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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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JANUARY 1888 1893

23 Monday

A very fine day. little flurries of snow with gleams of sunshine. the snow has been very near the melting point. we are feeling relieved that the iron grip of the steady frost is somewhat relieved. the last of the little pigs that I have been trying to raise died to day. we have an idea that they may have had their chances of life injured by the work of "black tooth". Johny has got started with his man this morning. they have taken in their straw stack and started at the swamp. Margaret & I drove to Everton this evening. we had tea at Marys and spent the evening there along with the 2 Mrs Abbott and Maggie Mitchell - I paid the taxes to Mrs McKinnon $37.00 and setttled my Bill with Alf. House. $2.95. he gave me back 20cts as I told him he was charging me 25cts more for putting on the shoes on the cutter than he bargained for, namely $2.00. Willie, Jeenie and the girls are visiting at Webbs this evening. I sent 3 dollars A.O.U.W. Ass't & dues John McKenzie & self. {in margin} moderate weather - young pigs from Robt. McWilliams sow all dead to day - Johnys man came to him to day - settled with Alf House and paid taxes - Visiting at Mary;s - A.O.U.W. asst & dues Mc & self -

= 24 Tuesday

Another very fine day, excepting that considerable snow fell on in the afternoon. the cold is now quite moderate. I drew up 3 loads of stove wood from the bush this afternoon - the snow was falling fast part of the time, which made it rather a wet job - I was working in the shop awhile mending the simple harness. Willie has been choring around fixing and cleaning out the pigs. his roan cow calved to day a nice heifer calf. she made a great appearance for milk. Ewart after doing up his chores went to Mimosa along with Willie & Jeenie this evening to the Patron Concert. Johny is away also - he is one of the singers. Johny has been with his man in the swamp to day. Barrie has had visitor from his old home neighborhood. he keeps better. {in margin} weather keeps mild - snowfall - mending harness - Willie cow calved. concert at Mimosa

25 Wednesday

Nice mild winter day, not very much sunshine however, I think I noticed the thermometer indicating 24 above zero. I have been working around at the chores and afterwards spent a long time in the shop sewing up the tugs of the light double harness which have long been badly ripped. Johny and his man are steady in the swamp. I bought a new axe and handle when in Guelph letely and Johny has it at work. I don't always get the cream of things although purchasing them. our hens are laying some now for quite a while. we get 4 or 5 generally a day and an odd time six. the girls were over seeing Barrie this evening. I did not get my accustomed visit to day paid to Barrie. I have just started to read the "Life of Hon. Alexr McKenzie." John Webb owns the Book and he offered me a reading. so far as I have got I feel much interested in the narrative. {in margin} mending harness- Johny and his man in the swamp - hens laying very fairly now. started to read the Life of the Hon, Alexander McKenzie -

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