Diaries in Museums and Archives Across Ontario

Find Out More Start End Township County Ethnicity Occupation Posted on Rural Diary Archive Repository
Waters, James M. 1908 1920 Williams East Middlesex Scottish Farmer, Carpenter No Waterloo Region Museum
Watson , Robert 1885 1885 1) Stanley (1881); 2) Tuckersmith (1891) Huron English Framer (1881), Farmer (1891) Yes Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol
Watson, Jeannie 1901 1902 Aldborough Elgin Scottish Farm Woman Yes Elgin County Archives
Watson, William (Henry) 1881 1911 Orford Kent English Merchant/Newspaper Editor No Private Collection of Leah Wilson
Welch Hill , Sarah 1821 1881 Hope Durham English Farm Woman Yes Archives of Ontario
Williams, Carolyn (Carrie) 1894 1916 Hallowell Prince Edward English Housewife Yes Prince Edward County Archives
Williams Trout, Mary 1867 1920 St. Vincent Grey English Teacher, Farmwoman, Housewife Yes Grey County Museum and Archives
Wilson, James H. 1871 1871 Uxbridge Ontario English Plough Salesman, Farmer No Uxbridge Public Library
Wilson, Edmund 1870 1911 Hope Durham English Farmer No Archives of Ontario, John J. Wilson fonds
Wilson, George 1833 1859 Medonte Simcoe English Gentleman Farmer No Archives of Ontario
Wilson, James 1862 1892 Hope Durham English Farmer No Archives of Ontario, John J. Wilson fonds
Wooley, Joseph H. 1861 1898 Windham North Norfolk English Farmer No Archives of Ontario
Wright, George 1872 1879 Amherst Island Lennox & Addington Scottish Farmer, Merchant No Online at Library and Archives Canada: https://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/immigrants/021017-119.05-e.php?&diary_id_nbr=26&page_sequence_nbr=1&&PHPSESSID=brgiaphfug9ikjblt889lo7gp7