Diaries in Museums and Archives Across Ontario

Find Out More Start End Township Countysort ascending Ethnicity Occupation Posted on Rural Diary Archive
Hume, Robert 1845 1867 Hamilton Northumberland English Farmer No
Brock, Harriet 1832 1836 Monaghan Northumberland English Married to Lieutenant No
Hinman, Smith 1858 1909 Haldimand Northumberland English Farmer No
Wooley, Joseph H. 1861 1898 Windham North Norfolk English Farmer No
Olds, Courtland 1867 1894 Woodhouse Norfolk Irish Farmer Yes
Baker, Lenna 1901 1901 Woodhouse Norfolk English Teacher Yes
Barrett, Theobold (Toby) 1911 1941 Woodhouse Norfolk Irish Farmer No
King, Mary Ann 1888 1910 Willoughby Niagara Irish Farm Woman No
Rogers, Timothy 1789 1799 Whitchurch Newmarket English Farmer No
Butler, Charles 1833 1837 Near Cobourg, Hamilton Newcastle District (becomes Northumberland) English Farmer No
Butcher, Mary (Minnie) 1891 1918 Port Sydney, Stephenson Muskoka English Married to Salesman/Agent Yes
Mayes , Rev. Robert 1874 1877 Draper Muskoka English Farmer and Minister Yes
Fallows , Catharine 1899 1903 West Nissouri Middlesex E. English Farm Woman No
Jamieson, John 1852 1854 Adelaide Middlesex Scottish Farmer/Teacher No
Crombie, Margaret Reynolds 1935 2002 London Middlesex Irish No
MacLeod, William Neynoe 1870 1870 Westminster Middlesex Scottish Farm labourer Yes
Adams, Thomas and Sophia 1880 1900 Delaware Middlesex Irish Farmer No
Glen, James 1866 1924 Westminster Middlesex Irish Farmer No
Waters, James M. 1908 1920 Williams East Middlesex Scottish Farmer, Carpenter No
Jarvis , Hannah Owen Peters 1842 1845 Niagara Lincoln English Gentlewoman Yes
Wright, George 1872 1879 Amherst Island Lennox & Addington Scottish Farmer, Merchant No
Robinson/Sills , Laura 1901 1945 South Fredericksburg Lennox & Addington Dutch Farm Woman No
Beaty, William 1838 1892 Young & Lansdowne Leeds & Grenville Scottish Farmer No
Bellamy, Eliza 1854 1855 North Augusta Leeds & Grenville Irish Married to Miller Yes
Quinn, John Francis 1897 1905 Lansdowne Leeds & Grenville Irish Farmer No