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William John "Willy" Little Diary, 1914-1925


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{52 written in the top left corner}

Saturday Feburary 21


April 8th. Sowed seeds in the hot bed, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce &radish. Rather a stormy day with snow after a {illegible} of very fine weather.

" 11 " Finished drawing in corn from the field, 3 loads, 27 {shipped?}

"12 " Went to the Glem to get lumber sawed. Helped Daly ells to saw wood in afternoon.

" 13 Finished drawing lumber home from the back.

" " Started to saw wood in the afternoon. R. McDonald and I went over to an Executive Meeting at R. M. Clamos to wind up the business of the Farmers Club.

" 14 " A very heavy rain last night and this morning. Went to milk meeting at St. George in the afternoon. {The following is scribbled in below the entry for the 14th} Sell 2 geese and 1 hen or 32 eggs.

" 15 " Sawed wood all day with R. Lowes engine.

" 17 " Finished sawing wood in the morning and cut the remainder of the corn stalks, a heavy rain last night.

" 18" Hitched colts and started to roll cloves in creek field. Made cement blocks for pillars for the porch. {The following is scribbled in below the entry for the 18th}. {Tebbis?} Dalyelle wedding Day.

" 19 " Picked stones off field went Dalyelle barn and helped R. McDonald cut feed. Went to Paris at night.

" 20 " Bert went to Palmerston to visit L. Franklin for Easter.

" 21 " Drew two loads of hay to Cement works, R. McDonald helping. Mr Lee, Edith & Goerge came over and we all went up to the bush to get some maple trees for planting.

" 22 " Sell out maple trees, down the lane and next Dalyelle. Fred Archibald came up from Hamilton for Easter. Started to plow corn stabble in back field.

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