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judge put us in possesion [sic]
of the old meeting house again
John White died the 1 of 9 month
at Bloomfield Aged 87 years.
9 mo 28 83
Charles Finemore
moved into Levis
house by the factory
[pg 26a]
Elly Kingston
died 2 mo 14 1883
Carry was confined
6 mo 21 1883 with a
litle [sic] Boy not very small
Levi [away?] to Yearly
meeting will not be home
until sometime next
Lydia Stinson died
7 mo 24 1883 Early in
the morning
Buried in the afternoon
of the next day
Deborah Edith Bowerman
Died 7m 25th 1872

[pg 26b]
Ernest C. Hazard
born on the 18th day
of August 1870.
Edith May born on
the 23rd day of the September