Diaries in Museums and Archives Across Ontario

Find Out More Start End Township County Ethnicity Occupation Posted on Rural Diary Archive
MacFarlane, Duncan 1878 1892 Puslinch Wellington Scottish Farmer & JP Yes
MacFarlane, Eliza Ann 1887 1901 Stanley Huron Scottish Farm Woman Yes
MacGregor, John 1877 1883 Charlottenburg Glengarry Scottish Farmer No
MacLeod, William Neynoe 1870 1870 Westminster Middlesex Scottish Farm labourer Yes
Main, Stephen "Sylvester" 1889 1922 Beverly Wentworth German carpenter, photographer Yes
Malloch, John Glass 1841 1845 Perth Bathurst District, later Lanark Scottish Lawyer, Farmer, Judge No
Manson, Edith 1924 1928 Norwich Oxford Scottish No
Marks , John Bennett 1824 1828 Richmond Frontenac English Farmer No
Martin , James S. 1870 1878 West Garafraxa Wellington Scottish Farmer No
Martin, David 1858 1882 Beverley Wentworth Scottish farmer Yes
Mathers, Adeline 1932 1934 Morris Huron Irish Farm Woman Yes
Maurer, Ellamanda Krauter 1917 1967 Woolwich Waterloo North German Farm Woman Yes
Mayes , Rev. Robert 1874 1877 Draper Muskoka English Farmer and Minister Yes
McCulloch, Mary 1898 1898 Chinguacousy Peel Irish Housekeeper No
McDonald, Mary Josephine (Minnie) 1917 1919 Cornwall Stormont Scottish Farm Woman Yes
McKay, John Sutherland 1866 1873 East Zorra Oxford Scottish farmer No
McLennan, Christina 1875 1922 Charlottenburg Glengarry Scottish Farm Woman No
McMackon, Walter 1906 1911 Orford, Sunnidale Kent, Simcoe Irish labourer, book-keeper, farmer Yes
McMackon, David 1896 1896 Orford Kent Irish Cooper Yes
McMahon, Henry 1887 1919 Albion Peel Irish Coal and Potato Merchant , Various other occupations Yes
McTavish , Douglas 1876 1877 Stanley Huron Scottish Farmer Yes
Michie, John Albert 1869 1899 Reach Ontario Scottish Farmer Yes
Michie, Robert 1899 1943 Greenbank Ontario Scottish farmer Yes
Middagh , Lucy 1884 1892 Mountain Dundas German Farm Woman Yes
Middagh, Victoria (Tory) 1887 1888 Mountain Dundas German Farm Woman Yes