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William Thompson Diary, 1842-1847

William Thompson Diary handwritten 1841-47 18.pdf

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1843 June

{The ink on this page is much lighter than previously.}

Monday 12 Second Garden Bee - finishd digging East half.

Reynolds {illegible?} both oxen -

Barrow took {Manna?} fine 45 54
Tuesday 13 Isaac at Sweitzers - Charles at Gardening - Christ.n at Alexs - Wilf.d repg {repairing} Williams Barn floor - evg to Stratfrod for his Shoes &c.

sowd Annuals in West Border transplanted Balsams & {Lyshims?}

planted 14 sets of {spring?} Potato in Garden. from Sweitzer
showers aft.n 50 54
Wednesday 14 Boys Barking - Annie bro! us Letters from P. Office from Martha to Mr. T. not p.d {G'?} - from John to self p.d & from Eleanor Todhunter meeting Letter of {f.n?} on Coun.s of fan Comp.y {company}

no. 2 goo £20 (from Aunt Jane) dated 6 May 1843 pay.m {payment} to me - pp.d & 2 Inquiries

47 48
Thursday 15 Barking ~ sent Cha.s Daly to P. Office a Letter Mrs. T to Martha in which {?} a Line to William & {inst--d?} Letter of Credit rec.d yesterday, & paid him double - - - 1/6 G } & of Mr. letter rec.d yesterday

sowd Siberia Brighton Malta & {de?} Mean Lettuce, Parsley & Pot Herbs Tomato {written below this word, followed by a right curly bracket, is: up 20th} {Caprisiom?} & Stacks, Asters & {Calterbaria?}

-- 2 3 frost mg

aft.n fine

frost 56
Friday 16 All {afristing?} Ballard in building an oven = pd Ballard

sowd Bed Sorrel -

~ 7 6 Showers 4am


49 51
Saturday 17 Barking - fine 44 51
Sunday 18 Ch.n Cha.s W.d & Em.y to Stratford - Hickey - Beanly -

took letter to P. Office Mrs. T. to Mrs. Jas. p.d postage

- - 1 4 fine 53
Monday 19 Barking - Mrs. T. to P Office indeaveuring {as in endeavouring?} to get back where letter cannot be allowd but may make alterations there

evening Is {Isaac} Chas & Wd with Mrs T & Em.y to Curtis' - but Crooks {va--?} {aflew? aftern?} ? Emily & all {the?} Boys for Grist left at Mill 9 {ins! ?} which Alex finishd to bring bro! to his house this ev.g

sowd Cucumbers {under this word it reads: 10 Hills} & Sweet Corn {under this word it reads: 6 Hills} ~

8/11/2 fine 60
Tuesday 20 Is & Cha.s hoeing out {Krisly? Kirby?} in Sp Wheat morning - aft.n with Christn & Wd Barking & picking go-- turned new oven for second time

answers {wall? will?}.

fine & warm So. wind 68
1843 June
Wednesday 21 Wilf.d at Izards - Raising a Barn

the rest fencing Round potato field morng - aft.n

evening to Sharmans &c. Emy accompd {accompanied} them

Mrs. T. to Stratford to get back letter to Mrs. Jas. posted on Sunday {two words illegible?} few another in its place. dined at Mr Dalys.

paid {P--b--?} for 6 {B---e?} Tins. @ $1/4 -- -- --

- - 7 6 fine

Bar.n sinking a little

58 68
Thursday 22 finishd fencing round Potato field - hoeing thissles out of Sp Wheat

sowd vegetable Marrow & more Sw. {sweet} Corn round Basin in Sp Wheat

Isaac Deer stalking - did not see any thing {under this sentence it reads: with oxen & Cart}

ev.g lightning

54 67
Friday 23 Isaac Cha.s & W.d at Statute Labor Christn at MNaughton's raising a Barn fine 60 71
Saturday 24 4 am. a fine rain. Wilf.d dragging Potatoes - the rest at Stat. Labor as yesterday

Boys all to Stratford in Waggon evening
rain night & till 9 a.m 66 60
Sunday 25 showers in the night - no service at Stratford - Cha.s with Alex Mr. Macculloch & Dr Hamilton pd a visit to Mr. Caughton - A & A. & Johnston to Tea. 60 61
Monday 26 Cha.s thrice to the Village for Slabs - the rest Is. & Christn hunting at home & puttering

W.d transplanted 116 Drumheads into East side of Garden
fine 59 68


27 Wilf.d bro! 2 Loads of Slabs from Stratford - Christn at Alex's for the evg

Isaac & Cha.s whitewashing & puttering

pd Mr. T. for Washer 3/- Ann Stewart for {?}

Isaac Deer Stalking - Luck as usual

p. 11 yn pm W.m & Martha arrived from Toronto & Mail -
{s-?} {?} 1/3


3 fine

thunder & light showers

63 68
Wednesday 28 Isaac to Stratford bro! from P. office a letter from W Mr. Ellen to Mrs. T {motoring?}

traces of Bill {below this name it reads: to bring into {Asrreney?}} on {?} a {?} p.M p£20 ({into?} 14 in!) {Below this line is a calculation. For clarity, it will be placed below as Calculation 1.}

the rest puttering about the House - planted yesterday & today {Below this line is a calculation. For clarity, it will be placed below as Calculation 2.}

88 Imps {short for a word?} into East side {the following is written small and close together:} bro! down {lips? as in tulips?} to Martha to pay Exp.s {short for express?} & to pay postage

{Calculation 1:}




{Calculation 2:}


1.5 } 1 7 9

pd Daly {after?} postage


10 9 -
Thursday 29 Cha.s took Mr. T & Emy in Waggon to Village to call on the MCalloch's bro! {Glaps?} & sund.s {sundries} from Dalys & some Studs from Mill 63 64
Friday 30 {understanding?} {No.?} & puttering - Cha.s in Mans took up to Jacksons Y2 Sheep

Wether {weather} {Rolld?} this morning {Ms?} @ {pd?}

sowd Bed Canterberry Beans East side
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