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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 70.pdf

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May 1875

May 15/75 Cut down old apple trees Am Joe went to get some more tiles Pm they were all gone I & little boys Plated {sic} some apple trees & Caught 3 suckers Pm W. fine then we went down the creek this evening about sunset & I speared 2 & a little pike & then I & John McGaw took a torch & such sport I have not had this many a year we speared 24

Whit Sunday 16 at home Nancy went to Meeting at Widemann's with AB: & Adeline with Br C's W. pretty Cold N wind

Whit Monday 17 at home Br N's & Br C were here Pm I & little boys & Joe look along Creek for suckers saw none W. fine

18 sowed last of field back of garden with Club Wheat then I brought 128 tiles from Br C's took grist Oats to Br S's & brought 140 tiles from JD's brought home Chop this eving {sic} W fine Cler

19 Joe & John ganged about half of field behind cider house Am I sowed it with 8 bus barly & John harrowed Pm Joe ganged behind barn Pm W. fine

20 sowed rest of field behind Cider house with Peas Joe & John ganged them in & Joe finished gangeing behind barn East half of field west half is for roots W. fine

21 sowed Oats behind barn John harrowed sowed Peas below garden Joe ganged & harrowed them W. very warm 77-2-5 {not sure, this is written in blue ink}

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Definition of club wheat

a wheat (Triticum aestivum compactum synonym T. compactum) or any of its varieties used either as spring wheat or winter wheat and having short thick compact club-shaped spikes and grain that does not shatter and that may be harvested long after it is ripe