Diaries in Museums and Archives Across Ontario

Find Out More Start End Township County Ethnicity Occupation Posted on Rural Diary Archive Repository
Brock, Harriet 1832 1836 Monogahn Northumberland English Married to Lieutenant No Trent University Digital Collections
Brown, Gertrude 1913 1913 Markham York Irish Farm Woman No Markham Museum
Brubacher/ Bowman, Catherine 1896 1960 Elmira Waterloo German Married to Engineer/Farmer No Waterloo Region Museum
Buchanan, John G. 1835 1846 Colchester Essex Scottish Farmer No Harrow Early Immigrant Research Society
Buck, Ernest 1926 1927 South Dumfries Brant German Milkman , Farm Labourer No Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph
Butcher, Mary (Minnie) 1891 1918 Port Sydney, Stephenson Muskoka English Married to Salesman/Agent Yes Toronto Public Library
Butler, Charles 1833 1837 Near Cobourg, Hamilton Newcastle District (becomes Northumberland) English Farmer No Archives of Ontario
Cameron, James 1854 1902 McMaster's Island Glengarry Scottish Farmer Yes The Archives of Ontario
Campton, Mary Victoria 1861 1863 Marmora Hastings English Farm Woman No Upper Canada Village
Carpenter, James W. 1880 1884 Sombra Lambton English Farmer Yes This diary is available in published form: Donald W. Carpenter, ed. Diary of James W. Carpenter, 1880-1907, Corunna: Donald W. Carpenter, 1991.
Coleman, William R. 1865 1915 Innisfil Simcoe Irish Farmer Yes Simcoe County Archives
Corless-Treffry, Alice 1900 1900 Hawtrey, South Norwich Oxford English Married to Farmer Yes Norwich Archives
Crawford, Benjamin 1810 1859 North Oxford Oxford Irish Farmer No Archives of Ontario
Crawford, James Augustus 1865 1880 North Oxford Oxford Irish Farmer No Archives of Ontario
Cressman, Ephraim 1876 1911 Waterloo Waterloo South Swiss Farmer No
Crombie, Edward Hamerton 1928 1941 South Dumfries Brant Scottish Farmer No McMaster University Archives
Crombie, Edward Rubidge 1903 1930 South Dumfries Brant Scottish Farmer/Retired Banker No McMaster University Archives
Crombie, Margaret Reynolds 1935 2002 London Middlesex Irish No McMaster University Archives
Currie, Ada 1902 1902 Erin Wellington Scottish Farm Woman Yes Wellington County Museum and Archives
Dick, Thomas 1867 1905 West Hawkesbury 1867-94, Vankleek Hill 1894-05 Prescott Irish Farmer No Archives of Ontario
Drinkwater, Sarah Hallen 1840 1879 Orillia Simcoe English Gentleman Farmer No Archives of Ontario
Easton , George 1830 1839 Dalhousie Lanark Scottish Farmer/ Teacher Yes Middleville Museum
Eby, Gordon 1911 1919 Waterloo Waterloo Pennsylvania Mennonite Gardener No This diary is available in published form: James M. Nyce, ed. The Gordon C. Eby Diaries, 1911-13: Chronicle of a Mennonite Farmer. Toronto: The Multicultural History Society of Ontario,1982.
Fallows , Catharine 1899 1903 West Nissouri Middlesex E. English Farm Woman No University of Western Ontario
Ferguson , John Harrington 1868 1883 Chinguacousy Peel Scottish Farmer Yes This Licensed Material is provided by the Archives of Ontario in addition to Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives