James Ross Diary, 1903-1909


James Ross Diary, 1903-1909


James Ross


Courtesy of Wellington County Museum and Archives




20th Century, Wellington County, Nichol Township, Ontario

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James Ross Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


Agg 6. 42 Seus 1, Subseus 2

1903 Rosmead Diary Recieved Paid

Novemeber 1 Sunday forward 1431 | 57 | 916 | 61 Fine sunny hayy Indian summer day. Mr Strahan of Guelph formerly of Rockwood {freached} in morning from jno 20 and in evening from {illegible} 2.14.

2 Monday Fine sunny day. Willie plowed all day with Perin pow at S.S field. We brought over our {Frenekases?} from Mrs Drumes nineteen hoe seeder etc and paid for them $1065 10 | 65 Missrs Allison and Besse agents of frost & wood company were here in p.m. I gave my order for hay rake $28.00 and old one payable 1st Oct 1904 with 7% per annum off for cash. I went to {Cuirmock?} to a meeting in evening expenses 75 |75 Auntue {illegible} for tea gave for butter 19. Willie | 19 paid archie fermal in full to date $1.20 1 | 20

3 Tuesday Fine sunny day. Willie plowed all day. I field. I dug hole in pond bottom of no 7 to fill up with stones to drain it I went over to Mr Byers at night trustee meeting Bella and Mary called on Mrs R Curlins in PM gave here present cost 15.00 | 15

4 Wednesday Fine sunny day. WIllie plowed all day {S.L ?} I dug some of foundation for driving shed In PM jno hay and I went to Peter dows sale in his rig. Mary got paint and putty at Nichols 20. Father up in PM. We were all over at {Durnis?} for ten in evening the {illegible} {illegible} down also. |1431|76|930|16

1903 Rosmead Diary Recieved Paid

Novemeber 5 Thursday forward |1431|76|930|16 Great change in weather, windy cloudy cold stray flakes of snow. Willie finished plowing. I field with singl eplow to-day I went to Mr Toots sale in PM bid on horse Mary down at dentist got at steals hair pins 5 |5 tickets for school concert bought on Sunday Archie Femarl 50 | 50

6 Friday Cold day frosty, snow flurries and sunshine at intervals most sunshine. Williw brought up load measure from steals then we hauled out two from yard and in PM 5 or so, all to No HW. Bella went down in PM she and another going to school concert in J. Hall to-night.

7 Saturday

Not so cold, sunny. We hauled out 4 loads manure to NoH than Willie feared out and I went downtown on wheel got 2 gal coal oil 50 100 lbs chicken feed 125 1|75 and one bag maintoba flour on due bill at Armstrongs. In PM Willie plowed 2 funow plow in No 4. I went down town at night paid Glen for dust o chop got Oct 29 10.39 got pair rubber boots at Murry's 185 licquouie at Phillips 10

8 Sunday Fine sunny day. Mr McVicor preache din AM from Luke 11:8 and in evening from the words in that day ye shall ask me anything. M call Williw at methodist church at night call. |1431|76|945|81

1903 Rosmead Diary Recieved Paid

November 9 Monday Forward 1431|76|945|81 Fine sunny day. We plowed in No 4 also mangold land in No 1 and took 2 loads maure to No 4. Father up in PM he and Willie burnt brush etc near creek No 4. I drove Father down in evening and went over to Wm Taylors bought sow and 10 pigs for $30.00

10 Tuesday Fine day somewhat cloudy. Willie plowed in No 2 in AM and in PM we put 2 loads manure on No 4 and we plowed there. Bella and Mary down town in PM paid for hats paint 4 cocoanut 5 handkerchief studs 15 We brought over from Wm Taylors the sow and ten pigs gave cheque 30.00 Sam McKee helped up with them.

11 Wednesday Geound covered with hoar frost this morning got very misty then cleared off sunny in PM again clouded and rained some rained heavy at night again. We hauled out to No 4 in AM 4 loads manure and in PM I took down 10 bags chop brought up load manure from sted and 1 more from yard then Willie went down for chop 50 cts got ocre 4. Mary down in PM got at Phillips drugs 15 gave collection W.F.M.S 10 received from Mrs Philllip for butter 2lbs 36 Sam McKee had lend of our Perrin plow to-day. |1432|12| 981|84

1903 Rosmead Diary Recieved PAid

Novemeber 12 Thursday Forward 1432 12 981 84 Fine sunny day. Willie plowed all day No 4 we took out 2 loads manure to No 4. I made a gate for horse stall. Annie and Jennie Skock up in PM for tea Father up in PM cleaning up at creek No 4 got ride down with Skocks

13 Fine sunny day. Cool. I took down straw to Besse in waggon box and brought up load manure from Steels put it and another in No 4. Willie plowed in PM. I went down to tea meeting "Melville" at night 25

14 Saturday Ground white this morning. Frosty day cloudy. I brought up load manure from steels in AM put it and another on No 4 and in PM one from Besse finished what we were manuring and Willie finished plowing No 4. Bella and Mary downtown in PM and got stuff at Russells on afe hair rollers at Mary's 75 I brought up 2 bags apples from Mrs Quarries in evening. Willlie downtown at night paid Nichol for turpentine 10 graphite 15 & cattle chains 40 and got 2 snaps 10 pair slater shoes @ Murrys

15 Sunday Coudy cool. Dr Wardrobe preached in AM from Rev {blank space} and in evening from some verses in 1st chap Genesis and some in lost Revelations showing analogy and emphasis etc. Mr & Mrs Sandham and baby down at aunties & at church


1903 Rosmead Diary Received Paid

November 16 Monday Forward Rain and storm and ice last night rain and sleet to-day evergreen trees laden with ice slippery walking. I went down in buggy in PM took bag oats changed for oatmeal at Armstrongs and brought up sack of bran on afe, got on afc at Ma{Illegible} graining paint 25 humbug 10 oil 10 tar 10. Dr Armstrong up last night shoved down turnip stuck in throat of white steer. I took crock butter to Russell to be expressed to Mrs McVicor's sister in Toronto. Got map of Canada sent by Guthrie for SS No1 Nichol.

17 Tuesday Wintry day cloudy, snowing at intervals Willie went down in AM got teeth brushed 25 on afc and got at Nichols on afc glass pitch nails 485 inch.In PM he took 3 bed ticks down to Miss Gibbon Mrs Knox and Mother gave turnips away 10

18 Wednesday Cold frosty wintry day snowed a lot blowing. We did sundry jobs indoors got water trough mended with pitch and put in again (centre one) also boared some in pig pen Mary went down house in PM to stay awhile.

19 Thursday Cold frosty sunny day. Sleighing. Willie at Dix's thrashing to-day Bella down at aunties for tea Mary staying down Mother went up to Mildmay yesterday.


1903 Rosmead Diary Recieved Paid

Novemeber 20 Friday Forward Fine sunny day. Frosty. We took 2 waggons plows etc over to other barn and brought back sleigh. Spread load manure that was on waggon on sand hill. In PM Willie took down 10 bags chop to Grones and brought up Mary. Went down for chop again pd. Mother came back from Mildmay.

Saturday 21 Cold day. not quite so frosty. I made cover for rain box and in PM went with J. Bowley + {Illegible} Byers to Wilsons to see Miss Wilson the teacher but she was not there. I brought Bella and Mary up who were at Russells buying oats. I got shoes mended at McBeth 15 got leggings and lines mended at Tillypatrick 175 and paid D. Murry for shoes. Willie got lost Saturday + Bella {Illegible} 4.75 I went down town at night paid Mr Brownridge for shoes got mended 35 Sold to Carter 17 hogs to be delivered when ready recieved on them $1.00 Mary recieved from Phillips for butter sold sent to geet 5.10

22 Sunday Not very frosty. cloudy. Mr McVicar preached in AM from Ezikiel 33:14 and in evening from 1 Jim, 1:15.

23 Monday More snow last night cloudy, snowing and rain we took down load {Illegible} to Beattie to-day I got at McClauakcaurs 3lb asbestos {Illegible} 20 & 12 pipes 5 Mr McIntyre below Guelph left 19 cattle here all night.

November 24 foward 1438|82|991|44 Tuesday Frosty day, windy,sunny and cloudy. We took down another load Turnips in PM got at Weleter lutty. Mr Midutyu came for his cattle in morning paid us for them at rate of 506 for head $1.00 |100|. Bob Yindale and Mes Daly down in evening.

25 Wednesday Very frosty day sunny and cloudy 6 % below zero last night. I took down another load Turnips to-day.

26 Thursday Exceedingly frosty last night and to-day some sunshine. We took down another load turnips got ticket 3Ø0 30 lushel 40 |40| Many down at Russel in am got stuff for {illegible} and if from Curlis 40 |40| Many got from aunty money for butter 6

27 Friday Fine sunny day not to frosty. We took ibago chol and 15 dust sacks to Wilsons mill 35 laid {illegible} for stuff got on 17th 40 |75-| and {illegible} glass 5 got cheque from Wm Beutte for turnips sold $24.75. In PM I hauled out |24|75| 3 loads manure in sleigh to No yW. Father and mother out for tea.

28 Saturday Fine day cloudy and sunny frosty We hauled 3 loads manure to Noy in am. In P.M I drove many down town she

November 28 continued Saturday foward |1465|33|993|09 Alot at Russell's chose soda tea sugar |90| I got at Nichols fumore {illegible} needed dust{illegible} arrowsmails Willi downtown at night got hat at j.wood 50

29 Sundary Fine, day. Mr Mivicar reached in am from{illegible} before God and in evening from at eventide it shall be light.

30 Monday Fine bright sunny in am clouded our {illegible} in late PM not very frosty I cut wood in brush in am and in PM hauled back 4 loads manure with Jannie and them. Father came wh in PM to see if we could raise money to {illegible} on mortgage. I want wh to Suidals at night unsuccesful Them to {illegible} the promised{illegible}. I drove father down.

December 1 Tuesday Fine day cloudy and sunner not very frosty. Mother came wh in morning {illegible} and Many went wh to Arthur with Lucy in cutter. Willie and I drove wh to Lindale then to allow them Took out loud manure. In PM Bob Lindale {illegible}and I went to {illegible}settled down estate and Bob & I got discharged. May & Mother and Frid{illegible}. Willi took down 18 chickens to adam {illegible}yesterday

December 1 continued Tuesday foward they weighed 102 lbs @{illegible} 714 and he had the Iamklin afe $330. I wrote out a recommendation for teacher Paddy Ramore

2 Wednesday Cloud and sunny in AM snowing in PM. We hauled jug in AM{illegible} 8. {illegible} furnace pipe up through closet to our room in PM. Many went down to W.7.M.S meeting in PM collection {illegible}

3 Thursday SNowing come in morning cleared in bright sunny Then clouded over again I cut wood in brush and Williie took down home 2 loads wood Jennie them and got {illegible} at MiBath 10 In PM I hauled 3 loads manure out then hitched Jennie in cutter but he {illegible} not go. Bella and Willie drove down home in evening took roost {illegible} park to Mrs Lucanie and come home

4 Friday Cloudy snowing at {illegible} not very frosty Willie at {illegible} to-day I charmed in AM and Bella mended chol bag we filled them in PM.

5 Saturday Cloudy snowing a little. Willie at Rogersow thrushing to-day. I took down 12 bags chol to {illegible} in AM also 5 bags potatoes to Mother.

December 5 continued Saturday Forward and brought up bag Manitoba flour on due hill from {illegible}. In PM I went down for {illegible} took Bella and May down with me. I paid for 3 clothings 160 Mary got at {illegible} she also got groceries at {illegible} 95 {illegible}. Bella stayed down. I drove down in {illegible} changed leggings at {illegible} 35 got at Whiteheads {illegbible} 22 at websters {illegible} 7 paid Hamilton for the got in June 7 10. Got from Argo got better 10 lbs @ 18 1.80

6 Sunday Cloudy a little stormy not very frosty. Mr McViear {illegible} in Am from Jonah 3:1. Second chances and Mr Scott of Mets in St Andrews at night to united congregation from hes good to draw near sud. We all drove down in cutter at night. Collection st Andrews 15

7 Monday Cloudy not very frosty. snowing some Willie at Sheschs {illegible} took our ram over to D. Clarkes in sleigh then hauled enough stones to fill hole in Vond bottom of No 7 that I dug in fall then brought up load wood for thrashing. Willie took 12 bags {illegible} in PM got 2 {illegible} at {illegible}. 20

8 Tuesday Cloudy day snowing heavy most day chilly

December 8 continued Tuesday forward Willie went down to Guelph Fat Stock Show to-day expenses 75 to got his hat changed at dinner, I went down for chop in Am 60 and in Pm took Mrs Dunn she got out $9 60 for us we gave her note payable year hence with {illegible} @ 4 1/2%. Paid taxes 28 80 C. Groves twice 3.25 C Hay note for dairy HD got windless handle squared at {illegible} 15 Bella and Mary up at james {illegible} for tea Lucy in cutter.

9 Wednesday Cloudy day cold, chilly. more snow last night i went down to Guelph show to-day expenses {illegible}40 dinner 25 {illegible}25 Got at Bollarts coat cloth for Bella 3 1/4 {illegible} @ 1.00 3.25 Willie down town got at{illegible} meat 2.08 at {illegible} sugar 1.00 molasses 10 {illegible} 75 all changed sold some hay to Ryle @ 7.00 for tin

10 Thursday Cloudy snowing in AM cleared off in PM. Willie at fords thrashing in Am I got ready for thrashing. Dick Mc Kelchem and E. Ellis came with machine in PM. stayed all night I got 8 loanes bread48 {illegible} tartar 5 at frots Willie got at Willies {illegible}

11 friday Stormy day snowing and drifting {illegible} heavy, We thrashed all day

December 11 continued Friday forward Father and Mary went up to Arthur to-day with $2700.00 for mortgage our Frank Mitchelli farm had a hard time getting through drifts got home in evening Hugh Cameron down to-day en route to Guelph left his house here all night thrashes here all night again geo silly extra

12 Saturday Snowing hard all day. soft flakes not very frosty. We finished thrashing half past 10 thrashed some spelt for 7 {illegible} 7 {illegible}. gave dinner to hands. Leslie Deans came with team helped them up with seperation Willie took tank up to Deans then went down got piana look at craigs $1.50 on alc and brought up Lucy which was done all {illegible} Fraser fisher got 2 80lbs {illegible} soft wax at willie on alc in morning. hugh cameron came to-day staying all night to{illegible} to go up.

13 Sunday Stormy day snowing and blowing Willie went down in cutter was to late to go to church came back none of us went at night Hugh cameron {illegible} all day stayed our night again

14 monday stormy day again sunny and little calmer in PM. hugh Cameron went home in PM. Butter money 340 from Mrs McViear's sister

December 15 Tuesday Forward Snowing and Stormy and sunny at {illegible} milder than yesterday. Willie went down with team in AM got {Suey?} shod 20 lines mended 5 and brought up Saskatchewan robe from {illegible}. Got at Woods {illegible} {illegible} Bella got yesterday from C.M: Rae picture 25{illegible} We deaned oats n flour in PM.

16 Wednesday Sunny and snowing and stormy at{illegible} frosty. Willie went down with 80lbs butter to ship to Park {illegible} via C.P.R. We cleaned flour of {illegible} and put up 5 bags pig chop. Willie took it down in PM and brought it back {illegible} 25ds

17 Thursday Sunny and snowing and storming at {illegible} Willie went down with team in PM brought up 14 bags Ligowa vats from home also mother, then went over to fords with black sow after which i drove mother down in cutter. lots of snow postage 2

18 Friday Fine sunny day frosty. Willie curd I drove up to {illegible} lag lones sale in PM in sleigh Willie came back i stayed and came home with {illegible}McKee. Girls down town in PM got at Phillips 2 calenders paper etc 27 and at Pattsins {illegible} for present to Mrs Hay 50

December 19 Saturday Forward Snowing, a little milder, a little rain in PM thin snow again. Willie took loud straw down to Steels in AM and in PM he took 1000 lbs oats down to get chopped at Cundis which we sold to Ms Hoelm for $8.00. I took load straw down to D. Small and brought {illegible} to Mrs Hoelm. I drove Bella down at night she stayed down all night. I got at Armstrongs 1½ gal Am Coal oil and lamp glass {illegible} took 10 lbs butter to J. Argo got $1.90 for it

20 Sunday Snowing all day soft snow mild. very strong at night drifting Mr {illegible} preached in AM from {illegible} our {illegible} preaching for him and Mr M {illegible} in evening from one not 2 {illegible} {line} without your father. She Providence {illegible} triples. I only down at night.

21 Monday Mild, almost thawing some sunshine some snow some storm. We broke road over to Fords brought over snow. Willie went down to {illegible} for load {illegible} put it in barn sand. in PM I drove down took snow off house in Fergus. We all drove up to Allans at night got back after one o'clock very stormy. willie got at Welstens 2 nursetrap 10 at Nichols Thermometer 15

December 22 Tuesday Forward Colder day. Sunny. snowing at times a little. I finished feed box for hens. I went to {illegible} sale in PM. Bella and Many down in PM in cutter bought at Phillips on ale bible 2.00 brush&comb $1.35 card 5 at Steels rains 25 cramberries 15 gloves 35 handkerchief 25 Mar.Newton dress 63 meat 25

23 Wednesday Sunny and. stormy not very frosty we made a road to pit in No2 (after Willie had taken a box load of straw down to Besee) got on load and brought it to barn. In PM I took it down to Willie Beathie. I acted as chairman at annual entertainment held in school in evening. they gave {illegible} a toilet case for present. I gave 25ds sold brushed acts to Fraser Fisher 28 Mary downtown in PM paid for {illegible} 20 nuts 10 hostage 10

24 Thursday Snowing {illegible} all day. soft. Willie and Davie Allan went up to Taylors and brought two loads hay for Davie that he brought at sale. willie down town at night got at russels gloves 1.00 at Phillips stamp and needles 4 at whitehead {illegible} and short 10 paid {illegible} black for thrashing hands $2.70 Recieved from Park Blackivell Co net{illegible} of better shipped on 16th,

December 25 Friday Forward Christmas Day. Cloudy not very frosty sunshine at times. We all went down home for dinner. I drove over for Mrs Ritchie auntie and Fred also there for dinner. Gave subscription to Y.M.C.A.25

26 Saturday Exceedingly frosty last night and to-day 22% below zero last night. Sunny mostday. Willie went down with team in AM got at {illegible}. Paid quick 30 bolts 15 at Fitzpatrick {illegible} 20 {illegible} 25 buckles 15 gut hay tricked at seals {illegible} 10 sugar cox from Craig paid it {illegible} box got before $2.50 {illegible} steals 20 {illegible line cut off} got {illegible} soap 10. I worked at platform for seals to weigh through barn flour.

27 Sunday Snowing all day very stormy in PM and evening. None of us down in evening Mr Mcviear preached in AM from {illegible} I am debler, a sermen on giving.

28 Monday Cold day sunny. Snowing some. I cleaned out her house and levelled the floor. The auditions David Allen and two sand - erson here in evening auditing books {illegible} Byers and Bowley also home

29 Tuesday Snowing heavily in AM also in PM .


1903 Rosmead Diary Received Paid

December 29 continued Tuesday Forward not so frosty. I drove Girls down in PM got at scales turnip {tiekel?}-10 Girls got at Armstrongs on {ale?} Worthington Stock food {illegible} goose 99 cocoa {illegible} lemons 5 {illegible} 8 figs 18 lemon peel 5 soap 25. I took bag turnips over to Mrs {Wivicar?} and 8 lbs butter.$150 Bella lost purse containing $2.00 {illegible}.

30 Wednesday Cloudy, snowing, and sunshine at intervals cold. Willie drove crowd over to school meeting then took 11 bags chop down. I got out of being trustee and {Dave?} Clark elected. WIllie drove May and Edith Dix around collecting for Bible Society in PM got tea here and finished job in evening {Weg ave 2:00?}

31 Thursday Cold. cloudy. snowing. Willie went down brought up {chop?} from {Curliss?} 55 {illegible} 100 lbs {shorts?} 100 lbs bran {illegible} at Armstrongs {illegible} 12 {sacks?} dust at Wilsons {asap?} got {illegible}. In PM he took load straw down to {illegible} got 3.00 for it in trade. I worked at {seale platform?} Willie went down at night got Armstrongs sugar 15 oranges 10 {whip?} at {illegible} in P.M. 2 rings {illegible} Willis got 25 from Leslie {Destus?} for {illegible} Willie got butter cheque from {illegible} Kyle for hay sold $3.50


1903 Rosmead Diary Received Paid

January 1 Friday New Years Day. cloudy, snowing some. cold great depth of snow in country Many Willie and I drove down to church Mr M: Oicar preached from James 4.14 What is your life? We gave collection 5. Father Mother Auntie Fred, and Mrs Ritchie up for dinner. Willie drove them all down on sleigh with hayrack on. {illegible} Shortreed in {looking?} at cattle.

2 Saturday Very frosty day. cutting east around cloudy, snowing some. I drove Mr Byers downtown and got school money put in his {illegible}. got at {illegible} 1 sal Canadien unit 23 and at Nichols 2 chain grades 20 We put coal oil etc in cattle to Kill the lice PM.

3 Sunday Cold, frosty, sunny. stormy at night Mr M; Vicar preached in AM from Luke 12.8 {Sacrement?} Sunday. and Mr Hald of Sarnia in evening to {united congregation?} from. Let every man prove his own {word?}. We gave collection $/18 {illegible} church

4 Monday Exceedingly frosty 42% below {zero?} last night sunny cold day. I drove down in cutter paid Mr Calodeon for thrashing 19c00 sent letter to J.{illegible} 2 ne furnace. In PM Willie

1904 Rosmead Diary Received Paid

January 5 Tuesday {Forward?} Not quite so frosty. Sunny day. Fraser Fisher and I went down in sleigh in PM took 10 bags oats from home down to {illegible} {and?} brought {up?} 1/2 for Fraser. May down at dentist getting tooth put in {teat?} she broke yesterday. '{Bill?}' Brwon in looking at cattle. {Spools?} 9 {number 2950 in written below paid, below 2950 is 9}

6 Wednesday. Cloudy day, not so frosty. We took down load turnips to {illegible} Beathie @ 1125 brought back {illegible} {brushes?} frozen ones and chop from {illegible} {took?} down yesterday.

7 Thursday Cloudy day not very {frosty?}. We took down two loads turnips to-day Many down in Pm got tooth in at Reids she got borax. Mother {up?} in PM. {5 is written below paid}

8 Friday Not frostry to-day, cloudy, dense snow falls at {illegible} through day. We took down two more loads turnips to-day. Bought 2 gals coal oil from {Curlirs?} {illegible} Brown and Jim Mills in {ni?} PM brought 'May' {heifer?} @ 4 1/4 {per?} cart go away to-morrow received in her 3.00. weighing turnips Bella called on Mrs Dunn in PM and {illegible} on Mrs {Hey?} in evening Dave Allan got lend of {hay rack?} to get hay from {Singas?}. {500 written below received} {50 under 40 written below paid column}

January 9 Saturday Forward Fine sunny day: frosty. We finished hanging platform from seals in from and weighed Mary after dinner we took her down she weighed seals 1100 Recieved balance from Brown weighing 5. Willie drove Bella down she got at Steels sugar 1.00 sold 14lbs better @ 17 340 bella stayed down Willie went down town at night paid Tom Milne for suit 14.00 Mennies ale 2960 plow lives at Mennies 30 olive oil 10 {illegible} tickets 10

10 Sunday Snowing in AM. sunny day afterward frosty. Mr McViear preached in AM from job Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow sermen on snow and in evening from 2nd {illegible} 10:7 Chaoll 25

11 Monday I was all covered with {illegible} in morning fine sunny day thawing a little in sunshine. We made a road out to other barn to-day brought over a little hay in sleigh. I made some of a chute for pigs. Mrs Quané and Lizzie McDonald up for tea.

12 Tuesday Cloudy. not very frosty. Willie took down 12 bags chop to Curliss in AM. In PM I went down for it and paid also last two Times $1.65 then Willie took back 2 or 3 loads {illegible} to heap No 7. Bella and Willie at Pow concert at night

January 13 Wednesday Forward Snowing more or less all day not very frosty. Willie took back swan loads marine to pile with Jamie and Stan 4 loads from pig pen 3 from farm yard.

14 Thursday Stormy day snowing and blowing frosty. I went over to Juo McRees Dove Clark and Jim Bent were there we killed and dresses a heifer I got at dinner there. Willie cleaned and oiled buggy harness tross Fisher got lend of team in PM to take down a load man sold to Mr Sidson

15 Friday Snowing some occasional sunshine We cleaned and oiled double harness to-day. Willie went down town in PM got at Mi'Dewnots harness oil and 2 buckets 20.

16 Saturday Cloudy, snowing dense snow and stormy in PM. We finished harness drifted seals a little better weighed Lucy 1320lbs Blackie 1080 Little hifer 757 Jersey 720. I went up to Bor Lindales try sell a quarter beef unsuccesful

17 Sunday Cold frosty day sunny. Mr McViear preached in Am aets 12:9 and in evening from Mark 10:17

January 18 Monday Forward Exceedingly frosty last night and to-day I went down town in cutter got turnip money from {illegible} Beattre $49.40 got at Michels shellack 10 sent money to {illegible} Famine Fund 2.50 postage 5. Went up to Jack Blacks in PM solf quarter {illegible}

19 Tuesday Very cold frosty day snowing and stormy in morning sunny rest of day. Willie helped David Allan down to seales with 19 cattle in AM got dinner at Monons. I made sides for pig {illegible}. Willie drove over to {illegible} Mr Reis to try sell quarter pound beef they had got some. Willie sent $10.50 to eatons for good postage etc 12

20 Wednesday Thawing a little to-day, cloudy, a little rain in morning snowing in PM. We took down 8 pigs sold to Sorter Nov 21 they weighed 1320 @ 4 3/4 {illegible} 69.70 weighed 16 . Willie got seperater oil yesterday 20. In PM I took down 10 bags chop to Wilsons and brought up best of ton dust Willie got Dec 31 paid for it and chop $5.50 Mother up in PM Willie got at Fitzpatricks in AM sursingle and buckles $1.15

21 Thursday Cloudy stormy, frosty in PM. Willie went down to Wilsons for chop got Glen shod at Lemplins 20 and box iron mended 25 on ale

January 21 Thursday Forward continued David Allan and Jack Black {illegible} for dinner they helped up kill heifer in PM. Rate Clyme and Mrs Curliss here to-day for dinner. Geo and Jim shortreed bought Blackie $34 and nan at 3 ets lbs tooth {illegible} both down in PM ram weighed 900lbs got for both 40.00 weighing ram2

22 Friday Very stormy last night hailing all night turned to rain thawing all day raining in PM. roads very bad again. Willie took wuarter beef killed yesterday up to I. Blacks and I took hind quarter to Les Beattres. Willie went down in PM with team took some meat down home and hide sold to cold storage @ 6 ets lbs $2.70 . Armstrongs barn roof fell in with weight of snow value of heifer killed 28.00 home use $18.82

23 Saturday Frosty to-day again snowing in evening. We made road to other barn and I took snow off other barn rood. Bella and Mary down town in PM got at Armstrongs Pot barley 15 cream tartar 3 cocua nut 5 spools Russells 14 Mary stayed down. I went down town at night paid Mills meat account 5.83

24 Sunday Very frosty day snowing and stormy none of us down at sight Mr McViear preached in Am from Juo {illegible}. Auntie away to Toronto

January 25th Monday Forward Exceedingly frosty day sunny. Willie drove Mary down in cutter in PM and brought up Bella who had stayed down all night. Rate Clyme down at home for dinner {illegible} Brought up stuff from Eatons express $5 . Willie paid in jam 19 {illegible} to News Round Advocate took 4 {illegible} {illegible} down to Armstrong @ 10 ets lb 2 lbs 2.10 Paid on Armstrongs ale $5.00

26 Tuesday Cold frosty stormy day. We did inside work today. Weighed 10 cattle as follows 1 white star 560 3 little red 620 4 {illegible} 640 5 Blackie star 435 6 lir Julian 410 7 Satyr 690 8 Friday 620 9 Billy Bawler 500 10 Black and white 485. Jersey calf 225.

27 Wednesday Very cold frosty day. sunny. We put up 10 bags pig chop Willie took them down to Curlies in AM and brought them up in PM. he got Glen shod at Lempluis one fruit foot shod 10 We all went down to Annual meeting church at night Mary remained along home. Bella stayed down all night.

28 Thursday Cold day mostly sunny. I got lend of bob Lindales sleigh took S. School children for ride around town in PM. Hugh Cameron down in PM stayed for tea. Mary gave second hand shirt to a {illegible}. We took snow off roof of Ritcher and house

January 29 Friday Forward Very frosty in morning not so cold as day advanced. We made road again to other barn in AM in PM Willie went down for coal got none this took load {illegible} back to pile No.7. water pile frozen since yesterday carried water for stock Willie and Mary went down in evening in cutter and brought up Bella.

30 Saturday Mild day{illegible} covered with rime in morning cloudy, snowing in PM. Mr Burk came in AM bought jersey heifer stear to go wednesday for $23.00 paid ond M. McClanahan + Jon Welster have in AM testing furnace. In PM we brought load hevy from other barn. Mary and Willie went down town at night Willie paid Alex Wilkie for cool for thrashing $1.45 rivets at Mennies 20

31 Sunday {illegible} day, snowing some. Mr McViear preached in AM from proverb 20:24. In evening Hel 12;13. a summer in {illegible} Only Willie down at night Bella stayed down

February 1 Monday Forward Cold day. Willie took down loadstraw to Steels and to Fred Armstrong weighed Freds load 1650 lbs weighing 10. Bella and I went down to Lemplins in evening to small party. played a new game Flinch. Home 3o'clock

2 Tuesday Snowing. Stormy day not quite so frosty as last night. Willie I took another load straw down to Fred Armstrong in PM Fraser Fisher went with me we tried to get some coal, couldnt.

3 Wednesday Cold day again. cloudy. I took another load straw down to Fred Armstrong. Willie took Jersey steer sold on saturday over to Barks recieved order on Dr Groves for balance. In PM Fred Armstrong came up to see white steer we got from Littles said it had tuberculosis and ordered it to be killed. Mary ordered C. Harold H. Baggar L.H.Comp 250 Bella paid for coller at Steeks 50 H. McDerned and W.M Hodge got load marygolds in PM @ 13ets brushed .

4 Thursday Very cold frosty and stormy day. Fraser Fisher helped me over to his place with small load hay from other barn in Am and in PM we went to James & Armstrongs sal bought cutter calf etc Willie drove me down to managers meeting at night there was not a grown henel no meeting I stayed down home all night

February 5 Friday Not so frosty to-day cloudy snowing some. I went down with team in sleigh took oats down exchanged for oat meal at Armstrongs 60 brought up bag flour got 2 hay tickets and we marygold at scales 30ds went with Armstrongs paid for cutter $21.50 calf $850 grind stone and & apple pies 35 5% off cash $29.00 and brought them up. In PM Jack Black helped us kill white steer (see 3rd) and skin it I took it down skin sold it to Reenan for $1.50 received from Dr Groves cheque for $23.00 for steer paid beattes ale for rope for slugs $58 got disinfected from Fred Armstrong for stall. Receipts in Armstrong ale to date not created Armstrong ale to-date $52.91 4791

6 Saturday Raining last night and at intervals through day. thawing cloudy misty a little in PM. Willie Fair here for dinner on way back to Arthur from Calaways he brought a farm from him near Guelph. I drove girls down town in PM sold to Steels 7 lbs butter @ 16$1.12 paid their ale in fall 12.00 took 4lbs butter over to marse postage 4 Archie fernal up got bag potatoes 15cts MAry remained down all night.

7 Sunday Raining last night and at intervaks in AM thawing a lot. got frosty by night and stormy. Mr McViear in AM from {large blank space possibly erased} and in evening from {blank space} on Marta :uther "straight out men" in school rooms so {illegible} lights {blank space} Ch collection 25

February 8 Monday Forward Exceedingly cold frosty day. sunny. Willie went down got tooth filled 50 paid back ale 25 spools J. Woods 12. Fraser fisher and I went down in sleigh for coal didnt get any. Will came up with us. we cut wood in PM.

9 tuesday Very cold frosty sunny day. We broke, plowed, road over to other barn in AM and in P.M. Willie brought up two loads manure from Steels got at Dan Websters whiffletree irons 40 at Phillips salve stuff for horse 8cts stamp 2 Willie got from Seharins money for margold sold on 3rd $5.75 got coal oil at armstrongs ale 35cts Statement of goods received from eatons for money sent on 19th Jan. $10.12 worth due bill for beloved 38cts

10 Wednesday Cold frosty sunny day. Willie took 10 bags chop to Wilams in AM and brought up load name from steels took some strew down to Beese . In PM he went down for chop 50 and brought up Jersey heifer from Hunks paid $6.00 for it Mary down in PM. We went up to Sindals at night they were out at home

11 Thursday Cold frosty sunny day. Willie took down load strew to Wansborough in AM $3.00 In PM we brought our load hay from other barn. Mother up in PM Bella went down with her. Willie at {illegible} at night. I buried dead steer

February 12 Friday Frosty day sunny a little cloudy in PM. Willie took box load straw down to Andrew Stevens showed Glen to horse buyers {illegible} and brought up 4 or 5 bags coal from home. In PM we all went down town showed Glen to two Muskoka house buyers. Mary paud $15.00 on Russell ale and got {crossed out illegible} 2 1/4 {illegible} tweed $135 1 broom 30 living canvas paid at with 10lbs butter @ 16 $$1.60 balance cash. Willie got iron mended at Lemplins 10. Hugh Cameron here in evening on way back from {illegible} took Mr Evesly there from for Galt.

13 Saturday East Wind, cold. We hauled out 6 loads manure 4 from pig pen to pile no 7. Mary went down in evening, I went down town at night looked at some fur coats in Steels postage 7

14 Sunday Stormy, snowing. very stormy at night and snowing again. Mr McViear preached in AM from Erel. a time for war a sermen on Russo Japan War. and in evening from Psa 56:11. 3rd sermen on straight out {illegible} John Knox. Missionary call 1100 church 25

15 Monday Very cold frosty and stormy. Steels sent up 2 fun coats I took them down brought up a wambat took it down in PM brought up a dog {illegible}. took back to Websters 2 inns paid 20

February 16 Tuesday Forward Exceedingly cold frosty stormy day. I took down chop to Curlies in AM. In PM Mrs Duaine came up told us she was until wal {illegible} to be got in town on ale of railroad blockade. I drove up to Bob Luidale got lend of bag coal from {illegible} for her toole it and her down then went down town got ale handle at Dan Websters 25cts. Stuff got at Russells on Friday and Motel 1.88

17 Wednesday Fine sunny day very frosty. We lengthened hay stack and took down load hay to Andrew Steners in AM and one to Steel Bros in PM. Brought up chop from Curlies and rolls extra for what I missed before.

18 Thursday Cold day sunny, Willie and Fraser Fisher took ton of hay over to letters in AM. In PM I drive down in cutter went to station for coal too late got 2 bags at home took one to Mrs Duaine one have. I got at Dan Webster mitts 40 2 feed measures 30 paid for ale handle got yesterday 25 git a scales 2 hay tickets 20. Mary, Bella, and I {illegible} up at Lindales at night

19 Friday Fine sunny frosty day. Dave Allan here we killed sow 10cts Bella and Mary down town in PM at Milne Curlies etc. Lady White calved yesterday white heifer

February 20 Saturday Fine sunny day thawing in the sun. We worked at making wide box for sleigh. I went down town at night paid Armstrong ale in full to-date 62 paid Phillips ale $5.72 got game Flinch 50 Bella and MAry down in PM got at Armstrongs corn meal 25 crock 25. Sold 16 hogs to Scherio 4.50 and rise got $1.10

21 Sunday Thawing to-day raining some at night Mr McViear preached in AM from 1 mo God is light none of us down in evening

22 Monday Frosty again stormy blustering snow. Willie went down in cutter in Am got at Websters 2 pails 60 1 mended 15 2 fork hands 25 dug fork 50 bolts 2 cts at Steels on ale gautlets 2.75 sugar 50. I went down in PM got 460lbs coal from Hamilton on ale and 200 from Willie {illegible}. {illegible} calved yesterday roan heifer

23 Tuesday Mild day. more snow last night snowing to-day. We fixed rack and took load straw down to Smith "lumber dealer" and brought up from Lemplins 2 iron rods etc 5 oats on ale

24 Wednesday Cold day, Sunny. We loaned van Magwood our stock rack to bring cow from Jacksons 'sale' We brought load hay over from other barn in AM. In PM I went down for Fred Armstrong for Jamie, she was

February 24 continued Thursday Forward sick and slipped her colt. Fred came up afterwards gave her some midicine she was very weak. Mary and I went down to Mrs Duarris in evening to party

25 thursday Exceedingly cold day frosty sunny. We put up chop in AM Willie took it down in PM I went with him and went to Jim Wilson funeral . Willie went down for chop again 40 took 2 bags potatoes to A Armstrongs coal oil curlies 23

26 friday cold frosty day. We finished hay rack and wide box in sleigh. I went down in PM in sleigh took mother down took 6lbs butter over to Nellies for George McLutgre Toronto who is sick and brought uo load {illegible} from Besse

27 Saturday Fine sunny day thawing a little in sun cloudy and windy at night. We hauled out 4 loads manure from box stall to-day and fitted some double windows. Mr faulburn in to see Glen. Mr Smith in paid me for straw took to him Tuesday $3.00 Mrs Remols 'look agast' here for dnner Bella gave order for book. Willie down town at night got money from A. Stephens for hay delivered on 17.5 cts

28 Satursday Thawing all day cloudy Mr McViear preached in Am from tert I hear in

February 28 continued Sunday Forward my body the marks of the Lord Jesus and in evening judges a sermon in Sainson Only Willie down at night Mary not well stayed down home thunder + lightning last night

29 Monday Exceedingly stormy day east wind hailing and snowing and blowing not very frosty lightning and thunder at night. We fitted more double windows and minced them. Patrice calved this evening

March 1 Tuesday Milder, cloudy, stormy in morning calm by night. Willie went down town in AM got glass putty etc for storm windows and turpentine at Mennies on ale brought up Mary. In PM we put up 10 bags chop and 6 bags Potatoes and Willie took them down potatoes to Armstrongs. Mr and Mrs Hay over in evening

2 Wednesday Fine sunny day thawing all day. Willie went to Rutherfords to see a horse he has for sale got dinner there then went to Hustrings then back, He got $5.00 from Fairbairn on Glen which we sold to him on Monday for $165.00 I went up to Juo Clarkes sale in PM

3 Thursday Thunder lightning and heavy rain last night soft in morning got gradually colder snowing and one of the stormmier days this winter. very frosty by night a grain

March 3 continued Thursday Forward

Matt Mc Clauchau and Harry {Wiebiter?} up in AM putting larger heat {jupe?} and {register?} in dining room. Wiebi went down in sleigh got chop at {Curling's?} {howser?} {illegible} at Mc Dumotts so Juey shod at Iempins

continued Sunday forward

In evening all the churches except R.C. united in St. Andrews for ceremony? {ceremony?} of {B&T.B.8?} adress given by McVican Smith and Hamilton. All down at night. Collector 20

Monday Thawing all day raining most of day misty. We cleared {Timothy seed?} in AM and in PM hauled back 2 loads manure and brought back load hay for calves. We plowed the road. We {illegible} all over at hays in evening.

Tuesday Forsty to-day again Sunny, thawing some in sunshine. We handed back {4?} loads manure in AM and in Pm went down town in sleigh went up to {statue?} to see a horn {illegible} had to see them bought up load manure from Fred Armstrong Belle and Mary down town in PM Took 22 lbs butter down to Russeld @15 330 butter and spool in Steels 28 took day eggs To {Anthonys?} 20 got eat cake 10 soap 15 oranges 25 hard

Wednesday Strong mist wind sunny in AM snowing in PM. frosty. We got up two loads manure from Fred Armstrong and ten bays chop from {Cubin maps?} Willi got Lucy {illegible} at {Hodays?} 10 {illegible}

Thursday forward Strong east wind all day snowing at times frosty. Willi took load of furnituredown for {illegible} Hay They are moving to new house in {Turgus?} south Ruin {illegible} McRee and Jesse {Bowly?} also {heefing?}. In PM we brought up {illegible}load manure from F Armstrongs. Hugh Cameron have for dinner {illegible} route {Todalt?}. Billy Webster in in PM for {Pedipee?} of Quaine.

Friday Cloudy day frosty, east wind. we hauled 2 loads manure from F. Armstrong took Bella down home in morning. Willi down at library at night

Saturday Cloudy in morning sunny day frosty. Willi took load straw to A. Armstrong $1.80 and brought up load manure from Steels in PM took load straw to A. Stephens and brought up load manure from them. I went to {illegible} Chapman's {sake?} went up with {illegible} Black down with A Bump. Hugh Cameron here for tea on road home from Salt.

Sunday Fine Sunday frosty. thawing considerable in sun. Mr McVicor preached in AM from Rev. Blessed are the dead - not from their {illegible} and their works do follow them and Mr Muller at night from Come {illegible} where The {Illegible} lay! both turned {illegible} on death of Ms {Illegible} who died on 11th. {Illegible} $1.00

Monday forward Cloudy morning strong east wind developed into {fine?} snow storm in PM. not very frosty I took 9 hogs (sold to {Carted Nou?} 21/03) down thy {winged?} 1410 @ 480 6765 {bad are?}{illegible} 14 {Reward?} from {illegible} once {illegible} which Willi took down go to-day $160.00 Willi got Emory {illegible} to bring us up 2 bags coals (Hamilton) and me me for Ms {Name}. I went to H. Matthews sale in PM buy {illegible} home coming 8 years old for $141.00 called Scott Mrs Dr Smellie found to.day.

Tuesday Mild cloudy thawing a little. Willi went down with Susy and Scott took 3 lbs butter to {name} to take {illegible} came back with our sleigh from {Magroads?} then went over to {Allent Burp?} and back. He took some straw to Stub and 3 bags potatoes to Armstrongs. In PM I took some straw to Stephens and brought up load manure from Stils. took it back and brought over load hay for calves. Many down home in PM postage 2

Friday Fine sunny day pretty frosty thawing a little in sun. We took load hay down to Alex Willi in AM and me down to Ms Felkin in P.M. and brought up 4 bags coal from {statin?} 3 here and 3 for Ms Guaine. Bella down here in PM. ...

Thursday forward Sunny A.M. cloudy P.M. frosty. I took load hay down to A. Stephens in AM got 2 hay tickets 20. In PM we brought our 2 loads hay far from other barn. Father up after dinner C. {name} came up for him to make out a lease. Girls down in PM got at {stels?} dress good 76

Friday More snow last night drifted trains blocked a little again. We killed sick sheep skinned it took it down in sleigh sold it to Reenen for 75 To get 6 00 lbs stove coal from {ll?}. Wilkie on {up?} got box {illegible} tablets for cols 25. In PM {one?} went with Scott in {cutter?} to D. Sullivans {name} to see colts abo to Matthews paid him for Scott $13400

Saturday Cloudy snowing a lot raining a lottle. We took down 11 bags chop to Carlis and brought up load manure from Stephens got on {illegible} at A Armstrong {cake?} {illegible} and so to {illegible} got Wilkie hay ticked 10 {illegible} got $580 from Ms Felkir for hay. In PM took sow our to {illegible} ten I went down for {Shop?} paid it and also 9th $1.10 took Mary down got 2 bags apples at {Garris?}

Sunday Cloudy. frosty. Dr Wardrobe preached in AM from same as Mr Mc. Vicor last Sunday Willi at {name} at night made choir text but took plains looked towards {Illegible}. I at home all day (wild in head). {Wigool?} to cripple 20 {Illegible} cull 10

Monday forward Strong east wind not very frosty. cloudy. {title/honorific} Mc Cullah up all day {papering?} parlor. We hauled back {illegible} seven loads manure. Bella went down home night.

Tuesday Thunder and lightning and heavy rain last night cloudy day misty at times thawing considerable. We hauled back 3 loads manure in AM and in PM went to Murphy {illegible} sale. Jane Thomps delivered wall paper today {title/honorific} Mc Cullah finished graining {doorsite?} in PM had him in full $3.00. Willi brought up mother she is staying all night. Paid Jes Sanderson for {Institute?} ticked for 19 04 25

Wednesday Fine sunny day frosty at both ends thawing in the middle. Robins {meaded onto?} {illegible} around We hauled back 8 loads manure. Mary and mother went down in Cutter in PM and Mary and Bella came up. They took 16 lbs butter over to Mc. Vickers.

Thursday Fine sunny day frosty but thawing in sun warm in PM. We took down 11 bags chop to Curlis brought up load manure from Besse. In PM I went to Farmers sale. A Scotchman in in PM. selling brass goods bought 4 yds {serge?} $6.50 and 4 yds $3.60 Willie took back load manure in P.M. Mr Smith up to see about getting some hay. Got cooal oil from Reeves lately 23

Friday forward Rain last night cloudy, thawing all day raining in PM roads getting bad. I took load hay down to Mrs Stewart got for it 17 50 lbs $7.25 weighing 10 gave Mrs. Felkin $1.00 back on hay brought up 810 lbs coal for Mrs {Guanie?}. In PM Willie and I went to {Huxleys?} sale I bought hamers 35 cents

Saturday Frosty day cloudy windy snowing in PM I took load hay down to Smith 1650 lbs $16 60 {werg?} hung 10. brought up chop from Curliss In PM I went to C. Kays sale bought hamers $5.00 side saddle 25 gems 30 hay 10 book 10 Willi down town at night {illegible} 25

Sunday Fine day. Mr Mc. Vicor preached in AM from Sol. Song 2.15 a sermon to children and in evening from Isa 11.9. Bella stayed down all night. Frosty night

Monday Frosty day cloudy sunny and snowing {intimes?}. David Allan and I each took load of furniture to Statin for Charli {illegible} who is moving to Toronto to-morrow {ave?} got dinner there. I brought over load calf hay from other barn.. Mrs. Dunn and Miss {name} over for tea in PM.

Tuesday Snowing heavy in AM cloudy, sunshine

continued Tuesday forward in PM clouded over again thaing to-day We cleared seed mended harness ate in AM and in PM hauled back and spread 5 loads manure Scott to Jamie. Bella and Mary called on Mrs Clark PM.

Wednesday Thawing a lot to-day warm sunny and cloudy. We hauled back 2 loads manure and spread them and made a new road belowother barn in AM In PM we took down 11 bags chop and girls. brought up 1510 lbs coal from Chapman then went down again for chop paid it and g 6th $1.05 brought up bbl salt from Armstrongs and Mary. Bella stayed down Got collars mended at Mc {Dermots?} 15 {illegible} irons 10 Mary got at Philips {name} 10 borax 5 at W.F.M.S. meeting 75 ts

Thursday raining in AM misty in PM cloudy all day thawing. W e cleaned seed oats mended harness etc.. Diek Kelekan and Jim Haly up in PM for small load hay. Willie went down home at night got money from Stephens re Richardson for hay delivered March 17 $9.10 Yhis has been the {wintrist?} within on record the coldest the most constant and the most snow Winter from the middle of November to end of March A winter of railroad blockades and coal {illegible}

Friday forward Cloudy. raining in AM somethunder thawing considerable to-day. We cleared grain in AM when Mr Rudd {p?} Almer came in to buy some turnips. Willi Black came in with his sleigh. We got load on ont of root horse. They got dinner here. In PM we took them down using Scott in place of Blacks {Serngdie?} whcih crowded. 50 bushels @ 10 to $5.00 Willi and Mary drove down in evening in Old Cutter.

Saturday West wind snowing and blowing frosty at night. We cleared seed oats to-day. Weighed cattle in PM.

Sunday Windy cold thawing very little in our Sacrament Sunday. Mr Mc Vicor preached in AM from 1 Peter 1:11 last clause. and in evening to {curited?} congregation from "He is not here. He is risen" proof of the resurection. Willi {Fin?} down home P.M.

Monday Fine sunny day thawing a lot. We broke a road through the lane backs and hauled from other barn two box loads of floor stuff old hay seeds etc. In PM Willi and Fraser Fislor took load hay over to {F islan} received for it $2.00 then took back load manure. I went to Easter party given by {mens?} at Hospital in evening.

Tuesday forward Fine sunny day frosty last night warm day thawing a lot. We hauled back 9 loads manure to-day spread it.. Bella and Mary down town in PM with Susy in old cutter got at Russel {doer?} goods $2.50 tooth brush 15 atStals spool 5 Philip soup 25 sugar cream {illegible} 55 foots 30 {oats?} buttons at Dans. I got from Mrs {name} yesterday $1.10 for coal gave her in {writer?} Paid furnace draft last week 70.00

Wednesday Cloudy day a little rain in PM we hauled and spread 8 loads manure. Sheep had a lamb yesterday first this season

Thursday Cloudy in AM and misty sunny in PM thawing a lot. We hauled bale and spread 6 loads manure 3 from boxstall. Took papers up to Allans at nigh. Daisy {j?} Fergus calved to-day heifer room. Steph had two lambs to-day.

Friday Cloudy day raining in PM cool in AM. Thawing a lot to-day. We hauled over two loads of young cattle hay from other barn in AM and in P.M. cleared again.

Saturday Cloudy rain and sunshine, thunder lightning dark clouds hail in PM thawing a lot

continued Saturday forward We put up chop I took it down to Carlis got dinner at home {lare?}. Took 3 brushels oats to mill @ 30 ts paid for chop 60 balance 40 Took 1 1/2 brushels oats to Armstrongs Traded for oatmeal got Scott shod at Hodge 10 ts brought up bag flour from Armstrongs on {afc?} 5 {illegible} get chop done. Willi got 17 brushels {Bouenga?} oats from Dave Allen $5 25. {Name} up for 1 lbs butter and day eggs {mafe?}. No sleighing in town Willi and Mary down town at night Mary stayed down.

Sunday Cold day. Mr McVicar preached on AM from {Jno?} 3:7. and in evening from {Jno?} 3:18. middle clause the difficulties of unbelief. We walked to-day Collectin to {misim?} $100

Monday Cloudy cold thawing, snowing. We took back load manure apread it went over to Mikes. Alex Moir Assessor here in PM also Leo. Handerson to see if we would buy his mare he wanted $250.00 for her

Tuesday Cold cloudy day snow last night and snowing at intervals to-day frosty. We took our timothy seed over to {Title/Honorific} McKas and cleaned it in their will Willie went down for chop at Curlis. We cleaned {Wanty?} oats in PM. Another lamb this morning.

Wednesday forward Cold frosty day. snowing some sunshine in. PM thawing some. We brought from other barn two loads hay in AM and one in PM. Martha Dix died to-day. Mr Quanie here for tea.

Thursday Cold frosty day sunny in PM thawing in sunshine. Willi and I went to Elora house show in P.M. Bella and Mary went over to Dix's afternoon to see Martha. Bought at Richardsons Elora butter papers 5

Friday. Snowing to-day. heavy in PM {wirtry?}. We cleaned grain in AM In PM I went to Martha Dix's funeral in buggy. Paid S. Rafter for Ballymore sewire 12.00

Saturday Sleighing again all over cold day sunny, thawing a little. I took down 9 bags chop to Curlis and 13 32/34 bushels oats @ 2 9 {etc?} brushel $4.03 chop 45 and brought up 960 lbs coal for Mr Quarrie from Hamilton. Paid for weighing turnips April let 10. In PM I took load turnips wood down home and brought up chop got at Armstrongs in afe graham flour 25 biscuits 1 lb 9 got from Calahan for hay got 31 at March $2.00. Willie down town at night paid Willie for coal in full 8.08 received from him for hay delivered March 6.73 got at Philips {Birn?} & wire bottle 75 post cards 5 {niffle?} 5

Received Paid
{blank} 601 11 563 27
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {1} {00}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {23}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}.
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {48}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {7} {20} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {1} {00}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {2} {00}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {3} {86}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} 608 {31?} 571 84

1904 Rosmead Diary April 17 Sunday {forward?} Cold frsoty air, sunny thawing in sun mostly {illegible} on road. We took {buggy?} down {Silrey?} of Toronto preached in AM from Jno 3:16. and in evening from "Where thine is no vision the people perish" Oh {colbetim?} 1.0

18 Monday Fine day cloudy and sunny thawing considerable. We brought over load of hay from other barn in {sleigh?} made hot bed etc. Hugh Cameron down in PM he and Willie drove over to Tom Broadfort to see his horses. {Lowland?} 2 3 d

19 Tuesday Winter, snowing and blowing ground covered with snow very {illegible} and cold at night again. We cleaned oud oats in A.M. and I went to Sherwoods oak in PM.

20 Wednesday Cold frosty day sunny thawing {in?} {illegible} We cleaned oud oats in AM. {illegible} wood in {bush?} in PM and Willi drove Bella down Town and home they got at Armstrongs {illegible} sugar {5'0?} soda {5'?} {illegible} at {illegible}. At Longs {velvet?} 33 Cousin Jams Ross of Walkerton down home yesterday. Butter sold to Phillips $4.64. {illegible} $2.56 $7.20 Receipt book from Mrs Randell $1.00 save to Bible {illegible} in March to Dr Rogers $2.00 {illegible} March 8 386

1904 Rosmead Diary

Received Paid
608|31 571|84
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} |55
| 7 {blank}
{blank} |15
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} |40
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} |10
{blank} {blank}
{blank} |30
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} 2|23
{blank} {blank}
608|38 575|79
April 21 Thursday Forward Fristy morning got warmer, fine sunny day thawing considerable. I took down 11 bags chop to Carlies and some straw to {Berre?} in AM. got dinner at home and brought up chop in PM 55 Sold to {ragman?} old {madden?} rags ect 7 ets Paid Mr Piek for spinning wheel 15 Mother up in PM tayel for tea We used waggon to-day first time Willis rubber soled {illgible} M.Beth 40

22 Friday Fine sunny day cool wind thawing considerable. Stage came down in {illegible} lots snow in country yet. {illegible} Willie brought up load manure from Sted in AM got {illegible}10 although got any rubber wounded at M.Beth and plain lacs 30. I mended door at othr home. In PM Willi drove girls down in buggy then we went over to Gerri to see homes and up to {illegible} Mary stayed down.

23 Saturday Fine warm sunny day cloudy and raining some in AM. We filled {our?} 12 bags potatoes in AM and willi took them down to {illegible} @ 80 cts bag trade and brought {illegible} load {illegible} from {Berre?} We took back load from pig pen. found {illegible} lost Dec 29. Willie downtown at night got at Woods 2 hars 1⁷⁵'{8²⁵?}{illegible²⁵}

1904 Rosmead Diary

Received Paid
60838 57579
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} 20
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} 74
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank}
60838 57673
April 24 Sunday {tonwond?} Cloudy raining at times warmer than has been. {In Hall N Rockwood?} preached in AM from Ino 3:16. None of us down at night: raining.

25 Monday Cloudy and sunny cool.{illegible} I took load {illegible} down in AM 52 bushels paid for weighing it and Ian Wilkihay ²⁰ In PM we brought in rest of {pit?}- also straw from it then brought our load hay from other {lam?}. I brought up from {Annotrugo?} 48 {ils?} clover 48 and 12 alsike Willie and I drove up to James Skarks at night to his three year old filly.

26 Tuesday Fine sunny day. windy. frost last night thawing. WIllie {illegible} with 3 {horses?} JL find to day. I got 19 {illegible} ready to sow. Bella and Mary down town in PM got at Songs {in?} pair {illegible} embroidery ¹⁵' {traid?⁹}

27 Wednesday Fine sunny day windy. Lucy {came?} with swollen foot. I went to Tom Broadfoots {m'} {illegible} bought {illegible} {red calt?} (Dick) {illegible} he brought it down. We plowed in pit and {dished} in {N62 AM?}. IN PM Willie finished {illegible} and {honoured?} {illegible} with Jammie Scott and Dick. Some snow in country yet. Road to {illegible} dry mostly.

1904 Rosmead Diary

Received Paid
{blank} 608 38 576 73
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} 10
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} 50
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} 1 30 {blank} {blank}
{blank} 4 20 {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} 13 19
{blank} 12 73 {blank} 10
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}.
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {5?}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {5?}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} 692 81 590 72
April 28 Thursday Cloudy day sprinkling of rain {alternates?}{intervals?} throughout day. We {illegible} with 19 horse seeder 1/2 g. J.L field and {harvested?} it sowing {illegible} and black {burly?} mixed 1 1/2 {brushels?} and clover and {illegible} feed. Willi {whaled?} down to Dr {Armstrong?} in PM got powder for Jennie. got at Longs & {Siekpods?} ¹⁰ {illegible} . Mother and {Mrs?} Phillips our for tea.

29 Friday Rain last night cloudy day drying through day. I took 10 bags {illegible} down in AM 50 cts {Cunlis?} and Willie and {Fraser?} took one half {ton?} hay over to {Fishers?} PM we brought over load hay from other barn. Mary and Bella down town in PM sold to {Russello?} 12 1/2 {illegible} 30 {ils?] {illegible} 4.20 bought hats 4⁴⁵' {flannel?} ⁴⁴ pants ¹.²⁵ dress at Steels $7.00 Licorice at Phillips ¹⁰ Button {illegible} Park Blackwell 12⁷³

30 Saturday Cloudy day a sprinkle rained at times. We finished J.L field and sowed 2 1/2 acres {Waverly?} onto {No. 7.E?}. 4 horses in seeder. Willie and Bella down town at night Bella stayed down Willie got at Armstrongs {illegible} at {illegible} {elm?} ⁵
A very backward spring very few started seeding yet we got only 10 {illegible} sowed {in a?} {illegible}

May 1 Sunday Forward Fine sunny day warm. Mr McViear preached in AM from Bear ye one another burdens Every man shall bear his own burden, and Cast your burden upon the Lord and in evening from his name he shall be called Wonderful

2 Monday Fine sunny day warm. We cultivated and honoured No 2. Willie and MAry down town in PM in buggy got at Russels cottmade 10 at Mills meat 450 at Woods dry goods 29 at Steels on ale HCloth 60 velvet 20 at Armstrongs on ale 48lbs Mammoth clover 700 10lbs Dutch 250 96lbs {illegible} 4.00 1/2 brushed Red {illegible} 437 pair dollar boots for one at Russells on ale

3 Tuesday Very fine sunny wam day. We sowed no 2 with bonanza oats {illegible} Brazilian and seeded it down with Clover and timothy also seeded fuel what. Lizzie McDonald up all day sewing at dress etc

4 Wedesday Warm sunny day. Snow drifts after more thick still in brush. Willie harrowed No 2 and cultivated half of No 5. I cleaned grain. Lizzie McDonald up all day saving Mary downtown in AM got at Woods dress goods 1.65 paid 1.00 on it got at Steels lining 37cts. Steels rig up for some straw

Received Paid
{blank} 626 81 592 93
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} 1 00
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} 150 00
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} 30
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}.
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} 15 00
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} 5
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} 626 81 759 28

1904 Rosmead Diary May 5 Thursday {forward?} Very warm day hot as summer. We {harowed?}, sowed with {illegible} and black {branley?} mixed and {harowed?} half of it again north half of south field. Siggie Mi Donald up all day paid her 100 Mother up in P.M.

6 Friday Very warm sunny day. Wille cultured and harowed lower half of South field I cleaned oud grain etc. Went over to Ryan on what see if he ould wash sheep to {illegible}

7 Saturday Very warm sunny day. We finished seeding South field to-day sowed {illegible} oats and {illegible} wheat mixed in bottom half added all down with {illegible} Mammoth clover and German clover. I went down on wheel paid Jim Broadfoot for {Dielk?} got April 17th $150.00 got lace etc at J Woods 25. {illegible} 5 I {illegible} on Sunday St in P.M.

8 Sunday Fine sunny in AM rained in PM Anniversary services in our church today {illegible} J.P Sealt of Toronto preached in AM from "Blessed is he who shall not be offended in me" and in evening from Rev 1:17. Bella down at night. We gave collection for church debt ${15.30?} Willie gave at {night?} {illegible}

May 9 Monday Forward Cloudy day raining some at times very windy in PM colder to-day good growth, grain up. I hauled two loads manure up from town in AM one from Steels one from Smalls took straw to Steels In PM Mr Ryle came in bought our 3 cattle @ 495 for cut to be delivered next Monday recieved on them $500 we hauled over bag from other barn in PM Put load manure on garden and plowed it . Willie down home in evening in whul

10 Tuesday sunny and cloudy raining a little at times cool. Willie took straw down to Berse in AM and brought up load manure. I plowed garden with Dick and we planted potatoes 7 rows & {illegible}3rd row from fare everett potato got him ottowa and 4 rows N.W.end. PM willie worked marigold land . mother up in PM told us cousin George McIntgre of toronto was dead. set her to night

11 wednesday cool day sunny in PM. father and I went to Toronto to Geo McIntgres funeral. he was burried in Mnt Pleasant cemetary We got tea at Mrs Sandhams stayed all night at Arthurs expenses to-day fare 3.30 other 10 {illegible}5 Willie plowed in No 4 marigold land. mother stayed up all night

1904 Rosmead Diary

Received Paid
{blank} 631 81 762 63
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} 80
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} 10
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} 1 35
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} 4 58 {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} 8 30 {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} 1 19
{blank} {blank} 29 {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} 644 98 765 97

May 12 Thursday {forward?} Cool sunny and cloudy. Father and I went up to Richmond Hill saw Uncle {illegible} Aunt Carie and Mabel. Came back to {illegible} evening train express {60 5 15 ?} Willie down town to day got at Armstrongs an {apron?} {illegible} 15 {illegible} 5

13 Friday Fine sunny in AM clouded warm PM rained in evening warmer today. We rolled {mangold?} land and made a fur {illegible} also sowed oats in No {2E?} where it {illegible} to finish. Bella and Mary down town in PM got at Russels hat 1.35 got at Steels {illegible} 2 {illegible}

14 Saturday Drizzling rain all AM. cloudy all day. We finished sowing No {2E?} {Boals?} brought over load hay. In PM I fixed fence in No 4. Willie and Mary went down town got butter {among?} from Argo 1.60 {illegible} Willie got from {WmBeathic?} for turnips shipped April 25th $5.²⁰ and from Ian Wickis for hay sold April 16 3¹⁰. Willie brought up from Russellls {illegible} ⁷⁵ Dry goods ⁴⁴ sold 29 days {ago?} ²⁹

15 Sunday Cool cloudy and sunny. Mr {William?} preached AM from Suffer little children to come unto me.

1904 Rosmead Diary

Received Paid
{blank} 644 98 765 97
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} 177 75 {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} 15
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} 50
{blank} {blank} {blank} 1 65
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} 97
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} 87
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}.
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} 15
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} 822 73 770 26

May 15 continued Sunday {illegible} A sermon to children and a funeral sermon for George Mills who died last week and in evening from Colossians 1:28. {Auntie?} down home for dinner.

16 Monday Cool cloudy day. We took 3 cattle down sold to Kyle on 9th the weighed 3850 lbs @ 4.75 for cut $82.75 Received {illegible} paid for weighing 15. In PM I finished drilling for marigold and brought up load {illegible} from Smalls. Will Byers over {in coming?} {illegible} we paid him 50 cts. Willi bought {illegible}

17 Tuesday {illegible} last night. Sunny day. warmer We brought up 3 loads {illegible} Willi up at Allans with Lucy in PM handing out {illegible} with {spreader?} Mary got at Woods {illegible} goods 47 meat at Mills 40 at Steels {illegible} butter and {illegible} $1.68

18 Wednesday Cloudy day raining at intervals from ten O'Clock and heavy in evening I went up to D.Allans with {Dontt?} in AM {illegible}. Willi harrowed in No7. In PM Willi went over to Joe {illegible}

1904 Rosmead Diary

Received Paid
{blank} 822 73 770 26
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {17} {45} {blank} {4}
{blank} {blank} {65} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} 1 00
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} {blank} {blank}
{blank} {blank} {blank} 1 00
{blank} 840 83 772 40

May 19 Thursday {illegible} Lots of rain last night cloudy day. I took down two {pigs?} sold to {illegible} Feb 20 weighed{3100?} 1745 weighing 4 {skinned?} sheep found dead this morning sold to {illegible} 65. In PM Willie brought up load {illegible} from Smalls then I took one back from home. I went to Managers meeting at night.

20 Friday Cloudy in morning cleared off windy Willie at Allan till middle PM with Scott helping with {manure?} then they brought spreader down here. I hauled {illegible} {7?} loads and spread them then 4 loads with spreader. Mary down town in PM got at Armstrongs {illegible} $2.40 and at Steels {illegible}

21 Saturday Fine warm sunny day. Willi plowed No7 W in AM {illegible} PM. We spread 5 loads manure with spreader then plowed. I fixed fences. I went down town at night got at {illegible}

22 Sunday Sunny and cloudy raining at night thunder lightning and heavy rain. {Mr Miller?} preached in AM from Mark 4:40 and {illegible} at night from Jno 17:21 {illegible} Missionary collection $1.00

May 23 Monday Forward cloudy in AM sunny in PM. Willie brought up 2 loads manure one from Steels one from Besse in AM took down 4 26/40 bags potatoes to Armstrong Bros. Mr Fort brought up cow and shirts and tookdown 12 dog eggs @ 13cts

24 Tuesday Very fine sunny day warm. victoria day. we sowed corn and pease today in NO 7. Fred Paulin and Jessie and Leslie Dodge here for dinner Willie fair and Fred. {illegible} Faher and mother up to-day. Willie and girls went to entertainment in town hall at night. I went to grounds in PM admittance 25cts czme up with Willie Fair Willie and girls down Monday night got at Steels on ale dress goods 130 hair sheep sheers at Memmies on ale 80 meet at nills 42cts

25 Wednesday fine warm sunny day. willie hamed pease anc corn and rolled them then we spread 28 loads of manure from hill and 1 from have 30 in all with shreader. sold to Jackson gal cream 70 cts I went downtown in buggy and home paid father rent for 1903.9640

26 thursday Windy sunny and cloudy thunder shower about 5PM. we spread 8 loads manure then willie plowed . jesse bowley willie and i washed our and his sheep in PM paid him 50cts

May 27 Friday Cool sunny day. We took 16 cattle up to Jonn Wilsons 11 at 50cts per mouth and 5 at 1.10 per month for pasture. We brought up mother in buggy on road back. 7 other at Guelph. In PM we cut seed potatoes and Willie plowed and harrowed the lard. I drobe Bella down to Chinese sovial at night 15cts, got 2 dog eggs from Adam Armstrong for setting

28 Saturday Fine sunny day. We planted 10 rows potatoes to-day in No7. Bella and Mary downtown in PM got at Steels good on ale 2.43 at Russells Maryhat on ale 2.90 at Phillips Carbolin acid 20 {illegible} glass at Nichols 7. Willie down town at night got bicycle clips {illegible} 10 I went down with team in Am got at Armstrongs mak 3 lbs {illegible} turnips seed 60 got Seott shod at Saccplus on ale 20

29 sunday Fine sunny day. Mr McViear preached in AM from Hebrews 11:4 and in evening from 1 Peter 4:8 Ch collection 25

30 Wednesday Cloudy most day. Cool. Willie brought up load manure from Suralls I hauled back 2 from here: in PM we planted 4 more rows potatoes. Willie got reach at Lemphlis on ale 75ct Willie went down on wheel send away for patterns etc 22cts

Rosmead Diary

1904 Recieved Paid

July 18 autumn Monday Fawand 9328| 91| 9|

got at Besse's guard for {mower?} 25

19 Tuesday

Very warm sunny day. I took down 7 {illegible} chop to Curler got dinner at house brought up {illegible} after dinner. 35 spool at {Issacs?} 4 In PM we took in {H?} loads hay with loader & other up in PM drove for us. Sold cream to Jackson {sods?}. H.W gness hoeing

20 Wednesday

Fine sunny day. curler. Ms Mr Ronald {arp?} all day. We cut some more hay drilled some and sowed some more {rake?} thinned 3 rows turnips and hauled in 12 on 14 loads hay. Father up in PM driving Willie drove them down in {weniry?} in luggy. {Amoshueg?} brought up {illegible} 2 {illegible} and by {flar?} {eye?}

21 Thursday

Cloudy and a few drops rein {misspelling of rain} in morning cleared {illegible} fine sunny day. {Mr?} Mc Donald up all day. We finished drilling for rake sowed sum {some} {mush?} hued 2 1/2 drills turnips put pairs green or potatoes took in five loads hay cut sume{some} more. Paid Earl Gordon for having to Satyr calued to day {today} red {read} "{Tufts?}" Mother up in PM ab Campbell druing {misspelling of drawing?} {town?} in pm

22 Friday

Fine in AM {cluded?} {and?} rained after drop about sit. Ab. Campbell over

1904 Rosmead Diary

Received Paid
933.31 913.55
934.31 920.85
July 22 Continued Friday forword all day driving. I finished sowing rake and Willie cut some more hay them we hauled in 8 or 9 loads and coaled up {illegible} was left A raked {illegible}

23 Saturday

Rain last night and part of AM cloudy day. cool. We worked in barn in AM fixing hay fork etc. In PM we hoes turnips. {illegible} Sargent got load straw W. Magwood hauled it for home got $1.00 for it. Willie downtown at night paid Jr. M. Donald for work $3.75

24 Sunday

Fine in A.M. hot sun and dark clouds in PM thunder storm heavy rain and some hail from sir {illegible} P.M. no services in churches in consequence. Mr M.. Vicar preached in AM from 5th commandemen. I went to Mrs. Jun Hamilton fineral in PM she was buried in Cannal Cemetary I drove up as far as {illegible} School 'Dick' Carter with me.

25 Monday

Sunny and cloudy rained come evening. We {illegible} turnips pain greened potatos and took in 21 loads hay 8 ls other barn. Bella & Mary downtown on PM got at Steils shirting $1.58 {illegible} goods $1.12 at Armstongs 25 cts wheat {illegibe} cheese 15 meat at Mills 45

1904 Rosmead Diary












July 26 Tuesday Forward

Fine sunny warm day. Jim Femal Ross Newman and Melton Gilson hoing all day Ab Campbell over in PM driving. We hoed turnips in AM. In PM Willie and Am brought over 3 loads hay to other barn 2 pitched them off and hoed between loads. Father up in PM Willie drove him down in evening. Willie cut some more hay in No 1 W in evening.

27 Wednesday

Rain last night againg sunny in AM dounded over in PM thunder lightning heavy rain at night. Ross Newman up allday Jim Femal hoing today. We thinned turnips and got in hey we cut last night 5 loads Am Campbell here in PM. Father up in PM. Paid Ross Newman on {illegible} $1.00 Bob Lindale and I raked and coaled up most of Mrs Dunns hay after supper. Sold to Jackson cream $1.10

28 Thursday

Raining last night and some in AM cleared off by PM Willie took 10 bags chop to Wilsons 30cts. oil 18 Bella downtown in PM got her dress at Mrs Bartya $165 at Steels dress stuff 65 her fridele in a can 15 sugar $4.75 Mother up in PM. We thinned some more turnips brought up load wood from {illegible}. Ross Newman up for load wood

1904 Rosmead Diary











July 29 Friday Forward

Fine sunny day Milton Ross & Jim hoing turnips to-day. Am Campbell over in P.M. driving. Willie raked up last of No 1 and cut some beech stump field In PM are finished No 13 loads took one to other barn after tea then brought over load from stump field in evening. Sold to Jackson cream {illegible} 60. Paid Gatson on {illegible} 75 Jim Femal 25

30 Saturday

Fine in AM clouded over looked loke rain Milton. Ross, Jim, and Am. have to day Am driving not hoeing. We got in H loads hay all that was cut in stump field Willie at Picks raising of and sills at one o'clock at at Magwoods in eveing paid Ross 1 00 Milton 60 Jim 40 Ab 1 50. Mary downtown in PM got at Steels brooke 25 waisting 37 shaker flamel 1H spods 9 velvet 8

31 Sunday

Fine sunny most day looked like rain in PM rained a little Mr M Vicar preached in Am from the 6th commandement and in evening from text there was a man sent from Gog whose name was John a sermon in John Wesby last of his preachers to the crowd sermon July has been very wet month poor haying weather lots of hat not cut yet

1904 Rosmead Diary









August 1 Monday forward

Rine sunny day. Fergus Curie holiday. Father up all day I drove him down in evening. We finished tinning turnips today. Finished haying cut rest of stump field in morning side rakes it {illegible} in PM and took it in in two loads put on with loader.

2 Tuesday

Rainy like all day rained some in P.M Willie finished {illegible} mangol and I got binder ready for use. In Pm we cut our full wheat and pit away mother barn side delivery rake and hay loader Bella and Mar called in Mrs Dunn in evening. Alex Stewart brought in 1 00 {illegible} Samson brand binder twine

3 Wesdesday

Fine sunny day. Willie sseuffled turnps all day I coaled stocked fall wheat in AM and in PM had mangols {illegible} time. Bella and Mary down at Mrs Quarrie in evning I drove them down and back I wenr dowtown to see Schar's. Mary Paid Mrs Quarrie for 3 lbs butter 42 Mary down town in AM got at Steds dress goods $1.64

4 Thursday

Fine warm sunny day I took 4 hays down to Schario

1904 Rosmead Diary















August 4

continued Thursday Forward

they weighed 6HO lbs at 514 3360 weighing 8 Willie scuffled turnips in AM. In PM Jim Femal Dougal Mrs Jean and I hoed turnips second time and Willie went to Vicks raising Mary down toen in PM got {illegible} shod at {ilegible} 60 cheese and {illegible} 28. Fred Parlin drove aunt Mary down in PM she intends going to Yalt Saturday

5 Friday

Fine sunny day warm. I scuffled turnips and Willie and Jim Femal went to Magwoods barn raising in PM Bella and aunt Mary downtown got at Mills meat H5 add cream 45

6 Saturday

Fine sunny day Doug and Jim up all day hoeing with Willie. I scuffled in AM Father and I took in fall wheat & loads in PM. Hugh and Mrs Cameron down today the letter and Aunt Mary went to Yalt in evening train Mother up in PM. Paid Doug and Jim full $2.75 Willie down town at night paid for my watch cleaning at Calders $1.00 Besse bought Mr. Thompson binder {illegible} to see over binder as it was missing sheaves. He sharpeneed knife moved disk fixed chain etc.

1904 Rosmead Diary












August 7 Sunday Forward

Fine in AM very heavy thunder shower in PM strong wind and heavy hail chich did considerable damage Brown's barn was struck by lightning and burnt. Mr McView preached in AM from 7th commandment and in evening from text In all things he was tempted like as we are yet without sin. Auntie Mrs Sandham and Norman in for dinner.


Fine sunny most day cloudy morning cool. Bella and Willie went up to J. McSellans and back with {illegible} in {illegible} I plowed in back stump field. Chalie Fergusson called in PM.


Fine sunny day. cool. Frost last night Willie plowed all day in stump field I scuffled turnips. Dougal hoeing turnips in PM Uncle Willie and Walter Cameron left horse here on road to Yalt. I went down town in PM got meat at Mills 55 bread at forts 12 {illegible} at Michels 15 got hamers mended at McDermath gave Father cheques for Besse to pay for loads and side delivery rake {illegible} Sold cream to Jackson $100 Ww got butter cheque today 1357


Cloudy day heavy rain in AM from 10 {illegible} thunder and lightning some more rain in PM.

1904 Rosmead Diary











August 10 continued Wednesday Forward

Willie plowed in stump field in AM I finished scuffling turnips Jim and Douga; hoeing turnips all {illegible} about 10 c'clock for rain. Willie and boys took load traw down to Steds and Besse and I plowed in PM. Uncle Will and Walter Cameron here in evening on road home from Yalt. Aunt Mary had operation for cancer at Yalt tea 20

11 Thursday

Cloudy in AM muggling rain at times. cleared off sunny in PM. Jim and Doug up to-day we finished hoeing tyrnips second time finished plowing stump field hanowed it scuffled potatoes. Bella and Mary down at Aunties in PM for tea Jennie Sandham and baby there brought of Mrs Quarrue 6 lbs butter 85

12 Friday

Fine sunny day Willie drove down in buggie helped William McKee take steer and hifer we bought from him over to home field above pump. then he got at Mennies on afe 10 lbs bluestone and at brine Kilm 5 cts limme to make Bordean mixture We than plowed clay along ditch running AE and hauled 3 or 4 loads day down to much part. In PM Jim and Doug here hoeing mangols I scuffled some sold to Jackson in evening 2 {illegible}

13 Saturday

A day of thunder lightning and heavy

1904 Rosmead Diary











August 13 continued Saturday Forward

rain vivid lightning in morning cedar tree in No 3 split with lightning more barns burnt awood country. another bad thunder storm in P.M. a big meteor fell in evning. We worked at road hauling clay to muck part and dining rain cleaned gran etc. Paid Jim and Douglas Willie down town at night get at Steils {illegible} 25 shoe black 25

14 Sunday

Fine sunny say. Mr M. Vicar preached in AM from 8th commandement tho shalt not steal and in evening from Jechariah Call Mussines $1.50

15 Monday

Fine sunny warm in PM looked lie rain some thunder in evening Doug and Jim up all day hoeing mangols We put border mixture alsoo paris green in it potatoes in Monrning I scuffles mangols and turnips and harowed stump field Willie got at Forts yeast cake 25

16 Tuesday

Thunder lightning and heavy rain last night again dark clouds and thunder all day some rain in P.M. We hauled clay road in AM and in PM Willie took down bugs {illegible} got Scott shos at {illgible} 20 hamers mended etc McDonat 90 cts at Armstrongs wheat Gervis 25 cts. I hoes mangols in PM We went up to see cattle at night moonlight

1904 Rosmead Diary











August 17 WEdnesday Forward

Fine sunny day. We cut most of J/L field to-day Canner oats and stocked some. I scuffled turnips in AM with Jennie Mary down homw in evening Father came up with her.

18 Thursday

Fine sunny day. Willie finished J.L field and cut {illegible} of Waverly rats No 7E inAM. In PM he went sown for chop 50 cts oil at Webatons 18 boot mended 15 postade 2 then he cut six rounds in No 2W. I finished stocking J.L field to-day. Mother Auntie and Mrs Burns up for tea.

20 Saturday

Fine in AM Cloudy day rained at night. Willie finished cutting No 2W. I stocked up in averly oats in AM. In P.M. Father up he and Willie helped me stock more than half of Ho2 W. Doug and Jim in P.M hoeing mangols.

20 Saturday

Rained steady all last night. tremendous amount of rainfall. We cleaned chop in AM in PM Willie took it down to Carleis and brought back 59 clso butter from Quarries 95 Paid Doug $1.00. I stocked some more in No 2 in P.M. got wet doing it. I went down town at night got from Trevor Fisher on hey $8.00 Fine clear night moonlight.

1904 Rosmead Diary












August 25 Thursday Forward

Fine in AM rained at noon cloudy PM I took down 6 pigs sold to Schario Feb 20 they weighed 1130 lbs @ 5½ balance 61 15 brought up from Beatys 3 sets slings $6.00 to be paid with straw. then we hauled in half load {illegible} oats from No 2 W and one load Banner from 7.L. field. In PM Willie took load straw down to A. Armstrong 3. {illegible} got on afe 1 bag straws 1 25 Bran 50 {illegible} 10 Mother up in PM stayed all night Father went to Mildmag at noon train I went to {illegible} meeting in church at night.

26 Friday

Fine sunny day. We hauled in six loads oats from 7.L field to-day. Balle and mary called on Mrs Sam McKee in PM Mary bought from Guelph men butter {illegible} 50 butter Mrs Quarrie 75

27 Saturday

Fine sunny day. We hauled in 8 loads from 7.L field and one load waverly No 7R. Doug up hoeing, and helping in mow to-day. Father came home from Mildmay to-day he came up in PM helped with sheaves etc.

28 Sunday

Fine sunny day lightning alnight. Mr. McVicar preached in AM from 10th commandment this ending the series and in evening from Romand 7.19 church {illegible} 25

1904 Rosmead Diary










August 29 Monday Forward

Fine sunny day Willie cut {illegible} oats in S. field. I scuffled turnips. Father up in P.M. we hauled in 2 loads {illegible} oats after supper. I drove Father down in {illegible}

30 Tuesday

Fine sunny day. Willie finished cutting No 2 in AM and I scuffled some mangols in PM we hauled in six loads {illegible} oats from No 2 and one Waverly finishing than Father up in PM helping. May down town in PM got at Mills meat 51 at {illegible} walnut oil 10 groceries at Armstongs 25 {illegible} 9

31 Wednesday

Fine day sunny and cloudy. We hauled in six loads of {illegible} oats finishing tan then stocked up Joesnette in S field {illegible} Clark and Hay here for tea.

September 1 Thursday

Some rain last night cloudy {illegible} day a little rain in PM and evening. I disked stump field in AM and Willie disked et again in PM Willie fot tooth filled in AM at Reids 50 paid McDemott for hams etc. 35 fot at C Groved m afe 3 balls {illegible} @ 13 cts and {illegible} casting. Bella down in PM got at Armstrongs spices and vinegar 53 she brought up Mrs Knox and mother for tea and drove them down again. i stocked up some more {illegible} S field.

1904 Rosmead Diary










September 2 Friday Forward

Heavy rain last night again warm daycloudy some sunshine in PM then thunder storm and rain again. Willie plowed in No 63 with 4 horses {illegible} plor to-day. I stocked up in S field etc. Bella and Mary at Mrs. R Curlis for tea Willie brought them up in buggy

3 Saturday

Cloudy in AM sunny in PM. We scuffled some turnips plowed in No 63 and turned oats sheaves in No 2. Mary down in AM with Lucy Brought Aunt Mary from station she came from Yalt. Willie down town at night got at Mannis 10 cts {illegible} 10 cts snaps at Armstongs can {illegible} 15 Mary got better at Mrs Quarrie 90 cts. Nellie Paulin and Eveline Blair came down in PM in the Calter Pheaton stayed all night.

4 Sunday

Fine sunny day cool Mr McVicar preached in AM a sermon on desiscion of House of Lord {illegible} on free church case giving less then 30 mintes night to 50 million of dollar text "whether one member suffers all suffer with it". Mr R. Blythe of B.B. preached in evenibg to united congregation in St Andres at night from Mark 16:15. The misses Blair Paulin went hom in evening. {illegible} 10

5 Monday

Some rain last night cloudy morning cleared off fine sunny in PM.

1904 Rosmead Diary












September 5 continued Monday Forward

We cut almost all of Brogislin oats in S. field when tongue of binder broke. I stocked up. after tea we hauled in load from No 2. Jersey 'Ladysmith' calved this morning how a dull and hifer the hifer dried. Laterday.

6 Tuesday

Fine sunny day. Willie wheeled down to Marnies in morning got 6 bolts for binder toungue 10 cts we mended it and finisjed cutting oats in S field thus finishing cutting. we hauled in 8 loads Jeanette oats from S field today. Father up in PM helping us.

7 Wednesday

Fine in AM clouded over in PM thunder lightning and rain about 5 o'clock. We took in rest of Black oats 2 lods and rest of No 2 4 loads finished just before the rain Willie paid Douf McLean in full 40 cts Mary down in PM got buns 5 cts she brought up aunt Mary. We went up to see the cattle at night with Scott.

8 thursday

Cloudy day. Willie {illegible} full wheat land tunic and I stocked up rest of S field We got chop 9 bgs 45 at Curlirs took down 665 lbs oats @ 33 bushel and 156 lbs wheat to Armstrong on {illegible} and ggot map brushed plums 65 65 tomatoes 35 and paid for {illegible} Graham flour 10 oatmeal 10 soup 5 vinigar 10 meat at Vicks 25 rubber and corks 10. Jones and {illegible} {illegible} 95. uncle Willie took aunt Mary home to-day. Mother up in PM

1904 Rosmead Diary













September 9 Friday

Fine sunny day cool. We hauled back 4 loads manure to wheat land with Allan spreader in AM. Willie took Jennie up to Alland but D. Allan brought it back {illegible} In PM we hauled in 5 loads oats from S field Butter cheque for August 1625

10 Saturday

Misty morning cloudy forenoon gradually cleared off fine sunny P.M. We hauled oat 9 loads manure to wheat land woth spreade in S field 3 loads. Bella frove father up to Jennies Hamilton to see about telle up some land they have. Sold to {illegible} McKee 210lbs oats @ 1cts lb $2.70 Butter from Mrs Quarrie 75 cts

11 Sunday

Fine sunny day clouded over by evening wind storm thunder lightning and rain in church time. Mr McVicar preached in AM from {illegible} 2.18.19 and in evening from Lamentations 3:26. {illegible}

12 Monday

Fine sunny day. cool. We hauled with spreader to wheat land 13 loads manure S field fence between us and {illegible} through bush as {illegible} cattle got through we strung {illegible} {illegible} along Mary and Bella down town in PM got at Stubs on {illegible} dress govels $2.24 at {illegible} 10 cts vinegar {illegible} of Phillip 15 Mary gave two weeks ago $1.00 for present to Miss Smellie who is going to {illegible} to live.

1904 Rosmead Diary












September 13 Tuesday forward

Fine sunny day cool. We hauled 3 more loads 27 in all to wheat land then disked mat of it {illegible} harrowed it and sowed {illegible} {illegible} Golden shaft wheat got at Bob Lindales. We also scuffled turnips. Sam McKee came for spreaderin evening

14 Wednesday

Raining most AM misty cleared off late P.M. Willie at Rowe thrashing AM and half of PM. I drove down in buggy got tooth treated at Reids got at Armstrongs rice 25 Paid Dr Armstong bill 14.00 Pm. we felded 13 bags oats cleaned barn etc.

15 Thursday

Cold day cloudy in AM sunny in PM Willie at Magwoods thrashing in AM and at Jack Mckee in PM I finished sowing fall wheat in AM and cut 8 rows corn in PM. Mother up in PM Bella and Mary drove her down and got at Stuls velvet 19 {illegible} and dress goods on ap 8.39

16 Friday

Cold sunny and cloudy very windy. Willie over at {illegible} McKewws in AM helpingin with straw. I disked in No 6 E. In PM Willietook down chop 40 cts and brought up load {illegible}up with 2 calved we got from McKee $30.00 that were down home. I pulled load {illegible} we took it in after supper postage 2

Rosmead Diary


May 3 Wednesday Forward

Raining in morning deared if fine (bry?) P.M. very warm. malcolm at (poat?) holes to-day Willie plowed in (srein?) chop land I worked at fence got all rail fence down to gate we got in corner foot father up in evening for some cedar trees Willie drove him down in evening.

4 Thursday

Mist morning cleared (illegible) fine. (wann?) William Lindale up all day plowing Willie (culturated?) No 4 in AM. Malcolm digging (poat?) holes all day. I worked at......

Rosmead Diary


July 28 Friday Forward

Fine day sunny in AM cloudy in PM looked like rain. Willie cut nest of hay in No 5 and raked up yesterday cut. We got in a loads to-day one of than to-days cutting (illegible) Willie raked up about 6 o'clock.

29 Saturday

Rained a little last night as (illegible) rain in PM. Willie raked most of No 5 in AM In PM we finished haying all but rakings 3 loads pretty green and damp one here two to other barn. Father up in PM helping.Bella sold 1 dog egypt to Mrs (muteh?) 15

Rosmead Diary


February 6 Tuesday Forward

Very frosty day again sunny. We wraked at (tivealow?) saw machine. Willie and I went to (matnig?) at night in (mause?) at which they presented Dr Rogers with a clock and Annie Mennie with a ring as they are leaving for states. Spaired (illegible) Rutherford in full for 1 1/2 damp work at (turnulp?) $1.90

7 Wednesday

Another cold frosty day, sunny AM gradually clouded over in PM, We finished circular saw and cut some wood with it ....

Rosmead Diary

September 6 Thursday Forward

Time sunny day warm (bragy?) I went down in AM got at Wilems mill the (illegible) I took down yesterday 75 also 165 13 Room $1.48 150 hea (illegible) 1.88 paid in it and other (illegible) $5.00 got at Mennis make colonelr 35 got at ammetry make bled salt $1.25. (plooed?) some rod before dinner. In Pm I went to (illegible) Blooks thrashing 7 attor and another one in PM stayed all night as Bella and Willie will not be home to-night.

7 Friday

Fine sunny warm day. I went to ......

Rosmead Diary


March 7 Thursday Forward

Cloudy day. raw east wind. not very frosty. Father up in morning (ne?) (Edmoustone?) mortgage Willie drove him down with (illegible) in cutter. then we cut wood circular saw. In PM I took load down (Turmiles?) down to (schero?) (illegible) of root house.

8 Friday

Cloudy day not very frosty a little stormy. Bella and Willie went up to Arthur to-day with Jess in cutter. I took load (Turmiles?) down to schamo after dinner and brought up load coal from (illegible) sligh 36/0. Mother up in PM.

Rosmead Diary

November 26 continued Tuesday Forward

Willie drove Mary down to (Deatist?) in morning brought (illegible) tough from run glars from mame and frutty (illegible) 26 at forolelle and woodshed. also got in salv pipe fixed at lims to put in for overflow from (illegible) to fome. I worked at woodshed AM and PM day ditch through (backyard?) to put (illegible) pipe in. Willie down town PM again set once more pipe (illegible) threaded and (illegible).

Live stock Vegetable

Sold of products in 1907 as follows

Horses 20500

Cattle 93427

sheep 11760

hogs 57781

butter 12326

wool 4502

eggs 2211

chicken 1092

Milk 85

Pigeons 5

Cream 20


Rosmead Diary


September 6 Sunday Forward

Looked like rain in AM cleared (if?) fine PM. Mr Cram back again (freached?) in AM from Rev.7: and in evening from Luke 12.16. girls down at night. Very windy PM

7 Monday

First last night fine sunny cool day Willie finished (harrowing?) No 7 W and culturated 7 L flowing. I wowe (illegible) belware firsts in L L fence from (illegible) hay way in AM PM finished selling (illegible) etc. Nellie Paulin and Mr Reudols of furzy celq down for tea another (illegible) evening then drove her down. 2 loaves bread 12 (illegible)

Rosmead Diary

August 8 Sunday Forward

Very warm sunny day. Juo Comie breaded AM from Isaiah 31: 1-5 and im wearing from Prouds Yhar in a way that beneath might've a man but then and thereoff are the way of death L.Jay Allimin coll $1.25 SM 50


9 Warm sunny day and at night. Willi brought us bounds n HORaades cement from C. Wattami. got at Mamin Novel. to mil cement $1.20 mge at Delhaim so sly turnie mge. I got lunch dur reading to hat cement stifs and slathum. Shire are sleannd sanding crushed slurn from Sow to rood different own {unidentifiable}. Willi cut some alfalfa alright.

10 Tuesday

Fine sunny day not so summer not at night. Willi finished attic Elfalfa Vo 1 W. ia morning then went for another loud gravel. PM be raked ws alfwlba we took a sinull loud in weight we got two wizes feid went ut back door to-day. Mr Lam own at night miek. 5. We got better eluque yesterday $8.62

11 Wednesday

FIne sunny warm day. Willi cut the booly to-day No 2 stedet some too green. I cooled not nutz alfalfa and look in {emad?} loud. May brought us 1 roman and Jessie Samdham and the Mime duldem PM for Ten also & other and work them down again winning. She got at Forb gormium HO med {Harboring?} g-8 Very day weather.

Rosmead Diary

1909 Recieved Paid

August 12 Thursday forward 91350 87481

Fine sunny day. We cut some No 7 J.L. slouked wh some barley and finished tocking in the alfalfa i boad and ne half with, woking.

13 Friday

F one sunny day warm very day weather. We finished cutting No 7 J L to-day got it moily stooked. I stooked ount s brrls No 2 after ters. Girls down torn PM got at Armstrongs n gh August bauouns and astill sook. Mr Gams milk 5 Girls at Guonis for tea.

14 Saturday

Fine sunny warm day. I finished stooking No 7. J L. also brerley No 2 AM. Father is in morning see about {sentiniel?} stock Willi drove him down then went to Bob Runck with Jess. In PM Willi and Jeddy Lester pulled sow Umsitte out I heare rats ate. Paul kim 25 Jhey woh 2 colles Quurrie hufer and Jersey slum (cow sucker) down to home/{uotise?} at night. D luse flock I blick birds mound.

15 Sunday

Raining a little in morning cloudy mort day cleared R on evening lightning at night. Only Willi and May down AM only Willi at night. Jim Emmi headed AM Rw 19:12. and in evening from the parched ground shall become elme Church Coel 35. LA. ic

16 Monday

Fine in morning rained heavy about norm cloudy mnt PM. Mr Sass Sot Caud I Lucy to go.

Rosmead Diary

1909 Recieved Paid

August 16 continued Monday forward 91355 88057

To Alex Woods I went down with him to Jim Beathin Wilhim down etc to see about mortgage on J. Smelhic form. I got at Schaim 50 lb mone turnie some mil who paid for last got homis in fell $10120 got butt made et Barty 10 05. Aunt Mary and Errni Jim Paulin came down to-day want back home again after ba. W. Clark 2 day sago HO

17 Tuesday

Cloudy day a little duggle in AM. m Retle W got laud in our dilcter. I hauled loid rails from No 6 J.S feuce to yard at brern and Willi went downtown got at Maries shown 35 at McDeaumonts tug mended 10 d5. We laid cummt Walton at back after PM two elels down from door. Mr Yan milk 5. May downtown PM.

18 Wednesday

Mostly sunny. cloudly PM rained some about 6 I feared at four ndys no le and brought over rest of rails stakes etc from S J feuce. P.M. We out the soheat and some out No 2. Father and mother wh PM al drove them down at night. May got mest Harhurn travelling waggom 70

19 Thursday

Misty morning fine sunny day I finished fearing out No 6 and plowed some in AM. I'm ove nearly finished cutting No 2 when wheffelise broke. Frank Dodge and Willi down for dinner & tea. Tomaton & yert coke 25 Butter cheque $5.16 Frank Dodge is going out west next week

91916 89207

Rosmead Diary

1909 Recieved Paid

August 20 Friday forward 91916 89207

Mostly sunny dark clouds tossing about noon and a heavy shorn for short tunic hassing rain clouds, not warm to-day. I plowed all day No 6 Willi took H80 lbs hors chll down im AM ^Willi 2W di got binds whoh M.2.30 osler courluge 10 mort grain gave Felher Mockqum me cash n JOsh t Trades bracke for 9 vo.w to 280.00 resphlucky to go an mortgage on two Smellion four. May down PM got at Reesells courts 13 hd and fords $2.65 m of at Armstrong. What germs 30 kd (Willi who got them bram & shots 260 mgle) at Phillils note {hofer?} 10 elumlsle at Slucl day gords $2.25. Mr Sam milk 5. WIlli nokaled to Irvine at night. Willi suffered {hotelon?} in PM with Maud.

Rosmead Diary


September 13 continued Monday forward

got at Armstrongs m oli flour & sugar $415 at Moup mdz brum $1.25 almost $1.35 or of at {Minni?} on of longhandled steward 75 haid J Sunday $1.00 Fall slum membership. turk how waggon wheel to Hadge to get love oat. He want back Willdown again for Carlet and fricture from Eaton Wehanger wh loud wood from bush before dinner . L ferred out her land nor Junh filled also plowed few {hound?} in sud nomad ni Willi lord No 7 h horse PM. and I commied smuse more I willer not I coul him also at listen {collope?} withdraw.

15 Wednesday

Warm, mostly cloudly remind heary about 2 PM. I went t Geulph {Eshlin?} to-day expenses 95 cents. WIlli finished plowing he found No 7 and hammared it. Girls wh wt Jimdala at niger. I want whim 2 got here.

16 Thursday

Misty morning where day sunny. Willi at Forah Thursday AM gowdy PM. I plowed nod no all day long. Girls went out to Maggie Barnett in PM Lug in buggy Uhm got at Armstrongs on gh goods $9.30

17 Friday

Fine sunny day. Willi at gundales Thursday to-day. I plowed out No 6 AM brought two lords wood forthcoming. W & J Lister brought calvo h from home gowe the 10 sts & basket apples. Mrs Dramie and Liggie afforter, Mrs Geso on for milk 56. I cut some corn im wearing booked WK first.

Rosmead Diary

November 9 Thurday forward

Frosty sunny and cloudy snowing some Willi plowed all day 4 hours no 6 W. loot wood ect. We are feeding if young cattle hay in other barn there neighs. Couldve yesterday Revs 24

10 Friday

Frosty, snowing some in AM sunny and cloudy in PM not so frosty. We brought over loud hay flowed some in No 6 also stunted midge and No 2 wear bottom. Swirls down town with Lueg in PM got at Miles meet 25 at Miells nails nlls 21 ets {unindentifiable text}

11 Saturday

Frost last night turned out fine sunny day must Judiem summer like we have had. Willie finished plowing now then look 573 us big choh and got us bbs hurley at Gowelys slugs in all to Willvis null 40th gut. dimmer at home brought us choh when plowed over No 1 4 hours rim mow father wh brter Willi drove him and Billa down at night got him boots mended at W: 13th 65 haid R Ren furnace $1,80 Doug McLean turning turnlo 20th got at Mennis male shear landside and Loll for same 75 d5.

2 Sunday

Fine day sunny. Mr McWniur preached in AM from Matt. 3:14. Done emblem n they shoot and im evening from Matt 7:7. Lwwt to Davig Crughlors funeral im V.M. Mr Roborh rounded ouvrir. SLC toll $11.00 Sferiel minimum 20




James Ross, “James Ross Diary, 1903-1909,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed October 1, 2022, https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/transcribe/items/show/332.

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