Why should I consider donating original diaries to the University of Guelph’s Collections?

University of Guelph Archival and Special CollectionsProper Physical Care

A donation to the University of Guelph’s Archival and Special Collections means that the diary will receive archival grade physical care, allowing for the item’s preservation. Upon being donated, the diary will be assessed for any physical damage and will receive the proper conservation it needs to last well into the future.

Accessibility to Faculty, Students, or Visiting Scholars

Under conditions of responsible use, your donated diaries will be accessible and available to
faculty, students, or visiting researchers who wish to use them as a valuable scholarly resource in their work. With regard to diaries containing references to people still living, special arrangements can be made about access to appropriately manage privacy concerns.

Archival Management of Catalogs and Records

Donated diaries will be welcomed into a collection that undergoes rigorous record and catalogue management. This ensures that the diary will be well stored and catalogued in a way that makes its information and scholarly potential available and ready.

Acquisitioning of Supplementary Materials

The donation of your diaries will mean that they are entering a growing collection. With an emphasis on collecting useful materials, this leaves open the opportunity of acquisitioning items in the future that may supplement and augment the information found within your diaries. Donating your diaries leads to the potential of a growing knowledge base of the people, themes, and events within your diaries.