Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1909


Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1909


Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper


Courtesy of Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph




20th Century, York County, Vaughan Township, Ontario

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Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript



Morning Glory

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Fri Jan 1 - New Years Day. Fine but cold Mothers family alas William family here to spend the day. Marjorie stayed over night. We got an egg.

Sat Jan 2 - Fine day were at home untill evening. Uncle took me to the Rink. Auntie took Marjorie home.

Sun Jan 3 - Fine and moderately cold. Uncle Aunt Mattie and I at church in the evening.

Mon Jan 4 - Dull and damp. Election Day. Local Option carried. Uncle in toronto in the afternoon.

Tue Jan 5 - Fine but warm and sloppy. Uncle at Willie clover thrashing. Dr Appelle and Minnie here to spend the day.

Wed Jan 6 - Fine and much colder. Willies thrashing.

Thur Jan 7 - Very cold. The Thrashers came here in the afternoon.

Fri Jan 8 - Very cold then moderated. We thrashed.

Sat Jan 9 - Raining a little mild. We cut feed in the morning. Uncle took me to the Rink.

Sun Jan 10 - Fine and mild. Uncle, Aunt mattie and I at church.

Mon Jan 11 - Fine and turning cold. Lizzie here. Uncle Aunt Nellie took her home.

Tue Jan 12 - Cold East storm cleared at noon. The Teasdale called. sleighing again the first in 1909. We head in a samll Euchre Party. Extremely cold 4 below zero.

Wed Jan 13 - Fine and a little milder. Mick came out the in the afternoon.

Thur Jan 14 - Coming a little mist. Uncle in Toronto, Aunt Nellie at Mothers for dinner then went to an extra W.A. meeting. Aunt Mattie and I at Mr Teasdales for tea. Frank bought in home in the cutter.

Fri Jan 15 - Colder again. Uncle came home at night.

Sat Jan 16 - I am very cold East Wind the worst of the season this far. Uncle went to Toronto. Mick went home. I had my skates sharpened. I walked to Mothers and had tea and went to the Rink not many out. Our Cutter out first time

Sun Jan 17. - Fine bright day. Aunt Mattie at Willies for tea. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at evening church.

Mon Jan 18 - Fine and cold. 6 below zero. but bright and calm. I walked to Thornhill to see Ella Reid. The teasdale young people here to tea.

Tue Jan 19 - Fine and moderately cold. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at Mrs. Langstaff to spend the evening.

Wed Jan 20 - Fine and bright. Aunt Nellie called at Mrs Whites. I went to skate in the evening.

Thur Jan 21 - Fine and very mild. Aunt Mattie and I at Extra N.A. meeting. Uncle drove us out. I walked home and Auntie remained at Mothers to go to Toronto next day. The Tin Smiths here. Mrs Garson called.

Fri Jan 22 Showery and mild. Annie came out. Charlie Teasdale here in the afternoon. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at a Progressive Euchre at Mr Atkinsons.

Sat Jan 23. Showery and mild. Uncle at Mr Svagers funeral he went to Toronto in afternoon. Annie went home. Snow all gone {?} muddy.

Sun Jan 24, Very mild and foggy. 57 above. very sloppy. We went to morning church. Miss Phillips called.

Mon Jan 25, A little colder and windy. The Bishop died yesterday. Not frozen at all.

Tue Jan 26 {written over 27} Fine day a little frost. Uncle and Aunt Nellie called to see Mrs Ellerby.

Wed Jan 27 {written over 26} Fine day. I walked out to the Carnival but it was not as the Gce was not very good. Uncle came for me. came a little shaft of snow in the evening.

Thur Jan 28, Fine and bright but frosty. I went to Toronto. Aunt Nellie at W.A. Meeting. Uncle came out for us. We went to the Concert in the Methodist church. Aunt Nellie stayed at Mothers over night. Lizzie came home with us.

Fri Jan 29. Fine very {written overtop of fine} high East wind with a little storm. Uncle took Lizzie home. Aunt Nellie came home on the five O'clock car.

Sat Jan 30 Storming all day, Uncle at Weston Conservative Meeting.

Sun Jan 31. Cold west wind and blowing did not go to church as it is so rough and cold.

Mon Feb. 1. Fine but very cold, below zero, quite a bit of snow, not sleighing.

Tue Feb 2, Fine and milder. We washed and churned.

Wed Feb 3. Fine and moderately cold. I walked out to the Carnival Uncle came for me. A large crowd.

Thur Feb 4. Fine and quite mild beautiful day. Aunt Mattie came home and she and Aunt Nellie at W.A. Uncle out in the evening.

Fri Feb 5, Fine and very mild all slush. Rained heavily at night. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at Mrs Littles Party.

Sat Feb 6. Cold west wind not freezing very hard. I went to the Rink. Auntie and Uncle at Mr. Watsons. The ice a little soft.

Sun Feb 7. Fine and mild snow nearly all gone. Uncle Aunt Mattie and I at church. I went to Fishersville. A beautiful day like spring.

Mon Feb. 8. Fine day turning cold at night. Charlie and Frank Teasdale here in the evening.

Tue Feb 9. Rather blustery and cold. East wind all day.

Wed Feb 10. Cold and windy all day. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at Mr Bales to tea.

Thur Feb 11. Fine but cold and windy. We were all at the Social large crowd.

Fri Feb 12. Fine bright day and mild. Marjorie here. Uncle at Newton Brook in the evening.

Sat Feb 13. Fine and moderately cold. Uncle and I went to Toronto on the 11 O'clock car. I went to Jamie Speights to remain. called at Dr Mc Leans.

Sun Feb 14. Rained and Sleeted all day. I went to Central Methodist church, and Northern Congregational

Mon Feb 15. Snowed heavily in the morning. I went to Dr Mc Leans. $5. and down town in afternoon.

Tue Feb 16. Fine and cold then turned very stormy in the afternoon. A good debth of snow. I came home at noon. Mr and Mrs Teasdale and Annie here for tea.

Wed Feb 17. Fine and moderately cold. Uncle in Toronto. We all had tea at Willies also Mothers. Election of Bishop.

Thur Feb 18. A little stormy. Uncle in Toronto. .. .. .. Willie here to do the chores.

Fri Feb 19. Mild day, rained a little in the afternoon.

Sat Feb 20. Fine and mild. Uncle took me out to the Rink the ice is soft. I have a cold.

Sun Feb 21. Fine mild day. Willies family all here to spend the day. Uncle Aunt Nellie and I at evening church. Aunt Mattie very sick all night. had cutter out

Mon Feb 22. Fine mild day. Sleighing nearly gone. Lizzie came out she and I at Willies in the evening.

Tue Feb 23. Rained heavily all very sloppy. Lizzie went home. Uncle took Aunt Nellie to Mrs Breakeys afternoon tea.

Wed Feb 24. Fine bright mild day. Aunt Mattie and Mother went to Toronto to Alices. Herbert Smellie died, and Uncle went down to Toronto with message.

Thur Feb 25. Rather blustery and cold. Annie walked out for dinner Mr and Mrs David Pearson here for tea.

Fri Feb 26. Fine day. Uncle, Auntie, and Willie at Herberts funeral.

Sat Feb 27. Fine and mild. I walked out to the Rink and Uncle came for me.

Sun Feb 28. Fine day a little colder. We went to evening church.

Mon March 1. {written over F} Fine morning. washed and churned a little blustery in the afternoon.

Tue Mar 2. Beautiful warm day. Sloppy. I was at Mr Teasdales for tea.

Wed Mar 3. Rather stormy all day an East wind. at home.

Thur Mar 4. Blowing and drifting all day. the Siderads drifted. had to dig up here up the hill.

Fri Mar 5. Fine day. very cold. Uncle and Auntie started to got to Thornhill but the road not opened up in the morning. got through by noon. Went to Fisherville Social {written above}.

Sat Mar 6. Fine bright day. Uncle in Toronto. I walked out to the Rink rather sloppy. came home with Uncle.

Sun Mar 7. Fine bright day. Uncle and Auntie at church. I did not go out.

Mon Mar 8. Fine warm day. I walked to Thornhill in afternoon Marjorie and Charlie here for tea.

Tue Mar 9. Rained and sleeted all day. Uncle in Toronto in evening.

Wed Mar 10. Windy but did not freeze till night. Marjorie here for tea. We went out to meet Aunt Mattie. I did not get out to skate.

Thur Mar 11. Fine and moderately cold. Uncle in Toronto with Willie took Willies horse down.

Fri Mar 12. Fine and moderately cold.

Sat Mar 13. Fine mild. I walked to Thornhill skated and stayed all night at mothers, had a flashlight taken.

Sun Mar 14. Fine bright day. I walked to church and came home with the others. Uncle and Aunt Mattie went over to Willies for tea

Mon Mar 15. Fine and moderately cold, we washed and churned and cut marmalade. Mr Smurthwaite called.

Tue Mar 16. Fine with exception of flurrys and blustery. Uncle met the car for the Smurthwaites. I walked down to Elsie Troyers funeral.

Wed Mar 17. Rather blustery then cleared at night I walked to the Rink. Hockey Carnival. I waited and came home with Uncle and Auntie when coming from Mr Jackes party.

Thur Mar 18. Fine and moderately cold. quite sloppy. Aunt Mattie went to Thornhill to collect. Dr Campbell here to dinner Mr Whitelaw called in eve. sold our first eggs. 20 e {written above 20}

Fri Mar 19. Fine day. at home. a little water over the road.

Sat Mar 20. Fine day. I did not go to the Rink. all at home.

Sun Mar 21. Fine and mild. Willies all over and had tea. Uncle Aunt Mattie and I at church. Robin here for first.

Mon Mar 22. Fine day. Aunt Nellie in Toronto. Lizzie came out. Miss Keffer and Miss White here for tea.

Tue Mar 23. Fine bright day. our gateway very watery.

Wed Mar 24. Snowed and rained. A few friends here for tea and Progressive Euchre.

Thur Mar 25. Fine but muddy. at home all day.

Fri Mar 26. Fine and moderately cold. Charlie came to stay all night.

Sat Mar 27. Fine and bright snowed this morning then sloppy. I walked to the Rink and stayed at Mothers.

Sun Mar 28. Fine but very sloppy. I came home with Uncle and Aunt Nellie from church. Uncle went to Willies in the evening.

Mon Mar 29. Fine bright day. We washed and churned.

Tue Mar 30. Fine day. Willie helping Uncle to clean up wheat. We cleaned Mans Room. the roads drying a little.

Wed Mar 31. Fine and roads quite dry. Willie and Uncle at Richmond Hill with wheat I went out to Ladies Aid at Mothers. We cleaned Cellar. Black birds here. Thomas Poole called.

Thur Apr 1. April Fool Day. Annie walked out to spend the day. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at Progressive Euchre at Mr Balls.

Fri Apr 2. Rained a little. Uncle brought Mother out to spend the day.

Sat Apr 3. Dull and showery. the roads muddy again.

Sun Apr 4. Fine and bright but rather dirty. I called at Mr Devlins in the afternoon. Uncle Aunt Mattie & I at w church.

Mon Apr 5. Fine and much warmer. Auntie washed for cleaning such as bed covers etc. Mrs Ball and Miss Gibson called. the new man came. Mr Teasdale and the boys here in the evening. Coal feeder out. cleaned clothes closets.

Tue Apr 6. Fine and very warm and sultry. a few sprinkles of rain in the evening. We cleaned chamber. Willie Cook called but not in the house.

Wed Apr 7. Rained last night. cleared and dreadfully windy. did damage in some places. We took up carpet in North spare room and white washed ceiling.

Thur Apr 8. Fine and a little cold. Aunt Mattie and I in Toronto

Fri Apr 9. Good Friday. about an inch of snow this morning. cold day. little Charlie here all day.

Sat Apr 10. Cold and dull. quite a heavy frost. Uncle went to Thornhill in the afternoon for our parcels.

Sun Apr 11. Easter Sunday. Fine and bright but cold. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. I went to Fisherville but no Service as Mr Whitelaw was sick.

Mon Apr 12. Fine day. We washed and churned and put down Matting in spare room. Uncle helping Willies to kill Pigs.

Tue Apr 13. Warm, and showery in the afternoon. We cleaned Uncles room and ours did not take carpets up except hall and stairs.

Wed Apr 14. Fine but cold. We cleaned hall and stairs. I cleaned Cupboard in the Dining Room. Uncle in Toronto. Lizzie here for dinner.

Thur Apr 15. Took Coal feeder out. Cleaned Parlor and spare room. all done but Dining Room and Kitchen the former we are going to leave until next week

Fri Apr 16. Colder again a little shower in afternoon We put in Lettuce and a few Onions. but it does not work very well rather wet. Aunt Mattie at Mary's for tea. I called to ask for Miss Duncan last eve

Sat Apr 17. Rained last night roads muddy but bright day. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at Mr Teasdales for tea. the boys here for a while in afternoon.

Sun Apr 18. Rained in the morning and threatening all day. Willies family here to spend the day. We did not got to evening church as it threatened rain.

Mon Apr 19. A little showery. Uncle went to Toronto.

Tue Apr 20. Fine day. Uncle went to Richmond Hill for shingles. 7 chickens out {written on the left side under date} I went to Toronto with Lizzie, Auntie washed curtains etc

Wed Apr 21. Rather dull and showery. We cleaned Dining Room.

Thur Apr 22. Cold and cloudy. Cleaned Pantry. all done but kitchen and doing up curtains. I called at Mary's in afternoon

Fri Apr 23. Fine but cold. John Ellis patching our roof. We had our Rooster for dinner. Aunt Mattie and I called at Mrs Gibsons - then had tea at mothers.

Sat Apr 24. Fine day. Aunt Nellie and Uncle went down to Mr Danby's to see Mrs Bowes.

Sun Apr 25. Rained a little then cleared and very high wind. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church. I went to Fisherville.

Mon Apr 26. Fine bright and warm. Uncle in Toronto. We washed and churched in the afternoon. We put in Dutch selts and raked in garden. I have cold.

Tue Apr 27. Cooler and showery. Uncle and Aunt Nellie took butter to Thornhill in evening. Some seeding. Lettuce up

Wed Apr 28. Fine but cold and windy. hard frost A calf. Ice all day.

Thur Apr 29. Heavy frost last night ground hard frozen East storm and snow drifting like winter. The man away. Some have seeding started {written over the word done} but not ours.

Fri Apr 30. Thunder storm through night. all wet and slushy East wind. Uncle and Willie away for Potatoes Uncle and I at Thornhill in afternoon.

Sat May 1. May Day. Cold and windy. Uncle in Toronto. Herbert Smellie buried. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at Thornhill in eve - cleaned kitchen wood work {written above} Blustery at night.

Sun May 2. Very cold and blustery. A calf. Uncle Aunt Nellie and I at church.

Mon May 3. A little showery then clearing. Six of chickens eaten. girls here {written above}

Tue May 4. Fine but cool, Aunt Nellie went to Toronto in the afternoon to attend W.A. Meeting.

Wed May 5. Fine day very windy. Charlie Wilson left this morning. The children here for tea.

Thur May 6. Fine morning Mick started work. It came a thunder storm in the evening.

Fri May 7. Fine and a little warmer. very windy. Aunt Mattie and I called to ask for Miss Duncan in the evening.

Sat May 8. Fine and moderately warm. Aunt Nellie came home from Toronto in the evening. Lizzie home with them to remain until Sunday.

Sun May 9. Rained in the morning and again in the evening. Mr Clubine and Miss Beatly called for Lizzie. we did not go to church as it started to rain.

Mon May 10. Rained heavily all or most of the day. Mick did not come.

Tue May 11. Fine day. Uncle in Toronto all day. We washed.

Wed May 12. Fine and warm. Clara Teasdale and the boys here in the evening. I went out without jacket for the first.

Thur May 13. Fine and warm. We three went to Toronto. I got hat $6 and skirt $3.75.

Fri May 14. Very warm. We took our Range out in the morning it rained a little in the evening

Sat May 15. Cooler and thunder storms at night. Uncle in Toronto in the afternoon.

Sun May 16. Fine but windy and a little dull. Uncle at Willies in the afternoon. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at evening church.

Mon May 17. Fine Uncle and Willie took cattle to Maple in the morning. Mick started to harrow for the first. Uncle and I at Thornhill in afternoon. Marjorie here for tea.

Tue May 18. Fine day. our people sowed a few acres. Auntie painted front Verandah it took 10 gal and 1 pint.

Wed May 19. Fine and warm, Aunt Mattie and I went to Alices in the afternoon. Marjie and C have chicken Pox

Thur May 20. Fine and warm, helping Alice clean the new house

Fri May 21. A little shower but mostly fine.

Sat May 22. Fine and a little cooler. We came home in the afternoon. Planted out Verbenas and asters. Our men done all seeding but Peas.

Sun May 23. Uncle Aunt Nellie and I at church. Went to Willies for tea, A little shower in the evening.

Mon May 24. We all spent the day at Mothers fine and warm all day. Walked out in waists.

Tue May 25. We washed and churned. Planted beans and dug garden for cucumbers

Wed May 26. Put in the cucumbers. Made Dandelion Wine Annie came out for the day. Aunt Mattie and I went to Alices on the evening car.

Thur May 27. Rained heavily until eleven O'clock then we had the movers come in afternoon took one load.

Fri May 28. Fine and warm. Finished the moving at noon. busy settling all afternoon. Our men sowing peas.

Sat May 29. Fine and very warm, We came home in the evening. Blossoms all out.

Sun May 30. Fine and warm. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. Willies all here to tea. I walked out to Methodist church. Whit Sunday, no rain here.

Mon May 31. Fine and warm. We limed pork and put it away.

Tue June 1. Fine day. Men putting in roots. We put in our seeds in field.

Wed June 2. Fine day, warm. We washed and churned.

Thur June 3. Fine and very warm. Aunties at W.A at Mrs Drury's. Uncle drove them out and they walked home. I started with chicken Pox.

Fri June 4. Fine and warm. I was poorly all day. walked as far as Willies in the morning. Planted tomatoes

Sat June 5. Fine and warm. Uncle up North on the cars. I am very miserable.

Sun June 6. Fine and cooler. Mr and Mrs Reire here to spend the day. I feel much better but a terrible sight.

Mon June 7. Fine and very cool. Uncle in Toronto in afternoon

Tue June 8. Fine and cool. Bob Pearson here. hauling manure. Aunties down to Aunt Lizzies to tea, Dusty but cool.

Wed June 9. Fine and cool. Aunt Mattie and I out looking for Duck eggs in evening. Aunt Nellie planted Pumpkins

Thur June 10. Rained a little shower then fine and cool. Auntie and I looking for Duck eggs at Mr Bones.

Fri June 11. Fine and warmer, Aunt Nellie at Mr Allans for Duck eggs but failed to get any.

Sat June 12. Fine and warm, Mr Jakes called.

Sun June 13. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church. It rained as we came home. showery in the afternoon, went to Willies in the evening.

Mon June 14. Fine and cool. we washed and churned. Mrs Gibson here to tea, Uncle took her home.

Tue June 15. Fine and cool. Margaret and Alice also Annie walked out in the afternoon. Men finished manure.

Wed June 16. Fine and cool. Auntie drove the girls to the car. Uncle went to Synod Meeting. Mrs Teasdale and Annie here for tea.

Thur June 17. Rained in the morning. Uncle came home in the evening.

Fri June 18. Fine and very cool, windy. I went to Toronto stayed and had tea at Aunt Lizzies. home on 7:30 car in eve.

Sat June 19. Fine and cool. picked our sage. Mick working on road hauling gravel.

Sun June 20. Fine and warmer. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at Markham Village. Aunt Mattie and I at Camp Meeting.

Mon Jun 21. Fine and very warm the boys here for tea

Tue June 22. Fine but hot, Aunties and I at Camp Meeting. Mr and Mrs Breakey called in eve -

Wed Jun 23. Warm came a thunder shower at noon.

Thur Jun 24. Fine and very warm. We took Uncle out to the car. Lizzie came back with us she, Aunt Nellie and I went to Camp Meeting.

Fri June 25. Fine and very warm. Aunt Mattie at Willies in the evening. Children have Whooping Cough.

Sat June 26. Fine and warm. Auntie and I at the Camp Meeting.

Sun June 27. Fine but warm. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church, Uncle at Mr Atkinsons for tea. Aunties and I at Camp Meeting.

Mon June 28. Fine but very, very warm. Uncle took Aunt Nellie and I to Elia Pic-nic.

Tue June 29. Fine and warm. Uncle Aunt Mattie and I at Mr Teasdales for Strawberries.

Wed June 30. Fine and warm. Uncle at Mr Buchanans Raising, Aunt Nellie and I at Camp Meeting. Uncle drove Mick a piece home.

Thur July 1. Dominion Day. very warm and dusty, Uncle at King City with Willie, the children all have Whooping Cough. I walked out to Mothers, got a ride home in Mrs Scotts Automobile.

Fri July 2. Fine until noon then showery. Clara Teasdale here to tea but too damp to go to Camp Meeting. Sam started work. they cut the yards and lane, got our Strawberry at 8 cts a basket. turned cool.

Sat July 3. Fine but very cold. Uncle took Aunt Mattie and I to Fisherville Strawberry Festival. very cold. Cut Clover

Sun July 4. Fine and very cool. Uncle Aunt Nellie and I at church. Aunt Nellie and I at Camp Meeting.

Mon July 5. Fine and cool. Men working at hay, Uncle brought Mother out in the evening. Worville here for hay.

Tue July 6. Fine bright day. Uncle in Toronto. Jamie Simpson and Dorothy Passmore here for tea. men cocking hay.

Wed July 7. Fine and warmer, Mother went for Willies. Worville here for hay, Men started to haul hay. Merey Cook and Mrs Day called. Aunt M. and I at Camp Meeting. {previous 11 words written underneath line}

Thur July 8. Fine and warm. Men hauling clover. Uncle Smellie here for dinner. Mr and Mrs Langstaff and Mr and Mrs Jackes called in the evening.

Fri July 9. Fine and warm. men haying.

Sat July 10. Rained in the afternoon we were at home.

Sun July 11. Very warm, Uncle Aunt Mattie and I at church. Dr Campbell and Mr Horne here for tea. Aunt Nellie at Willies in eve rained a little Camp Meetings closed.

Mon July 12. Dull and warm. Mick came at noon. they put the Calves out at the hay in afternoon. the girls arrived home from their trip.

Tue July 13. Fine and cool. Aunt Mattie and I went to the bush but no berries ready. Lizzie here for tea and Annie in the evening.

Wed July 14. Fine but very warm. Aunt Mattie and I called at miss Duncans in the evening.

Thur July 15. Rained a little in the afternoon. very sultry Mr and Mrs Atkinson called in the evening.

Fri July 16. Rained a little in Toronto and less here. I went to Toronto had tea at Alices done hay except rakings. {written above line}

Sat July 17. Fine and cooler. Sam helping Willies. our men raking but too windy to bring them in, Aunt Nellie picking Berries and in the evening both went 3 qts and 1 pint in afternoon about 4 qts at night.

Sun July 18. Fine and very cool and windy. Tom Farr and Mr Stallery here for tea. just a sprinkle in the evening. I walked not to church

Mon July 19. Fine and very cool. I picked 3 qts Berries. very scarse and smalled picked cherries in the afternoon

Tue July 20. Fine and cool. Men finished up Stacks. Aunt Lizzie out for the day.

Wed July 21. Cool and showery. Sam left on account of cold.

Thur July 22. Rained a very little. Uncle took Aunt Mattie and I out to Fred Richards funeral. Auntie and I stayed tea at mothers. Mr Parkinson here taking the binder apart.

Fri July 23. Rained heavily most of the day. Uncle in Toronto Sam came back.

Sat July 24. Fine and cool in the morning. Aunt Nellie an I picking berries, Showery and cold in the afternoon.

Sun July 25. Fine and warm, Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at Church. Uncle at Willies for tea. Aunt Mattie and I walked to evening church.

Mon July 26. Fine and warm, I went to pick Berries. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at Mr Pooles in the evening.

Tue July 27. Fine and very warm. Men cut a little at wheat Mrs Mc Kenzie and Fanny Charlton here for tea.

Wed July 28. Fine but warm. Cutting wheat until 4 O'clock the tongue broke. Marjorie and boys here for tea

Thur July 29. Dull and showery but extremely hot and sultry

Fri July 30 Fine and a little cooler, Lizzie here for the day.

Sat July 31. Fine and moderately warm. Uncle went away to Muskoka. Aunt Nellie and I picking Berries Mick went home in the evening but came back to stay, Aunt Mattie and I at Mr Devlins in the evening.

Sun Aug 1. Fine and cool. the men here. Mick drove Aunt Mattie and I to church.

Mon Aug 2. Fine and cool. Civic Holiday. I was at Mr Teasdales for tea. went over to the station in the evening.

Tue Aug 3. Fine and a little warmer. Uncle came home at noon. Started to haul wheat in afternoon Uncle and Aunt Mattie at Mr Breakeys in the evening.

Wed Aug 4. Fine and warm. Aunt Mattie and I went to Toronto and to Oleott Beach in the afternoon. Our men hauling wheat.

Thur Aug 5. Fine but warm. I went down town in the morning and home on the evening car. Finished wheat noon.

Fri Aug 6. Fine and very warm. We were at home all day.

Sat Aug 7. Fine but very warm. everything drying up S {written in left margin} Aunt Mattie came home in the evening. Clara and Frank Teasdale here to spend the evening.

Sun Aug 8. Fine but extremely hot and dusty, Uncle and Aunt Nellie at church (a supply took the Pulpit) Mr and Mrs Carson here for tea.

Mon Aug 9. Fine but warm. We picked peas. Uncle and Aunt Nellie took peas to Mr Teasdales. We took apples to Mrs Granger and Mr Devlin.

Tue Aug 10. Fine and cooler. very dusty Men cut part of the Barley what was ready

Wed Aug 11. Fine little cooler. Uncle and I at Thornhill in the morning. Annie came home with us

Thur Aug 12. Fine and cool. Aunt Nellie and Uncle called at Mrs Morgans and Mr Atkinsons.

Fri Aug 13. Fine warmer. men finished cutting Barley.

Sat Aug 14. Fine and very warm and dusty. I went to Howard Charltons funeral. Our men hauling Willies barley and a few Oats. Aunt Mattie helping Mary. Arthur Appelbe here {written above}

Sune Aug 15. Rained a little and very sultry and showery. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church.

Mon Aug 16. Very warm at first and then turned showery and cooler. Tom Farr and Arthur Appelbe here all day. I took apples to Mr Devlins in the evening.

Tue Aug 17. Rained a little in the morning. men started to cut Oats about three O'clock. I took apples to Mrs Grainger

Wed Aug 18. Fine and very cool. Uncle and I at Thornhill early in the morning. Arthur Appelbe came home with us. Aunt Nellie went to Alices in afternoon. The men finished Cutting and put Binder away.

Thur Aug 19. Fine and still cool. Our men at Willies in the afternoon hauling in. Mrs John Nightingale died

Fri Aug 20. Fine and very cool. Our men at Willies. I went to help Mary Miss Johnson there. Mary gave us cucumbers and tomatoes.

Sat Aug 21. Fine and cool. Willies all here hauled our Barley and a few loads of Oats. We got basket of Tomatoes from Thornhill at night.

Sun Aug 22. Fine and cool. Uncle and I at Church. Mrs Clarkes and Ida called in the afternoon. Willies family all here for tea.

Mon Aug 23. Fine much warmer. Men here and finished our Oats about two O'clock and went to Willies.

Tue Aug 24. Fine and warm. Our men at Willies. Aunt Nellie helping Mary in the forenoon. David Smellie here spending the day.

Wed Aug 25. Fine and exceedingly warm. the warmest of the season. the men helping Willie pull peas.

Thur Aug 26. Fine and warm. the men finished Willies peas about ten O'clock. Took up our early potatoes in the afternoon.

Fri Aug 27. Fine day Willies thrashing. Aunt Mattie over in the afternoon.

Sat Aug 28. Fine & warm high wind We thrashed to-day.

Sun Aug 29. Fine and cool after rain through the night. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. I walked out to Thornhill in the evening had corn for Tea

Mon Aug 30. Fine and cool. slight frost {written above} Phillips thrashing. Started pull peas in afternoon {written above}

Tue Aug 31. Fine and very cool. Finished pulling peas. Willie here. Got in a few of Willies peas. Lizzie here for tea. Uncle, & Aunt Mattie out in eve.

Wed Sept 1. Very cool and windy. Some think we had slight frost. Mrs Clarkes thrashing Sam there. Mick and Uncle helped Willie finish peas. then they started cut our Hungarian.

Thur Sept 2. Fine day and moderately warm. men finished our Hungarian the men all here hauling peas in the afternoon. We had frost last night. Mrs Teasdale, Annie and Mrs Proctor called.

Fri Sept 3. Fine and warmer, the men finished the peas.

Sat Sept 4. Rained a very little Willies took the children to the Exhibition. Sam left at night.

Sun Sept 5. Fine and cool. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church Willies over in the evening.

Mon Sept 6. Fine day our men cutting clover. Annie here for tea.

Tue Sept 7. Fine day. Lizzie Cooper and James Appelbe called. Willies helped our men to haul Hungarian.

Wed Sept 8. Fine day bright and a lovely day. Aunties and I went to the Exhibition. stayed for late train which was on time.

Thur Sept 9. Fine cool day. Uncle at exhibition. Mrs Teasdale and Annie here for tea brought plumbs Mick went home at night.

Fri Sept 10. Fine day. all at home.

Sat Sept 11. Fine day. Aunt Mattie and I in Toronto I got hat and suit. I have cold. Mr Gibson brought Plumbs suit cost $14.95 and hat $3.25

Sun Sept 12. Fine day. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. went over to Willies in the evening.

Mon Sept 13. Fine and warm. Mick not back. Uncle sowing the wheat. Marjorie here for tea. came shower through night

Tue Sept 14. Very, very warm. Uncle finished the wheat

Wed Sept 15. Fine day. Mick came back. Uncle in Toronto. Willie and boys over in the evening a little shower in afternoon turned cool at night. Mr Riddell died through night.

Thur Sept 16. Fine and cool. Aunties at W.A. Meeting and Uncle went for them in the evening, took Buggy to get tires set. Cutting the corn.

Fri Sept 17. Fine bright day. Aunt Mattie and I called at Mrs Riddells and Mrs Carsons. 4 little chickens I started to feed.

Sat Sept 18. Fine bright day. Charlie here all day. Uncle at Mr Graingers thrashing in the afternoon. Aunt Nellie and I at Mr. Riddells funeral. Aunt Nellie rode up to Maple with Willie.

Sun Sept 19. Fine bright day. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at evening Church.

Mon Sept 20. Fine day warm. Uncle at Mr Graingers thrashing Aunt Mattie at Mary's in the evening.

Tue Sept 21.Fine and warm. Finished thrashing at noon at Mr Graingers Aunt Mattie and I at Mrs Clarkes in the evening.

Wed Sept 22 Fine and warm. Picked Potatoes. very dusty. Mr Miller buried,

Thur Sept 23. Rained heavily for a while in the afternoon did good for wheat but not enough for to help ploughing turned cooler.

Fri Sept 24. Fine bright morning showery in the afternoon Aunt Mattie and I walked to Thornhill but got caught in the shower, Uncle at Sutton Fair

Sat Sept 25. Fine day. the boys here.

Sun Sept 26. Fine but cold. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church, I remained at Mothers. Lizzie and I at Presbypterian church, Willies all here for tea.

Mon Sept 27. Fine day. cool wind - washed, churned, and ironed

Tue Sept 28. Fine day. Auntie and I went out to decorate had tea at Mothers.

Wed Sept 29. Rained in the morning. Uncle went for chairs. Auntie stayed at Mothers until after dinner. St Albans choir out and the Bishop. Collection $39.52. {9 written over an 8}

Thur Sept 30. Fine after a few showers. Uncle took the chairs back.

Fri Oct 1. Fine but dull and cold. We cleaned spare bed room upstairs and cleaned out chimney hole.

Sat Oct 2. Fine but cool. I called at Mr Devlins in the afternoon

Sun Oct 3. Fine day. Uncle and Aunties at church. Dr Campbell here for tea. Aunt Mattie and I at the Methodist Church. Song Service. Uncle came for us. Parlor fire light.

{newspaper clipping separate from diary}

Engagements Announced.

Dr. and Mrs. Rowland B. Orr announce the engagement of their daughter. Meta Meredith, to Dr. Gordon Park Jackson of Wroxeter, Ont. The marriage will take place quietly the middle of October.

{newspaper clipping separate from diary}


The residence of Dr. and Mrs. Rowland Orr in Queen street west was the scene of a quiet wedding at half-past two o'clock this afternoon, when the marriage was solemnized of their youngest daughter, Meta Meredith, to Dr. Gordon Park Jackson, of Wroxeter, Ont. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Canon Bryan. rector of the Church of Epiphany, in the presence of only the immediate relatives. The bride, who was given away by her father, was attired in a blue traveling suit and blue beaver hat and carried white roses. Dr. and Mrs. Jackson left later in the afternoon for a trip across the line before going to their home in Wroxeter.

{newspaper clipping with an image of a man with a mustache}


of the Harbord Collegiate Institute, who has been offered a professorship in a university at Fuchow, China.


Charged With Theft.

{newspaper clipping separate from diary}

Mr. Beckman was made a professor of music. For some time he was organist of St. Edmund's church here.

He was a member of the L.O.L., the Young Britons, and the Chosen Friends, and Chalmers church.

Besides his mother and father, he is survived by two sisters, Miss Phoebe and Miss Mary; and two brothers,

{newspaper clipping separate from diary}

the eastern end of the Province, in the counties of Prescott Glengarry, and Russell, where the bilingual schools flourish, it is said conditions are so bad that those in Essex county would appear tolerable if a comparison were made.




Bourassa's Paper Defends Itself as Free From Masonic Influence.

Special to The Star.

Montreal, Oct. 19. -- Mr. Henri Bourassa, proprietor of Le Devoir, is still in New York, but last night his paper printed a lengthy reply to the statement issued by Bishop Fallon of London. In several places Mr. Heroux, Bourassa's chief editor, who was the writer of the article makes

{newspaper clipping separate from diary}

preliminary practice. Jennings had both Summers and Mullin warming up. The Detroit manager wants to give Ed. Summers a chance at the National League champions, but he is afraid the damp weather may affect his pitching. between Detroit and the Chicago Nat- In the first game of the world's series ionals Summers pitched well until the field became damp from a heavy down-pour, and then he was batted hard by the Chicagoans. The dark day put Mullin's great speed at a premium, and Jennings may send him in for that reason, and save Summers for to-morrow's game.

Both Managers Confident.

"We're going to win this series," said Jennings this morning.

"The Pirates had an off day Saturday, and will come back stronger than ever to-day," said Fred Clarke.

The teams will probably line up as follows in to-days game:

Detroit - Pittsburg

D. Jones l.f. - Byrne, 3b.

Bush, s.s. - Leach, c.f.

Cobb, l.f. - Clarke, l.f.

Crawford, c.f. - Wagner, s.s.

Delehanty, 2b. - Miller, 2b.

Moriarity, 3b. - Abstein, 1b.

T. Jones, 1b. - Wilson, r.f.

Schmidt, c. - Gibson. c.

Summers, p. - Adams or Maddox, p.

Umpires -- O'Loughlin (American) and Johnstone (National).



Scarcity of Good Laborers is Reported at City Hall.

En route home from St. Louis Mayor Oliver called on Consulting Electrical

Mon Oct 4. Fine day bright and warm. Uncle in Toronto. I called at Mrs Teasdales in afternoon.

Tue Oct 5. Fine and beautifully warm. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at Mrs Bells funeral. Clara Teasdale and I at Mrs Carsons for tea. Marjorie here to stay all night.

Wed Oct 6 Fine warm day. parlor fire bright. Mrs Lane and daughters came at noon. 76 lbs at 10 cts lb for chickens {written above} Mr and Mrs Teasdale John and Mrs Proctor here for tea.

Thur Oct 7. Fine and very warm. no fire we sat outdoors all day. Ethel Tripp. Alice Shanklin and Annie Carper came. the Lanes left at night. Mr & Mrs Breakys called {written above}

Fri Oct 8 Fine and still warm. Sitting out all day.

Sat Oct 9. Fine and very warm. Mr and Mrs Gibson called. Alice went home in the evening

Sun Oct 10. Fine and warm. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church. Uncle and Aunt Nellie and at Mr Carsons for tea.

Mon Oct 11. Fine day Auntie washed in woodshed last time ironed and churned. came a little shower in afternoon

Tue Oct 12. Rained a little them cleared and cooler. We cleaned Uncles room, our room, spare bedroom and parlor.

Wed Oct 13. Fine but very, very cold. first ice, kept freezing nearly all day. Auntie washed and ironed some cleaning things.

Thur Oct 14. Fine but cold. Aunties in Toronto. I scrubbed {illegible} raked some leaves.

Fri Oct 15. Fine but cold. I went to Toronto, called at Aunt {Naweys?}. Frankies, Mr {illegible} and Florenee Carlo shot.

Sat Oct 16. Fine day sqwauly, we were at home. Uncle in Toronto.

Sun Oct 17. Cold and sqwauly. sleeting then cleared I went to {Conerord?} church and to Mr. {Teandale?} for the day. Clara and Charlie came over with me. Miss Phillips & Miss {Lenger?}. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at church.

Mon Oct 18. Rained a little, we cleaned Dining Room and Kitchen. a little ice every morning.

Tue Oct 19. Fine day cool. Cleaned coal stove and put up mended bags and dug a little in garden

Wed Oct 20. Fine but cold washed, cleaned kitchen and ironed. raked leaves. Charlie {Leandale?} here in the evening. men pulling roots.

Thur Oct 21. Rained heavily, in morning, men ploughing in the afternoon,

Fri Oct 22. Fine but dull and cold. Aunt Nellie went to Whitby.

Made mince meat {inbetween two lines}

Sat Oct 23. Fine day but cold. I walked to Thornhill called at Mothers. men brought in mangels.

Sun Oct 24. Fine but cold. at church. uncle at Willeis for tea. very cold and windy

Mon Oct 25. Fine day. Thanksgiving Day. a little showery through night. We made Christmas Cake.

Tue Oct 26. Fine day a little warmer, Uncle and I picked 3 barrells apples. then he picked turnips in the afternoon Aunt Mattie and I called to see Mrs Johnson in the afternoon also called at M. Watsons. Mimie came.

Wed Oct 27. Fine day but cold. Mimie Appelbe here then went to Thornhill in the eve. Uncle and Mick out to H. {?} C. tea Meeting. men finsihed hauling turnips.

Thur Oct 28. Fine but cold. Uncle and I picking apples in the afternoon. Annie here for tea. Aunt Rosetta Cook died.

Fri Oct 29. Fine but very cold. Uncle and I picking Apples in the afternoon. Uncle went out for Mother in eve.

Sat Oct 30. Rained and sleeted a little. Our people up at Bradford to Aunts funeral. Uncle went on to Toronto to remain, Mick stayed here.

Sun Oct 31. Beautiful warm day sitting on the Verandah. I went to Fisherville but no church.

Mon Nov 1. Fine warm day. Uncle cam home in the eve.

Tue Nov 2. A little showery. Mr Carson loading up. mild

Wed Nov 3. A few showers. Brought our Range in in the morning.

Thur Nov 4. A little colder and windy Auntie and I at W. A. Meeting. Uncle at young Breakey's funeral.

Fri Nov 5. Fine bright sun shine all day. Lizzie here for tea. Henry Chaloner and Flora Golland married. {written above previous line}

Sat Nov 6. Fine and bright all day. a little frosty.

Sun Nov 7. Fine day a little colder. Uncle, Auntie and I at church. over to Willies but they are away.

Mon Nov 8. Rained in the morning. Mick came at noon.

Tue Nov 9. Fine day but cold. Aunt Nellie came home in the afternoon.

Wed. Nov 10. Fine day mild and a little showery. I went to Marys in the afternoon. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at the Flower Show in the evening.

Thur Nov 11. Fine day we were at home. Aunt M. and I at Thorn {Thornhill?}

Fri Nov 12. Fine and mild.

Sat Nov 13 Fine and mild in the afternoon very misty and damp as rain. Frankie and Mr McDonald came out for tea. Uncle took them back to the car.

Sun Nov 14. Fine and very mild misty in the morning. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. I went to Fisherville, Willies family here for tea

Mon Nov 15. Fine and very mild. We had wood fire light washed and churned and did all up

Tue Nov 16. Cold East sleet and rain started about ten O'clock, we were invited to Mr Teasdales for tea. Venison for supper. Our people finished ploughing.

Wed Nov 17. Cold and windy. Uncle and Aunt Mattie went to Toronto the latter to stay with Aunt Lizzie. Mick ploughing his garden.

Thur Nov 18. A little {illegible} of snow. ground white. Our men cleaning up Barley. Aunt Nellie at an {eyta?} W.a, at Miss {Wiley?} and stayed at {Arothers?} for tea. Uncle {illegible} at Mr. {Braefo?} {funual?}.

Fri Nov 19. A little evening of soft snow all gone. fy noon. Tom {illegible} here for dinner and tea.

Sat Nov 20. Fine day and quiet mild, Uncle took a load of Barley to Richmond Hill in the morning.

Sun Nov 21. Rained a little early in the morning then cleaned but dull. {illegible} went to Fisherville to hear a lady missionary speak. church crowded, we were at evening church.

Mon Nov 22. Rained heavily nearly all day, the {illegible} are iced over quite heavy. East storm poured heavily snowed night

Tue Nov 23. Fine but cold quite a covering of snow and ice. Uncle went to Richmond with Barley. I went to Toronto in the afternoon remained at {illegible} over night. Mich not here this week.

Wed Nov 24. Fine and bright but very cold, Mr. Ward buried today. I came home from Toronto.

Thur Nov 25. Fine but cold and frosty. Uncle at Thornhill in the evening,

Fri Nov 26. Fine and milder, the snow nearly all gone. Uncle at Allans Mill.

Sat Nov 27. Fine and mild quite muddy. {illegible} Campbell here for tea a cow sick. I called to see {Amie?} {Teandale}.

Sun Nov 28. Fine day mild. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. Mr and Mrs {Beakey?} called. It rained a little in the evening.

Mon Nov 29. Fine and mild. We washed and churned and Auntie made Brandy Snaps. Armie came out for the afternoon. Uncle and Auntie took {A?} home and butter out.

Tue Nov 30. Fine bright day. Frost at night. Armie and Clara {Teandale} here for tea and Frank to spend the evening. Uncle took Barley.

Wed Dec 1. Beautiful day muddy but very bright and mild. Charlie and {Grant} brought pork over.

Thur Dec 2. Fine bright day, the roads nice and dry. Uncle took me to W.A. Meeting at Mrs {Breakeys?}.

Fri Dec 2 3. Fine and bright. Aunt Nellie at Willies for a while. Uncle met Aunt Mattie at the car.

Sat Dec 2 4. Fine day. Uncle in Toronto in the afternoon.

Sun Dec 2 5. Fine day. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. I went to Fisherville. Uncle sick through night.

Mon Dec 2 6. Fine but very high wind all day and cold. Fast day for {illegible} {in between first and second lines}. Charlie and Frank {Leandale?} here in eve

Tue Dec 2 7. Rained and sleeted with East wind then turned cold at night. Mick came in afternoon

Wed Dec 2 8. Very cold all day. Uncle went to Guelph fair and frosty. all frozen up hard.

Thur Dec 2 9. Fine but dreadfully cold. Soft water pump stuck. I called at Miss Phillips in the afternoon. Uncle came home. Received John Teasdales cake.

Fri Dec.10. Fine and a little milder. we got pump thawed and Uncle made up the cistern. I put on winter gurnsey to day.

Sat Dec 11. Fine but cold. Aunt Nellie and I in Toronto. Lizzie out for tea. Uncle took her home in the evening.

Sun Dec 12. Fine in morning but started to storm at noon. We did not go to church. Uncle at Willies for a while in the afternoon. East storm.

Mon Dec 13. Rained and sleeted from the East all day. a dreadful day but milder. Washed and churned.

Tue Dec 14. Fine but snowy. Some Cutters out. Uncle at Mr Pooles. I went out to the Convention in the Methodist ch {church}

Wed Dec 15. Fine day moderately cold. We butchered a beautiful day for it. Thomas Poole also Willie and John Ellis here

Thur Dec 16. Fine day, we made Standing pies 20 in all.

Fri Dec 17. Fine day a little colder. Auntie took box to station for Aunt Jennie. Uncle at Shop in the afternoon Our Cutter out first time

Sat Dec 18. Fine bright day. Uncle in Toronto. called at Aunt Lizzies with a box.

Sun Dec 19. Fine but cold. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I went to evening church.

Mon Dec 20. Fine but very cold. We were all over at Willies butchering.

Tue Dec 21. Fine day but cold. Light Coal Feeder at night 20 {illegible}

Wed Dec 22. Fine and a little milder. We went to Christmas tree at Thornhill Presbypterians.

Thur Dec 23. Fine day, moderately cold. The boys here. Aunt Mattie and I went to decorate. Uncle came for us.

Fri Dec 24. Fine and mild. We were at home. Aunties cleaned the geese.

Sat Dec 25. Christmas Day. Snowing all day. cleared in the evening. We all went out in Sleigh. I remained for skating. good ice.

Sun Dec 26. Fine but cold. I went up to Church and came home with Uncle and Aunt Nellie.

Mon Dec 27. Fine and moderately cold. We washed and churned fire outside. a little flurry of snow.

Tue Dec 28. Fine day. excellent sleighing. Uncle at Richmond Hill with Wheat in the afternoon.

Wed Dec 29. Fine and very, very cold down 4 below zero. no wind but extreme frost. Uncle & Auntie at Thornhill.

Thur Dec 30. Fine day, still frosty, I walked out to Thornhill in the afternoon, bright and sunny.

Fri Dec 31. Fine, bright and cold. I went for a drive with Uncle to Henry Fishers, and Mr {illegible} to ask for hands for {illegible}

End of 1909

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{Arithmetical Tables.}

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Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper, “Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1909,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed October 3, 2023,

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