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William John "Willy" Little Diary, 1914-1925


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Jan 21st. We went over to {illegible} to spend the evening.

- 22nd. Finished grinding grain with {Birds clippers?} .{illegible}

- 24th Started {draining or drawing?} turnips {illegible} station at Paris

- 25 - Stretched wire french on east side of the south lane.

- 26 - {Slashed} to sow fence-rails with {illegible} engine

- 27 - Went to Paris coming home by {illegible} get a little {red calf?}

- 30 - FInished {drawing} turnips to Paris.

- 31 - Went to Brantford to get a junior {illegible} Grinder at {illegible} and {illegible}

Feb 2nd A very fine clear day. D. Jock + E. {Johnson?} stayed for tea after S.S.

- 4th Went to St {George?} in afterboon, stopped at Ryecrafts for tea.

- 6 Went to {illegible} to get new {illegible} + shaft {illegible} for {illegible}. Called at Mr + Mrs Brandons

- 7 - The S.S held a Social Event @ Mr + Mrs Clarence {illegible}. There were games and a good {illegible} after which lunch was served.

- 10 - Edith, Lame + I went to Paris to have dinner with {Clarena?} + Marie, {Clarena?} having arrived home from England last night.

- 11 Went to Prayer meeting at {Roy?} Collins in the Evening.

- 12 Went with {for?} E. Ronald in the afternoon to get {Sub?} for the Church.

- 13 - Edith went to {illegible} meeting at {illegible} Roy Collins and we went {with?} to {Ambrose Suin?} to spend the evening

" 13 Edith + {llegible} went to {illegible} "At Home" in {illegible}

" 16 The {Reale Girls?} and {Sue Woothman staid?} for tea after Sunday School

" 17 {Lorne stashed?} to walk alone for the first time

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