a dr. from Kingston who inserted a gold tube in his throat
as a last resort, four days later he is doing well.
" 24 Mr. Malcolm Geddes foreman at the O.A.C. Guelph wheeled over to spend the day. I drove to
Town to show him around and then down to Caledon Lake where Harry Ritchie took us out for a nice
row on the lake.
28 Hextall and Priscilla came to see us. We are using onions 8 inches long which Grace planted 12
days ago.
30 George Walker of Charlotte Michigan died to-day, was found dead. Will Walker and Walton King
went to Charlotte.
{The following is a newspaper clipping glue to the page}
CAME FROM ORANGEVILLE. A Clever Canadian Druggist Ends His Life With Morphine at
Charlotte, Mich. Charlotte, Mich., May 30.--Pharmacist Geo. T. Walker is dead from morphine, taken
with suicidal intent. He was an expert authority on drugs, having passed the examinations of three
State Boards, New York, Ohio, and Michigan. His many warm friends were unable to account for his
resolve. He had not been in good health for the past few days. He was born in Orangeville, Ont.,
where his parents now reside. He carried a policy in The Banker's Life, of Des Moines, Iowa, but it
carried a suicidal clause. He married a widow with two children, who survive him. ------''
{Back to Elizabeth’s writing}
The George Walker mentioned here was the third son of Uncle Tom. None of us think he took the
morphine with an intent to comit suicide.
June 23 Harrie Calder and Alice Burke came on the 19th. and stayed until the 22nd.
July 13 Hextall raised a fine bank barn on the farm he has lately purchased. Carver, Minnie, Percy
and I went over.
Aug. 31 Last week I was on my way to Town to take the train for Toronto, Harrie was with me we
met a span of runaway horses that smashed right into us and completely demolished the buggie.
Nov. 8 Lillie Hunter was married today to Walker Hearns of Orangeville.
Dec. 3 Aunt Rebecca and Rebecca McPhee arrived, having come to see Uncle Tom who is very ill of
Dropsy of the heart.
" 6 The people returned home to Maryboro.
" 7 {The following is a note in the margin beside the journal entry: Written by E.M.S. This, which is a
{c}opy, was the last of my dear Mothers writing in this journal. The entry in Feb 1901 was her last
entry. C.S.S.} My dear brother Tom passed peacfully away this A.M. at 5 minutes to five oclock his
illness which was very severe and lasted about 5 weeks was due to heart disease. Rev. J. Milner,
Father of my son Walker's wife died of heart failure on Nov. 31, he was highly esteamed, Walker was
a great favorite of his, he was 72 years of age.
Dec. 29 My dear brother Richard died to-day of stomach trouble he was 73 years of age. His end
was peaceful, it was thought he had cancer of the stomach.
1901 Feb. Received letters and Photo's from Cousin William Walker, of Bristol-Holt-Lecestershire
England. E.M.S.
May 27 Margaret Simpson came to spend some time on a visit with us.
June 13 D.F. Burke died. Margaret and I went to B. Falls to his funeral.
Aug. Budge and Marjorie are spending their holidays with us. They came up alone.
1903 July 7 Budge and Marjorie arrived on their second holiday trip to our home. Em, Bev, & Jack
came for a week.
1904 Jan. 23 Uncle Parker Lowry died.
May. Aunt Rebecca, R. Methee & little daugher paid us a visit.
July 17 Marjorie S. came & expects to spend two months or more with us.
" 16 Our barns were burned to the ground at noon today, fire caught in the shingles from an engine
that was used to crush grain for the stock. Minnie moved to her new home in March on the 27th.
Carver & I walked there to see them. The roads being impossible for horse or {ry?}. On the way
home there came up a dreadful blizzard & I had my ears frozen.
{Same page as previous page, but with the following pasted in:}
Nov. 17 Waker, Bev. & Jack spent Thanksgiving with us, as they also did two years ago.
{1}904 {M}arch - Minnie moved to their new home.
1905 Jan. 27. I arrived home yesterday after paying visits to my Aunts in Toronto & Moorefield.
July Mr. Burke of Buffalo spent a couple of days with us.
Sept. Ed. Gilkes came from Newark N.J. & spent 10 days here.
1906 May. Our cousin Richard Walker of Sussex England arrived & intends remaining about 3
months. 14th. Aunt Wilcox, with Walker W_ , his wife from China arrived & will spend a week with us
24 Miss Luarrier of Hamilton came & spent two days with us & Minnie.
June. Norman Reid & Cousin Richard went out to the West for a trip. Richard went to visit his cousin
Headely Moor of Calgary.
July Marjorie arrived & will make us a visit of two months.
Aug. Ed. Gilkes came to pay us a two weeks visit. Mrs. {Hemming?} & Lizzie spent an afternoon
here after the funeral of Mrs. H's husband
Sept. Richard left for home also Marjorie. Carver & Berrie went to the Toronto Exhibition for two
Oct. Rebecca McKee & little girl of Rothsay & Clara Smith & her little daughter of Portage-La-Prairie
came & spent 5 days with us.
Dec. Received very nice letters from Richard Walker & his Mother also from Marian Buck- Cousin
Cecilia died of a stroke on Nove. aged 82 years. Mother had letter from Cousin Geo. Angrave he
{&c?} her he is to be married to a Miss/Earey___
25 We had a quiet Xmas, Min. & the two boys were here- 21st Carver went to Napanee to visit
1907 Jan. 1 Carver returned from Napanee.
Feby. 5 I returned home from Toronto having spent two weeks there very pleasantly.
" 20 Chas. G Burk of Williamsport Pa. spent the day with us.
April 5 Miss Lizzie E. Campbell of Melfort Sask arrived to-day on a visit to Minnie.
" 12 Hextall & family moved to Toronto.
{The page contains two newspaper clippings. The first is another identical copy of the 50th wedding
anniversary of Parker and Rebecca Lowry announcement typed out several pages back. The other is
the following:}
HISCOCK.---Harriet Hiscock was born at Ashmore, Dorsetshire, England, in the year 1801, and died
at the residence of her son, Henry Hiscok, Egremont, county Grey, Ont., on August 20, 1896, being
in the ninety-fifth year of her age. Her father was a prominent official in the Methodist church in
England, and a man respected and beloved in the community where he resided. Harriet was
converted to God in the land of her nativity when about twenty years of age, and united with the
Wesleyan church. She spoke to the writer, among her early recollections, about her cherished
associations with Methodist ministers and others. She was united in marriage to her now deceased
husband in England, who preceded her to the heavenly land some forty years ago. They came to
Canada and settled near Guelph when it was a mere hamlet, in 1835. She loved her Bible, reading it
with prayerful attention, and was sustained by its promises, which she counted exceeding great and
precious. She regarded trouble and trial as sent for her good. She cherished the means of grace,
often walking five miles when the country was new, to attend a place of worship, and she was faithful
in attending as long as strength would permit. Private prayer was her delight, and she told of
remarkable answers to her prayers. She had no fear of death, but longed to get home. On one
occasion she exclaimed, "Oh, I had such a vision of heaven; I'll soon be at home now." Not long
before her decease she told of being visited by an angel, the expression of whose countenance wa
unspeakable benign, and that she had a foretaste of heavenly bliss. Thus she passed away
triumphantly, to realize what it is to be there. Two sons only out of a family of ten survive her. John
R. Issac.
{The following is a newspaper clipping:}
HUBERT A. O. HANLEY. ---------
There was a numerous and fashionable congregation at St. Joseph's Church, Burwash, on
Wednesday, on the occasion of the marriage of Miss Mary Constance Walker, daughter of Mr
Charles W. Walker, J.P., and Mrs. Walker, of Holmhurst, Burwash, and Mr Hubert Arthur Oldfield
Hanley, of the Duke of Cambridge's Own (the Middlesex Regiment), the only son of the late Mr
Charles Hanley, and of Mrs. Hanley, of 9, Western Parade, Southsea. The bride and her parents are
highly esteemed in the district, and naturally much interest was manifested in the auspicious event.
The officiating clergy were the Very Rev. G. A. Kindersley, O.S.B., Prior of Downside Abbey, and the
Rev. A. Sutherland, Priest of the Mission. The bride was escorted by her father, who subsequently
gave her away, and Mr Richard Walker supported the bridegroom as best man. Selections were
played by the organist, and the Rev. M. de Bary rendered two vocal solos. Attending the bride were
Miss M. Walker, (sister of the bride), Miss Hanley (sister of the bridegroom), and Miss Dorothy
Moore (cousin of the bride), as bridesmaids; and Master Denis Hanley, in a suit of pale blue, acted
as the page. The bride was charmingly gowned in soft white satin with silver garland trimming, and
train lined with silver tissue. the Limerick lace draping the bodice and sleeves was the gift of Miss M.
Lucas; that on the train being presented by Mrs. Buck. The bridesmaids' dresses were of white soie
de ninon, over soft white silk, and they wore hats of blue chip, with wreaths of blue and pink-shaded
hydrangea. Their bouquets of pale pink carnations, tied with pale pink ribbons, and jewelled dagger
pins, were the gifts of the bridegroom. After the ceremony, a reception was held by the bride's
parents at "Holmhurst," and subsequently the newly-wedded couple left for Novering's Court, near
Ledbury, kindly lent by Mrs. Buck for the honeymoon. The bride's travelling dress was of Saxe blue
face cloth braided in black, and with white moire waistcoat; and she wore a black chip hat trimmed
with tulle and black ostrich feathers; and a pointed fox stole and muff, the gifts of the bridegroom.
The following is a list of the wedding gifts:--
Bridegroom: Set of pointed fox furs.
Bride's Parents: Cheque, house linen and old silver.
Miss Margaret and Mr Richard Walker: China tea service
Mr and Mrs Aitkens: Silver inkstand.
Mrs Ball: Silver photograph frame.
Miss Barrow: Worked cloth.
Major and Mrs Beale: Silver camp watch.
Mrs. Brand: Drawn thread table cloth.
Colonel Brooke: Silver topped scent bottle.
Miss Brooke: Silver trinket box.
Miss M. Brooke: Silver buckle.
The Misses Brown: Case of silver teaspoons and tongs.
Miss L. Bryan: Shakespeare
Miss A. Bryan: Toast-rack.
Mr and Mrs Bruce: Leather hand-bag.
Mrs Buck: Pendant, cheque, and Sicilian lace.
Rev. Vincent Bull:P Silver sugar dredger and pearl rosary.
Mrs Burrows: Silver serve-alls
The Lady Margaret Cecila: Onyx and silver necklace.
Miss Careless: Criptoleum pictures.
Mr and Mrs Chegwyn: Silver sweet baskets.
Mrs. Fynes-Clinton: Book
Miss Creagh: Gold brooch.
Bessie Denman and Agnes Stevenson: Oak and silver biscuit box.
Mary and Virginia Della Valli: Glass and silver jam jar.
Mr and Mrs Dormer: Leather hand-bag.
Mrs Downing: Tea cloth.
Miss Amy Dawson: Silver fern pot.
Mrs Horace Emberson: Silver ring stand.
Mr and Mrs Emberson: Drawn thread table cloth.
Lady Flower: Life of Sir William Flower.
Alice Frost: Tunbridge ware box pin cushion
Mrs Flight: Handkerchief sachet.
Mr and Mrs Griffiths: Silver na{p}kin rings.
Mr and Mrs Gregory-Smith: Travelling clock.
Miss Gun: Hat pin.
Miss Gould: Lace bag and handkerchief.
Mrs and the Misses Gipps: Silver caddy spoon.
Colonel and Mrs Hart: Silver candlesticks.
Mrs Hanley: Silver tea caddy.
Miss Hanley: Silver ink bottle.
Mr and Mrs Johnson Hill: Brass clock.
Mrs Hollins: Travelling case.
Mrs and Miss Hayley: Silver tea caddy.
Mr and Mrs Hornblower: Case of table accessories.
Mr and Mrs T. B. Hornblower: Leather hand-bag.
Mr and Mrs Howiland: Silver butterdish and knife.
Mr and Mrs Hassell: Silver sugar dredger.
Mr Edmund Hanley: Pearl and gold bracelet.
Mr and Mrs Hay: Umbrella.
Mrs. Shirley Harris: Sewing machine.
Mr and Mrs Sutherland Harris: Brass candlesticks.
Miss Hind: Silver salt cellars.
Miss Rose Hind: Cheque.
Miss Hanbury: China vase.
Rev. D. and Mrs Herford: Silver backed brush and comb.
Miss Ingram: Cucumber knife.
Miss Kirly: Cloak clasp.
Mr and Mrs Kempson: Old silver fruit spoons, 1750.
Mr and Mrs Griffiths: Silver na{p}kin rings.
Mr and Mrs Gregory-Smith: Travelling clock.
Miss Gun: Hat pin.
Miss Gould: Lace bag and handkerchief.
Mrs and the Misses Gipps: Silver caddy spoon.
Colonel and Mrs Hart: Silver candlesticks.
Mrs Hanley: Silver tea caddy.
Miss Hanley: Silver ink bottle.
Mr and Mrs Johnson Hill: Brass clock.
Mrs Hollins: Travelling case.
Mrs and Miss Hayley: Silver tea caddy.
Mr and Mrs Hornblower: Case of table accessories.
Mr and Mrs T. B. Hornblower: Leather hand-bag.
Mr and Mrs Howiland: Silver butterdish and knife.
Mr and Mrs Hassell: Silver sugar dredger.
Mr Edmund Hanley: Pearl and gold bracelet.
Mr and Mrs Hay: Umbrella.
Mrs. Shirley Harris: Sewing machine.
Mr and Mrs Sutherland Harris: Brass candlesticks.
Miss Hind: Silver salt cellars.
Miss Rose Hind: Cheque.
Miss Hanbury: China vase.
Rev. D. and Mrs Herford: Silver backed brush and comb.
Miss Ingram: Cucumber knife.
Miss Kirly: Cloak clasp.
Mr and Mrs Kempson: Old silver fruit spoons, 1750.
Miss Larkin; Portrait.
Miss M. Lucas: Limerick lace.
Miss Lucas: Pearl and peridot bracelet.
Mr and Mrs Loesch: "Midsummer Night's Dream."
Mr and Mrs Lambe: Silver and tortoiseshell trinket box.
Miss Phyllis Manson: Book.
Miss D. Moore: Embroidered tea cloth.
The Misses and Messrs. Moore: Pearl and amethyst ear-rings.
Mr and Mrs Elliott Moore: Silver scent bottle.
Commander and Mrs Moore: Book slide.
Sister Mary Catherine: Book and housewife.
The Misses McKnight: Silver tea caddy and spoon.
Dr. and Mrs Hayes Newington: Carrickmacross lace.
Miss Hayes Newington: Table centre and d'oyleys.
Mrs Oliver: Two cut glass dishes.
The Misses Pellatt: Maltese lace.
Mrs Prankhurst: Table cloth.
Frank and Mary Prankhurst: Brass Calendar.
Mr and Mrs Pick: Bronze candlesticks.
The Misses Perkins: Antique scent bottle.
Captain and Mrs Parker-Jones: Sugar and cream stand.
Miss Pickthall: Enamel buttons in case.
Mr and Mrs Roberts: Travelling clock.
Rev. Mother, New Hall, Chelmsford: Inlaid crucifix, from Holy Land.
Mr and Mrs Douglas Smith: Peridot pendant.
Miss E. Smith: Fitted leather tea case and silver tea pot.
Miss L. Smith: Diamond and ruby ring and cheque.
Miss B. Smith Oak book case and books.
Mr and Mrs Apsley Smith: Silver napkin rings.
Miss Summerbell: Two book stands.
Mr and Mrs Stranger: Silver candlesticks.
The Misses Schroeter: Travelling clock.
Mr and Mrs Saunders: Silver photo frame.
Eliza Stone: Cake knife.
Miss Smith: Embroidered tea cloth and fine crochet lace.
Mr and Mrs Stevenson: Copper tea kettle.
Mr and Mrs Seligman: Brussels lace fan.
Miss Aline Gerard Smith: Silver jam dish.
Elsie Stevenson: Large afternoon tea cloth.
Miss Tindall: Claret jug.
The Misses M. and J. Tindall: Pair silver hat pins.
Mr and Mrs Tindall: Silver napkin rings.
Miss Watson: Silver sugar basin and tongs.
Dr. and Mrs Woodroffe: Parted velvet table centre.
Miss Woodroffe: Brooch.
Nelly and Mabel Wratten: Two toast racks.
Sir Denham and Lady Warrington: Silver inkstand.
Alice Wells: Oak and silver salt cellars.
Mrs Wells: Afternoon tea cloth.
Dr. and Mrs Webster: Two illustrated books
Miss Webster: Maltese lace d'oyleys.
The Bride: Fitted dispatch case.
Bridegroom's Mother: Table silver.
Miss Hanley: Carvers
Mr Edmund Hanley: Cheque.
Right Rev. Monsignor Brindley: Two water colour pictures.
Mr Chamberlain: Glass and silver butterdish.
Mr and Mrs Havers: Silver flower bowl.
Miss Havers: Silver paper knife.
Miss Hopkins: Silver fish slice.
Mr G. W. Hammond: Silver cigarette case.
Colonel and Mrs Jopp: Silver tea knives.
Mrs Jump: Silver cream jug.
Mrs Kirkland: Silver and ivory paper knife.
Mr and Mrs Law: Cruet stand.
Rev. P. O. O'Leary: Thermos flask.
Officers of the Middlesex Regt. at the Depot: Silver cigar box.
Colonel and Mrs Maunsell: Silver mounted liqueur glasses.
Rev. F. Murphy: Barometer.
Mr and Mrs Nelson: Six early Georgian Table spoons.
Madame Von Selenbert: 12 china coffee cups.
Colonel and Mrs Staples: Silver butter dish and knife.
Miss Staples and Master A. Staples: Silver Guernsey milk can.
Colonel Savile, D.S.O., and Mrs Savile: Silver candlesticks
Mr and Mrs Harold Taylor: Case of tea knives.
Mrs Walker: Shetland rug.
Lavinia Rivers: Silver jam spoon.
Mr Neville P. Jodrell, of Stanhoe Hall, Norfolk, was selected on Tuesday as Conservative candidate
for North-West Norfolk.
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