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William John "Willy" Little Diary, 1914-1925


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July 28th Mayme and her little folks came up for a visit

- 29 - {Sold?} the potatoes and part of the corn

- 30 - Pur bug-finish on the potatoes and got {binder?} ready for work.

- 31

Aug 1st Finished cutting mixed grain and wheat {illegible} on top of the north hill in back ten acre field

- 2nd

- 3rd Cut mixed grain + {illegible} Oats in young Orchard and Edith, Leme, and went down to H. Kee's and Stoney Creek for over Sunday, we had a very pleasant trip.

- 5th Started to draw in mixed grain. Started to {use?} ripe tomatoes

- 6 - Finished plowing mixed grain off north hill {illegible} and {took?} small loads of wheat these {illegible} a strip along the fences where the snow had drifted over and {proeteatice?} it from the severe winter

- 8th Finished drawing mixed grain off back ten acres (13 loads). A very nice rain at night, which was badly needed and which was welcome indeed after an extremely hot week (101° on that {illegible})

- 9 - Cultivated potatoes, mangels, and turnips

- 10 - Started to cut oats.

- 11. Mele Wesley Lee + familiy motored over for a little while after S.S. Bat (Harry Williamson came up) {below line}

- 12 - Went to Walam McPhersons threshing by the afternoon (A fine rain last night. {below line})

- 13 - {Made?} Lee came in the evening, Mr + Mrs Folles + Esther came over for a little while in the evening.

- 14 - Finished culling oats and put the {bendes?} away.

- 15 - Helped H. Cunningham to thresh in the afternoon.

- 16 - Ryecrafts to thresh in the noon.

- - Took Mayme + Children to Aunt Helles in the evening.

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