James Bremner Jr. Diary, 1881


James Bremner Jr. Diary, 1881


James Bremner Jr.


Courtesy of Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph






19th Century, Grey County, Sullivan Township, Ontario

Date Created

January 1, 1881


Scanned Manuscript


Canadian Scribbling Diary For 1881. Contains Almanac, Postal, and other Canadian Information.

Toronto: Published by Brown Brother, Manufacturing Stationers.


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{table of days in January-April}

XRI MS A362 {written in pencil}

Canadian Scribbling Diary For 1881. Contains Almanac, Postal, and other Canadian Information.

Toronto: Published By Brown Brothers, Manufacturing Stationers.

Rates of Postage.

Canada Post Card................ One Cent. Canada Post Card for U. S....... " "

On Letters Per Half Ounce.

To any part of Dominion of Canada or United States, 3 cents-must be prepaid. " Newfoundland, 5 cents-must be prepaid. All main matter (excepting samples of Merchandise) to and from the United States, is the same as to any part of Canada, and must be prepaid.Great Britain and Ireland, by Canadian or New York Mail Steamers, 5 cents.

Newspapers and Periodicals.

Newspapers and Periodicals, less than one oz. each, posted singly, prepaid. 1/2 cent each ; if under 4 ozs. 1 cent. Printed and published in Canada, and posted from Office of Publication or News Agency, to regular Subscribers or News Agents, for each 1 lb. or fraction of 1 lb., 1 cent prepaid. Posted singly to Great Britain and Ireland, 2 cents per 4 oz., prepaid.

Books, Circulars, Documents, Policies. &c.

For each 4 ozs., or fraction of 4 ozs., 1 cent, prepaid, to be open at both ends.

Commercial Paper, Documents, &c.

To United Kingdom, 5 cts. for first 2 ozs. ; 1 ct for each additional 2 ozs., or fraction thereof.

Parcel Post.

Not to exceed 5 lbs. to any part of Canada, 6 cts. per 4 ozs. ; 12 cts. for 8 ozs., and 6 cts. for each additional 4 ozs.

Pattern and Sample Post.

Canada-must be prepaid by postage stamps at the rate of one cent per 4 ozs. To United States, not exceeding 1/2 lb., 10 cts.

Terms and Courts.

(transcription in progress)

1881. -1st Month. 31 Days. January.

Another year with all hopes and fears,

Has sunk into the deep abyss of time;

And on the threshold of the new we stand,

Like travellers to a strange and distant time.

Hope smiling beckons, bidding us take courage;

Faith points to heaven where God and angels dwell,

Assuring us that all our untried future

Is known to him who "doeth all things well."

From the Rose of Cheriton

The autumn day was closing, cool and dry;

The sun was setting in a cloudless sky

Flinging around him as he sank to rest,

A crimson glory flushing east and west.

The quiet landscape caught his bright farewell,

Ere the deep shadows of the evening fell.

The gliding river, and the broken sedge,

The pollard willows by the waters edge

Smiled for a moment in the passing gleam

Then sighed the sedge and darker flowed the stream;

While cottage windows flashed into a blaze,

And meadow pathways lay in purple haze;

A sudden glory touched the whirling mill

More crimson glowed the heather on the hill

And starting up beneath the pinewood shade

A moment, stood a golden colonnade;

Then dropped the sun, the vision died away

And twilight followed in her sober grey.

1. Saturday. [1-364] New Years Day.-Bank Holiday

It only comes once a year and the cattle have to be fed all the same. So have we & a new year day dinner too; whither it be beef steak & plum pudding or neeps {turnips} & neep brose. Last night & this morning or last year & this year we (that is Mr W. Morrison, Elsie Annie, Belle, Willie & I ) were waiting for the last moments of 1880 and as it neared its end we bade it farewell and welcomed the new by singing together the II Praphrase. Father, Elsie & W. Morrison were at Uncle W. Henderson's. Willie took them up & I took them home. Miss Belle gave me one of E.P.Roe's works, What could she do, as xmas box So I have been enjoying it today

2. Sunday. [2-363]

Attended Divine worship in Chalmers Church Keady The Rev. Mr. Currie preached from the text Is it well with the II Kings 4 & 26"


3. MONDAY. [3-362] County Court Term Begins.

At Owen Sound with Miss Bella as she is leaving with the morning train for Uxbridge to study at the High School there. We had Mr W. Morrison & Miss Annie along so we had a good time. We visited the new High School of Owen Sound which is a magnificent building having all the latest improvements in ventilation & heating. We inscribed our names on the topmost tower. Expenses, 50c = Dinner. 40 for this book $1 for Tribune for last year. 15c for sundries. $2.05) Evening clear & calm with intense frost.

4. TUESDAY. [4-361]

Fed cattle then took in part of straw stack for litter for horses Then hitched up single sleigh and went to Mr. Carr's on Church Business Evening. Jack & Celia Morrison came up from Bentinck so we went to Uncle Haverson's with sleigh load. Had a very pleasant evening. Got home two hours a-yout the wee short hour a yout the twall.

5. WEDNESDAY. [5-360]

Took in a barrel of potatoes they are keeping very well. John, William & Celly went home today. Afternoon Put some more carbolic acid on the cow that has lice. Then splitting wood. This was a very beautiful day such as we would like for winter

6. THURSDAY. [6-359]

The Annual Meeting of the Presbyterian Congregation of Keady was held today. I being Secretary of Managers had to get book ready Afternoon at meeting. Paid James Jackson $9 for Blacksmith work horse shoeing amounts to 5.50

7. FRIDAY. [7-358]

For three weeks back I have done no work but chores Sleigh riding for pleasure & sometimes on business has take up the time. Well the bow that is always bent looses it elasticity sometime. One should have a few holidays and better now than in summer time. Today I commenced work. Thrashing peas with horses 3 floors Evening reading Scotts poems

8. SATURDAY. [8-357]

Cloudy & cold. Thrashed 2 floors forenoon After cleaned up, had 13 bus. Willie & I took the pea straw down to old barn for sheep feed. Two loads on sleigh box. Globe & Canada Presbyterian did not come to hand today so we miss them now. Alette piece of Scott will do instead

9. SUNDAY. [9-356]

At the Keady Presbyterian Church. The Rev Mr. Currie preached from the texts Verily I say unto you that one of you shall betray me Matt 26 - 21st Jesus said unto him Verily I say unto thee That this night before the cock crow thou shalt deny me thrice. Matt 26.34th

1881. - 1ST MONTH. 31 DAYS. JANUARY.

10. MONDAY. [10-355]

Thrashing peas 4 floors took all day along with feeding Cattle. Had a call of Wesley Oliver, got the loan of 3 bags. Evening at the meeting of the Young Peoples Christian Association had a fine meeting. We are to have a debate next night. Subject Resolved that it is proper to have religious meetings at night. I am on the negative side what I to say.

11. TUESDAY. [11-354]

Preparing logs for a days sawing to Mr Currie in D. Gilchrists bush. There were 9 or 10 at the bee got 10 logs on skid way at night. Fine day and a beautiful moonlight night. The Prayer meeting was tonight and a good many were out.

12. WEDNESDAY. [12-353]

Bee again. We did not get much done in forenoon as machine took good while to set. Cut well afternoon and there were plenty of teams so there are only 2 loads in the bush now. Stormy tonight.

13. THURSDAY. [13-352]

Taking in turnips 2 loads, 1 was frozen. They have been frozen over since the first snowstorm, one side of pit. The winter came on so severe and suddenly that they were only covered with straw. There are 6 loads in the pit yet. Afternoon Cleaned up peas that I thrashed on Monday 10 bus. Cleaned up all we have thrashed 8 bags. Will thrash more tomw {tomorrow}

14. FRIDAY. [14-351]

Thrashing peas got 3 floors thrashed in forenoon afternoon Took a load of Amber Cane home from S. Halls shop he having failed to make it into molasses. Cleaned up 4 bags peas after supper. I thrashed 12 bags today. We are going to O.S tomorrow with 12 bags. Uncle, Aunt & Elsie Haverson & Aunt Mary were here today. Very cold day

15. SATURDAY. [15-350]

At O. Sound got 61 c per bus & had 30 40/60 bus $18.75. Market fees 10 Dinner 25. School Books & Postage 1.45 = 1.80. Paid A. Foster for boots $4.40. Thats the way the money goes. Take care of the cents & the Dollars will take care of themselves. O.H. Rather a cold gray day.

16. SUNDAY. [16-349]

Attended Divine Service in Presbyterian Church Keady Rev. H. Currie preached from the text For they know not what they do Luke 23 & 34.


17. MONDAY. [17-348]

Took in wheat straw for bedding horses + other chores. Afternoon thrashed 2 floors of peas. Evening at Y.P.C.A meeting. The debate came off two speakers on each side. The two first speeches were bout. The Leaders speech on the negative had all the arguments in it I could think of so I had little to say. Splendid moonlight.

18. TUESDAY. [18-347]

Helping Donald Gilchrist to saw. The Machine wrought well and cut a big heap. Father Elsie + Rob were at Uncle Haversons today they had single sleigh. Fine sunny day.

19. WEDNESDAY. [19-346]

Thrashing Peas 2 floors forenoon. Took little pig to Deven's boar. Thrashed 1 floor after I came home. This morning the bush was all clad with hoar frost, and at sun rise looked well. Strange that tis locks should have grown grey in one night, but sols slant ray soon took it all away.

20. THURSDAY. [20-345]

Thrashed two floors peas they were rather tough today as there was little frost Afternoon cleaned up had good heap but did not measure into bin as I had to go to Devin's for pig. Had good sleigh ride there + back. Wrote F {Cathae?} Bermuda evening. W.A. Gerolamy left wheel turnip cutter on trial. Rice $20. One year free after that interest @ 7 percent time paid.

21. FRIDAY. [21-344]

Went to Aunt Mary's to draw home wood for her. Uncle George + Cousin Bill were there too. We took home 21 loads Fine day afternoon rather stormy wind blowing from North East.

22. SATURDAY. [22-343]

Measured peas into bin 18 1/2 bus got 1 floor thrashed before dinner. Afternoon took in 2 loads turnips 1 proper + the other a good load. Stormy day wind still blowing from North East.

23. SUNDAY. (23-342)

Attend Divine Service in Chalmers Church Keady. The Rev H. Currie preached from the text Thus saith the Lord Stand ye in the ways + see + ash for the old paths, where is the good way and walk there in and ye shall find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6 + 16

1881. 31 DAYS JANUARY.

24. MONDAY (24-341) Thrashing peas 4 floors took all day. I think I will finish them tomorrow. Very cold day + snow falling scarcly. Evening at Y.P.C.A had pleasant meeting.

25. TUESDAY (25-340) Thrashing peas 4 floors. There is tht many left that I will have to thrash them with the flail + so few that I cannot thrash them with the horses. So thet cannot be a big job now. Blowy day but not so cold as yesterday.

26. WEDNESDAY (26-339) Very Stormy day. I finished the peas with flail and cleaned up floor. Father + I put them through twice + baged them up 9 bags or about 23 bushels. We took 7 bgs out of bin so as to make a load. Loft 10 bas for feed and purpose buying seed. Got notice to pay note of $49 for cow at Merchants Bank O.S. on 31st Jan. The Farmer notice of this days works shows we have been getting ready.

27. THURSDAY (27-338) Snowy day all day so it is now getting pretty deep. I measured out (seed 14 bas + feed for 7 months 28 bas) of wheat bin There are only 18 bas for sale. Afternoon battoned some cracks in horse stable + threw off snow off courstable roof it was very deep + hard. I then put a [scaulter] by way of parline plate in horse stable. the snow is getting heavy on it

28. FRIDAY (28-337) Took in potatoes + apples. The apples are keeping well likewise the potatoes. Then split some wood. Afternoon took in 2 loads turnips + threw snow off old stable The snow is now every deep +

29. SATURDAY (29-336)

30. SUNDAY 4 after Epiphany (30-335)


31. MONDAY. [31-334]

Cleaned up 16 bagts of Oats. Hitched up single sleigh + Willie went up for Duncan's kettle as we are to kill Susie + spring pig. G. Henderson came down to give us a hand. We got on well Susie is good pork + was only up 3 weeks. Evening at Y.P.C.A. We are to have a debate 2 weeks from tonight Whether does prosperity or adversity expose a man to the grater evil.. I on prosperity

1. TUESDAY. [32-333]

A month gone already I was at O.S. today Sold Susie for $6.50 per 100 lbs weight 328=$21.32 Oats 16 bags 52.28 @ 3.49 per bus 17.96. Amount 39.28 Paid at Merchants Bank note on Cherry cow ($49) which we bought lasst year at Hardies sale. Big price but she is the only cow that we have to calve this year. I bought one coming home tonight $27 from R McFarland

2. WEDNESDAY. [33-332]

Split wood + took home Duncan's kettle. Afternoon Brought home cow from Robert McFarland. Then took in wheat straw for bedding to horses. Fine day no clouds bright sunshine with intense frost the thermometer indicated in the morning 30 degrees below zero It did not feel as cold as Tuesday morning as there was no wind.

3. THURSDAY. [34-331]

Taking in tunrips out of another put so I was all forenoon shoveling away snow + making a new road. We got in 5 loads afternoon. They were good but those that were along one side of pit that were frozen hard before being covered over potter About 2 loads out of the five useless. Pity that such is life.

4. FRIDAY. [35-330]

Thrashing at J. {Scarrow's?} had horses this work will pay for use of mower which we had mowwing 7 acres. Clear frosty day

5. SATURDAY. [36-329]

Thrashing this forenoon at Scarrows. Paid him 87 c for 84 lbs peas get in Spring. So I am clear with him now. Cherry calved last night at 1.oclock heifer calf roan in colour Afternoon cleaned up 16 bags oats. Clear frosty day

6. SUNDAY 5 after Epiphany. [37-328]

Attended Divine Service in Chalmers Church Keady Our Paster preached from the text I beseech you therefore bretheren by the mercies of God that you present year {boelies?} a living sacrifice, holy acceptable, unto God, which is your reasonable service Romans 12th + 1st.

1881. 28 DAYS. FEBRUARY.

7. MONDAY. [38-327]

Went to O.S. market with 16 bags oats. Got 34 c per bus. Had 53 33/34 = 18.35. The Oats weight very well. I think they are the best oats we have had this {?} the Atlantic The wheat is down in price only 95 for fall wheat today. So we have lost by taking the Feb price on fall wheat sold for seed. W. Maxwell paid his wheat 16 14/60 bus $15.42. Paid his Father balance of sewing $3.75. Spent 45 c Fine day

8. TUESDAY. [39-326]

Filled up 10 bags Oats to repay John Barber for 28 27/34 bus got in fall. for feed. Took them up got home after dinner Afternoon cleaned up 15 bags Oats + fed cattle. W. Oliver paid fall wheat $12.19. Today has been {?} soft The snow has gone down a good deal today

9. WEDNESDAY. [40-325]

Got my hair dressed this morning we then cleaned up another bag of Oats and dressed shilocks for chop. Afternoon at bush put down one tree and cut it up 4 feet lengths split + piled except 2 blocks. Thaw all day the snow is sinking fast. It had been raining since 4 pm. + is still raining at prayer meeting evening

10. THURSDAY. [41-324]

The thaw still continuing so there is no getting a horse on the roads. I had to take pig back to Devins on foot this forenoon Afternoon split some wood. Charles Bains called to ascess property Amount of agreement $1700. $15 less than last year The snow has disappeared rapidly patches of bare ground to be seen here & there.

11. FRIDAY. [42-323]

Took in potatoes + apples they are both keeping well. I then covered turnips pits with snow where it was thawed off Afternoon made road from Corn to gate fit for team to walk on This morning was frosty but through the day very mild so the roads are rather soft yet. I wonder if I can get to town tomorrow

12. SATURDAY. [43-322]

Willie and I were in bush sawing firewood cut 4 blocks forenoon. Afternoon we cut 2 logs of the 7 that were left on skid way of last springs sawing. We cut 18 blocks 9 we split + piled. This was a soft rainy forenoon got colder & harder afternoon. John Hall paid fall wheat 6.18 J Douglas paid also 13.70

13. SUNDAY. [44-321] Septuagesima.

Attended a prayer meeting in Presbyterian Church Keady Our minister being absent - assisting Mr Blain Tara. the Elders conducted the service.


14. MONDAY. [45-320]

Frosty morning & roads hard so I went to O. Sound Market with load of Oats 16 bags 52 33/34 bushels @ 34 c $18.01. Expenses 35 c From here to {Saagden?} road the road was very high & narrow but the sleigh kept on very well. Evening at Y.P.C.A. Had fine meeting. The debate was very well handled & showed a marked in improvement. Splendid Moonlit night with foreboding circle round the moon

15. TUESDAY. [46-319]

Got all hands up at 4 oclock and cleaned 8 bags Oats 7 bags wheat. Got away with load alittle past 8 oclock. Had 26 05/34 bus. Oats @ 34 c $8.89. Wheat 16 21/60 bus @ 1.07 = $17.49. Amount 26.38 Transmitted by draft on Merchants Bank $107. part of installment on farm balance in 3 {months?} Expense of sundries 85 c Got whip from R. Robertson payment made by bringing out good Fine day & O. Sounds was pretty lively.

16. WEDNESDAY. [47-318]

Took in remainder of straw stack into driving shed for bedding horses. Afternoon went to back end of 50 acres to see the measuring of square timber by caller. The lumbermen went on to our lot with out permission & cut 10 or 12 sticks. Money is forwarded by post as there was 2 sticks hauled away which they were to measure on this way home. Evening went to see Mr Jackmen's + family.

17. THURSDAY. [48-317]

Went out Father & I to the 2nd Con. Arran to a Credit Auction Sale bought heifer in calf $31 & small year old heifer at $10.50. Big prices but with health may pay. Got them home at 8 oclock. The heifer calves 1st May or 1st June rather late. Father brought home {horses?} Cold day

18. FRIDAY. [49-316]

Thrashing at J. Duncans Fine day Had a little more snow which will improve sleighing

19. SATURDAY. [50-315]

Took in 3 loads turnips 2 {1/2?} loads were rotten great pity but such is life, or such is the {?} of {?} Fine clear day The cow bought of Robert McFarland calved tonight. Bull calf

20. SUNDAY. [51-314] Sexagensima

Attended Service in Presbyterian Church Keady the Rev H. Currie preached from the text Not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord of hosts Zechariah 4th & 6th

1881. 28 DAYS. FEBRUARY.

21. MONDAY. [52-313]

Father & I had a good sleigh ride to O.S. today. Paid $2 for fixing Fathers watch. 30 c for beekeeping books for Willie. 65 c for tea. $30 to R. McFarland $27 for cow $3 for 25 bus leine. Received for 10 pieces of square timber sold to McArthur Bros. & taken of far end of 50 acre lot $15.55. Spent today $33.45 $100 Pleasant sunny day

22. TUESDAY. [53-312]

Cleaned up 4 bags grist 9 bags chop. Then I split all the wood we have left in afternoon Soft day but I think will freeze. Paid G Henderson $9 for thrashing our crop. Cheap thrashing.

23. WEDNESDAY. [54-311]

Cold morning. Took load to Mill On my way bought 13 bus peas @ 61 1/2 c per bus-$8. Paid Gerolamy 96 c interest on gang plough had 1.25 balance 43 c Paid. Paid {scribble} $68. Bought 1 lb {?} 10 c 1/2 oz Bin iodide of Mercury 15=254 =$78{?} Got home at 11 oclock had to wait on grist

24. THURSDAY. [55-310]

Intense frost this morning. I emptyed chop and cleaned bags and hung them up. Then split wood. Afternoon Josh down scaffold which was under strawcarriers at thrashing and fixed up sleigh to go out to Tara tonight to evening meeting in Pres. Church. Had a very pleasant meeting Mr Tom's was very pointed & clear Subject - The Borad & the narrow way. Cold day

25. FRIDAY. [56-309]

Did some little jots, then went to D. {Adamsay?} sale. Things went very dear some being primed by the whiskey pail which was handed round so that all who wished might dip & drink. 2 Calves were sold one went at $22 the other at $12. Uncles Henderson + Haverrose were at sale, had tea with us on their way home. Clear Sunny day

26. SATURDAY. [57-308]

Took in part of old stack out of Barn, then down some straw to Mr. Currie & some to Mrs Welsh. Afternoon took down load pea straw to sheep, and went 3 times to the bush to break road Took alittle load of wiid each time. Alittle soft today and appearance of another thaw

27. SUNDAY. [58-307] Quinquagesima --- Shrove Sunday

Attended divine service in Chalmers Church Keady The Rev H. Currie Preached from the text For godly sorrow worketh repentence to Salvations not to be repented of but he sorrow of the world worketh death II Corin. 7 & 10


28. MONDAY. [59-306]

Took in 5 loads of turnips left 4 loads behind We have just the pit across the creek now & the mangolds {mangelwurzel}. Splitting wood evening. Pleasant forenoon but is now very cold Had pleasant and profitable Y.P.C.A. meeting tonight

1. MARCH-TUESDAY. [60-305] St. David's Day.

Split all the wood that is at home this forenoon Afternoon chopping cord woord in bush got on well. Very cold day. At Managers meeting evening. And this is the 1st of March well it is getting like spring but we have quite a lot of snow yet & cold weather

2. ASH-WEDNESDAY. [61-304]

Chopping cord wood in bush all day Put down 2 trees cut and split & piled 1 1/2 Cold day Snowing alittle forenoon.

3. THURSDAY. [62-303]

CHopping cord wood & ground axe before I went away. Afternoon hitched up and {duw?} home all the wood I had cut about 2 a/2 cords. Got on well in bush. Evening I went up to Devins but did not bring home pig. Bother the pigs I say. Very stormy tonight. high wind from south east with snow & drift

4. FRIDAY. [63-302]

I was at a Bee today sawing wood for Mr Currie. We put down the trees and cut them up with crosss cut saws. I & C.McArthur cut up 5 trees 2 had notches cut. I never wrought a saw that cut so fast before. I suppose we cut over 5 cords. If we had a good saw we would soon put up a years wood as I did not think it possible for a saw to cut so fast. Soft snow

5. SATURDAY. [64-301]

At Blacksmiths shop gitting horses shod sharp. This is the first time they have been shod this year then made a pack for sleigh to tackle hay to O.S. Evening at Devin's for pig. I also opened a door into barn out of passage of horse stable. to get at hay in barn Raw cold day wind from North East

6. SUNDAY. 1 in Lent. [65-300] Quadragesima.

Attended dinner service in our own Church Our Pastor preached from the ext{text} and behold the veil of the temple was sent in twain from the top to the bottom. Matt 27.-51. Bright sunny day

1881. 31 DAYS. MARCH.

7. MONDAY. [66-299]

Finished hay ruck. & selected some boards to make door to put on between feed passage og horse stable + barn Afternoon Willie & I went to bush for pole to bind on hay then put on load of hay out of old barn. Evening at Association had pleasant meeting. Bible lessons just now are in the Book of Daniel & are exceedingly interesting

8. TUESDAY. [67-298]

At O. Sound with load of hay had Jan & Prince. Got on well roads rather bare near O.S. I had 2120 lbs hay (Sleigh weighed 810 lbs) Sold at 7.75 per ton but buyer payed 25 c for weighing & M. Fees so I had $8 per ton in reality=$8.21 1/2 Paid T. {Freggell?} for boots $7. Bought Improved Diamond Saw at 90 c per foot 6 feet long $5.40 Paid $4 Dinner 20.

9. WEDNESDAY. [68-297]

Went up to Aunt Mary's for Calf (a red heifer week old) Got home at noon. John Morrison came up here yesterday to help us cut some wood. Sawing wood in bush afternoon got on well. Saw cut pretty well rather wide set & I think Bright sunny day

10. THURSDAY. [69-296]

Sawing wood till 4 oclock afternoon then hitched up & went out to Tara to Evangilistic Meeting. They have had meetings every night for two weeks & will have for another week yet. Cold night & roads rather bare

11. FRIDAY. [70-295]

Got saw sharped at Keady this morning and it is supposed to be rather soft in temper. We cut up a maple tree today split + piled it 2 cords. and made axe handle. at noon. Evenings I have been preparing speech for debate of which I have been appointed leader of {affermitiver?} Resolved that real evils are more productive of misery to man than imaginary ones

12. SATURDAY. [71-294]

Sawing wood all day. Cut up large maple 3 cords Made axe handle in the morning & put it in axe. Broke another handle tonight & made another evening We cannot find very good handle timber that is one reason why they break so readily. Snowing tonight.

13. SUNDAY. 2 in Lent. [72-295]

Attended our own Church Keady the Pastor Rev H. Currie preached from the text God be merciful to me a sinner Luke 18&13

MARCH.-3rd MONTH. 1881.

14. MONDAY. [73-292]

I finished axe handle and put it in axe Sawing in bush afterwards. Got a good bit cut today. Evening at Y.P.C.A. had pleasant meeting. Affirmitive side gain in the debate. Two of the speakers on this side were absent however. Debate for next month Resolved that Woman has more influence for good than Man. Good subject.

15. TUESDAY. [74-291]

I was sawing wood at W. Oliver's today as he has been sick for some time had a very good day. Willie took John Morrison down to Peabody on his way home The snow has gone away considerably today so that the sleighing is almost gone.

16. WEDNESDAY. [75-290]

Chopping notches in firewood logs. Willie & I sawed an hour before night after school time. Pleasant day

17. THURSDAY. [76-289] St. Patrick's Day.

Chopping all day. I have a lot of logs ready for storing. Foggy morning & forenoon Afternoon clear sunshine so the snow is wearing away fast The sleighing is clean worn out now & I hope we may have ploughing weather soon.

18. FRIDAY. [77-288]

Took in 3 loads tonight from pit across creek. They are keeping pretty well a few in bottom of pit are rotten with water as the land is so flat + last thaws water has not run off. Only a little bit of pit will be wet any way. I was chopping afternoon. Father was at Sinclair's sale bought heifer in calf for $15.25. I was at Uncle W's evening. our $14

19. SATURDAY. [78-287]

Frosty morning hitched up Prince & Brisk & drew home wood 8 loads in forenoon got on well & 4 loads afternoon Began to snow at dinnertime then turned to rain so I was pretty wet by the last load. I think we have 10 cords at home now which will keep us going awhile. Rained all afternoon and is still raining so I am glad there is so much wood at the door.

20. SUNDAY. [79-286]

Attended Dinner service in Presbyterian Church Keady. The Pastor Rev H. Currie preached from the text For without me ye can do nothing John 15.5

1881. 31 DAYS. MARCH.

21. MONDAY. [80-285]

Brought home the heifer Father bought. than took in barrel potatoes, & shifted {peasthaw?} off hay as we are feeding horses out of frame barn. Afternoon Sharpened saw it was my first attempt so it took a good while to get over it, then sawing in bush Cut over a cord. Evening at Y.P.C.A. I read 11 pages of the Rose of Chreriton D. Carr will read next night. (Debate.) I am on the negative side

22. TUESDAY. [81-284]

Set the saw fixed stove pipes & one of a thousand things besides. Afternoon Sawing cut a good bit. We have got a slight coat of new snow & it had been pretty cold today so I think we may get home some more wood tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes does it?

23. WEDNESDAY. [82-283]

Drawing home wood 8 loads pretty fair sleighing between bush & here. We have now 13 cords at the least at home now, which I think ought to bring us to the snow. Afternoon Sawing in bush got on well. We are making the bush quite thin & piling brush of every tree we cut so it is alittle like a {?} {?}.

24. THURSDAY. [83-282]

Sawing & chopping all day. We had a fine beech tree just off the stump at dinnertime. Afternoon we notched him up & took off 24 blocks of splendid splitting wood. Put down another tree & took off 2 blocks we trimmed it up. Sunny afternoon. Snow going slowly

25. FRIDAY. [84-281]

Sawing & chopping all day. Cut up 2 beeches + part of a small maple. Sunshine all day but very cold north wind. Made an axe handle evening.

26. SATURDAY. [85-280]

Cold morning. Put handle into axe & opened turnip pit + took in 5 small loads of good turnips Afternoon Ground 3 axes split Sunday wood & made another handle for old splitting axe Cold north wind Had a long letter from F. Cathrae. Bermuda today.

27. SUNDAY. 4 in Lent. [86-279]

Attended divine service in Presbyterian Church Keady. The Pastor Rev H. Currie preached from the text Son go work today in my vineyard Matt 21st. & 28th.


28. MONDAY. [87-278]

Cutting firewood. Put down a beech had 24 blocks in it. 1 small maple that was put down by fire also a maple stub 2 ft through at but a splendid log Got some notches cut in it before night. This forenoon G. Henderson got 8 bags black oats changed for 8 bags white for seed. Clear & cold

29. TUESDAY. [88-277]

Sawing at John Duncans he had a day of sawing machine & has got 50 cords or more cut to day. I was taking blocks from saw forenoon afternoon splitting. Cold day with appearance of {?}

30. WEDNESDAY. [89-276]

Sawing at home got our maple stub cut up, I suppose we had about 2 cords. Put down a big beech, evening. Cold north east wind. I wish the cold weather was past for it has been to long cold.

31. THURSDAY. [90-275]

I was at a log raining today. W. Maxwell has rented John Mc {?} 100 acres & has to put up a house first thing so we got it raised today. 16X20 feet. Had a pleasant evening at Mr Hays on my way home Cold day & looks like snow.

1. APRIL-FRIDAY. [91-274]

I was assisting Mr Hays to saw as he had a days saw with machine at home. He got over 50 cords cut. Very cold day had slight shower of snow.

2. SATURDAY. [92-273]

Sawing wood in bush. cut off 21 big blocks of beech in forenoon. Split & pile then and chopped down another tree & fixed a lot of brush heaps & cut off 6 blocks evening Still very cold keen frost. I have been on 3 days at home this week. How quickly it has passed.

3. SUNDAY [93-272]

Attended divine Service in Presbyterian Church Keady The Pastor Rev H Currie Preached from the text Come see the place where the Lord lay Matt 28th. 6th

1881. 30 DAYS. APRIL.

4. MONDAY. [94-271] County Court Term begins.

Sawing & chopping all day. We have now a good bit of wood cut & quite a fallow chopped Uncle + Aunt Haverson + Mr Thom Evangilist came here forenoon on a visit. We had then at our Association in the evening. Mr Thom gave us a pointed & practical address.

5. TUESDAY. [95-270]

Cold & snowing alittle. Took in 2 loads turnips I was frozen by last cold weather that is on one side of pit which had only straw on it. At 11 oclock it began to blow & drift so thick that one could not see 4 rods. Had quite w fall of snow after sunset. O for some genial pleasant weather.

6. WEDNESDAY. [96-269]

Our visitors left this morning it being so stormy yesterday they could not start home. I ploughed & plained door to go on between barn & horses stable, & a lot of other chores. The Storm is over & the country side is white once more. Cold & cloudy so the snow did not go away much.

7. THURSDAY. [97-268]

Put door together & hung it hinges cost at Keady 10 c Screws 5 c = 15 c. After noon took in 3 loads turnips & one 1/2 load we got out below snow which were not gather last fall some were fresh & good others were rotten. We may cut some more where snow drift melts away more. Frosty to night. 1/2 past 10. P.M.

8. FRIDAY. [98-267]

Shifted one side of the lane so as to fence one side of sod field below barn. Afternoon cut 15 poles in bush across creek to fence the new watering place on creek below barn. & 19 in bush on this side creek for fence between here & Keady So we got a good days work done. Bright sunny day.

9. SATURDAY. [99-266]

Drew out all the poles across creek & gathered the 19 in other bush. Afternoon fixed cattle then dressed myself & got Wesley saddle and went up to Uncle Haversons to attend Tara church to-morrow. Fine clear afternoon.

10. PALM-SUNDAY. [100-265]

For the past sixweeks there have been evengilistic services in connection with the Presbyterian & Methodist Congregations of Tara conducted by G Thom & today the meetings were brought to a close by both Con {?} sitting down together at the Lords table. The Rev Mr Galloway preached from the text And Enoch walked with God. The evening Service was conducted by Mr Thom who spoke on the leading truths of the 13th 14th 15th & 16th Ch. of St John Mr. Curries text today was Psalms 85th + 6th.

APRIL.-4th MONTH. 1881.

11. MONDAY. [101-264]

Came home from Uncle Haversons. & hitched up sleight and drew 19 poles from bush to fence. Afternoon took harrows to blacksmiths shop to get sharpened. & plough to get a small mould board on in place of coalter to pare off the grass & throw it into furrow ^ so as to get it covered to prevent it growing up between the furrows. Splitting wood remainder of afternoon. There have been {wicles?} round the sun & moon for days & night past so I suppose we will have rain or snow

12. TUESDAY. [102-263]

Took whole day at board fence & got on all the boards (except the one that goes on the top of posts) as far as we had posts in The bottom board is 1 foor 1st space 4 inches 2nd board 8 in. 2nd space 21 in filled by 6 in boards crossed these ends however not filling the space by 2 in 1 below in one above. Then topmost board 6 in. Cold day circle round the sun tonight but no storm yet.

13. WEDNESDAY. [103-262]

Took 3 loads of turnips out of pit & 10 ft field that was left in fall. Then took up small load of hay from log barn to new barn for feeders. Cleaned 2 bags grist evening 4 bags oats chopp. Drew turnips with waggon which was the first work with it for the season.

14. THURSDAY. [104-261]

At Tara Mill with grist Called at Uncle Ws. for 2 1/2 (bus peas @ 69 per bus.) to mix with chopp/ Got new collar back band & hook hems (so that we might hitch up one horse.) for $6 & old collars faced $2. Bought {allour?} seeds today. 25 lbs red clover @ 91/4 c $2-2{9?} for 12 1/2 acres 1 lb of {alsecke?} Clover 16 c. 8 lbs turnip Seed @ 18 c $1.44 1 lb mang.W. 30 c 2 oz Carrot 8 c 3 Pack of garden seeds 13 c = $4.42

15. GOOD FRIDAY. [105-260]

Shifted fence alongside of fallow so as to straighten it & take a piece off fallow which was not bad with stumps Afternoon went to Mr. Sim's for 13 bus seed peas. Fair roads. Pretty cold evening. Jack Nell Elsie & George Haverson were down spending the evening.

16. SATURDAY. [106-259]

Fixed fence at new waterings directly below barn & made long {whppeltree?} for mare. Afternoon Took away Nelly cow to Cochrane's Bull. Cool evening

17. EASTER SUNDAY. [107-258]

Attended Divine Worship in Presbyterian Church Keady the Rev H Currie preached about the text Call unto me and I will answer thee and show the great and mighty things which thou knowest not Jeremiah 33rd & 3rd

1881. 30 DAYS. APRIL.

18. MONDAY. [108-257]

Took in all the turnips 6 loads we put them into snow in barn, as we do not expect frost to hurt them now. Afternoon Put on a load of hay to take to Owen Sound tomorrow. Got it on all right & drew it out into yard. It will freeze tonight.

19. TUESDAY. [109-256]

At O. Sound had very good roads dry & hard as summer Had 15.50 sold at $8 per ton = $7.00 Bought plough reins 40 c Oatmeal $1. Duck 6 yds at 25 c per yd. = $1.30 Spoool 13 c Weighting load & M.F. 22 c $3.25 Got $3 on hay & 2 to get. $1.75 on hand

20. WEDNESDAY. [110-255]

Got irons on to long whiffeltree & started to plough a piece of sod beside neww orchard for garden ground as it is sandy soil & so preferable to this piece beside the house. Started in sod field below barn at 10.o.clock it does not plough well as there has been no rian & it is loose on the top & dry. Willie harrowed garden ground afternoon for the first with third horse.

21. THURSDAY. [111-254]

Plouhing all day & have now a good piece turned near the houses walk so fast being the first. Willie had Chevy cow at Cochrane's Bull today. Had a call of two Cattle buyers I offerered cows at $105. They said would we give back $10. No Father was sowing clover on fall wheat today. I hope we mau have rain soon. Clear tonight again

22. FRIDAY. [112-253]

Ploughing sod all day getting over it pretty well. Fine dry day WIllie was building fences.

23. SATURDAY. [113-252]

Ploughing Ploughing Ploughing all day , all day, From morn till night with the wee intervals of eating time. a day & 1/2 will finish field now. Dry & warm.

24. LOW-SUNDAY. 1 after Easter. [114-251]

Attended Divine service in Presbyterian Church Keady the Rev H. Currie preached from the text Which shall know every man the plague of his own heart I Kings 8th & 38th

APRIL & MAY.-4th & 5th MONTHS. 1881.

25. MONDAY. [115-250]

Started to plough came on rain at 9 oclock so Willia & I washed that part of harness we use when ploughing & oiled it. Faired at 12 oclock so I oiled what we had washed and got to plough again at 1:30 P.M. Raining hard at bed time

26. TUESDAY. [116-249]

Had a lot of rain last night & it began to rain at 7 oclock again & rained heavy till 1/2 past ten. We were clearing oats in barn. Afternoon had a lively time ploughing till night & an hour will finish it now

27. WEDNESDAY. [117-248]

Finished sod field then ploughing across creek in tunrip land. Got H land done. Had quite a shower after supper but ploughed aall the time. Father sowed 2 1/2 bags of peas on sod and Willie harrowed with Fan.

28. THURSDAY. [118-247]

Bains raised our assessment $130 today Took out 3 bags peas & Father sowed that & 1 1/4 bag of Oats which finished field I was harrowing all day Rather raw in morning & land soft as the water springs out of foot of hill. I have rather more than 1/2/ of it finished tonight Looks like rain but I think may keep off Tom Atchison is to put in post of board fence for 8 c per post

29. FRIDAY. [119-246]

Cool morning & looks to be dry so I left the harrowing as it will be dryer tomorrow Ploughing turnip land all day tunred over a good piece. Willia was drawing stones to watering palce as it is rather soft. Cold day to be 29 April.

30. SATURDAY. [120-245]

Ploughing turnip land forenoon then finished harrowing of field below barn. It looks well now. Evening ploughing turnip land, A few hours will finish cleaned land snow Willie was hauling stones with mare to watering place.

1. MAY-SUNDAY. 2 after Easter. [121-244]

Attended diving service in Presbyterian Church Keady our Pastor preached from the text. Go through the midst of the city through the midst of Jerusalem & set {?} mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abomination that be done in the midst thereof Ezekiel 9th. 4th.

1881. 31 DAYS. MAY.

2. MONDAY. [122-243]

Fine fresh morning. Finished ploughing cleaned land and started pea stubble that was not ploughed for fall wheat. Afternoon cleaned 3 bags 9 bus wheat & Father sowed turnip land. Willie went for road scraper so I was scraping with Fan all the muck on end land into hollows in field. Willie was harrowing while I was scraping. Wilkonson saw fat cows offered 4 1/4 per lb. did not sell.

3. TUESDAY. [123-242]

Willie was harrowing forenoon & made it ready for grass seeds I was building gaps and straightening up fences as the cattle are to get back through fields today. Afternoon I was ploughing pea stubble. Father sowing grassseeds Willie harrowing with Fan, they got 1/2 through with field. Wilkonson sent out word with Uncle Henderson that we would take cows at 4 1/2 c per lb. To be dilivered on Friday morning

4. WEDNESDAY. [124-241]

Finished ploughing pea stubble & Father & Willie finished grassseeds & harrowing. Afternoon at W. {Hendersons ?} for 4 bus barley at 85 per bus. Got home at 1/2 past 2 then away to H. Oliver's raising which went on well. Father & Willie sowed & harrowed barley. Cool day Ann got $2 from W. Watson being balance on hay

5. THURSDAY. [125-240]

Put new head on gang plough cleaned 2 bags seed wheat & sowed 2 1/2 acres which was fall wheat winter killed. I ganged it in. Warm afternoon & looks like rain. Had a call of M. L. Thom also is visiting the home boys in the neighborhood. John Atchison has commenced to dig post holes.

6. FRIDAY. [126-239]

Got up at 1/2 past 3 oclock & got away with cows at 5. We had a good showwer during the night so the morning was cool and the road in good condition for cattles feet. Got in at 11 o clock, they weighed 91000 at 4 1/2 per 100 $94.30. Brought home order on Merchant Bank in favoar of J. H. Mason for $100. Expenses 35 c

7. SATURDAY. [127-238]

Ploughing the piece of new land where Amber Cane & turnips were. Evening took Nelly back to Bull again. Rather a long walk after supper 8 miles. Willie picked stones off new land then went up to Uncle Williams with 1 1/2 bus Lost Nation Wheat on mares back and got the same amount of White Russians in exchange to sow new land

8. SUNDAY. 3 after Easter. [128-237]

At our own Church Keady Mr Currie preached from the text If it bear fruit well and if not then after that thou shall cut it down. Luke 13th & 9th.

MAY.-5th MONTH. 1881.

9. MONDAY. [129-236]

Finished ploughing new land & struck out 2 loads where fall wheat was last year. Father sowed new land with wheat & Willie harrowed. Afternoon sowing Oats on knolls I was ganging in. Came a shower so we came home & shifter store to book Kitchen. Evening ganging got all done Father had sowed. Willie was twice over new land. Cherry cow was at Bull again this morning

10. TUESDAY. [130-235]

Sowing Oats I got them all ganged in by noon Willie finished new land. Picked some stones then ploughing for Oats. Willie harrowed gang ploughing across. Had a few slight showers today & the bush is getting green rapidly. T. Atchison haas got in a lot of post to day. We are getting warm weather now, so things are growing fast the peas & Ostds are up.

11. WEDNESDAY. [131-234]

Ploughing fall wheat stubble for oats got a good piece turned over. Willie was picking stones and burning rubbish on foundation of old fence. He had Prince at Blacksmiths Shop evening. T. Atchison has finished the posts . He got 54 lbs flour home with him tonight. It has been very warm ^ today & tonight

12. THURSDAY. [132-233]

Ploughing all day Willie was picking stones & put in gate post and laid {?} of fence. Tom Atchison was here giving us 1/2 day. He fixed bush fence at {bevermeadow?} and dug 2 gate post holes at gap into turnip field. We got in one post before dinner & hung gate at dinnertime. Father & Willie put in other post & fixed up fence. Cooler tonight. Very warm forenoon.

13. FRIDAY. [133-232]

Ploughing Ploughing Ploughing Willie was picking up a few stones. Afternoon building fence. Today has been nice & cool. North wind. The bush is leafing out fast we cannot see through it now. I am afraid we will have to plough up fall wheat yet it is very thin all of it.

14. SATURDAY. [134-231]

Ploughing Ploughing Ploughing Father & Willie finished fence between {?} in new fallow & where I am ploughing. Evening had thunder storm and fine rain which will refresh the thirsty ground. Saturday night the best of all the week. Rest for the weary

15. SUNDAY. [135-230]

Attended our on Church Mr. Currie preached from the text We then, as workers together with him beseech you also that ye receieve not the grace of God in vain II Cor. 6th & 1st

1881. 31. MAY.

16. MONDAY. [136-229] Easter Term begins.

Ploughing all day and it will take tomorrow forenoon to finish. This field has taken nearly a weeks ploughing I wonder how many acres there are in it. It being partly new land and that stony, took more time. Willie was gathering roots afternoon harrowing Father sowed 3 bus Oats Cool day. Pleasant working. Our seeding would have been done with this field had the fall wheat been good. Such is life what has been will be.

17. TUESDAY. [137-228]

Finished ploughing in the forenoon. Afternoon Willie was harrowing with the team & I was stoning with Fan. Father finished ^ sowing an hour after dinner. Evening Fan was at the black smiths shop as she was lame. I was stoning with the team. Cool north east wind.

18. WEDNESDAY. [138-227]

Willie was harrowing & I was stoning with Fan. Evening Willie finished harrowing with Fan I started to plough 3 acres across creek among the stumps which was sown to fall wheat but was winter killed. Been cool today but warm evening

19. THURSDAY. [139-226]

Father was sowing oats on clear land across creek which was sown to fall wheat but was winter killed. I was gang ploughing them in Willie was harrowing behind me & Father was sowing grass seeds behind him. Got through alittle before sunset then at J. K. Halls farewwell party He is leaving for the state of Iowa.

20. FRIDAY. [140-225]

Gang ploughing oats in on winter killed fall wheat beside barn Father sowed grassseeds & Willie harrowed piece across creek second time then harrowed in grassseeds beside barn. At 2 oclock I got loan of Bains roller & rolled spring wheat & oats across creek before night. which was one good job done.

21. SATURDAY. [141-224]

Rolled piece an sowwed to oats besides barn then the field which is 1/2 barley 1/2 spring wheat. Then afternoon rolled the knolls & clear part of field which was sown beginning of week, & took home roller. Willie & Father took in potatoes into barn we have a good waggon load. They kept very well.

22. ROGATION SUNDAY. [142-223]

Attended our own Church our Pastor preached from the text I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10th &. 10th.

MAY.-5th MONTH. 1881.

23. MONDAY. [143-222]

Ploughing stumpy part of field across creek the ground is dry & hard now. I got a good piece turned over. Willie was picking stones in grass field out of the wat of mower. Very hot day.

24. TUESDAY. [144-221]Queen's Birthday - Born 1819 - Bank Holiday.

The 24th of May Ploughing across creek till supper time then I had holiday. Very warm day few rigs on the road today to be the 24th There were two weedings in this neighbourhood today.

25. WEDNESDAY. [145-220]

Finished ploughing across creek in forenoon Willie took over seed & harrows & took off stumps. Afternoon I took two year old heifer to bull. Willie was harrowing Father sowing Evening lit 4 heaps in fallow near R. McLeods fence. They burned gloriously sparks rising 70 feet.

26. THURSDAY. [146-219]

Willie was harrowing forenoon I was at five & gathering out sticks & stumps from fence. Afternoon fixed 2/3 south end of fallow had fine fair breeze and good burn then being so much old stuff in it. Burning 4 panels of R. McLeods old fence was the only mischief done. Hope we may get the other end burned soon. Got home to bed at 9 oclock

27. FRIDAY. [147-218]

Father finished sowing grass seeds & Willie finished harrowing at 10 oclock. I damed up creek & made good place to wash sheep in & got them washed by 12 oclock. Afternoon gathered stones on turnip land & Willies gang ploughing it after supper. I was building fence at fire evening. Slight shower at 4 oclock the thunder is booming now so we expect more.

28. SATURDAY. [148-217]

Rainy morning. Hitched up waggon & took 24 rails to build gap burned by fire in fallow. Willie Went to gang plough & I went to blacksmiths shop with Fan got 36 c worth of pine lumber from him for a gate. Afternoon making gate Willie dunged out calves Evening he was gang ploughing turnip land. We have had a splendid rain last night & today so everything is greatly refreshed.

29. SUNDAY. A after Ascension [149-216]

Attended Divine Service in the Presbyterian Church Keady the Pastor Rev. H. Currie preached from the text Thus saith the Lord Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom neither let the mighty man glory in his might let not the rich man glory in his riches Jeremiah 9th & 23rd.

1881. 31 & 30 DAYS. MAY & JUNE.

30. MONDAY. [150-215]

Willie gang ploughed all the remainer of turnip land today & I gather all the stones in forenoon with Fan. Afternoon made gate awhile then clipped 2 sheep before supper & 4 after. Very pleasant day cool & dry

31. TUESDAY. [151-214]

Harrowing turnip land I finished clipping sheep 4. Afternoon ploughed knolls alongside board fence then scraped them into hollows & made it level, which inproves the appearance greatly & will facilitate the putting on of the boards likewise. Pleasant day with few drops of rain. Got a load of hay for Owen Sound tomorrow.

1. JUNE-WEDNESDAY. [152-213]

Drew out load of hay out of barn & finished it as barn door is too low to let out a full load. Got away a 7oclock. had fine cool day. but no demand for hay. Gave it to W. Watson @ $7 per ton had on 21.00 = 7.35 market fees 20 c 1 lb pressed nails & a few copper {revits?} 10 c 30 c

2. THURSDAY. [153-212]

Clearing the potato land of stumps, weeds, & stones. Afternoon plough it. Evening Willie was harrowing I was scraping & leveling alongside of board fence got finished Father & Ann have been cutting seed potatoes to day It was pretty cool last night but is warm tonight & looks as though we would have a shower.

3. FRIDAY. [154-211]

Finished ploughing potato land harrowed it & took off stones also opened two first furrows for potatoes. Afternoon had slight shower wrought awhile at a gate. then started to draw out dung for potatoes. Got out 8 loads by night.

4. SATURDAY. [155-210] Easter Term ends.

Planting potatoes 23 drills & 4 for carrots. We required 1 1/2 loads more manure. Got through at suppertime. Then harrowing & gathering stones, on turnip land

5. WHIT-SUNDAY. [156-209] Pentecost.

The Rev Mr. Blain of Tara assisted Mr Currie to dispence the Sacrament at Peabody on the forenoon of today & preached for us in the evening at 6:30 Text for I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto sal-vation unto every one that beleiveth, to the Jew first & also to the Greek. Romans 1st & 16th.

JUNE.-6th MONTH. 1881.

6. MONDAY. [157-208]

We had a very severe frost last night. The potatoes & beans & tomatoes are badly blackened & the clover hangs itss head. We here at board fence to day got on all the boards we had & lock about 30 six inch boards, however it is cattle & pig proof, which is a great matter in the meantime. Evening drew the rails which board fence set freee & put them on old rail fence between heree & Keady which makes it a better fence than it has been since we saw it. This was a big days work

7. TUESDAY. [158-207]

Took off weeds off one land then ploughed & drilled it. Manured 14 drills 4 loads manure & covered in at night. This is to be sown with Mangold Wurzel tomorrow if all's well. They are alongside potatoes. Father sowed 3 drills Carrots today. That wee drilled today is good soil & splendid mould & I hope we will have some good mangolds. Like rain.

8. WEDNESDAY. [159-206]

Got out roller on turnip sow machine rather and rolled & ground drills Father Ann & Willie droped seed so we had the mangels sown by 10 oclock. The I was ploughing Afternoon at Bill Scarrow's raising a 50 x 60 barn. Willie was gathering stones. No rain cold & dry.

9. THURSDAY. [160-205]

Willie was at O.S. with Prince & light waggon had the wool along. 4 fleeces 34 lbs. 29 c for 26 lbs. I was ploughing with Fan & Brisk stoning and stumping afternoon Ploughing evening No rain yet cold & dry

10. FRIDAY. [161-204]

Ploughing forenoon. Fathre & Willie digging stumps & stones I was taking them off afternoon Evening ploughing with mare as Willie was away to Mill with 2 bags grist & staying at Unclde Haverson's all night. Looks to be dry & we had frost again last night Its dark

11. SATURDAY. [162-203]

Harrowing forenoon pretty good mould about 1/4 acre lody which I went over with planker. Afternoon ploughing got a good piece turned over & harrowed. There is now more than 2/3 of the land ready to drill when a few stones are picked off. Willie got home with grist right bought dung fork $1. Warm to day & I hope it will bring thunder

12. TRINITY SUNDAY. [163-202]

1881. 30 DAYS. JUNE.

13. MONDAY. [164-201]

Took off some stones & stated to drill Dug some stones at noon then drilling till suppertime. Had a very high wind yesterday & today it was higher Dust blowing of turnips fields in clouds. So it was disagreeable working. Evening went a few rounds when it came on a severe thunderstorm & {huracane?} sweeping down trees & fence by rods. We had to build fences till dark to keep out own cattle out of crop & some at cow. There are 28 rods to build yet

14. TUESDAY. [165-200]

Opened 14 drills more; there are 65 now then drew out 2 loads dung before dinner & 9 after which manured 27 drills. Father & Annie spreading Willie drew some rails to low parts of fences in the morning Breezy day & cool.

15. WEDNESDAY. [166-199]

Drawing out manure 16 loads and there are now 63 drills manured spread & ready to cover in. Fine cool day but dry. Mare has not colted yet 3 weeks past her time (or 11 months) & 3 weeks today.

16. THURSDAY. [167-198] Corpus Christi.

Started to cover in with the one furrow rather wide land but 1/2 being along the side of knoll I can turn the furrow down on dung instead of up. Got the 63 drills finished in forenoon which kept me busy. Afternoon sowing got them finished alittle after supper. Had slight shower as we were finishing & looks like more & I hope it will come Good night

17. FRIDAY. [168-197]

Opened 40 drills with one furrow the first I have ever tried. They are pretty straight but I have 2 drills in the middle a little wider than the rest However that is of little moment when the speed is considered. I had them opened at 10 oclock, then put out 14 loads of manure before night 2 1/2 drills to manure tomorrow. We had a splendid nights rain last night which will do a great amount of good. as the ground was very dry

18. SATURDAY. [169-196] Battle of Waterloo.

Put out 2 1/2 loads manure & got the drills covered in by dinnertime. Afternoon sowing the 39 drills Evening harrowed potatoes and took off stumps & stones off the piece that is to plough for turnips.

19. SUNDAY. 1 after Trinity. [170-195]

David Carr & I went to 12th Con. School House and opened a Sabbath school. We had 14 scholars which is encouraging, to say the least. We meet at 10 oclock. Afternoon at Church Mr Currie preached from the text Now if any man have not the spirit of Christ, he is none of his Romans 8th & 9th

JUNE.-6th MONTH. 1881.

20. MONDAY. [171-194] Accession of Queen Victoria 1837.

Cross ploughing for turnips, had Fan afternoon as Prince was at blacksmiths shop Got it all ploughed & part of it harrowed. Evening took fat sheep up to Wards corner to King who bought her on Monday 6th at $5

21. TUESDAY. [172-193] Proclamation of Queeen Victoria.

Willie got Jacksons light rig & took Annie to town (on her way to Uxbridge) with Prince I had Fan & Brish harrowing & planking till alittle after dinner then raised 41 drills with one furrow & came out splendid just right so I will be more able to try again. Willie got home all right. Rather cool tonight I suppose it will freeze.

22. WEDNESDAY. [173-192]

Put out 11 loads manure before 1 oclock which did 23 drills. Then at D. Gilchrists raising a barn 40 x 60 got finished at dusk all right. Father & Willie finished spreading 23 drills. Mare has not colted yet & it will be a year on saturday first. I believe I will have to sit up tonight & keep her company now & again. Uncle W. raise his building tomorrow so we will not get turnips finished. 25 minutes to 12 oclock oh sweet sleep.

23. THURSDAY. [174-191]

Drew out 8 loads manure which finished the turnips manuring for a season. Afternoon at Uncle Williams raising a building for hay & straw with stone stable under. 30 x 60 got it up well it is a first rate building & fitted to give great accomodation. Father & Willie were spreading manure Mare has not colted yet. It has been bery cold all day & is still cold.

24. FRIDAY. [175-190] St. John Baptist - Midsummer Day.

Covered in 41 drills this forenoon & afternoon sowed them ^ (143 drills all together) so we have got the turnips sowing finished for another year. We finished on the 8th July last year 14 days earlier this year. Evening Willie and I cut bushes at creekside at foot of garden as we are to summer fallow all round the house & make it clean & level & seed down. the soil is too stif for garden no colt yet - such an old lady

25. SATURDAY. [176-189]

At road work on Con. Willie drove horses & I filled in gravel pit so that put it all in (4 days) After noon came on rain & rained till 6 oclock so we did not get road work finished. I went to bed & had a good day A year today since mare was at Tara & no colt yet.

26. SUNDAY. [177-188]

Forenoon at Sabbath School on 12th Con had 23 scholars, we will soon need 4 teachers. Afternoon attended our own church Mr. Currie preached from the text If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me. John 13th. & 8th.

{Transcription is of supplementary piece of paper}

{Transcription is of supplementary piece of paper}

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1881. 30 & 31 DAYS. JUNE & JULY.

27. MONDAY. [178-187]

Finished road work on Con. in forenoon Afternoon rained till 6 oclock good heavy rain. We turned to the making of gate for roadside got it all dressed with plane & put together so far. The braces & pins are not put on yet. The 2 year old heifer bought og R. Campbell calved tonight in bush. We gave it a good suck & milked some from her & left them there.

28. TUESDAY. [179]

Drew all the logs out of creek below garden & made a large heap of them but they will take awhile to dry before they burn. Afternoon took home heifer & calf. & fixed gap in bush fence. Then draw off stone pits in garden & put the stones at creek banks to prevent water from fretting them away. also started to build a covenient place to dip water no colt as yet.

29. WEDNESDAY. [180-185]

At road work on townline we had four days so we got done tonight. Willie lost his thumb nail last night by a pinch from a stone but we got on to watch gaps & I had horses & waggon. At gate awhile in the evening A fine comet appreared unanounced on Thursday (23rd) of last week It is the first comet I ever saw & is said to be the comet of 1812

30. THURSDAY. [181-184]

Fenced new watering place with poles which we took out of bush in spring. Shifted piece of fence raised stones and threw down old log shantie at the end of log house The frost & dry weather has so damanged the hay crop that hay is now selling at $13 per ton. 4 weeks ago at $18.

1. JULY-FRIDAY. [182-183] Long Vacation Begins - Dominion Day - Bank Holiday

Shifted fence from west side of old orchard to east side & build it 4 rails high. At 3 oclock I left for {?} in John Smiths bush held under the auspices of Keady {?}, & 12th Haverson Auth & Jack were down with buggy. Warm day.

2. SATURDAY. [183-182]

Started off with Rosie this morning to Cochrane's Bull a long walk & it was very warm, got back at 11 oclock Afternoon taking off remainder of stones off garden & orchard got steps built down to creek so as to get water as the creek rises & falls Hamilton was niggering in fallow & the fire is into the piece that was not burned & the wind gets up tomorrow we may get trouble. Hope the best.

3. SUNDAY. 3 after Trinity. [184-181]

Went Sabbath school had a good attendance some being new scholars. Afternoon at our own Church Mr. Currie preached from the text Take unto you the whole armour of God that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand Eph. 6th & 13th & following verses.

JULY.-7th MONTH. 1881.

4. MONDAY. [185-180]

Getting away old log shed gathering stones and stumps. An hour or two will make it ready for the plough now. Evening put on a load of hay for Owen Sound. This has been a very warm day

5. TUESDAY. [186-179]

At O.S. with load of hay got $11 per ton had 1960 labs $10.753 Bought $1 oatmeal. Paid 1.40 Ballon crosscut saw. 2 harvest rakes 25 c 2 hats $1. Book & Stationary 1.25. Weighing 10 c Got home all right No cold yet.

6. WEDNESDAY. [187-178]

Took off some stones & rubbish & got started to plough. Got part in front of house ploughed. Evening at Uncle W. raising sheep house. Willie Harrowed the piece i ploughed.

7. THURSDAY. [188-177]

Went to Thomson's as they want to hire did not bargain wants $23 per month. Came on rain & rained till night. Got gate for road finished. & the other made for calves park to let horses down to water. This rain has done a great amount of good turnips will soon be ready for hoe. 9 oclock Mare foaled horse colt all night.

8. FRIDAY. [189-176]

Ploughing all day very warm Got 1/2 turned over. Mare & colt doing well. the latter a little weak on pasterns but will soon straighten up. Father & Willie wwere hoing potatoes they will soon need furring up. Turnips growing fast will need hoe in a day or two.

9. SATURDAY. [190-175]

Ploughing all day 2 or 3 hours will finish it now. The heapss of logs & bush are all burned but 2 One at creek side & small one ploughing. Breezy day but very warm. Colt still doing well Father & Willie finished potatoes & hoed turnip afternoon.

10. SUNDAY. 4 after Trinity. [191-174]

At our Sabbath School in the forenoon had 19 scholars As the Sacrament was dispensed at {Desbou?} today our service was in the evening at 6 oclock. Mr. Currie had for his text But exhort one another daily least any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.

1881. 31 DAYS. JULY.

11. MONDAY. [192-173] Had Donald Sinclair with a Toronto Mower in the field blow frea field. He finished it aftersupper about 5 or 6 acres. We had J. Thomson (+ will have him for a week at $1. per day) mowing in stumpy field next ready. I was cutting fence corners forenoon after mowing along with Thomson. Father + Willie having turnips.

12. TUESDAY. [193-172] Looks like rain. Raking up among stumps at 10 started with horserake in clear field. raked a strike on 8 sides + got it cocked up when we got the tail of a thunder shower which lasted 10 minutes. Put tops on cocks + mowing that night. The frost has so damaged the hay crop that in many places the timothy has not healed oat at all. + where we had heavy hay last year we have nothing but leaves. However we will have plenty.



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. SUNDAY. []


. MONDAY. []




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. MONDAY. []




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. SUNDAY. []


. MONDAY. []




. FRIDAY. []


. SUNDAY. []


. MONDAY. []




. FRIDAY. []


. SUNDAY. []


22. MONDAY. [234-131] Reaper did not come but will be tomorrow Put off load of Oats hitched up + took home Mr Duncans scuffler + freight down his horse rake. Willie raked till night we then drew in rakings. He broke a tooth of the rake I was picking up in follow afternoon Evening cut round Oats at Barn then rakings August nearly gone




. FRIDAY. []


. SUNDAY. []


. MONDAY. []




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. MONDAY. []




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. SUNDAY. []

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