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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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May Tuesday 28 1912

Very warm to day again, we expected in the morning that it might turn out to be dry all day, although there were clouds around, in this we have been dissapointed, as there were two showers this afternoon, the last one was very heavy Maggie and I have dug out and moved the side gravel walk in front of the houde, we wheeled the gravel to the back and filled upthe old track with earth, and cut sods at the back shed to sod it over. This heavy rain coming {Meaford?} this evening.

heavy rain again this afternoon, we cant get on with our garden work at all. did some work however letter from Brother Alex.{Meaford?}

Wednesday 29

The heavy rain of yesterday afternoon has left the land very wet. there was some rain again this morning and the weather was dull and threatning but did not turn out wet afternoon. I fixed up round the entrance to back house laying sods. and spreading the gravel after making it ready to receive it, after tea Maggie and I laid the sods we brought from the back street yesterday, {Ewart?} and Gertie and Errett were here this evening, {Ewart?} took his seven fat hogs to Rockwood to day they weighed better than we all expected, about 216 average @ $8.40 = $127.00 he placed ${175.00?} to my credit in Bank. he also sold his fat cattle to Alex. White @ $7.50 {per 100?} to give back a dollar on account of the poorer steer, cattle are up but I think he made a good sale.

Mr McDowell {illegible} one of these days {illegible} Fixing up around the back of {plane?} Sodding some this afternoon {Ewart?} and Gertie here this evening {Ewart?} delivers his hogs to day and sold his cattle to go next Wednesday

Thursday 30

Weather fine, hope it may continue so as to dry up the land again, we are cutting and laying sods {these?} times and it is hard work. we bring them through the garden from the back street around the edge of the south fence. Maggie helps to get them into rolls and persists in helping to wheel them.

cutting and laying sods

Friday 31

Beautiful weather and everything is blooming, the lilacs have just blown out in full bloom. Maggie {and} I have cut 3 or 4 loads of sods and laid them this afternoon, sodding north side of house on the banking. I have been also sprouting the potatoes, and doing other fixing up. Maggie is hurrying up her work as she thinks of going to Guelph tomorrow

Summer bloom {illegible} on a fine appearance

June Saturday 1st

Beautiful weather continues, there is an extra rapid growth on at the present time, but the land is too wet for working on root grounds, quite a number of farmers cannot even get their manure out. George Loree {and} Mr Barber drove to Guelph to day to make a fina settlement about their farm purchase, our Maggie accompanied them to do some shopping for ourselves. I understand they got their business settled up. John McKenzie {and} Bella drove to Guelph also I have been busy sprouting {and} sorting our potatoes. got them finished, there are about 2 bushels in a bag and 16 pails in boxes. Maggie McKenzie and our Mary with us

George Loree and Mr Barber to Guelph settling up. our Maggie took the opportunity to go with them and do some shopping

finished sprouting and sorting potatoes

Sunday 2

Rain on again, really it is a serious time for wet, a day or two's dry weather is all we get when on comes another rain, the land in general does not get time to dry, and there is a good deal of scalding and of {green?}, the June meeting at grand valley is having bad weather for their first day, Mr Gripps occupies the pulpit here in {illegible} place to day, no meeting here at night. Maggie there forenoon, McKenzies also.

first meeting at Grand Valley to day and bad weather for them.

McKenzies here forenoon

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