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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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JANUARY 1888 1893

9 Monday

A very stormy day and quite an additional fall of snow, this evening it has been quite a bit colder again. I have been quite busy to day, shovelling snow, splitting wood and drawing it in to the house. putting up fixings for and hanging clothes lines. before night I hitched up Billie and drove over to Sam. Tovells and paid him $6.90 as interest on note. he wishes me to let the note lie over if I have any need for the money. I drove to Everton and Willie Loree made fresh holes in the hanging irons for the stair rail. I drove him up home and I drove across the side road home. I fixed on the stair rail this evening. the flour received from Pipes Mill weighs 38 lbs to the Bushel. the young folks of McWilliams commenced to drive to school this morning and Ewart gets a ride with them. {in margin} ,pre snow. choring at home - paid money - wheat grist from Pipes Mill. driving {illegible} again to school.

10 Tuesday

This has been what we think the coldest day of the season so far. the thermometer showed 22 below zero this morning and sat noon it stood at 12 below. 14 at tea time and held on the same at evening - Ewart went to school with the McWilliams but came home with Willie who was down that way with the cutter. Ewart says a number of the scholars got frost bitten to day. I have heated the water for the pigs to day - kept up the supply of split wood, and helped the other chores. the wind has been high and the snow is drifting some. the hens are thriving apparently through all the cold - I got 3 fresh laid eggs this morning when feeding the pigs and took them over th Barrie. poor Barrie does not gain strength very fast. Johny has been at home all day. {in margin} Coldest day of the season so far. 22 degrees below zero - hens laying -

11 Wednesday

An awfully cold night has passed showing 25˚ below zero at about 5 oclock. at about 8 oclock it had risen 5 degrees. Willie & Ewart started after getting dinner early to Erin Village. Ewart got his teeth fixed. Willie settled in full with Moses Herren for his Boy's wages, taking 100 lbs of flour and some meat & cash. they drove round by Hillsburgh and their Uncle Thomas and got the balance of note cashed at Dunbar's $24.50. I have been Chore Boy to day, having all the stock to feed and look after to the last as they were late in getting home. Maggie and Minnie have been visiting at Johnys this afternoon - Johny was at Everton this afternoon and found that Mary was unwell. Minnie and her Mother and I drove down in the evening and Minnie stayed while we came home. Mary was not as bad as we were led to think she might be.

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