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William John "Willy" Little Diary, 1914-1925


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Mar 23rd. Clarence + Marie with Ada {illegible} + Miss Bell came out for tea.

- 25 - Took a load of potatoes to Paris {illegible} Edith, Leme and I went to Jim {Aitkins?} in the evening to get {is the event?} {illegible}.

- 26 Sowed measly a {illegible} of {illegible} in wheat in my new field.

- 27 Went to {Lowell Ketohene?} sale and bought {farmer?} {illegible}

- 28 Ms Johnson helped to clean up seed-grain in the afternoon.

- 29 - {Shipped?} 2 lots of {OOC?} has {illegible} @ $1.50 for {illegible}

- 31 - K. McDonald came down in the evening bringing {illegible} and he and I went to an S.S. {Epecture kneling?} in the Baptist Church. Still the [green eggs?}

Apr 1st. A very windy day and rather a cold one {ton?}

- 2nd. {Danela?} Andrew + Aunt Rossetta {S.?} {illegible} came over for a visit.

- 3rd {Gathred?} bush and burned it in the afternoon.

- 4th Cleaned out the {illegible} through the {swamp?} away from the strings. {illegible} + Ms Johnson came over at night to help me pull a {pig?} that had got its leg broken. Ralph {Bluegrass?} came from Hamilton to stay overnight

- 5 - Went to Brantford in the afternoon to a S.S {executive} In/

- 6 - {Alvah Lus?} came out for S.S and to spend the evening.

- 8 - Sowed seeds in the {hot?} {illegible} and some {illegible} in the {home?}

- 9 - {Transplanted?} some {illegible} along the lane. {illegible}

- 10 - {Grandha?} + George Lee came over and took up the {soy fields?} at the bush. {Earl Delrewe wedding day?}

- 11 - Went to Social Evening at Frank Reids at a {smudged} fine {erouned?}

- 12 - Took {fat eallie?} to the {illegible} at is {illegible}